Deep State War: Its going to be very very hard for many to accept.

Theresa May was in charge of the pedo investigations which were scuttled. She would soon become PM.

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The Storm ls Upon Us

We are at the crossroads. Its going to be very very hard for many to accept.

The evil satanic worshipping cult that has been in power of this country/World for thousands of years is about to be no more.


You will see the likes of many of the “crooked” politicians and people with incredibly dirty hands be served justice.

The public has been kept in the dark for quite some time, to our dismay.

-Allowing those who wish to seek the answers to discover the truth.

Our society has dwindled down to have a huge population of uninformed, and misinformed people, allowing for much easier manipulation.

The more you have learned throughout actual history, the easier this will be for you.

There is no longer anything to be afraid of, The powers that be are no more.

The Cabal, is no more.

Expect release of “new” sciences in energy, healthcare, exploration and consciousness.

We will no longer poison ourselves, through the air we breath, the good we eat, and the water we drink.

Ecosystems will be restored Humanity will be restored. There is much to learn.

There should be no fear of am AI takeover, that was THEIR goal, we as Americans, and people of truth and justice have collectively made this impossible.

The world is becoming a better place.

Last ditch effort by the powers that were will be a large-scale disinformation campaign making DJT out to look like the Anti-Christ trying to control the world. Remember who controls the media.

There is a reason much of you have been left in the dark.

For going forward with nothing to ground you to reality would make you go crazy over Numbers and Patterns in computer code (Its a very dark place, if there ever was a “hell”. I’ve seen it)

Please Share to Enlighten those who have slept on these issues.

Do not get lost in the rabbit hole, keep a positive faith +++

Podesta/Pizza PAC Investigation Thread 18: ARCHIVE.IS COMPROMISED EDITION Anonymous (ID dtoHKyg: 11/03/16(Thu)22:24:01 No 95943361 ► >>95943565 >>»95944612

https://wikileaks org/podesta-emails/


44649 – 45957

357 NEW FBI REMAILS JUST RELEASED aspx?collection=Nov03_2016

Jeffery Epstein s Lolita Express’ flight log shows a lot of trips to Asia

The two women in the pizza jpg photo? Those are the two reporters who caught captured in NK. They were reporting on HUMAN SEX TRAFFICKING.

Guess who went to pick them up? Bill Clinton and Steve Bing who both are Lolita Express passengers

Source on this:

Original email here

Another related email invitation for a possible pedo party at David Brock s

Sleuthing around for Pizza related things led us to this email

Comet Ping Ping Pizza joint in DC named

The owner of Comet Ping Pong JAMES ALEFANTIS was the gay lover of David Brock for a while. He stars in a number of creepy ads for the pizza place

The Pizza place also has hidden doors to rooms according to their webpage

Possibly related Tumblr


Weird Occult shit

1 am so looking forward to the Spirit Cooking dinner at my place

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