Message From the Pleiades

l.DOU years then, the Earth was spared from yrerilti catastrophiesr namely until the year of nr906, when the Destroyer ence more caused huge vastatLcns on the Earth, and destroyed iructi. 34/’Ihen the great silence began for the &irt_h, and it lasted until the year ot 4,4S3> before another catastrophy broke in, for which again the giant-comet Destroyer was to blame, when it attracted hy its gravity the Venus to hor present orbit and caused the catastrophy of Santorini. 35/In itself, very many facts and things were chronologically fixed hy the earthhuman beings, but unfortunately not ail of then, and besides, not always oonsequent ly and correctly, too. 3G/Mariy occurrences: of the mentioned sort were often written down for the first time cenrJirtes or even inillenla ago, often falsified and Incorrect, which caused jjrmens^ disadvantage for the earthly historians, and thoy necessarily have to suffer for the mistakes in th=>ir caldilations.

Accurate & Precise Ancient Scripts:


meier- ^^^^^hhhi^^^ h-ir .iti, Lri whidi

inforrot1 crs trrm rn^r epochs can we trust the host? Are these the Biniics scripts or Uie Sanscrit reports?

Smrjase- 37/a11 right the Sanscrft-»scrlpt3 will be very exact anc vt-ry precise in special n:xir:exns# not so the BiblicaI-scripta# heeause these are tlit; nest inaccurate here. 38/Ih^y are the ones which were the nost falsified and mingled with tales of fantasy. 39/Eeccnnienced are the original ancient =r:rlyts ul Enoch, and the calendar notifications of tlie uld Maya-tribea. 40/£spp*”!ially the last ^nt 1 cnefl 0g8b are of the greatest wrath. 41/lheir dates start from there, where the little planet hurried clnse trcm the cosmos and effected the ratasrxcrihy of

10,215 years ago, if I am exactly Informed about these ratters end offer no wrong conclusions within my notes. 42/for I am not exactly informed, but ray information is quite likely correct. 43/Unfortunately I had occupied myself far too little :ii.tlierto to these things, in consequence c£ which I may be subject to a mistake- 44/Nevertheless my stxxild be rather exact. If I don’t go wrong by the year.

Destroyer’s Peculiar Orbital Periods & Orbital Course :


(■■■■■■P can y°”J row si1^ TO frorp exact, rt^tefi referring to the Destroyer and Venus? I mean, can you give rne its rotation time and its relations? And can you tell me as well, from which solar system Venus was torn away? You had once told me that the Destroyer had stolen, so to speak, this planet from out of a fax away sun-system- tod what happens to the faraway solar system through which the Destroyer is running often again?

Semjaae- 45/About this, I can give you very accurate informatics, but thara a riddle occupies ua. 44/ Namely hitherto it ia an unsolved riddle to us, how some matters of the Destroyer behave, aa especially the always returning constant speed of a ccrost. 47/ linen namely its time of return always cemca back to a constant of 575.5 years, although it offers great meantime alternations of up to 205 years, meaning that it decreases its return time during a few orbits because of the mutual gravitational attraction of different planets and suns and of itself, down to 478 years, and respectively increases up to CB2 y_£cLiB, to take after a few rotations acain its constant rotation time of 575.5 years, ltfiich fact is very mysLerlous to us and finds no parallel, known to us, 48/Our scientists have figured out, that tills phenomenon happens within extremely irregular lengtlis of time, and that the Destroyer, as soon as it has again reached its 575.5 years orbit time, then it ernes dangerously near the Efitr. again, and jmst tines causes huge Destructions. 49/Fran our scientific calculations, this peculiar nhencnenon ia a result In part of the escape velocity of the 5QL-%-stem, and this decisively moves at high speed to


the constellation of Hercules, 50/But tlus is not rite only factor, as further calculations and research shewed, that there share in this peculiar, and always becoming constant again orbital time of the Destroyer, also the sun-systems decisively of__the SQL-Systenu for, as l~aiready explained to you before, the giant always runs again through the same sun-systems.


■■■m – ‘But then 3f 453 years ago, the Destroyer returned again, which had once store achieved the constant -of 575.5 years, and shot by a few hundred thousand kilometers distance along the constantly thrown out of her orbit Venus, and tore it now finally from ite now course and orbit to a course which unavoidably and finally now brought Venue near to the Earth. 65/Soon the Destroyer rushed along the Ehrth with Venue in tow, which came very near the Ehrth and caused the car^strophy of Sanborini* 66/Since then the Deatroyer showed a changed tijre of

orbitr and also no more afflicted the SQE^Efr3temr apart from smaller rrregiuarities. 67/So it first reached its constant again in the year ot 168U, of S7S.5 years, when again it ran through the SCL-E^s-teni, but now without causing changes or destructions (on Earth) . 6K/In consequence, its next passage will be again b’/b.b years {since the last) f thus it wi 11 appear again in the year 2255. 69/Wbat here is important, and of interest to mention, is the fact that this giant ccmet, besides the return inexplicable to us phenomenon of the eo 1 f-canDonsating constant of 575.5 yrars, is a second inexplicable phenomenon, which is that the orbital time of the Destroyer balances itself without exception in such a way that two rotations always total 1151 years , thus once more the 575,5 years twice, 70/l£, for example, the orbital tine o£ one passage is 478 yearsi then the orbital time of the next passage will surely be 673 years. 71/Thia at least telle us a calculation for Uie average. 72/It follows that, if longer non-constant rotations appearf the years will be ctinperisated again without exception, 7 3/This is a phenran-rtDn, known to our scientists only this one time, and finds no parallel-


MM 3ut now still a question aeout the sun-sy sterna through which the Destroyer hurried; Ittuch ones are meant here? Are they any gun-systems in other fixed gtars?

Sanjase- 92/B^t noj when I epeak of faraway eun-syetems in relation to the comet, then are meant by thisr the for cun-eysterns of the SOL-System, because The Destroyer is not able to reach other fixed stars outside of the 90OSystem during its tinte of orbit, because those are far too far away.

Meier- So you really do mean by that only our own planetary systems, like those of Uranus, Neptune, Jupiter and Saturn, and so on?

Semjase- 93/Eut surely; I don’t to Ik of any other sun-systems than these ones, by your terms planetary systems of the SOL-Systcm, if you xtnderstand it better this way.

SI^HHH^H^B Out still one single question on the Destroyer. Does it penetrate at each crbit into our planetary systems, or at all into our sun-system?

Sernjas&- 94/b2o, It doesn’t always, because it moves differently at such a distance passing the SOL-System that it is hardly visible.

Meier- Oh yes, and this has as well happened now and then durinc the last 12, DGO years?

Ssniose- 95/But certainly*

Destroyer brought VENUS from URANUS-System :


sesBjase/ 51/Venus was born frail the sun-systep of Uranus because of the gravity attraction of the De-st_royei and diCIezent other factors, and followed behind the ezxirse or the Destroyer, so to speak, in its tow, not to mention, that the giant coroet was so rouch faster that it Left its appendage Car behind itself. 52/When Venus was torn From the sun-system Uranus, she was very slow in her starting velocity. 53/Ihis occurred around B,59D years bacfc frcm now, thus at a passing of the Destroyer through the SDlr System, before it had again reached Its cmstsnt of 373-3 years. tills jJdaadqie, the utmuii tune

of the caret was 632 yearsF and by this 57 years above the ucristeint of 575.5 years, which is so mysterious to uk. 55/”Venus moved in an extremely slow Kllpseshaped orbital coarse a^oy frcm its original sun-systemf and turned into a dangerous orlbit among the ad Mr sun-systems, ami liere, of course, around the central sun as well- 56/lt remained in this orbit until f,3^1 years aqo> and so during 63Zyears, until the Destroyer appeared again and changed its course anew, and hroucjht it into an Earthly direction, while the giant Itself came dangercusly near the E^rth and caused huge floods and destruction, 57/Ihis has been t^e second deluge within the last 12,000 years that was caused by the Destroyer. 58/ By theee events, the destroyer changed once again its orbital tims and ran during its next passage through the 901^ System without harm, where* it drew along the Earth very far away. 59/Alneatly In Its next passage it again has the constant of 575.5 years, namely at 6,9Q6 years ago, snd again Venus met with its orbit, and her course was changed again, but now so much that she reached an orbit near to the Earth and around the central star, Sun. 6Q/FIhere



it remained until 4,058 years ago, when during the next passage of the giant caret, Tfrrth was injured once more in its orbit, 61/1Siis time the Destroyer had an orbit time of 605 years. 62/Tom frcm its before courser Venus reached an orbit which slowly but surely lead directly to the Earthr which event indeed happened- 63/Accurately 3,S85 years ago, Venus had reached a very slow course, which as well without Uie appearance of the Destroyer would have led to Earth- 64/But then 3,453 years ago, the Destroyer re turned again, which had once more achieved the constant of 575*5 years, and shot by a few hundred thousand kilometers distance along the constantly thrown out of her orbit. Venus, and fcoro it now finally from its new course and orbit to a course which unavoidably and finally now brought Venue near to the Earth. 65/Soon the Destroyer rushed along the Earth with Venus in tow. which come very near the Ehrth and caused the cataetrcphy of Sanborirti,

Meier- That ic rare than sublime, hut now tell me pleases Since what time does Vbnus nove in her present orbit?

Semjase- 74/lhis is contained in my explanation. 75/Aftcr its passage along Earth, it became sluiced into its present orbit.

Plejaren definition of a ‘SUN-SYSTEM’ :


Meier- ^^■■^■^^^9- Out one thine is not evident to me in all of this; You new spoke differently about sun-systems■ in that you talk of different sun-systems within car Sol-System, as for example the sun-system Uranus. This is on the one hand a question that I wanted to ask; and on the other hand a question, too, about your new reference on this lnfcurat ion, because I do not understand this all completely. We ore but here in the GOL-System, and we do not have other sun-syst^i^ ) hu;-.

Serai ase- 76/You lock at the natter from a wronu viewpoint. 77/A sun-system is identified as such when a great star has assembled around itself aml-ler stars rotate arond it. 7G/l^c COIj Oyauem is called that because SOL is the central sun, and by that forming the whole system with all linked sun-systeiTis, 79/This will be recognizable for you from, that each greater star with a quantity of at three smaller stars rot^clnc ground it, is called by us a sun, while the central sun has rotating around it at least one such sun-system. 80/Such a central sun normally has a special name for all human forms of life, like for example, your central sun is named SQL, while you yive nenes as well to the remaining soul lex suns? as for example Jupiter, and others. 81/But 33L means tliat it refers to a central sun, and by tills a sun which lias collected several smaller sun-systems around itself. 82/All the greater stars and other Caul?)-suns are called sun-systems, because they have circling around themselves at least smaller stars of their cwn, because the greater star, the mother star, for this srrall systcr. the shining, the radiating and the notheiiritj star is their sun.

Meter- Oh dear, new I havr t’.iiit but nonsense. Know this, you should have told nns sooner, because exact.-


ly these rratters have caused misund^rstaridlrigs. Fran your explanation, for example, Jupiter anri fir-turn, etc., are sun-systems, aren’t they?

Semjase- 83/Surely, so it is.

Meier- Dear, dear, just this brings tro\±ile8. With curse Ives, ue do not call these sun-syst*ms, hut quite simply planet-systems. A sun-system is a sun with us, ft SOL, having different planets of different unitary measure, while whether these have their own trabants, too, or not docs not play any part.

Semjase- 84/But that is rather illogical, hut ac-cox”ding to your evaluations, you rray succeed by that. 85/There is known to mc, that you deliberate this in some confusing form, which is uiry 1 troubled myself for seme time alreadyr to think in fchia re&pect in your foraf but itfiich doing is not always easy for ue. 86/1 reeret. it very much, ltfien you became irritated by rry earlier explanations. 87/This surely v*as not iny purpose.

Meier- Of this I am convinced- but astronomers and other connosseurs get excited abcut this.

Use Von Jacobi & Her Manuscript:

^^m^B^I^HHB 98/Dut for Uiis desired – here, by Mis* v.Jacobir thia I can

rjdt giant, l-‘Ji I->.i-*„L ■..■i.’.i -i-i

inp^sslble* arid with any other earthhuiion being, Laaaidtdfa you. 100/When she wants Lu discuss any maL-


teis, then she has to do this via your and then can give a reply by you again. lGl/Besides this, 1 previously recognized some things not clear for Mrs. Jacobi, which are those she also addresses here in her letter-Meier- mr/s really a pity. Then what about the manuscript she writes?

Semjase- 109/She is going to a lot or trouble for this, and it will be serviceable tor the matter if she really gives it to be printed. 110/But she has changed the words of very many thing?; and made them suited to her kind of thoughtsr being, in our opinion, not of disadvantage. Ill/But frrm it will not result a bock for the initiated persons, hut me for the broad mass. 112/Tbis Is her purpose as veil, and from this the mate rial presented and elaborated by her is analogous and of worth. 113/fcTnr this, a praise should be given her, euen though she often searches for mistakes within my eicplanarions, where none exist. 114/tkit this just happens, because she is unable to understand certain expressions within their worth, because these cto not reach Into hex field oi knowledge, and on the other hdnd are kept at our reason-accordiiiy level.

Meier- This is a good praise. She will surely ex: joy ir..

Semjase- llb/lhis may be.

Mr. Ruiz(Engineer) ‘Telepathic Contact1 with Semjase:


In Muiiltil, h t.^ltalu engineerMi. Tbilz , :~i.< L’.a ds rJiat he lias telepathic anntact with you. la tliat


Semjase- 125/fet no, it isn‘t. 127/Mr. fceiz. from 7i i still have soma ma tori a 1 for elaboration, suffers imfort.iinar.Riy v~ry rmxrh fron r.r.r tj” illusions. Which are caused by his wrong hlErarchic philosophy. 128 Am fortunately he has entrenched himself so nuch into his hierarchy-philosophy, that he refuses far away from himself all reality ot the spiritual truth.

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