Message From the Pleiades


My First Observation (1942 Sighting,..) -11 CR 5, Sunday, 16.2.75:

Human Beings more Ignorant than Monkey-Creatures in “Knowing of Truth”:


3. You say right, as just today 1 want to tell you something, that will not interest only you, but all human beings.

10. It is one a bit strange touching story, which but by the interest of the human beings will incite much dust, as she will sound too phantastic for all those, una still not have discovered their spiritual thinking or have developed it.

11. Intellectual greatness, I regret not sufficient, to be able to conceive the reach of the story.

12. But just intellectual human beings do you have very many on earth, and just they are often these, uho lack from spiritual knowledge, and uho by this can not bring up understanding for the r2al and the logic.

!!■ Here yet also must be called htese, uho are led wrong by

religions, and those, uho hove neither proceeded for intellectual nor spiritual.

1*». They all are the b3dest enemies to the truth, the real and the irr-zfusable creational logic.

15. Their criticism and thsir contesting of certain things Out mark tnen out – for human beings, jhich live in primitive stupidity*

16. carthhuman beings, who always want to know everything oettar, who but in truth are more ignorant, than the mankey-cre3tures, –.z populate the jungle on earth.

17. 5y the contesting of facts of possibilities they clearly

shcLj their spiritual dullness.

+ This are very hard words, though they corresaond from my opinion to the full, sad truth.


13. Exactly, and you know, it really behaving so. And that it

really behaves so, for this you give the proof youself in

the book, which you have clothed into still harder words.

+ Qf course, because the truth can alone be told by hard words, as diplomathy would be oure lie and would make light of all.

15. Surely, but you only have to see for getting able to make

this understandable for the human beinzs. 2o. They have already become too much effeminated and fallen to

the untruth, than they still could recognize sincere inoiplo-

m3thy as truth and digest her. Z1. They have become effeminated in thinking, treating and 3peaking,

thus they offend against everything and defense themselves,

against that, which sounds for hard truth. 22. 3ut the truth can alone gat spreao by hardness, same, as

peace can alone g=t forced oy naked power.

Great Flood – ‘Destroyer Comet1

+ ^^^^^^^^^^^^HH^^^D But you have told ~e sonetning of a story, you today want to tell me. Jhat snail this oy a story? Has she anything common with the human being, or does she simply concern a harmless matter?


23. I let you decide over it and all those, to who ycu will give this story.

– m –

+ then it shall he a kind of history aF -nankinO?

Sgmjase 24. Surely.

+ Then i am very anxious, because about that I have made thougnts through uhole my life very much.


22. I know, and ynu have founo in many matters the truth or nearly the truth.

26. Gf course also for us are net known 3ll datas and events, but we are far-reaching cleared up in them.

27. Yet so listen nou to the story:

Vour earthly chronlogy is not very exact, and she i3 only halfuays directed from the facts.

23. Also your own countings are not exact, but they are the most exact, uhich ever got reckonned by an earthhuman peing.

29. Your calculation only vary by the little or rounded 2oo years, while the calculations of yaur scientists and researchers

but contain wrong times of several thousand years.

30. A fact you anytimes can recompute from my details, which I mill give you here.

31- ‘-‘any researchers of the earth do since old times try to calculate the known to ycu by the bible wrest Flood, yet hitherto without success worth mentioning.

32. From your present Christian chronology the Great Flood took place exactly 1o.o79 years ago.

33. She oat initiated by a worldwide catastrophy of cosmical origin, then a gigantic comet throw the earth from her course, and changed her revolution period and revolution direction.

3**. At the then time an earthly day kept more than 4p hours, ana the sun did not rise in the East, as today.

35. Such period and direction of revolution changing events nave afflicted after the Great Flood still two times the earth, but they have not effected such destroying catcstroshies.

– So –

35- The last change-over of this kind happened 35qg years ago,

from uhich I will talk still later. 37. The Great Flood 1o.o79 years ago got called forth Dy a gigantic

comet, unich has already effected very much damage and draws

through the universe 3ince very ancient times. 33. Je call him the “Destroyer” and ue knou, him already travelling

through universe already since millions cf years.

Destroyer Comet – Venus :

37. Tha Great Flood 1o.o79 years ago got called forth dy a gigantic comet, wnich has already effected very much damage and draws through the universe since very ancient times.

33. Je call him the “Destroyer” and we know, him already travelling through universe already since millions of years.

39. From your chronology this dangerous comet owns a revolution psricd cf 575 1/2 years and will come very Dangerously in the reach of the earth in the year Df 2255 of your chronology,

if not by any cosmic circumstances his course becomes changed or even he becomes destructed.

40. The last passage of this planet took place 295 years ago, and namely in the year of 1££o.

41. 1o.o79 years ago this giant comet, unich got originated Dy

a natural cosmical catastrophy, went very near into the region Df the earth, and nearly had destroyed her.

42. Alone the knowledge and the aoilities of your forefathers, who had settled on earth and created descendants here, prevented from an evil end.

43. h.Iso in the following millsniums the giant comet always was a great menace for the earth – and he 3lso will remain one, until once he gets oestroied himself.

44. The last great catastrophy, that got effected by tnis comet, was rounded 35oa years ago, as I already mentionned.

45- Exactly it happened 3453 years back in your chronology. By this comet an event happened, which is very seldom in universe, namely a transplantation of a oianet: 3y the huge power of this great comet in a very far solar system a just developing life planet got thrown from his course and pushed out into the cosmic space, in parallel flight run to the cestructive giant comet.

1*7. r-‘ore than 13o years this planet went oehinti the giant, and only uncountable slowly he deviated from his course.

– 51 –

45. Then, 3453 years ago, the Destroyer penetrated into the

earthly solar system and disarranged by his gigantic Forces the planetic courses.

49. Drawing along near the earth, he clothed her into his vast tail and shook her heavily.

5a. Extensive storms and volcano eruptions were the cnnsequence.

51. Human beings and animals died in large Quantities, mountains oat shift and the depthes of the oceans chanced.

52. In the Mediterranean Sea the lava walls of the volcano Santorini got torn deep down, and large quantities of water penetrated.

53. This evoke a huge catastraphy, because from this the volcano exploded and destroyed the isle.

54. The explosion generated a hugs stormflocd, which grow about 2.000 meters into the sky and raged like an primeval monster over the ocean.

55. All in it became killed and damaged and tne water coloured itself bloody red.

56. In Egypt this stormflood overfiowded large areas 3nd called up some epidemics, while the floodwave run btack and hurried ‘-orth-East aver the sea and at the eastern share of the sea, in the present Syria, destroyeo far landscapes and all harbour cities.

57. The comet out snot througn the earthly sunsystem and hurried out again into the cosmos, ta return after 575 1/2 years.

56. The in his trail slower following, tarn with planet yet, which had about the same size like the earth, shot by about kilometers distance along the earth and got captured from the gravity field of the sun.

59. Sy her gigantic force she coerced the planet into a revolution course between her two next traoants, namely between the •-‘ercury and the Earth,

6a. And since then this “transplanted” and “immigrated” planet is known for the eartnhuman being and he calls him Venus.

+ Fhantastlc, Semjase.

Destroyer Comet – Earth’s Moon:

– 52 –

62. The earthly moon, which is originated from a 4.5 million years

older small planet, than the earth herself is. 53. It happened millions of years ago.

64. Deep in the unexploreO space, in a sun system near to the Milky Jay, a lonely star floated far away to the normal courses of the circling around the sun tradants.

65- It was a Dark Star, empty of each life, very dangerous in it3 uncalculable course, into which he was flung by a hice eruption of his native sun.

So. This, when his origin sun by all-shaking explosions of her destruction partly destroyed the her encircling satellites, or shot them as dangerous missiles out into the dark: space.

67. The sun herself then collapsed into herself and tore a hols into the universe.

68. Her matter pressed itself by vest forces into another and became this ways compressed into a small mass.

69- Llhile the sun had in her normal pulsating state a diameter of eleven million kilometers, so she now shriveled together to a density of only in the whole 4.2 kilometers.

70. Thus the matter became so much comoressed, that a single cubic centimeter weighted several thousand tons.

71. Since then she floats as a dark gaping excavation in the cosmos, which from millions of kilometers in periphery tears everything into her, what she is able to seize and what comes into her oan.

72. The then from her flung auiay Dark itar seized hold again in a neighboured sun system and encircled it on an uncalculaole course.

73. In the forcefield of the huge sun he encircled for many railleniums her satellites and she self, witnessing, he once would let brake in a catastrophy…..

74. But still far away from the actual worlds, the missing each iifs Dark 3tar travelled through the space.

75. Huge and inaccessible he floated through the icy cold of universe — as an expellee, as a wander-planet, as a stranger

– 53 –

7S. In the dsn of the themselves far outstretching farce-arms of the sun, he neared himself in run of the milieniums more and more to the actual reach of the satellites of system, which he had encircled since already so long times sy continuously increasing velocity.

77. Imperceptible but his course became more and more narrow, and year after year the size of danger grow.

78. With the milieniums he then suddenly and unexsoected fell fast into the narrowest ban circle of the sun and her planets.

79. Like a gigantic monster he rose from the black of universe and announced deathdringing destruction.

So. For the first he only was like a chimera from the nothing, then but one noticed him shadowy and diffuse as halfdaxk round disk.

81. Wow already lighted by the themselves reflecting beams bf the sun, he came by immense speed near to the revolution course of the most outside planet.

52. Still but he was in distance of millions of units to the actual core of peaceful calmth, which yet he soon had to chance by his gigantic greatness into a bubbling hell, when he farced into the peace of this harmony.

53. out still went times over, until the giant finally left from his course and came In dangerous near.

B*». ftou already recognizable for a round sphere, the destroyer reflected the sunlight, while he draw behind him a fine veil of lighting particles.

35. Still only some hundredthausand units in distance to the next worlds, he evcked on them hellish storms, which destroyed great areas, which had got cultivated by the there peacefully rising human beings.

SS. 9y tremcling shaking for their troublesom gained goods and their already without this hard living, they suddenly aau themselves surrendered to the huge and Tercyless powers of the universe.

– 5b –

87- Helpless, cursed, to get surrendered from life to death,

they stared out to the heaven, to the giant uanderplanet,

which as cosmic death’s missile hurried near. £3. It was still only a question of time, until the forces of

cosmos had to unfold their vast mights, 89- In the night of the third day past the penetration of the

destroyer in the courses of the planets, midnight will short

have passed, the cosmos-traveller invaded into the elliptic

course of the sixth planet. 9o. Evoking large cosmic storms, he throw the belonging to this

course planet for some units from out his direction and

brought him to dangerous course towards sun. 91- Immense eruotions and storms tore the peaceful picture of

the flourishing in his beauty star.

92. Effecting collapsing mountains in themselves and throwing oceans from out their beds, he searched for himself a new course around the sun.

93. Full of horror and fright from the vast nature powers, the human beings fled towards the large plains, that overcrew numerously the planet.

94. But the released natural forces were stronger than the will and the rescuing idea of the human beings.

55. Two tbird of the inhaditating the planet human beings got

killed and murdered, in the released hell of the nature. 96. Jild waters tore away great parts of the solid lano, while

exploding volcanos digged huge plains under glowing lava

and laid in ruins and ashes. 57. The day’s revolution times got twice and the planet run

around the sun in contrary direction. 9a. Coerced by cosmic destinations, the survivors had to find a

new begin – destituted of each culture – reset into a primeval

time of origin.

99. The destroyer yet hurried further on through the system, spreaoing hell, death and destruction-loo. He cut the course of the fifth planet, a world, Oeing in the

– 55 –

101. This cne yet lay at the time af the event fortunately too far in distance from his course, than he had could hurt earnestly.

102. Besides heavy storms and smaller earthquakes at land and sea were on him no worth jT mentiuniiiy app^drings to notice.

103. The fourth satellite of the system should find its destruction in the battle of the worlds.

104. As the smallest of satellites he stoicly performed nis course, and seen in predetermination, he exactly nad to cross the flight course of the wanderer, when he had him frontal oefore.

105. And exactly so it happened: He went into the lrresistable force of destruction of the giant.

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