Sorcha Faal

Trump-Mueller “Collusion” Against Clinton Protects Global Realignment For Chinese Control Of Middle East

The “Grand Bargain” to be finalized between President Putin and President Donald Trump at their 16 July Helsinki Summit stunningly reveals that the United States is preparing to alter the global balance of power by its ceding full control over the Middle East to China, while America realigns its power to face a growing existential threat on its southern border—and whose 21st Century “Great Game” strategy of has astoundingly been protected by Special Counsel Robert Mueller since the day after Trump’s 8 November 2016 election victory—and was when a highly influential, but little known, US intelligence and national security reporter named Marcy Wheeler shockingly broke the “cardinal rule of journalism” by betraying one of her Hillary Clinton “Deep State” sources attempting to destroy this “path for world peace”, that’s been planned by secretive defense factions within Russia, the US, Israel and China since 2004.   […]


Russia Warns “Abyss Has Opened” As “Deep State” Protects ISIS Terrorists Fleeing To Saudi Arabia

The “Deep State” has just “opened the abyss of chaos” by directing their loyal elements within the US military to begin providing air cover protection for ISIS terrorists fleeing the battlefields of Syria—and whom “Deep State” aligned elements within the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) are rapidly funneling into Saudi Arabia (where nearly 4,000 have already returned) and who are expected to soon unleash a bloody civil war to oust Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman from power. […]