Message From the Pleiades


My First Observation (1942 Sighting,..) -11 CR 5, Sunday, 16.2.75:

Human Beings more Ignorant than Monkey-Creatures in “Knowing of Truth”:


3. You say right, as just today 1 want to tell you something, that will not interest only you, but all human beings.

10. It is one a bit strange touching story, which but by the interest of the human beings will incite much dust, as she will sound too phantastic for all those, una still not have discovered their spiritual thinking or have developed it.

11. Intellectual greatness, I regret not sufficient, to be able to conceive the reach of the story.

12. But just intellectual human beings do you have very many on earth, and just they are often these, uho lack from spiritual knowledge, and uho by this can not bring up understanding for the r2al and the logic.

!!■ Here yet also must be called htese, uho are led wrong by

religions, and those, uho hove neither proceeded for intellectual nor spiritual.

1*». They all are the b3dest enemies to the truth, the real and the irr-zfusable creational logic.

15. Their criticism and thsir contesting of certain things Out mark tnen out – for human beings, jhich live in primitive stupidity*

16. carthhuman beings, who always want to know everything oettar, who but in truth are more ignorant, than the mankey-cre3tures, –.z populate the jungle on earth.

17. 5y the contesting of facts of possibilities they clearly

shcLj their spiritual dullness.

+ This are very hard words, though they corresaond from my opinion to the full, sad truth.


13. Exactly, and you know, it really behaving so. And that it

really behaves so, for this you give the proof youself in

the book, which you have clothed into still harder words.

+ Qf course, because the truth can alone be told by hard words, as diplomathy would be oure lie and would make light of all.

15. Surely, but you only have to see for getting able to make

this understandable for the human beinzs. 2o. They have already become too much effeminated and fallen to

the untruth, than they still could recognize sincere inoiplo-

m3thy as truth and digest her. Z1. They have become effeminated in thinking, treating and 3peaking,

thus they offend against everything and defense themselves,

against that, which sounds for hard truth. 22. 3ut the truth can alone gat spreao by hardness, same, as

peace can alone g=t forced oy naked power.

Great Flood – ‘Destroyer Comet1

+ ^^^^^^^^^^^^HH^^^D But you have told ~e sonetning of a story, you today want to tell me. Jhat snail this oy a story? Has she anything common with the human being, or does she simply concern a harmless matter?


23. I let you decide over it and all those, to who ycu will give this story.

– m –

+ then it shall he a kind of history aF -nankinO?

Sgmjase 24. Surely.

+ Then i am very anxious, because about that I have made thougnts through uhole my life very much.


22. I know, and ynu have founo in many matters the truth or nearly the truth.

26. Gf course also for us are net known 3ll datas and events, but we are far-reaching cleared up in them.

27. Yet so listen nou to the story:

Vour earthly chronlogy is not very exact, and she i3 only halfuays directed from the facts.

23. Also your own countings are not exact, but they are the most exact, uhich ever got reckonned by an earthhuman peing.

29. Your calculation only vary by the little or rounded 2oo years, while the calculations of yaur scientists and researchers

but contain wrong times of several thousand years.

30. A fact you anytimes can recompute from my details, which I mill give you here.

31- ‘-‘any researchers of the earth do since old times try to calculate the known to ycu by the bible wrest Flood, yet hitherto without success worth mentioning.

32. From your present Christian chronology the Great Flood took place exactly 1o.o79 years ago.

33. She oat initiated by a worldwide catastrophy of cosmical origin, then a gigantic comet throw the earth from her course, and changed her revolution period and revolution direction.

3**. At the then time an earthly day kept more than 4p hours, ana the sun did not rise in the East, as today.

35. Such period and direction of revolution changing events nave afflicted after the Great Flood still two times the earth, but they have not effected such destroying catcstroshies.

– So –

35- The last change-over of this kind happened 35qg years ago,

from uhich I will talk still later. 37. The Great Flood 1o.o79 years ago got called forth Dy a gigantic

comet, unich has already effected very much damage and draws

through the universe 3ince very ancient times. 33. Je call him the “Destroyer” and ue knou, him already travelling

through universe already since millions cf years.

Destroyer Comet – Venus :

37. Tha Great Flood 1o.o79 years ago got called forth dy a gigantic comet, wnich has already effected very much damage and draws through the universe since very ancient times.

33. Je call him the “Destroyer” and we know, him already travelling through universe already since millions of years.

39. From your chronology this dangerous comet owns a revolution psricd cf 575 1/2 years and will come very Dangerously in the reach of the earth in the year Df 2255 of your chronology,

if not by any cosmic circumstances his course becomes changed or even he becomes destructed.

40. The last passage of this planet took place 295 years ago, and namely in the year of 1££o.

41. 1o.o79 years ago this giant comet, unich got originated Dy

a natural cosmical catastrophy, went very near into the region Df the earth, and nearly had destroyed her.

42. Alone the knowledge and the aoilities of your forefathers, who had settled on earth and created descendants here, prevented from an evil end.

43. h.Iso in the following millsniums the giant comet always was a great menace for the earth – and he 3lso will remain one, until once he gets oestroied himself.

44. The last great catastrophy, that got effected by tnis comet, was rounded 35oa years ago, as I already mentionned.

45- Exactly it happened 3453 years back in your chronology. By this comet an event happened, which is very seldom in universe, namely a transplantation of a oianet: 3y the huge power of this great comet in a very far solar system a just developing life planet got thrown from his course and pushed out into the cosmic space, in parallel flight run to the cestructive giant comet.

1*7. r-‘ore than 13o years this planet went oehinti the giant, and only uncountable slowly he deviated from his course.

– 51 –

45. Then, 3453 years ago, the Destroyer penetrated into the

earthly solar system and disarranged by his gigantic Forces the planetic courses.

49. Drawing along near the earth, he clothed her into his vast tail and shook her heavily.

5a. Extensive storms and volcano eruptions were the cnnsequence.

51. Human beings and animals died in large Quantities, mountains oat shift and the depthes of the oceans chanced.

52. In the Mediterranean Sea the lava walls of the volcano Santorini got torn deep down, and large quantities of water penetrated.

53. This evoke a huge catastraphy, because from this the volcano exploded and destroyed the isle.

54. The explosion generated a hugs stormflocd, which grow about 2.000 meters into the sky and raged like an primeval monster over the ocean.

55. All in it became killed and damaged and tne water coloured itself bloody red.

56. In Egypt this stormflood overfiowded large areas 3nd called up some epidemics, while the floodwave run btack and hurried ‘-orth-East aver the sea and at the eastern share of the sea, in the present Syria, destroyeo far landscapes and all harbour cities.

57. The comet out snot througn the earthly sunsystem and hurried out again into the cosmos, ta return after 575 1/2 years.

56. The in his trail slower following, tarn with planet yet, which had about the same size like the earth, shot by about kilometers distance along the earth and got captured from the gravity field of the sun.

59. Sy her gigantic force she coerced the planet into a revolution course between her two next traoants, namely between the •-‘ercury and the Earth,

6a. And since then this “transplanted” and “immigrated” planet is known for the eartnhuman being and he calls him Venus.

+ Fhantastlc, Semjase.

Destroyer Comet – Earth’s Moon:

– 52 –

62. The earthly moon, which is originated from a 4.5 million years

older small planet, than the earth herself is. 53. It happened millions of years ago.

64. Deep in the unexploreO space, in a sun system near to the Milky Jay, a lonely star floated far away to the normal courses of the circling around the sun tradants.

65- It was a Dark Star, empty of each life, very dangerous in it3 uncalculable course, into which he was flung by a hice eruption of his native sun.

So. This, when his origin sun by all-shaking explosions of her destruction partly destroyed the her encircling satellites, or shot them as dangerous missiles out into the dark: space.

67. The sun herself then collapsed into herself and tore a hols into the universe.

68. Her matter pressed itself by vest forces into another and became this ways compressed into a small mass.

69- Llhile the sun had in her normal pulsating state a diameter of eleven million kilometers, so she now shriveled together to a density of only in the whole 4.2 kilometers.

70. Thus the matter became so much comoressed, that a single cubic centimeter weighted several thousand tons.

71. Since then she floats as a dark gaping excavation in the cosmos, which from millions of kilometers in periphery tears everything into her, what she is able to seize and what comes into her oan.

72. The then from her flung auiay Dark itar seized hold again in a neighboured sun system and encircled it on an uncalculaole course.

73. In the forcefield of the huge sun he encircled for many railleniums her satellites and she self, witnessing, he once would let brake in a catastrophy…..

74. But still far away from the actual worlds, the missing each iifs Dark 3tar travelled through the space.

75. Huge and inaccessible he floated through the icy cold of universe — as an expellee, as a wander-planet, as a stranger

– 53 –

7S. In the dsn of the themselves far outstretching farce-arms of the sun, he neared himself in run of the milieniums more and more to the actual reach of the satellites of system, which he had encircled since already so long times sy continuously increasing velocity.

77. Imperceptible but his course became more and more narrow, and year after year the size of danger grow.

78. With the milieniums he then suddenly and unexsoected fell fast into the narrowest ban circle of the sun and her planets.

79. Like a gigantic monster he rose from the black of universe and announced deathdringing destruction.

So. For the first he only was like a chimera from the nothing, then but one noticed him shadowy and diffuse as halfdaxk round disk.

81. Wow already lighted by the themselves reflecting beams bf the sun, he came by immense speed near to the revolution course of the most outside planet.

52. Still but he was in distance of millions of units to the actual core of peaceful calmth, which yet he soon had to chance by his gigantic greatness into a bubbling hell, when he farced into the peace of this harmony.

53. out still went times over, until the giant finally left from his course and came In dangerous near.

B*». ftou already recognizable for a round sphere, the destroyer reflected the sunlight, while he draw behind him a fine veil of lighting particles.

35. Still only some hundredthausand units in distance to the next worlds, he evcked on them hellish storms, which destroyed great areas, which had got cultivated by the there peacefully rising human beings.

SS. 9y tremcling shaking for their troublesom gained goods and their already without this hard living, they suddenly aau themselves surrendered to the huge and Tercyless powers of the universe.

– 5b –

87- Helpless, cursed, to get surrendered from life to death,

they stared out to the heaven, to the giant uanderplanet,

which as cosmic death’s missile hurried near. £3. It was still only a question of time, until the forces of

cosmos had to unfold their vast mights, 89- In the night of the third day past the penetration of the

destroyer in the courses of the planets, midnight will short

have passed, the cosmos-traveller invaded into the elliptic

course of the sixth planet. 9o. Evoking large cosmic storms, he throw the belonging to this

course planet for some units from out his direction and

brought him to dangerous course towards sun. 91- Immense eruotions and storms tore the peaceful picture of

the flourishing in his beauty star.

92. Effecting collapsing mountains in themselves and throwing oceans from out their beds, he searched for himself a new course around the sun.

93. Full of horror and fright from the vast nature powers, the human beings fled towards the large plains, that overcrew numerously the planet.

94. But the released natural forces were stronger than the will and the rescuing idea of the human beings.

55. Two tbird of the inhaditating the planet human beings got

killed and murdered, in the released hell of the nature. 96. Jild waters tore away great parts of the solid lano, while

exploding volcanos digged huge plains under glowing lava

and laid in ruins and ashes. 57. The day’s revolution times got twice and the planet run

around the sun in contrary direction. 9a. Coerced by cosmic destinations, the survivors had to find a

new begin – destituted of each culture – reset into a primeval

time of origin.

99. The destroyer yet hurried further on through the system, spreaoing hell, death and destruction-loo. He cut the course of the fifth planet, a world, Oeing in the

– 55 –

101. This cne yet lay at the time af the event fortunately too far in distance from his course, than he had could hurt earnestly.

102. Besides heavy storms and smaller earthquakes at land and sea were on him no worth jT mentiuniiiy app^drings to notice.

103. The fourth satellite of the system should find its destruction in the battle of the worlds.

104. As the smallest of satellites he stoicly performed nis course, and seen in predetermination, he exactly nad to cross the flight course of the wanderer, when he had him frontal oefore.

105. And exactly so it happened: He went into the lrresistable force of destruction of the giant.

105. Like two wild monsters the both planets raged towards another; a giant and a dwarf.

Yet before the oath could crash together, huge explosions distorted the lifeless ae3d d&iarf-planet.

106. His broken pieces became flinged out into the endless widths of the universe, where as falling stars or as meteor caught by the forces of other stars and glowing away in their atmospheres they found their finitial end.

1o9. Further parts of the dwarf gat torn into the sun and atmoizec.

11a. Further parts got torn into the destroyer and became a piece of himself there.

111. Flinged like from a ginat’s fist, one half of the dwarf planet shot away through the infinited widths of space, towards a very far away aim.

112. Some times he came while his course into the reach of suns anc stars, got shook, hit by meteors and falling stars and chanqed from this his form.

113. Already past few centuries he had reachea an angular, roundly form.

114. He but was dead and wasted, covered by huge deep craters and unbearable for life.

– 55 –

115- By the forces of different systems he slowly got lowered in his speed and same times he changed his course, until he once a day got attracted by the sun of a system and broke into ner can-circle.

11S. As dark, dead star he draw through all planet’s courses of the outer circles without to cause any damages.

117. First in the inner circles he hit some broken pieces of a

destroyed planet, which yet only tore deep craters into him.

11S. By this yet his course became another time a little changed, what resulted him becoming forced parallel on the course of the second planet, which already created first primitive life.

119. A ster, which was covered aver by large oceans and dense

primeval woods, primeval, deadly and but gruelful phantastic.

12a. From this paint of time only still 34 days passed, until the duarf had caught up with the star and beaten got into his ban.

121. The forces of the planet sufficed, to tie the dwarf on him and to effect him circling as new satellite around him, in a steady changing itself elliptic course.

122. Since then he circles as Moon around the earth; 4.5 million years older, than his motherly star.

Destroyer • Fall & Rise of Lyra-Vega ET Race:

123. In the: Tar aular syaLsin the destroyer yet raged Further on.

124. Destroying everything on his course, he throw by unimaginaole power the next to the sun planet in direction to the sun, before which in miliionfold distance he destroyed himself

by huge explosions and fell as smallest partpieces into the sun and atomized.

125. The de-.i.royer himself deviated by few units from out his old course and shot in dangerous near along the sun, back into the widths of space.

126. 5y the unimaginaole heat of the blazing sun yet the surface of the dangerous wanderer liquified herself, and the by his 1—ense speed thrown away glowing suostances and particles

– 57 –

generated denind him a hundradthousand units long lighting tail, light beaming, like the destroyer-planet himself, which now had become to a deadly comet.

127. By the 2ero-cald of cosmic space the surface of the wanderer soon solidified again.

123. His lighting force but remained with him, as well as the lighting tail. Myriads and myriads of smallest particles and substances do cover him since then, overflow him and draw as long tail behind him, lighting and showing to the beings of the universe the course of the comet.

129. 9y continuous series of meteoric dust, particles, substances and the corpuscular raoiation of tne suns he will never loose any more his lighting force, until once a day he falls to his destruction.

130. Still milieniums or further millions of years he will wander through the universe, until by the pulverizing particles he himself will have become into dust, or gets caught by a sun and destroyed.

131. Perhaps but one day human beings uill destry him, like heself had destroyed already miliiardfoid life.

132. Since his rise already millions of years nave passed, and still ever his course is incalculabe.

133. Sy manyfold cosmic forces he often very unexspscted changes his course and menaces whole sun-systems.

134. In the whole his dangerous course but is so stabile, that in run of 575 1/2 years he always repeated runs through the same sun-systems, but with alternations in the distance of up to one million kilometers.

135. The then for two third aamacea reanklno of the far solar system found a neu begin.

135. It was hard and rich of privations, but while less than nine centuries they built up a now civilization and culture; created and forced by the from cosmic powers risen need*

137. They succsedea in preventing further ccsmic catastrophies and.destructions.

– 53 –

133, 3y troublesome researches, labour and voluntary assignment

up to the last, they created plans for their new culture

and For a f3r-raaching technical science. 139. Protecting against natural powers habitations got built, and

generation For generation collected their knowledge and


14q. Their spirit and their knowings improved rapidly, 3nd they soon had achieved a technics, which bare of each phantasy oegg3red each description and possibilities.

141. And the time approached, where they flew by round, disclike

flightmacnines with beam drive out into the infinited wideths of the cosmos.

142. Other sunsystems and planets got flown to and expeditloned.

143. New worlds and possibilities disclosed themselves, to dis-plant the peoples of the meanwhile having become too small home planet for the new mankind.

144. The scientists with their spaceships and sufficient equipped means of all kind and phantastic possibilities for use explored the space for always newer things.

145. They found many habitable uorlds and solar systems, which they often subjected by their radiation weapons after short, one-sided battle, to conquer them for settlement of their race.

145. Besides their monstrous technics they yet also improved their spirit, thus nothing remained strange for them the longer, what they wanted to explore.

147. The utilization of their spirit’s farces became to self-evidence for them, and thus step by step they heaved themselves up ahead other races for governors.

143. They called themselves kings of wisdom, by the word IHUH, which on the earth gets translated by GOO.

1**9. F3r spiritually superior to the common people, they soon covered it in evil, dictatorial form.

15o, But, past centuries having become tired of the godlike scientists^ the people rose against these, for the first by silent revolution.

152- But their uill far freedom let them secretly prepare ror fighting.

153. Like a smouldering fire it glowed during Five hundred of years, to flame up in the given moment as untamable wild fire torch.

154. From earthly chronology it was about 23o.oao years ago, when the fights for freedom began.

155- Evil wars invaded many planets, and much became destroyed.

155. A scientist by name Asael used the chance to make himself independent and to flee.

157. Secretly he succeeded to take in possession a large fleet of spaceships, to man them and to flee under heavy war actions.

153. With 1S3 greatspacers and about 25o explorerships with total 360.000 human beings on board he Fled from his home system.

159. Restless they draw for years through the wideths of space, until once a day they found a sunsystem, which offered life possibilities for them, far away from their home system.

160. Past the taking in possession of the planet passed three hundred years, while they created a new mankind.

161. Then they settled two further planets of their new home system, to travel then exploring again through the universe.

162- There they invented the system of the earthly sun.

163. Here they sat down at three different planets and started

the building up of a new culture. 164- Yet the planets were still rather inhospitable and often


155. 5o they left again the planets and only here and there they made a visit at them.

156. When then on the second planet of the earth first intelligent life started to move, they came again and lived there.

167. As it is in the character of the human being, again fights far the government started, and they left earth.

153. From out the new home planet but the development of the earth got continuously controlled and year for ye3r expeditioned.

139. From time to time always again got tried to settle the planet.

170. Also creatures became just deported to the earth and they simply left there without any technics and help to their fate.

171. They degenerated, got wild and bestialic.

17Z. Then at last the time came, where the great step finally could be dared.

173. A certain culture got built up, which some thousand years existed.

174. But once more thurst for might broke an, and all became destructed.

175. So the earth fell again to her old character.

175. Then it again needed some milleniums, until a new try gat done now but no mare in sense of an actual expedition: On tie home planet once again rose dissension in opinions, because the scientists once mare lifted themselves up ta gods and bate the nations into bondage.

177. Thus resulted, that a group of otherwise thinking scientists and else human beings allied together and took possession of different spaceships.

17a. About human beings fled and settled on the earth.

1?S. Their upmost leader Pelegon got by all voluntarily acknowledged for an IHUH (god), and kept a tight command.

1Qo. He had nearly twohundred sub-leaders, who each were responsible for one special field of science.

131. They were so to say sub-gods, or also called guardians.

1S2. On the home planets yet war invaded, and much got damaged.

133. But the human beings Finally gathered the freedom and the peace.

134. This has remained so until now and also will never a time Change.

135. From earthly chronology this happened rounded 5o.qoq years ago

136. Cnly on earth herself it was nDt always so peaceful, and many faults wera done.

– 61 –

167. And by one oF these mistakes the origin race of the earth

became created, whose descendants live today and stay in

the intention to commit the same Faults, like our forefathers

already have done.

+ This is really phantastic, Semjase. Yet how did all run further? I am really anxious for it.


1SS. This do I believe you, yet for today I can not tell you

more, as my time is over. 139. The next time you shall learn more.

CR 08,18.3.75, Tuesday: Matter & Origin of Matter:

– 91 –

Eiqhtth Contact Tuesday, 1B.3.1975, 15.o4 h

This contact happened two days earlier, than originally uas provided, because Semjase returned two nays earlier From her mission.

+ Today I have each lot of questions, when you allou. Samjqsg

1. If there are not too much.

+ I don’t know; my first concerns the matter. What is it? Semjase

2. Matter is a seizabla idea.

3. She is a salid form of energy, being seizable. + That is evident, but now originates matter?


4. The principle is very easy, but I am not allowed to tell it.

5. It is but so, that each energy can be changed into solid matter. S. It is only necessary, to boundle the concerning energy strong

and to concentrate her high, thus she can become alternated into solid matter.

7. 3y this the elementary bricks of the solid components of matter get generated: neutron, proton and electron.

8. From these then themselves form the atomes and the variety of chemical compounds, which then in their 3 different aggregation states farm the solid outer wrap, what yet is known for your scientists.

9. Solid energy as well as origin energy are of equal value in each direction.

10. This means, origin energy is aosolute matter, as originate matter is absolute energy also.

11. This means, that without except everything in universe consists from matter or from energy.

12. The both terms energy and matter represent basical one and the same, but precise their both different forms: The fine-material and the coarse-material.

– 92 –

+ Well, all right, yet this doesn’t explain my question. Namely I want to know, hou matter rises originally?


14. From out the basic energy, of course.

+■ You fender too less precise. I think, that before the basic

energy still mas anything else decisive, because from my knowing always two, each forming in itself a unit, factors belong together, to result a unit again.


15. You are untired and give me a predicament. + 1 don’t want so.


15. Okay now, I explain all for you, as far as I am allowed, though you seem to know in this respect more, than we know about you: Matter is the embodying of an idea.

15. As energy the matter is finematerial and as matter just high concentrated and condensed.

17. One can generate both kinds by apparatures, what also you do already exercise in different forms.

16. Normally they yet get generated quite natural, that is by spiritual force, which preceded is by the idea.

19. Basical for this is authorized the Creation, a huge spiritual kind, a factor, which again embodies origin energy.

20. From her rises the idea.

21. The force of the spirit then (which and who again embodies

energy) condenses and concentrates the idea to the finematerial

energy, which then by still higher concentration becomes

concentrated for the coarse-material, the matter.

+ Then in fact whole the universe with all insides and outsides is alone a for finematerial and coerse-natsrial energy compressed and concentrated idea?


22. Certainly.


+ LJhat but is then this vast spiritual form, the factor Creation? Sam jase

23. She consists in an idea, in herself condensed in herself to

□ricinate spiritual energy.

Z4u f-‘ars da also ye not know about her.

+ About so have I iraaginated this for me. Yet 1 have still further questions.

What kind of Questions gets Answered by Semjase:

+ About so have I imaginated this for me. Yet I have still further questions.

– 93 –


25. Da ask, but be conscious of, that I am not allowed to solve secrets for you, which were still inadvantagaous for the spiritual development of the earthhuman being.

25- 5a please save questions from me of scientific character,

as futurally I had to leave them not answered.

+ Eut I have just such questions still prepared, as tney have been given to me.


27. When this question fall into my authorization to answer them, then I will of_course answer them to you,, yet only for your reputation, as the answers far the questions get still exspected.

23. But don’t offer futurally such questions any more, because I had to withhold the answers fron you.

29. Such auestions would lead too far and finally but bring more cognitions to the earthhuman beings, than were good for them.

3a. Their spiritual development is just still too much locked in each respect.

31. ‘Jhen yet you offer questions from youself, and they lay in your awn interest af development, then I can tell decisive more in the answerings; you know.

32. Yet you are then not allowed to talk about certain things and are requested to keep them for you alone.

33. Your friends and acquaintances are by no means still proceeded so far like you are.

3<». Some of them can you qualify according the scnerne inta the

period 3/2 and 3/1, also 3/3. 35. Gnly one single of your present friends falls in the position


35. They yet all are still subjected to the inclination and the desirs, wanting to run further forwards, than this is advantageous for them in spiritual respect.

37. From this, they also put quetions on you, which surpass the abilities of their elaboration.

33. And from out the same desire they also want to Join connexion

Ml f f> I IB

– 94 –

39. This, though they know very good, that this will not be possible.

40. They have first to recognize the basic elementary truth ana to acknowledge her for itself, before they can proceed.

41. Still but they are in state of the doubting and don’t want to let the truth of the truth uork in them as such.

+ I didn’t want to vex you, Semjase.


42. I haven’t felt it this ways, yet I had to explain you all.

Molecular Biology:

+ Jhat is with our moleculary biology: Are we hers on the right way of development?


44. Very far-reaching, even.

45. There do only miss still some few cognitions, which will open unexspected doors for you.

46. Your scientists stay short before very great discoverings and cognitions with from these resutling very great possibilities.

47. More to tell to this, am I not allowed.


+ I am satisfied uith that, thank you! – My next question concerns tfis qeng, which Forms tho hereditary factors. Ara yau ailousd tD tell fr.E something auout her?

St?- ;*3 3h

43. They are the carriers of hereditary characters, in the coiour-dodies.

+ This is evident Tor me, taut hou does a gene condition itself -and axe the chromosomes unitary constructed at all living farms?

US. They are not, uhat concerns the second question.

50. Acccrainq to the kino or creature ere they clstlnct ana also ciffsrent in thsir nu-iher.

51. Human creatures yet normally own the game numoer of enromoaone pairs.

+ Have these colour-tonics tnsn any inFluencs on the limit of age of the form of life? Gr is the age a geneticai-causea Factor?

– 95 –


52. Sure, It is Gene-conditioned.

53. The genes regulate via the brains and the spirit the functions of the cells and they regulate life, regeneration and disintegration of the cells.

+ Thank you, this suffices already. Ulhat functions da then the chromosomes themselves obtain?


54. They destiny character, form and sex of the creature.

55. They are also the essential carriers of the genes, which effect their factorial influences onto the chromosomes and cause them according to the existing factor to normal- or urong switching and can also evoke mutations.

+ Is also the mongolism to arrange under sucn a mutation?


56. In the connexion only partly, far this essentially consists on

a hurt of the germs by manyfold possibilities, which in many

cases surplus chromosome can generate.

+ Unfortunately I understand too few of this, but the answer suffices for me. But out of what do the chromosomes consist?


57. In the main from albumines and nuclein-acids.


+ Is also the mongolism to arranoe under such a mutation?


56. In the connexion only partly, for this essentially consists on

a hurt of the germs by manyfold possibilities, which in many


few of this, but the answer

cases surplus chromosome can generate. + Unfortunately I u

suffices for me.

Heredity & Heredity of Intelligence:

+ Idell, yet what is with the heridity? Semjase

53. Yau simply let not loose.

59. Each gene conditions the heridity of once a time consisting characteristics.

50. Each single mark contains in it the characteristics of both decisive Factors, that is the negative ana the positive, the male and the Female.

51. By occasional inFluences Dut also result “wrong switchings” or “wrong breedings”, From which can rise mutated creatures.

62. There may happen, a dominant gene overscreening a recessive gene, by what this can not reach to development then.

63. Though but both genes can get heritated.

G4. SelF-evident also genes car change in run of the time, because

they are, as everything In the universe, also subjsctec to an

evolution- or degeneration-process.

+ I understand, even iF it treats here not just aF a special

knowings’ Field oF me- But what is then the case with the heridity of knowledge or simply with intelligence?

– 97 –

76. This results, that an intellectual or very wise human being can bear descendants, which the earthhuman being designates for insane and idiotic, while raveroe spiritual and intclli-gencial weak human beings can create descendants oF monstrous spiritual and intelligencial development.

77. This is really only connected with, how Far the haditating in a body spirit is himselF developed by knowledge.

73. IF wisdom and intelligence but were gene-conditioned, then a new spirit would never Find a habitation (body), while the already existing Form of life became very Fast destroyeo and would die out, because she were too Fast spiritualized.

79. This, because alone always higher developed liFe became created and thus For new spirits no liFe- and development-chances were given any more.

– 9S –


65- This is by nothing connected with the gene, because intelligence is caused by spiritual evolution.

66. Spiritual thinking and his from it resulting factors as are spiritual knowings, wisdom and intelligence are pure factors of spirit, which but also precipitate organicly – in the brains, which consist of acid substances.

57. These acids form the carriers of soiritual wisdom and intelligence in solid form, while the soirit yet hides in itself the same knowledge essentially, as finematerial factor.

66. Also as coarse-material form of life everything is two-factorial destinied, in which consequence the pure spiritual or fine-material fnrm of life has also to be existing as coarsematerial form.

69. In this case this then means, wisdom and intelligence existing as spirltual-eneroetical as well as in coarse-material form, in organical acid.

70. This enaoles wisdom and intelligence getting able to become –transplanted coarse-materially.

71. This means also, that these acids can become taken from a brain, to plant them into another brain.

72. 3y such, whole races of creatures can get brought to an unitary level of ujisdom, knowledge and intelligence, without each single being had to run through the different evolution periods.

73. By this, even a form of new spirit (who the earthhuman being often in error calls insane and idiotical) can get made for a highdeveloped form of knowledge and life.

74. But in this direction do your scientists work alreacy since long time, and have to sign also good successes – even if this is not known in the broad public.

75. Thus intelligence and wisdom is by no ways genetically caused, because they become alone transmitted and brought along by tho enlivening the Dody spirit.

Inheritance of Mental Diseases

Ifeier- But why are mental diseases inheritable?

Semjase- 80/Real mental disease consists of powerful confusion of the already knowledgeable and t^ucatc^^piriit. 81/And as tne genes are influenced by spirit, they absorb


the confused impulses, store them,, and create the confused idea to a confused form of life. 82/Because of this, injured creatures normalize again from generation to generation – by the irres is table further development of the spirit; by the periodically conditioned evolution. 83/This means then, that for the confused spirit, life-Important functions of the genes are affected by mis-regulation of certain factors. 84/This mis-regulation forwards its impulses, to intermingle the brain’s acids with similar ma 1 factors evoking confusion, a confusion which is only organic. 85/In the evolution of the spirit, the confusion can become normalized again over generations, “~ T have ,-ijhm«.iy irmt.-ionacT 86/ln such a way injured forms of. life can each be differently burdened, as well as their descendents, too. B7/Each, from the position ot development of the ensouling body spirit, can be more or less injured; a lesser developed spirit being affected decisively more than a more developed one, which may even be able to neutralize such mis-regulation. 88/So it is quite possible for an insane creature to generate descendents being in no manner abnormal. 89/But it can happen after nony generations, when all seems normalized, that small remaining factors in exceptional case examples may experience an outbreak of the affliction in same form.

Meier- Fantastic. But there are so many mental diseases.-. Semjase- 90/lhis would lead too fax.

Theory of Relativity & Dilation of Time:

Meier- Naturally. May 1 put another question to you then? Semjase- 91/Yes.

Meier- “Bus concerns the problem of relativity, especially the dilation of time.

Semjase- 91/You are already informed about this.

Meier- I do not ask for myself, for the question givers want an answer fran you.

Serajase- 93/Oh yes, of course — for this I have to qo bock some; as there oust different possibilities for the overcoming of cosmic space. 9A/To describe them all would make no sense because they axe too inccnp rchms ib 1 e for the Earth hunan, and too fantastic to hub 9!>/For flying objects there still exists the possibility of mastering space. 98/ One possibility is through hvuersnaee. in which a dilation

of time is removed, and in whicn the theory of relativity


remains just that, namely a theory. 97/The tuming-off of a time-dilation or time-shift noedc but the penetration of hypornpace, as I have already explained. 98/1 am not a 1 lowed to reveal greater details. 99/TTv “jump” occurs very fast by momentary paralization of the protective screen under

flash-like increased velocity, with the consequence of a

flash-like increase in mass. lOQ/Thls means that the initiation process runs so fast, that by the speed of certain processes, generated by the apparatus, matter is distorted within the millionth part of a second, and becomes fine-material form, which is able to pass hyperspace timelessly. 101 /As T have said, it does not only consist of speed, even though it surpasses a miilionfold the speed of light, hut thorn ,-irrr nthc-r processes iiivoiv.-i:. m?/Ry sp&ed itsoll tho

process is initiated, mass differentiating itself, by which hyperspace is enabled. (4)

103/The mass of an object increases in relation to the growth of its speed. 104/This means, mass grows towards unliiutedness. 105/0ur ships are still protected by protective-screens, and prevent this process, until the turning off of this screen enables the distorting effect. 106/Just Qiis process is utilized then, to accelerate the essential distortion and to call up the ricnvitcriaiization… 107/By this, at the same? time, space and time axe paralized and disappear, in consequence of which the ship already re-mat

crialJBoo itcolf at itc dor.tinaticn piaca, as it is ttonat-erialized at its place of departure. 108/lhe whole process needs no longer than a millionth part of a second, thus also for creatures, passing hyperspace does not take alterations of any kind. 109/When spaceships fly below the speed of light, this inevitably takes much time, which is always the case with newcomers to cosmic flight. 110/Pirst, they all do learn from experiences and cogniticfis. Ill/Second, this space-traveling is very dangerous and leaves its purpose open to question- 112/When spaceships reach lightspoed without passing directly into hyperspace, then catastrophy for the ship and its passengers is assured… 113/Speeds above that of light hold many danqers, when the barrier of hvpersoace is not penetrated and made an ally. Il4/’lhe

1do –

114. The time-dilatation is only one of these dangers.

115. A further danger is that one, that also in this case the mess of a spaceship enlarges itself in relation to his speed towards unlimitedness and can have for result under certain circumstances the destruction of the ship and its passengers.

116. 6ut there are still many other dangers.

117. 3ut all forms of life have to accomplish their evolution’s process, thus they collect experiences and knowisoge.

116. Our forefathers, too, had to fight with these problems, and uent astray in space and time.

119. Same mays happened with other creatures and happens, exactly same.

120. So always again happens, that any “time-travellors” appear from the past and often bring with them great problems.

121. They often do no more find their home uorlds or find them fully destroyed.

122. Here and then also strange to the galaxy creatures of this kind appear, who also have come to earth already, and will further on come always again.

123. Some of such “time-travellors” have already wrecked in earlier ages on earth and nave never got able to go away from here again.

124. About such, do you know old, peculiar mythes and tales.

125. In run of the time yet many of these beings died out, or they degenerated or mixed themselves with the earthly forms of life.

126. Not seldom even today occurs, that such “time-travellors” meet the earth.

127. And there are many among then, which never find their home uorlds again and jjst settle anywhere on another world.

12B. They but also often loose the way in the wideths of the space and die.

129. Wot seldom they are for milleniums or even million of years on the way, while for them but oass only few minits or few years.

130. The dangers of speed are very great and they do already begin at few kilometers zer hour, if the fiightmachines or vehicles

131- Already small velocities of feu kilometers per hour injure

the matter in form, structure and stability, when protective means are not there-

132. A natural consequence is the enlargening of mass and the dissolution of matter.

133. This means, that already at low speed the mass of a vehicle or a flightoody enlarges itself insensible in relation to the speed and calls up the effect of slow destruction.

134. As told, does this already apoear uith feu kilometers par hour and uith, in your technics nearly not to show, minimality,

135. By lou speeds this process neeas very long, too, ana by circumstances can need hundreds of years.

136. At very high speeds but this time reduces to decades or to feu years.

137. The creatures, too, are injured by this process, because also their masses change by the speed.

138. The function of the brains get afflicted, because the mass changes.

139. This conseouences, all functions becoming retaroed and missings come up.

140. Told in other words, this means, that suite suddenly the functions of thinking and reaction turn off and an emptiness rises.

141. By this, thp fnrm nf 1jfp lnnses the contrnl over herself ana over her vehicle.

142. The creature looses indeed the control over her own functions.

143. Of course may each creature slowly and in certain degree accommodate herself to these factors and to master them.

144. But anywhere for each creature exists the limit of the absolute where sne simply has to fail.

145. From earthly terms this can last often for years, until such events afflict a human being.

1(-6. Young and full of force in each respect, a human being =on Dear a lot; but also his time comes along, where he gets overcome by the disregarded laws of the nature.

– 1o2 –

147. Each individual is different to the otherone and by this, also its terminations.

1^a. One thing is but sure: Uhen once a time a creature Fails in this respect, then a limit of the bearable is reached ano he is not allowed to lead any machine of any kind, which reaches more than the velocity of his own walking; except when these machines are protected against the mass-enlargening influences.

149. If the earthhuman beings would regard and observe this law, they would have less need, misery, invalids and ceads.

15a. But the earthhuman being is obstinate stoic, as since ever, and he doesn’t want to let himself teach.

151. Btill today he presumes hi-nself for crown of Creation and lives with this delusion, to be the single human creature in universe.

152. Nevertheless but you should diffuse these words among all those, who have already coerced their megalomania and want to observe our expositions.

Plejaren-lmpulses as Inspirations:

+ Phantastic. – Our utopics’ writers are ahead these things indeed still only scanty writers without phantasy.


153. Do not deceive youself, as many among them come very near to the possibilities of reality and the truth.

154. Extreme good writers of such kind get even often inspirated, and by their books then the human being3 prepared for the comming.

155. Same ways scientists get announced uith certain fields and possiaiiities, from where they search then in distinct dirfccLiuiis and uotain successes.

+ This do you tell so easily?

5em j3sa

155. Surely, for it is the suited time for this explanation, and

moreover already many human beings make themselves thoughts

in such respect – even if they only assume these relations.

+ Then the fast development of technics etc. of the last 1oo

years is not 3lone the piece of work of the earthhuman beings?

– 1o3 –


157. :.o, because we also and many otherones have contributed some, though this development is according to the age. + You mean the Age of Waterman ?


153. Purely, I speak of this epac.

Age of Aquarius:

+ Yau mean the Age of Ulaterman ? 5emj33e

153- Surely, I speak of this epoc.

159. It mill bring revoluting events far the earthhumsn being; very goad ones, but also very bad ones.

160. Exspecially worse are there the religious influences, for this intellectual-spiritual age will create very many new and wicked religions, by which the human being shall get subjected still more into their ban.

1S1- This but do we try to prevent, because else happens the same, which also happened for our ancestors: Namely that the scientists mount by the time sameways to IHUJHs and effect the same catastrophy to creatures and solar systems, as it was peculiar also for our ancestors and many other races.

162. They namely are always the ones, who recognize for the first ones the truth, that over eacn creature and above all very single the Creation, which yet in each direction ahead to any creations and events in the universe behaves fully neutral.

163. Her name tells this by himself, what she is: She is the Creation.

164. Over seven greattimes she creates life in innumerous forms, always and always again.

155. Continuous she creates new forms of life – incessant.

156. EJhen these yet are created, then they remain left Tor tnem-selves, with the life’s mission of their development.

Spirit, Soul & Pvsche:

+ A further question concerns soul and spirit. Semjase.

Am I right uith the assumption, this t.o be one and the same?


157. Surely: Soul and spirit are only tuo names for Dne single factor, that is, For the spirit. + Uell, and uhat is then uith the human psycnis?

Sen: iase

1£S. About this do you know more, than all those, uho you call psychiatrists.

+ These are a uhole flouer-aaroen-

Life-Span of Life-Form in Whole Universe:

* B riou Dut oncE more a question respectively the

liFe‘s age. You said, the age being conditioned by the genes, is that by hundred percent right?


170. Wot in this quantity, a«* also rtiffprpnt other factors play an important roll.

171. The most important points are there the outsides influences-+ So have I thought, too. Can you tell me more about it?


172- That uould lead far too far.

+ Well then, how does this yet behave at your race?


173. The laus are of equal value in uhole the universe.

17’r„ Uhen us have a higher exsuectation of age than the earthhuman

being, then is it life-conditioned.

175. Research and evolution but play there a not undecisive part.

+ That is already sufficient. Are there any chances, to influence the life’s expectation for age from our present judgement?


175- Surely do those exist, but I am not allowed, to tell these.

Semjase gives Meier a names of Precious Stones, Crystals,..& Plans to Construct a Machine that Cures lllnesses(Rheumatism):

– But can you at lsast tall ma something, by

what at least appearings of sicknesses can get decreased?

Semjase 177. Hou Far?


177. That is nonsense in each respect.

+ Uhat is then uith metal compositions etc. and uith cristals and precious ston^a, uhich are told to catch up certain radiations or adsorb them?


I don’t believe to such things, yet I think here of sacalled fortune-brinners, of amulets.



This keeps its truth.


Special of such thinas have a certain effect.


But thsy show only partly sucesses and are not of hundred-


1o5 –

Principly they are but worthful and can avoid much need and misery -+ Can you tell me same?


161. Surely,

162. Yet I would advise you to keep these knowing for ycuself. 133. As you have from for me very good known causes no regulary

income, you could manufact these things by youself and sell for very useful helpers. + I am no materialist.


164. This has nothing common to that, for you have also to live. + Df course, yet I have first to deliberate it.


1E5. Do it thoroughly, as you may by this help many human beings. + If this is the case …..

Semjase 166. It is.

+ Then I am agreeing.


166. So listen now: …………………..

(12 things get called, for which purposes they shall serve

ana haw they have ta oe manuTactea. Tney concern wltnout

except things, which are able to influence rheumatism and

many other sicknesses etc.).

+ Thank you, Semjase. Is there but still anything in larger measure, effecting a better working?


167. Surely.

168. I can give you the exact decription for a machine, which effect an extreme effect for manyfold afflictions and sicknesses.

169. This macnine results an absolute refreshing of the whale body, a complete bleeding-through and new enlivening in connexion

to a curing of differentest afflictions.

– 1o£ –

+ Phantastic, Semjase, taut hew shall I build this machine, as there lack for me the financial means.


191. You will Find sponsors.

+ As far as I see, would such a machine cost rounded SFr.


192. nevertheless, you will get able to build her, and you have also not to worry for your livelihood.

± When you tell so …… ?


193. It will be so.

questions: How got created the first life? Semjase

194. This is rather known to your scientists.

+ So have not simply been creatures there, but everything rose frcm a sacalled origin atmosphere and the from these resulting amino-acids!


195. Certainly.

mmanuel should not be Glorified:

Meier- My last question; we have already talked about the Talmud Jnmanuel. Jnmanuel has been represented the lost 2,Q0Q years as a main religious figure. Will a new representation of this long dead human being serve once more to make him a center of belief and an idol? Is this how the Talmud shall serve?

Senrjase- 196/No, Jnmanuel was himself only a human being, like all others. 197/Yet he was equipped with great knowledge. He entooied neither a symbol, nor an idol, nor any such. 198/He was a teacher, a prophet of spiritual knowledge and wisdom? nothing more. 199/No creature should ever become idolized or even adored, as is the practice of hinaan beings of Earth. 200/When we allowed the removal of the Talmud from its 2,000 years hiding place, the only reason was because the time for truth had come. 201/The lessons of Jmnanuel are not HIS lessons, but those of THE CREATION and its laws, which Jmmanuel had to learn, to recognize, and to acknowledge. He has only repealed that which the natural law provided for.

202/Never again should the mistake of the delusion be committed, and Jnmanuel be seen as the embodiment of his offered lessons, and become idolized. 2D3/The truth of the Talmud ought to be learned and acknowledged as such by itself, without invoking the name of Jnmanuel and without his glorification. 204/Important alone is the truth and the laws,


but not the person who has brought then. 205/If then another cult should be constructed around Jiimnuel, then, the purpose is not accanplished. 206/The human being should not be glorified, because only the truth and the laws are really important. _ _ ©©

Meier’s Friends & Acquaintances wanted to Come in Contact with Semjase & Photograph/Film Her & Her Beamship:

Meier- A — the quest ion concerns friends

and aquaintencesiu^o^wanTing to come into contact with you. At least they would be content if they could see you and your beamship, even only from afar, or photograph or film it. Is there still no chance to content their eagerness for knowings, etc.?

Semjase— 209/Have T expressed myself too little clearly? 210/1 told you already several tiroes that this will not be possible under any circurstances. 211/We have elected you alone, where we also remain. 212/Nothlng can be changed. 213/It is known to me (that) some of your friends only want to contact me because they doubt your information ar.d want proof. 214/They don’t even accept your photos, because they are captured by distrust… 215/They consider themselves to be realistic, which is not true. 216/Their recognition of reality is not based on knowledge… 217/Thoy believe that only what they can aee with their own eyes can be real,

wherein they do not consider that U>ey could be deceived by their own seeing. 218/Evicence then is only valid if founded on knowledge and recognition, which means only hard spiritual work enables real reasoning, but never only seeing. 219/ We gave you the chance to collect photographic material so you could confirm your details in respect to the existence of our beamships, with pictures. 220/And although you nave many good photos; some do not believe you. 221/On the contrary, they demand still further proofs in tho way that we should break our own good principles and Lake up contacts


as well with those other Earth hurrans. 222/This we will not ate, and will deviate in no manner freer our objectives. 223/ WO still don‘t want, and are not aiirvcd. tn QQflBCB to Oflfc-vince Earth humans of the truth. 224/We arc only allowed to do what lies in reach of our objectives, and for this we have selected you, and you should spread the knowledge according to your best cstiination. 225/How you do this is up to you, for you are a free form of life. 226/Explain to your friends that we are not willing to grant them their demands for a contact with them. 221 fit. is absolutely impossible to concede this; in every respect.

228/For the coming while you also should not take further pictures of my beaiTship, because the cnes you have are fully sufficient. 229/1 gave you enough chance to get good photos, which became only doubted. 230/Thus it shall suffice for the time, for it is neither our nor your mission, to remove from doubtors and critlcizers their spirit-obstructing activities. 23l/7he mission lies in quite other fields, as you well know.

Meier’s Camera Exploded when Photograping Semjase’s Beamship upclose:

228/For the coming while you also should not take further pictures of my bearrship, because the ones you have are fully sufficient. 229/1 gave you enough cliance to get good photos, which became only doubted. 230/Thiis it shall suffice for the time, for it is neither our nor your mission, to remove from doubtors and criticizers their spirit-obstructing activities. 231/The mission lies in qui be other fields, as you well know.

Meier- Tills doesn’t sound very kind, Semjase, and it also

diS^pprtintfi nw> +b^t T shruilri nnt- fcalra any fiir-hhrai- pi/—Miwe

During your absence I have bought me a film camera, because T wanted to get a movie of your ship.

Semjase- 232/Your disappointment pities me, but the status Should remain. 233/Still I will admit your using the film camera, that you may be allowed to film my ship. 234/But you are prohibited from doing this up close, and also you may not get me on your film– 235/But I will give you a short demonstration of my ship.

Meier- Thank you. I could not film from near anyway, else the camera be destroyed. You had said earlier I could photograph your new ship up close. As you know, I tried this last contact, which failed because my camera, so to speak, “exploded” in my hands and fell, and the light measuring instrument and searcher were broken. I had to send it for expensive repair. (6)

Senrjase- 236/Did this really happen?

Meier- Of course; should I lie to you?

Semjase- 237/Certainly not, and this was not meant like that. 238/1 am sorry about the occurrence, and i will clear it up.


CR 09, March 21, Friday, 1975

‘We(Plejaren) are just HumanBeings like You1 & Natural Barbarism is Necessary:

– 110 –

ftlneth Contact Friday, 21. March 1575, 16-13 h


1. Unfortunately I have to keep an a bit one-sided conversation today, for I have to put right important things: Already since decades us become by different earthhuman Beings and by uhole groups partly consciously, partly unconsciously, pressed in spheres, into which ue do not fit by any forms; spheres, in uhicn ue do not uant to be at home, too.

2. Often only in sake of appearances and of pure profit ue become put higher, than ue are in truth.

3. liie all are but only human beings, like all human beings. Um In your understanding, ue all right live in a position of

suoertechnftcs and of the great spiritual progress, but this

not in a prcau.-nption and predominance, which the gross of

human beings on earth ascribe it to us. 5. -Je are neither the guardians of the earthhuman beings, nor

any god-sent angels,or similar. S. Many selfish persons and by them led astray groups pretend,

ue were watchers of earth and of her human beings, and ue

would destiny their fates.

7. This but does not accord to the truth, because ue only perform a self-ordered mission, which hes nothing common ta a super-vlsianing and a regulation of the essential fates of the earth-human beings.

8. Thus it is wrong, to expose us for supraterrestrial messengers and guardians.

9. If we were messengers and guardians in the meaning, as gets affirmed about us, then we wauld regulate in all openess.

10. Ue are not, what one ascribes to us, even if we are spiritually and technically nearly for three thousand years before the eartnnuman being.

11. 3ut it lays in purpose of all those earthhuman beings, to make us for something godlike, who are themselves captured in a religious belief.

12. 5y that they degrade themselves and all their fellow-creatures to subdeueloped human beings.

– 111 –

13. 3y Faulty or quite consciously invented contact reports, which miss each truth, thus the impression rises, the earth-human being only performed mistakes and lived by nothing right.

14. So but does not behave in truth, for the earthhuman being goes his evolution-caused way.

15. Surely, he is barbarous and according to this, also impetous in his researches and often unscrupulous.

16. But the barbarism is peculiar to many creatures, far it is natural conditioned and suited, thus the life first gets guaranted for.

17. With this I name the natural barbarism, which is Free of degenerations.

18. Such is also character of by much higher developed races than the ones of the earthhuman beings, and this ends first at higher spiritual improvement, iiihen the necessary cognitions have got own to the spirit.

19. It is yet no uaye suited and true, ths earthhuman being only had to became abused and degraded for a monstrosity of the evil.

20. He is descendant of wild ancestors and has to go the way oF his evolution.

21. This way but lead3 under much need, misery and troubles towards cognition and knowledge.

22* This but does mutual need the hardness of a certain barnarism, without which no inclination towards on, towards the new can be claimed.

23. First a certain barbarism allows research and development, because in this exists the strength, to go over certain prisoning things, which obstruct the progress by chance: nax.ely strong religious imaginations, which hamper the progress in every direction ar even stiFle him in the bud.

24. Human beings may thus only then exercise Fruitbearing research in consequence, when they turn out religious Fancies mostly and search the truth there, where these are really hidden.

25. This does not injure the awe beFcre the life or even the aue beFore the Creation hsrselF, quite in the contrary: The aue ahead 0f the Creation and the life becomes all the more incited

by the research and their cognitions.

– 112

25. The earthhuman being may recognize this there to be really so, that no life could become liberated of sickness, if not :=:3.-e before life experimentally cut, to analysate :n? sickness1 germs and protective means.

27. To destroy but life for exploration purposes, for that is necessary a barbarism.

28. Yet as well all kinds of evolution of barbarism, because they generate the necessary strength.

29. Thus a laying under strong imaginations of belief human being is never able to bring decisive lifs-sponsoring development, because the thinks too onesided and too humane and acts so, thus he yet degenerates same onesided.

3d. The great danger is, scientists manyfold utilizing the might of their knowledge and beating by her their less developed fellow-creatures into slavery and exploitation.

31. This should be prevented, same but also their achievements in technical view, when they serve only for the destruction.

32. It is not of interest, they heaving themselves up for gods and by this committing the same mistakes, as already our forefathers.

33. This do we want to prevent by certain influences.

3*». Ue yet do also want to show certain ways and to let grow certain

cognitions in the earthhuman being. 35. And uhen we interfere uith certain matters and concernings,

then alone from the reason, that the earthhuman being would

not commit the same faults, as also our forefathers suffered

them painfully.

Why Billy only gets to See & Photograph Beamships:

+ Am I allowed to put you before only one single question, which occupies some of my friends ana acquaintances?

Semjase 37. Surely.

+ It treats of your ceansnip, respectively your beamshios, which I could photograph by several times. It is inconceivaole for rcy friends ana acquaintances, tnat only just I have seen them ana also could photograph ;hem.

– 113 –

38. This question can very easily get answered: The talent For observation is very Dad and cursory at the earthhuman being.

39. They do very often see out beamshjps for any earthly airplanes from what they give to them nearly no more attention, than for a short second’s part.

fco. They are very simply not accommodated to a very scrutinized

□aserving and viewing. **1. Dn the other side it is but so, that in the main we protect

our beamships against each sight, in what consequence the

human beings can’t realize us. 42. It is an easyness for us, to protect our ships, as ever desire

in diameter of 5oo meters for the whole or partly, at one sioe

upwards or downwards against sight, by a distorter-screen. **3. Uhen I admitted for you, to photograph my ship from one side,

then it was protected at all other sides against further

observation by the distorter-screens, thus no uninitiated

ones were able to realize it. kk. This will I evidence to you and your friends.

45. In this respect I give you once more the admission, to make thr=p fnrthpr phn1:n(?s nf my hnamshlp. For iwhst you ought bring with you your Friends.

46. Buy a new film, which you lay under their control into the camera.

47. Then come with them to the contact place, which I will still agree with you.

*tS. A bit aside to them you then should stay youself in position. i»9. Uhen then I appear with my beamship, you shall shoot three pictures.

50. As usual uill be on the ship the distorter-screens so switched that just alone you will be able to realize it.

51. So tell yaur friends, they should not be disappointed, when thsy uilll not become able to soc my ship as ucll as you*

52. It should only evidence for them, my offerings respectively the distorterscreens being true.

53. This will yet be the only evidence, I ever grant to your friends – further ones will never come.

5**. These have to he sufficient far them.

Meier asks Semjase to Record her Voice on a Tape Recorder:

Meier-Win T perhaps at this time, be allowed to record a tape of your voice?

Semjase— 55/1 have told you, the three photographs will be the first and last proof from my side. 56/1 can allow no more, please understand this. 53/Tf they already do not believe your words and your photo-evidonce, and even accuse tne latter oi deceit, then trio same should oe expected it you were to store my voice on a tape-recording- 5B/lhey would accuse you of deceit and pretend the voice would belong to an Earth varan. 59/Such an example is of meaningless consequence, thus I can not agree with it. 60/But I do not wane to engage in such discussions in the future, for I have already explained. 61/&cplain to your friends, if they axe interested in your details and want to accept than, then

they should do this in confidence in us and you, else they should no longer dedicate themselves to this natter, because doubts, distrust and criticism are not serviceable to our missions.

ffeier> That is harsh, Semjase.

Semjase- 62/it lias to be, as only tli£ truth serves.

Meier’s Friends wants to share Meier’s Tasks but Semjase Rejects:

Hn1nr Seme of my friends hold the argument; how would they proceed with my tasks, if by the intrigues of my fellow-creatures and authorities, anything would happen to me, which hQ3 already been the case one time. (2)

Scmjaaa- 62/TneBe are arguments which really arc none, because they will have in their hands all notes and an that


you deliver to them. 63/When they have confidence in you and us, then this is sufficient for them already. 64/They don’t need more. 6b/Their arguments do not alone concern this care about intrigues, for in them are also established selfish thoughts and a great distrust of you and your details and your pictures. 66/Partly, this is only another attempt, in their way of reasoning, to achieve their objective of working into first position…

Meier- Okay, I will no more speak of it and no no re trouble you by such.

Accusation that Semjase’s Details about Talmud Jmmanuel & Talmud Jmmanuel came from the same Pen:

+ Cne had thrown to my head, it were very strange, that you had come to speak about the Talmud Jmmanuel, and that your reports and details uoulc agree with the Talmud. There got said, that probably both would rase from the same pen and thus any things could not be right.


71. One really has? + Yes.


72. Don’t trouble youself because it, as it is character of the spiritual ignorants, exercising continuously critics in their distrust and unreasonability and to accuse everything.

73. So they often search connexions, uhich they can’t understand, far they can not think unfinited.

Ik* Their spiritual knowing and thinking is subjected to sharp borders, which they only hardly are able to overcome.

75. Because this, it is also unconceivable for them, the truth, the knowledge ano the wisdom never suffering, through all times not, a staggering and so always sounds equal.

76. uhen Jmmanuel so Zooo years ago brought the lesson of the knowledge and the wisdom, then he could do this only in the same words’ meaning, like already got done tenthousands of years before his time.

77. And when in the present time I speak about the lssson of the knouledge ana wisdom, then I can do it again alone in tne same wards’ meaning, as she got already told by Jmmanuel 3nd all teachers before him.

– 115 –

78. When then my words sound equal like these of Jmmanuel, then the logic explanation is to extract from that, that in the lesson got nothing changed.

79. The truth remains for all times always the same, consequently she also sounds over millions of years identical, even if she gets told by other words.

80. The meaning does also remain the same. I am very sorry about this being not conceived by your friends and they exercising critics because it.

31. It is but to advice to them, ta educate their reason and to train themselves in logic, as only this ways they get able to master their spirit and his forces and to use these.

82- By critics they obstruct the spiritual further development, when their critic is unlogical.

63. To make this evident for them, will not be easy, for, as I already explained to you one time, they are still far behind you in their spiritual evolution and unable to fallow the lessons*

SU. Still too much they are caught in their religions, than they

could recagni2e the truth and accept her. 65* They still live in the astray belief, that truth, knowledge

and belief would be religion and that one could designate

this also for religion.

So. They believe, any better form of religion uere well and would

Dring help to the form of life. S7. They do not understand, that a religion suppresses a being

and makes it depending on something, that stands above him

and gives orders or advices. S3. A religion causes always such, thus the concerning creature

is no more master over her self, but subjects herself and

suppresses herself to something, which should stay powerful

over him.

89. Thus in whale the universe does not exist any farm of religion, which were good.

9a. That I have brought in discussion the Talmud, is but only logic.

91. Even in resoect to, tnat your friends stay ahead the spiritual


92. Its answering is but so logical, that safely it can get

answered by a Greater child: The Talmud Jmmanuel represents the single scripture, which really got written in the times of Jmmanuel and which as the only one contains unfalsified the lesson of the truth, the knowledge, the wisdom and the spirit.

93. Other writings of equal character do not exist, thus consequently this one had to taken in consideration.

9U» All right we could have written this lesson newly and given for you for diffusion, but this lay not in our meaning, becau alone the existence of the Talmud is evidence the untruth of the PJew Testament of your Bible for many human beings.

95. As I see the things of this question, all runs tosards, that an evil distrust consists in it, and an unsuited criticism in all and everything.

96. Who ever has put this cuestion to you, is spiritually vsry injured by religions and lives in to her connected distortions.

97. That means, many different explanations and interpretations of a religion being established in this human being and generate a dreadful confusion in him, which he self can no more unravel and neutralize.

9fl. By that, the human being gets pulled between real and unreal, when it concerns matters of religion or of the reality, the true one. + You use hard words, Semjase.


99. The truth does always sound hard, loo. But da spare me futurally from questions, when they don’t

rise from youself. 1a1. 1 have pointed this already one time for you.

102. From today I will not answer any questions any mare, if they are not basicly from ycu.

103. I have no need, to answer continuous questions, which are already since long time no more a secret for you, but.

1o**. Moreover It is not my obligation, to sponsor the formation

of knouledge of the earthhuman beings or just of your friends in the uay, that I undergo tne answering of their ..logic questions.

– na –

105. Uhat I have to explain, lays in my ana in our estimation, but not in this of your friends of feliou-creatures.

106. If it uould not be so, then ue could reveal us in all public, for uihat ue but really have no interest.

107. Tell your friends, that they have to satisfy with this, that now jus you have get elected from very certain causes, to obtain contact uith us.

1o3. I tell this to you finally this time, and I uill not agree to further discussions any more about it. + i didn’t uant to excite you.


1o9. You also have not done it, but it is unreasonable by your

friendsF they are not using their brains. 11a. Their unjustified distrust and their criticism is only

harmful for our mission.

111. Explain them, that, uhen they uant to serve for our matter, they then have to bring their confidence touards us and you and to learn to use their reason logically.

112. Uhen they yet are not uilling for that, then it is uithout uorth, to initiate them further on into the still coming things.

113. The uhole undertaking demands conditionless confidence in us ana you.

Semjase wants to help Billy Financially by bringing Crystals from Other Planets:

2<«o. I will yet be in carE, to assist you financial by myself, as

there is the possibility of ………..

+ Such things are unfortunately forbidden at us, Semjase. From our, for me yet not understandable laws, these things are not allowed. One abuses them for deceit, vertigo and quackery etc.


2**1. I have not known that and it is not understandable far me, that this shall be forbidcen.

Zk2m But if this does really behave so, then I have another possibility: It is known to me, earthhuman beings wearing trinkets with delight.

2U3. You could sell to your fellow-creatures such things.

2UU. I am ready for to procure you cristals etc. from otner planets,

which then by reasonable price you can sell to trinket-lovers,

to let them elaborate for trinket-pieces.

+ This will also not gc, for also by this I would run into the mills of law. Gne would accuse me of deceit, when I sell things to the people and tell, they would rise frGm other planets. I would have to evidence this, else I get strong punished. Cn the other hand, it yet were by sure, the authorities would confiscate such things, to analysate their structure and components etc. And surely I would never get them back. I do know too good the machinations of authorities, as well yet the often quite primitive laws.


2<*5. This can but really rat be like that? + But – by regret.


2USm I don’t understand this, for it is unioqical.

2**7. US have not occupied us with your laws until now; wnen it yet

Sshavas so really, as you say, then we can not but to do this

intensively in future. 2UB. Such law-settlings are but simply impossible and slaving the


+ So it behaves Out unfortunately, and I don’t know, now I could pass these laws.

– 129 –


2<«9. bis will all right salve yaur problem.

25a. IF you want, I yet uiill at any time bring you cristals and also other things, when you nevertheless will have sane.

251. And don’t Tear the authorities then, if they would confiscate same of it.

252. Because, if even they would analysate these while centuries, they would notice no other statements, than at the same oojects, you also have an earth.

253. The atomar composition, structures etc. etc. are of equal farm in the whole universe for each single object.

25**. Gold remains gold, and it owns the same characters in the whole universe-

255. whether it originates now from the Piejades or from the earth; there is no difference to notice.

256. 5o also cristals remain simply cristals, without analysaole differences – whether they come from earth now or from any other planet.

257. The nature works from a universally valid law, which guarantees a unitary creation of all things.

25B. This consists in the logic of the Creation, by what all development of matter gets guaranted.

+ This is calming, and I will deliberate an that. Perhaps I will find a awy by myself.


259. This do I absolutely credit on you, though I will also cars

for this matter. 25o. So we should let it be for today …….

CR 010, Wednesday, March 26,1975 Billy-The Prophet of New Age:

263. Then he can never be forceless.

+ That is wonderful, Semjase, and I feel really delighted from your explanations.


264. This results from having by it a proof For your oun mode of thinking and your spiritual knowings, because you already know since long time the lesson of truth – alone, that no one could corobberate this to you, as the truth has become very rare because the heresies of religions.

+ Unfortunately you are right, for truth is undesired.


265. Don’t be grlefed from it, as the spiritual evolution of the earthhuman being proceeCs unresistably.

266. You but should assist in that and spread the truth, because

you are the prophet of the neu time.

+ Hou could I, and how uould I come to such! That is but a bit too much of the good.


267. It is destinied so for you.

268. You can read it in the Talmud.

+ This snould be I ? That is but crazy.


269. Nothing is able to evade from its destination.

+ I have first to digest it, and I don’t know, uhether I can arrange me into this.


270. You will, as I already told this to be destinied so for you.

+ I uill deliberate on it. –

Billy’s Calculation of the Birth-Date of Jmmanuel:

+ It treats of my reckonnings, which I have done for the life’s-and birthdates of Jmmanuel. You once told me, having gone urang in my reckannings by only rounaea Zoo years– So far do I come clear- The problem but is in, me likely naving reckonned urang the Oirthdate of Jmmanuel.


272. Your 2oo years urang reckonnings concern only same matters of the history before the time of Jmmanuel himself, but not of the dates of Jmmanuel himself, uhich though some mistakes you have calculated right.

273. Quite intuitively you have connected the right dates, though you have neglected certain chronological facts, thus shifts have risen.

27**. By your extreme mode of thinking you but have invented matters, unich recognized the uhole picture of truth.

275. By this you have recognized intuitively, you simply could take the today known calendaric chronology and got able to fix the oirthdate of Jmmanuel exact on the day: the 3rd February, rek-konned from your Christian chronology.

276. An earthyear ouns aluays exact same a number of days, from uhat results, that no shifts come up.

277. Thus a certain date remains so long the same date, as long as the concerning division of time is valid.

Strange Phenomenon of Semjase’s Beam ship Observed in Photos/Films:

277. But now I have a question ta yau, too: The phato-negatiues

and the first film-recordlng, you have made from our beamships, were very much of importance for us.

273. They are all right your property, but uihen you could leave them for us, it will be very useful for us.

+ If you need them, then I leave them for you, because, if necessary, I can let make further copies from the photos. Yet will you explain me, why the negatives and the film are so important for you?


279. They are not only important for me, but far us, that means, for our scientists.

280. On the photos you have given to me, ue have stated some facts, that were unknown until now for us, which Out are visible on the pictures.

281. Exspecially it treats of the antenna guide beam, by which energies get attracted.

+ Please tall me more about that, for such things interest me.


282. I am only then alloued to do it, if it is dsstinied for you alone, for it treats of secrets, you are prohibited to tell.

283. I yet can explain, it treating of 2 completely new phenomena, in connexion to the alternation of the earthly atmosphere, which hitherto invisible energies suddenly lets become visible.

+ This explanation suffices for me, thank you Billy’s Egoism only a Play:

2<*B. You get always again aole to astonish me.

235. It always touches me very peculiar, when suddenly you release

youself from your interests, to push me not in predicament. 266. That is a completely strange phenomena for me, uhat I still could not notice at any creature. + Each life ouns Put certain peculiarities.


237. Surely, but this one is fully strange for roe, but I feel

this oeing connected uith a great unselfishness, uhich exiles all egoism.

+ Don’t make me for better, than I am, because I, too, am egoistic.


293. Don’t deny youself, for I know you very in detail in sucn matters.

289. I know your egoism only being a play, to deceive otherones, because else you would get exploited.

+ Please, Semjase, let us not talk always about me.


290. Df course, it is unpleasant for you, I know, out from time to time also such things should be discussed.

291. But keep ue off aoaut this for toaay, as it is time acain for me, to go.

292. In our next meeting I uill continue the lesson of the spiritual knowledge, for this is the most important main task of our contacts.

CR012, Sunday, April 20,1975

– Billy wants to Photograph his friends along with Beamships& Semjase Refuses

– Swiss-Army around Meier’s Contact Site Pictures/FHms of Beamships for Lecture:

Am I although allowed to shoot further pictures, in purpose to the provided lectures?

Sen i35B

21. Surely, yet remember of my words.

22. If you would not consider that, then I had to deliberate earnetly, whether I haa not to destroy the film.

+■ Semjase, please do leave time for consideration far me.


23. I give it to you all right, but I know, how fast you are able to think.

2U. I admit for you still further 13 to 1<« pictures, by which you assemble fifty ones.

25. Then they have yet to be enough.

26. I also want to allow you two or three films at chance.

27. I call you for the next pictures at lo.oc h tooay. +■ Dkay, Semjase, thank you.

Semjase brings Meier Crystals & Minerals from Tayget-system, Venus & Asteroid Belt:

5~m jasE

Number of Stars in Pleiades Star Cluster:

28. Have yau brought with you the packets or else boxes and soft material. For what I had asked yau oefars my leave?

+ Of course.


29. ‘Jell then, oecause I have brought for you different cristals and minerals.

3a. Label them with their places of finding and by nominations, which I will tell you.

31. Yau haven’t to worry anyways, for, if anyone uould analysate them, then one will not notice differences to the minerals and cristals of same sort and earthly origin.

32. 1 talc you already, the construction etc. being same in whole the universe, thus for sanekinced minerals are valid the sane laws everywhere.

33* For your very personal property I have brought with me a very

special preciousity, a small, but beautiful combination of

rock-crystals in different sizes, 3U. Hast of the things are originated in my home-system, but there

are also some from the Venus and the asteroid-girdle from your


35. I had no time yet, ta analysate them, by regret, thus you have to do it youself,. if you understand something of it. + I don’t understand such in detail, by regret.


35. Then 1st them analysate by an expert, but hide their origin.

+ So I will da.

(Then follous tns hand-out, packing and labelling of the” crystals and minerals.)

+ :dhat I still wanted to ask: I know, the Flejaaians being located in the zodiac of Taurus as a socalled open star-aggregation, yet how many stars and planets do essentially belong to this system?

Sen*33= 37. Of such: Z5h. + Rather a large number.


3Q. Surely, but there do exist still very more larger systems. 39. T’iou yet it is time again, that ue have to go from another. Lo. I can yet still walk a piece of way with you, for I have landed my beamship a bit aside from here.

Semjase’s Review of a Book lent by Billy:

1o9- Now I still want to give you a short opinion expressed to the 111 book, which you have lent for me yesterday morning.

112. I have troubled meseif already for a part of it.

113. In the whole, I estimate the work for partly very worthful, while other parts yet degenerate again in very negative sense.

11U. The writer of the book may in himself not realize clearly,

because he makes phantasy, heresies and reality for one single compound.

115. Very evident it treats here of a human being, who though some ooad caonitions of truth is but heavy caught religiously and who can’t differ the reality and the truth, because he does not know this truth.

116. For religiously influenced human beings may this work awake a worthful impression, yet also for truth-recognizing ones, if they evaluate the pure—spiritual aspects.

117. The religious-worthful impression means the usual heresy, uhil= the spiritual aspects are indeed worthful.

116. This spiritually worthful rises but inconsciausly from the

author and without he uncerstanded it or even only is able to assume it or to recognize it.

119. As the earthly mankind consists but now prevailing of religious-influenced human beings, so this book represents a further work of heresy, which will demand millionfold its tribute, exact like the religious hooks themselves.

120. More can I not tell For that in the moment, for I haven’t still worked through the uhole.

121. As it looks yat, it uill also in the further parts result no other aspect.

122. I uill bring it back to you uhile our next meeting, when, IF necessary, I uill give you still Further explanations.

Thirteenth Contact

Friday, 25. April 1975, 17.2oh


1. The time is today by regret very scarce, thus ue can only discuss

the most important. 2- For the first I bring back to you the lent book, about which

I need not to express meself mare. 3. I refer in it again on the last judgement, which I had given

yau at my last contac already. *i. New views have not come to it.

+ I will lead your answer further to my friend, and in his name I thank yau for your troubles.


5. That is not worth mentianning, and an the other hand I am

delighted for, that your friend wanted my judgement in respect to this book.

CR 013, Friday, April 25,1975

– Semjase destroyed part of film

Meier wants to Photograph UFO’s by Commanding them to Appear on Film:

What now yet nd there I can

observe UFQs, which according to their forms do not belong to yours. In most cases the objects are but so very far away, that one can not realizes more details or even phntngranh them, what would be very interesting for comparisons. Can I do anything in this repsect, to get but anytimes a chance far photographing?

21. Respectively the strange spaceship, which you uant to expose for a comparison, I myself can unfortunately do nothing.

22. You uell might influence the, thoughtly in their flight and light-emission, but not in the form, that you could commang. them near enaught to ban them on the film.

23. From my side I but have the possibility, to do it. 2U. So I uill do it at chance and call you.

Malachite Stones for Meier’s Friend F.L.:

The second question concerns the cristals, you have brought to” me: My friend F.L. has felt great delight because the green malachite stones. He lets ask now, whether you could perhaps bring him still a greater piece of this sort of minerals?

25. Df course I like to bring a piece of malachite stone for your frieno F.L.

26. This aught yet not become far standard, because all right have I agreed generally bringing stones and crystals, uhen they are destiniea for your awn collection’s purposes or far the selling.

27. Far your three most close friends I yet will da an except.

28. Until then they yet have to keep some patience, as first past some weeks is for me the possibility again, to provide such things.

Semjase allows Meier to take More Photos for lecture ;

29. In respect to the by you provided lecture respectively our mission have we councilated thoroughly.

30. So I can tell you the decision, that we agree with it, you making still some dozens of diaphotos of my ship; this in contraryness to my Farmer decision.

31. ‘Je start in it From the opinion, that a sufficient number of pictures of this kind are very useful for the matter and are of great worth.

32. Besides got decided by us both at the last meeting, that the disturbing factors became turned off, which carried the basical cause for my destination, that you should make no further evidence pictures.

33. Nevertheless we but want to limit the pictures on an amount oF 1ao, which surely uill be enough.

3fc. The destination is but, that no further persons oecome exposed, far not they are of importance, but my beamship. + I am very delightfully surprised, Semjase- Very much thanks.


35. Your thank is not necessary.

Billy Asks Semjase to Photograph her Home-Planet with his Camera:

+ Is the possibility, that you bring from your home planet or from any other worlds some pictures anytimes, or that I give yau my camera, with which you then make pictures?


38. This have I to deny unfortunately, because this would go too far. Besides the cristals and stones we have to limit us on things of earth.

+ Thank yau, Semjase, this answer suffices me.

Swiss Authorities & Military interested in Plejaren Beamships:

yet just I remember still, having been in z1- April, that is in the day past our laat mppting, in Ravensduhl again ana observed, militaries being there and searching over the whole environment- Have you noticed anything about this?


Uo. This hut represents a further question, but of the event is nothing known to me.

M. It might well 6e possible, anyone having observed the starting of my ship and having announceo this to the authorities or to the army, what unfortunately happens here and then, past what the search uill have got performed, uhat happens, uhen ue are not careful enough or uhen any uncareful strange ships appear or even touch Ccun.

U2m As youself know, ue do take caution in each respect in highest measure, to prevent from such occurrences.

*»3. Though but is all caution too few, because very often are just there observing eyes, uhere ue don’t assume them, even at so late time in the night-

t*U. This may unfortunately lead then ta undelightful incidents, exspecially then, uhen ue fly several time to the concerning place or even have to toucn doun there.

US. Exspecially authorities and the army feel themselves very much menaced in their pouer, uhen they get informed about sightings or landings of bs3mships etc., though ue are not interesteo, to brake or to menace their primitive force, as this mission oblies alone to the earthhuman beings.

<«6. Though they are very much interested in our beamships and perform researches and examinations, authorities and army deny these facts very strongly.

*»7. All informations in this respect in matter spaceships, sightings and touch-douns etc. become by them so as much denied, as their secret researches and examinations at beamship-landlnqplaces etc.

**S. Sp don’t care aoout the military you have met or observed in tevensnLihl, because their inveatigatioj s Eire Bb and sc secret, and they hide them by all lies in their proposal.

1*9. They uill contest in each respect your observations, even if you could ultness them by photograph, uhat otheruise could become dangerous for you, as you already knou from oun experience.

5o. So don’t care about the machinations of the army, as this could otherwise get dangerous for our matter.

CR 014, Tuesday. April 29,1975

– Mr J. comes to Billy the next morning which Semjase predicts by monitoring his Subconscious

Billy is in need of Spirhual-Refreshing:

Fourteenth Contact

Tuesday, 29. April 1975; 1**.oo h

+ I am longing very much for soma spiritual refreshing, Semjase, so I have sent my thoughts to you and have called you.


51. I am very glad about it, but is there no one in your environment, where yau could offer yauself spiritually?

+ By regret not, because all those, una are interested in this

field, live far auay and have on the other hand to perform their oaily duties. It is not granted to them, to part their time for working, like I can oa in my case. From these reasons we mostly find together only each 2-3 weeks, where ue then can indulge in spiritual themes.

– 18a –


52. That is not good, because under such circumstances suffers tne spiritual development.

53. Because this, have you to chose shorter times between the meetings, at least every week one time.

5*». Very good would be, if you could generate a place together, where you rise a center and live together in nearest environment.

55. So you would have the chance, ta exercise youselves spiritually every day.

+ This is a very good idea, Semjase, which yet already had my friend F.L. and I myself, too. Us thought in this of a great farmyard, a bit retired and servible far our aims. The realization but give3 difficulties, becauss such objects are uery expensive and we had at least to lay 5oo.oao SFr on taole.

93%(or 94%) of Our Laws are against Human-Dignhy & Reason:

+ This is a vary goad idea, Semjase, which yet already had my friend F.L. and I myself, too. Ue thought in this of a great farmyard, a bit retired and servible for our aims. The realization but gives difficulties, because such objects are very expensive and ue had at least to lay 3Fr on table.


56. iiihen you uork earnestly together, then you could realisote this plan.

57. I am ready to help you by cristals and stones, you could sell,

by uhat mean you collect the finances faster.

I told already one tirre, that I C3n not simply sell these objects uith the note, they would come from other stars etc.


58. Don’t trouble youself because it, as I have deliberated on it and found a awy.

59. Sell the crystals and stones only for an according receipt and the declaration, that it treated at the sold stones and crystals of quite natural stones (minerals) and crytals of

the sort ….. (designation), that their origin yet could

not be witnessed from earthly demands.

6a. So also don’t name a place of origin of the cristals and stones but only notice on the receipt, treating of quartz, malachite, rose-quartz etc. + Do you mean, it suceeds this uays?


6*1. The logic tells, this to be right from your laws and no osceit is ahs3d.

□2. During the last time I have scrutinized occupied meself about your lawgiving and have invented here very many lams, wnich are unworthy of a human form of life in each respect. Often the laws are of such a stupidity and primitivity, that I became tired of their study.

63. Df logical lawful conclusions can only in very few laws be found anything, for 93% of your lawgivings are away ^rorn all human dignity and reason, not to speak of reason and logic.

6**. Lie knew hitherto already, to oe several things in your lawgiving not good, but we had no reason and demand, to occupy us detailled with them, until you made me attentive on it.

65. That bit it behaved so worse, that hit our worst exspectations.

feier- Ycu unfortunately arc right, as I have said lor many years. Dut there is no sense in discussing this, because It io in the behavior of tHa crwud of pocqIp fhat ROTH laws are able to exist. Tno people as a whole wnulfl have to oppose these laws to initiate a change toward the better.

Sanjase- 16/You speak wisely, but the individual who offers the idea is the one who can spread it and take the mass with it.

Iteler- This is fully evident, end I think the lighting of tlie idea could qrow into a fire when the a,loan is great; enccgh. I mean by this, to let the power of the spirit work.

^•^■i^^^^^^^B^^B. For this, this cjer^ain mass has first to take down the slaving religion, before she can reach reason-end wisdom-according recognitions.


17. The speak from my opinion, as if you would think my own thoughts.

+ This can be, because I have noticed differently already, spiritual truthes harmonizing, even if they get spoken by other words. Yau personally nave said sc already, too. But sometimes it is nnrspri heavy, to agree intn ths destinations oF the truth.

CR 015, Thursday May 1,1975

– Semjase analyses Mr.J & her Daughters Thoughts

Semjase learns their Mistakes in Analysing Humanbeings from Billy:

– iaa –

Fifteenth Contact Thursday, 1. May 1975; 15.57 h


1. I have called you so urgently, fur I have to talk about very important things.

2. 5a listen ta me very thoroughly, for no misunderstandings ought rise.

+ Just speak, Semjase; as usual I am Fully ear. ‘Jhile you talk, can I at least catch for breath, for you have hunted me very much through the landscape. – – – Hill up, hill damn, through thornes and water-puddles I had to run. Why haven’t you called me at once to the canton iJallis?

Semjase (laughing)

3. I well could have commanded you still further away, but I thought it for not necessary.

<*. It was but important to order you here, because wa are here farly undisturbed, while in the nearer surrounding of your homeplace innurnerous human beings make today their excursions.

5. Yet listen now, what I have to explain: It was very evident for me, that after the yesterday day you would arrange as fast as possible a discussion again with Mr. J.

6. As I know you, was I prepared and ready for this, thus I could arrange at given time, to follow your talk from her beginning.

7. This enabled for me, to recognize things, which I had hoped for basicly and realized in a future look, that is an intensive camming up change towards the spiritual cognition of Mr. J.

3. A bit surprised have I been by the presence of his daughter,

utiat but was for mine and her advantage uarthful yet. 9. Also out from her I could realize things, which witness from a revolution towards spiritual cognition. 1a. As I could recognize, they only needed certain explaining interpretations, to activate the basic points of spiritual form of thinking, although they couldn’t conceive this completely.

11. But yet I was surprised by certain from them rising thoughts, which they did not clothe into words.

12. These revealed many things to me, which first became clear for

13. From that, I have to confess having succumbed to some mistakes

which brought me to wrong elusions. 1U. You with ycur feelings yet have drawn the right conclusions

ana laid the perspectives right.

15. Evidently you are superior to me in such things, oecause you can 3tart From pure earthly aspects.

16. I yet don’t want to exclude, that sameways ycu can came to wrong decisions by this form, like I with the mine.

17. At all ends ws are human beings, even if from different stars and spiritual positions, but fundamentally ecual-kinded creatures, who have to gO the way of their.evolution.

13. This does then not exclude, I also committing mistakes, what I ask to understand your friends and acquaintances.

19. My form of life is all right in all concerns developed higher than the your, yet also we are not staying in degree of that improvement, which would exclude mistakes.

20. This should you always consider.

21. Lie really are not these creatures of perfection, like they lifc to get utilized by pseudo-contactors for religious benefit, because these pretentive perfect creatures are either deceivir or might-advocating creatures, who want to suppress the earth-human beings, what indeed occurs in some few cases, or they ai very simply pseudo-beingsm who alone exist in the phantasy of the pseudo-contactors.

22. As my form of life is unimproved as yours, has necessarily to become understood, that I oblie to mistakes, too.

23. If but such things run under me, then I do call them and stand to them, because it would result no sense and use, if I would hide them or contest.

Zh. This would only reach far my own disadvantage.

25. So I give expressively the declaration, that I uas really

surprised aoout the alternating things of spiritual cognition of Mr. J. and his oaugnter and delight me of.

26. As i first could recognize today, you had known adout these matter in the both human beings already since same time, what fact had sponsored you, to construct Justified feelings in this respect in you.

27. This was until today yet unknown far me, far else I would have occupied me with the matter from your perspective.

25. In first line I yet have to take up the matters always from out a very objective side, without feelings, because alone this guarantees the finding of the truth.

29. This has yet happened, too, in this case, where yet I have suffered mistakes.

30. I have neglected in the whole matter, that you could more intensively study the concerning human beings, than I with my short impressions, which unfortunately could not make ail clear for me.

31. My mistake consists in, not having penetrated deeper into the both, but only collected superficial cognitions.

32. That told me, being evidently necessary at the earthhuman being, to penetrate deeper into him, when certain matters shall get


33. In this direction we have to correct our destinations, thus such mistakes will no more event.

3**. This recognition does but also explain to us some other events

of same or similar kind, as for example the wrong doings at Is ha ftashid

your friend, who had transmitted for you the Talmua Jmmanuel, like 3lso the wrong doing at the calling of adress by Mr. K.L. Ueit.

35. Basicly these recognitions trace to your person, because hy your feelings’ dehavement, which you have constructed from an intui-tive knowing, we got knowing of these fact3.

36. Far this merit we tribute our thanks to you.

+ This do I feel like flourishing roses in middle of winter.


37. You can really be proud of that.

+ Hou should I? I have not even kncwn, having conjured your recognition of mistakes. Also is not very clear for me, hou I have effected this, what means, that partly is not all evident for me. I surely uill in run of the time meet with the poodle’s core.

Nqu I knew, it really being better, when I leave the decisions about your group members to you, and I keep me out of that.

‘•:. Yet I uant to 3hou me servicie in another aspect to your group and help you in certain matters, uhen they concern interests, which I can render account for being assistive for you. I will soon come to speak of a help in this respect, when I have explained another point far you: From my today notices your group members are missing cognitions of a “hou-to-grasp” of a spiritual substance.

Ul, Though they are very uilling, to proceed spiritually, they don’t know the way of this proceeding.

**a. From that, I want to order you, to care for tnem oy special measure in these concerns.

192 –

k9. I may not better explain this part of field of the spiritual evolution, than you, as in that you are equal to my potential.

50. So take up this mission from out of your side, because this soares from us this uays long ana troublesome reports.

51. nut I uould recommend you, to record your explanations by tone, from where they should became written, what you should do besides uith all your discussion talks.

52. Disclose the basic factors, which enable the conceiving of spiritual cognition and labour.

53. That is very imoortant for all of us.

+ I like very much to do this, yet I am asthonished about, all having changed so and very suodenly. You sesm by one time having chanced whole your inclination.


5*.. 3y certain meaning, you are right, yet I gave you about this the necessary explanations already.

Of course, but you now seem to go conformous uith me, that each earnestly troubling himself human being owns the right, to dsvalop himself within these trails, of which he Is just interested.


55. Surely, yet I kept this knowledge already before.

56. I already explained, the mistake consisting in having collected

only superficial experiences and not penetrated deeper, as in

each human being certain secrets should be preserved. As this

uays I could not conceive all, so the prevailing superficial

impulses transmitted to me false impressions.

+ You mean by that, that these superficial impulses, as you call them, could cover other things, when these are still weakly developed? And could this aiso mean, by ether words, that these superficial impulses represent the actual conscious thinking in material-intellectual forms and are aole, to suppress and effect in practise unfeelable and unrecognizable the other thoughts, when they are still not so strong and expressed, as the material-intellectual forms?


57. This is very beating formulated, uhat I could not have done better.

+ Ufell so, then please correct me, uhen I should say anything,

that not corresponds to the facts: If I have understood you

right, then you have penetrated at the nou often mentionned

193 –

there existing impressions, while you have evoided from other reasons, to explore as well the Peeper spiritual Farms, which as far as I know, are directly eataolished in the subconsciousness, where also have to reat all those secrets, which yau designate for single property of the concerning human oeing. If so does really behave, then I can absolutely understand, you having to fall to a fallacy. From my side, I find it for absolutely logic, the consciousness being able to deceive so long, until a fact or simpller a factor becomes established as knowledce in the Huhcnnflfilpj’inBSB. or there as sham-knowings I it just far unlogic da think, that you have neglected this factor, The consciousness is Out the essential rprjulacinrj apparatus of knowledge-generating, of the actual thinking-process, while the succonslousnesa embodies the part of tne registering computer. Jhen so are doubts in the cansciou3ne3s and such kinds of thoughts prevail, then this has not necessari ly to run canformous to the knowledge or the desires of the subconsiousness, where the spiritual form is Put established firmly, even if so should only bs in tiniest size.

Spm iese

58. I have to correct yau by na means, quite contrary: Your explanations are extraoedinary correct and are worth of honour for you.

59. Uhen in it you estimate my manner of treatment for unlogical, then this is the caser too.

5a. Fundamentally I have started in this matter from the wrong

premise, that in themselves unlogical factors in the earthhuman being would effect certain same-airected unlogical conoinations for a one-factorial potency. + You speak so bombastic tumid, like the last monkey in the jungl


61. I don’t understand, what you mean.

+ I mean by it, that no human being will understand the drivel of your tumid talk, as everyone will puverize his brains, when he had broken his neck by your last sentence, soralned his jaw and bite off his tongue.


52. You have a lccution again, which is beating.

53. But is the last sentence indeed so heavily to unoerstand?

+ From my side, I believe to understand, what you want to say by hira, out as said: As said, I only believe so, what means, I assume to <nou. uhetner otnerones yet unoerstand it, that is but very mucn to doubt- If you say, “basically have I starteo

– 19**

in this matter from the wrong premise, that in themselves unlogic Factors in earthhuman being would close certain same-directed unlogic combinations to unitary potency, then I would retranslate this as Fallows into an a bit less tumid and understandable language: “Sasicly have I started in this matter from the wrong premise, that the in it conscious thinking of the earthhuman being efFects certain same-directed unlogic acceptances and forms of the subconsciousness to a combinative factor of consciousness, from where becomes generated a unitary-samedirected force in the respect, that the canscicusness repeats just that in combination, what this consciousness and the subconsciousness have together generated For thought.


&k. Just that have I but already told by my words, and moreover

in much shorter way.

+ Dooooh – but this does not understand any human being, Semjase Consider but, that the gros of the dear little earthhuman beings is either fully slaved spiritually by religions, or but, that they are alone adle, to think in pure material-intellectual spheres, or, that they first jump over the barrie towards the spiritual or first have jumped over it formerly. Hgw uill these human beings be able, to interprets your words, when you just clothe your spiritual thoughts into acustical or written words. It is but granted only to few human beings, to understand such spiritual explanations right; do consider that.

Sem jage

65. Indeed, I have not considered this. The cause but is, that I can talk with you like uith me self, and that you are able to follow me.

66. So can happen, simply forgetting me in the manner, speaking

alone explaining for you.

+ That is no further on worse, because I may each of these times be3t you something by the fence-post.

Plejaren are not allowed to Interfere against the Theft of Photographic/Film Material:


■■■^■1 r.Du yet I want to give ycu an explanation aoout the help, uhich I already havn jruniseo for your group In this, I yet have to request you for evaluating such assis tance and as uell otherones cf other kind unly in the group. No persons being no group rcempers should oecome initiated into these things.

– 195 –

69- To all of them do I requesting suggest, to keep silence aoout such things. All right exist stili very many groups, which occupy themselves with equal matters, as you do, but the greatest parts of these groups represent unreal factors, which are away from the real truth.

70- They manyfold indulge in unbelievable-unlpgical phantasies, which miss each truth and reality.

71. They live in wrong acceptances of belief and urang, for all times unwitnessable imaginations, strange to all reality and truth.

72. Among them or in them are but also many conscious or incon-scious deceivers.

73. Prevent youselves from all of these, because -hey could become very dangerous for you.

7**. Their influence into certain decisive circles is often very great, what were for these, but not for you good.

75. So I want to destiny in your interest, that all right you are allowed to hand over to outstander contact reports and photos, but not photo-negatives, films or dia-positives.

76. Vou also aught hand over cristals and minerals alone among members of the group or to absolutely secure replying persons, but never to persons, who stay strange to your group or simply to our matter.

77. You should perform lectures and film/dia-lectures, but be very careful with the lecture-material.

73. There do already exist certain circles, which would like to seize possession af the material in your disposal, and which even do not neglect bad intrigues for this purpose.

79. From this, be very cautious, for we can not interfere into these concerns, if you should effect difficulties far you.

Astral walk, Spiritual-lntuirtve View & Pictorial Visions:

5a. “ioid yet I want to apeak about my help: Uery interstec” have today I followed to your talkings concerning tne astrale walk, as you call such.

31. In First line I want to show you, since every time and ever innumerous human beings having aFfirmed to have experienced sucn “travels” or “walks” or to have exercised such by own release of power or use oF pouers.

– 195 –

52. It is but recommended, to enjoy such affirmations by very extreme caution, because among of such pretentions are only 2 or 3, which bear all examinations and can get designated for true.

53. A very high level of percents of such pretentions consists on bad-minded deceit and on same as bad-minded lies.

BU. A further amount of percents consists on inconsiouc lies, as yauselves have already recognized right.

35. Such lies are constructea on fanatism or self-deceit, etc., for by the “self—sugestionning” of the concerning person, she uaula perform an astrale walk, sne suggerates this so long for herself, until it becomes to a fixed idea and to an imagination.

36. Thus the sense for the reality goes lost and the concerned person believes, to perform really an astrale walk.

87. UJhen she then pretents it, then she lies inconsiously.

88. As yet I explained already one time, does also so behave at other fields of the border- and spiritual science, very exspecially at sacallad medium persons.

59. Astrale walks are but possible in truth, what means, they are reality* Yet hers are also to consider very many factors, because fallacies of senses can rise by self-suggeration.

90. Each from the phantasy of the concerned human being can pictures of other worlds became attracted, which but in truth are effectively only phantasies and have nothing in concern to reality.

91. Uery often taken object of this kind are othsr worlds and planets.

92. Cn this self-suggestive base also past and future can become withdrawn by pictures, which but in truth ars also only phantasy-formations.

93. Very often also the process of the spiritual-intuitive view, which unconsciously can be released in each human being, gets designated for astrale walk.

9U. Also picturai visions get exposed far astrale walks, and many further things over that.

– iyv –

95. Also that process is very known, a human Qeing projecting his picture spiritually to any a place and tnen pretenting, having done .told walk,

96. In the concerning place his image can indeed get seen, but not by astral Form.

97. It appears more like a mirage, transparent, but recogrtizafcilB* 95. Such pictures can also oecome attracted From the past or

become projected into the presence or Future, being even seizable photographicly. 99. This process is in itself very easy, when the way is recognized.

Semjase’s Spiritual-Projection Experiment:

99. This process is in itself very easy, when the way is recognized.

100. As help for your group I uiant to offer an* experiment in this respect, where but once mare I want to lay stress an, that this, like otherones, too, is exclusively allowed to get used for group-internal purposes: All may surely remember the 2a. of April, and sa everyone will surely still know, what clothes he will have worn.

101. Clothes then, which have been worn in the past.

102. My proposal now is, that you can shoot a dis-photo during next times, while I project some of you picturally from the 2o. of April into the presence, ay just mentionned kind of spiritual projecting of image.

103. For this I will yet need the help of the concerning persons, because I represent here only the controlling factor.

1o**» Of course 1 will be with my beamship in next near and lead

the images of the concerning persons in the way, that persons and ship become together expnsap.

1o5. For this experiment have I selected three persons, which

according to their spiritual development offer least resistance: the misters Le., J. and 3., this means, that their spiritual abilities form still no markable hankerings, when such experiments become led by outside influences.

loS. The greater and higher namely the spiritual abilities become,

all the more the concerning human being exercises defending

spiritual forces against all outer influences, by what an

experiment could get judged for failing.

+■ Yau talk again so abjective about the three men, Semjase, like if they would be rabbits.

CR 016, Saturday, May 3,1975

– Semjase eavedrops on Billy & MrJ

Semjase Eliminates Weather-Fir Tree into Past;

Sixteenth Contac

Thought fransnission Contact


1. Don’t see it for a disturbance, uhen 1 invade at you so unex-spectedly while this for you early time, Out it is of cemand: By some inattentions of you have some trauoles came in, which i nave to remote coerceO-

2. Your inattention was, having moved too careless uhile the film-anc phcto-exoosing during the last weeks.

– 199 –


3. You were a bit too careless.

4. This has consequenced, some persons having become attentive for certain things, of which they should not have knowledge, as these can injure our matter.

5. Also from my side lay ahead an inattention, because, when I demonstrate the Flights for your Film- and photo-purposes, I care Faw for the environment, because I had too much to concentrate meself For my ship and your camera.

S. 5o escaped from my observation, same as From your’s, that some persons realized your labour and got astonished aOout your performances.

7. Some of them followed later to you unnoticed and made inquires

about your person, where they invented with things, they better

would not have recognized. Q. So three persons undertook steps, that ought clear up your

activities at certain places. 9. This concerns exsoecially tug places, uhere you could shoot

important exposures of my ship.

10. The risen danger by these inattentions from our sice is less for you of importance, than for our matter herself and for certain cognitions of research, which would get done by according investigations cf your scientists and which were not of benefit For the human beings oF your world during their present development.

11. These recognitions of scientific basis of research could get achieved at and in the wheather-furs, which I had used for comparison purpose and -objects for my flights.

12. These have caught up radiations from my ship and suckled them up, because I came into their next near or even touched them by my ship. This radiatior, that is absolutely harmless for creatures, consists over manthes and could get fixed and analysatad by your scientists, what would effect a rapidely increasing of their resedxuiies dim recognitions.

– 2oo –

13. Nat master of these things, they would commit by them huge catastrophles, we but could not admit, because it were the direct guilt of our inattention.

1**. Because out technics etc. but nut allow, to paralyze this once by the trees suckled up radiation simply or to distract her out from the trees, so only the one possibility remains spared, to eliminate these trees into the past, where of course also all reminiscenses, written documents and photos etc. become at the same time eliminatec, too.

15. There will no reminiscense any more exist for these trees, exactly from the explanations I once have done to you respectively such eliminations.

16. This is the important notice I had to give you today, with the destination, that in futural times you are no more so careless at such matters.

17. Be conscious, everywhere existing danger spats 3nd very many earthhuman beings having established firmly their existence in the negative.

13. This is also one of the reasons, why we perform our touchdowns always in the mode, that we can not get observed there, because always exists the canger of a radiation emission, which could become caught up by any materials, found by scientists and become analysated.

19. So also the landingplaces have to remain mainly secret, what

fact also has to be understandable for your group members and be duty.

20. As group-internal knowings and against eventual researches from your Side is nothing to object from our side, as long as the confidence and the silence is preserved.

21. New I don’t want to disturb you further on in your work.

22. So far then ……..

+ Moment, Semjase, do not simply retire from the reach of my thoughts, because oy your notice does also appear a great problem. I have but exo-osed at the concerning place a film and alas, do these also become distroyed? And what is with my reminiscense? It were but unfair. Can there not get done exceptions and the by you said elimination be so far controlled, that certain matters get not seized by it?


23. Sasicly tnis is passible, what concerns your last question, and I

and for this exception could I account, if yau assure me, that besides your trustworthy friends and trustworthy group-members you give no facts to any other persons, where the two mentioned locations trouve themselves.

In these conditions I would not witheliminate your film and the

pictures as well your memory.

+ I comply fully with your demand, Semjase, but what happens with the reminiscense of my friends and acquaintances etc., if they already know the locations? It really were fair, if here you do an except.


25. I’m sorry, that I can not give my permission for that, but can say so much in that, that I will let them a quite far unconscious assumption of reminiscense, which will appear in them as something diffuse.

Semjase Refuses Selling of Crystals & Minerals to Expert in this Field:

Meier- Bat I have a question, as you have already made this contact with roe now. You explained to me in the last contact that ire should handle the crystals and atones according to rules you defined. I now have a possibility to cell some of these to a quite certain rran- Ehculd w take thic chanceV

Seuijase- 26/1 liave expressiy indicated, that the objects my only and exclusively be sold or given to persona who am? Slicing dj‘td thinking in conformance with your group.

Meier- But the mentioned person is an expert in this field,

Sanjase- 27/lhat is absolutely uniitpcrtant.

Meier- I was told of this person being occupied with borderland and spiritual sciences matters, and that he nag good contacts! He also could perform analyses tor us.

Sanjase- 28/You “ay tell the name of this person, for hp Is knom to ire by your talking, as I have eardroppefl on this oixe# 29/But nevexthclosc I roust remain with my rule. 30/ In tine this may change, of course, but for now I must stay with my order. 21 /You .-nay, of courss, let That ^pr^r.ii examine and analyze the crystals and numerals, but only Ifbeo no word of origin ia allowed* JiyiJiis I fifcist onrmwnd, as I already explained, dangers menace everywhere.

Meier- As you say, Semjaco. I will act aomrdirigiy.

CR 017, Friday, May 9,1975

– Predictions for Switzerland for next few years

Plejaren Eliminated Dangerous Cognitions about their activities among the Knowing Ones:

Sevententh contact + You let me long wait for this contact.

Friday, 9.May 02J*Qfo

– 2o3 –


1. This came, because through our cautionlessness with your film-and fotograph-workings rose some difficulties.

2. These had to be cleaned up at first and neutralized.

3. To prevent further such events, ue have settled the order, that far the next time you should not take any other photos and films. Dn the other hand the material you have uill surely be enough for some time.

+ It’s a pity, but it seems to me, that you dramatize the matter, uhich is a strange moment for me in you.


5. The uhole affair uas much more earnest, as you seem to assume.

6. ‘lot without purpose I have directed the steps on, to eliminate farms of life.

7. Such proceedings depend on certain laws of our race, uhich admit such eliminations only in an emergency.

8. And in this case such an emengency lay ahead, if also this may not

seem so for you.

9. But you uill understand this, when you know, that the seen by you military in 21. April uas indeed in action because my beamship.-

1a. We have made this sure meanwhile, besides many other matters.

11. Your fear and assumptions in this direction were really all right.

12. But far many other matters have risen by these connections, so that ue had to spent uhole the last days’ time, to remove the came-up troubles.

13. The emergency demands, to analysate all these human beings out from the mass, uha have reached dangerous knouledge about our matter.

At these 311 ue were coerced, to eliminate their reminiscense in this respect, to evoid damages of each kind.

15. Acknowledge: Uhole the chaos and difficulties were very earnest, and by no means I dramatize them.

16. So understand also, that presently I can not allow further photos

or films — and that for longer time-

17. But far that I will give you the opportunity, to take up on film other things,

18. But uith this it is no hurry, and you uill have to take youself in patience.

+ Really a pity, Semjase, hut I understand you position, as your talk

Hypnotizer got Attacked by Billy’s Spirtual-Blockade:

– 2d5 –

+ Since many years I recognize a phenomena at me, uhich by no means I am able to explain: Since very long time I endeavour me in making known to me the past of my earlier llfes, or at least partly. I have tried this by many uays, but I never succeeded really. Under Fully normal-consious state I met uith things, uhich gave me reminlscenses oF earlier lifes. But nothing Farer, as certain details 1 never found. In that purpose I sometimes tried to find very good hypntiseurs, uho should reset me to there by hypnosis. But even the best among them failed and brought me not into into a hypnosis, very in contrary: My senses became almost clearer and sharper uhile only feu parts of a second. I aluays suddenly felt, uhen they uanted to. search into me, and at once in me something fully inexplicable formed itself: Under racing speed, uhich actually needed no time, came up a block of defence automatically, uhich the hypnatiseurs uere not able to brake. As second factor formed itself by same rapid speed a contra-force defence block, uhich attacked the hypnotiseurs, uithout that consciously I uanted such. If then the hypnotiseurs not at once kept auay from forcing in me, then evil became dune uith them: Crying from pains, they started to hold their head3, urithed end crooked themselves, until Foaming from their mouth they lay on the ground and at last fell into deep conscioualesaness. Some oF them came near the death these ways and thanked their living-on alone the fact, that by all force of my spirit I endeavoured for their lifes. Also at tries, to reach into me secretly, same uays all troubles failed. Also uhile other tries uithout hypnosis the same appearances evented. But hou and why these defence- and attack-blocks can became constructed insides me automatically and racing fast, that is a riddle to me* Because this, I uant to ask you, hau and uhy this is and uhether there yet is a possibility, to use hypnosis at me?


30. I exspected these questions already long time in yau, because I knou them in you already since years.

31. I feared them, cause things are connected uith them, uhich I am not alloued tc- say, as they lead into too deep spiritual cognitions, uhich first in much later years you uill find by your natural development.

32. And just to this development I must not anticipate.

33. On the other hand there yet are Facts, uhich I may explain to you, which but have to remain your secret, because only you are able to understand them.

3**. If namely certain other things gat said ahead of otherones, from this could rise a catastrophy for many human beings, as this knou-ledge contains too many great dangers and demand for their understanding a spiritual wisdom, which equals to yours.

– 2o6 –

35. Human beings uith louer uisdom than the of you uould disuse this knowledge by absolute certainity negatively, partly from egoistic and selfish causes and partly by fully unreason.

36. If then I should answer you parts of your questions, then alone for your knouing.

37. What yet I am allowed to explain Fdt everybody, is: Your defence-and reforce-block against trying to force in spiritual pauers gets generated by tha wisdom of your spirit as a protection for, that certain in you slumbering secrets gets not realized and evaluated, as the knouing and the farce of these secrets would be too great

and mightful for other human beings, than they were able to recognize and to evaluate them according to reason and brains.

36. What belongs to the possibility, you were able to be set in hypnosis, so this chance exists yet really.

39. This possibility but lays alone in youself.

t*o. On the other side it is but also so, that your defence- and attack-block can get broken and destroyed under enough forces, uhich yet must be very great and only could get generated in practise by some hypnotiseurs together in a forceblock.

This chance is but very small, for your blacks aun very much energy. U2m If yet they but should become broken, uhich is very in daubt, then

this alone can happen under evil and unreasoned power, by uhich your spirit yet became confused by force and the users of this force

earnt nothing of prpfit. **3. So consider, that for your own benefit and for protection of your

fellow creatures you should not do any hypnotical experiences on


t*U. In itself it were plain harmless for you self, but it could effect a confused spirit or even the death to these persons, uhich take such tries uith you.

**5. Your defence-blocks are so stabile and strong, that everything has to fail against them.

J»6. This is also one of the causes, that the concerning expert of any authorized science uill never be able to analysate you and aluays uill judge you basical urong,

47. The single, that far can get explored out from you, are the attributes of your character in astrological destination under common view, as they apply for all those,comprehensively, who belong to a certain star sign.

+ These are matters, which I assumed already long time and uhich have became in me like a sureness. But I’d like to hear from you though these explanations, uhich you are alloued to confide to me. Of course I uill keep silence about them and keep them quite alone uith me.


<*6. 5o I uill explain to you the certain facts: ……. • • • • • . • •

+ Your exposures explain for me many things, about which I have puzzled already since years, but though many remains unclear. But I thinfc, that in run of the time I uill be able to clear up more, as you have told before.

George Adamski – Phenomenal Suggestor:


US. So sure, but nou to other things, uhich are of high importance:

In the beginning of our contacts I said a many about several deceivers in sake of beamships.

50. Sy names I talked about George Adamski and his nearest friends.

51. In this matter I made certain some things uhile the last ueeks, uhich are very unpleasant. As I knou, you have in the beginning of our contacts sent some material in photos and reports towards certain adresses.

52. As Adamski get3 shoun evidently as largest deceiver, some unpleasant things have resulted from this: During the last ueeks several got performed Dy several renowned sides, to drew this deceiver Adamski just the more as hero into publicity and to shou him as the essential father of the UFQ-exploraa.ons/-contacts.

53. Easical his friends in that sake get used as uitnesseis, uho swore statements, to have seen and experienced different things with Adamski.

5*». These uitnessers but have unconsciously fallen to lie and pretend events, which do not correspond uith the truth.

55. George Adamski has influenced his friends and acquaintances so much suggestive, that they saw and experienced things, uhich not existed. It uas only knoun to very feu human beings, that Adamski ouned high suggestive forces, and uho feared him because that and kept silence about this fact.

56. That but he uas a phenomenal suppestor, that uas fully unknaun, and heself hid of course this secret in his favour.

57. By this extreme suggestive force he influenced his frieads and acquaintances and illuded to them the mast phantastic things, uhich they shoued proof as suorn statements for “truth”.

5B. You should diffuse these facts by your group, for it is of importance. 59. And because this fact is so important, I once more talked about

this special case. 6a. Your earth_inclines to the end of an era-period, and a new one is

In rise, uhat about I talked already.

61. Your earthly present race is uitness of this change, and many human beings try to use this religious and materialistic.

62. So beuare yourselves from deceivers and charlatans, like Adamski uas one.

63. There exist many like him, and they shrink from no means to make profits.

64. They heave us up to creatures of perfection, uhich but in truth ue are not, because ue are human creatures just like you too, and uie are as fallible like you earthhuman beings.

65. About this fact should you aluays be conscious.

Ways of Predicting/Prophecying Future:

6t*. Thsy heave us up to creatures of perfection, which but in truth we are not, because uie are human creatures Just like you too, and uie are as Fallible like you earthhuman beings,

65. About this fact should you always be conscious.

66- I explain this because I want to say now some things, for which you have asked me at earlier timesr You asked me for the future, which I should foresay.

67. I did not so, as I first wanted to talk about this matter with the others, because such future shows often contain dangers, as the human beings can not bear them.

68. LJe yet agreeded, that I should say common facts, which correspond with your native land.

69. As expressively you have asked for future-predictions, I want still

to give the following explication, for that no misunderstandings rise: We know tuig possibilities to see the future.

7a. The one is, that we travel material or spiritual into the future and experience the events of the concerning time at locations and places and register them, as for example I have done with Mr. J.

71. This way do ue call the direct future view.

72- The second possibility is the one of the calculating comblnatoric look, as partly gets used at youselves and which is known under the

designation or name KEENSEEIPJG. 73. This kind of future’s view is at us as well doubt- and mistakeful and does not disclude wrong viewing and wrong describing.

97. These are my predictions for your homeland and for the next years.

98. Are you content so far?

+ But of course, Semjase; it even is more, than I have exspected. Semjase

99- Se but conscious of, that these predictions may suffer some alternation or may contain faults.

1oa. They are not the result of a direct material or spiritual future view, but the result of calculating comblnatoric view, as it gets exercised by your clearvoyants as well.

1o1. The greatest mass of your mankind but is not able to get known with

or to bear a direct material or spiritual future view, and so I am

not allowed to give such.

+ I understand full/, and too I am content with this farm, like yau used. MH^^HB^HMB^^HlH^^^H^MHMHMMl^^HV

Semjase Likes to be Single, atleast for Now:

+ Oh, have you Fished For anyone? Semjase

1o5. This seems to he again your modern language?

+ So it is, and it means, whether you have laughed at a man and want to marry?

Semjase (laughing loudly) 1oS. Wo, I Feel myself better without a man, at least now. 1o7. First in later times I make plans For such.

1o8. Sut now go; you have yet said ……

+ You kill-joyer.


1a9. We may talk about such things in another time, if you want so so much.

+ Oh yes, because I have anytimes some questions. But how does it behave: Have you already something suited on the fishing-rod, with whom you ogle love – perhaps such a scale-grown thing with implan-ted antenna on the skull?


11q. I really don’t know, what you mean with that.

Semjase reads Earth’s Newspapers, Magazines & Comics:

109. Ue may talk about such things in another time, if you uant so so much.

+ Oh yes, because I have anytimes some questions. But hou does it behave: Have you already something suited on the fishing-rod, uith uhom you ogle love – perhaps such a scale-groun thing uith implan-ted antenna on the skull?


110. I really don’t knou, uhat you mean uith that.

+ The beloved earthhumans, the stupid, make their silly jokes about the moon- and Mars-humans and other space-humans. They drau them as scale-defensed monsters uith fastgroun skull-antennas, feelers, 5 breasts and many other craziness. These things dD they call for comicality.


111. Such is unknoun to me, but I find it quite primitive.

+ This uill be the right spell and displays also probably the reason of the concerning “humourist11. But it is 3trange to me, that you are not in knou about these things; don’t you read newspapers and magazines etc.?


112. Surely, for at some times I ualk among the earthhuman beings and

seize here and there something readable, yet but I never have found

such similar there.

+ QT course, if you only read Micky Mouse. Fix and Foxi and superman-numbers, then you uill be urong placed.

Semjase (laughing)

113. I knou these indeed and find them jokeful.

114. Else readable yet are most only newspapers and similar. + Allright, Semjase, I only made jokes*


115. 1 felt your words like such, too.

116. Mou yet really time is over ……….

CR 018, Thursday, May 15,1975

– Understanding of Term ‘CREATION’

– Semjase’s Unique beamship demonstration at night using burning of eletrical energies.(no member except Billy should come closer than 910 metres, as this harms ones body and spirit)

Interpretation of Prayer from ‘Talmud Jmmanuel1:

■■■^■^■^^^^^^^^^^■^^^^^^■^^^■^^■i^^B i:qu

I still have a question, directed onto me before. Semjase

102. There should no …….

+ Don’t be precipiate, as I find this question vary justified. I at all you want to offer the spirit lesson tD us, then you will have to explain certain things from it to us.


103. If it behaves so, it of course falls to my destination.

1o<+. With what should the question occupy itself?

+ The prayer in the Talmud Jmmanuel. if you can make thorough explanations about this.


105. Surely, but in that I have to go far, for my answer ought become intelleged right.

106. Prayers have to become conceived basically for that, what with the designation by your language they really bring in expression: Prayers.

107. This means: A prayer means In truth a wish in form of an according to the wish appellation of the spirit in the human being himself, in that meaning: Give me this ot that, what I need.

1oB. True spiritual humans, to which the force, the knowing and

the ability of their spirit is conscious, perform no more of such prayers, because they already live in the knowing, the force of the allmight of their spirit is talented for all-performances.

109. By this cause they destiny restless the utilization of the allmight of their spirit.

110. To _do^. this, the unspirited human being is not enabled, and

so he wants or has to activate his spirit by conscious prayers.

111. Further this means: The spiritual human being keeps to use always the farces and abilities of his spirit quite conscious, while ths unspirited human being offers with doubts and devotion in prayers just wishes.

– 223 –

which even he not directs towards his own spirit or towards the Creation, but depending in religion, touards any higher power or force, which in truth but does not exist or not is authorized, and so not even the Creation gets called, because prayer-depending human beings cling on any deities or gods etc.,

but never on the Creation. 112.. The wrong way of the prayer-depending human degenerates into

illusions while all his wishes and appellations, by what unlawful

he forces his desires to realization. 113- Certain things become otherwise named under spiritual mode of

thinking or elsehow or defined, than the conscious thinking

is able to intellect this. Tift* Because that, differrent marks get used for certain matters,

of whiches deeper meaning the normal-conscious human being has

no presentiment, uhat unfortunately is advantage again for the

religions, which change these marks in their favour and evaluate.

115. So the in your meant prayer appearing marks of different kind mean following:

Allmight: Allknowing, allenabled, all-wisdomed, all-logical, ell-loving.

Holy, sacrified:

To control, exercising control, etc

Heaven: Kingdom of the spirit, spiritual kingdom, spiritual life etc

Earth: Body, material life etc

Bread: Allmight.

Guilt: Mistakes, which must be done because

development and recognition and are necessary for that.

116. The spiritual subconscious is able to conceive the spiritual mode of thinking easily and to elaborate her, if in a prayer pure spiritual forms of thoughts get exercised, from what senseless prattling with many wards is shaky.

117. If even the conscious itself may not understand the offered in spiritual forms expressions, they but get conceived by the spiritual subconscious in cooperation with the spirit up to the smallest detail, and used.

– 224 –

118- As fran ths unspiritual human being these knowings were withhold, because he mostly is prisoned by religions, he is not able to interpret the meaning of a spiritual kind of thinking.

119. On the other hand, one can not explain her to him, because he will not conceive the meaning.

120. In cause of this, prattle-prayers get fixed up by the religions, which consciously can get explained and conceived by unspiritual human beings, from where the concerning human dedicates himself by this wicked wrongguiding to the religion.

121. Uhen he for him self understandable in word and meaning, prayers exercises to anything, then the belief of that grows insides him and this ways he becomes a slave of his, forced onto him, belief.

122. Uhile now Jmmanuel has settled a prayer, so in the meaning, that the using it human being does not understand the sense

of the words and so would not be able just to fall to the belief.

123. As yet the spiritual subconscience of the human being understands the meaning of the words, the consequence does not fail to appear, that when sufficient exercise, the forces of spirit in the human being direct themselves from these calls and develop themselves in the desired by the words way, without the conscious knouis, what essentially it demands and desires by the unintelligible prayer.

124. This ways slowly the knowledge of recognition and truth gets achieved, without being influenced by a belief.

125. For, if a human being performs things, of whiches meaning he has no presentiment, and1 originate from these things quite certain consequences and results, then these can only be the effect of those powers, which just have been called, if even this happened without the conscious knowing of the concerning human being.

125. This is, if a man unconsciously performs the right thing, so

lawful also ths right result must appear. 127. Uhen now a human being performs according to belief anything

in destiniRfl mnrip. as fnr Pitannl p in nrpuppq nnrl thl<; ftfrinkca

– 225 –

indeed results in the desired and hoped form, then these also only trace back to the belieF and its imaginations, generated in the belief-depending consciouness-126- Now yet to the interpretation of the by Jmmanuel settled prayer;

My spirit, uiho you are existing in allmioht.

My spirit, who you are knowing all, able for all, all-wisdomed, in all truth and all-loving in me.

Your name be sacrlfied.

Your name witnesses to me your controlling force of your ability about all things.

Your kinodom may incarnate itself insldes me.

Your allmight spread in me towards consciousness of thoughts, for that I take in use the given to me and collected knowings, forces, wisdoms and the love in the universal, the peace and the liberty by conscious ability and bring them into utilization and development.

Your force unfold herself insides me. on earth and in the heaven3.

May your allmight come to conscious destination insides me, in my body and at all spiritual regions.

Give m° my daily bread today.

Let daily effect your allmight insides me and unfold, and nourish my ignorance by knowledge and wisdom,

that I recognize my quilt, and for that I discern the truth. By what I get able to discern my done faults and remove them, which befall me in the way of my development.

And don’t lead me to temptations and into confusion, but redeem me from the errors.

Don’t let me go astray by material and worldly matters and wrong modes of thinking and fall by heresies to the dependency of belief.

Because yours is the kingdom insides me and the force and the knowledge in eternity.

For your allmight should be conscious in me; the power of your ability and the knowledge in the absolute for the run of all times.

13o.I can’t explain more in that for you, as in this form it must

be sufficient and get intelleged.

131.1 am not allowed to explain certain further things.

+ This should really be enough understandable to be clear for every human being. Further explanations in these matter might well be shaky.

Meier wants Semjase to analyse F.O.:

+ This is too not of importance, because ue always can clear up VB^^B^^. – From my side I still have a problem respectively a man, about whom I have talked to you last time. I want to know7,to which position of development he can be counted, in which main- and subposition he can get joined. Could you explain me some more about?


136. You give rather scanty information, but I like to give you particulars, if you give me more details.

137. But be clear for you, that I only explore hia mental position and his mode of thinking, but not more.

138. Besides this, you have to take bit patience, because I need

some time for that.

+ Thank you very much. – It concerns a young man with name F.O. from U. He has ……


139. This is enough. I don’t need to know more details.

140. I uill comply with your requests as soon as possible and transmit you the result in thoughtly level.

CR 019, Friday, May 16,1975 Results of F.O.:

Nineteenth contact

Friday, 1S.May75, U.o9h

Contact in thoughts’ transmission


1. It was an easy thing for me to satisfy your uiish in respect to the person of F.Q. in UJ.

2. While longer hours I have occupied meself with him and have searched into him a3 far as it uias demanded.

3. Such was connected with no essential difficulties, because this person puns no directable forces of defence, she understood

to bring in use.

<+. Though better knowing this person but pretends being able to

bring in use same ways defense forces, as For example several

Forces of other Forms, which base in pure spiritual Forms. 5. F.O. is able to bring in use tiny hypnotic abilities, but this

includes already whole his ability/evaluations of talents. □. He likes to esteem himself in this respect very decisive

greater, than with truth he is. 7. He believes himself being a spiritually far developed human,

though he deceives himself by that consciously. 8* Astray, half-religious acceptances of belief hold him prisonned

in an extremely strong material-intellectual thinking, from

which he is not able to free himself. 9. His evolutionary position of evolution lays in the average of

the normal average earthhuman being. 1o. So in respect of spiritual abilities he still is very far away

from the paint, where he would reach in range of sight the

limitation area between material-intellectual and spiritual-

– 231 –

intellectual thinking.

11. Uhole hia consideration lays still captured uithin halfreligious uays, uhich rules him to spiritual slavery.

12. In ignorance of the truth of the spirit and the Creation his processes of thinking in material-intellectual kind loose themselves in ruling pouers about him, so in god-acceptances

and this uays in belief-acceptances.

13. Like ueak and insignificant flashes here and there thoughflashes touch forward into the third main position, but neither they are able to hold themselves there nor to withdraw any knouledge or cognitions touards them.

14. Such happens at him only in cause of hearsay, not yet from oun initiative of recognitions.

15. His spirit is easily confusable, uithout any farce means were necessary.

16. There lack at him the smallest cognitions of spiritual-intellectual mode of thinking, in cause of uhat he not even is able to explain for himself the forces of his small hypnosis talent.

17. From out his uhole unspirited mode of thinking he lives uithin immoderate acceptance of belief, uhich moreover makes him very presumptious, too.

18. I mentioned already, that he inclines, though better knowing, to pretend things and abilities about himself, about uhich he neither Is master and uhich nor he is able to conceive.

19. His absolute single recognizable ability is the one of the minimal hypnosis, with uhich but his by him recognizable abilities and evaluatable abilities already are drained.

at uhere he not even may analysate the of the hypnosis or to explain them.

20. His exaggerated displayed “knouledge”, which in truth only embodies belief acceptances, does not origin in his very own labour of thinking or any recognitions, but it comes from irreal literature works.

21. As this uiays he neither has found truth nor cognitions or abilities, he tries to suqare this by pretentions against

22. But the utilization in cognition of the knowledge in truth

are fully away from him, and he has to content himself with

the minimal use of his hypnotic abilities, which not even

allows him a penetrating into the thoughtly spiritual form

of his fellow-creature.

+ You once again speak very hard words, Semjase, where necessarily I must think of some things, which some time ago have led to differences.


23. You by sure know, that the truth always 3aunds hard and that I have done certain mistakes, as you hint at that.

2<*. But I may ensure you, that I have remoted the known to me

mistakes and will not undergo them anather time, but you know this quite exactly.

25. Why do you remind me then of it?

+ I only wanted to be sure, that all keeps its Tightness. By no means it should be a reproach or similar.


26. I see, – and other things have I not to say to you in the moment.

CR 020, Teusday, May 20,1975

Billy first Contact with Pure Spirit-Form, Arahat Athersata:

8. These should you get: Cur high council has concidered, tl are not alone enough knouing for contacts uith fo: life of higher spiritual position, but that you even are enough to have contact uith very much higher forms of sp uho already have proceeded over the rebirth and are pure forms.

9. In that purpose ue informed the being of this spiritual uho joined contact uith you.

10. Ee conscious, that this exposes an extreme exception and not similar uhile the last tuo thousand years.

11. Trouble yourself because this for mcst extreme concentra and ability of perception to fulfill the given to you mi

12. It uill be hard and time-consuming.

CGthinks Billy’s wording in writing is too Harsh:


– 235 –

+ 0T course, here I have brought for you two scriptures, wh you should read and on uhich you should pass an opinion. The one presents a handbill fromout my feather and the se a birth-haroscope-analysis for my person. About ths first said by my group to be too hard In unrd and style and to too open uritten, than to find resonance- One explained t the readers uould get shacked. For ths second I just uant knou, uhat you mean about.


25. I like to comply uith your uishes. ••…….X i

the both writings)………………-

Some minits later

+ What do you think about?


26. I find nothing in your handbill, uith uhat I could not at 27- Too, I see no cause for reproval respectively a too hard

quite in contrary: The words are quite chosen and pleasir and they name facts.

28. Facts of truth are important, and that these get called I

29. It uould be unservible for the matter, if pretty sentenci be used.

30. The truth can alone be desribed by clear facts, but not I circumwriting and speechifying.

31. Such a form uould be from all beginning be sentenced to uhat matter already many truthbringers before you had to experience.

32. Their circumuritings and speechyfyings uoke urong impres and consequenced, that all became urong exposed and inte and in purpose diffused, uhat led to new heresies.

33. From this I must consider your style for right and advis criticans of a mistake.

34. They find offence in ths? words of this handbill, for the have not recognized the truth in its basical orders and themselves by plain wrong understanding of love, justice use of laws in crsational meaning against a given reason use of farce af the natural laws.

– 236 –

36. Their minds base still too much in the worldly, where thi intented on their esteem and name.

37. They well like the truth, but to represent her in clearm embodies another thing for them.

33. hie do not want to settle a global truth-organisation or swamp your world’s civilians by the truth while short ti because such a proceeding were not of use for our matter

39. Alone small groups are servible, if their members stay f and quite to the truth.

40. By these the truth slowly becomes diffused and will seiz mankind during generations and centenniums.

41. You just perform the baslcal ground work.

42. The truth but has to be guaranteed in your group members yet can only happen then, when the truth gets offered tc by clear words, even if these words are according to the truth hard.

43. This but gives the security, that no doubts, heresies ar wrong opinions undermine the meaning Df the matter, whal basic importance.

44. From such is to advise, that further handbills get spre; this pattern, for elsehow or spoken by fine talk would t be damaging.

45. The group’s members ought to be in consideration to cant the truth in its hardness and tD defense it, because on] this is of benefit.

46. The truth is hard and never can get exposed by soft wo; what they ought deliberate.

47. They should with calmth deliberate of the ancient true | whos lessons of truth laid in much harder expressions, is the case in your hantlbill.

48. The truth gets never heard with delight, and so persecu enmity.

49. So experienced already the old prophets, who often had

+ This have I also tried to explain, with nearly the same which is Jmmanuel. But I do not believe, that my exposuj have beared large fruits.


5o. Make known to the group-criticans my exposures, for thei learn the logic from them.

Meier’s Birth-Horoscope Analysis by a Person:


– 237 –

+ This have I also tried to explain, uith nearly the same uhich is Jmmanuel. But I da not believe, that my expoaua have beared large fruits.


50. Make knoun to the group-crlticans my exposures, for the* learn the logic from them.

+ I uill do so, yet nou give your opinion to the second u:


51. Several things are there very quipped, uhile other thim correspond most extreme irreality.

52. Uhile years ue have studied you in all aspekts and test abilities of spirit-basically.

53. Here ue have been made attentive on, that you possess e ordinary good ability of intuition, uhat expressively b contested in this analysis.

54. A pretention, uhich misses each basis and uhich by full ness got said from lou motives.

55. The originating person of this analysis must have bscom mated about any things in respect of your person, for a leads to this.

56. Disclosed from the uhole statements, it uill be uith th a very little-minded human being uithout uorthful spiri cognitions.

57. Alsa everything points ta there, that this human is vei sessed in favour of himself and his knouledge from book because that also tries to push higher earthly spiritua into the meanlessness.

58. Further on is this person not only religious depending slaved extremely by her, but he has uickedly fallen to

59. Respectively the spiritual position of this person I a] have mentionned, that she misses uorthful spiritual cat in respect to analysatic abilities too.

Go. The called in the analysis according to the truth fact:

in ahsnlufcp RiirpnpRB frnm am/ hnnlrn’ ufczrlnma ,.,hi 1 a hm

61- This ways this person believes, she could vindicate her:

before you and does not know, that she suffers so a sami

fallacy as in her slavedness to religion.

+ Thank you, Semjase, this was more, than actually I uanti I only asked yet for your opinion respectively the anal’ With your whole talk you yet you compliment me much and meself like a superman.

CR021, Tuesday, May 27, 1975

-Billy received transmitted message from Arahat Athersata

Finances required other thanthat for Nourishment are strange to Semjase:


+ Why? I find this a comic question from you – isn’t it ev that I have to nourish and obtain my family? I can not j wife and family hunger, moreover but many other things c taoether, which cause new problems each month, that are expenses for house interests, telephone, electrizity anc insurances etc. These give for me each month alltogethei rounded 21oo Francs, of what but I only earn barely one in cause of what I also had to require my bank account s drain it- The equipments far filming and photographing h horrible much money.


S. Now I understand: You not only have to be cared about tt cial for nourishments etc., yet moreover for many other which are important and inevitable for you.

+ Just so it is.


9. Truely,-I have not taken this in account, as such probli strange for us.

1o- You but never have spoken thorough about these things, I always had the opinion, that with your lifelihood it concerned facts of nourishment.

11. So but the matter looks otherwise and I now understand, you have problems in this.

12. Under these circumstances it is better, if for the firs behind some things of our missions and take them up fir future years.

Eliminating ExtraTerrestrial Radiation from Crystals & Minerals:


1u. ^MM1 several times I came to you uith the prcposal

bring cristals to you, uhich you could sell.

+ You contradict youself, because you have explained to rm for the present I ought “enbalm” them.

Hum insh

19. This uas not meant, like you interpret It.

20. I ordered only quite certain security means, in certain

+ Ulell, but hou should I offer these things to the people uhat is, if at controls any rays get noticed, uhich are earthly origin?


21. You uill find the uay uith help of good friends; in thi you burden upon you needless problems.

22. Also in respect of the rays you can be calmed, for here

best analyses uould shou no results.

+ Do then other planets radiate the just same rays onto c as it originates from our earth?


23. Uith this assumption you have passed by the aim, for th different rays, uhich from all material things of caurs get adsorbed.

24. Our technic but allous for us, to distract such rays at all material forms, if not these forms contain alternat

25. Then I have remated all ray apoearings from the given t minerals and cristals, by uhat uhen reaching the earth] they lauful took up uhile feu moments the rays, uhich e of the earth, by uhat in comparison uith same earthly c and minerals no difference any more can get found.

26. If the extraterrestral rav3 got not extracted, then int they uere recognizable and even often dangerous for mar of life.


+ So does it behave, and when I understand right, then you me; with alternative life all living forms, which we name fauna and flpT*a ttfcB* and for organical. As you are not able to fr those forms of life from the rays, you had to eliminate the two trees too, which had caught rays from your ship.


27. Your intuition is very expressed.

+ I will deliberate once a time thoroughly. There remains at just said things now but yet left the question according tc cristals and minerals: How can you free these from their x How is the process and how does all this operate?


33. Again one of your questions, which I am not allowed to ansii for the earthhuman beings.

34. Your scientists already in small worthes know the adsorbatJ of certain rays by certain matter, but at first within quit little worthes.

35. Our mode of working gets justified by apparatuses in regenc working ways, while the yours is constructed on destructini

36. Our machines withdraw the rays from the objects and set

alternated in good form free again, this ways they c adsorbed again from the concerning planet.

37. At the whole process it treats of an regeneration proce natural order.

38. From your designations the appliance could qet named ne + Dh yea, that seems evident For me, but for my fellow cr

this explanation will we too scarce. If but you are not to talk about this, then I will not force you.


39. Your cognition is intuitive and it tells yau much more, your words da.


CR 022, Wednesday, May 28,1975

-Karl Veit & his wife wanted to meet Billy Meier on July 2nd

Plejaren not allowed to use Future Cognitions:

+ I think, that you make out certain things oF importance Future?


8. Surely, but only then, iF they really are oF vary import

9. For these matters but ue just have to give Free course e let the Future uork, From uhat it uould be useless for l look the Future.

10. Here it concerns, that diFFerent persons direct their mc thinking into the right trails and Find by themselves e> cognitions the eFfective truth.

11. Lie yet must neither by coercion nor by revelation oF Fac the Future inFluence this, From uhat the Foreseeing oF 1 Future becomes unreal in the respect, as the knouing oF Future brings no use For us, because ue are not alloued use these cognitions.


12. The future should first then became foreexperisnced, if recognition from this can find useful and successful exE

13. The foreliving of personal matters and developing facts

forms of life in the future ought not get exercised in 1

cause, as each form of life has to go her way of the noi

development and not is allowed to became influenced thrc

knowings of futural kind in a way, that she just could t

development stages without having experienced the neces;

wisdom of this stage. ‘

+ I esteem this for logical and the meaning is also clear From that, it is senseless too, that further on we’d di: about this meeting.

Semjase’s Transmissions are Stereotyped & no Repeats – Special Apparatus:

+ IH^^BHHtfHM^^B – Can you explain me once a time, thoughtly transmissions at later point of time always a so stereotyped insides me and that no repeats of any wo sentences appear?


249 –

These later transmissions of our conversations are then otherwise, than when we have thoughts’ exchange together At the transmission of your reports I often have much di culties in writing, for you just dictate concinuous and repeat even a single word. Vour report transmissions rea into my conscience equal like we have run the conversati


16. I exspected these questions already for long time from v and I wondered already long time, that until now you ha\ so constantly kept silence in such. + I wanted to find the solving of the riddle by myself.

19. Have you found?

+ I am not sure. Sometimes it seems for me while your trai like your thoughts were a mechanic series, like they woi From nut a machine- I always have to think of a tape rei which repeats just, what he just had recorded. So I havi Lu the conclusion, that you do not personally perform yt transmissions, but let them give my a machine or anythii The cause for that could be, that you suffer from the s like we earthhuman beings, which is, that also you can hold in brains word for word, which was talked among us elsewhere. As yet the forces of unconscious never forge thing and surely you are able to tap these, so you will too with a machine or similar, which then radiates all to me. These are my essential deliberations. Of course be wrong within all these things, but the grade of prob seems to me the greatest in these deliberations. These rations could be agreaded with, that not a single word rep.eated_ in your transmissions and I have because that trouble, to write down the comming sentences and uords enough.


20. If I had not just heard the explanation from you person if this would be given to me from third person, I woulc their truth and first had to prove this.

21. So but I myself have he&rd her and know about their coi

22. Your explication is much puzzling for ne and your explc logic of a kind, that really makes me horrified.

+ why – I don’t understand.

Semjase 23. You still ask for that?

2U. Your explanation accords so much to the facts, that I an alone surprised about, but even startled by it.

25. Any abilities in you must have increased in strngth quil enormous while our contacting time, what I will clear u[

26. This might get dangerous For the earthly humans, iF you your deliberations in certain circles open, Far the hum; oF yaur world, exspecially the scientists, are not matu: enough For the recognitions oF those Facts.

27. They would endanger the liFe oF whale your warld and gi to question.

23. Have you deliberated thoughts even about the details oF

called by you apparature?

+ OF course, For iF I da anything, then I uant to da is t So I made my considerations about the inner living of t machine and have Found, it would only be necessary, an scred……….


29. Stop, this must you not explain, at least not Far thp h oF your world.

3a. I told you already, this uould be able ti get very dang

31. Your scientists might Find by these knowings their eval ny what then they were able to subjugate the earthmanki Fully while Few hours and banish her.

32. They uould heave themselves to gods and do, uhat just u to prevent.

33. I uill have to coucil with the others and judge uith tr probable our high council will have to make decision at this, because, iF ue have to eliminate certain things, must ……..


Semjase wants to Eliminate some Cognitions in Billy:

23. Have you deliberated thoughts even about the details of

called by you apparature?

+ Of course, for iF I do anything, then I uant to do is tl So I made my considerations about the inner living of t machine and have found, it uould only be necessary, an sured……….


29. Stop, this must you not explain, at least not for the h of your uorld.

30. I told you already, this uould be able to get very dang

31. Your scientists might find by these knouings their eval ny uhat then they uere able to subjugate the earthmanki fully uhile feu hours and banish her.

32. They uould heave themselves to gods and do, uhat just iu to prevent.

33. I uill have to coucil uith the others and judge uith tr probable our high council uill have to make decision at this, because, if ue have to eliminate certain things, must……..

+ Moment, moment, Semjase – do you possibly uant to say l that you uant to eliminate something in me? There you c uait long uhile, because you uould suffer your blue mai So easy uould my mothers son not stand such.


– 251 –


34. Don’t incite youself, for First I may not decide this by and second you would neither Feel anything nor later any injured at any ways.

35. It only concerns, that the knowing about quite a certain

system gets removed, oF which you have become conscious

considerations, etc.

+ And you believe, that simply I admit, that you elaborate brain into salad and voluntary let eradicate my perscnaJ brain’s good?


3S. If it gets destinied so, then you should not incite yous because this.

+ You make me phantastic hopes, but do not think, that sir I would let this happen.


37. Our possibilities in this respect are so much precise ai

absolute sureness, that neither you would be able to do

against this nor would Feel the smallest whilst.

+ I but would know, that something just Is no more existii sides me, yes?


38. Surely, for alone a certain factor gets remoted, not ye reminiscenses.

+ Ulell so, then I but could defence me against it. I thin without my reminiscenses 1 could no more satisfy my mis respect of our things, or do I err in this?


39. Your logic precises the Facts.

+ So do, what you like, Far the consequences are of your your obligation’s disadvantage. If you believe, that I simply your guinea-pig, then with everything is vinegar

Semjase 4a. How do you mean this?

41. I but do not want to make an experiment or test with yc


– 252 –

1*3. The ability and the performance of such eliminations st;

absolute sure and their precision admits not the smalle

substance of an unsecurity oil undefinity.

+ Then I am not yet a guinea-pig, but an execution-pig» i like this designation more.


I do not understand your excitement, as you will not su the jot of any hurt.

+ This is fully the same for me all. My thoughts* good is thoughts’ good, and just this aught it remain also. If and the your neglect that, then I simply close the shup destroy whole the material and travel into the waste or jungle to never return into the civilisation.


1*5. You really would do such? + Exact, and this wuthout any hesitation.


1*6. You would destroy your own mission, and the aurs tagetr + Have I expressed meself too little exact?


klm Now I really do not understand you any more.

+ Do you truely believe, that I would let take away my tf so easily, where otherwise with trouble and need as un earthly creature I have to develop my spiritual knowini know me so little, that you believe, yau just could el: my achieved thoughts’ good? This is damned unlagical f: and just that had I never credited with you. But you at yours can have it, like you want: Either you da not fl insides my brains etc., or we have talked last time to

Semjase US. You insist on that? + Uas my talk not clear ^enough?


1*9. I only want to be sure and I see, your eyes speaking t speech.

– 253 –

53- So I believe, that I can account for it, if under one a I Qive you the promise to …..

+ I da not trust in matters of believing; this do you as g as I.


54. I want to explain with my words, that with sureness I c

far, that no manipulations in respect of an elimination

made, if you assure to me, that never even one single uj

will tell about your knowings to any human.

+ I am heavily wondering about your crazy behavement. Sen for there exists so much unclear in it. You know but ve goad, that I never do hat and haughty oathes, but that or no answers a question decisively at me. Uhy donft yc me from begin, whether I want to keep silence about thE mentioned facts, or not, to what you would have gotten concerning answer, which is, that I keep quiet, if you this for goad. Why da you at once throw with skyscrapei me and menace so to speak with an elimination of the ( ning knowing? This is unintelligible for me.


55. It would soon have become understandable for you, if yi

not played so high your excitement. 56- You had found the logic of my words.

57. For you but now can not da it, I will explain this to 1 The elimination of the factor of knowledge was only me by me, because you were no more endangered.

5fl. Uhen you had no more this knowledge, then never anyone explore it out from you – even not by force, with what unfortunately must be counted, for even this possibili must get drawn into consideration.

59. You now have given me your word, to keep silence about knowing, and I know, this corresponding to your honest

So. In this farm one could®elicit from you by force and pa your knowledge, without you wanted it.

61. This means a factor of insecurity, which would be remc an elimination.

CR 025

12. It is the matter about the elimination of your knouing

of certain things: All have agreeced, ;o observe an eventual elimination exact like you desirec.

13. Your compromise has Found very large agreement and it seems even For us the best uay.

Crystals & Precious Stones are Dangerous:

I uant to take up another thing, about uhich once ue ta beFore the leave, uhat is in respect oF the cristals ar stones, uhich according to your explanations can become danaerous For the human beings, uhen they are in their or even get uorn by them.


78. But about this I already have given you explanation.

+ Really, but I have talked about these matters uith somt ue have come to the opinion, it only uould be good and if ue described this thoroughly in aur contact reports, it is oF importance Far the human beings.


79. This sounds logical, and so I uant to discuss the sing, once more:


– 256 –

Each cristals, semi-cristals, jewels and semi-precious s as well different minerals of earthly origin are receive transmitter of humanly feelings-according citements and thought energies. emotions

So. Each from its kind they store more or less these energit at their owners themselves discharge again and influencf by strong measure.

81. The earthly sphere is but now in an energy level of most negative forces, which surround the earth like a heavy (

82. These negative powers rose, and each second become devei still further, from the huge negative thought energies i earthly-human forms of life, who by their heresies and i kinds of wickedness lay whole the world into the ban of destructive and deadly radiation.

83. As but now cristals of each kind as well as jewels and minerals and so on are very strong adsorbers and receiv such energies, it could not stay away, that by these ne human thought-energies of wicked sort they overmeasured got charged and have become to dangerous need- and mis bringers.

8*». Each from their kind and character many of them became of sickness, languishing state and death, when by human they came into their’s possession.

85. Exspecially cristals and precious stones of all kinds 3 very sensible receivers and collectors of negative hume thought energies and negative movements.

86. They because that get already in high measure influence their actual locations of growth, before they get founc human beings.

87. This because the very strong power coat, which covers i

88. When the human being now but wants to have cristals ant stones in his possession, own them for worthes, use as or as offerrers of health, then first he has to free tr the dangerous radiation, which appears by oscillative I

– 257 –

89. Besides this, it is absolutely demanded, that these cris and precious stones etc. undergo a new neutralization at each five years, for by the huge negative energies of th of the earthly mankind they charge themselves again whil time.

90. The neutralization can be exercised by an undifficult ac which past my explanations I will describe.

91. If the human does not submit his possessions of called f to the demanded neutralization, uhile this is in fact kr him, then he should not wonder, if strong he gets persec by sicknesses, disluck, by misery and need, by languish: and even death and famage.

92. Human being inclines to carry many socalled talismans e* his protection etc., but is not conscious himself, that practise nearly all these talismans and lockets are pla less and only according to their belief pretentively ef any things.

93. Dn the other side the carriers of7 such things do not kn that they give themselves into great dangers by such lo etc. and even often put their life into game, for also things are very often very strong receivers of negative powers and throw the collected powers back again to the and carrier.

94. Because this, such things have to submit an neutralizot time to time, which but lies far below Five years. Acco to mineral or material counts this time six months unti two years.

95. Very recommendable are cristals and precious stones anc etc. from extraterrestral origin, if they come From woi which are either unhabvtated or possess very balanced f of life.

96. Objects of such kind From such worlds got not influence many milieniums by degenerated human negative thought c as it behaves on the earth.


– 258 –

9S. OF course can this process get reduced to feu minits, 3 appropriated apparatuses are used for.

99. Basical yet cristals, minerals and precious stones of t etc. are receivers and radiators of well positive enert if they find their growth at poised worlds.

100. This in embodying of the allvalid nature-law.

101. If but they get carried by thought-able living forms jt oneself, then they adapt themselves very fast to this form and receive and send out the for this form of lif characteristic energies.

102. As yet a thousands years old negative form of energy si in them, like it is the case on the earth, then they d into the negative.

103. Same ways yet is possible the reciprocal form, which y strange on your earth, which is the positive degenerat

104. Cristals, minerals and precious stones etc. from poise have also on earth not to undergo a neutralization, in of negative thought energies.

105. Such would First became necessary, if before their occ by the human being according to their sort and charact they were exposed 2-‘»thausand years untouched to the i» negative forces.

100. If they become taken in possession before these times beings and carried on them, then they need only all sc a puryfying of simple kind, yet never a neutralization

+ How is the matter with pearls?


1o7. They keep the same characters like precious stones, mi

and cristals etc.

+ I see, and haw does 123 behave with the called by you r zation, can there get used simply water, or can this t zation get achieved eventually by conjurations and sec Formulas etc.?

– 259 –


108. I to this explained already one time, that this is all

+ I do know. I put this question just because your expla is important For my Fellow-creatures and as they shoul the truth.


109. DF course, you have already explained this- – A neutra or even only a simple puriFication of the told objects not become perFormed by occult Formulas, conjurations, water or else doings in this compass.

110- For the neutralization or For the simple puriFication apparatus is necessary, which adsorbs the mentioned er and neutralizes them.

111- This means, that they become “withdrawn” out From the or jewels etc. and alternated into neutral powers.

112. These neutral powers get “adsorbed” then by the crist. precious stones etc. and Form the balanced power whili time.

113. Such at a neutralization.

11*». In the case oF a puriFying From time to time the pene degenerated powers oF negative or positive Form becomi and neutralized, where these yet get just set Free th

115. A recharge oF the cristals and precious stones etc. i necessary in this case, because in their natural lauF they may generate their balancing Forces by themselve

116. Uhen here then I have mentioned, that such cristals a precious stones etc. have to undergo only all seven y a puriFying, this then is only necessary, if the carr person is very strong negative degenerated, like For bailiFFs, uho Feel delight in the torture oF other hu

117. Cristals and precious stones etc., uhich are in posse normal-negative human beings, have never to undergo e cation, always postulated of course, that the stones are oF poiaed and extraterrestra1 origin, because on

+ This surely will De clear enough. There is no need of £ explanation. You but said to give a description of the apparature.


118. Surely, but for the first only you should know the detj perhaps you can earn a financial advantage, which help* overcome your financial problems.

119. f.’ecessary now is following: (It follows a detailed con: plan.) ………………………

+ Thank you, Semjase; this is in itself rather easy to ci and at time and chance I will construct this apparatus

CR 023, Tuesday, June 3,1975

Creational Laws & Recommendations in ‘Elimination/Banishment’ of Guilty LifeForms:


1**. Certainly, because these lauis are valid in whole the un:

15- Loads a folm oF liFe against better knowing quite consc! any guilt upon herselF, then she has to give atonement i too, For so docs the lau of justice desire.

1G. IF the conscious loaded guilt oF a form oF liFe is yet * large to expiate her in adequate compass, so accords to a guilt only the equivalence oF elimination, by what thi concerning Form oF liFe is unworthy oF this liFe and lot the justiFication For existence.

17. For expiation is valid then the at later point of time Following reborth, whichs liFe is then limited on the rest oF time oF the Formerly eliminated liFe.

16. Sut this is only valid for living forms of barbarous na because only this law and its use may they conceive.

19. If not alone the time changes, but with it also the far life herself and 3he reached the level of higher spirit development by that, so also the exercise of the laws b changed.

2o- Instead of elimination, taking from man and woman etc use of the law becomes unitary changed into the form an exile the life long, and that in separated circles

21. This means by other words, that culprits sex-uniform banished to far worlds or isle3 lifelong, where in mi the other sex they can not multiply any more-

22. Ulell the human being of the present time were able tc these adapted to the new time laws, if he were not cc disunited.

+ I understand, Semjase, as yet these laws and bids ari able, they can not be of creational origin, because ‘, bids of the Creation remain unchangeable, as I consii until all eternity.


Matrimony & Intercourse Laws of Talmud Jmmanuel:

I met with that actually by flrahat AthprsBta, uiha spoke the last days extremely much about the brazen order of C and her laws and bids. What interests nou me here, are o laws and bids respectively the matrimony between man and

– The last laws and bids in this respect got diffused, as I know, by Jmmanuel, and this in a time, which was st rather barbarous and bestial. Since then but the time ha although yet the human has not become mora humane, yet o became subtilized within hi3 barbarous bestiality. At le I esteem so from my sight.


12. For you have clearly enough expressed, it indeed behaves and only the time, but not the human being had changed, then should the laws get alternated?

13. So should first then be the case, when the earthhuman bE

has really become human and lives under spiritual laws.

+ So you advocate for, the laws of Jmmanuel having still 1 validity in respect of the matrimony and the intercourse like at his time?


14. Certainly, because these laws are valid in whole the unf

24. These laws for matrimony ard intercourse etc., like 1 preserved in the Talmud Omnia nuel, are of human origii settled in the purpose to give a regulation for the i forms of life and to obtain these too.

25. Settled were these laws by the highest leader of the races, by the leader of the heavenly sons, by god.

26. His prophets and messengers and chosen earthly human announced these laus among the races, tdha unfix observed these only short time and coursed them then a further step to the abyss of the later mankind bee


Plejarens too have Laws & Rules:

ft. -*ou does it

yet behave at yau selves, have you a human lawgiving too? Semjase

27. Where thinking Forms of liFe live, are given such laws and bids everywhere.

28. Each aFter the level of spirit oF the yet art these laws taken From the natural laws and set by responsib Form into human natural laws.


– 2S<* –

29- From that, it are laws and bids Df natural logic and by i

means oF unlogic and even stupid-pri-itive, like they ari

settled on your earth and Find use.

+ This is long time known to me, our laws oFten are very p and even stupid, yet so Fast can these not get changed -not so long, as long as human beings are in government, i exercise pure worldly-material power. In Fact you have a with your reply respectively the existence oF your laws next question, which aims there, whether as well you kno oF criminality and else degenerations, against which you to exercise laws and bids. Laws and cid3 etc. are but on necessary, where by them a regulation has to be kept up. yet an order has become to selF-evidsnce and no degenera occur, there are also laws 3nd bids unnecessary. -From th to draw the logical conclusion, that even you as well ar over the level oF deoenerations and in this consequence order has not become to a matter of course- I can yet ex such to me this ways, this depending in the eternal risi and developing from the creations! rising- and developrt In consequence of the continuing creating of new spirit now different age- and development-positions of the dif spiritual levels. From this logically has to oecome a nz process, that even in your race farms of life get born, even under your spiritual development level and in consc first have to develop themselves further. As the evoluti each riirectipn needs mistakes, these lower living creal and spirit forms must go the natural evolution way and As faults now are disturbing the orders and even are dez times, laws and bids have to be exercised, just to obtai order. So I imagine it For me, as this appears to be lac


30. You are sagacious, and once more you nave called the Fac name.

31. It is untrue, as unFortunately deceiving gets pretended charlatans always, we were super-humans and would not m laws and bids.

32. Alone there, where the creational order has became to a oF course, laws and bids Fall away-

33. This is but the case F^gst in very hign spiritual spheri This means then, in pure spiritual spheres, where all mi belongs to the past-

– 265 –

34. Material Forms of life but, uhat are material-body-condit forms oF all kind, are aFFlicted with still too many faul than they could omit a law- and order-giving adapted to level-

+ This is evident, but yet, hau do you exercise at you this and bid-giving? If I have understood right, you have set* for certain crimes etc. a uniform penalty, which is sent; to lifelong exile.


35. Surely, you have conceived this right: While at you pena. finds everywhere rather primitive its exercise, so yt us not more the case.

36. Dur lawgiving corresponds to our spiritual level and in consequence it is really humane, what not can be said ab your lawgiving.

37. Big crimes get no mare punished at us by eliminations an hurting of the material body etc., as it is at you still barbarous use and behaviour.

3B. Our uniform penalty finds its exercise in a banishment f the life long.

39. The fallible forms of life get banished in this respect other worlds, which exclusive serve for this purpose.

40. To such a world get besides this only same-sexed forms o exiled, so only male or only female.

41. By this, multiplication becomes prevented and descendant not get created.

42- The banished are put on their own in these worlds and he care for themselves by ownmanufactured working.

43. Any machinal or mechanical means etc. are not handed to too, the admission is withdrawn, to produce such means.

44. To lay weight an this destination, periodical controls t exercised on these worlds and eventually secretly manuF; products of this kind get eliminated.

34. Moreover each contact to any other creatures gets Fully

35. At some of our worlds Fallible forms of life get banishe great isles in large oceans. If the instalment uT or line a comcerning worlds is only very low.

36. The whole exercise and performance is yet the same like specially in this purpose chosen worlds.

37. This mode of punishment guarantees the largest possible for the to obeye order, and on the other side the fallit not burden the peoples’ mass.

33. Besides this, this mode of punishment is very humane am

ring the purpose, because during the lifelong exile the

are not remoted from their evolution.

+ This is phantastic, but our mankind is still too much d: than she could use such a form of law.

Ancient Earth – Prison for ETs:

your explanations I have quite a phantastic thought: Is possible, that in very early times even our earth has s to be such an banishment place?

40. Indeed, your assumption is right.

41. Since ancient times repeatedly failing forms of life fr dlfferentest worlds in the universe got banished to you so from our race, too.

42. These early times are but even for us no more registera we have no detailed dates about.

Marriage & Procreation in the Universe:


+ This suffices, I only uanted to knou, whether my assump ^ffte^jfjl^ – How does it now behave at you with the sac matrimony, join there together man and woman also like □r gets a procreation of descendants otherwise done tha do you perhaps breed your childrens in test-tubes or in breeding-farms?


£,3. (laughs loudly) – This is typical human nonsense of ear a product of sick phantasy:

The Creation has equipped each single kind of living form

by quite certain worthes, by what they can reproduce thems

in very natural ways and mode. kk* The law of unit is of same value in the whole universe, th

two each in themselves unitary worthes result in conclusic

a great-unit or a hyper-unit, same ways also in the reproc

of any material-caused forms of life. **5. Alone these reproduct and are connected to the law of repi A6. Higher spiritual forms are about this position, as they h«

got free of their material body and then too of the demanc


t*7. They but are not enabled to create new spirit, for this a’.

the Creation itself is able to do. **3. The propagation act embodies a uniform character in uhole


tf9. This means, that universal-uniform aluays both worthes, pi and negative, man and woman, have to find together, to vot for the propagation of descendants-

5o. This got initiated this uays by the Creation, and there i: other possibility.

Spiritual Procreation:


+ But always again gets pretended, a procreation could ge cised in spiritual way, too- Besides this, the Chrlstia pretends Maria having got child by spirit’s Force.


51. This is nonssnse of wicked human phantasy, constructed abnormal thinking earthly human beings, who press the t oF spirit in their morbid-overboardinc phantasy into in ways.

52. Each truth and each knowledge leave From these all, by they degrade the earthhuman being to the most evil cree the whole universe, although the earthly human being is or less inFerior than all other living Forms oF uniuers

53. Sure, at presence the earthhuman being lives in slidinc a evil abyss, but though he is because tnis not more hi other living creatures. For other creatures have to li\ same stage of development.


– 26a –

54. IF then From our side or too From Far over us laying s levels earthmankind gets reproached in great measure, in the meaning, earthmankind being worse than other f life.

55. The truth sounds always hard, and nowhere she gets war listened.

56. If so the truth about the development of the earthly r being sounds harsh and surly, then no overvaluation of must be done from this, for as told, the earthly mankj better and not worse than all other forms of life in 1 verse, who sameways have to pass their evolution stage

57. fanatic or also only wrong leaded religion-aCherers ai advocates incline unfortunately very much to the tendi clothe each for them non-understandable into phantasy sick wish-imaginations.

58. So in their delusion, they imagine, the from the Crea destinied and created way of reproduction in sexual fi be something degenerated.

59. Their morbid delusion lets them not recognize the tru Creation itself having destinied this kind Df reprodo and proved to be good.

So. These Fallen to this delusion creatures believe so, s reproduction would be inspiritual and unpure.

61. Not at least this delusionary idea rose From old here religion oFFerers, who by certain wrong-intelleged la wanted to restrain certain degenerations of the earth being at sexual reaches.

62. As actual world-betterers they only wanted to bring u only the sexual degenerations of the earthly human, y deliberating about, tfcat they forced by the wrong and Dthers unintelligible explanations the human beings t acceptances and confusion.

63. As I already told, in uhole the universe the reproductii is one and the same, and a spiritual reproduction in a i form of life belongs to the area of morbid phantasy.

6t. Maria too, the mother of Jmmanuel, got not with child b spiritual powers or by the “Holy Spirit”.

65. She exercised cohabitation uith the heavenly son Gabrie uith child by him, and that from higher order of the at time govering some earthly human races leader of the he sons, who kept the designation IHWH, that is god.

66. Here and there impregnations of womanly forms of life a without that a male form had generated the decisive pro

67. 9ut also in these cases it does not concern any toss-up spiritual forces etc., but simple wrong regulations anc leading of hormonal factors in the feminine hormonal p3

Male Sperm & Unplanned Impregnations:


66. Here and there impregnations of womanly Forms oF life a without that a male Form had generated the decisive pre

67. But also in these cases it does not concern any toss-up spiritual Forces etc., hut simple wrong regulations anc leading oF hormonal Factors in the Feminine hormonal pJ

63. At these things but still a Further Factor must get cor which can lead to undesired and uncontrollable cohabits Male semen oF several Forms oF life are partly able to themselves alive during some days, when they have left producing organs.

69. If they fall on suited places, then they can work thems forward to those regions, where then they can call fori an impregnation.

70. If we withdraw the earthly humans for an example, such of impregnation can get described by Fallowing uords: I woman is very sensible respectively an impregnation am tive, so it is sufficient to lead an impregnation into way, if at her the male semen places itself outsides at to the conceptive organs.

71. According each to the live-consistence of the concerni; this is able to work himself into the conceptive organ impregnate the there placed uomanly ovum.

72. While very crass cases it is even possible such an impre nation, when the male sperm gets placed farer away, so f example in heighth of the bosom.

73. As talked, the male sperm is able to keep itself alive e often longer time, even in seldom cases up to three days

Ik. Two days are already less rere and 12 hours are quite nt


Marriage & Procreation of Plejaren:

iMHH^^^H^BB^HI^pMHHI’ – how doe

it behave at you uith the matrimony and the procreation of descendants etc.?


75- Basicly are our laus and bids in this concerns still partly preserved in many of your old literatures, for they became transmissed to you by our far ancestors ail right: In our races only matrimonies of monogame form oat closed, past before thoroughly clarification of all facts in respect of a belonging together.


7S. Mistakes can not be disclosed of course in these matters, t these become, if necessary, later still eliminated.

77. The quantity of descendants gets decided by the highest col in the meaning, that a certain number of birthas has to be observed uhile a certain time limit, to preserve this uays the race and not to effect overcrowding.

78. According to the nature it is obligation of each single foi of life, to create descendants for preservation of species and to exercise control over this.

79. In a matrimony conclosed forms of life, man and uoman then, remain for the time of their life arranged into this alliat

80. Divorces, like you knou them, are not admitteo and only al. in those crass cases, where gets offended against the laus and bids of matrimony coarsely, uhere culprits then fall t) the exilation.

81. This but are events, uhich at our races belong to absolute rareness.


82- The exercise of the laws and bids for the single matter matrimony and of intercourse etc. do I not need to ment here specially, for you can read these in the Talmud Jm

83. Our laws are the same since thousands of years and corr to the lau explications of Jmmanuel in the Talmud.

Bk* An alternation has alone come in the kind of punishment she got according to our time and our evolution humanis and changed. The uniform penalty at these matters remai

the lifelong banishment.

+ If I remember right, then the finder of the Talmud has these things in chapter 12 uith the title “About matrin and the sexual intercourse“. You do mean, these laws ha still today their validity, like in the time of Jmmanue 2ooo years ago, and that youselves for your races have the heigth of punishment to your time and your spiritUE level, so that as uniform penalty you sentence just a 3 long exilation?

Semjase 65. Certainly.

Falling in Love with Sub-developed HumanBeing of another Race:


^^■^■^^^■^^^■m^^^B^^^ft but hou behaues uith the bility, a human being oF your race could gat “madly in For a human being oF another and subdevelopped world?


SB. I don’t understand, what you say.

+ I mean in this: Uhat will happen, if a human being oF \ race Falls in love with a human being oF another,spiri: not so much developped race?

Semjase (laughing) SB. Just the same, as at you: The humans love one another i all their feelings, as like I love you. + Do you want to say, that you have yours……….


B9. Sure, I am fallen in love to you.

+ You are crazy, my child. You could seven times be my gi and on the other side it is ……..


1oo. I’m sorry, I have not heard this: If a human being of ol should fall in love with one of an otherworldly and spii below us race in that meaning, that these both want to jj together, then this possibility gets cleared up from oui

lot* If* the facts result, the necessary premises of all sorts fulfilled, so the matrimony can become closed.

102. There really does not play a roll, whether the otherwor; form of life lives below our own spiritual level, for i: cases 3he becomes higher developed according to our levt our scientists.

+ I find this quite fair; belong such events to the norma.


103. No, they are truely rather seldom.


Love & Friendship between Billy & Semjase:

+ I mean in this: Uhat will happen, if a human being of v race falls in love with a human being of another,spirit not so much developped race?

Semjase (laughing)

SB. Just the same, as at you: The humans love one another i

all their feelings, as like I love you.

+ Do you want to say, that you have yours……….


89. Sure, I am fallen in love to you.

+ You are crazy, my child. Yau could seven times be ny g: and on the other side it is ……..

90. Stop, stop, – first, I know your attitude respectively la\ very exact, and on the other side I an myself conscious of your deep friendly feelings to me, and that you also love

91. So you have not to disturt your words consciously and give another tone to the things, as you really feel these.

92. You also then have not to do such, if by this you only war tD cover your happy feelings.

93. Give all right free course to your feelings in this respei as I nkow them too good, as you could hide them from me.

94. Gn the other side I know exact about n:e and you, that our feelings are pure deep friendly natured and we have not t be ashamed of them or to worry about.

95- If this would be this ways among all earthhuman beings,

you already would have the paradise.

+ So, so – you thus know my feelings and my differenciation between love and love.


96. Surely, and because this, I feel happiness insides me, li

you use to tell this.

+ So you know, that my opinion is, that many kinds of love possible, and that love in friendship and love in the mat only can be differenced by small things, and that the tru love to fellow-creatures in general hangs on the same cha


97. Surely I know that, and your meanings in this respect are admirable.

93. I only esteem, that in this you get misunderstood and pei

with hostility by your fellow-creatures manyfold.

+ Unfortunately you are right. But I am very glad about yoi. truely love- Your friendship is immense of worth to me.

99. Thank you.

+ Don’t thank for that, for the thank is quite on my side.


Population of Plejaren Federation;

Meier- Still another question, Semjase- Hobf great by is your nvvi>cinC?

Semjase- 104/1 can only answer you this cp^stlcn wher plain that we are cormpr-tred to an ?1 1 inr.ix (of. p] which extends icself far mm the Cosr-ms. 105/Td U liance belong different ccl?.r systems, and tr*» total of inhabitants cf the human fcind of life amounts to c! 127 lOO/TViftr** are still innuTPrable other U gent fonrs of 1 If© of nnn-human characrter arQ staiKlan sides ioira of rMtsn (and other) beings vrto are unJa us or with iJtctp simply are in no cmrnmicatior. (3)

Inhabitation of Neighbouring Planets:

^■^■^^■^^^^^^^^■^^^^■H^^V • an you at

least tell scrrethinc about the possibility of Inhahi^ation of our neighboring planets?

Semjase- IGSyi an only allowed to explain so much, that different of those planets haw; in former times been occupied by our racee, and arc by minimal roaaaujft still today important for us as baeoo……

Meier- Are you sure of that?

Semjase- n5>ttaturaUy, for I have troubled myself very


+ Hou has to be explained the expressions of certain perse uho say, they had flown by UFOs to other planets of our and uould have seen and talked uith human beings there? uhat about those, uho have pretentive done astral ualks such planets?


110. That all is nonsense and quackery.

111. Exspecially uhile the last time I have studied many of and writings, uhich you have given ma respectively such

112. Here partly get mentionned planets, which are really no for any life and which uould not offer any possibilitie living to any forms of life.

113. In these books worlds of your system ape described as h uhich in truth have created only very minimal life and uithin millions of years uill be able to bear higher li forma.

11*t. Told visits by beamships or in from of astral walks are nothing more than quackery or very strong self-delusion uhich rise from phantastic uish-dreams Dr urong accepts + Are you really sure of that?


115. Naturally, because I have troubled meself very much abc these things.

116. Moreover I knou each single planet of this system, and do not speak only assumptions.

117. Surely, there are some different Forms of life from thE of the universe uorking in the earthly solar system, tf are not settling here.

118. Like ue, they have their bases, but yet their races live outsides in space on their oun uorlds.


Earth-Contactees of High Spiritual Beings are Self-deluional/Consicous Lie:

+ I see, but uhat about very high spiritual beings, uho in contact uith earthly humans?


119. About this already one time I gave you explication: Ma human beings pretent fully in unrightness, they uould inspiratively by high spiritual forms.

120. Their pretentions but base alone on self-delusion or c lie.

121. They knou inspirations alone from hearsay, at uhat the the symptoms by no uays.

122. You can make sure the truth of my words all times at t beings, uho pretend, they uould be ceiled inspirative]

123. Ask them for the appearing form of the inspiration. If

answer clear and evident to ynu, they ……..

(gets not told in causes of clearing up of fraud or se

……., then they either suffer from bad selfdt

er yet they are conscious charlatans and deceivers.

12*i. Further I already explained for you, that no higher sj forms in course of the last 2aoo years have come in c( uith earthly human beings and this ways haven’t transi any things of any kind, too.

125. Since 2ooo years you are the first earthly-human Form adressed again by a high spiritual Form.

126. The circumstances and the made of the inspiration appi are known to you, from what alltimes you can judge, wl concerns an inspiration and when not.

127. To some human beings is to give the praise, having wr good words for the earthly civilians, if although the fallen to self-delusions.


128- In their mind ySt, to make the earthhuman being attentive for the creatianal path and to change them by that uithin their uhole attitude, their uorks are so far good, as they do not fall in religious trails and heresies.

129- Though these humans got self-delusions then in respect t inspirative suggestions and uill always get, they have but the worth, that many of them offer partly acceptable uorks

13o. In loyalty they but although should explain, that these uorks come from their own thought processes and have no inspirative background.

Gloria Lee – Guide Booklet:


^^^^^^■^^^^^^^^■■■■t do you np’j knou the certain Gloria Lee, and uhat is about that? Unfortunately I myself do not knou it, but if necessary, I could get it for you.


131. It is known to me from another side-

132. It does yet not treat of a book, as you assume, but it is a script.

133. This but has reached already since longer time worldwide publication.

13^. In the whole it trats of a worthFul scripture, which also should read and study – if but it will not offer any new i for you.

135. On the other.side, things get offered there, which in eoc are strange to the reality and unxeaj., exspecially those which concern godly spheres.

136. But as said, is this scripture in the great and whole goo recommendable, at least for humans, who still are searchi for the way of truth.

137. For higher developed forms but it is fully worthless, and still interesting.

13S. The writing consists on no inspirative form, but represen

the product of own thinking of the originating person. 139. So it did not rise from an inspirative transmission, but

by the thinking of the writing person. 1*.o. In ignorance of the spiritual truth and function but, thi

person sufferred a selfdelusion and declared her writing



11*1. Nevertheless I uant to declare you again, that the script is uorthful for the still searching human beings,but only if they separate certain things, uhich are able to produ unreal kinds of thinking and lead astray because that.

1i»2. An understanding guide for elaborating of this text uould suited.

+ Thank you, Semjase, this uas extensive again. A member of group namely has copied this book resp. this booklet, for esteemed it as good. You mean, one can spread it careless*!


1i*3. Only under the reservation, that an understanding guiding for reading, else this booklet uould lead like many other; unreal uays of thinking, though she may be valid for a gre exception.

+ Would not be sufficient a guide in uritten form? Semjase

1i*i*. Surely, if you can take upon you this labour? + This have ue to look far.


11*5. Then I uould recommend, you talk in this matter uith the t and you compose a uritten guiding addition.

CR 024, Saturday, June 7,1975 Requirements for an ET Contactee:


For the lacfc tin*, I shall now Wiplaln trur rryiL*.Tfc mm. any of tho othorc 1g out ot tne question and nnr ;rs:-,l: ii , and that for tho following reasons:

1. If wo open contact with an Earth himwi, thpn this 1s baaed x\ his prior pre-ccrditiering, often lasting drearies, Lncl : -i.-c study and guidance* in nany concerrw. (1)

2. We can only open ccmoeticr. with Earth himans when rec-aaaory conditions are fulfilled.

3. Ho can only open contact with an Earth human if his □evelccnent has proceeded so tax that he ie able to work out and recognize basic truths by il-rcelf, alone, without the help of fellow creatures or any books or literature bcutc inserted to.

4. If nevertheless we initiated contact with an Earth hunin .-.Mi Uiese premises being, fulfilled, then auch a contact i» utily a preliminary undertaking for a special purpose, and dfUtfi achieverunt of the objective the rrarory is eliminated, os for excarplv tkippened with the perscn whor. wc let find the Taimxl. Jtevertlielese such humans mat be especially auitad

for the objective, as for the finder of the TaLTod, who had been an expert in languages, but of whan, regretfully, we expected too much. (2) (3)

5. If we open contact with an Earth human, than wq undorqc this in accordance with higher authorization, and exactly with the porscn designated for this. One reason is tec many hunans in the Eirst position may upset everything. Ycu have o proverb, “Too many cooks spoil the stew”.

6. Vfc axe not allowed to make ourselves visible to rare Earth beings than corresponds with our objectives. Ihis precaution concerns private and mi lilory oik! official desired ciiutfcd at taking poscssioci of one of our ships and other such objects of our contacts. Because of this, we only cultivate contact with Earth humans known tn us as trustworthy, and in whan we have confidence in the security of the objectives, exactly as for cur special cilssla’i with ycu and your qroup.

7. Then with the selected human contact, we initiate can-liuriication in secret ways and rreet them at difficult and lard to reach places which often discourages those less sincere, and ths sensation seekers as well. Still, there art? many others who upon sighting us, panic and hecraiie frightened, wlilch might lave uong^rcus consequences Tut SQDB. (4)

Hans Jacob brings* Earthly Woman Visits Meier:


19. But I still have other matters, which I have to make known you: You have settled an agreement with H.J.

20. So tomorrow he comes to you with on earthly woman, who wit certain points has Far proceeded in the development.

21. Past recognition of this agreement I troubled myself Far t woman and realized some things in respect to her abilities and her cognition of truth.

22. The result is the Following: Within certain matters this w walks on pathes of truth, which manyfold yet are connected to unclearnesses and Even to heresies.

23. From this exspecially result things, which are strange to reality and unreal.

2*». Exspecially this applies to matters of religion and the wi this connected heresy of deity and the spiritual progress.

25. Be recommended to you, to watch For, this woman is fallen unreal acceptances in reaoect to spirit, 30ul and body etc and lives here in assumption of a threefoldness, even of e fourt‘olrtneHo.

25. So it would be very good, if you make her attentive on thJ

27. If yet she will not be able at first to recognize the fad but yet a certain substance remains in her.

28. The moat wicked heresy in her is the one of religious inti pretation, for as far as I recognized, she goes backwards in her truth searching, that i3 religious.

29. This means, that exact in meaning of the religion she sea; the truth in the backwards running and backwards connectei by this not may recognize the real truth.

1*7. This then are the facts,Bhich you should explain to the vis you woman tomorrow, for it is worthful for her.


1*3. 5he is a human, who already has conceived the ability of di

ment and who should get sponsored. f»9. It yet will be difficult to free her from her heresies, bu the trouble will be worth while, if yau do so. + I will care for this and talk to her in this purpose.

Religion & Relegeon:


32. All truth and all knowing are until the presence transmits and kept consisting, even if they got forgotten, despised e lost by the earthhuman being.

33. And because truth, knowledge, wisdom and love and all force the spirit etc. are unchangeable and durable, in the today of the presence, too, so it has to be conceived there and led forwards.

31*. In other words, this means, that truth, knowledge and wisdi

and love etc. must just get led together again; they must I

collected again and taken together. 35. As you call in an old language at you the backconnexion re

gion, so in this case the demanded to exercise releceon ha;

to be called in the same old language. 3S. This means, that all has to get taken together once mare,

so releceous started, never but religious.

37. The already existing has to get newly taken together, to 0 able to lead into the future,

38. Past exercise of the releceon then the way of evolution ha get walked, what yet keeps twofold meaning.

39. At your side you only know still one meaning, what is, tha evolution would mean a development and unfolding in the meaning, something already existing, which yst is in the hidden, should get developed and unfolded, what means in the spiritual then, something has to rise from the unconsc to the conscious.

ho* The second meaning of the designation has gone lost for yc already long time ago, that is, something still not existi shall get explored, developed and unfolded.

*t1. And as the meaning in this way has gone lost for the eartr being, he also lives with the acceptance of erring, all ac ding to evolution would already exist insides the human be and only had to get unfolded and developed.


1*2. The in the human being living spirit now has stored all th things and facts in him, which in course of his existence I has learnt in material bodies and lifes and collected.

1*3. From your estimation this is a huge lot, but in truth very

l*i*. Ulhile innumeraus further lifes the spirit has to inquire m search and find; he this ways has to collect further knawl cognitions and experiences, which then ablish themselve as ability in him.

1*5. Because the spirit stays past the material death of the bo in the opposite life areas and elaborates there the in the gained results and establishes in himself firmly, this eff the by you called unconscious.

1*6. Having become human form again, the so gained knowledge ar ability anchors then in the unconscious and has to get eve by the material form of life slowly by new lessons and cac until conscious ability.

Life on Venus, Mars, Saturn & Uranus:

+ Well. – It concerns, that for example in the script from G Lee creatures from the Saturn get called. In other writinc get called besides Saturn creatures yet also Uranus-creati etc. Can you explain for me, as you know these planets, wh indeed there gain any forms of life their living?


51. I know all these scriptures, which you have left for stud\ me.

52. I found but only evil nonsense in these books, scriptures works.

53. The there described living forms etc. correspond to none i and embody not more than degenerated phantasy creatures.


5*t. Otherwise there but really exist living forms, but they are of plain other worthes, than the earthly human being imagir this.

55. it is to say about that with absolute clearness, the creatL

of these planets never, until this hour, I give this explar

to you, have contacted with earthhuman beings.

+ Llhat is in this respect with the Mars and Venus and the otr planets as well?


55. There remain the same explanations. Semjase brings ‘Ruby’ for Meier from Mars:


57. As yau talk about the Mars: Uhile the last days I uas there and have found something beautiful.

58. I brought it uiith me for you.

59. Here. – – – It is a larger piece of ruby in Zoisit Qase. Go. I have only easily tooled it mhile untieing.

+ Oh, – much thank, Semjase, it is really phantastic nice.


61. Surely, but keep it for your awn.

62. Further I have here another piece from my home world, which a friend has brought for me.

63. It is a piece according the wish from your friend, and so y

can give it to him.

+ Thank you much again, Semjase. He surely will be glad. Could you just for my own collection bring a piece of malachite and a smaragd?


Si*. Surely, but I don’t want to bring smareqds in pure form, as

well no other things of precious worthes. 65. The causes for that base in your materialistic form of wor.’

CR 025, Monday, June 16,1975

* Time has come for Meier to go public

Destruction of Ozone Layer & Atomic Danger:


22- The most important neui Factor is here the fact of the desti of the ozone girdle, uhich in rapide measure becomes more i more destroied.

23- Elaborate in this purpose also a fejjcj&ll and spread it. 2U. Reach uith it also to newspapers and television etc. and c;

the menacing danger from the roafs-

25- Further has to get plaited into the lecture, that the atom

menace has increased in huge measure egain.

+ You have good talking, Semjase, as First one offends every thing at me, uhat I urite daun on paper, as pretentive it uritten. MB^M^MHI^HMmVI^VHI

Billy wants to Quit the Mission:

I^^^H^^H^H^B. Otherwise always the silly question gets asked, uhy you not assist me financial etc. Sometimes it is really to weap, for I find such things just damned unreasonable Several times uhile the last days I have met uith the thought, doing best, if I just throw all away and take up any daily uork First I loose then my financial sorrows, and second I have not to trouble meself uith unlogic questions, etc.


– 288 –


26. The performance of your mission lays in your own judgeme

27. If you so want to retreat, thia would De of uery had beh for your whole mankind, on the other side we don’t levy distress on you and with coercion, anc so you can free d

28. But consider, it is alone with you, whether the earthman earns a great advantage and gets able to walk a better u

29. I know well, you think, each human had to carry his own towards market, but it is not done with that.

30. Consider, only uery few human beings on earth own simile abilities like you and that these mostly do not rise the courage, to offer facts openhearted.

31. As human being is it your duty, to spread your knowledge and to help your fellow-creatures Oy this.

32. You did know from beginning, that all oecomas uery hard that one would not just stay helpful at your side.

33. So I find, you take a bit too hasty a finish of our miss into consideration.

3tf. I have………..

+ You really have easy to talk.


35. Let me please finish my words.

36. I see, that you are angry, because the success for help great get exspected and much unlogical gets carried tow;

37. But there is no need for your anger, for you have but ti recognize, that your fellow-creatures stay far behind y* spiritual form and first have to learn.

38. You know this very well.


39- Human rags is only there demanded, where the knowing about laws and bids and other things is clearly existing and although gets offended.

Uu. Ignorance but ought not incite rage in you, as this offend: against the laws.

M. As a help far you, I want to explain to you, that you shou. all once more consider very thorough and with calmth, befo: you put up a negating decision.

1*2. Think about, that the mankind is in need of your help and that you are able to give more to her, than ever a human b was able:to give her, if we abstract from certain prophets who but got disregarded and fell to falsifications.

**3« Consider, that since about 2ooo years no earthhuman being chosen for a contact by a very high spiritual form and an portant message got transmitted to him, like it is the cas with you.

t*U. So deliberate, as how much important you get esteemed by u and by the creatures of the high spiritual plains Arahat Athersata’s, what not gets done causelessly.

**5- You are the first prophet of the new time, and in this the most improtant person of your world, for you are the basic way-preparer for the new time.

**6. You have to endure the very heavy preparating labour for 1 truth-announcers, who will come past your time.

<*7. Consider all this very thoroughly, before you undergo a decision, that only rises by rage.

*tfl. Ue know indeed the rising-up rage in you earthhuman being: for at all times we had such problems uith you.

**9. Xany prophets were agitated uith great rage because the unintelligableness and unreasonability of their fellow-creatures.

50. And often they needed this rage, to fulfill their mission

51. 3ut be just, as your rage is not in need of being existim

because your fellou-creatures are ignorant.


Why Plejaren dont Help Financially:

52. Belonging to the unlogic questions in respect to financial aid etc. here I want to glue an declaration for the questic Consider each earthhuman being, that at first ue have no similar things with goods and money means etc., like they are usual and common an the enrth.


– 29a –

53. Even if we wanted so, we could not serve you with financi help, which yau call money, for we have no possession of such goods.

5^. itle will never manipulate hazard games etc., for these art of excessive bad worthes and evil worthes.

55. As third important point is to say, that ue don’t let us challenge by t3lks and questions etc., for this earth is your homeland and not our.

56. If but we are here and want to help the earthly mankind ; its spiritual and elseway development, then means this a for us self submitted obligation, which we don’t let mak for an ought by orders from earthhuman beings.

57. Dur mission corresponds to a voluntary obligation.

56. This is our position, to which still comes your side, uh that the earthhuman being has to trouble himself too, an contributes his share to all sameways.

59. This means, that the earthhuman too has to take up a cer voluntary duty and to bear certain things by himself.

60. It is plain wrong from him, to think, he just could take use help and goodness without to contribute himself some to this help.

61. The earthhuman being has to learn from this, that his se ness, his borderless egoism, is fully depiaced and obtai no justification.

62. When there shall be helped for the earthhuman being, he has to give his share to this help.

63. This share now concists in your worthes in the supply of necessary capital and of all necessary labour.

61*. If the earthhuman being but believes, he only could sei; and had nothing to giva^pfor that, then he moves on unre; trails.

65. He only then is able to overcome his bad egoism, if he t clear about, that always two in themselves forming a un: result a hyper-unit.

66. This says by other words in this case, giving and taking mu: joined together into a unit.

67. IF we transmit to you spiritual knowing and goods etc., thet it is your duty, to elaborate this goods and knowings and ti contribute also certain shares For reaching oF the uhole.

6a. If the earthhuman being but deliberates from the base oF

his unlogic and treats, taking were more blessed than givin then he uill not free himself from his evil egoism.

69. And the earthly human being is egoistic, in the single one as in the mass, from what exploitation is uritten great in your world.

+ This uas damned clear, Semjase.


70. Sure, but is must be said.

Spiritism or Channeling:


for X haue a question in store: Hou does it Oehaue with tht spiritism, should one talk with the died, and is this at a.’ possible? I haue in this direction my special opinion, whit I now yet do not desire to tell you- Please explain to me, what is the occurence uith that, as ue haue had some talkir about this recently.


71. As you uant: Essentially seen, at you earthhuman beings ge” exercised much spiritism, but uery amateurish and without callable knowings or successes.

72. More than 95% of socalled spiritistic meetings consist so i deception, self-deception and quackery.

73. So quite conscious wrong things get pratentad and stressed magic tricks, etc.

7U. In uery, uery many cases lays self-deception before, for t the spiritism exercising persons are in the urong acceptan beyond creatures or died would answer them.

75. A medium of this kind is uery susceptible for telepathic oscillations of the unconscious and “taps” by this ability the subconscious of other human beings, by uhat they exper things, which are futural or gone.


76. Hot introduced or ignirant humans believe so, the medium hg

indeed medial abilities.

77. Human beings are so very often asthonished, if by such acts things about these selves or relatives get told, uhich the\ selves had long time forgotten and no more were able to remember of..

75. Such a form gets moreover even exercised by one of your qrr

members, as I made certain. 79. He lives near to you and has fallen to a self-deception. So. This farm of a pretentive spiritism evokes in the medium a

self-delusion, by what the assessors too get enclosed.

31. Each reality gets here lost.

62. Such wrong forms are unfortunately much spraad and can not get constrincted within short time.

32. The time would yet never be enough, if I uould like to tal about all the different forms of the spiritism, while I wa to content meself uith an explanation about the true facto By ignorant and unlogic human beings should neither a simp deads’-conjuration nor real spiritism be exercised.

83. These things are firstly very dangerous for the exercising person, and secondly they get deceived by the dead or used for jokes.

8**. A died form of life awns also in the opposite sphere only the knowledge, she had collected in the material world.

65. If then she gets called from the material world, she then only discuss once more and to tell, what she just had leai in the material world.

H6. Exspecially Bre mast weighting the points of religious doc which a died form of life always lets appear in foregrounc and by this badly lead astray the still living ones.



67. So, because the religious facts in their material existence ready have played the decisive roll in their life-

88. Many died do not agree uith the calling of their being and because this, deceive badly the still living ones, if they are called.

B9. Many make evil jokes and prophets urong things, uhich but then even event, because the ignorant living ones believe i and withdraw the events like uith a magneto.

90. Wow but exists also the form of the true spiritism, of uhic as far as ue knou, only four earthhuman beings are able:

In this form died of higher forms get called and even creat of other spheres.

91. And because these are often spiritually very high developec have they laid aside many heresies too and have become uise

92. And these spirit- and being-forms are the only ones, uho truthful answer all questions of still living and neither exercise fraud nor jokes.

93. Basical the truth of the spiritism leys in that, that in f; line it is not desired from the died and not offers any bei for the living ones, but only bad things, if it concern thi exercised spiritism of the low kind.

9<«. The human being should so never venture to call deads.

95. Very much need and misery could even alone by this get rami in your world, if you would omitt this wicked and wronglea spiritism.

96. Of worth is only the spiritism of higher form, where deads higher spiritual spheres or higher creatures get called an can be asked.

97. But as already told, exist an your earth presently only fo human beings, who are able for such doing.

98. In your socalled total-european area but not lives not a s one of these four able ones, and to call them, have I not right.


CR 026, Wednesday, June 13,1975

– Semjase disrupts the first meeting between Billy & Karl Veit family

Semjase’s Mission to SOL-Planets & Moon (Interference in AstroScience Developments)::


Twentysixth contact Wednesday, 18. »

lull h


1. By ray regret is today a further talking not possible, bs

I got ordered far a special mission. 2* Sa it uill not be passible for me during the next time,

join very often in connexion uith you. 3. So please understand, that ue have to put larger times

between our contacts. + Do you uant to go away?


This is this uays ordered to me, but I don’t leave the 3 sy-Btem.

+ What about the demonstration at the moment? Semjase

5. It does not concern here my longer going away, before t want to perform the demonstration.

+ Oh so, I thought already, it were finally so far.


6. The time forces not for that, for I have much to do bef

7. My new order leads me only to some worlds of your syste your sattelite, the moan.

8. This in connexion to some events, which have occured du


last time.

9. There have gat started by the earthly scientists different probation- and exploration-enterprises to explore the space and some worlds, which need our attention. 1o. Besides this appear some new aspects of certain things, whic two of your great powers will exercise from about middle of July.

1*1. This are the states America and Russia, which in cooperatiar to clear up different important factors, in what cause in communitary labour they want to work in a space-station.

12- This demands extreme attention and manyfold controls from at side, far the participating must not reach more cognitions, than the earthly scientists and mlghtkesper are able to beai

13. The danger of reaching of too large cognitions has come inti seizable near unfortunately, and so we have to check all ani to control.

14. If got reached too many new cognitions, then this could brii heavylasting consequences for the earthly mankind, exspecia then, as the human being of earth is not mature enough stil For certain things and mould evaluate according new cogniti for power-strengthening of certain states.

15- The greatest danger but lays in, that the new cognitions can lead to the fully destruction of the earthmankind and their world, if they find exercise in certain principles.

15. This would show a very wicked consequence of solar extensia by uhich the uhole harmony uould be drawn in affection.

17. Further neighboured systems would also became affected, and each from the case, under circumstances evoke a smaller cos catastrophy.

+ This is very interesting, Semjase, but I thought, this entE prise would first get started in the early eighties?


19. It is already so far.


+ I uander yet, that you speak sa open about these things, uhat at other times is not Just your proceeoing, for until now yoL only offered such things to me under the seal of silence onl


20- Surely, but the here called facts are in purpose of quite certain cansequences.

21- The human being has to become informec about, thet not ainrj all might belongs to his scientists and politicans, and tht still other forms of life exists, uho care for a certain 01 from what fact then the human being must not live with too sorrows and worries,

22- Dn the other side it shall get clear also for the mighty or of yaur earth and the scientists, that they can not just g: free course for the delusion of destruction simply from thi discretion.

+ Here I have to say, I find this quite all right, for many i these misters fall only too easy to megalomania and delusii

Plejaren Intervention in the Development of Earthy Science & technology;


But – haue yau done such things already more often? Semjase

23. Yes, uie did – but not only ue.

2k. hie have uatched whole the development and influenced too uit certain forms.

25. Dn the other side, in different cases ue even had to induce eliminations, or at least to sentence different enterprises to failure.

+ This sounds just like, as if in a way yau always at all thir would have interfered something.


25. Certainly, if you want to call it- so.

G^eh-lntelligences & their Agenda on Earth:


+ Well, it concerns then: I assume already since long time, tm besides yau still other extraterrestrais haunt in our world, yet with very different desires and hopes– These creatures ma be plain strange to your race, at least parts of them, while others but will haue to rise from your race itself.


32. Surely, yet go on speaking.

+ Yes, I could imagine, that so not all extraterrestrais, who interfere uith our matters, have and grow the finest intentii where only is not evident for me, why you let them do this. Gut an might be ……….


33. Because each living form is justified in her existence anc c treat from her own judgement in own mode, and think so.

3t*. ‘uie are not allowed to exercise powerful influences, if such is not life-important, and so we can only exercise in the uay of advises.

35. But go on speaking.

+ well, this explains to me your behavement and I find is lagi – I start so from the assumption, that certain strange to yc forms of life from the wideths of universe haunt on our eart and in the cosmos and try to influence other creatures, and so within the most different doings. On the other hand I als assume, that still one or several groups of your descendants has not returned to you, and that these even too live in foi of the deity. For they then will have to live in the old foi in practise it can anjy be, that they influence many creatui and also the earthhuman being from that and came to appearar as messengers of a god. Here is only not clear for me, that have not tald me the truth in this respect, as we some times already hove talked about theae things.




36. I have never explained you something else than she truth.

+ Then I Explain it otherwise to you: About all the this cone ning things have you only told the half of the truth. This means, that all right you have told me the trutn in all thi yet only told the half of the story and expiained-


37. Surely, your explanation is right.

+ Very kind of you- – But- why have you not told all?


36. The time was not mature for this, – not for you, but for th

others, because their knowledge was still not sufficient. 39. By all our contact reports they yet now got enough preparet

for that, to know also these things. 4a. You lay quite right with your assumptions, as there are sti

other forms of life in the earthly space, than just only oi


41. Moreover stay here still some splinter groups of our own a? race, same ways but too on other worlds, uhich still live : the old forms.

42- Continuous they try to influence the creatures according tt forms, exspecially the earthhuman being.

43- tven the ancestors have appeared as deities, and so they ci this uays, too.

44. They are endeavoured about, exspecially not to release the earthhumen being from this shape and to make hin dependent by stoic directing him to religious heresies etc. further and to beat him into their ban.

45. Long time already they try, to force into your world, to m subject the earthly mankind.

46. The more religious the earthhuman being is or gets, all th rises the chance for this delusion’s performance-

47. This uould mean, that the earthmankind could once more fal evil religious confusions and newly bloody religious delus

uould start the government in your world.

4B. In this purpose gets tried from their side, to push auay the truth by religious delusion.

Contactees of Gizeh-lntelligences:

V V H0U iZ thc c35ejllh y0ur uqrcls u1cnr

earTnTyTnjmanoeinrjsujauld not come into contact with these Form3 or life7


49. Also about this have I given only partly explanations: I tolt of certain charlatans and deceivers etc., to uho is nothing add, for these declarations are complete.

5a. Further yet gets added, that mentioned creatures here and thi but not often, really take up contacts uith earthhuman being and deceive them by their religious influences.

51. Otheruise but suffer many earthhuman beings deceptions, evok by halluzinations or by certain and uanted illuaionary praj tions fram the extraterrestral creatures, in purpose of establishing of their heresies.

52. To this belong large suggestive influences in deceiving purp too, like also appearances of many kind*

+ This explains a many for me.


53. Ue uill have to talk about this once a time very thoroughly. 5*4. In the moment this does not go, by my regret, for the time

pushes and I have to leave.

CR 027, Wednesday, June 25,1975

Billy’s trip to Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn & Asteroid Belt:


you can dc a flight ui

us, if you uant, as ue are nou ready for such. + Phantastic – at any time. – Uhen uill it start then?


6. You are not surprised? + Uhy should I ?


7. You aluays again urestle from me astonishing movements.

8. If it is all right for ynu but, ue can start at once. + So let’s go on, girl – uhere to shall the journey ga7


9. You are once more a riddle for me, because I can not recogni the smallest feeling’s movement insides you, neither pleasur nor fear.

+ I am too much realist, Semjase.


10. This uili be the C3use, besides this, you are a uaterman-bDr who are able to control very precise their feelings.

11. Lie thought ta start a flight with you to the planet Suturn.

12. For thi3 ue need a time of about 2.1/2 hours, if you have so time spared?


+ Will this be a question? Semjase

13. (Mot, of course.

+ All right – what about to do some photographs? Am I allowed ‘ shoot some pictures?


1**. kJe haue decided positive in this point. + You always talk of “ue” ?


15. Uie are here with three bepmships and will also fly as three.

16. You will see the both otherones, as soon as we have started. 17- At the moment they float only few meters above us and have

screened themselves. + Okay, for what do we still wait?


18. Ynu are much in hurry, but at first I have to explain some things for you: You may shoot some pictures from out my ship

19. Some pictures are allowed for you of the both other beamship while start and landing.

20. Then you are allowed to make one or two pictures from our sight-control-instrument.

21. You also may ban the earth on your film, as well the Mars, tl Jupiter and the 5aturn.

22. Ue also admit some pictures of the moon for you.

23. But you have to obeye this by certainity and not to make oth pictures, than I was allowed to admit for you.

+ Surely.

Semjase 23. Okay, then we may start. 2^. Have you well hidden your vehicle? + As usual.


25. Then come on, – and don’t uiojry for your camera, as the harming factors are demoted.

25. (Walk together to the beamship, where simply by elevatoric f and unvisible power we get heaved up like with a lift into tl ship and at once stand in the cockpit, while behind us the h,

(The flight lasts 2 hours and 34 minits, leads along the plar Mars, Jupiter and Saturn at considerable distance, surrounds last one and returns earthwards again, uhile ue pass also thE ruins, or a part of these of the asteroid girdle.) Past the touch-doun still the following talk got done:


44. Hau do you feel youself?

.+ Phantastic – the impression uas great.


45. Have you nothing more to say?

+ Should I ? First I uill have to labDrate through all the phs tastic impressions. Uhat I am yet still interested, is the pz distance. How many kilometres have ue travelled?


46. In your kind of counting it were about million kilometi

+ Oh dear, and this uhile only 2.1/2 hours. Uhen I consider hav travelled twelve years on the dear mother earth and here uho] 2.7 million kilometres passed, I could become envious an you.

This tDday space journey is mora than 1.1oo times longer, tha . my grovelling on the earth. Dear, is this a thing, if I consi this distance.

» •

47. Certainly, in this sight this number is very great, but you u have to accomodate youself for such, for ue have decided to t you with us past some time for a much greater journey – to th Plejades.

+ 7?????? Plejades?—This are nearly 5oo lie



48. Surely.

49. Yet now unfortunately I have to leave, because my missions ce for me.

CR 029


Photographs of ‘Saturn trip1 failed:

(■■IVHWH^ By my regret Uie former pictures have nearly ail failed, from the travel to the Saturn. Either they uer uiiriEj-exoosed or overexsosed or then the film uas just black.


Thi3 unfortunately was to exspect, because for such purpose you should have special equipments in use.

Though I uiill try it again while the next journey. If just some few pictures will succeed far me, I am already content.

Description of Semjase’s Beamship:


26. Insides the cockpit prevails a green-yellow light, which qui evidently gets generated by the board-wondows, which are orai coloured from outsides, insides yet green-yellow.

27. This statement causes me also for the First question:

+ How behaves, Semjase, the are orange-coloured outsides and here insides yellow-green?


28. The outside is special coated and colours itself each from tl kind of atmosphere by different colours.

29. In a for us wholesome atmosphere the material colors itself orange and throws this yellow-green light insides.

30. If the outside colors itself otherwise, green for example, yellow, red or blue etc., then sudden also the inner light changes.

31. Ulithout special analysises we this ways get orientated about whether we need in the concerning atmosphere a protective cl or not.

32. A failing of this mode of atmospherical analysation is plain impossible and besides this, the automatic of the sluice ope only then the escape hatch, if the pilots wear the concernin protective clothes.

33. This gets enabled by sensitive eyes, which find contacts at certain places of the clothes accordingly.

3**. If one wants to leave the ship in a not wholesome atmosph for us, then this is only possible in the protective clothes else the securing automatic does not open.

35. When we reach over the layers of a world, where the atmosphe vanishes, then the outside of the board windows becomes tran parent and clear and nearly not differs from your glass.

36. The windows protect by their special coating the penetrating □f_G3ch radiation; by this, no cnncsr Bxl&tfi.

37. They admit alone neutralized light.

38. For the observations we have our control instruments, which

a much more scrutinized observation for us than the view out

the board-windows, which also will not be well suited for ph

78 ~-—■

graph pictures, because the pictures assumptive will be not

at least so long, as the outsides are coloured.

39. In higher layers this yet will remote, and you will be able take clear pictures.

40. How far they will succeed for you, may I not decide, for we have troubled ourselves with photo apparatures of your kind so don’t know their abilities, too.

+ This will ue state now.


41. Surely, yet now I must advise you to put no further question which hpcamp urittpn down in rpparts, fnr thp uhnlf pvents e Df this flight are you first then alloued to call, uhen I ac this for you.

42. This concerns also the look and the equipment of the beamshi + fla you uant.


43. It has to be, in quite certain causes. + It’s okay, I hold my mouth silent.

CR028, Friday, June 27,1975

– Quetzal on Issuing orders to group members

Introduction of Quetzal:


Twentyelghtth content Friday, 27.June 75; 1q

Thought transmission contact


1. There have resulted some important matters, which uie must transmit to you.

2. It concerns facts of some events from out your group, which I must become discussed.

3. In this purpose our station leader wants to come in though 1.1< contact with you and announce the necessary facts to you.

<*. His name is Quetzal, and he is the highest leader of all our

stations in this aystem. Are you ready tD listen to him?

+ Of course, why not? Out what hove I done, that the great chit himself wants to come in contacts with me?


5. It concerns an event in your group, as I already told.

6. So no guilt meets you.

7. But listen now for the voice of Quetzal. Quetzal

1. My honoring greeting, dear friend. ——

Gloria Lee – Effects in the Meier’s Group:


1. My honoring greeting, dear friend. ——

2. die while the lost time received different uncontrolled thougr of members of your group, at which we became attentive for si


facts, uhich by my regret I have to discuss nam objecting: Because the extraordinary strong though impulses of some pers ue have looked for these Facts and stated at these, though 01 destinations, uhich uere transmitted by Semjase, having proct not in our desires.

3. In first line it concerns about the factor of the book respec vely the scripture GLORIA LEE.

4. Semjase explained very clear in respect to this boolket, at r diffusing a relevant and appropriated introduction had to bee elaborated and added to the literature, because this is uncor tional demanded for clearing up.

5. As ue but stated at our analysises, already got started uith spreading of this script uithout addition of the mentionned introduction.

6. This nou throws a bad aspect onto the truth and wakes at mam people wrong impressions and new heresies.

7. Semjase explained by well understandable words, this book emt the pure product of the originating person and obtaining no connection to any extraterrestral forms of life.

B. The writing person, well phantasy-talented and influenced by different factors, suffered a self-deception, which unconscic she self has conjured in result of overboarding phantasy.

9. The writing is worthful so for, she can transmit a certain ir sion and possibilities in several connexions for human being; of average level in your world, where but for already clearei up and knouing earthhuman beings she only appears intersetinc but disappears into fully unimportance.

10. Gloria Lee, hou the originator of this literature calls hersi was never in contact with any living forms, who reached over own level.

11. The whole writing represents just plain a product of her own

thoughtuays and phantasies, uhich partly she very talented

conclosed in combinations and in consequence was able to fori

futural destinations, uhich but in different phases could no’

prove rioht, because she started from urong premises.

81 –

12. It is very much regretable, that in respect to this work th elaboration and addition of a suited introduction got not obeyed and the the literature spreading person took the la into her own hand-

13- By this the truth further on gets very much endangered and untruthes diffused.

14. At this diffusor of this script it concerns the person H.J. for which we troubled ourselves past cognition of these fac specially and stated, that in certain things she only very hardly lets herself advise.

15. The thoughts and the will-according appearings in this pers incline much towards arbitrarity and to unjustified doubts.

16. So we also recognized, this person not being able to elabor certain offerrsd lessons and suffering doubts.

17. We all right esteem the trustworthyness of this person, but steady doubting and querying of the most important lessons the spirit and his arbitrariness is not to be arrangable wi our obligations.

1B. For if we settle destinations, ue have our causes for thi3, then our destinations ought also get observed.

19. If also we have not reached the improvement and necessarily have to undergo mistakes, we but have evoluted us so far, that we are by many forms superior to the earthhuman being.


2a. From that, ue only issue orders, uhich base in absolute logJ and are caused in this.

21. If then uie issue destinations, ue know uery exact, what ue t and for uhat purpose they serve.

22. If there gets treated against them, they become meanless am worthless, because the uay of truth not can get walked and t in neglegation.

23. So can not be admitted, our destinations being neglected ant ways all put to question.

ZUm It ought not be, that fellow-laborours just simply go over i orders and act from their own judgement in these things.

25. Ue just there issue orders, where they are demanded and ougl be observed too.

26. Ulhere yet we all leave for own deciding, just there may get treated from awn decision.

27. From natural and creational laws everything owns its brazen and this has also the earthhuman being to observe.

23. In this respect we are the leading and advising factors befi the earthhuman being, and so it is not admitted, some persoi rely on their iniogic and treat not from the issued orders.

29. IF also their unlagic lets not realize our logic, this mean: license of arbitrariness for them.

30. Ue only then may offer the spirit’s lesson and all things e useful towards the earthly human being, if becomes treated our advises.

31. Unlogical arbitrarinesses but injure uith great measure our mission.

32. Uithin all steps of evolution we are from earthly counting i the time etc. about 3aoo years Oefore the earthhuman being, uhich fact should be considered by all.

33. If then an earthhuman being, who lays behind us this span o evolution, is of the opinion, that with his uniogic ignorant he would surpass the logic knowing of us, then this equals a selfish megalomania, as you like to designate such.


37. Clearly shall nou get Fixed, that ue can not engage us in t mode oF treating oF single persons.

38. In Further cases of such events ue uould have to issue the that such persons Fully become exclosed From our concerns.

39. Ule have not to menace by them our mission.

40. Lie don’t care in this about the thanklessness For our loyal endeavours, but single and alone about the large menacing a our mission. –

41. IF then ue give special orders, then these ought be observe uould they get useless by the oFFenses in respect oF the pe mance of the mission.

42. The performance of the mission is in need of a harmonic con nlty, not yet of degenerations.

43. If a single human being disregards a law or bid, he then nc alone causes for himself a damage, but also affects otheror by this.

UU. This is a law of the spiritual force, which spreads her rac onto each forms of life.

45. By a consciously commited fault far waves get thrown, which hit guiltlesses by their beating powers.

46. This is a law of the nature, to generate in cooperation a l ‘i7. In matters of H.J. I endeavoured meself for personal cognit

and stated here, a desire for arbitrariness being much expi by uhich he also inclines to advocation of oldfashionned hE 4B. Dnly very hard he lets himself advise about the truth and c its Tightness.

49. Many old heresies are very powerful insides him and hamper proceeding towards the truth-

50. So the advise should be given to him, to trouble himself vg for the newoCferred spiritual lesson and to stay positively of her.

51. He may turn himself personally to our contact-person for ue discussions, who may give him thorough explanations, for he knowledge is the knowledge of the truth and of prophetic gi ness.


52. The instruction uill not be easy, but of according use.

53, His endeavouring also must be established also in, to fight | his arbitrariness and to observe once from us issued orders.

5km If but he uill not follDU this, then ue have to dispense uit! his cooperation, as undesired this uould be For us, for, iF I deliberates uithin the true forms of the truth, he then emboi a very uorthful member in the chain of our mission,

55. Another paint has to be called in respect of the contact repi As ue found out, you Finally endeavour yourselves for the el. of the reports far their diffusion.

56. Here but a factor appears, that not is in cur desire, as in respect ue very thoroughly have cauncilled together short before.



55. Another paint has to be called in respect Df the contact rei As ye found out, you finally endeavour yourselves for the e of the reports for their diffusion.

56. Here but a factor appears, that not is in oijr desire, as in respect ue very thoroughly have councilled together short before.

57. From judgement of some of your members the reports should oi partly get elaborated and diffused, uhile all personal matt, should decome removed.

58. Uith that ue can not agree from our side.

59. Our degree directs in consequence there to, that the report diffused uord for uord from fixed words1 spell, like all is

So. By that also all personal points are inclosed, uhich so ougl get remoted.

61. The reports are only then uorthful and complete, if they ge reproduced uord after uord and contain all factors.

62. This is a destination, uhich bases on very scrutinized delit tions and uhich founds on logic base.

63. All personal and elsehou matters, uhich not should be mentii in the reports and also have not to be diffused and ought m became hold auay from the reports since beginning.

SUm All contact reports laying “in front contain so just exact tl uhat should get offerred and explained to the earthmankind.

65. An omittance of any facts, uords, explanations, corrections other talk parts etc. can ue not judge for acceptable.

CR 029, Monday, July 7,1975

– Motor damage of Karl Viet -family

– Semjase’s opinion on Karl Viet’s work

-Attacks on Billy from religious circles, secret organisations, authorities, militaries as he


is causing them damage

– Semjase informs Meier of his next Great Journey, which in the past 2000 years no one hasgone

-Plejaren made a speical apparatus for photographing & wants to test it in next flight

Pseudo-Contactees of ET’s from Planet venus will be exposed by Earthly-Science in few years:

M« ^ ^ the of

certain deceivers and charlatans, who worldwide passed wrong declarations in respect to pretented contacts with human beii of your neighbour planet Venus.

UZ. Within not very much far years will shown for true to you by science, on this planet existing not any human forms of life the form, as they were described by certain charlatans and deceivers, neither of spiritual nor of material kind.

**3. If so my explanations to that also get refused by different earthhuman beings, this is not of great importance, for the j scientists themselves will witness and show proof my statemei past few years, by what at the same time the proof is given, that several pseudo-contact-persons are only bad deceivers ai charlatans, or were such.

115/lrius it is that human life o:i tliis planet is up to ro still impossible i£ not accorded technical neans for help 116/In the sense then, mentioned by deceivers, no life ii fact exists on Venus. 137/But completely other forrrs (o: llfel does exist, but there can be no comparison betweei these and hunan form3.

Second Highly Developed ET’s who visit Earth:


34. Presently ue are the most high developed Forms of life, uho I outsides of your uorld travel to your earth and also are st3tionned here.

35. Although still other living shapes penetrate into your earth, space, fly in it and partly have also their stations here, hi ue accord to the highest developed level of evolution of all

36. The second high developed form of life lays feu -, than 13< years behind us In the uhole evolution.

37. Ule are before all presently extraterrestral forms of life, ul enliven the earthly space,then by feu more than 134o years ii uhole-evclution position.

Types of Comets:

44. For the really interested earthhuman beings uill I trouble r to give some important explanations in respect to the planet Manyfold the earthly solar system gets passed by comets and planets or traveling stars, to uhich the follouing is to exj Comets appear by different forms, once as travelling planet: as travelling stars, uhich gets draun by the huge attractin( forces of other stars and planets and by suns into their bar circles.

45. In cause of their high velocity pasa through or break throut most times they but the girdle of the attracting Forces and again, uhile but they by the risen rubbing uith the planet-, and star-Forces they become liqueFied on their surFace and stuFF.


46. This draws itself then as often very long tail behind the hi away.

47. By sun energies etc. the pushed-away particles become then I as shining tall.

48. On the other side,’ even the empty space la not empty, becau is animated by innumerous particles and other things, which the steady rubbing uith the travelling planet or the travel star effect him and his tail for illuminating.

49. Yet there exist besides these comets still the fog-similar comet-bodies.

50. In common, comets own quite excentrical trails and circle 1 the system-planets, too, around the sun, but in very more f courses.

51. These system comets usually develop first in near to the su their impressive long tails, uhich often can be many millio kilometres long.

52. Yet really gigantic comets are very rare, so the greatest p all comets is not visible by naked eye.

53. Alone really big and near to earth comets become seen by th human being uith naked eyes.

54. The averaoe comets are often not more than small and very o light intensity globular clouds without tail.

55. But of this kind of comets are just unnumerous.

56. The fog-kinded comets are the most numerous, and they have main characters: They are surrounded by a foggy coma, uith uithout inner central concentration; the core; the tail.

57. The forms of the coma can be very different, elliptical or round or twisted into any direction.

58. The central concentration appears this ways, that the coma lighter towards insides and more compact.

59. The core itself forms a strong lighting area and embodies t

essential comet, which can be great in sizes between feu hu

metres up to many thousand kilometres, uhile the uhole diarr

of the comet head with the coma measured very often measure

up to many hundredthousand or even millions kilometres.


60. Each from the sort of the planet and the influences the tail consists of dust particles or of gas forms or of gas farms a dust particles together.

61. Pure gas tails keep themselves together in much more narrow dimensions than the dust tails, which only appear with much greater comets and are very light, while the gas-tails are o few light intensity and enormous slim.

62. The system-hound comets have very long and slim courses, whi reach very far into the cosmic space.

63. These courses lead very often halfways of even very much to near of other systems, before they start their return flight to the originating system.

64. But even the courses can run so far, that the way leads thro one or more systems and according to this, the way becomes longer.

65. Because the long courses the comets need often many decades, before they fly return to their home system, while system-wanderers, comets, which fly through several systems, have revolution periods of many hundred or even thousands of year

66. And like all planets, submit these comets to the law of grav tian too, and according to this, they form their courses.

67. And just these different kinded courses and their lengthes a decisive for certain alternations and events in the differen star- and solar-systems, even if these events and aiternati aru unly very, very rare.

Origin of Planet Venus:


69/5o this is necessary for the explanation that on Veaus exists no foin of hunon life: Millions of years aqo a huge ‘. ii •• star Sestiuyed Iialf of a planetary system may litfit-yp*r* frm your solar Hysbsn. 7D/A£t_ex Uic destruction of that far away sysrm, Ute wdiiJeiei ix.blA.-d uuL to the widths of the universe, *nri hpdl up its course towards EaxUi, where it was forced by the great, planets and the sun into a new orbit which in consequence, of that brought it on again and again into this syetivfi. 7t/Kncwn as “the_ destroyer“, it followed its new course and prorliiced tor itself in the course of — millions of yoarc, a stable orbit. 72/lhii course led the destroyer uncontrollably cloea te stars and systems, or to other wandering and eomots, wnxen war* by its gi-

gantic sice then forced out of orbir or war* attracted by its gravity and were ‘kidnapped“. 73/This happened as well only a few thousand years ego, when this Lnrwnsc destroyer drew an object into Its gravity ar.d course, and 1 i it ever nany millions of kilometers toward the Earth’s aolar systor.. 74/Tlie destroyer itself flew very far cutaidc the reach of Earth gravity, but Uie object trailing in its gravity field u-iH»tx] dangerously close to Earth and evoked great catasIxuMiIkb. 75/Hie whwle oa\ox system waa plon-jod into die—

535 mid diam at Lhat time and oil ita planets woro purhec into new orbits. 7G/The new object disturbing tho harmony was forced by Uie gravity of the greater piano tc and the Six, Into a Es— between Birth and Hsrcury, and waa unable tc leave the systeau TI/PrA being the brightest jM sect reflective planet of Garth’s solar system, circles since then around the sun and is called by the Earth husun3 Venus”. 7fi/These events, .>(-■• Venus was captured by the Earth’s solar a/aten , happened 3#453 years ago. 80/Dy the events of the tiraes Venus was yulded into a very quiet course, for which it has one of the least eccentric orbits– 82/lriis is the essential effect of that ancient close passage to Earth, by which the rotation of Venus was also in£lusnosdt 83/By the gravity of Earth, the rotation of Venus was alwec down and it started rotating in Uie opposite directs j.. 64/Anc in effect: of the vsry short time of passage tiircuuh Garth’s gravity, the rotation of the slowad planet waa nut able to increase itself, for which reason It attained B extremely long tine for only or* rotation, and rain tains Iron that day the slccoaet rotation tine in the whole solar uysten. 85/ Since than one day m Venus lasts 117 Partil days, wtUle the

tir* tor rotation around the SO degree inclined avis of the poles amounts to 243 Earth days.

8b/By the gravity of Earth Venn* MM rorbed in its flight i,4bt years aco of its <*jn rotational energy, and there arose a very grear heat of friction. ft7/flnd this frictionsl heat is also tne cause of the physical conditions which presently reign on Veniie. Hft/’ihe physical conllrinns alone show the falsity of all rrvw who affirm that hunan life exicts on Venus. 89/This matter is completely outside rhe frame of natural chance, beeaiico the environmental conditions cn Van 13′ surface and the arnrwphere are absolutely deadly for human creatures. «0/’lrte surface tenperature nf Venus, measured at a depth of 13 kl lometers, is at present 457 degreoa Oalsaus. 91/Thie Is also the reason why all the water of this planet has turned to vapor and foms today the very thick stratum, of clouds. 9?/That ai«v produces an atmosphere sc dense that the pressure at an accepted sea level is 334 time higher than of the sir on the Earth. 93/And interpreted ir your sriertifir rem*, the atnosphere of Venus is also a danger to the life of human creatures, because it consists by volume of B7% mrtra dirty Ice, while the percentan? dttffcrr: 1″ MS pi * tor. Qa/Oyyoen exists at present in the lower stratum?; in only 4.23», and nitrogens and rare gasses are reported to he VV^7*. 95/watex vapor la vary rare at present, and the atnrwphHie is considerably greater than that of your Fartft. *)fi/TtiK actual pressure of the Venus aTrosnhere Is 107 Mnw aRMl^r than the pressure of your Earth’s armnsphem. 97/Arxl Uils is also a matter which is hostile to hunan forms nf life. 98/By this Oe-crwwing only very slowly great pressure, hutren forns of life would he srjuashed Intn liill jljuiability and deatroyed, and even —OflJlC form CM s.iffei Uie bdsc fate. 99/ln ewplanatlm, I wart to reveal here, that we have found on Venus, Earthly gpnaratus, which by Uns iantr-se preaaure of the arnrwphere of Verms was COWutelely quashed and damaqed o’.-rfl r»e-rtre they reached the surface of that planet. 100/ ■specially this has to do with the exploration reans of your state of ftiegua. uhich were shot towards VeiiLS by the scientists of that land. 101/Those, destroyed devices looked like they had been thrown at great velocity auainst a metal


167/Vemis has a magnetic, f1fl)rt, of very low meaaurement, and also what you call the “Van Alien Belt” is expressed


very lew, in consequence of which whet you call the “solar wind” factor is not screened very much. 103/Then must be regarded as well the very high tenKerature, which injures the belt. 104/But also the lack of water has its consequences in nourishing the hostility aqainst life of this planet. 105/Frcni the event of 3,453 year* agn. the planet is at present in the first phases of recovery and restoration. lOEj/Slowly, over the course of centuries and ntilleniuras, natural conditions for life, and forms of life of the nest primitive kind will develop, as ticse are usual on each emerging life-developing world… 107/Thus for even the irost unreasonable one It Is evident that we are dealing, in the case of Venus, with a planet that Is making its first moves within the status of producing life.

108/with regard to the planet Itself, It must be explained that especially In its eqoatortai regions it is very flat with structured relief regions far away. 109/Crmcerning the temperature, day and night sides are nearly equal, while there are great differences in the strength of the wind between the lower and the higher regions. 110/At the surface itself the wind is still, and first develops in the higher

_ ‘j ■j. i... ill/fiL &t_Lll :~l‘-.;’.a ..lib U;t wU:Ub uii:ikhsh

very much oi,d reach velocities of 117 maters per second. U2/The lowest level of cloud exists at 43.17 kilcneters (above the surface), but this can always vary because cf atmospheric sterns etc. 113/This is especially likely over those regions where the winds are pressed downwards and reach the surface and blow against the mountains, which themselves reach heights of 2.3 kilometers on average. 114/ The climate and structural weather are on the whole very constant on Venus, tut nevertheless show certain differences. 115/Thus it is that human life o.i tliis planet is up to new still impossible if not accorded technical means for help, llti/in the sense then, mentioned by deceivers, no life in fact exists on Venus. 117/But completely other forms (of llfel does exist, but there can be no comparison between these and human forms. 118/’lhe planet is still very wild, for how else could this be after 3,dSJ years? 119/For example may sen** to you the l&rth NVjpn, as uhen you look at it you have nearly a ccpy of the verms which presents itself below the thick stratum of clouds. 129/When we or other forms of life go to Venus, which is rich in very different minerals and other naterials, it is only possible for us by



using special protective dress which preserves us trrm the dangerous Influences oC the Venuaian atnosphere, the great heat, etc., as well as In record to the different tones of poisons and gasseh wliich nuve as deadly clouds over the planet. 121/And because planet is a objected to certain

differences, we must also take this into consideration, as for example, for different locations vhexe the temperature increases to sore than 500 degress Celsius directly on the surface, and where also the values of carbon dioxides, of nitrogens, helium, argon and neon qanses change valueai while sIeo the ernr>spher1c pressures differ between 88 up to

122/lhese are the basic explanations which 2 have to offer in respect to the ability of human or aim ilex to human life exisfcing on the planet Venus. 123/lf T had to describe other planets of your sun system, then by regret dlt^j there 1 would have to refute at different planets the deceptive information of certain elements and substitute for it the real truth/ >mos= other supposedly inhabited planets of your avatent ccntoin no ouch forms of human life…

Life on Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus:

115/Thus it is that human life on this planet is up to no still inpossible if not accorded technical means for help U6/In the sense then, nenticned by deceivers, no life ii fact exists on Venus. 117/But c-npleteiy other fbrra (c lire) does exist, but there can be m comparison bBcum* these and hunan foras. sjs^^^^^s^^^Hiia

122/Xhaoe are the basic «rpianatiori3 which 1 have to oft in respect to the ability of hunan ur similar to human 11 existing on the planet vemis. 123/XT T had to describe ofch planets of your sun system, then by regret also there would have to refute at dltterent plants the deceptive I forrroticn of certain el sewn ts and sttvtltute for it the re Liuth, beoSflN other cuppocodly inhabited planets of yo avatem certain no ouch forme of honar life…



During the whole time different very important things get talked about which only sd much can be said, also possioilitigs of furti form3 of liFe on solar planets mere drawn in consideration. So exspecially, because manyfold is talked and written in books, such creatures would have had contacts with us Earthhuman being3 or with some of us.

Such affirmations mainly exist about creatures from Jupiter, Sat and Uranus, as well from Mars. 6^bb1bb»1bbSbb1bvJb^Bbbbbbbbbbb^

#|^^H^^BiMBBBBBBBaW At aii these planets, which only i may be designated For planets, because not all of them are real planets, none oF such creatures exist, which should be reliable pretended inspirations, telepatic eFfusion etc. to earthhuman bi The existing forms of liFe are plain of other kind than human ai also are Fully desinterested in the earthhuman being. ^^H^^B

George Adamski- ‘Inside a Spaceship1

12<*. Especially I want to lead my talk once more to George A daw for he has put up, besides Karl Hichalek, the most monstrou assertions: By the excessive much manuFacturing of trlck-ph etc. he became in run of the years almost cheekier and mare lightminded.

125- As he saw and recognized, he found much approval in certain circles and his photos etc. got not proved by too hard exam nations and by this could delude even real experts, he vent for still larger allegations, that were, he had Flown with extraterrestral spaceships and had been photographed there, by extraterrestral forms oF life from ship to ship.

126. In this respect I relate specially on the book “Insides a s ship”, which kindly you gave to me for study.

127. In this book exists before page 161 a photo of Adamski, whi pretended has been taken From a venusian explorership.


128. Here gets pretended, in this picture George Adarnsky would early morning hours of the 25. April 1955 on board of a la spaceship and just together with an extraterrestral human at a sight hatch.

129. Alone this picture may give to every truthloving and inqui earthhuman being the tact, that the assertions of Adarnsky correspond to pure phantasy, as by the always in him incre ventures and appearing inadvertencies he here has committe extreme mistake, which convicts him of deceit, if earnestl following gets noticed: Gets the size of the sight hatch I to the real measurement ( the hatch, where Adarnsky has fix the picture of his head ), then results a size of 25 cent!

130. This is a very exact measure, very precise and correct.

131. If this measure now gets reduced for the whole extension c ship, whose length- and width-measures can well get count the picture, then would result a whole width and whole he of the ship with only 171 centimetres and a whole length c 527 cm., what would correspond to the reality measures.

132. Adarnsky yet had manufactured models, which not passed ovei size of 3o cm, most but only eere some centimetres, which he Fixed on glass panes before the optic of his instrument and then photographed.

133. This ways succeeded for him very deluding photos, exspeci? but then, when he worked with telescopes and draw near the as background.

13**. Some photos could he only this ways manuFact, when he arrs several panes oF glass, equipped with pictures, drawings e phosphorescing colors, and then photographed the whole.

135. He let produce a really good model by a meanwhile died Fri and that in metal.

136. He Fixed also this bell-shaped model on a very strong and pane of glass and used it this way for close-up’s etc., wt even were able to delude experts.


137. Adarnsky was enabled to hit by these heresy-creating pieces i work, into ban worldwide circles.

138. This was all the easier for him by the according straigthen of his character, ahead his Fellow-creatures.

139. In largest measure but his extreme suggestive ability was d by which he could evoke halluzlnatlons in well-known person and that by difFerent forms.

1^o. Running over many years, he this ways was able to influence realistic-thinking human beings From his will and his phant and to let work in them the conviction, he really would sta contact to extraterrestral intelligences.

1M. Besides Adarnsky are working several other same-kinded charl and deceivers, if yet their extensions do not reach the of

1*+2. But several among these play a very decisive roll and spons

furthpr nn fchp untruth.

■*• More evident could your explanations nearly not be, and so they will have to be enough For reasonable thinking human b

Diffusion of ‘Contact Reports’:

147. In respect to the contact reports I also explained for you, these should become diffused in internal circles, like they already existing.

14B« Only for external circles these should get elaborated in a where all personal concerns etc. get removed.

149* If yet any external circles appear, who want to get the un tened reports, then they should get handed over to them In whole form.

15o. The revised form of reports is only destinied For the broa + Same ways ue thought this too, Semjase.


CR 030, Tuesday, July 15,1975 Photographing Apollo-Soyuz Docking:

Thirtxest contact Tuesday, 15. July 75,

Thought transmission contact

1. Several times I have received your thoughts, but by my regret had to ignore them, because my present mission needs too much my attention.

2* If then I take up contact uith yau, then from quite certain c and only for short time: Prepare yourself for the early morn! hours of the 17th July, which is within two days. 3. At given time I will call you then and meet from a suited plE J*. Equip youseif uith sufficient film material, because this uil be of importance.

5. As First earthly human being you shall photograph an event, which is of extreme importance and weight for your race.

6. It treats of the connection manouvre of the both american anc russian space cases, which you ought to take up on your film.

7. In thi3 purpose ue have constructed a special apparatus, by i as we hope, you uill be able tD take better pictures uith yoi camera.

8. These uill be the first photographs, which show such a manouv independant of the earthly space capsules.

9» Prepare yourself to be absent while longer hours, as before t photo-enterprise and past it you will undergo a very long fli which even is still impossible for many space-driving forms c life.

Introduction of ‘Great Journey1:


10. In the universe do only very feu kinds of life exist, who an able to traverse such huge distances, because this only is a! by breaking and utilization of the hyperspace.

11. Uhen this but has become possible by highest developed techn there the universe forms no more limits.

12- Space and time, too, form no longer borders and the barriers between the differrent universes no longer, too.

13. As already from earlier time you know, also time-travels are known at certain forms of life ………………………..

+ You know these things?

Semjase 1<*. Sure.

15. Asket. too, is well-known to me.

16. Eut please don’t cut me short, for my time for contact is ve short. Ue will not be able to succeed the camming travel by i small spaceship, because for such distances it is not suited

17. Past doing your photo-work will we over into a ship, equipped for great space.

18. So try to have at least totally free thirty hours, because w will travel with this ship really very far outside of all to you known star-constellations and galaxies and run while thi through several milliards light-years.

19. Yau shall get the chance also, to take up some few pictures star systems and galaxies etc. and also to see from far the origin homeworlds of the human races.

20. This place today offers a peculiar picture, whiches origin bases on a powerful destruction of a very great star.


21. This destruction got effected uery long time ago, by a barbi and mightthursty IHUIH, uha himself found his end in this damage.

22. From his mind and his predetermination this destruction deui exactly the form of the considered picture, uhich should gl’ a memorial of his might to the creatures of the universe.

23. The predeterminated form uias a gigantic picture of an eye, i today looks through the universe as a evil memorial of humai delusion and thurst for might.

24. According to the eye-similar appearance this formation is c; since its rise in connection to its producer uith the dasigi IHhlHMATA.

25. This designation means translated to your language: Eye of or god’s-eye.

26. From your astronomical dates and designations you find the eye in the star sign of lyra and you call it ring-fog or M5

27. This are the facts, uhich tooay I have to you.

28. If nou you still have a question, then I have still short t

to answer this for you.

+ I feel meself set into the kingdom of phantasy, Semjase. Bu me, uhere in the heaven I can find the “God’s eye” 7


29. You need a greater telescope for that.


+ !dhat pity. – In respect to the travel in stare i still have question: Uhen I count the distance in kilometres, what numt results then?


30. It exceeds all your mathematical abilities of determination! by a manyfoldness.

31. A calling of number, uhich I only could do in my design3tior uould so be absurd.

32. Sut be conscious of, that never before a human being of the

has travelled before you such a large distance and also uilj

dD uhile the next 2ooo years, because this travel leads you

a barrier of this universe.

+ I get crazy – – – you mean, ue hurry to a place, uher this t touches another one?



+ But then these feu hours uill not be sufficient. Semjase

34. You don’t remember of the parasylatlon of space and time by i of the hyperspace.

35. A hyper-leap over uncounted trilliards and still even higher

denominating worthies of light years lasts only parts of seco

4- Oh man, then this uill become just fastly a short travel to the end of universe. A travel into eternity, so to say.


36. Your thoughts are wrong, because ue don’t reach to an end of the unlvprsp, fnr such rinPR nnt. pxist..

37. UJe merely travel to a barrier of this universe.

+ I meant so all right. I only expressed meself unsuited.

But hou can ue do this travel, uhen you are so much occupied in this matter with the Americans and the Russians?

3B. The further work gets done when I leave,by others, because

an added work got transmissed to me, which is connected with

the great travel, as you call her.

+ Then you do not just fly to this universe-barrier, as you Ju would want to grant this travel for me?


39. You conceived it, because quite a certain mission is connect with it.

ka. But now I can’t talk with you more. The time pushes and I ha still to do several things.

CR 031, Thursday, July 17,1975

– Introduction of Ptaah

– Meier blocks transmisson from Arahat At he rsata( called Meier as Prophet


of New-Age)

– SEmjase explains why Billy was called a ‘Prophet’ and also speaks about the lives of Previous Prophets

– Semjase writes a letter for the group

– Semjase often uses the word,”My Father”..she says this is the case as long as we are in material form and only change in Pure Spiritual levels

– Meier experiences the 7 minute in Eternity

– Meier Meets Asket & Nera

– Billys plans to buy a printing machine to publish monthly magazines & booklets

– Asket Contact Reports Great Journey Route-Map: Venus






Apollo-Soyuz Docking(5 ET ships, 1 belongs to Plejaren) Great-Spacer

1st HyperLeap – Pleiades – 500 ly

2nd HyperLeap – Orion Nebulae -1800 ly

3rd HyperLeap – Crab Nebulae – 3150 ly

4rth HyperLeap – HOrse-Head Nebulae -1810 ly


5th HyperLeap – Trifid Nebulae -6th HyperLeap – God’s Eye – 5600 ly 7th HyperLeap – Rosette Nebulae(M57) 8th HyperLeap – Omega Nebulae(M17) 9th HyperLeap – M16

10th HyperLeap – Dumb-bell Nebulae(M27)

11th HyperLeap – NGC 67B1

12th HyperLeap – NGC 7293

13th HyperLeap – NGC 7089 – 47,000 ly

14th HyperLeap – Andromeda System – 2.2 million ly

15th HyperLeap – Universal Barrier

Newly Constructed Camera Apparatus by Plejaren:


12/But look here now: We have produced tlus apparatus ner tn givr yrai tetter possibilities for qettiny photograph 13/fou can told your camera qaite siinply before this acre and then photograph outside. 14/Aa ycu sec, you arc able look through tills transparent material to outside, like would he a simple pane of glass. 15/The device fixed on i side is fnr generating different radiations which make vi ible existing tones of colors, etc., of the objects to photographed, or siraply illuminates these so they can stored on film. 16/In that way you can obtain better coJ pictures, .. .we hope. 17/For our pent, we have another cs era quite similar to yours. 18/So if you have a film J re, then T can assist yew with this second camera,

Meier- Naturally. – But somehow I wonder, as you once tt me that you use quite another technique for getting phoi graph-like pictures. And now you suddenly cone up witl suitable camera.

Semjase- (Lau^iing quietly) This camera is a product of y technology, which cne of us has obtained.

How Plejaren Move on Earth without any ID papers:

Meier- Naturally. – But soiehow I wonder, as you once te me that you use quite another technique for getting phot graph-like pictures. And BOW you suddenly cone up with suitable camera.

Semjase- (Laughing quietly) itiis camera is a product of yt technology, which one of us has obtained.

Meier- This surprises roe, as then you would have to qo ir our villages nr towns.

Senrjaae- 20/Is that bo strang© for you?


rvir.?– i aiuays gcc you only -n your [epaae] i::^f andvil these, neither you nor any others of ycu could walk (ur discovered) before the eyes ox the ferth humane.

Semjase- 21/£irely, but we also own dresses o£ ycur fachior 22/wp rta nepri these, because here and there we walk in ycu circles.

Meter- inat actually dc*8n’t surprise me, but why don’t yc go ant for an evening with me?

Semjase— 23/Abcut this matter, wo can make a date.

Meier- Tnat Is nice, but with us we have tho co-oallo pni_ice, who sometiTOc check up on different persons, Wia wi 11 happen if somebody demands from you your persona (idenr i f i carl on) papers?

Semjase- ^4/You have many questions, but have no worr about this. 25/We do not use personal papers liJee yours because we do not need such things in that form. 26/Sut i that should happen, that we get aekec tor such kind o papers, then we are able to take care of this by thought


27. This arrangement cansits in, that by the force of our though ue generate sham-pictures For the concerning questioners and illude to them dates etc. of really existing persons of your world.

28. An eventual policeman would then really be of the opinion, to hold in hands any documents etc. and to control these.

+ This is even deceit, 5amjase.


29. Wo, it only treats of the generating of a halluzination, if uant to name it so.

Description of Semj’ase’s Beamship Interior:


(The flight Venus drv>q nrt take wry long, and to I

have Riimcient tirw for examining in rmre detail the muris for the photDgraphing: The viewing tcrroan molts to lUe clear glass, through which everything outside can oa oo-■erved. only I aa* that this vtole viewing screen is vary iirely s-aroed .*-wrT»»iec inane , sim r.r to |i.ise- s-a-ir—! photographs. lr» – -.. 0f the acraan was about bOgp bv SOcm, while the color-radiation devica is installed inside the side of it and recessed, and thus I could not examine its

iiwr wortcxnge. Deeidee fchia device, n-~ were marry wcxk

different apparatus of all kinds ail anxnd the cocgpit rem, installed within a cirrailar contml console and in

the walls. These Hlr<jnqc ou^caiing to me apparotuo, which I already had pjn on Uk first flight, quite evidently sorve for the goiaiJij and wnlrolling of the bcarohip. while avi-cer.tly so servinq <u well for exploration devlooc, distance netcib, nJLd_i.*i _u.Li-_a_rv.-im, irr. other au-A ‘hinjn, anc play an Lnujrtatit rule [In the operation of tho flight-nachlnel. All uf Uic viewing and picture dioplay ccroons differ bOBldy frun all other known to rrc apparatus of tho sane CtaVBCtBC, of BaiUi origin. All of the form, Gymbnls and f1o.ireb. In tiiese screens were dinplaycd :n boautiful and nft«i lalffMflf culuro and erroya, and woro displayed in fiepTti, LxmtXary to the kntwi to nc Earth dioplay or picture Brreens, vrtildi in practice ore only able to ohow displays Of hIuiih and pictures by foreground [flat 2-dlmmnlonal, no depth 1 liiujci., wiille these acreena shc**yj everything in vivid 3-d!3Bfaiuial effect, like they were rrnhoHally real, and not Just JTtfTTT’T* by lnpu;ac3. When wc approachVenus, T luvu tu tear inypelf fron thia consideration because Sem-) … ji talking.)

Great Journey – Venus:



3q. Now yau can take some pictures of the Venus-cover,

31. Then I shou you the surface of the planet itself.

32. By my regret I can only do this from out my sightscreens and the board-windows.

33. I have to close the sightscreen of the instrument for photog phing, because the temperatures of the planet are too great.

34. The screen is able to resist very enormous coldT but not lar heat.

35. But don’t be disappointed by the look of this world.

36. The planet stays first in the phase of first development of lowest life.

+ You already have talked about that, and so I am not disappai Semjase

37. Surely, but there exist some things, about uhich yau have to quiet.

+ Df course.

1 08

Fast I take the admitted photographs, then already the beamsh runs away From its position and hurries very fast towards the Venus. Vast thick masses of clouds of very differrent colours suddenly surround us. Unbelievable many &ilometers thick is t clouds’ strata, and she seems not want to end, when we sank d through her to reach on the surface of the planet. Yet then w are so far, and the clouds lighten themselves. It is about Uq kilometers of helgth, when we leave the last masses of cio and I see the surface of Venus on two differrent sightscreens Wild and cratersown is the landscape, which only partly is dr from halFheigh mountains. At one side I see a vast mountainle plane, which but is full of craters. A pale plane, as Semjase explains ta me, and mountains do not reach until the pole pla

+ It is nearly all cold and lifeless, Semjase. It seems for me like a second noon.


38. Sure, I explained it but this ways for you. + But, what is that there on ground – there near the small crat


39. An explorersound from your earth.

+ Yes, and what were, if yau just run two or three times arounc the planet, for that I see other regions, too, and the nights


*io. Surely, I wanted to do so, too.

+ Thank you. (And already Semjase effects the ship to fast run and ue surround several times the Venus.)

(Certain here done observations are by regret not allowed to be said, besides, that no human creatures are located on the Venus.)

Great Journey – Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn & Uranus:



M. The next aim is the Hercur, and then ue fly to the greater planets, uhich already one time you have seen.

42. But the coaming things you uill realize, are you not allowed

to tell to ether persons.

+ Well already, you da knau, I correspond your desires.

(From my urist-uatch ue fly untii 16.3oh towards several plar of the sun-system, while I can shnot some times photos, by n but only from larger distance. Close-uos and ohDtos of detaiJ get not allowed by Semjase. She gives na nearer causes for W During the whole time different very important things get taJ about uhich only so much can be said, also possibilities of ( forms of life on solar olanets uere drawn in consideration. So exspecially, because manyfald is talked and written in boc such creatures uauld have had contacts with us earthhuman bei or with some of us.

Such affirmations mainly exist about creatures from Jupiter. Sat and Uranus, as well from Mars. So exspecially I am interested ir these planets and ask Semjase for the possibility for visiting e observing of these planets. Kindly she agreeded in it and lets n from only few kilometers heigth observe very scrutinized and cor these planets and also their moans. But even by extreme enlarger of the pictures on the siqhtacreena 3nd in nature, too, not the smallest signs of those pretended forms of life can be seen, uhc affirmative are located on these planets and said to uphold con1 uith us earthly human beings. At all these planets, which only j may be designated for planets, because not all of them are real planets, none of such creatures exist, which should be reliable pretended inspirations, telepatic effusion etc. to earthhuman bi The existing forms of life are plain of other kind than human ar also are fuily desinterested in the earthhuman being. As except: count some existing stations of extraterrestral intelligences, l show human shapes. But these intelligences or forms of life are not domiciled an this planet, but only stationned there for cerj missions. Socalied human races or civilisations in human-used meaning or of spiritual form do NOT exist there! )

Apollo-Soyuz Docking & 5 ET ships observing It;


Uhen at 1S.4oh ue again are aver the earth, I realize in the fn space differrent flying objects; besides tug satellites of eartl origin I also can see five objects, uhich by sureness are space ships of extr3terrestral forms. In an according question, Seroja agrees for that- Only one of the five ships yet beionos to her, uhile at the four others it treats of spaceships from other raci and uhich are here, to obaervate the Apollo-Sojus-coupling. Peci I can not realize the objects from the board uindoua or the sigi screen of the pnotograbh Instruments, but alone on the screens i the beamship. Semjase explains in this, all the ships were screi against vieu and only could be recognized on their special zero-picturg-scrsgns. The zerosight-screen gets this uays explained, here it crests of a special sight instrument, uhich is able to i and reproduct all, uhat can no more be seen by primitive contra instruments like radar or uith the naked eye, and located. I put up uith this explanation, for Semjase does not uant to be more detaiiled, and so I turn towards a neu appearing object, ul high above the earth appears an the horizon. Unvisible for all human eyes and outsides of any ability for location by earthly technical apparatures ue near very fast to the neu object and f aside him by only narrou distance. It is the space capsule 5oju uhich ougnt become coupled uith the Apollo-capsule. Very clear and evident 1 see the literals CCCP on the rear, uhich there an greatly painted. I knou, in this capsule being tug russian humai and peculiar touched I turn for that towards Semjase:)

+ To me uhole the enterprise seems crazy, Semjase. In this sm; gondola live tuo humans.


t*3. It Is true, the capsules are very small and offer really no space for living.


sealed all around?

Scmjaso- 47/You do not know tho possibilities of our ted nology, which allewc us to distort any matter in such a by our radiations, that it boccmes invisible to the eyt 4S/We are able to da this in .1 very utiictij OCT trolled irar ner, and can guide tho offset very exactly in this respect

Moior- Them please let ma see you* wonder-piece.

(Semjase occupies herself with some apparatus, while I vei interestedly look through the especially built viewLr screen for photographs, in the direction o£ the Goyuz caj sule- Very sudden Ly a part of the capsule quite siicply Jkii appears, and I look in astcniehroent onto the two human bs ings who rest lying within the seats, which look like loafea or scene thing like that. Without in tending, I spoke to Seat jase because of that5) (4)

Metier- Semjase, them……

Semjase- 49/Do not fear, because nothing happens to thai 5C/Ib them the matter of the capsule is still the same 3 before, because only for us it has besoms transparent t sight.

Moior- But that is nothing more than a flying metal coffin Semjase I Ihe man are really squeezed into this boec. An how is anybody able to shoot this thing up here, becaus ewesrything iE really so primitive. Just look at that insic equipment and apparatus – really primitive.

Sanrjaso— SI/Be not excited, because there will really be r accident to those humans. 52/Ihey will get back to Eart again quite well… 5 3/Everything nay look quite primitive by which you express the right wsrd, but consider here, ths you Earth beings are just at the beginning of space-exploo: ation, bo to speak, still standing in the baby shoes, Because of that your technologies can not yet be very high I developed.

heier- That may te correct, but when T look at your ship then……

Semjase- 55/Here you cannot make any comparisons, as ou technologiee are thousands of years in advance of yours 56/Frcm your level, this priinitive capsule and its Gqaipneji


that: you ml<jhl_ be reason to feel llXe that.

44/1 knew, you leax to Inside. 45/You have good

m^ter- Von speaX In riddles, Seniase.

Smjase- 46/tn tlire ynu will understand my vtorcs, – but, do you want to see Inside tlie capsule?

Moxcx- .-iow will this toe possible? The cbject is cloned and

represents a very important and highly dsvelcpGc technolo 57/So you should not be unjus-, as the ditferer.ces in dew oprent between you and us is too nach.

Meier- Yes, that allright – bat this flying netal coffin

Semjase- 58Atan‘t vorry about it, as ycu still are not al to solve the riddle of your thoughts, which trace way b into the post, of a past life. (5)

Meier- You ere making rws crezy, because you turn ne ti quite special thought. Is it really so, Senviese?

Semjase- S9/Ycu have pick&l Uie first IfoughtSi ref oa it and atiKe U‘jc solving of it yuux tabk.

Meier- I will trouble myself Cor tiiat.

Semjase- €0/&irely you will 3a this, but lock, there nt tlsdt is tie BQOODd ccpsuler ana” iiiside it cit tljw hiumn;

Meier- Ch yes, the Americans. At: what tire will the nl cle orrur?


6*». Then ue fly auiay and let us take up by our in this system stationned great-spacer, uith which ue then uill fly to different other systems, galaxies and an universe barrier luhere I then have” to do some uork.

65- You shall get a surprise then also.

66. But nou take up your work.

I nou look closely to the both space-capsules of earthly cons’ uhich slouly come near together. I notice, the Apollo-capsule quite decisive greater than the Sojus—capsula. Semjase oxplali

this uays, the Apollo-capsule of the Americans uere because tl greater, as an her is built the actual link piece, uhich past coupling uould serve so to say as ualk-cannel from one to the capsule. This link construktion shall then past the end of al manouvres and laborings at later time get loosened From the A| capsule and “1st gone” •

I use my camera and shoot several films uith Semjase, uho nee takes up several pictures uith her second camera. – As said b by Semjase, the caupling-manouvre gets very fast done and uitl very great precision. iJhen finished the take-ups Semjase uork again at her instruments, and I can see this time the both ca; and also the link piece and,of course, all humans again in th rooms. I notice in the Apollo-capsule, she spacial is in rela to the Sojus-capsule not much greater and seems for me also q primitive and like a flying metal coffin. Yet at the insides instruments I see, the capsule of the Americans is quite deci more instrumented than the one of the Russians. Though my uor feelings in respect to the coffin-like narrou in these spacs-capsules I nou have to laugh, for just I notice Dne Kmerican I his head uhile floating and touches to his head. This uill be cause of the unexperiencedness in the gravitilessness. 1 can i realize, uhich this concerns, for I don’t knou these capsi users by name nor from a photo.

Nou Semjase turns out the apparatures and the coupled capsul □re normal visiole again.



61. Feu minits later the Final mancuvre gets induced.

62. Start already neu uith shooting the photos, at uhat I will b assisting you also.

63. Past the connection of the tuo capsules, uhich besides this event rather Fast, you also may photograph some differrent satellites or earthly and extraterrestral origin.

Details about Great-Spacer:

71. Nou yet see here Frouards, there stands our greatspacer, uh uill take up us.

(In a For me only diFficult to esteem distance Floats a huge me sphere in the dark space and reflects only extreme Feu In lioht the sun- Very slouly nou the speed of our ship louers. Semjase very attentive before her instruments and equipments etc. and 1 skill towards the huge sphere, uhich look for me like a small p I can realize, in the down third a bit left chaps in the side a hole, which I soon recognize for a hatch. Doubtless a hancar, i which we slowly fly in. Innumerous beamships oF same type like stay here correct in rank and File, and only an about loo x loo broad square in the hangar inFlight is free. I look back to the hangar-flight-in and still just see, as From down to heigth a u lifts itselF up and closes the approach. All around everything lioht illuminated, and the light, which seems a bit blue, seems to come just out oF the walls.


ested, uhat extensions this space-giant nuns. Can you at least tell me the middle diameter?


Surely, for this is no secret.

In your measures are that exact 17.132 meters.



That seems very high to you. ?7?7??-0h girl – I am just confused.

Then recover soon, For you uill see still other things, and hear

Already happened, but I first had to digest this, really. It is just mythical, I felt like get turned intD the ground. That seems………. eh – a propos turned into the ground:


11o. Kou yst ue can leave our ship, For the space is atmospherics poised nou.

(Ue let us slide out af the pit by the transport-beem and s1 on the metal Floor oF the greatspace-giant. First nou, as I out of the beamship, I realize, the Free landingplace of abc 1oo x 1oo meters is limited by qlasstransparent ualls and innumgrous small peamships are placed behind these ualls, ar many human beings scurry there betueen the ships, uho quite evidently occupy themselves uith the ships. I but also see walking mechanic apparatures, evidently any robots, uhich sz uays hurry around quite laborous here and there and perform any workings. Very Far behind I just still can realize some greater spaceships, which have plain other look than the unt nou knoun to me ones. Semjase is engaged uith a small gear i her hand, and I realize the plain transparent uall before us gapes asunder and admits entrance. Then Fully silently a smi vehicle floats there, not larger than the ground plan of a

Mi-car. It Floats narrow Zo cm about the flopr, and the surf

is equipped by very comfortable seats, Semjase orders me, tc take place on the sears, then the peculiar vehicle Floats Frowards and slowly lifts higher and higher. I look back anc see, that the transparent uall closes herself again, when 01 ship has got brought by the already beFore seen robots into actual hangar hall.

The hangar hall seems to possess in this belou third oF the space-giant his uhole diameter and to have a heighth oF surE near to 600 until 800 meters.


(Slowly ue walk on small pathes through tha parks. The ways are soft and not metallic, any systhetics or similar. There exists a phantastic flouer-uorld with often fully unknnum to me flowers and smells. I cut also see flowers, shrubberies and trees, uhich are same, like I know them from earth. Simply a true paradise. Ute need only feu minits for passing the park, then again ue stand in front of a transport pit, uhich ue once more drive by a standing-before float-vehicle, if I may speak it so. In increasing velocity ue float higher, and suddenly the free, sky is agave us. As far as my eyes reach, over the end of the pit I see the unfinited extension of the universe. Stars shine, and I ask meself, why just ue float there out, as there ue put: can’t live, far there is no air. But soon I understand the matter, uhen the pit ends, for at this end is the cockpit, about uhich Semjase had spoken. A huge plane is there with any desk-similar formations, into uhich apparatures and screens are set. Before these are human beings and a living kind unknown far me, uhich but I soon recognize for mechanical. Real maching-nu-an-beings, androids. The uhole cockpit is a hige dome of several kilometers in diameter. Over the uhole spreads the free space and I wonder, that ue though can breath here. Then but I remember of the fully transparent walls in the hangar, and I see clear, the uhole dome has to consist of this transparent material. So I ask Semjase for that.)


+ Semjase, are you allowed to explain for me, of what this transparent material consists, which forms this dame? Is it a kind of glass?


U9. No, it is no glass, even no kind of glass.

150. It is a very strong alloy metal, as also the walls in the beamship-harbour.

+ Uquuuuuu ……. ?


151. Think of the earthly space-capsules, into which you could 1 in unhampered.

+ You mean, everything has just became transparent by any apparatures?


152. Sure, all the walls and the dome also are fully stabile and of strongest metal.

153. By the by our apparatures generated radiations but we can m all transparent for sight.

15**. This then appears for the eye just like nothing would exist there, or as if you would look through clear glass. + Phantastic.

Semjase 155. Come now.

(And we float further on by the vehicle, quite exact toward the center of the huge command central. There I already rea a horseshoe-shaped equipment in about 1oo cm of heigth, cro with apparatures and screens and in the whole not greater t a medium room. A single human stands insides this horseshoe looks towards us. Ulhen Semjase sets down our vehicle in an encircled field about Go meters before the horseshoe, the 1 at us human being moves, a man, as now I can realize goad.


295. Come now, let ue bring us doun to my beamship.

(Semjase takes me at her hand and draws me to a kind of meta box besides the hprseshpe-shaoed switch– and navigation-qea There is no door at the box, yet for that an about 1 meter in diameter hole in the floor, lightened by hlue-qleaminq light. pit, ehich leads into endless depth and not seems t haue an end. I look down and realize very far dDun, the wall of the pit go narrow and at last touch themselves. I can not realize an end. It is evident for me, the narrouing of the pit is an optic illusion. Man, and here should ue nou step i


296* Simply step into the pit and let youself glide doun.

(My dear, that is yet crazy, there I hurry like a torpedo into th depth and come directly into the hell. Yet well, Semjase has saic I should jump in it. Well, well, so I do it, she has to know, whe ther that thing is really suited. Let me try, I can’t more than breaking all my bones, and deeper than on direct way hurrying int the hell, uill I also not be able. Mow go on jumping, camerade. I really jump. Man, I hang in the ai.r, ah, now it slowly goes dau now it goes faster and faster. Man, that is really a glide-pit. Ah, I look high still a time; aha, there also 5emjase comes, Man, that is marvellous, but why get I lowered suddenly in the falling? Ah, there is ground under me. I stand on solid ground, z here also are again all the beamships, the many. Uie are in the hangar.)

Semjase knows Asket & Asket’s Contacts with Meier:

+ So please tell me one thing: Yau short time aga have inform me, you would know very well Asket?

Semjase B2. Certainly.

+ Please don’t let buy from yau each question; from what do y know Asket and what do you know about her and her race and i do you know in connection with me?


Spin J35E


S3. Secrets do not exist.

84. Asket has all explained to me, and so I know, you had contac round a decade ago.

85. All details are known to me – also your time-travel into the

past, by which you thoroughly have became healed From all he

sies of the at you existing religions.

+ You are Frighting openhearted, Semjase, when I consider, Ask had strictly Fcrbidcen, not to speak about that earlier, tha once a time she would allow this by a sign.


86. Just now you have got that sign.

+ You mpan, ynur just exposed knnwing about these matters shal be the sign?


87. Certainly, but there is still ordered a limit in speaking to in the respect, that you still have to keep silent about the time-travel and its cognitions.

88. The written in 196fr by you reports about the contact uith As yet are you now allowed to spread.

89. You certainly have stored them all right?

+ Of course, I just waited for the permission to read, and hev all good stared. Gut how happenned, you knou Asket very well


9a. Past the finishing of contacts with you in the year of 196*. India, she took up communication with our. High Council, and there succeeded a fast contact and a fast cooperation.

91. By the assistance of her race from the DAL-universe ue reach the knowledge of highest technical possibilities, and this w. we also got the most exact dates for the construction Df the greatspacers, which now ue have in use since four earthyears

92. For the people of Asket the transmitting of these dates was I problem, because her race masters this form of passing distai of which these ships are able, since more than 7oa years.

93..From earthly counting of time Asket’a race is at all technic concerns before us far a development time of 35o years.

SUm As this small time distance no more plays a decisive roll, wi

a certain position of development at all fields is reached,

only uas without saying, they assisted us by very important

cognitions and acquisitions, and that they transmitted for u

the cognitions for the construction of the greatspacers.

+ First now I understand the connexions. If once a time you ui see Asket, then give her my best greetings.


95. Surely, surely ……….

+ You say that so peculiar, and also your smile is so strange; why?


96. Just so.

+ You have to hide a secret again. Idell, If yau don’t want to say about it, so keep it at youself. ^MB^H^VMIVHHBt

Elsa Schroeder:

There I have heard such a strange story, Semjase, in which I want to ask yau far an explanation. Mr. Veit Eroro misshapen has brought there a letter from a certain Ella or ElsaS. or similar, who has talked about, she would have observated in the land of T. longer time ago a woman, who had digged with a peculi graver something out of the ground, a cylinder or so. The woman then would have taken this thing with her and then disappeared with an UFO, which just had disappeared into the sky high up. Thi3 woman or young lady S. shall have moreover spoken with that LFO-uoman, and she then had made herself known for Semjaze or Semjase etc. – Can you report me anything about that, do you know something about that story?


Semjase (smiles roguish)

Sure, sure, this event is known to me. „

Turkey IRan

It happened Out not in the land or”., but in the land I

near to 2. early in the morning.

I digged out From the earth a time-spiral, what was very We have searched for It For three years, until we Found It concerns a time-projectile in exploration-purpose. At least you would call it so certainly. Here – that is this projectile. (Semjase brings Forward and spiralic something).

This also is the cause, that we go to the universe-barrl because it came From another universe-structure. So does that behave. And when have you digged out this t


While the First monthes of this year.

Mount Chimborazo Vs Mount Everest:

11d. We have passed the ship’s centre, where the essential city is located.

+ Man, dear man, then while this short time we have climbed i higher, than our highest mountain is on earth, higher than Mount Everest.

5emjase (laughing)

115. We have climbed up very Fast, here you are right, but in n

to the Mount Everest have I to correct you, as he is not tf

highest mountain on earth.

+ Now you Force me laughing, Semjase, the Mount Everest is ri the highest mountain on my dear mother earth.


116- My words were meant true – they accord to the Facts.






1o5. 1o6, 1o7.




117- Naturally you can’t know this, For in logical way you start

From reason-according premises. 11B. These say, your scientists account the heigth oF a mountain

or a land etc. by meters above sea-level. 119. Just here but lays the mistake, because For such measures n

the sea-level must be taken as starting point. 12a. At a planet always his actual centre is valid as starting-p

or all measurements.

121. That, because planets never have an exact spherical Form.bu more look like an ellipse.

122. Linen then you call the Mount Everest for the highest mounta of earth, then this is right so far, he overtops most the sea-level.

123. In truth but he is about 215o meters lower than the highest mountain of your earth.

12*i- If you want to survey the earthly mountains, the centre of

planet is decisive, and measured from there, you uill state

the highest mountain on earth not being the Mount Everest.

+ I understand. Your exposure is quite evident. From this, on had to search the highest mountains there, where by the ell the extensions of the earth are enlargened. As far as I kno dxist in these zones the mountains of the Andes in South America, and in consequence I had to find the highest mountain there, or am I wrong?


125. You are quite ingenious, as your considerations are very ri

126. You know the mountains in the Andes?

+ Dnly very few – one of the highest mountains is, as far as know, the Chimborazo in Ecuador.


127. Certainly, and with this one, you have called the highest mountain of earth.


Shooting Pictures in Great-Spacer:

ue do now? And what about shooting pictures of here? Semjase

131- I regret not being allowed to admit that to you, please undi stand it.

132. Later you uill be allowed to ban apparatures etc. on your f: but more can’t be, if ue don’t get permission far that.

Adressing Human Life-Forms:

+ but how behaves actually with the addressing habits at

you, 5emjase? I really don’t know, how I shall adress the yours, whether with Mr., Mrs. or not.

Ptha3 (smiling)

7. When I tnlnk in your designations, then our habits are very easy.

B. As each creature had to be equal valued, each one gets adres;

in the same kind. 9. In your terminations then by YDU.

10. So call me “^fftlAA” and in the named Jay.

11. But now I have to direct a question to you: Do you speak besides the here used language still anotherone?

Language-Translator & Language-Former:

11. But now I have to direct a question to you: Oo you speak besides the here used language still anotherone?


+ Yes, a bit English and Greek . Pthaa

12. The farm of the ol Greek language? + No, New-Greek.


13. That is very good, because I also master that language. Iff. Then we can talk in this language and I haue nDt to use my

translator. + ?????????


162. Natural you can not know that: My father speaks no word Germ;

163. LJhat he until now has spoken, was our own language. 16**. Yet you realize the small apparatus on his gii^-s.Belt

165. This is an language-translator, a language-standard or translator, as you would call it.

166. Ue can alternate each language into anotherone and effect he] understandable for everyone.

167. Ue yet like to speak very much other languages and so readili dispense with the gears, when the chance is offsrred to us.

+ Dh, I see! Again rather a phantastic thing. There is only tht problem in the matter, that I neither master the English nor the Greek perfectly. Linen then I later have to write ail dowr I become to skidding.


168. Do not fear things like this, because at the transmitting sui effects get removed and all will be understandable for yau word by word, and this way you will all write down,too.

+ Then all is right; I really had already worries ebout that.


(Semjase engages herself and evidently explains for her feth uhat I mean uith Fabulous. He surely uill not understand my expressions exactly. It is asthanishing, I knou these uords in Greek ianguage, uhile I never before kneu them so. I sudti speak perfectly Greek. This I don’t understand again and ask

+ Un uhat consists, 5emjase( I can suddenly speak quite perfec Greek?

Sem jase

1S9. My father has turned off the language-translator and for thi turned on the language-former.

170. This one puts in operation the language-computer in the spac ship.

171. This computer nou continually transforms the Greek language into impulses and radiates them.

172. Your brain suscepts these impulses, and so you can talk any

uords you desire, uithout you knou it before.

+ I don’t knou, I aluays only can say phantastic. Girl, uhat c you think, hou long it uill last, until ue also on earth are so far?


26. This lasts still some thousand years of your counting of tin + Oh dear – that is still long! But look out, – uhat is that?

Instrument showing the Velocity of Great-Spacer:


+ Pthaa, how fast do uje nou fly?


16. Look here, this instrument shouis the velocity.

17. You can read her easily by yourself, even if you don’t uncle stand aur writing.

18. In your uncerstanoing these marks mean the decimals ana the sharp arroushaped indicators shou the nominators of the hun

19. These half-passing lines mark the thousands and these point the hundredthousands-

20. These ring-raws here mean for you the velocities of the lig

21. You may add from that the worthes by yourself and this uays

count the velocity yourself.

+ Yes, just a moment ……. (I count very exact and reach a

result of 39 values in the decimal area. Betueen it lay two pointlines, that are hundredthousands, the third is only still eleven values distances from them. From Adam Hiese does this result 289.ooa).

They result kilometres per hour. Is it right, Pthaa Pthaa

22. You consider and understand fast.

23. You counted right.

2**. If yet our terms are others, they but result the same value as from your terms. + Fabulous.

Comet Observed by Meier in Great-Spacer:


(Out of the still transparent dome I realize uery far auey a very great object)


27. This is a comet, uhich still is unknown for you on earth. 26. He keeps on his uay a very long course and because that, is still not knoun to your astronomes.

29. For yet he runs towards the just left by us sun-system,

he uill get realized within short time by your astronomes.

30. Ulthin some weeks the earthhuman beings can even realize hirr Du naked eyes, when he passes.

Transmission/Time-Travel through Hyperspace:

WM^HB^B^^^ Vet new long uill ue fly In this mode through the universe?


31. Still about thirty minits, then ue transmiss to another and far-distanced system.

+ Transmiss? That means but time-travel, doesn’t it?


173. Surely, such is already known for you.

+ Yes – but that was with Asket and not uith such a gigantic ship. And uhat results, when I return to the earth again? Lie had to travel into the past to reach the earth at the right time again. This yet gives no sense for me, because you said, you had to do something at an universe-barrier. When this belongs temporary to our time, it uill no more be passible.


32. You don’t take in consideration some important things:

At earlier times 5emjase has explained you the abilities of

our progression, uhat i3 the fact of the use of the hyper-spac

where space and time get paralysated.

+ Oh my dear, I believe, I slouly become old and stupid. I’m res rather a silly one, finding that not earlier.


Plejaren got Time-Travel Technology from DAL Race:

52. At the present time you ouin bs the single human being on the earth this From your designations phenomenal callable knouinc and the uith it connected ulsdom.

53. This yet partly has to find its cause in, that you have got great knouledge-assistances by Asket from the DAL-universe and became advised of the truth.

5<t. A basic cognition but did you reach by the travel into the ps uhich thoroughly and for all times has freed you from the existing heresies.

55. On the earth does this mean an evented enterprise, being sine lar until the present time.

56. You even had experienced the form of the travel to the past and knoun, before ue uere able for such uith all means in oui disposal ourselves.

57. First uhen Asket came in contact uith us and ue got by the DAL—race the possibilitico for constructing of time—travel— apparatuses and -equipments, ue succeeded in such sort of travel.

58. This uas before four years from earthly determination of time uhile you had done already seven years ago the first travel to an earlier time, together uith Asket and your friend. Jitsch

59. This is the position of the matters around your knouings, uhj this uays is extremely great and does not find similar in thi respect in your race.

Workings of Hyper-Space Travel:


^^■^^■^■^■■■I^HMM^^S: Semjase has given me on explana about the utilization oF the hyper-space, as you already hav mentionned. As I conceive the matter now, then in this utili zation of the hypef-space it just treats of the phenomena, t earlier I experienced, that is a real time-travel, which off all possibilities, past, presence, future, other dimensions and other spaces– Semjase former explained, a hypersprung ta in use only second’s parts through unlimited distances, what unfortunately I at first in advance noticed stronger- In my esteem there can’t it treat of a common hyperspace-passing, still alone of time-travels, where time and space become paralysed, uhich surely uill not be the case uhile a normal hyper-leap- From that results for me the moment of the equal point-view in an equal-time: Space and time get this uays pa lysed, and that taken in uordly sense. That means, they been pushed to one another, if I can speak it so, by uhat an aosc timelessness rises and also a spacelessness. That time- anc spacelessness then can get passed by unmeasurable speed uhil seconds’ parts, without any shiftings- Ulhen Semjase uses wit her small beamship then the hyperspace, also there is has tc treat of the same thing. By that way of using the hyper-spac it uill be possible to do a time-travel also in stagnant tin by what one appears at the same second at the aim-location, when just one disappears from the starting-point- From my estimation it does not treat about another thing, than about a technical generated dismaterldllsatiun and reinaterialisati

when the timetravsl gets done presence-kind2d. Only then pre tically no time can pass over and everything remain free of shiftings and contortions.


9n. Even one time I said about you, being extremely ingenious and own extreme remarkable logical combination-talents, yet again you generate movements of astonishment in me.

91. Even creatures of our race would have had troubles, to find the truth from out the scarce explanations of Semjase. + It uasn’t so difficult at all.



(From anywhere an android appears and brings the phatograp

gear- He builds it very skilful into a rack and directs it

Suddenly the thing adresses me, and again I am confused, t

I don’t understand one word. Semjase yet explains it fast for me.) Semjase

192. He wishes you good success.

+ Such does not exist* – That thing will not be able to thin and treat selfsupporting. Such were even crazy.


95. It but behaves this ways.

+ That can yet not be true, it ………..


193. It really behaves so.

19**. Uhale his body construction is halfarganic and its brains chemical.

+ I get crazy – am I placed here in a mad-house or set down a utopic story?


96. Neither the one nor the other.

97. All is reality, and very far developed.

98. Already within short time you will understand it and estee for normal and given.

Time Travels – Duration in Normal Time & TimeLess:




119. Hello – yau are very Far away within your thoughts and aga recognized something new.

120. It keeps its Tightness with the time, yet this can be chan

121. if it lays in your interest. While the great leap to the barrier of universe we can retard the rematerialisation-effect and shift the time for some minits.

122. In this purpose we have to travel into the-future, and the here lost time can’t we rescind.

123. In a common time-travel into the future the time and space just uould became paralysed, yet for getting this ways int the timeless, other premises are necessary.

12**. In this form the time can’t become paralysed; ue have tQ live her and by that, also to submit to her and to let her pass over.

125. For this yet are given limits, that from your time-countin in the normal space pass each five seconds, uhen from our values we go one second long into the timeless.

– 36B –

126- This yet can only because that be reckonned, because ue regulate the time between dematerialization and remater satian by the speed-effect, far in the timeless Itself fron our designations rules really timelessness.

127. This of course is also relatively seen, for this to bre timeless keeps as everything also its time, but she is into such huge intervals, that ueselves can’n requisiti

12B. A single second in the timeless amounts many million ye in the normal space.

129. If ue uould then penetrate by stopping or uith not-suff and lowered speed into the timeless, we would never eg see our homeworlds.

13o> If ue only would remain for few seconds and with lowere speed in the timeless, would while this many million ye paS3 on earth and she self disintegrate into dust, uhil youself in return into the normal space only uere few s older, and in truth but were million years old.

131. That all may seem unintelligible for you and phantastic it out behaves so.

132. Even oy your strongest spiritual endeavourings you uill be able to understand the essential connections, as evE us in our development’s position are these still not fi of riddles and detained conceivable.

133. Even we know in this respect only feu solvings of these secrets, and in this purpose trouble continuous for fui recognitions.

134. Thojgh we own the necessary technic for passing through universe with help of the hyperspace and also can do th timeless our assistant, we at the concerning deveiopmer first at the beginnings, same in our exploring.

135. Uie yet can answer for allowing you a step int3 the time by our greatspacer, wn%h at you you call eternity.

136. For to enable for you the wanted cognitions, ue need a of 3even mlnlts for leap, which in the normal space inc to the fivefold.


137- This means for you and For all of us, ue need from demateri lization until rematerialization a time of seven minits of the valid time of velocity of the spaceship, uhile in the timeless only runs a partpiece of a millionst second’s part uhen In the normal space allthing grous for 35 minits olcer

133. In thia special case For all oF us the Form oF time changes For in place oF graying older come a rejuvenescense, and th aF exact 28 minits.

139. The according mathmatical reckoning is very easy: Uhile sev minits are ue in the timeless. These seven minits are our common time in speed-factor, uhich also transscripts itselF on our age as seven minits.

1**o. Because yet ue spend this time in the timeless and by very high measure can protect us against its influence af timef and this uays can retard the time-effect doun to one to fiv betueen the normal space, the difference of 29 minits appea

IM. For us so only pass 7 minits, uhile in the normal space the time proceeds for 35 minits.

1**2. When then from and by this run an yaur homeuorld 35 minits, everything af course gets there elder for that time. From these 35 minits yet in truth you only live 7 minits youself because the alternation of the time-effect.

1**3. You nou have to subtract these 7 minits from the gone on ea 35 minits and reach the result of 28 minits you have not became older.

T^. So uhile these seven minits you become also just 7 minits

older, uhile on earth everything grous older for 35 minits.

1*t5. Said by other uords, this means: While 35 minits you onlv

become older far 7 minits and sametimes for 28 minits young

+ I – – – neu I slouly really become mad. I conceived only pa these explanations, yet in it all is a riddle uithout end t me- The matter uith the time-shift is evident For me, yet I get not clear uith the hou and uhy oF this appearance and i possibilities.


About this have I first to deliberate in calmth, where yet I am not convinced, that I only will understand the half of your explanations. Yet I stay with, and want to witness this experiment.

HyperLeap s:

1st- Pleiades -500 ly:


186. Ue have done the first hyper-leap.

+ Thai)— ah man, oh little man, because that! Ulhereever ai

ue but now?


187. Now you are about fivehundred lightyears away from your homi world.

168. There – look there above, that star-cloud, there i3 homework these are the Plejades.

189. uie are only 211 million kilometres distanced from the next star.

190. ey regret we are not allowed to go nearer, because we need a security distance of 153 million kilometers to transmiss once more.

2nd – Orion Nebulae -1800 ly:




1o3. hie have reached our next aim.

1o*i. The fog-kinded Formation, you see Far ahead in the cosmos, do you cal the Orion-Fog.

105. From your measurements From here to the earth are aDout logo lightyears.

■+■ Am I allowed to take pictures From here too? Semjasg

195. Sure, when they succeed For you.

(Again I endeavour to make photos. IF they just become good zq a certain extent, I will be already content.)

3rd – Crab Nebulae – 3150 ly;


106. Aa the next goal we jump to a destroied sun.

107. Her destruction took place about loop years ago, when she changed into a supernova.

1o6. Today she is only to recognize as a great Fog-Formation,

as you call such. 1o9. The distance from the earth to this Fog amounts From your

measures 315o lightyears, and yau designate the still

existing picture as the Crab-fog.

4th – Horse-Head Nebulae -1810 ly:


5th HyperLeap – Trifid Nebulae

6th HyperLeap – God’s Eye – 5600 ly:


117. Uie are at the next aim, 1B1o iightyears in distance from t earth.

118. You call this strange appearing for you picture there far the horsehead-fog.


197. Because the distances are no more a difficulty for us, uie unuiorried leap through and over through the space and need not to obtain a certain course.

198. Surely is known to you, the already visited star constella are situated far from another and need a manouvring fro an


7th Hyperleap – Rosette Nebulae(M57) 8th HyperLeap – Omega Nebulae(M17)


1**6. It shall then behave so, yet before it ue uant to navigate

to some special aims. 1«*7. When then you have taken your pictures here, ue jump to the

IHUIHHATA, uhich is in your counting about 5Soo lightyears

auay •

(My uork needs no long my attention, then ue start for a nei hyperleap, and all proceeds, as I already am accomodated in This time I again look at the star heaven, and nou I sudden realize a gigantic image: Monsterous gapes through the black of the cosmos and surrounded by innumerbus stars of each size an eye at me. All right it is far auay, but it is very good visible: A monstrous eye, uhich gapes through the cosmos – this can only be the IHWHMATA, the eye of God.)


200. It is unmistakable, isn’t it? + Yes, and it is huge.


201. I already explained to you the origin and the cause of this Image.

+ I knou so, all is uritten doun. Pthaa

1^8. For us it is a symbol of uicked thurst for pouer and ambiti a symbol for hate, destruction and human delusion.

+ I knou, Semjase had ail explained for me. Here uas the orig home of the human race.


1^9- Yes – that uas long time ago.

15o. For the earthly human being it only offers an image in the universe, for us but it is of large importance.

9th HyperLeap -M16

10th HyperLeap – Dumb-bell Nebulae(M27)

11th HyperLeap – NGC67B1

12th HyperLeap – NGC 7293

13th HyperLeap – NGC 7089 – 47,000 ly

14th HyperLeap – Andromeda System – 2.2 million ly

15th HyperLeap – Universal Barrier

153. Sut notice for you the succession of the aims, when later perhaps you want to label your pictures.

154. In this purpose I call you the succession from earthly astn nomlcal designations.

155. Uhat you see from here there above, do you call the rosette-fog or H57.

156. The next aims noui are M17/Dmegasgog, M16, M27/D,umb-bell-fog NGC 6781, NGC 7293 and NGC 7ofl9.

157. These both last ones are seen from the earth in the star-sli of waterman, and the last is rounded lightyears away from the earth.

158. As last jump for today is valid the travel to the Andromeda-System, which lays, seen from earth, within rounded 2.2 million lightyears distance.

159. From there we start for the large leap to the universal barrier, where we want to give you the seven-minit-chance for t‘-.a ~i~:zl = 33.

Plejaren ALphabets;


nou you already talk of your scrloture. how does she look like, uill you shou it for me once a time?


Sure – look here,in these labels do you realize the letters of our alphabet.

Can I urite them out and you explain me the pronunciation?

Semjase Surely.

I take the memo-book out of my folder and paint the plain strange for me letters on the paoer, aluays together uith the pronunciation-designation, as Semjase explains them to me. This lasts only feu minits.)

That have I gotten, yet still miss the vauel-mutations etc. Hou do these compose themselves?


In our language do these things not exist.

Well, uell, I myself do also not knou very much about vouel-mutations, consonants and uhat else too. So let us finish that and look for, uhat you uant to urite. #J»Mb^bHbT»V .

Billys remarks on Semjase- ‘Typically Woman’:

I have procured and taken uith me paper and a felt-crayon. I thought, this thing for uriting uill be the best, if you can do uith it?


Sure, alone it is unclear for me, uhat I should urite. Oh, simply anything.



216. That’s a very extensive designation.

+ Naturally, yet surely uill something come on you. – – – -How would de, yau just write a little letter to out group?


This sounds well, but what should I write to them?

Girl, don’t be so complicated. Just write some kind words, which are From you and not From me, as I had to dictate tr to you.


I will try it, yet how I may begin, is still not evident f me.

+ Typically woman.


219. Haw do you mean that?

+ Simply this ways: You women sometimes are very helpless creatures,, when you shall do certain things, which are someways strange For you. And in that seem to be no diffei rences between you and the womanly creatures on the earth. Until now I only saw and recognized at you being in all things very otherwise than the women on the earth, that is exactly like I imagine For meself a real woman within all her ways of thoughts, movements and behavements etc., that means, exact right and not just simply womanly. Now yet I suddenly realize this line at you and recognize, even at you certain things to be deeply woman. That does not trout me anyways, but it shows for me, you being also just a hur a woman, who has to keep, too, some pure-womanly charactei When I see this, will this behave so in whole the universt the womanly will not be to deny at any creature in the universe, or?


220. I ……..

Pthaa (Cuts Semjase short, before she can really speak) 16a. You are very pensive and empathful. 161. It behaves, how you say.


221. I don’t want to contradict.

(I do the interesting statement, Semjase gets caught in f« suooenly by an easy red, very evident the reaction to the” just said words. Secretly I am delighted by this, for now truely know, even she ffggfi Influenced py feelings, thougf she could hide them until now very able. One evidently jus had to touch the right point, to let her loose the control over her feelings.)

217. +


Origin of Plejaren & Earth Written Languages :


9 9 ljQLJ ~L stili have a question because the letter:

Houo^disshe actually, and where from does the scripture come?


230. That can be explained very easily: The letters ue use today are First nearly years old, and ue have received thei from these our ancestors, uha lived at your earth.

231. Our old letters are very diFFicult, uhile this nou is very easy.

232. They got elaborated by several oF our scientists on earth then, uha used For pattern starsigns, visible from earth.

233. They connected certain starsigns by lines, and got this uay certain Farms.

23*i. While then our scripture consists in small circles and line so the circles represent stars and the lines simple connexii uays.

+ That’s interesting, and your explanation contents me. I onl uonder, this letters being not more knoun on earth.


235. They simply fell to Forgottenness, uhen they had got taken over by script-knowing carthhumon beings oF Dur ancestors and uere in use for feu hundred years, uhile these they got changed yet manyfold.

236. Only still some feu scripts on earth today oun alternated

and done disguised letters, uhich trace back on our script.

+ That’s marvellous, then the script got not elaborated__py earthhuman beings and taken in use?


237. When you talk af the earthly ancestors of the human races saying earthly humans, and not mean the heavenly sons, then you are right.

Helmet-Like Apparatus that stores Thoughts/Feelings on Great-Spacer:


Uithin some minits ue leap for 7 minits into the zero-time, into the timeless, or into the eternity, as you speak it. 245- The sentiments are quite other kinded there than in the norn being of the material life.

246. Go it also la not possible, ue Peel your thoughts and emotions centrated or can receive, because ue, too, are sti3 on the uay of evolution towards the spiritual.

247. By my regret, neither I nor my father nor anybody else fran us is able, to retransmit to you later your feelings and thoughts, that you could write them doun.

248. If yet although you want this, then the chance exists by technical base.

+ Naturally am I interested in that, to seize all my feelings, yet can’t I Belf rememcer of these?


249. But, sure.

250. You knou but, your ability of reminiscense is not so far dot. loped, to repeat wordly reminiscenses.

251. This does even at us not behave, why ue need technic means f wordly repeats.


4- I understand; which possibilities can you offer me? Naturall I am interested in this, to be able to urite doun all uard

253. Ths cabins, which yau see beside the screens, are equipped

uith all necessary instruments to record feelings and thouor

25**. The received impulses get automaticly stored in a special

computer, and can get reported by him later whenever desirec

255. The adjustable and and adaptable to the form helmet you see over there, is equipped by very sensitive sounds and also comprised by a special fine-meshed probe-net, that receives each kind of energy and changes her to Impulses, uhich get led to the computer and there registered.

25S. The to receive energy of thoughts and emotions etc. is estat lished in very high values and can only get received by these instruments.

257. Energies of feelings and thoughts namely lay in region of hyper-frequencies.

258. For registrating of your thoughts and feelings it is only necessary, you sit into the chair and lay the head under the helmetf uhich adapts himself automaticly.

Mare is not ta da, really?


259. Wo, that is all.

26q. Set youself into the cabin now.

261. The great journey starts uithin 23 seconds.

+ Ay, ay, Miss general*

(Like Semjase had-explained to me, 1 fastly set in one of the three cabins into the very comfortable chair. As soon as I sit, the peculiar helmet above my head moves and sinks itself loudless down- He is so large, that he includes my uhole head and alone leaves free the face, by uhat I can see and realize all. The helmet yet sits not close on the head, but only circumcloses him, keeps about 1,5 cm distancE to the skull, as I soon can state, when 1 put the forefinqei between helmet and head. Now I seem alone to exist out of tension, for I wonder, what’s comming nou. Pthaa and Semjase uork with the apparacures. and now I realize again the

by word. Semjase


This isn’t very difficult.

Meier’s Ego dissolved in Eternity:

* 9 9′ yet tell me please, uhy I had so many thoughts in

the grestunit of the zero-time? They were just only seven mjLiXitJB, From your words, yet I have thought mors, than is able uithin seven minits.


272. You have no more thought, but alone Felt.

273. In the zerotime, the timeless, alone still a sentiment in tt great-unit exists.

274. You have been no more you self, but a tiny part of the uholi qreat-unit.

275. And in this great-unit the sensations have penetrated into 1

+■ I uias able to analysate this, that’s right. Only in the beg: ning I noticed still a certain me-power , yet then thesa dissolved in the mass of the eternity.


276. Is that real?

+ Of course, otherwise I would not say so. Pthaa

1SS. It is the truth, I recognize it from his thoughts.

167. You will have tu be very Uet=u thinking. For else you would

not have recognized this. 163. Even many from our race need several stays in the timeless,

to be able to recognize this truth. 169. You evoke emotions in me by my astonishment.

+ Thanks for the flowers, yet so strong will it now not be, ti

Last Great Stars near the Universal Barrier:


+ Well – as I see, ue hurry by enormous speed through the spa and so to speak, are there no stars etc. on the uay- Only t in front I realize a star becomming allmost greater, and fa behind him, I can realize five small blue points. Uhat a st is this, and uhat are the blue points?


178. That is Galtos, the last great star in this part of the universe.

179. Two times as great as your home uorld, he uons a very inten and great oun lightforce. greater luminosity

18a. The far behind recognizable blue points are sameuays stars, they belong to the self-shining blue-stars, uhich generate very intensive light, self-radiant


181. You may not realize by naked eye, yet there are not only fi but 11 stars.

182. IF you want, you may take pictures oF them, of course.

+ Yes, I uouldl – I take up the pictures directly through the dome. I alternate a bit, one time I use the by you construe near, then I just photograph through the dome. 5o later I c see, uhere photographing runs better. I wander, uhat ways t

better ohotoes succeed. Pthaa

183. That lies quite in your esteem; do, like yau want.

+ Thank you. – Uhat yet now about the blue stars there over: How great are they, and is live at all possible on then?


184. They are not greater than your homeworld, though this kind □f stars normally is up to five- until six-times greater than the earth.

165. They are as indDmesticable and life-hostile as the great planets in solar-system, as Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus.

186. The gravitation itself already enables only very seldom lif on these stars, and not even any spiritual living forms are domiciled on them.

156. In 97% of all cases, they are fully without life like the plane~s Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus.

187. In the feu cases, life exists on such stars, the existing farms of life are extraordinary small, uhile normally then they don’t exceed a whole size of 7o cm.

188. The gravitation of the stars would damage them, if their sizes were greater.

189. Of course it is differrent from star to star or planet, whe the atmosphere does not play a roll, Tur difrerreut Forms of life have differrent atmospheres, too.

190. 5o not all forms of life are oxygen-breather like we and

the races of the earthly humans.

+ Yet almost is said at us, very great planets or stars accor dingly were enlivened by much greater creatures, if at all life exists on them?


191. So only behaves under certain and distinct circumstances

Life on GIANT Planets:


18**. They are not greater than yc-ur homeuarld, though this kind of stars normally is up to five- until six-times greater than the earth.

165. They are as indomesticable and life-hostile as the great planets in solar-system, as Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus.

186. The gravitation itself already enables only very seldom lift on these stars, and not even any spiritual living forms are domiciled on them.

186. In 97% of all cases, they are fully uithout life like the planets Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus.

187. In the feu cases, life exists on such stars, the existing farms of life are extraordinary small, uhile normally then they don’t exceed a uhole size of 7o cm.

1QB. The gravitation of the star3 uould damage them, if their

sizes uere greater.

189. Df course it is differrent from star to star or planet, uhei the atmosphere dees not play a roll, for differrent forms of life have differrent atmospheres, too.

190. So not all forms of life are oxygen-breather like ue and

the races of the earthly humans.

* Yet almost is said at us, very great planets or stars accordingly uere enlivened by much greater creatures, if at all life exists on them?


191. So only behaves under certain and distinct circumstances.


192. In this, the science on earth suffers a great error.

193. Would then, for example, on your planets Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus exist life, then the forms of life would have to be on the one side half-material and extremely small.

194. It absolutely does not behave, by greatness would greatness get conquered,

195. In this special case the greatness only by smallness can get overcome, yet by very stabile forms.

196. On your planets Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus great creatures never were able to live; the ones of the greatest planet should in maximum be 53 cm tall.

197. As yet you know, on these planets of your system none living

at home. ., . , . , _

forms are domestic, neither material nor spiritual forms.

PLeajren Designation of PLanet & Stars:

I may appear to you a bit iilly, when l ask you something respectively tc st3rs and planets. I myself am oriented about the differrence between stars and planets, yet surely this will also be interesting tor otner human beings. Could you once explain the differrenc between stars and planets?


19fl. That is not difficult, and also explained fast: Planets are

world-bodies, which in practise own no own force for radiatio and receive their light by a transformation of the faliing-in sunbeams.

199. Stars yet are world-bodies, who possess an own radiation-fDrc and generate the light from own, rising from the own body, radiations.

200. Habitable are both for forms of life, planets as well as star when atmospheric and other conditions admit thi3.

Literature about ‘Planets Inside Stars’ :


+ I see, and hou is the situation uith suns? Are these also habiatble? Are they perhaps only in the outside cover sun-formations, uhiis in the inner exist real habitable planets?


2o1. Uhy do yoj think such?

+ Dh, I read in any literature about these things. A man uith name Jacoj Lorber has uritten such things decades or even a hundred years ago.

Besides this, he also has uritten many things about the Saturn and many other planets etc. Yet I meantimes have fix by Semjase, that all keeps no uater and the man alone has let giver his borderless phantasy. At some otherones, uho similar books have uritten, could I state in run of the yea uhen Semjase had brought me tD these planets, the same, uhe I had explored them by her help.


202. I understand.

203. Unfortunately live many human beings on the earth, uno urit such books and else literature.

2o*4. And like you have recognized, they are not more than produc of overboarding human phantasy, mostly connected uiti delus nary imaginations of any religious influences.


205. This unfortunately is a very far diffused evil at the earth human beings.

206. This uays also the phantasyful exposure in respect to the habitabieness of the sun is alone a delusion of religious fanatics and phantasts, for not a single sun of the univers equals to such phantastic allegations.

Messages from Angels or Gods:


BSBertiQn^^an^iuniaribf^nQs mould haup got messages From angels or From god etc. by Inspiration?


2o7. At feu cases such inspirations correspond to the truth, but they never stay in connection to angels or gods in the Form showing religious dates.

2oB. Religions do alone exist on the earth, nowhere else do they exist in the universe.

ET’s Studying Earth-Religions:

2oB. Religions do alone exist on the earth, nowhere else do they exist in the universe.

209. At all other known to us universes, too, exist no religions.

210. This really is limited on your earth,alone.

211. Well, by space-travellers the earthly religions got brought For studies towards other planet3, but really only For stud\ purpose.

212. On the other side on many worlds of the universe gets teachE how dead-oFFering religions can be For a creature, while the earth uith her existing or gone religions serves For wicked example.

+ You mean, not a single world in the universe uould be goverei by one or several religions besides the earth?


213. I Ju3t explained that, – besides on your earth no religion does exist, neither in this, nor in another universe.

Jesus – as Master of World & Universe :


* W n e3rtn gets told, exspe-

cially at tie ChristsTimmanuel^whom they call Jesus Chrisl being seen in practise the real master oF the worlds and ths universe; so to speak. He would be human-become god, while god embodies the Creation. Pretentively should even from tht earth the christly religion get brought into the universe. Uhat da you say to that?


214. Ue know these human delusion ideas on your world.

215. Alone even the idea with the Christ-being and Christ-consclt equals to a very wicked degenerated earthhuman delusion and to a very uicked assumption, because, iF already such thing’ would have happened”or still will happen, what yet is absolt impossible, because it concerns truely alone a chimera oF mad earthhuman beings, then by absolute probability not the human being From earth were the race, to which would be awarded the mission oF spreading a religion.

224. Quite exspecially there these religions are the strongest enemies of the real truth, which name in their heresy-books the prophet Jmmanuel for Jesus Christ.

225. This are the religions callec Christianity and Islame.

+ This effects an uproar, Pthaa, when later on you transmit to me your words and I write them down, for many will then read your exposures.


226. This will be with sureness, but the truth ought no longer be suppressed.


227. It hcs became af urgent need ta speak her.

+ As you mean, because for me it does not play a roll. – I al ready since long time have recognized the truth and tolerat her.


226. This is very well known for me by Asket, who has all explai to me.

229. So I know, you have explored the truth by a time-travel int the past, with her.

Religions- Immense Danger for the Universe:

215. As the since many thousand years on many worlds in the univ pure materialistic developed creature the earthly human bei exposures in uhole the universe the single so deep to the materialism fallen form of life, to uhich each spiritual evolution misses since thousands of years.

217. Knaun at many uorlds, human being coursing each spiritual evolution and developing alone uithin most evil materialism it were a paradaxy af first size, if just such a race, unan at all spiritual regions, uould get chosen for a mission ouning universal importance.

218. Yet, that the earthhuman being ventures though this fact ta this assertion, represents on the one side a huge assumptio and ui (,iit-:iatfo on Llie uLher £>ide uf earthhuman megalomania, containing uithin both forms not equals in this or another universe.


219. And just that represents an immense danger Tor the universe because, when the earthly human being becomes master of space-travel-technics and travels to strange worlds and bea-them by weapon-power and lies and deceit under his ban, he necessarily will include then his delusion or diffusion of religions.

220. If tbis yet happens, then the single or several religions socn owns the form of an universal diffusion, by which the still existing harmony in universality would become destroii

221. This means, that by these heresies of the religions the sti guaranteed peace would get destroied and degenerate to murderous wars and fully destruction of the universe.

222. To prevent but this, is the largest and most difficult miss of spiritual hlghdeveioped and able for spacetravel rorms o life.

In this also the deepest cause lays, that we and other race from stars endeavour Ear spreading of the truth on the eartl when we search some single earthhuman beings and transmit the truth to them, which then they should spread to teach this ways at last the earthhuman being about good and truth

223. 9ut this mission is very, very difficult,to perform, becaus the delusion of the religions has already so much prevailed on earth, that there is only with extremest troubles to get up with it.



(Semjase interrupts our talk;) Semjase

251. Lie have reached our aim.

+ ? ? ? ? ? 7 Uhat is that?

(X realize in Front nf me ni* nuer us n pxtpnsiv/p rayshappri and uith all colors Iridescent appearing, uhich more than just phantastic seems for ma.)


231. That is our aim.

232. IF you uant it, you can take a picture of it.

233. This Formation gets generated by a spaceship, uhich you car realize there very Far in front in the ringshaped centre.

234. Here our universe ends, and this formation represents the door to another universe, uhich ue call the OAL-universe.

+ My dear, this is yet vast, it surely uill have nearly 3okm in diameter. And then the length of this tunnel, man, oh me


282. You go quite urong in this measure-acceptance. The diametei of this tunnel is nearly 77km and its length runs for aboul 1.3million kilometers. + Phantastic, but uhy do ue go so near to it? Semjase

233. Because ue walk over there.

+ Ualk over – into another universe? Semjase

284. Sure, over to the OAL-universe. + I become crazy.


285. By sure you uill not, because you can more endure, than yoL want f.n rnnFpaH t.n unnfcplF.

+ Have ue to go there into other time-dimensions, too?

And – uhat concerns actually uith the DAL-universe, it seems so much knoun to me?


286. Ue remain in the normal time and normal space.


Asket Offers Meier a new Half-Organical Arm:

7. I realize yet, an alternation has evented on you; I regret. + YDu mean my arm7

Asket 6. Ye9 SO.


+ Do you knou, Z have since long time accommodated meself in that, and I can even no more imagine a life For me with two arms. I already have since long time forgotten this.


9. when you explain it thia uays, then it is, as you say. to. I know this very good.

11. Yet why do you not wear a help?

+ On earth unfortunately these things are still very primitivt Asket

12. I could let prepare one for you, which would substitute youi arm completely.

13. A halforganical gear.

+ Thank you very much, Asket, that is real very kind by you, I believe me, on the Dne side I can no more imagine for me a ; with two arms, and on the other side I knou very good, not having losz my arm simply uithout meaning. The accident and the loss of the arm had to be. I have learnt extremely much by it, and uill further on certainly learn very much.


1U. These thoughts are very dignant to you. I only thought, a hi

for some things uould oe certainly servible for you.

+ I am really very grateful to you, Asket, but I really don’t uant. Know, such an instrument would evoke on the earth evei many difficulties, too. We have there very many limb-amputa’ who then also uould uant such gears and ahead these it uere unfair from me to uithhold these gears from them. To this ai itself the problem, that many of these human beings, if the* had such help means, uould become again for incontant creati You know, it aehaves so at us, the human being manyfold Fal. at once again to the materialism, when he is uell up again. Dn the other 3ide, even scientists and governments mould ge* knoun to the matter, and this could lead to a catastrophy. IF I had such a halforganic apparature or artificial limb, I surely could not long time hide that. The-consequence uou. be, one uould take her auay From me and explore very scruti-nized. And uhen she already is halForganical, then the uay to clearing up and recognition of all details uere no more . to reach from him deep recognitions, from uhich then the scientists could construct robots and similar. These again uould get used For wicked and uar-minded purposes, from uhii inevoidable the catastrophy uould come upon the earth. As a’ tive your offering even is, dear Asket, I alone by this rea: could not take it up.


15. These are very unselfish ujQgds, dear friend, and you are rit in these, too.

Asket &Nera:

(Nou left in the background a uall opens, and a further

uomanly being walks inside.)


19. She’s iMera.

20. She is my deputy.

(I shake spontanuous hand with r.’era, and again I notice a very pleasant hand’s pressure.)

+ I am glad to get known to you.

(A bit Gilly uords, yet uhat else should I say?)


1. Your uords are good, don’t esteem them for stupid.

2* From my side I am delighted, too, to uelcome you here.

+ Have you fumbled in my thoughts?

fern (laughing) 3. liJhen you mean, I had burst into your thoughts, then no. Your thoughts out are extremely strong, by uhat they can not

misunderstand. + I see, yet in uhat matters do you represent Asket?


5. I am the second-coordinator.

+ This means, the point-localization in space, or similar, does it? –


312. Sure.

+ Asket, then you are not the commander of this ship? Asket

21. Wo, here I am the first-coordinator.

22- The leadership or the command about the ship obtains Stalor.


+ Man or woman? Asket

23. That’s the name of a man.

24. By my regret, you will not see him.

25. We stay together down here in this room.

26. In your designations, we are here quite private.

27. Before yet we talk together, 1 first want to clear up the to order facts.

26. In the meantime you can talk with Nera.



7. You let youselF much lead by Feelings” movements and these feelings are very sincere.

8. Until noui, I never noticed this at earthhuman beings. + 7 7 7 7 7 Do you knou some?


9. blhy shouldn’t I ? I have been several times on earth.

10. Eut that was already long ago.

+ Because that; I understand. Yet can I knou, whether you or Asket will cpme there again soon?


11. No more while your tine.

+ Yet then, when I am already since long time dead and rotted? (Vera (laughing hearty)

12. You seem to have overcome the in yog implantated horrors Fro the death.

+ Should I not? It is this just nonsense.


13. That is true.

14. Yes, First past your going away From earth will we go to the again, – very long tine later.

+ hJhy? IMera

15. It is all in connexion to the earthly evolution.

+ Ah, then a question For the how and why will be meaniess?

Why only Women ET’s in Contacting Meier:


MB Yet could you once explain tor me, wny 1 get at

Semjase and now at you nearly only knoun uith womanly beings? Until nou, I uere not able to ansuer For me this question. Does it keep a certain cause, or is it toss-up?


17. Hasn’t Semjase explained you this? + Wo, yet I also never asked For that.

” ‘□r ~

16. Well, then I uill give the ansuer to you: Dn the one side it behaves at our and also at Semjase’s race, that ue do not knou any uorth-separations between male and womanly creatures, like it behaves on the earth.

19. Both sexes get acknowledged at us For same valued.

20. Because this, our beamships are accordingly commanded by male and womanly Forms qF life, where also the diFferentest positions get alternatively Filled up by both sexes.

21. In your special case now formerly Asket had stated while your contact, that you can much better deal with womanly creatures, than this is able far you with male forms of life.

22. This fact is extremely strong expressed in you and you have a, until now unknown for us, ability, to place youself by feelings into womanly forms of life, by uhat you may conceive their deepest feelings and analysate these, when just you wani so.

23. So it was only consequent for us, to bring you in contact mainly alone with womanly forms Df life and to engage male creatures only there, where we could state by highest dates of probability, they would result in you the necessary oscillations of feelings.


ZUm From highest probability-dates consists this existing fact in you on the knowing, that on the earth on the one side the womanly forms of life got since ever suppressed and slaved by the male forms of life, and on the other side in practise the male creatures kppt thp originator’s guilt for all those things, which led the human being3 on the earth into heresies wars, slavery, exploitation and spiritual bondage.

25. This is our prabability-reckonning in highest values and the

cause for, that in practise we nearly alone promise you

contacts with womanly creatures.

+ The things uith the feelings are not new for me, yet your reasons surprise me. It yet may indeed be possible, that you hit the nale on top, because I really think in this direction This may also be the reason for I am very choosy in respect to men, when I have to occupy rneself more uith them. It reair is not the case, I could not stand them, or I even hated or despised them, no, quite not. It is only, they sometimes horrify me by their appearings, thinking and treating and aluays uant to uitness, the uomanly creatures uould have to be subject for them and they themselves were the masters of the uorld. They are also very much more materialistic thinker than the women in general, and also at their delicacy and uith the sensibility they are not very up. The uomanly being Is much more developed in these things, maybe because, too, it is since thousands of years suppressed by the mens’ uorld and condemned to nullity. This further-developed in the uoman uill be, also, uhich draus me touards her and lets me find in her a better and more judicious interlocutor.


25. That is a true word, in which but still many other things are hidden.

Spiral Shaped Time-Missiles of Timmers :


* 9 9 yet WnHre hau^ Semjase and Nera gone, they just

beTorenave gone over to the sluice case?


26. Semjase brings back to us a time-projectile.

27. They uill have gone for taking this.

+ Ah yes, Semjase has spoken something about it. Are you alloue to tell me, about uhat matter is treats here?


28. It is na secret: Since nine years ue explore a neu technic for time-travels over immense distances and time-dimensions and alga through several universes, without here needs to be opened a barrier.


29. In this purpose ue have elaborated little spiral-shaped time missiles, which ue provisionally transmit from presence to presence, and that from our universe to yours.

30. And as Semjase .understands much of this technic and uorks together uith us, it is only understandable, that we lead our missiles to the earth.

31. Three years ago ue have transmitted the last missile to ther where unfortunately it could not get found for long time, because a very small mistake had risen in our time-accountin

32. Because this, the missile landed some thousand kilometres mo in East, than was provided, as the earth had gone further

in rotation for this distance during the travel of this miss

33. But this mistake got found by us some months ago, and so we could find out, where the missile had really landed.

34. Semjase then found it there indeed and has brought it to us, because it is very worthful for us. Yet there they already come back.

+ I conceive, but why has Semjase not otheruays transported this thing to here, by time-travel or hyper-transport or such things? -‘–


35. For she has arranged a meeting-again uith you uith Asket,

uhile that also the time-missile should be brought back.

+ Man, oh mar, then they have done this huge travel in truth only because my own little self, to enable a meeting for me with Asket?


3o. It is really so, because also I wanted to see you again.

Photographing Asket, Nera & Semjase :


Nou yet one time a special question to you, Asket: Already f a long time I try to get From Semjase the permission For a photo From her- UnFortunately I but can not reach an agreement Fran her- UJhat but about, IF nou here I may ban you and Nera on ny Film – uould yau agree in that?


33. IF this delights you, then oF course.

3*». Uith Semjase this unFortunataly is not so; iF you uould mani. Fact a picture uith her and spread it on earth, her security uere no more guaranteed.

35. Because this, she Formerly Forbide this also, uhen certain diFFiculties had risen in your group.

36. I’m only aFraid oF, if even you shoot photos of me and Nera, that these not uill become goad.

+ But uhy not?


37. I knou from my earthly stays, pictures aluays being very bai uhen ue had done them in our ships or their surroundings.

38. Mostly they uere very foggy or simply blurred.

39. That is connected to certain, harmless for living forms

energy rays, uhich distort everything and even often at col*

films irjiirn ths rnlnrs and nhange these.

+ Have you troubled youself uith filming, and uhat about the apparatus, Semjase let construct for me, to make better pho


**o. From oun interest I occupied meself uith the photographing and by this also realized the difficulties uith the stagger energy-radiation, uhich even may destroy the films in certa cases.


Uiim But of uhat apparatus do you speak?

(Asket turns to Semjase and talks shortly uith her, and nou she explains the Following to me:)


4Z. Semjase has explained to me the kind of the apparatus, uhat by regret you could not understand.

43. Unfortunately I but have to tell you, the pictures surely u also with this gear not very good.

44. But ue will endeavour together constructing an effective ge to offer for you later the chance for better photo-material

45. When thcugh you uant to make some pictures of us, then you do this now.

46. If you make no use of this and keep It alone for you, then you arc olloucd to make a group’s pictura with us, togothai with Semjase.

+ Thank yau, Asket. Df course I will keep it alone for me, if it becones well.


47. So shoot now the pictures.

4B. At later point of time yau also will be allowed to make sor pictures of Semjase, when she is no more menaced on the ea:

49. This but may last still some years.

50. Belonging to me, a recognizing really does not play a roll because for the present I will no more come to the earth.

51. Same belongs to Nera.

Life-form Look-Alikes:

52. On the other hand, in the universe block can be found farms of life, which look with striking resemblance, by what anyon can be esteemed for another one.

53. You call such doubleganggr.


Evolution-Overleaping for Meier on Asket’sShip by 470 years:

317. You nou uill become introduced to Facts, uhich are before th earthly mankind by more than *t7o years of evolution’s time e uhich in consequence you are never allaued to say.

318. Each forn of life owns a certain span of time, uhich accordi to the evolution can get jumped over uithout that damage ris by such.

319. In average amounts this possibility at the earthhuman being only 9,k monthes from the spiritual position of development of the present time.

320. Some feu exceptions form highdeveloped earthly spirit-human

beings, to uho can be alloued an overleap-span of 89,7 year!

+ I can accept these explanations, Semjase, even if I can not account the by you told dates myself. Uhat but you further I said about my person, is no more illuding for me, as it jus stands in contradiction to your explanations. Anyhau must h run a heavy mistake under you. You have just before said, y uanted to introduce me in things being for **7o od more year of evolution before the human beings of earth. That is not evident for me. You just had Called the average time of 9,** monthes and a maximal time of 89,7 years. I don’t uant to judge it by myself, yet I assume in my megalomania laying a bit before the average and so being able to overleap about 15 or 2o years in evolution by very good help. 5o it uill b a heavy offence against the laus of the Creation, uhen you uant to initiate me to things, uhich are before my oun deve ment by more than kla years.


5*t. Dear friend, even your modesty has to knou limits.

112. And still a uord to your assumption, Semjase uould have ern uithin the spans of tine of the evolution-overleaping years Truely it behaves not so, dear friend.


113, As presently single earthhuman being are you by spirit aire so far developed, that to you can be addicted 5oo years of evolution-overbridqing.

114. This is the highest quantity of all time, and you already r reached this.

115- You are by youself able to recognize that, uhen honestly yc observe all existing spiritual positions of earthly forms c life very thoroughly and analysate them.

116. You in truth are in the present time the single human beim your home world, who inperturbated =nd obstinate and with absolute knowing stays to the real truth without doubting.

117. This had once a time be told to you.


321. So does really behave – and indeed it had to be said one t

Other ET races visiting Earth whose level of Evolution is closer to Earthhuman:


151- Besides us, exist still different other extraterrestrals, tr in the earthly space, who yet stay in unequal much deeper 1 of evolution than ue, and uho are in advance by evolution t the earthhuman being only by feu hundred, and in maximum on by 1243 years.

152- These creatures may so meet uith communication to the avere and same mare intelligent earthhuman beings and come tD an understanding uith them.

153- As these intelligences but comparatively in their develapme have not outrounded very far the earthmankind, they often behave like governors and even let themselves lead astray and influence by the earthly religions, in uhat cause very much higher developed creatures in the universe have to

interfere arranging, to prevent evil consequences. 154. For, uhare religions get diffused, rules aluays already pa: very short time chaos, slavery, exploitation and spirit’s slavery, by uhat each spiritual progress becomes put to question.

True & Untrue Contacts with Pure Spiritual features:


155. Some earthhuman beings haue taken possession of contact

reports about real contacts uith such extraterrestral Intel ligences and phantasyful formed neu tales out of these.

15G. So they appeared uith it before publicity and pretented lie even they selves uould have contacts uith strange to earth creatures, or had had.

157. Other earthhuman beings received the truth or pretentive ar inapirative messages from such lau levels, falsified them c unconsciously gave them untrue public.

158. From there also rose uicked phantasies, pure spiritual ere. uould have started communication uith earthhuman beings, at uould do so further on, too.

159. So but in truth does not behave, because pure-spiritual fQJ of life take up touch only uith extremely high developed creatures, as alone these may receive their radiations and offer the necessary understanding.

1So. When then other pretentions get maintained by earthhuman bi then these do not correspond to the truth, but conscious o: inconscious deceiving pretentions and phantasies.

161. Matter of fact i3 alone, since ever notimes very high deve creatures or even pure spiritual forms were able to come ii touch uith earthhuman beings, except if these accorded to i extraordinary high spiritual level, uhich led into same ex high levels.

162. In each casmic age a uorld creates only very feu so high c tures, uhile the average form still stands in a very lou field of evolution, like it behaves uith the earthhuman be

163. These highdeveloped creatures of such uorlds, the prophets appear on the other side but also only at the given times, uhere they are necessary.

164. And on the earth has this case approached again after near 2ooo years nou in the present time.


True & Untrue Contacts with Low level Spirit-Forms & Evil-minded high ET’s(Gizeh Intelligences):


+ Good and nice, uhat you say here, Asket, yet many pretent, staying in contact uith human beings from tha stars, from t other uorld, spiritual beings and pure-spirituals etc.


166. This is truly only so far the truth, as these earthhuman be stay in touch uith creatures etc., get jnsplrated or but al urang led, deceived and denied, uha still stay in very lou levels and are spiritually only by feu more developed than earthhuman beings.

167- Moreover but other lou intelligences appear, uho mightthurs

uant to hold the scepte above the earthhuman beings, and ir

consciousness about the religious earthly heresies make foi

themselves these as benefit, to influence by that the fall*

to reliqions ones free from their might desires.

+ 1 see, about that also Semjase had one time talked. Nou yet me the point seems good to mention, Semjase as uell Arahat Athersata toldr since rounded 2ooo years happening no cont; of any kind any more to earthhuman beings, that is from extraterrestrals and pure spiritual forms etc.


168. I have just explained, this concerns only on truly very hii

forms, not but an louer and spiritual not high forms.

+ Uhat do you mean about the influences of these louer farms life and beings – offer or have they a use far the human b of eartn?


169. Such have they only partly, like all itself developing.

170. Manyfold but menaces behind these contacts etc. also a ver large danger, uhich the earthhuman beings yet unfortunatel are first then able to recognize, uhen evil uars and catas phies have broken in upon them.

171. Manyfold might-leaders of earth get uickedly influenced in unconscious by such intelligences, and this uays initiate desired death and damage, ignorance, condemption, urong le hate and destruction.

172. This in political as uell as in religious fields, yet but single human beings get influenced by these evilolnded int gences, in consequerces faKuhat they then commit maS3-murc and cause catastropries.

173. These by other intelligences influencable earthhuman beings but belong without exception to any religious directions of belief, which from the essential nourishing ground for influences.

174. To these earthhunan beings gets met in the way, that to the the delusion gets transmitted, god in person or Jesus Chris or Satan etc. would have ordered to them the command for murdering etu. – IiHien tlit* earthhuman being uauld at last re himself of his deathbringing religions, then these wrong-leading or wicked extraterrestral intelligences would loose the power about him, as, where truth and logic and ooservan of the creational laws govers, there the evil may no more maintain itself.

175. As but these evil-minded intelligences are very well consci of this, they guide and gover very talented the life of the religions.

176. They even understand to push the delusion of the religion almost more and to force the earthhuman being the more, towards an evil religious fanatism.

177. In this, the infamous pieces of work of contacts are very by them, while they pose themselves before the earthhuman I as “by God sent”, “keepers of peace”, “guards of the unive) “angel”, “in order of Jesus Christ” and as “praise and hea. announcers” etc.

173. While inspiratively transmitted influences tney pretend thi selves in the same kind, pretent but differently too, beini any highpositioned spirit-beings, died ones or even pure-spirit-forms etc.

179. In utilisation of their differentest power-abilities they are also able to generate halluzinations and for the earth being phantastic illusions, mostly in religious base, as f example figures of saints, Christ-pictures and images of t Virgin Mary and crosses etc., which appear for the religio depending earthhuman being as “marvels” and entangle him s deeper and mad into the religions.

180. And that this really is.^o^” this could youself convince yo when I led you to the cruzificatian-equipment3 in the dept the pyramid of Glzeh.

181. But as there the demonstration of this fact was not suffic

Creation/Existence can be Represented ‘Mathematically1:


Asket’s explanation from the 4th February 1955

(Hardly repeat by Asket’s help. Uritten in the *-.9.1964 in Kehr /Jndia. Partly distract from the uhole explanation. The not uri part of this explanation falls to the secret-duty and so is not alloued to be told.)

1. The uhole existence of all crgational uniuersea, uorld-bodie and fnrms nf life etc. can became imbedded into a perfect mathematic, uarking like a faultless machine and bringing li to rise and perishing.

2. The elementary formulas consist in the mathematically import numbers 3,7 and 12.

3. All reckonnings in these three numbers result aluays and at time the same result in the equation itself – and the equsti is a perfect circle, uhich infallible can get accounted in manyfolds of the multiplication 7×7.

Um The uhole mathenatic consists in a closed circle, uhich at e times can be reckonned by the numbers 3,7,12 and 7×7, becaus the ancient-eternal itself embodies a perfected and until th smallest improved rounding – a rounding of the perfect in mastering of the rise and perishing in the Creation herself.

5. But to explain this and to shou in all details and by this bringing the solving of the large secret to the earthhuman t that is not admitted to me, because by this uould I offense

against the laus of the Ancient-Eternal itself, as it lays : the uill of the Ancient-Eternal itself, an out-self develop!! form of life urastles herself through tauards the solcing o; these riddles, to gather THE cognition, uhich enaDlss t! concerning forms of life of the most different universes an uorlds, to exercise their knouledge according to the nature and in the creational principles and ta use it.

Gizeh-lntelligences transmitted dangerous Knowledge to Earth-Scientists & sends Religious Impulses:


6- If then a form of life uould reach in a too early grade of tl” aun development the large knowing and the great wisdom, so ar unpreventable and irresistabla cat3Strophy would be the effec and consequence, as for the present also menaces for the eart because by the unsrcupulocsness of the evil-wanting extratera intelligences (of the already some times called kind) they hi transmitted to some earthhuman beings, socalled scientists, ; knowledge, of which they still are not able, to bear it.


7* Namely the knowing for the foundation stones of life – the

atome, by what then by the revelation of this secret the ato

bomb could become generated. 6. One time in posessian of this dangerous destruction weapon,

step was only small until its use and a repeat of the earlie

events in Sodom and Gomorra. 9. In the 6th of August 1945 the first of these deadly weapons

brought to explosion, and three days later the second.

10. By this, the earthly atmosphere got impregnated by deathly clouds, which since then injure whole the nature, evoke cllrr tical alternations and disturbed the weather conditions.

11. The consequences of these explosions will further on show: themselves by many forms, so as well in the human life.

12. Fauna and flora will mutate, and also the human form Df life uill suffer wicked mutations and metamorphoses.

13. This bad misery has already begun with the explosions and ui spread further on.

14. So already is knoun to the earthly science, but by no means they trouble themselves to change the consequences of their delusion Dr to prevent themselves from new attacks.

15. In contrary: Further on, they will work for the same form of destruction, to incite newly atomic bombs for examination purposes and by this force the earth towards still larger danger.

16. And as this unreasonableness is very great, am neither I nai any other creatures of extraterrestral rise allowed, to reveal secrets, which would enable the earthly form of life to create material or spiritual life or even only to work oneself up into great heigthes of spirit.


3d. It will also be of advantage for you, that until then the by me called organisation in Germany though the negative reiigic Factor uill have performed very good and important uork, uhic uill become For you and your mission oF benefit, by uhat youi seed soon uill bear rich fruits.

31. Thousands of small and greater groups uill have formated ther selves until then already on the uhole earth and exercise tht according uorks, to affect clearing-up and to uork the most necessary things.

32. But don’t go astray Dy thoughts for large assistance from these groups and From the most important organisation, for,a; they all are halfuay3 dazzled by the intriguous machinations of the evil-minded extraterrestral group stay ahead the real truth, they uill for the first only give to you limited help

33. The pouer of the BAFATH-creatures, ths called wicked intelli gences in the pyramide of Gizeh, originated from the far ring-fog area and descendants of the earthmankind1s originat is very large, and everywhere do they understand to obtain their influence.

34. They do not shrink from any intrigues and no infamous pieces uork, and even use the clear-up-tries of the earthhuman bain for to reach the goals of their delusion and greediness.










CR 032, Monday, September 8, 1975

-Billy lost Asket con tact reports after Jmmanuel event

-Semjase talks about her illogical actions in photograph event to Billy & Asket

-Semajase uses’Eliminator’ to destroy the films & Projects ‘Light Energy’ to overexpose the film

-Asket weeps as Meier leaves along with Semjase

-Ptaah makes the first hyper leap in return Journey

New Photography apparatus constructed by Asket:

+ w : ~’J told, the gear for chotograpning uould be

useless – I mean the one from Ser.jase. What about the one, you uant to construct in cooperation? Do you mean, later I can shoot better pictures uith it and not aluays come in conflict uith the screen-frame?



212. I think, the gear uill be uell.

213. Yet uhat do you mean uith comming in conflict uith the screen-frame?

+ Knou, the gear from Semjase is some intricate for photog; phing and a bit small. Uhen I make a pioto, then me disti aluays the small screenframe, and always I have this confounded thing in the picture. Aluays the half-oval form i the frame appears in the picture-


214. I uill care for, that these disadvantages don’t appear ii next apparatus.

+ When uill I be able to use this instrument?


353. Uhile the next travel, of course. + And uhen uill thi3 be?


354. This is still not fixed – at all it may last very long u then.

355. Before a further travel at first ‘-Jill I “ebduct” you int another dimension.

Meier’s trip into Parallel Worlds(After GJ):


355- Before a further travel at first uill I “abduct” you into another dimension. + Uhat mean you uith this?


355- Every world-body keeps several parallel-ucrlds, same so yo

native world, the earth. 357, These parallel-uorlds yet exist in over- or under-arderec

dimensions, so in for the normal time strange dimensions. 356. At these parallel-uorlds is nearly all same like at the uc

of the normal time. 359. Just small differences exist, so exspecially within the ti 36o- And into such a parallel-world do I want to travel with yc + Phantastic – when shall this be?


361. That is still not cleared up.

+ (dell, may at least I take pictures there?


362. Surely, yet they will not be otherlika, as if you had mad them in the normal space of your earth.

363. There are the same human beings and buildings as on the e

+ Though. – Uill but then you not interfere again and spoil pictures, like you have done uith the group-picture?


364. Surely not, I do allou the photographing for you all righ Closing of Unviersal-Barrfer:




2<*3. Ue are starting in the moment, to change over into our am universe.

244. Then ue uill remain uhile fifty minits at the end of the barrier, to close her again.

+ Does that need so much time? SgBttesg

348. Sure, because ue ought not just let it break together, yet

349. This needs its time and demands very much carefullness.

350. From universe to universe are only very feu places in the barrier, uhich can get used for passage.

351. Then they must not get too much strained or even overcharged, else the structure oats destroyed, uhat can lead to a cosmic catastrophy.

352. All has to get performed very exactly in its order and fro

the given laus, needing aluays its time, of course.

+ I understand, then uill I be unneeded for the next fifty minits?


245. Ue may all right talk together.

246. Uhole the process of the closing is programmed and runs self-supporting uithout our special interference.

Meier’s Return-Great Journey:

At first, I want to know, ue

do after performed closing of the barrier? Pthaa

248. The question is Justified: It is provoded, to jump into several galaxies, where you shall vlcit same planets and forms of life, with Semjase. + Dear, that is marvellous, can I also talk uith these creal


353. By my regret will this not be possible.

354. Ue are allowed to show our ships only on the fewest world:

355. So we also must not leave the ship and have to content wi realizing all from the beamship.

Logic in Existence of Creation & Life :


250. As uith all matters, everything needs a certain preoaratli

251. Nothing can get undertaken and performed uithout accordini preparations.

252- Uhen so but although gets proceeded, then results an arbi act, being never of uorth.

253. An arbitrary act is equivalent to unlogic and undeliberate

254. And from such an arbitrary treatment can because that onl consequence unlogic.

255. If for example the Creation itself uould behave arbitario then uould no laus and bids exist, vouching for the exist of all creatures etc.

25S. There uould rule plain unlogic and by this, fully confusi 257. That means, nothing could then exist – the Creation not, 25S. An arbitrary act premises, no thinking force destinies th

act or can destiny. 259. This means, a treatment proceeds arbitrary, undeliberated

and uithout consistency, uhat aluays has to lead to negat

effects and occurrences. 26o- For such arbitrary acts are yet only creatures able, uho

not have recognized the thaughtly consistency in its proc


261. In other words, this says, such ways thinikng creatures lay within spiritual forms still in very s^all worthes ant still do not own control over their kind of thinking and thought-power.

262. Because this, they can act arbitrary – that is, without anterior deliberation – without former,according thoughts labour.

263. They simply have not learnt to think really.

264. If so behaved also with the Creation, then nothing existei because the unlogic of this form uould destroy everything before at all it were created.

255. A not-arbitrary act or process means in ccntrary to arbit riness real life.

256. This means, an instinctive treatment premises a reasanabl thought, which is able to destiny the consistency Df an a

267. This means, the existence of an act gets consistent vouch for.

269. This reverse means: The consistency of the act is logical secured.

269. Instinctivity from this is logic and deliberatianess and sucures the existence of the acting.

270. So by the logic of the Creation itself clearly evident, 2 she treats voluntary, deliberated and logically and this guarantees the existence of all life.

271. First, where an instinctive thought is, the consistency c an act can get destinied and by this, life created.

272. The voluntarity so i3 necessary in all things, so also ir searching and diffusion of truth and knowledge.

273. To make a truth understandable, first has to get done a t for understanding by help of the voluntarily.

274. The voluntarity means in that the communication means be1 unreasonableness and reason and between ignorance and kni

275. By the voluntarity, embodying in this form so the pure ds reation- and thinking-process, the reasonable brains ge< incited for labour and slowly led to cognition.

Religion-Relegeon, Creation/Creator/GOD:


276. Uhen the cognition has the proceeded in sufficient lot, fi lesson means can get added, uhich then further on ondeed i voluntary elaborated and used, from uhat then further cogi get uon.

277. In a course of instruction so voluntariness is of very hi importance, because alone by her the logic consistency of run of the education gets guaranteed.

270. fto times yet can a lesson in its deepest cognitions get transmissed in ths start of the education.

279. First come the necessary preparations and introductions, reach step by step the center of the lessens and to trans the essential knouledge.

280. This process can not get turned around, as this uould mea an arbitrarious act, uho’s consistency in course of the a uould have to lead to a catastrophy.

281. Take here for an example a profession’s ecucation, like c is usual on earth:

262. Uhen a human being of your earth uants to oecome a physic then he can not at once occupy hi-.self uitn the deepest secrets and knowledges of this profession and learn these

283. For the first, he laborously has to ualk into the preparJ uorks and all to learn slouly from the beginning.

284. Uhen he has done so and reached a certain knouledge, ther cab meet uith more profound things and slouly penetrate : the centre Df knauing of the profession.

285. Same like it behaves uith the spiritual lessons.

286. Because that, my daughter has until nou not gone into thi deeoer facts of the spiritual lessons and explanations, I first the seed had to get throun out.

287. This reverse first had to adapt uith the zround, and as is fell on fertile qround, it had to enrich itself uith vening forces, to be able to germ.

238. This means: The former by Semjase offered lessons and ex nations etc. uere and ar§ the foundation stone for the essential, first nou follouing main uork.

289. The until nou transmitted in truth embodies only the pre operation, by uhat the earthhumaa beings have to get pre for the root of the truth.

29a- So this is an introduction and preparation, to be able to understand the Fallowing advices and explanations and to conceive them.

29*1. When Until now Semjase only had spoken by negative Form ab the earthly religions, then this finds its justification i that by this the earthhuman being had to gat made attentiv for the wrongness and irreality of his religions, beca these are in each form wicked and unreal, like it is not t case elsewhere in universe.

292- Uhen so is the speech about the earthly religions, than th are meant in their forms, so, Ilka they exist on the earth and find their exercise and effects.

293. Religions in this meaning are a deadly danger, not only or the earth and for the earth, but they contain deadly dange in themselvas for the whole universe.

294. Religions in the kind, like exist on earth, are one time i this universe, and they find not their equal.

295. As deadly danger they gover the earthhuman being and the t planet and effect embitter your world in spiritual rasped since thousands of years.

296. Each spiritual proceeding is blocked by these religions and finds no development.

297. The spirit’s evolution is hampered by the heresies of rail govering your earth.

29fl. Well contain your religious transmissions still real wort! and wisdoms of the creational laws and bids, yet these an falsified by humanly procreated heresies and are made so indiscernible, that only some feu human beings are able fa recognize the real truth from there.

299. These few ones but, who may elaborate the real truth from the scriptures and transmissions, get outlawed and cursed the followers of these wrong religions, for they can n diffuse the truth.


300. Uhen then 5emjase talked in negative form about the religi on earth, then by that get adressed the falsifications anc lies, constructed in them partly consciously deceiving.

301. By this yet also are adressed those pure human unscrupulot pieces of uork, you just knou as heresies and dogmas; plai infamous pieces of mark of unscrupulous or mad earthhuman beings, uho by these by themselves constructed heresies ue able to beat your uhole mankind into spiritual poverty an< bondage.

302. The earthly religions get only by name called religions, I by truth they are not such, but alone cultic degeneration! in very uicked meaning.

303. Religions in this form are aluays urong and deadly.

304. By truth, one does not call them religions, but cults.

305. In your case ue call them cultic religions, because real religion-conditioned facts are interspersed by cultic dog; and heresies and so falsified.

306. Religions themselves are same as urong and of deadly d3ng like this are the cultic religions in earthhuman form.

307. One religion is the measure of all religions, that means, of all backtieing facts.

3o3. This one is also only then creaticnal-Iauful right, uhen bases on harmonical cooperation uith the RSLEGEPN.

309. This means, the back-connecting and the again-combining h ta stay in harmonic unison and cunsequently to uork tocet

310. Religion but can’t exist uithout relegeon, same as feu ca relegeon exist uithout religion.

311. Both factors have to uork into one each other and to camp one another.

312. In the earthly case, uhere the cultic religions prevail, the single rescue, that these existing urong cultic relic become eradicated and destroied, to enable place for the religion in accord uith the relegeon.


313. This can only and alone event thia ways, that the milling human beings straighten themselves so long only for the RELEGEON, until they have won the fight over the cultic religions.

314. So in the presence and in the next future is only one sing direction of thinking the right one, that i3 the relegeous the again-combining.

315. The earthhuman being has to find the truth and combine hei together into the right measures and forms.

316. So he has to consider relegeous and act, to find this ways the truthes out from the real religions acain and to builc them into the gathered complex of the relegeous knowledge.

317. Alone this ways he walks the right way and observes the lawfulnesses of the spirit’s evolution.

318. In special measurement consist the heresies of the earthl\ cultic religions in, that becomes cursed at the Creation and slandered and denied.

319. She as allmight gets put to question ana substituted by blaspheming heresies by a god, who cets cailed the creato:

320. The Creation yet is in truth the ~ost nouerful, the allmii and the magnificence itself.

321. By certain circumstances and not at last by the megaloman of human creatures IHUJHs, wisdom-kings, nation-leaders am human-race-leaders, being called in earthhuman designatioi as GOD, got pressed into the designating farm of a creato and lieful declared for the highest in the universe, name for the Creation itself.

322. This is still today evident in the adressing form of the earthhuman beings, uhen they talk about their god as abou “THE CREATOR”.

323. The term of the male, of the HE and HIM and THE GOO could even while many thousand years not get remoted by t religion-advocates, from that still at the present time t term witnesses on earth from the human-being of the god a the creator and the deitils.


324. The earthhuman being uith his thoughtless stupidity and h: reluctance, to devote himself to the truth, is already sxi very long time inabie to make his thoughts about these th

325. Foolhardy the further on defends the cultic religions, ui exception being tuned on any earthhuman being, on a relig donatar, uhich venerate him for creation-chosen and uith only exercise a human-cult

326. The Creation itself gets here fully neglected and condamn to nullity, because by these cultic religions it gets sub tuted all right by the delusion of a human representative and by A creator.

327. The Creation itself as absolute allmight and magnificence all being gets wickedly denied and .damned.

323. Uhether this happens in knowledge or in observance of cul religious heresies or because other concepts of world, remains in itself the same.

329. In every case it means the hugest slandering of Creation, uhich can be thought or spoken by any creature.

330. Besides the Creation itself is nothing venerable, univers loveful, allmighty, eternal and respect-commanding.

331. She is the beginning and the end of all existence and ths being itself.

332. Besides it is nothing existing.

+ This is very thoroughly, and I beliave, this in itself si get understood by all human beings, even by those, who ai captured in their irreal religions. I think, this explan; from you should really suffice, to efface the impression general just the religion in itself uers wrong and had ti eradicated. In my esteam is quite evidently said by your in negative sense being only spoken from the cultic relii that is, uhich got falsified by human dogmas or else her! until indiscernibleness and by which the Creation become! slandered in most uicked forms. To these slanderings ball by tnat also all adorations and sacrifications of any nui beings and objects, and by same measure also the calling heaving-up of a human being into the d33icnative form of creator or a creation-messenger, bacause a creator in cu religious meaning is never the Creation.


A gad, a creator or else anyhou a human being or another living form can never be the Creation. The Creation is ne a HE nor a SHE, for it is just simply THE Creation, sexless, by that effectively an IT. So at least I think about that.


333. You evoke in me asthonishing feelings, as your uords corr

to the true circumstances of the truth. 334- You have become very wise.

ET’s working in Governments are Fairy Tales:

^^■^■^p- yet anotner question: anort time 203 to m ga^ex^r^iried, several governments would keep cn our earth extraterrestral intelligences, doing their working, and ev uould be fast employed there. Uhat is about that, is one alloued to believe it?


34o. You call such matters fairy-tales.

+ This means, in our earthly governments are no star-human-t emplaied? ‘–



341. So does this say.

342. – IF these reports uould accord to the truth, then on ear had since long time communed tranquility and the earthly mankind uould have got taught about the truth by the gave ments.

343. Because ue extraterrestral living foms yet have ng autno to interfere by Force uith the terrsstrai concerns, ue ha to limit u3 into the form, searching earthhuman beings, t become able to transmit by these our knouledge.

344. IF ue had the legitimation of an interf2r2n.ce in the kind that ue could act in governments, then ue also could reve ourselves in all publicity.

345. We then needed not to have any ucrries to get hurt by gov

ments, militaries or criminals etc.

+ It is said yet, these extraterrestral cooperated secretly unrecognized in or at government institutions*


346. This also does not behave, as your logic itself can shou you.

347. When this really uould be, then uitrtin only feu days no authority, no government and no military farce uould any hunt for our ships, because .ue indeed Dun the abilities, to stifle such things in the germ, if ue _ould act in an\ government institutions.

348. This are not more than lies, uhen then such things get affirmed about any extraterrestrals.

349. Such lies can manyfold traced back tG 3ny religious piec; of uork of any sectarious elements or of unscrupulous phantasts.

+ That but is a hard beat, man oh man.


350. Eut is the truth.

351. Unfortunately yet just the truth often gets distorted by religious sectarians and^phantasts and evaluated, for the oun favour-

352. Then moreover exists several groups, uho pretentively dccu;

themselves for the exploration of the matters uiith us and

our ships, uho in truth yet only take this as pretence, to

fasten their religious sectarity and diffuse it, to be3t b

this the world still worse into religious bondage.

+ Can you give more detailled informations, as far example, what kind of groups these are?


353. You will get known to this shortly by one of these groups itself.

Earthly UFO’s Origin, First German UFO, Cover-Ups ;

I already have heard some and read about, our scientists a: endeavouring for building own earthly osanahips. Is that right, and haw far are these things developed?


355. These informations accord so far with the truth, such fligl

instruments get built on the earth. 35S. This matters yet here not for bearships, yet for similar t

our ships flightapp3ratures, which only are equipped by

explosion-motors or newly by jet propulsicns with repuisio


357. The construction of such ship3 on aarth in the modern time is but no more quite new, because the first ships in this kind gat already finished in the year 1941 by plannings and started to get built.

358. In the middle of february the first flights gat exercised until heigthes of nearly 12.5oo maters, while velocities of some more than 2aoo kilometers per hour got developed.

359. Given as mission got all by the laadar af the second worlc war, Adolf Hitler.


36a. At uar end yet all got detroied, ta let it nat Fall in tri

hands of enemies. 351. Several plans and equipments and apparatures yet got ovei

looked and fell into otherone’s hands.

362. From this, different groups developed the today existing

ships of discformed kind and earthly origin.

363. These “Flying d3rts“, like they are celled by their cons’ need of course of their test flients, to test their Chan etc.

364. Many of such objects can sa get oeservated by the earthht beings, uhen they get floun around, to make test flights or to proof them.

365. The largest of these flight bodies from earth in this so: reach already nearly log meters in diameter and exists already quite numerous.

366. Df course this gets contested by the governments af the ouning states quite vigorously.

367. Yet already often have their machines crashed daun, beca they but are rather unsufficiently developed uithin all things.

36B. The uninitiated human beings of earth but live in the er

belief, these by them realized “Flying darts” uould by o

the same kind like our beamships end uoula come from ext

terrestral uorlds.

+ So does this behave. Then several of the in all the uorl seen UFOs are not such, but just simply earthly “Flying



369. Sd it is, yes.

370. They often also are forced to make a farced landing, bee their constructions, gears and apcaratures still are rat failful.

371. By their explosion motors and jet propulsions, uhich rec they also run atomicly, at this often burning_dama5es ce done. .jg

371. For human beings, uho come then near to such burn cores, this uays often menaced by atomic radiation.

373. When Forced-down ships of this sort get ne3red by observe in uhat I mean, that these go near, they often get set in fear and horror by the pilots or even kidnapped and depoi to ensure oneself of their absolute silence.

374. Such like events unfortunately are not rare on earth, but the unreasonableness of the human beings and of different unloyal “elucidating” groups this witnout except gets adc to extraterrestral living forms.

375. In truth also bad-minded intelligences exist from the unj who haunt your reath or loose their ways to there-

376. Of such are but not so many, that they had greater imporl

377. The most observations of “Flying Darts” and kidnappings ; of earthly origin.

378. Of this should the earthhuman beings be conscious, when they anywhere meet any “Flying saucers“, uhos users are i known about the fact, many human beings assuming these ol far extraterrestral origin.

379. This knowing gets often even utilized by them, when they themselves known to any credulous human beings to be ext terrestral intelligences.

380. Conscious of the religious power, they don’t shrink from pretend themselves for angels or cad-sent and to appear “rescuers” of the earthmankind, while they then dasignat the deceived credulauses far contact persons and order mysterious missions for them, which pretentively serve f the benefit of the earthhuman beings, but in truth only serve for the own profit and for the advantage of espion for the own state.

381. The most starting-places call these deceiveing elements pilots of earthly “Flying Darts” as l/snus, I-iars, Saturn Uranus.

382. Yet also the next neighbour-systems of your solar systen

have to be in for it.

+ tYou wonder me, Ptah. I know all these things since my cr Alreddy Sfath and Asketlfrave told these things to me, ys always got strong ordered to keep silence about the3e m; and to give them by no means public.

Now but you explain them to me once more, while you yet know, that Semjase will later all transmit to me, as I shall write down all. Or get these things excluded and later simply not transmitted? Have I further on to keep silence about them?


353. The time has very much proceeded, and so you also have gal the permission from Asket to reveal this all now.

384. So it behaves, too, with that knowledge.

385. The time has become mature, and su you are also allowed tc tell this knowing, and your duty for silence becomes solve

385. So Semjase will transmit to you my explanations litteralli

CR 033, Friday, September 12, 1975

Attempts of Gfzeh Intelligences to Kidnap Billy & World Domination:

4. Ue uer so much occupied with this, by you realized, object, that I really could not talk with you and had to question you to wait.

5. The yesterday and before-yesterday appeared abject was the same, which already in the evening of the Zoth April yuu had seen and photographed.

6. It concerns here yet not a beamship, as you assume, but a small-spacer.

7. It also does not belong to us, yet to other, rather unkind intelligences.


6. These are very much endeavoured for disturbing our mission

and even perhaps to distruct her. 9. Exspecially since monthes their interest passes for your

person, because they uant to catch hold of you.

10. The reason for this is: These intelligences are very inter in getting the earthmankind and her world under their cont

11. For this they use very dishonest means and even don’t shri from kidnapping.

12. It concerns with these in one of these groups, who operate with the earthly religions and earn with that very much su when uninitiated persons come in connection with them and religously influenced.

13. These by the intrigues wrong-led contact persons then work unconsciously in bad meaning of the disturbers, ta bring t slowly step by step towards their aim.

14. That is the aim, uhich msan3 the gcvering of the earth and earthhuman beings, for what these intelligences work at si some thousand years.

15. The urong-led ones unfortunately often walk out of their

silence and spread the religious-baaed heresies, given to


lieful from the uicked-mindsd ones.

16. And that they have much success uith this, do you self knc

uell enough, as the earthhuman being is extraordinary strc

prisoned in his irreal religious trails.

+ That is knoun to me, yet uhat is with these “birds” ? To t group do they belong? Are they possibly members of the “pyramid-moles” ?


17. When you aim uith that the intelligences from Gizeh, than it to agree.

+ I nearly have thought so from your words, yet what do the* foold uant from me? You have said, they mean a danger for


13. Sure, they are a danger, even a very great, uhich you shot not undervalue.


19. They knou very goad the background of your life and as well your mission.

20. They knou, you have to initiate as prophet of the truth thi human beings, and that you have to bring back the true spiritual lessons.

21. This means a great menace For them, as by -hat the modern human being goes away From the urong religion and searches the true religion in connexion with the relaqeon.

22. As he, said in other words, will Find and recognize the real truth.

23. By this, of course, these wicked intelligences get hurt in performance of their imperial plans, and tr*eir long-termed undertaking gets put to question.

24. The kind of their former proceeding, the secret working ui the wrong religions, was and is their single chance to rea their aim and to appear as gods and angels.

25. They have no other possibility, because they know very goo when they would start the government Dver the earth by paw then the earthhuman beings uould recognize the truth and oppose against this and defend themselves cy all possible means.

26. A war were inevoitable, and just a such aren‘t these Intel gences able to afford, because they are only few tenthDuse people.

27. Their technic is much antiquated and they rave to fear in repsect the earthly explosion weapons.

28. Because this, in the present time they still less can sta] into a uar with the earthhuman beings, than it was the ca: already earlier.

29. Their only chance consists indeed in, to be able to push I

earthhuman beings into the last delusion of their religioi

to appear then as gods and angels and to seize at themsel’

the world government, so, like at earlier time they alreai

one time did, but then became expelled again.

+ Girl, that is famous, thel2 perhaps within the time will bi quite a nice fireworks.

3a. This possibility is still open, and it depends just tin, uih the earthhuman being uant to take up reason on matter reli or not.

31. lile ourselves endeavour already very long For a finishing a the advance of these intelligences, and ue can put them in their proper place.

32. Nou yet sonce some monthes they try to kidnap you, to hemp you from the truth-revelation.

33. By their appearance they hope, you uould let you seduce tc to a suited place, uhere they can kidnap and deport you.

34. Because that, be very much careful and don’t let youself mislead to unconsiderated steps.

35. All right ue uatch about these uicked-uanting ones, but u5 several things they are equal to us and ue have our trouble uith them.

36. Exercise then also by youself extremest caution, as they

really don’t shrink from any intrigues.

+ This are really nice exspectations, yet I uill at all use by myself.


37. Surely, you also unburden us this –ays.

38. – Keep so like before and come to my contacts only then, i you are sufficient secured.

+ Of course, – I aluays have my artillery uith me.

Self-Defence & Banishment/Elimination as a Creational Natural Law:



39. Yau act very quad uith that, as this apparatus is a good

protection for you.

+ You cause me smiling, girl, that is no apparatus, but a poc artillery, a fire-arm.


40. It is a ueapon.

+ You uith your damned logic, leave the fun far me yet!

– – Hm, I believe, uhen later I shall write the talking, tt same people uill excite,because that, as many can’t underst one may function uith a deadly ueapon.


fel. This is only a matter of the reason, ths brains and the ot

vance of the natural laus.

+ So tell one time to my dear fellou-creatures. It uould but better, uhen these matters uould not get uritten doun.


U2. This uould be urong.

1*3. Also these problems form such in themselves, if they get i understood.

44. So they find justification to get discussed.

45. The nature’s laus teach, alone the balanced corresponded right lifeuay, I already explainded one tina.

(*6. Force find only in force its compensation.

47. The pouer yet appears by unlimited many foms and kinds, 1 very little a3 uell as by very great measures.

48. Pouer can never get broken by offered peace or otherwise put to an end.

49. A settled pouer by an offered peace bubbles further in th substratum and uill one day again Drake out to pouer.

50. Negative matters can never get overcome by positive matte or get subordered or settled doun.

51. So may alone event by a neutral positivity, by a balanced

52. She contains in itself in same parts positive and negativ

53. When so force should become led to a natural-given balanc then the used pouer against the force is not alloued to b equal negative od positive force, like ths opposed or to subject one.

54. She must be neutral-positive, that is balanced-

55. The laus of the nature teach, this life has to become de= uhich is a menace for the further living of otherones or creatures, if it uses degeneratively forces.

56. The human creatures but are beingj uho are able for devel thinking, and so they can frame reasonned laus for obser\ of the nature’s laus.


57. By these “are the chances given to them, to withdraw onesi from the elimination of creatures, uhile they bring these a certain place in detention, uhere from tha degenerated is withdrawn each chance For return into society and same the propagation oF species.

58. Under certain circumstances but exist aluays exceptions, such laws can not get used and so has to oa seized to the laws oF the nature, when tha order shall net get disturbe obtained.

59. Each from the given circumstances eliminations or living can not be excluded, if a danger can only this ways get b or iF it concerns the preservation or further creatures, as these live in right behavement.

So. This representation and use of natural laws yet ought onl be exercised by pureloglc form and with exact knowledge about the to exercise nature’s laws.

61. This premises an enormous knowing of the laws themselves about their use.

62. This is maintained in your case.

63. Also the use of the nature’s laws is given in your case, you have to trouble youself for your protection against 1 wicked-kinded intelligences.

64. LJe but will be very attentive and rule the avents.

65. 5o from your side is only demanded sxtremest caution and

readiness for all cases.

+ You think in whole the matter not to be a single case, wf perhaps yet might be?


66. The probability agrees not for such, yet caution and real is suited.

+ I understand. It means then just to keep caution and be l ready, not mare.


67. Surely.


Satan & ET Kidnappings linked to Bermuda Traingle:


Now some

days ago I haue read something respectively such kidnappings, from uhat exspecially in the socailed Bermuda-Triangle so to speak en engros human should be kidnapped by extraterrestrais. So already should behave since many years, and a certain _fclr. Ll.v. Bernus in Gut Uustefelde, 6441 Athelrode In Germany even tells in a new article of the “fteuas Zeitalter” in the number 13 from 7i,f-‘;=irnh i^^s, the there fjnctionning extraterrestrais uere, practically seenindlrect birthes of the 3atan. Contrary to that, some ueeks before I got an article about these events in the Bermuda-Triangle, so from a group member- In this othez article the events at this place, where continuously bu~an beings and uhole ships disappear, get addicted to a kind of high-sea-plraty. Are you nou informed about these things, and if so, uhat is about this matter?


3. These events are known for me, but they are not in the least mysterious.

3. It is really only nonsense, these occurences should traca bad

to extraterrestral mights. 3. Sure, certain thinos exist in the Hermuda-Triangle, which

belong to extraterrestral Intelligences, but not in the

pretended kind.

1. The thesis, satan-like forces and creatures took part, rises indeed only from religion-fanatics, who in all for them inexplicable events have to search satany mights, to make

a secret or event explicable for tnenselves.

2. First Satan is only a product of pnantasy Df your christian religions, and second this phantasy-body embodies not the darkness and the black, as gets pretended, but the light and the force of radiation of truth.

3. The events on the Bermuda’s, respectively in the Bermuda Triangle, trace back to very natural things.

4. In first line this place is very suited for hiqh-sea-plra’v, as you call this, and such pillage-events happen always again there.

5. On the other hand this region is natural conditioned very endangered, from what many driving in this place ships suffer shipwrecking and often sink uith whole the crew and the passengers in the sea, to8get never found again.

76. Certain circles in religion-conditioned meaning but utilize these Bermuda-Triangle-events for their omr. favour and clot them into satanic powers.

77. Since about two decades these former for the earthhuman be! inexplicable events get additional otherwise used, as certE religion-depending and unclear working croups of ufologisti drive the events into the trails of extratarrestrals.

78. For these were the occurences a faun me3l, to feed credulai human beings by untrue and unloyal infcr.^ations, when they invented religion-caused phantasyfully dark, satanic extraterrestral powers, which should be reliable for the events Lhe Bennuda-Trlangle.

79. Uhat lay nearer religiously than this step, because like tl irreal religions themselves, also the ufolcgy had to own a form of a Satan, to keep by this the believers in check.

80. As their ufology uas based on religious ground, it necessa: had to create also in this respect two kincs of powers, na good and evil, black and white, godly and satanic.

81. This could all thE better succeed, because the extraterres don’t defend themselves basically against sjch pieces of w because this lays not in their competences.

82. On the other side, a defence is also net ds~anced for them because such intrigues run slowly dead again, for the trut can never kept in silence and pushes always again towards light.

83. For many yet these inpure pieces of uork r.een a uay toward evolution, by uhich they may elaborate tharselves towards truth.

84. To walk the uays of truth is very difficult and manyfoldec

85. Uhen so human beings are raligious prepossessed, they have fight themselves through to certain labors on such a relic uay, to reach then at given time the necessary cognitions and to recognize their former wron- behevs-ent and thinkir


66. The occurences in the Bermuds-Triancis correspond then alon a speculative Form, if they get brought ir. connection to extraterrestral intelligences.

87. This should be evident far yau. + Such have I nearly assumed.

CR 034, Sunday, September 14, 1975

Hans Jacob received a letter from 1 Alois Rickenbach1 whom contacted Gloria Lee:

+ Thanks. – Know, the questions are very important far us, as should have clear knowing about sc~e things. In the first m. it concerns: Mr. Hans Jacob from our group had explained, ii the morning of Saturday, the 13th September, that is the la Saturday, he would have got a some peculiar letter. In this letter, of which we don’t know, whether he came from a man or a woman, is the talk, the writer of the letter would occ himself spiritualistic and by this mode also would have occupied herself with Gloria Lee. “r. Jacob has shortly sen his copy-book about Gloria Lee, on what nou this letter ref This person assures now in this letter, that about one year ago she would have had contacts with Gloria Lee while a seance and she there shall have said, she uould sorry, havi written her! book, as the informations namely were wrong respectively the Jupiter-beings, The book namely would be a free invention of herself, that is only a work of her own thinking. Uhat do you mean about?


8. These events are unknown to me.

9. On the other hand correspond these informations, as you jus told them, to a certain expert knowledge of the real phenon around Gloria Lee.

1o. I myself explained differently to you, her work would be ar own-Inspiration in belief of, she really would have bean inspirated by a Jupiter-creature.


11. 5o it treats of an inconscious seif-daceit.

12- That uas possible, as Gloria Lee uas very r-uch mlsleaded by her environment and lived in an extremely mystical uorld.

13. Mystic yet is not good for finding the truth, at least not in the sense, as it is used by the earthhuman being in conn tion uith his irreal religions.

14. Gloria Lee yet couldn’t knou so, cacajse she uas never teac about the truth.

15. This truth uas she first able to recognize after her leave from this uprld.

15. Because her experiences and by many kinds of books she coli

a certain knouledge and put up great combinations. 17. By these she uas able to explain many conming events, uhicr

she also urote doun in her uork. 1B. Many things are there rather beating called and also of

importance, but they do not represent transmissions from ar

Jupiter-creations or other living forms.

19. They are only and alone the uork cf her c–n thoughts, uhicl” yet she could lead into very good and even admirable trail:

20. By that, her uork exposures for searching human beings in beginning of the search for truth something uorthful, qett: at different aspects for signposts.

21. These knouings keeps evidently this person, uho urote to M: Jacob the by you mentioned letter.

22. where from she but knows this knowledge, trat is unknown fi me.

23. It yet may uell be possible, that this perssn could came ii contact uith her and reach things from ner.

24. This yet uould condition, this perscn really being master of spiritualistic farces.

25. As yet I already one time explained to you, are such earth human beings only feu and only very seldom they came into the publicity.


+ I remember your uords, but could you Find this person For n or at least prove, whether her declarations are right?


26. Have you no details about her?

+ No, the letter got delivered, when I rememoer this right, i MannedorF, yet without sender’s acress. A name was yet sail as Mr. Jacob told; Ackermann, I believe, or Rlckenbach?


27. Then does this person not uant to oe identiFied?

+ So evidently behaves, but wait, all cones 3till better, because this ……..


26. IF this behaves so, then I can not do anything for you:

29. Ue never are alloued to hurt the personal liFe sphere oF a creature and so act against her own will.

30. Ulhen she doesn’t uant to reveal herselF then, ue are not

alloued to do this From our side.

+ Very pityrul, as ue uould have been very much interested i that. Yet can you help us so far at least. Finding out, uh her declarations accord to the truth?


31. Surely, this chance is open For us, uhen ue ……

ExtraTerrestrial ‘SEFH’ – AloisRlckenbach:


+ Uell, Semjase, then I uill throw up in this connexion some other problems at first: Do you knou anyone uith the name Seph? Unfortunately I don’t knou, whether it concerns a man or a woman.


32. A very peculiar name – but – – – no, – it is unknown for me; why da you ask?

+ This is as peculiar, Semjase, as the matter with Gloria Lee. Tha same person affirms namely in the same letter for Mr. Jacob, she would have been about tan years 3qo in connectior to an extraterrestral living form. Whether this was by pure telepatic form or by material one, by regret, I don’t know. At all must this person, if her declarations are true, have obtained certain things from this creature, uhich quite evident refer on us. 5a at least tald Mr. Jacob, as in this letter, so to speak, uould be the talk about you and me, ant that in the year 1975 I should appear here in Switzerland as contact-person.

+ This should have been said to him ay this extraterrestral creature about ten years ago. Uhat do you maan to that?


33. ——— That is very intsrestinq.

34. Also these events are unknown for me.

35. I will but at once look for that and as passible let explt the datas.

3S. ‘Jait hare, I come again soon.

(Semjase goes away and disappears in her ship, uhich stant a bit aside. Full 27 minits pass, until she returns.)



37. Quetzal has uorked up the datas and brought under control by the fan-analysators large regions here of the surround.1

38- He actually has found such a person, like you have descril one.

39. It treats in this of a man, aged aaout 41 years, by name Alois Rlckenbach.

40. Professional he runs by health’s causes a free work, uhicl yet not accords to his abilities.

41. Formerly he uas occupied uith graphic arts and this uays up a peculiar pedantic character, he transmissed an all things of his life.

42. He also has very much met uith spirit-scientific matters has this uays found traits of the truth, uhich he but fir found in their beginnings.

43. He indeed acts spiritualisticly, and that quite honestly; this he can be valid for a great exception, and hp fnils no means to the usual compass of pseudo-mediums.

44. The analysatars recorded, he indeed must have spoken uith Gloria Lee, and she for the first time since her death ha come in contact just alone uith him.

45. So but did not happen one year ago, but first three month ago.

+ This is interesting. Where lives nou the man?



50. Here at all your time data Df ten years is wrong, and, ti it keeps not its Tightness with the name.

51. You had spoken it by a “P”, but one speaks it with an 11F it puzzled me then and it seemed strange for me.

52. – Now 14 years have gone, as this man, who has written tl letter to Mr. Jacob, had met with a creature by name SEFj

53. He namely was a living form from Alpha Centauri, who For during 11 monthes expeditionned the earth.

54. In this connexion 5EFH and the man unexspectedlv met ano and settled Friendship, as you call this.

55. In course oF the 11 monthes 5eFh initiated the man about several things and Facts and also explained him the com.-? oF your and my person, because was best inFormed about t by time-visions.

56. Ue but da not know one another and have never neither se nor spoken.


57. Sefh, too, got known by the man about many things, and got conviction, For the human beings on the earth had several things to be told.

53. So he ordered the man, to oFFer some Facts in respect oF extraterrestral liFe etc. to his Fellow-creatures.

59. And because SeFh knew many events csF the future, he also ki about the existence of you and me, and explained that For with the desire, to spread thea knowings.

60. The man but Feared From this step and told SeFh, he would not be enough For this mission.

61. Disappointed SeFh retired himselF and leFt the earth again

and this ways the contact with ths man Found its end.

+ Wow I conceive the course of the matters, and in fact noth secret is about that. One has only to know the circumstanc Is there but really no possibility, ue came in contacts ui that man?


62. Really, the chance exists, but the probability is very sms

63. The man is interspersed by fears end doesn’t find the caul

ta give himself knoun.

+ – Then you could influence him anyhow, far at least

he announces himself once mare at us.


SUm I am not alloued for that.

65. It would mean a coercional interference to his awn liberty in decisions.

+ So then not, how yet is it passible, that uithin so short you coudl explore all these things?


66. That is alone possible by our analysators, uhich but offii I am not alloued ta describe yau detailled-

Ashtar Sheran & Thule Society:


questions in stare

I haue there still other so ror example a question respective

certain Asthar Shesan. Do you knou anything about him?



67. That name is uell knoun ta me. + Sa do speak, uhat is about him?


63. I don’t uant to talk about.

+ Because uhat reason? Ue have some scripts from a group in Berlin, uhich occupies herself uith this Asthar. Uhat is, that you don’t uant to speak?


69. I may explain the matters of facts fcr you, but only alone you.

7a. Officially I am only alloued for feu explanations. + Then at least give these. Semjase

71. I already said, the name is very knoun for us.

72. Ue knou but, too, the by yau mentioned scripts and several things moreover.

73. Though all endeavours from our side, uhich ue keep already for years, ue ueren’t able to come in contacts uith these forms of life.

74. Ue neither could find them out at the rentioned locations, nor ever orientate.

75. Ue searched through numerous systems of the normal time ar also innumerous dimensions past these, but nouhere an esse point uas to find about them.

76. All is very secretful, and interestingly all trails from z systems of these and other times and from all dimensions lead back to the earth, and that exspecially to Germany.

77. There the trails bundle and concentrate themselves in a qt certain place and a quite certain formation.

73. It is this a centre of a very pouerful secret organizatior

uhich you knou by the name Thule-Scciety. 79. During year-long uork ue could not explore until nou, uhy

behaves like that. Bo. But it is absolutely cleajg, all impulses doubtless rise f

that centre.

81. The initiators of these impulses dispose of great knowledi and many powers.

82. They are in possession of telepathic forces and manyfold knowing about extraterrestral technics, occurrences and a extraterrestral intelligences etc.

B3. Ue have stated absolute sure, they send out this knowlsdg by telepathic impulses and influence many earthhuman bein by that.

8*+. uie but also have stated oy absolute sureness, in these in tors of these impulses a countersign with the aim: Presar and multiplication of the white race on this earth from t posterity of the Arus-race.

85. Until the present time we could not reach clearness, what

sense of the whole is and which essential forces are hide

in the originating. 66. All is very good screened by spiritual forces, which onl\

hard are to break through. 87. Fixed at all is the one thing: The tglepaticly sent-out i

get received by different human groups and uritteh down. BB, This are partly very good transmissions and explanations,

come asthonishing near to the trut-i or even tell this in


89. out the cause for that was until now inexploraole and uni

90. Ue yet have about this certain cognitions, which I but ar allowed to tell officially, because they still do not gii whale image.

91. Evident is yet, all concentrates itself around the Arus-l but from where this essentially gets leaded, is still uni

92. The told scripts contain asthonishing much knowledge abo< warthful and good things and about facts, rather unknown the earth.

93. Between these truthes yet intermixed are also very stran untrue facts, which appear in the alack of the good like evil foreign body. 3Q

94. 5o For example serious wrongs are interspersed, like the

names of wrong contact persons, whD appeared on the scene

in deceiving form. 94. These at once strike as bad strange bodies and result in t

nomination no sense. 96- Until now could not be cleared up, why thase wrongnessas z

interspersed and pretented for truth. 97. In the whole is certain, the telepathic transmissions oair

in extraordinary many things very uorthful and equal to t\

truth, to which thp interRpprRprl mrnnfjnossp.s hut hy nn uia» agree.

93. The whole consequences just no meaning, aa the logic of tl

very many truthes interestingly gets outnumbered again by

an unusual large inlogic. 99. It is not to doubt, the telepathic impulses got Fixed in

written Form, as the this doing parsons are very truthlov 1oo- It is but not understandable, that the real truth briefly

destroied by intruth and put to question.

+ Is it possible, perhaps any earthhuman beings have their in that play? You have but spoken oF the Tnule-Society, t Arier-Allied. –


101. About this am I not allowed to give oFficial explanation.

+ I see, you already have answered the question for me. Cka then we let this. Could you then raport me more, when you know all in details?


102. Then far the initiation opposes nothing more.


Bermuda Triangle – Full Story:

+ All right, nou I have still one question. Je already have talked about it the last time, but have risen From our discussions still some questions, namely a-out the Bermuda’ Triangle. Since the discussion it seems For me once more, that you again have only told the halF Facts and hidden th most important part. I got knoun, airplanes, too, disappea there, and not alone ships.


1o3. You are really untired and content really not earlier, ur you knou the last details. + They are important for us all. Semjase

la**. Not only you seem to be very inquisitive.

1o5. – So I uill explain to yau same rr.ore detailed.

1d6. At earlier time I explained for ycu, being on earth threi

different places, uhere periodicly quite natural dimensii

doors rise.

1o7. These doors mean a natur-canditioned danger, cos,ical ca1 and generated by time-3treams.

1aB. This natural-caused danger is the originator of many eve uhich interfere uith the normal time on the earth, but o just at these places, uhere the cones to appear.

1o9. About this, uill I later give you an explanation.

11n. First T want t.n riisnuss snmp nt.hp- facts: Thp occurr?ncp the Bermuda-Triangle are uorlduida knoun, which yet gets ated by certain dark elements for their advance.

111. This are sea-travelling earthhuman beings, uho run in th Bermuda-Triangle their dirty jobs, from the simple pirac mass-murdering.

112. LJicked-kinded they grapple cargo- and passenger-ships, possession af the cargoes and the worthes and then kill creus and passengers.

113. This is one kind of the events, wr.ich happen there from to time.

114. A further kind of events in the Sarmuda-Triangle consist an earth-natural process, about ur.ich I already told uhj the last contact uith you.

115. This region is earthnatural much ~enaced, oy uhat many I place travelling ships get shipurecked and often sink u: the uhole creu and passengers in the ocean, never ta ge’ found again.

116. This had I really alrea®/ explained for you.

117. The cause of these events is based in, at this place thi sea-ground being in continuous movement and rises and s timeless.

118- 8y that, often within feu hours huge subocaan mountains an plateaus get pressed upwards and change tha s=3-surface an groundface.

119. Often these changes get recognized far tec late by the shi leaders and their crews, and they run with their ship full speed in the up-pressed masses.

120. So behaved already in earlier timgs, when there still lay a continent above the sea-level.

121. That was a very great continent, and it was domiciled by a high-developed race.

122. 8y an extreme great catastrophy, for which the inhabitants and their enemies were not quite innocent, the continent sank in the sea and got damaged.

123. Wot et last yet at this event also the dangerous earth-mo\i and a cosmic event played part.

124. The dimension-door played a very important roll, too. 125- The occurrences in the Bermuda-Triangla are as less secret

as it is the case at the two other places.

125. All is explicable, and the occurrences stay truely not in connexion to extraterrestral intelligences, who are told to exercise there kidnapping and satanic intrigues.

127. Certainly, there exist in the Bermuda-Trisngla sore statii

deep in the sea, hgpUated by extratgrres.rai intelllgenci

126. These yet are essential very far descendants cf the forme] continent-occupiers.

129. They are of absolute peacefull nature and “menace by no me; earthly creatures.

130. Their space-capable flight gears are also seaworthy and al to dive into very great depthes.

131. That is necessary, because their stations lay very deep di the ocean.

132. Very often they also can be realized in these places, whe they dive up and disappear in the atmosphere.


133. They but indeed do net interfere utith the events in the

Bermuda-Triangle, as unfortunately gets pretented about tt

13*». These affirmations base actually only on relifious pieces uork of certain ufology-groups, who according to their ir character of uarking and reiigiou3-caused need to have tut kinds of forces, good and evil, in their lessons and here; to seem uorth of belief for their followers and believers.

135. Nou yet I uant to explain the dirransion-dsor for you: As : told, it treats of a cosmic appearance.

136. Such 3 dimension-door represents a natural cosmic eppearai a barrier betueen your normal time 3nd a strange to you dimension.

137. This other dimension, in this case it is a parallel-uorld to your earth, uhich but by landscape keeps in some point: larger differences.

13B. The dimension barrier or the dimension-door gets evoked b cosmic elimination-transmutation-racistion, uhich appears staggering and periodicly.

139. Their originating places are several large suns in Strang you galaxies in the universe, uhicn beam out their rediat and meet at ?2a lightyears distance auay from the earth.

14o.There they start to flou into one another end to bundle together.

1*»1. The earth is here the exact endpaint, uh;re thia radiacio hits highconcentratedly on and generates the effect of a dimension barrier.

142. As the earth yet moves like all formations in the univers this parted in three arms radiation hits the planet only uhen the earth moves exact in the focus of the uandering radiation.

143. The radiation itself generates the effect of an elimjnati of the normal time in the form, evoking a change.


144. This means, the structure of the earthly normal time get3 changed into the timeless, by uhat the normal time gets eliminated-

145. This alternation-stratum exists still Far outsides oF the essential center, uhich already lays in the other dimensi

146. It is this a similar process, like at the For you known hurrlcans.

147. In the actual center oF the storm gcvsrs calm, uhile the uhirl contains the real storm.

148. The outside rings and uhirl are the passing stratas From calm to the storm.

149. It behaves similar to the dimensicr.-door.

15a. The outer stratas embody the change-ovsr-stratum From the earthly normal time to the other ci-ension.

151. The radiation oF the uhirl hides in it tne essential pas uhile the center is already the othar dimension, an other world in an other time level.

152. Look, uhen yau uant to drau it by picture, you can do it the way, like I draw it here in tha sana.

(Semjase draws with a piece oF wocd a sketch on the grour

153. ‘Jhen later you bring this drauninc on paper, then you car uell recognize the Facts From it, and they uill be cancel For all otherones, too.

154. 5q I recommend yau, to bring this drauning on paper.

155. Here you see presentation oF a storm.

156. Outdias is the alternation-strata or tne aitemation-zom

157. Outsides aF the strata still prevail the normal weather conditions, while in the light strata itself the conditii become alternated.

158. First rises wind calm and very sultry warmth.

159. Also deep silence is connected with it, because the voic of the nature clothe themselves ir.ta silence, as they fe the comming of the storm.

16a. First here is the actuaLt-starm-girdle or the storm-zone.

161. In this girdle roar the elements and all might of tr uhile here in the center rules calmth and silence-

162. You recognize from my drawning, the principle of ths proceeds From an exact similarity oF the c-smic strt. and uorks so.

163. It treats oF the same process there, as it comes to uhile the rise oF a galaxy.

164. The laus oF the macro-cosmos and the micro-cosmos a; the same and alone diFFer in the size.

165. ulhen nou you start From the same sketch ana realize sion-barrier in it, then again ycj have tha same pr

166. Relatively seen, the processes remain another exact same, but their Forces correspond to basic differen

157. At the dimension-door it treats uith the F:rces in energies, in radiations oF quite special sart.

168. The eFFect of the uhirl or the spiral but remains t iF yet the appearing Form is otheruise.

169- The passover-girdle, the storm-girdle and the centE here, too, existing, alone by other kind rhan at a or at an elements’ storm on a planet, atar or on a

170- The passover-zone or the passover-stratum can get c uith a passing time between two ucrld-ti^e-age3.

171- Still the old common normal time is tnere, but alrt admits a look into the other tima-plane, into the c dimension and other world.

172- When in this zone now a Flight-gear Flies in, in ur Forms sit, then they all right still are in the no: view but already into the other time-plana and inti other world.

173. As while the flight they well lock Forward, they n Fully For them strange world and strange landscape; they never had bean there.

174. By the powers oF the whirl yet loose the creatures


they are not aquainted with the events ano not pos necessary gears and instruments, the control about flight equipment and this ways gets driven into th pass-through whirl, into the essential dir^ension-d

175. There they then already realize still only the other uarl the other dimension, uihile their normal time lays already behind them.

176. Then they get driven into the centre of the Spiral-whirl,

fully strange for them dimension.

177. If they don’t own the necessary apparatures and else gear then they are for all times prisoners of the stranoe dlmE and a return into their normal time exists never for then

178. In itself this events in the Bermuda-Triangle rather ofte and there aluays again disappear earthly airplanes, uhicr never can return.

179. Exspecially are many of these occurences connected uith making hunt by earthly airplanes for beamships of the th» in sub-sea stations living creatures.

1£o. Unexspected the airplanes drive into the radiation of tht dimension-barrier and pushed into the other time-plane, t uhere no return is able for them.

181. As I already told, get these events yet religiously evali by very unreal and religion-confused ufology-exercising (earthhuman beings) and clothed into plain urang facts.

182. It is still to explain, not only flight-bodies come into these change-spirals, but also ships and single creature far the radiation-reach and the pouer of the elimination transformation of the uhirl reach until deep under the sea-surface.

+ The uhole connexions are so effectively not mysterious-At earlier time yau but have mentioned, human beings get also kidnapped by extratsrrestrals in the Bermuda-Triang

153. Yes so, but such is so rare, like in all other regions o the earth.


184. With these kidnappings are in the main leading the Gizet intelligences, besides time-trav/ellers and other elemen1 From this universe.

185. Yet these events are really very rare.

Descendants of Atlantis ET’s:

125. The occurrences in the Bermuda-Triangle are as less seer as it is the case at the two other places.

126. All Is explicable, and the occurrences stay truely not i connexion to extraterrestral intelligences, uho are told to exercise there kidnapping and satanic intrigues.

127. Certainly, there exist in the Bermuda-Triangle same stat dBBD In the sea, habltated by extraterrestral Intelllgen

128. These yet are essential very far descendants of the forn continent-occupiers.

129. They are oF absolute peacefull nature and menace by no n earthly creatures.

13a. Their space-capable Flight gears are also seaworthy and to dive into very great depthes.

131. That is necessary, because their stations lay very deep the ocean.

132. Very oFten they also can be realized in these places, ui they dive up and disappear in the atmosphere.

133. They but indeed da nat interfere uith the events in the Bermuda-Triangle, as unfortunately gets pratented about t


Gizeh Intelligences – Teleprojections:


Far ths further I am still only interested in another mat in respect to the socailed saints’-appearings– I mean ult that those appearings, uhich according to religion get cl by a sanctuation as for example the preventive appearing a aocalled saint, from uhat then by the dear human beings get constructed in the appearing-place places of pilgrima A very ……..


186. VDu are really untired.

137. Already one time I have explained several things for you this respect.

183. Asket, too, has transmitted to you great knouledge about these events.

169. So you are orientated about this and knou the truth.

190. You knou very good, treating in these kinds of appearance only of pieces of uork of those pouergroups and those eai human beings, who uant to beat the earthhuman beings by 1 religious appearances into their ban, and far the other s get evoked by earthhuman beings by their overboarding re^ phantasy.

191. This means then, one the one side the uicked-minded extri terrestral intelligences, uho uant to bring the earth un< their pouer, evoke such appearances by projection or pla1 such a roll by themselves, and that an the other side

by religion’s delusion occupied earthhuman beings emit tl horrifying fantasy by their spiritual farces and evoke s appearances by projection or half-material.

192. You have experienced this several times and some time ge rated such projections youself.

193. From this, you are in possession of personal proofs, my statements corresponding to the truth.

194. In the past, too, you have experienced such events, uhe Asket took you uith your friend into the past.

195. You so have experienced and recognized, the appearance a Lourdes same kind uas a projection-appearance, like as U the fantasy-body of Satan, uhich as a child you have pro by your oun forces inta^Jaur visual field-

196- And yau also knou vary good, that as other example the

Fatima-appearance was nothing else, than the evil play c the Gizeh-intelligences,uhich let one oF their ships app by beaming light and then one of their uiamanly Forms of appeared as god‘s mother, where they but run the mistake tha woman remained in the cosmic dress, what got regist; by critical observers-

197. YDu knaw the gccurrences very well and it is absolute ii you asking For that again.

198. At Former time yau have becoma thoroughly and extensive! initiated by Asket, and it is inexplicable Far me, that ask me again For this.

limited Reminiscence/Memory gets in Pure Spiritual Levels: + Are yet you having a better brain? Semjase

202. It prevails the your3 within much, yet also my Force is unlimited.

203. In this cause I may not transmit to yau our talkings eti From my brains, yet I am depending on instruments, whicl make my knowing wordly recognizable again From my ineen-and transmit it to you in thoughtiy kind- subcon


2o*.. No material form of life keeps an unlimited force of reminiscense.

2a5. Such gets first reached in pure spiritual forms, when th-spirit is able to aquit himself of the material frame, d( no more need him and is nearer to the being than to the 1 + Then I am excused, am 1 ? Semjase

2o6. There is nD need for that. Formula for finding the truth about a Medium:


question: Formerly, uhat is yesterday, I have got confronts uith a matter, uhich I uant to clear up. It concerns.a medi uho occupies itself spiritualistic. It uould be very suites for me, if you could find out, uhat is about this medium. Is that possible for you?


233. Surely, I could do this uell, but in these things you are ; good experienced as I, and so you could find this out by youself.

239. Already Sfath and Asket have taught you in these concerns and initiated you into the necessary demands.

2**o. So you knou the possibilities for truthfindlng and need no my help.

+ I yet uill nearly not have the chance moving just in circl of this medium.


241. So you knou a confidant from this group.

242. Advise him on confidental basis and offer hin the chance,

to clear up the demanded facts by himself.

-*- So could I do, that’s a good advice. Here yet is the quest uhether I am alloued to tell to this person the formula Fn finding of the truth, as this is as strictly forbidden for me by 5fath a3 by Asket, alsc


243. This prohibition is valid alone for creatures, uha are going astray the truth.


244. You yet talked of a confidant, uho falls not under that compass.

245- You are talented to recognize the truth in human beings i to evaluate it.

246. Uhen then you talk about a confidant, then in your judgei she at least has to anticipate the forms of the truth am to be in doubt about the Tightness of the religions by hi recognitions.

247. So it is not possible, this uere otherwise, because your this concerning forces do not admit irreal farms any mor

+ Then I can tell her under the seal of the absolute silen the formula?


245. Surely, so I just explained.

+ I only uanted to go sure. Uhat but about the checking af person?


249. You knou this being aluays very good, but that otherwise best to yau kncun circumstances not aluays the truth can to the appearance.

25a. Yet although do so.

251. In first line rely on the formula, as she is creational conditioned and of absolute infallibility.

Medium alleged to have Contact with Arathat Athersata:


+ I knou- Then yet I still haue another question: in same connexion to the medium appears a Tact in concern to Aral Athersata. There got explained to me, the medium had got asked From sides of her circle For the existence or truth oF Arahat Athersata, on uhat the ones from the other uorli pretentiuely haue spoken by the medium about the actual existence oF Arahat Athersata, unen I have understood tha right- The ansuers oF the medium yet are aluays quite unc told and they essential do not ansuer the questions- All alluays so alternative expressed, that nothing concrete i realizable and thousandFold possibilities might occure. Uhat is your opinion to this?


252- Neither the medium not the beings From the other uorld, i take really part, uhat yet From your statements is uith g probability to doubt, are able to give any details about Arahat Athersata.


253. He has already gone into tha level of existence and of pu: spiritual forms.

254. Not even I am able for setting me in connection to him.

255. This remains alone reserved for our high councillors, who already correspond to half-spiritual forms.

256. From this, uould it absolutely be impossible, to come in connexion uith Arahat Athersata or even only to get knoun of any facts about his existence.

257. Not even an anticipation of his existence is an earthhuma being able to bring forth.

258. Same uays but are the facts in respect to otherside livin forms, if they are forms Df those, uho are still bound to material bodies.

259. When so any things get said about Arahat Athersata, from creatures of this uorld or of the other uorld, uhile the last mentioned creatures in this play are by greatest probability to doubt, then such statements or expressions equal simply said to intruth.

2So. You self are informed over the different beinos. and so y also knou the secret of appearance-explanation, uhich lau to each kind of neing has to be done, uhen one makes itse knoun to a material creature.

261. For uninitiated ones is this secret unknown — and it is r so – as this uays initiated have absolute sure criterion?

+ That is all knoun to me. Semjase

262. Sure, then treat logically and clear there up, uhere sucr is demanded.

263. You knou by youself the borders of hiding a secret and sc can by youself decide.

264. So do not near to me uith questions, uhich you can ensue: by yourself.


Billy sends out Impulsesto FBI to capture American Symbionese Liberation Army:


259. You also knou very uell, each human being is able to inf I aver unlimited distances athor human beings so, that thay just that, uhat is ordered to them.

270. You self have become able of these forces by the advice3

Sfath and Asket.

+ Of course, but since many years I have no more trained tr and used. I but don’t intellect, uhy you tell these thine as I knou these facts very good myself.


271. Sure, you even knou them very uell, and my talk connects the before called thursties for uorld-government.

272. And I talk in that of those intelligences of extraterresl origin, uho uanfc to bring this uorld under their coercior

273. They do not only use for this mystical inclined and misli earthhuman beings, but also other groups, nostly such, ut shou by any unclear and quite confused reasons anarchies. tendencies, as for example the Red Army in Japan, the Ge; Baader-Heinhof-Group, the Rote-Armee-Fraktion and the American Symbionese Liberation Army.


274. The last group nou, the American, shall neu by the called wicked intelligences get inspirated Far an Extraordinary crime.

275. IF this would succeed For them, it mould lead to a catast

276. This but ought get prevented by a contra-means. + Uhat do you uant to do?


277. frothing, as this obligation is For you.

278. The time has nou came For you, uhen yau shall lead such e useFul For the mankind into certain trails.

279. It is meant by that, you should inFluence authoritative

persons making certain steps.

+ Yau desire condemned much From me, and besides this, I ha no more done such things since years. I don’t knou, uhetl” it succeeds still for me.


25a. It uill, Far uhen yau have learnt something, then it is < present tD you.

+ Dkay,then I uill try it, even uhen it doesn’t suit ma. 11 not my line, to inFluence other human beings and to let 1 dance From my uill.


281. DF this can’t be the talk, and you also should never da l 252. You single and alone shall lead certain events and inFlui

touards good, but alone there, uhere this is oF extremes


283. In this case it concerns, yau provide For, some certain

getting led onto a quite certain trace. 264. By other kind yau shall certain events also in future no


285. So yau shall not guide certain occurences, but only infl in the mode, that certain steps get undertaken, by uhat a uicked degenerating gets nat able to event.


+ IF this behaves so, then I am content- Uhen I understand right, then I only shall assist the police a bit.


265. Sure, that is the meaning.

+ Then later you do not transmit to me this talk and I alsc have not to mention it anyhow?


237. You are urcng, because you should later all urite doun.

+ That does not go, that is simply crazy. Uho at all uill ! this From me? One uill but designate me For a crazy one i a deluded, nobody uill yet believe, I being able to do si things.


2BS. Still today uill I transmit this report and as usual sha you urite him.

289- This uays you have recorded our talk, beFore the events happen.

290. Hou much time do you think to need for the inFluence-uor I think, you can all have done until the next thursday, 13th September.

+ The time uill suffice. Yet nou tell me, uhat I should do actual or whom I shall influence – and why don’t you do


291. It’s an earthhuman labor, and ue have no justification t things in this respect.

252. You obligation consists in influencing several persons i San Francisco in America and transmitting to them knouir about the hiding-place of the SLA, uhere the gang-membei Emily Harris, UJendy Yoshimura, William and Patty Hearst

293. This gang has at least for some time come into sure poli detention, to preserve from a worldwide catastrophy.


294. The most important person you haue to influence, is the person of the leading man, who leads the investigation f these criminals.

295. His name is fir. BATES, and he is by profession officer o American FBI.

296. Here – that is a citymap of San Francisco, and here is t city district called mission-district.

297. There habit, by small exceptions, only Mexico-Americans, here in this house the criminals’ gang has settled and k itself hidden.

298. These are the dates you should emit.

+ I uill try for that, and also try to lame the resistencs the anarchists, uhen this is suited.


299. Surely, blood-3hedding is not necessary.

+ Nice, then I uill see, that the robbers’ den becomes smc out in Thursday, that is the 13th September 1975.


300. So it is uell-



+ Uhat is that huge Formation there in Front? It really appe. like a gigantic uall in middle oF the cosmic space.


391. This is the galaxy NESAR.

392. It is a dead galaxy, destroyed oy the unreasonaOility oF h Former inhabitants.

393. Uhat there you nomlnaLe For ci mall, are InTiuffBeroua planets and stars, uhich Fell into one another and generated this unique Formation.

394. You realize in the mass oF these dead uorlds still some little light-appearances.

395. This are the destroied stars, uhich yet still shou a small lightpouer and only slouly loose this.

39S. This galaxy is 173 Billiard lightyears in distance From yc

home uorld, but though this Far distance is the reason Foi

tha destruction to Find in the earth. 397. The inhabitants oF the NESAR-galaxy, the NESARIANS, uere c

technical and spiritual highdeveloped race,and they Former.

a unitary race oF humanoid kind.


393. During a time of years they lived in fully peace together and uith the races of the known to them other galaxies.

399. Their spiritual evolution uas very high developed, hut in the knouings of utilization of spiritual forces.

400. A spiritual goal in itself did they not knou, and they by no uays knouings about the Creation.

<*o1. Their uhole spirit’s cognitions consisted single and al in the cognition and observance of the nature’s laus.

402. Living from these, they treated right, but uere not ene to reach a spiritual goal.

403. 3y the omitting of the most important factor Creation remained one-sided and exposed to the danger to get lec into confusion by irreal spiritual goods.

kaU. This danger uas very great and aluays greu, because the Wesarians uent in their explorations very far auay fron their galaxy and came in contact to fully strange intei cences, uhich owned very strange to them forms of thint and lessons of the spirit.

4o5. As long as these could still get aggreeded with the na’ laws, so long all went still good.

4o5. Then but happened, three expeditionships of the Nesarii lost their says by a wrong leap in the hyperspace-regii to the SDL-system and found human forms on the earth.

4a7. This happened exactly before 967 years in earthly coun of time.

4o3- Very similar charactered to the earthhuman beings, the among these and lived during rounded 5o years together them, unrecognized and very much interested in earthly things.of all kind.

409. Exspecially their attention fell an the the earthhuman covering religions.

410. Uith their highdeveloped technical possibilities they each gettable in respect to the for them got knoun rel stored this into their^apparatures and let themselves mych influence by it.

M1. Because they uere by spiritual respect only natural-la straightened, but not creatianal too, they very soon f

412. They nou kept a Further goal and lahorous endeavoured foa reaching it.

413. The this uays by the earthhuman beings received religion For them being oF unusual great meaning and importance.

414. They started the uay to Find their home galaxy again, uhi succeeded For them past Four long years oF going astray.

415. For the misery oF uhole the galaxy.

416. The on the earth learnt religions got diffused on all inl tated planets and learnt, uhile a small armada oF gre3ts[ became sent to the earth to collect Further dates oF tha govering religions.

417. Uhile Five years secretly got explored on the earth and registered, uhat had to do uith the religions.

418. Then the expedition returned to the home galaxy.

419. There landed, the expedition members stated, meanwhile different changes had happened.

420. On all worlds god’s-houses had got built, and the human had become incontent.

421. Although these statements the new dates got evaluated an spread, and during Further FiFty years uhole the galaxy under the inFluence oF the most different earthly reliqi

422. The human beings could no more understand one another, a each otherwise believing became accused oF irreai lesson

423. Soon these rebukes led to evil accusations, to quarrels then to hate.

424. The Families among themselves divided themselves in diFf religion groups and directions oF belieF, and then soon first blood Flau.

425. The Family members started to fight among another and tc and already soon family against family stood contrary.


*.26. This encroached on residentals and uhole habitation areas, and suddenly everyone stood against everyone.

**27. Past further seven years rose that, uhat you call a civil? uar.

428. The High Councillors uere plain mightless against that, bi organisations as for example your military, uhich could hi performed order, uere unkngun in the NESAR-qalaxy.

*.29. In sudden recognition of the delusion of the religions, brought in from the earth, they prohibited these.

i*3o- But then it already uas too late.

431. The civilian-uars had already enlarged themselves ta uarl uars, and already soon the first uorlds gat destructed.

^32. Three years latprT a uicked galactical destructian-uar ua in praceas, uhere the centers of the galaxy gat destructe

433. Collapsing into oneself, they fell into oneself and tare irresistable pouer all systems into them.

434. A gigantic mass rose, uhich uithdrau all still existing.

435. At last it uas so far, that the planets and stars got uit in uhole heaps and connected to the huge mass.

435. This uays rose the huge formation you see there. 437. A destroied galaxy because religious delusion – dragged i as deadly kind from the earth.

+ That is really delusion.


353. 5ure.

354. Attent yet nou one time there far auay. 355- That is a hole in the universe.

356. fl hole in the universe is very dangerous.

357. In such one it treats of a gigantic blackness of vast ext in the empty space.

358. The rise af such a hole in the empty space can easily get explained;

359. Anyuhere is for example a sun, uhich by vast inner events collapses into itself. 65

CR 35, Tuesday, September 16,1975

Timeless Tunnels vs Hyperleaps :

ffeier- ^HI^^HH^^HD plt 005 thine is not nlear ta me. It has struck jsk that in the traveling, always again, Which we perform continuously/ in a steady run of hyperleaps, you eta not seen to care tha*. nearby planets and stars axe in the way of danger. Semjase has told me earlier that you have tc maintain a security distance to the next star and planet… Why do you now neglect this precaution?

Ptaah- 626/With my ship we have much better capabilities for overcaning db\stanceo. 627/ihe technologies of our ship enables us to also neutralize time, as you Know and have nov experienced. 628/By this process it is i^oesible for tis tc achieve a safe distance in less time and to then transmit.

Meier- That is not evident for me. Something there is not right in the matter, or axe you keeping ccnevthing fran ml

Ptaah- 629/You are UrelesR. 630/Ori the one handr we neutralize the tine until shortiy !-»*•• f.-,r= the poinr of fli^rture. and on the other we generate in the space a neutral, tuneless tunnel, through which we can then overcorre within = epi if-cpmnri. Hut fihnrr ri*stance for safe position.

Meier- This Is nevertheiass not near to rae. If il Lb a* you say, why do you then still pcrtexn hyperleaps? I thin* tills process would actually be easier than a hyper leap. Besides this we can talk, and -Mculrl rot always get lamnec aqain by the transmission.. ■ Why then are you perform! nij il so caiplicatedly?

Ptaah- 63!/You observe carefully -rul keep deep-ruiinirK thoughts… bi2/The tunelessness tunnel 1~ indeed easiei to handle than a hyper leap. 633/Such a tunnel can only B ggrteratea vnrhm certain distances. Is which the sort Od envircnifronfc must always be regarded. 634/ln different g^l-axes and systems, the different energies limit the? extent o2 a 11 ml es sness—channe 1…


Billy didnt feel hunger or tiredness during Great Journey:


Meier- W|^HHMi^l^HHIM« But there is stme-thinc elge haunting nry brain* Before we zspuke of the time-less-tunnel, there is still sunetldiitj not clear to dee. Sciie?-thinq not clear about tliis journey. You have said that X would be about onc_half hour younger in relation to the other humans of Earth. I knew, all right, that nry arm watch always goes crazy when T get near Semjase’s sliin. ifcw die watch seems completely crazy, because I have on it tha aate of the 12th. From that,. 1 will already have beer. <jone more than two days, crossing with you around the Universe. Vbuf Semjase, had told me that T would need about 30 hours. But besides the tune, I am neither tired, nor do I hunger or thirst. II‘3W is that?

Ptaah- 648/But Semjase has given you s~m= nf our fruits, and also seme vegetables for dinner-

Meier- Of course, but this was a long time ago.

Senrjase- 407/The vegetables and fruits are, compared to your similar products, much more nourishing, and thirst-quenching* ^Ofl/Uriey are able to calm your hunger and thirst for up to 90 (of your) hours.

Meier was guen an apple grown aboard the grear-spacer vfUCtl he tnnfc trim with him and go Me to his good friend Sui rirM^r rggbragggr – Hejng 9c rar» it wes» Guitib did not cat it tut put Lt on o ahclf in hia kitchen to cave aid lung ^waltile. ftirca rwritTis later ttiat apple still lied not begun to pj_il” r 11tut s Irmly tlpss-irar *rj and shrink in si2e as it lost noj*ture. Wo e&™dni&d tit at eppls many boiiHtd aft&r that and it still hod nat hwcun tn

rol- hfacn Meier inquired tjF Senjaoo a*JOUt this pJienanBrion, aha .-said :L msa

rn njfffiry, hecauSR tfw prnrlnrp grown gDaertl –Tip Hlsp ifrHB cultivated Ireo of cJeGtruDtive bacteria.

Bfcier- I accept this explanation, and it seems as you say. But still semethin^ is not all right. Khy am I not tired?

ptaah- 6av/Tni« is also simple to explain. 649/You breath* here in this room, the game air as we. &^9/But this is adjusted to the conditions of our hcrceworld, and is much more healthy arid Invigorating than that of Earth. 650/The cxygen content is sens values higher than on Earth, and also the


cornpourid of other elements is somewhat different- 651/But ail this is as breatnabla for yew as; ourselves. 652/HSib different composition of the air keeps us awake longer, and In need of leaa_sl^p than is the case on Earth* 653/Tliat ie why you arc not tired.

Time-Shift after Great-Journey: Meier:

Wl^^^^^ Is my watch really playing so rrcd that it suoV denly is two flays In advance?

Semjase- 409/Your watch is wry exact.*

M&ier- … ? ? ? … Then this means, that for more than tia days we have been traveling around the Universe here?

Semjase- 410/Certainly; we have used more time than we had provided.


&mjase- 4Id/Father already said your watch runs all right, and vte are indeed already’ so long on the way. 419/But you need not worry in this respect, even when we still need another day before we will bring you back* 420/You yourself have evident ly not yet conceived what possibilities are at our disposal, respectively the tune… 421/It will last.,,

Meier- Oh, I see. – IMs I had forgotten. You wiLl surely touch the tiroe—travo 1 Ing? perhaps in the same way, as I know from Asket?

Semjase- 422/Surely. ‘323/Because we move—in free space and influence no occurrences, we can travel without hesitation SEDQ time back jj±o the past and live on therein, without anything changing. 424/Although you will be on the whole mare than three days away from your home, you will have been away by Earth normal tine nnLy about 24 hours.

Meier- rJhat sounds a bit crazy. Now I am a bit norc tlian two days away from horns, and will together be s=nc edic than three days away. So this rreans: 1 have started with you on the 17th, for this journey, and now I am more than two days on the way with you, as today we have the 19th. Stow r will spend another day with you, and then travel with you back, into the past, to be home again on the_18th, although in truth I am still in the 20th on the groat journey, and cross around with you through the Universe. Is that all right so?

Senrjase- 425/Gertainly.

Meier- Actual ly very sirnple? Every human being will surely understand this and not even break his brain therewith?


Senrjase- 427/It can he understood.

Meier- Surely r surely, it ie also the simplest thing in the world; that I can start the great travel with you on the 17th, state in the 19th that I am already here more than two days, and return terror row an the 20th, and ifeach there on the lStli? Indeed, that is really very simple, and everyone tray perfectly understand that. It is only dealing with a simple crazyness of Uhiversal extent. That even a child should be able to understand, it is as simple as the eliminated trees.■r

Senrjase- 428/now 1 don’t understand you.

Meier- That is very easy. Tb mo, all is very il it-nttnaring, and T understand very well- Eut explain this clearly sometime to my dear fellow-creatures…

Scmiaae- 429/This behavior is characteristic for the ignorant and doubting Earth human beings. 430/So do not trouble yourself further with these matters. 431/When you tried to give proofs tho so were useless, because the understanding is ldckinc for certain concerns, tnat are not sponsored by cower. 432/ln earlier ages tor the human fjSings Of Eartil. visible proofs were necessary, to give them certain forma of thinking. 433/By these visible proofs they started to believe in marvels, and went astray again. 434/The present tiine of Earth has passed for visible proofs, and there must only be the way of clear and logical reason and clear mind.

ThBt tfa*emission e»ndod with that and nhs resurcjil la”er, cn Utc nm <je>-

Survivability & Natural Recovery of HumanBeing is never Lost:


Meier- ^^^^^^p- tfjt – sm&thing Is net evident to me. You said that tha humans developed themselves backwards to primitive state, Bjt this wculd moan those humane to be a product of nature and not a creature of The Creation itself.

Serajoae- 528/It is not as you axe thinking. 523/riTte human form is indeed a creation of The Creation, bid/It does not descend fran any aninials, as For exao^le t±je monkey, as sane of you cn Earth believe. 531/The evolution of the hum form is very long, if one considers the physical development nf the form. 53 2/It was first created in primitive form, tout with the destiny of becjrur.g advanced human, and was vivified by the Great tonal formes for hmtei advancement. 533/lhus already in the primary time of creation it had that destiny. 534/lhus this form of life is basically a separate creation since its ancient beginning. 535/Because of this


it was possible on Earth in very early atjes for the wile humility to mix and mate with the spare* travelers., brcedine up the human forms ycu have today- 5Jfc/Human creatures whe remain neglected eta not develop themselves the 5dre, and £ji uncontxol led jjibreeding can even retrn-dpv^lep. 537/Bjjt even this never goes so far that the creature loses its essential humanness, because at a cert a in point the degeneration runs out i3uc to an in-conscious striving for self-preservatlon, wliich obstructs further dbtcrioriation. 538/ itiis point is reachod where spiritual knowledge is lest and tho instinct for aclf-preservatlon prevail:,.

Ffeier- So a himwn creature can never fall back so for thac survivability and consequently recovery is lost?

Semjase- 539/In some meaning, yes,, but with the difference being the form of non-recovery duo to the inability to control. 540/HcrQ we speak of a natural recovery which has to be experienced by the human form in I .his stage of development towards conscious thinking and self-preservation. 542/ Trie state of this naturally evolving recoverabiLity/preserv-ability affects body performance thcuugh the ilirtis; organs,

roflcatcar nctiona, ot^c » , cww hj tilts ta jvlitjiillt-r! l/l l intlu—

ences. 534/&jch reflexes are not performed In a controlled manner before (rational) thinkinc has been activated, 544/ Reflexes are the effect of a cause outside the process of thinjerrxf. 545/ttien finally Uiinking beg ins r then the reflexes are rap 1 a cpd by determina 11 on, 5£6/m3vementc and action’? ar© then performed in a control led manner complementing the instinctive reflex actions, and reason has begun.

547/In addition to this, natural preservation through notion, reflex ur controlled, is another kind of rf»i f-prtutPTv-ation that is also instinctual and designed for self-surviv-ability. 548/Uiis is of a nature incapribln nf rmtion. 549/ UUs form can be evoked by various danger factors, such as lack of oxygon when dealing with Earth life ccndilittts. 550/The Earth human, like we, needs oxygen 1 nl-erspen&c with different gasses, which leads to coup late incapacity and loss r»f motion if euch forms of life are for eaoe time deprived of oxygen* 551/The lack of oxygen and certain gas-ses in the brain,, results in a paralysis of certain functions, which also may include some or those parts that strive for self preservation « 552/So the brain is disabled in sore activity and incapable of action. 553/Tliinking stops and


the body limbs and organs then react on reflex only. 554/ Though the creature is stilL living in this state, it is incapable of thought nor notion- 555/Life then proceeds organically-functionally, liXe a machine. 556/When the body is given food, It still digests it, but the brain is unable to evaluate It or to realise it.».

Meier- Girl, this is cruel. – This means that such d human being is living dead-..

Governments & Alliances of Plejaren & Other ET Races in Universe:

754/Our worlds are not, as on Hirth, separated into different states (or nations). 7bb/Each world has egg actual Ration dud one single world government, as you would call such in Earth terms. 756/On each world the government functions as an executive institution, and they are all subordinate to the “High Council“- 757/Ihis High Council ls the essential gcvenune:il of all of our worldsr thus to say, the center of government. 7^8/TMs council is rot on our licroe-world, but on a very special planet. 759/Tt is this government’s central star for our races. 760/1310 High Council, which lives on this planet, consists of ha If-spiritual /half-material creatures (cross-dimensional or bi-diraeiisiCfiaL beings). 761/Triese are human torns of life of quit© enormous positten in knowledge and wisdom, who are in a state o£ transition. 762/In their evolution they have already progressed so far that they release themselves from their mat-


Qrial body, and arc already semi-spirit, end also semi-material* 763/They are, too, trie only, still called human form of life, who are able to connrunicate with higher pure-spirit corns r which is impossible for pure-material forms of life. 773/The oscll latlans (vibrations) of the spiritual spheres are nrseh higher than we can generate. 776/lhe Earth human is able by his spiritual condition, to take up contact only with creatures of the same glade of uaciHa.tiuP.8j ct>d under certain circumstancesr to initiate camrunication. 777/This means that Earth beings can only cere into contact with those of about the same position in evolution. 778/This is a safety measure In Creations! Law, by which no form of life taps more Knowledge than is allowed according to ths state of evolution. 743/Our worlds then are all si±ordLnate to the central government which is fonsed by the semi-spiritual “High Council785/So the planetary governments are only executive organs operating on the advice uf the High Council •

786/The government of the High Council is based on the Creations! natural lav, and ia a form of goverrjrient unknown to you. 787/For all events end all regulation is alone based on natural law> from which as well, every single font! of life is regulated, and each decision of the High ‘.’ouncril accords with the font of life affected. 788/lhis- premises that every single creature has in spiritual concerns, a position in evolution, but where minimal differences can not be excluded. 789/Oar teachers in spiritual evolution trouble themselves by every means at their disposal, to study the spiritual development of each single creature. 79D/5n much for cur worlds and races.

791/In the whole Universe are found innumerable forms of space-trave 11 ing 1 ife; buflanoid as well as non-human races. 792/But on the whole,, like-minded and lifce-intentioned ones find closer alliances together. 739/These alliances are of value toward mutual help in each respect, as well as in respect to all evoliil.lnnjary concerna- 794/There is a wonder-* ful cooperation in all concerns of llfft, even those which belong to other universes, as for example, the “DPI.” Uni-verscL with which you are familiar.

796/But this does not exclude conflict, because in seme different cases there appear conflict seekers including non-hijTian forms, who, aceorxting to their character, Qrcerciso their power. 797/From such beings of course we must be pro-


tec ted. 7987’lhis leads, here and there, to »ai actions and to destruction of creatures and materials. 793/Wien alliances exist among different creatures, they are usually instituted to watch over locally inhabited space. BQO/IHer©) •.:. jeljJ Jnrj services are b;r-:: by Gn-^tgpaefttT.M

lite this # BOl/TTtese are great space stations equipped with every thinkable technical means to repel enemies if necessary.

804/But this universe, and many other universes as well, are populated by many different kinds of creatures, and so is unavoidable thai, nonfltct is a way of life– 605/Eut wherever possible, this does riot result in elimination nf fcms of life, tardaIs, etc., because every creature needs its evolutionj and fundamentally this is parallel in irony ways. 806/As profound, as the Earth human, and jrany other forns of life in the innumerable universes, is developed todayr so also our forefathers have stood, iron whan as veil actually, the Earth human has descended.

Why Plejaren do not Appear Publicly:


^^■■■■■i^^^HH^HHD- But what I an yet interested in hearing, is; why is Semi ass anxious for not being seen by utlner hunans, as was also the case with Asket and bfath. Semjase has given me some explanations vhir.h still do not satisfy rnc much. Can you tell mo more?

Ptaah- 810/Besides us, there are still tether different creatures of extraterrestrial origin, who here and there make contact with Earth Humans. 811 /In earlier tinea this happened irijch more, frequently, which iiad gyed reason. 812/ This reason is that m earlier times, by which I mean mil-leniums, very many humans knew about the existence of the “Heavenly Sons“.. 813/They were in regular cofrcnunication, and even exercised trade with them. 814/Eut by the inter-ferrenoe of different evil-inclined elements, of Earthly and of extraterrestrial origin, these contacts decreased, and step by step, the knew Ledge o£ the extraterrestrial intelli-gences was lost. 815/Secretly, other less beneficial intelligences built stations on the Earth and on neighboring


planets, and fostered cults. Bie/iTiis was all done in dee secrecy, Ht7/Besides these machinations, there existed un aertaKings by other less evil-minded i ntwi Hfygnnpc, vh troubled themselves to dssist the real evolution of th Earth huriiany, because these were descending from them. 819 After many milleniums one could not expect them to~suddenl appear before the Earth human very officially with beamship and with space-ships if front of his eyes, because the know ledrje of these craft, and them, had become lost to him. 82Q/A sudden rc-appearing might have bean catastrophic 821/Uien your “Sol” system moved into the epoch of folate (Pisces Zodiac) r and the way was cleared for a new chance ti enter Earth affairs without being not Joed. 82VBut etil before the “Age of Fishes”, prophets were chosen and prepared to work for this intention. (4) S3l/By then Birth mankind had degenerated so far that an official appearance o; extraterrestrials wjuld rave been attacked and made wai upon… (5) 83VSo conslrtering these factors, landings!^ Ijeamships are only done secretly. 334/And contacts witl Earth humans is done quietly and alone.

838/When tti&cpcjchs ciiange, so also cto the minds of the foirm o£ lir<=. 03Viiia iiriff aiso nappen«ci to numans now. 840/lhe Age nf Fishes was characterized by religious fanaticism… ftfll/lhen the birth pains of the Age of Aquarius began r ant suddenly the Ehrth human stinted to listen Lnside of himself. 842/And he started to think and to explore, and suddenly recognized logic only in truth. 844/Xfe developed in a short time his thinking abilities, and searched and explored. which is a characteristic: of the Age of Aquarius. 846/Anc this is one of the ir»ln reasons why certain human beings are now being contacted by extraterrestrial forms of life again. 850/lhe present ftge of Pqu-irlus demands th^nIcing and spiritual evolution of the hurrans of fcarth. 851/This can not be achieved by seeing and listening with the physical organs only, but only by reasoned thought. 852/if we appeared officially In our bearoships and spacecraft, the affect of deliberation and of thought would suffer, because the Earth human, in his present state of evolution, *1:j8S no longer deliberate and search that whi*ti he can see with his nwn ey&e arid hear with his ears. 853/Beyond the seeing and hearing, the interest is short-lived, because that soon becomes a natural event bo him, and lie no longer cares. 854/ Vhathe knows no more interests him. 855/1lis interest is


only aroused by secrets for which he can hunt… *teier- That is really very much that ycu are explaining Ptaah. ——^*

Effects of Atomic Bomb Explosions:


But I still have cither questionsP if the time sui fices. One question here concerns our Earth- I orren thii that, because the weather arc the climate seem to ire playii crazy… J could enns trier this being in connection with ri atcmic bomb’ b explosions, that these could bp th* rause ft that* which natter is still contested by the dear science* am i going right in this, or asm I wrong in my assumption:

Ptaah- 587/You search very thoroughly tor all reasons in matter. B88/Birth’ s ryignetism has been disturbed by fJ atonic ©flcpiosinns. B89/Tn this respect, the explosions art duced a weak repulsion of the Earth, influencing the rote tinn_ by nearly inneasurcble value. 890/By this moans tl Earth has also been fcreed a \ l.i I le nr.t of normal orbit ai now slowly searches cut its new orbital course. B92/By tk act, the 3arth scientists have committed a crime again-their own planet and ail Earth mankind, because the foro changes by these explosions will have far reaching effect < greet importance, and can produce catastrophic result!

3/Already the magnetic poles arc being displaced mcrea: ingly- 894/Thus today the magnetic pole is already dii placed into the Canadian Ice 9ea, while also the south po has been dislocated, and moves in the direction of Sour Enertca. 895/By the time of the third millenium, in abo 1,000 years, the migration of the poles will have progress-BC far, tllot t&6 BOUtJl polfi Will be it. Suutl America, whl the north pole will have movod to Saudi Arabia. 895/T calculated location of the north pole in the year 3,000 r suited in a loc-3t*on pn in- betweer .Thlrta, on the R Seej and hjecca, 900/A. much greater danger is presented the release * in those explosions, of elementary radiation which will present great riddles to Earth scientists, b cause they have not conceived their sort and form. 901/Uir main factors of Earth life are influenced by the release these e 1 empntary radiations, and are injured. 902/Ihe c tastrophic effect after an atomic explosLon the size of t Hiroshiraa bomb lasts fcr several centuries, and negative Influences all processes of life preservation. 903/Tbe pu atmospheric straturns of the Earth are influenced in a qui catastrophic manner by the release of these elementary r


diations* which cause ^ipr-tr-irai EDflBglflB In groat rnagnitjd 905/This happens in very high fregency ranges, which sti: are unknown to Earth sciences. 90S/These energies do m deal with the known to you usual electrical energy, but c an electrical radiation energy which is near the ultra-viol’ spectrum. 907/This radiation energy mingles itselr with tl oxygen m the air and generates huge quantities of ozon* 908/Tnis ozone value increases 34 fold a short time aft< the explosion • 909/lriese dangerais concentrations destn in wide wirtxjundings, all micro-organisma of wide variety which ane of critical importance for the preservation t £arth life. 910/Then a abort time after the explosion tl ozone values decrease drastically to very low lewis. 91J Certain elementary effects penetrate all matter and endu. for hundreds of years, during which time they always ar continually kill all micro-organisms which come near then 912/fne factor in relation to tho ozone is this lethal de st met ion.

913/A further important factor is tie effect on the o2or. belt which surrounds the Earth and protects it from ultra

violet radiatirmc frr*n hhr- mm T^vs-a* ^ueac ,-iro inju_n_J i

several ways, and can no mr>ro absorb the ultra-violet raya

Meier- Semjase has already spoken of that in relation t industrial gasaes. But one thing 1s not clear to me yet Statural flashes of the atmospheric lightning also produce ozone, why does this not destroy the micro-organisms?

Ptaah- 914/Nature works exactly according to its law. 915 The iril rvrre :s generated from diirrcrent factor than lightning. 916/The lightning cleans, while the othe pollutes^ 917/The healthy ozone belt provides a natura protection for Earth creatures from the strong ultra-violo radiations of the sun. 918/Direct irradiation of livir. creatures by this radiation, and further similar radiation from other parts of the Universe, would inevitably evok death for all focus… 921/Nature herself always generate jiist as much ozone as necessary to guarantee life…

Maicr- What about the atomic radiations, which from m reckonings must surround the Earth to very great heights?

Ptaah- 925/Your reckonings are nearly right, bat it doei not deal with the actual atomic radiation. 926/As I said, quite special elemeir .-tl radiations are also generated by ths


explosion. 927/The3e read’ qreat height and spread themselves around tho globe, influencing the different stratum. 928/In your denominations these striatums are very differently naned, as for example the menaced stratum which you call the “Van-Allen Belt”, 929/This belt consists especially of caught by the EartFi magnetic field, electrons and protons, which have a life-ni^xjrtajit function for Earth Existence, 930/Abciit this I am nor yet allowed to give you more information, because from the explanations your scientists could gather much knowledge for their researches. -.

*fcier- So nothing can be done about this.. With the Van-Allen Belt I can iiragins nothing, as little also can I ^lob-orate of the iratter with the electmns and prntrms, but all the sams, I am in tore g tod in how this bolt is structured and built. I mean what movement does it have?

Ptaah- 931/lhe aalt exists at a height of 1,000 Kilometers

average. 932/The charged particles are in constant movement and that on spiral courses from pole to pole. ~

Meier- So far 1 understand, but everything else is to ire i so-called “Bohemian Village”. This unfortunately is physics and of that I understand just ahcut as much as our “technicians and scientists do about your technologies, imhich is: nothtng.

Ptaah- 933/That is not of great lnportance to you, for the insides of that existing spiral values are decisively greater and of more important meaning.

Real Contactees on Earth(1975):


Meier- fliH^HHi rf you allow, I want to ask y< still again about wtttp matters respecting the (UFO) contact ©es. First: now many ccntacteea are there in the world t< day; Second; Are you really infonred about them enough 1 knew acme details aim it- them?

Ptaah- 934/The number of real contactees crs £arth is pre5 cntly at about 17,422 individuals. 93S/Tliese are scatters all over your lands or nations as yen call them- 936/C that nmrber. rrlv a few pcrnanN; nwr+r p-jblio 1 ty wit

their knowledge. 3^0/Of that great number (tho number ir creases constantly) are only a few hundred caaea known out side their local circles…16)

Gizeh-lntelligences & Other Negative ET’s Contactees:

Hciex OTH^^liB 3 if row what about the Gi^eli-knaves as well, heing able to take human facings wiUj them on their flights?

Ptaah- 95 &/They have nothing in cormnn vith us, with respect to our mission. 960/When I said before, that in this century, only three human beings were taken for flights to the cosmos, human beings Iran Earth, then I spoke of us, hut not these other forms of life. 961/To fulfill their aim, they baeffie contacted different Earth humor beings and also taken them with them on flights into the cosmos, and they do such things much more than we. %4/Bpsides these creatures are still other ones, who here and there kidng^ Earth human beingsf about which fact ScmjasG has already informed you. 965>/9jt these eases arc relatively rare, and those kidnapped ones are not normally returned to Earth. 968/But a* well here there are also exceptions, though rare. 968/But there also exist inhuman races for which the Earth is a welcome expedition (hunting) planet, frrm where they rob Earth human beings. ~ -.__ 389

Plejaren Position on Negative ET Races Visiting Earth :


^^^B^Hi^HBi^lHHI^H^^ ^/Resides these creatures are still other ones, vAto here and there kidnap Earth human beings, about which fact tonjase haa already inforted you. 96&/ajt these eases are relatively rare, and tlxse kidnapped an^& not normally returned to Earth. 963/But aft well here there are also exceptions, though rare. 968/But there also exist inhuman races for which the Earth is a welcome addition (hunting) planet, frrm where they rob Earth human

beings. —–

—_ 389

Meier- And what do you do about this?

Ptaah- 969/ThGGO are not matters into which we are allowed to interfere. 971/Wte are not allowed to interfere by force, 972/As far as is possible, ue try in such cases, to get Lntc contact with those intelligences to prevent these acU_or». 973/We often pur5^_^x ir. dais respect until tar out ir the cosEriosT wiwn Uiey do not accept advice cai or near the itself. 974/Regrocabiy, we nave Deen only partly successful, thus Earth humans have been kidnapped. 97S/As ] said, we are not allowed, in such eventsj bo interfere tn forcer though we have the capability in this respect. 976,’ We have to “keep ourselves according to order f because cacl creature has to walk its own path in its own way tc develop, and we are not allowed to interfere in this respect, unless those kifoapped are our own– (7) 977/On the othsr hand th,-exercise power would invite the use of power which csul* lead to undggired conflict and possibly war. 978/TMs w* are not allowed to provoke, because our weapons in euerj case are Intended for defense alone, but never designed fo] attack.

Weapons – Self-Defense – Peace :


Meier- MMMHBj. I have already Been oifferent •.•■>>•!.> •- i.-.r,ii:Icr r.i J^;;. j^-j’ >‘t., Bfl well BE in the ship oz Asket when she was here. Also sfath had weaixaia in hla ship, and your spaeo-giant here is equipped with different weapons. How does this agree with your af tarnations that extraterrestrial intelligences have no weapons, or at the least would not use them? From different reports about tjEOa I feel that peace generates peace.

Ptaah- 9G0/Neith5r we, nor any other farm of life can do with having no, or unsuited weapons. 981/’Every single race of a form of life in the universe disposes of weapons of sore kind, like you on Earth also have such, 982/Aiso, beyond Earth is not only peace* because the most different and inrwierablG worlds in the Universe are inhabited by most different creatures of hunan and non-human character. 9B3/ Many of then have not yet reached a level of balance/ and use their weapons for attacks agn i r * t r it J r m e= t ores. 984/ These cari not be, and are not allowed, ta simply eradicate and slaughter, but will tave to defend themselves. 985/That Is =i law cf creation, whir‘r is expressed in the lavs of nature wry adequately. 984/If one looks with only a bit


of interest at nature, he sees that each form of life strive! for its own seif-preservatton, exactly according to law. 987/This struggle tor survival is not achieved by canceled killing, but by defense against attack. 968/The first thin< each £:)iu\ 1<-u.ehb la to defend itself against eventual attac) in one form or another. 989/The firct line of defense i£ il lexical flight, and the second is to fight when escape ii irobssible. “TSQArith h.rranfl, the first step in defense . –net flight, hut reasonabillty. 991/m this the human bein< finds by his thinking processes, other ways to accanplisJ the first step. 992/Rea^nahly this first stH:> ennsists if spearing, in dialogue, by which the opponents are taughl reasonability- 99a/Failing in that, a defense is needed, and this may consist of a vsapan. 995/ln the case of animals they provide sdiarp teethr hoorog, horns, poisons, etc., all being natural weapons for them, but the human beinc develops his weapons through his reascning ability, which he can use according to his deliberatlrm and nhoice when this becomes necessary for him.

Meier- By this you tell me nothing new, because 1 have al-

tHridy H S I I WSttXWB EE a little f..:v\

Planet Akart ET Race :


_ ___. But now I an

interested. rfew far outside cur solar systero is the next inhabited system, and does that world’s inhabitants know of our Earth?

Ptaah- The next inhabited system is around five lightyaare away from Earth. 998/Dxfferent worlds in that system are inhabited by human forms of life, who differ little from your races. 999/In their development they are scene years in advance of that of the Earth human beings, spiritually as well as tfichnoloaica11v. 1 DO 1/They have already achieved apace-flight in primitive fonnr and also cte visit Earth. 1002/Because their cosmic flight capabilities are very limited, they depend on assistance stations, 10D3/Mid-way between their world and B^rth, they nave con^r dieted a space station, which you can see far outside in space there… (pointing to screen). 1004/They need such stations because they are still unable to launch their ships over large distances. 100b/Also, connected to their space-flight now, is severe body pa±n, from which they narcotise themselves for longer journeys in the cosmos* lOOt/s^sicies the otner races of these worlds, this one race ccraes often to Earth. 1007/15115 is because their homeworld, which in no grantor


than Earth herselfr suffers from overcrowding, and needs hugs quantities of food. lOOB/Pbr this reason, beings from that planet, called “A^art”r come to Earth often to collect there plants, vegetables, fruits and grains, to nourish their 23 billion population, (8} 1010/lhey are mostly satisfied with taking seeds of fruits, grains and vegetables, and also plant stocks, to set out on Akiart to grow there. 1011/lhey collect time useable nourishments on other {less populated) worlds which tlsey also visit often and periodically. 1012/ In themselves, these forms are of rather peaceful character, and have had to suffer much in the last centuries. 1013/ Today they live under a dictatorship, as you would call it, by which they have relatively bettor living conditions. 1D14/Irteir great problem is their severe overcrowding^ which they could relieve by emigration, but their technologies have not solved space transportation on sufficient scale to be of any help.

Meier- That is a lot. but. do other creatures in thati system also come to Earth, and why don’t they assist that over-populated planet?

rUialr- lOlti/Kie hUlhih (.tiw there and also to Earth, but this occurs rather seldom, 1017/Th© reason they co not assist the orarrxowded race, is that these creatures have not proceeded far enough in their development or their improvement to offer then-T greater technical and spiritual help. 10LS/ir*se humans are still too much caught up in the material and worldly things, and are not allowed access to greater power.

He Lex— I see. Again the law of evoluth . . d^^fli^HHP

Official Public Landing of Unknown ET Race & Departure of Plejaren :


Meier- ^^■■■■■■■■^■m^^HHIB- • * Oh yes, I have still one more question; How do you see. the matter or your (public) appearance* on Earth; when will you land officially and present yourselves to the people of Earth?

Ptaah- 1066/This is not provided for still a very long tin^. as well as with others too. 1067/On. the contrary, nearly all our extraterrestrials will retire from your planet, if certain circumstances ccrue up. ‘. IGfi/ltiis will be, when an until now unknown to us hunan race from the cosmos will start to visit the TinrtnT 1069/Qur reckonings in probability indicate this occurring before the year 2Q0O, or a short time before, if unanticipated factors before then do not put this enterprise in question. 1070/1f these negative


factors do not develop, then T^rthman will, in this condnc time, around 2000, first ofieially meet with human beings from other worlds. 1071/Kisled by their own unreasonahility, and the false information being spread conceminq such extraterrestrials, the first Cpi)lie] appearance of these strange visitors will at first spread horror and panic on Earth. (9) – ..1072/But no danger frcm these human-like forms will menace you, because they will be peaceful and harmless. 1073/iheir culture and spiritual estate will be very rrucfr superior to your cwn, and so they will not just land on Earth unexpected. 1074/They will announce rJ-jemselves to you first by radio and television, and prepare Earth men for their arrival , and will then land with one of their eggshaped ships, which will be used by & to 12 other forms oi life... —

Meier- This is very interesting; but where will they land?

Ptaah- 1075/11 will assuredly be in America.

Meier- Always this Jrerica, why so?

Ptaah- 1076/That is the way it isr because they have the best CCTBitunicatiojis means, lU/Z/’lhe no:Julat ion of that country is irore resilient in with the clearing up of informtion about extraterrestrial forms of life and their existence, and may be rcore prepared to overcome toe large a panic at the first official meetings.

Meier- Dut surely there are other possibilities besidtes America, are there not?(lC)

Ptaah- Iu78/Surelyr there arc, but I only explain to you what our probability calculations have shown. 1079/It will be of revolutionary uiwrzance, if this landing can be successfully performed, which is still really dependent on the negative factors which could develop* 1080/In any case a plan is not fixedj whether ths occurrences will happen thifl wayr her.ause 1 do nrrt take this information from a view intc the fubure, but f rem probability calculations.

Meier- So this is not clearly fixed? Can you tell me frcn where the hunan beings will come?

Ptaah- lOBi/l am not a 1 lowed to give information officially. 1083/lt Is uoineeted to tlie development of the Foots of life there on Earth.


Official Public Landing of Plejaren:

Heier- M^^MHBHI^^B... Oh yes, I haw still one more questions Ifcw oto you see the matter of your (public) appearance on forth; when will you land officially and present yourselves to the people of Earth?

Ptaah- 1066/11113 is not provided for still a very inner i- n;y , as well as with others too. 106″?/en the contrary* nearly all our extraterrestrials will retire from your planet# if

certain circumstances come up. until now unknown to us human start to visit the Earth.

– .Jtii’/’TmH vi j 1 be* i&BH BH race rrora the cosmos will





cr 36, monday, octoboer 20, 1975

~ semjase taught billy how t=o build ‘block1 inside of kim

~ effeiar looks into general iss imo franco spain with are a analyser


%*l£r the tire gradually beerava lr#vg for ae without pur** thar contact with you. otrawwia* 1 had my hands full acting en different mattant, and did not haw nwh tipie to obliterate cn y^u, dcafidax, on thn hth cf ortrfror 9on£ithing r«w tva* cone up. aw evidently highly developed life fom ha? pwtrated my thoughts in telepathic winnor, and has explainer! mym wry interesting thing*. m& &ald that t should call h*u hftaij;* tr» waning of that n&ae is still not evi-iV^ii to nr, br^«uw i haw found scv.r.-. aeanings £oi ivw in th* secret gcigncy_dictjnrprY-

is knumd to an. z/hm farm or ii tit iwvina atrongad contacts with you la not — you ruu ■ —. tot ‘ ^

pjrciy spiritual creature of sexless fotm, 3/so it in not a i-.–.u:- r ■: the *fha” oc “she* acre, tut an “it”. 4/fr also uy be noted that this fan in the n’**_i not accord to an ” :’ and because it already ia a pflito ft* f™*/ gpl^ jtual creatures into q we. vlhlb “eanft mi it la talking to you* which can only tappor from this side, that wen it of it ox it us tp-alting of tho eontrtned wk

nrjlor- sd thin irrann, th* we being au ouch an 1, kx>, cut -_ v – n: aco in fct1- case?

senjaso- 6/surciyj 1 dan’t knnw ax a natter explanatlcn.

./tv- -. .- . r and fox* stat&si shortly hotoro tho lnprovcnont, and is positioned several levels shove tt^ level of ftrahat wmjha, %h*\ fxoa this level, the level nf rcrnvi: was

infoartmj about you. 9/pctpti£ insane cor ycu. in thn etyirvjc— u?r uddiussec ‘luiaa* \x tl>ft iq/the aeaeaoa aanreaeed to y> front this hi^jb litval carvac tn nxplain important rar a» it utla case for the sxpianati=o of thn tra rrraitwanttr xrct-n tu you* 11/lhe cxplamtlono and wsasagefi in this cue

i* mven iror such an elevated and aubllm? iwl in recognition o£ th* latent wuxun *blch stall be awwaabla for earth sen.

wi«r- tnl» planaea me vnry men, but i thin* that now all will hectwp n ml too w** cor

&*tw- I2/tn* contact and hie uanamiaeiona wjlljal-ls11 S ifcmi becmiw only th* value* of th^ t^uaeh^^’f p+r’:ldbeoicplain-d to joi imldh iom tew ^ther tnc!ort^^ faccoea. lvltaa it will ret be diffioilt tor yojbn re-tim* «sea»^6 wltp them doun, and b*^i^ tnw

«ui to 0latora^ tlie imaaoaa fro> arahat axhvrsara w wall aa nv contacts. ha* -ire tnkina

dan you through ail ihi*, =o t»t ycu can forfctf* yrur lat»r ^ancurtl^rm/ l^/b-rouse of thi*f *ranat athermta viu transmit to ycu only m lew iiuantity furrhcr mw»ag-*-

real ufo contact***(1975) :


is it t*>6*ibl# to ifonufacL’jre for « a

iet~oi aii thato mo magflw cftn ™*iy f<*

sur trust, *nd who ire roHtlau: daraivrs ^ iirpofltera, nut art ttwrsplvwi ifcoavvd?

ftu|KIIt not «bl* to docide for mvsulli bo-

t–*roina abctit which 1 have not unlimited diauoaal In my 2«*. 17/m that rcsf^ct t will tai* to the otter one* and tall our decision. ADOLF HXTLBR : kir- ^^H«HHHH11B “■ q^t^ori con-

cern* utlcn gar. you u*ii « any ^mrc d-tailc o£ hit rise?

Sonrjw u/You tfeU* of Uw loader of the terror Geawn ftatlch, rtf *tolf Hit Id?

Malar- Jutit that*

Ssvjaac- 20/Ahout Uus I only alloml to sive yon »^rcn lnljJlM>rifm *hich ncwrtnel^m may to of inwreat to vw-

liAkOf Hitler was in raw respects ■ 2^?-stag rawed orar any different tajgipD* P* tajplMlqg r»-v. rwny sciences, pro irtcludino. tto utf ot nature ijiafr 23/ln hia form ha wa* «n Ir^rnatc^ c^amroof gP^*™

a hjfwr r-lng ol brains, and raasonixfg vnlucs, jgtingJ to l^d tertfi polities wl in * cortain direction

25/Por thie purpose he was jnd otUicarfri into Ms

position* 26/Ha imp doetined to give by power a n*w trap* to the world and to Initiate new forao of development. 27/ Ihi* wan carefully ocotroUcd and watched. 2$/But still all uorfc war; in vain, and he was not able to carry out his mission an — ■ ■ provided. 2V2uou9h tha iftula Society in Gor* nany tha Circh Intel tJgenc* was able to possess tlw hatng of 1 ■ ■ Hitler end to ■ – i– hln for (talc car* and wicker! purposes, without his being obla to defend hlaaalf against Ou*t* lO/BDelttoc this Ottcttination, many forcos in trio fom Of Strth humn beings fallen un6*r control of tho Gl20h Intelligence settled around hi*, a<|ainbt uriich inflwnoa he ww inable to ttwict. 31/Sq ho aeon was forced to wwt agai n*r his o*attny ant! to oarry out «ct* which did not

a\iix*:<l tu liu: will.

Neler- Sowthing J ike this l fuw imagined mywlf. Kor in* stance I oould new rtrrm^ mycrlf with th? ltea that Hitler wrwld have runply bv«n m nornal ncuorho^ry ptfa^n. hXl of his actions and deeoa, his kind of thoughts know to nc from bonka and scripts before the wax, can not bo rode to fit with tne ■ i ; r i wnd Uiriretslona ocnorally nadi about him after u» wnr rvrntr.

fm>a»- j^ytcrtainjy, it ia rauch «i ycu t«y. JJ/Molf Kltl«r wis wictedly niaisod by the Giw* Intelligenoe, wtere the ‘.'[*: itly playfi no tir icn^ctant f^rt*

Asht&r She ran’s raal name Is ‘ARVSEkK1


thw TTuie Saeiatgi i»l«y» no urilipxtant wrt- 1*Bncc

ifcaaz- so jw mm. «xwt tttfl Kciet}1 yt»i nmr .limmv 5o<oi nne t»m», in rwlwt lu to Aahtar Sheim, cir ututnvtir OB 1* fiallftd.l Thin JVr* surrroeJIv trmruttad a

rcw*l-like bar*. «■ I mm told, in UOdi a» uid tmt Ma siiouo V*)IG luvn tflKm dmr Iters, Jwut ).S»Xl win ma. -r. hrarJ 3 frrggMp. Saw -f -fee rli^ja m unll thw «•■>-

T***aiv esb mt i«MiU»ita a— iii^in ■ ib-

aLdee thin, tin* Ucnn dnce ni«o affln tlw bmbj oi itjw Imrta bach to than, fcj cues hnx gr*n scum ir-^l<.-«ti3ii « dBH OWWllli yet M*e rv»t atprrswd ynralf wy cW*r-ly, fc-^-w- yoj pldilr want not sure of tha svwrrta. rou hid pmnaed re to cleoc f*p 14. *hm you mulj IIVra> «vlcVlK9

about this. Iqikn interested in wncuiar tr» •nun* fltrirtr in flrnnany Ir In *iy r.Utiai to thit Svoran 4imqne, aM fchefchcr theoe have on>4ji ln rmw*i to «**> , ■ ~i» Inb-lli-

54’By yuB fj»«t lrm you havi> tnuriVBj a awrie* 0* avpi-natlcrw which l MMM to <ji»e ywi today. 35/By wnub-incae explotatiua end aaapexvidiorw w hm «*» In clw evidence * tew dayo aer>, that ftathir t-anii twaUy «tl*t«, and enly because or thla we could obtain knovi-.Oy ahrur him, Imcium tic iicrr*lv#My hiSes hiiaaalf in thie nw. “«/ His real nope la WIVM. and !*e 1» i enunui of the hlgnetrt C. 1 1ntcUigeiKe” T77ln their order In* controlb tK» Q»rnan Thuls-i.xnrty, into vdUc+i he has Introduced two rrrrriq telepathic elemmta, who also by telTnfic effect influawiew winy Thule-Socicty iwWra and HZtcnmt <»jtaUndliig group*, eueh as those who have noiwl paoudn-wrwwagfh trm *ietf ku Sheran.

Meier- Hv 1 tndarate/k) a lnt, y»t you called a word which ia unknown te» aw. Vo» aald tHmdal’: what dnea that aean?

8cnrj;«so- j8/Twl*n-»tir*l Birply mane tcl»«v.»» s ■ telepathy.

m*m- Thlfl ir. a Oula-mian farrat Tw ac. I raaliy don’1 kngw **hat this waild nnan. X haw nevor Imi 1 hda vncd.

r-^aiw- Jv/i’cu know abiait hyjwoaia, which la baueJ on oh-y»r-ti\^i m_’x^ a.ufct irni mfloenccs and la ocnatrurted on those. <C,’C^nrrmry ti» ir/p^ri*jri, BaSBwAa tusoJa no -1 •■ 1 or Baaaj tie Influence, but ffily certain high fig?^ nacilldtionf. wrich are tranar»llt»id inaudible cii: l:j|H y ” **

not belRxr OTw-ratoic foe h)» by inaUuwtaand tocrnical mh, auch aa radio, t«lepVfw>, wixalf-»9. telkvlaicfi and ntlasr oaajRunicatlon* and recelvinq uwtrtMtit*.

Heier- Ch yea, 1 woe clearly now. ITua I ahnuld actually h*w diaeowarad already trm ripe sxad W. I <* tenlly stupid.

Telenosis or Telenothy:


sirply mans tel^tq*ia«> l«l*nothy.

heirr- thib lr ■ uaamian fwnt tnr k. i raally mm knar a*it this would m», 1 hav* navar heard thia trard.

aajaaa” j9/tfuu dor about hjanni>« laxieh ta baoto on gfr» y^rttvat nod ac\a>* i*~ai u^nuenoca and ia coastxuciad e» tfose. 40/cmrrary n> nypnotlj, trtau»lfc t*uvja no rpfctiil oa* *eu»-tlr ‘inrft*, nut ftnly certain hji;h lig^^^y raciilationfc unieh arc trana*itt«d inaudible tr> ti’Mi liuvai car aa “warll fts nut baton; o>r*rtal>to fee hi*\ by lnatiuwrata nnd tocluucal ■awns, auch an radiv, ivlepvrta, wireless, televleion and ouaa niaailiii ■mm and revolving inetrdaanta.

ly near. thia i should actually rtm wdffd -tela”. i aai lea-lly

■tier- ct* yea, i boo cl h*w jicwnw aim?/ at up id*

fathima event –

arc vaufa \n at

gtbeh intelligences : * nos, vhflt 11 it with thft

axwctlw a*th sheraru Tteu have hoc give* w r for tnrt.

mvbm 1 rfttllv bew -v* ckuc. iflvfte* «h»”* arxu* at fa una rwlly trao& deck to umc lnteme>«co» and m» other sllular ownta ■ wll. lotauuwrto » ciily knt>” giaaii-rji^lliyn”f trttnq rapoifiiblt for tnmfl tv-au, hut th-v wrr ^rrltd c*.l lr; **ttar qcr-r or hit ex*r. %hicti btcw tacfcfi tr in a frv dm ago *m »» «■ v^ioatm hlf.

kofts-ten comrtanaments:

thin fihpran aunroocoiy haa

” ‘”‘ toc*’ aa i was told,’ an~*ioh ia eeat it** cueist ml* ham tnknn fom* abca* 3,sot *»am w.

c£ tea clxqua ac vrl. tn^r

on hoard ; rr*mtily haw

_ lh/ha) ccrofftai aram nr«m atp

rrwiao thin wplfllricd, l*r»jm the tbr crwaniiwts w-rf | alvm to hm in a react-ship, bat iprtanri in wit place a* ttff in bible- lm?tr> tr*t regard the truth we o>* a-rad to ycu turt it to;pdm*l ca*crni»i tt» plxc af

■hler- Cw w tru*t in that/

a r < a -xnaly* a r:


_ 108/Th© concerns aromcl >V*wo aro eerwvhrtL

nrhnjvlM than explained, because the Tw tont;^*en*sja*re not qiven to hio 1^ a spaceship, but i*rWo in that pl*=e as written in your Wblc WTft *hat regard the truth was delivered to you ~m£T it happonad, cenoarniivi Th* place or oc^uiranee,

Ktder- On ue trust in that’/

Soarjaco- 110/a.mly, With abaolura detecrd ration.

IMc, this figure hara far *r*anplQ rlwu fran the sun-rot-«ttu£ or ftr. J«aJh 11^/fchen now I anUrge it – so **ut do you then

Halar- Clrl, uoru ore nwl pictqm.

assjaaa- 119/9urely, and wnat do y^j in them?

heier- Bd»— wait a Bua-ntp.. that, .,.11111, that las Jay, n an I able to rwgnt n* that? I am opinu and. atiy do I know thia ia a day? – Kan alive, gixl, that is really the next WHfaaacay, aM that, ..-thai ia a 1 …■-.

Seajaae- il9(TaMaetic, you ax* abia to read the analyanr without ny having lo explain it.

hninr- a that ttal way it la?

teftiaae- 12J/9uioly.

Malar- Siall I continue reading?

Scnlase- u iv. vrot can you hirtnar rnnooniw?

Moior- It r daclpner right, then the tun? in Wednesday, the 22nd of Ortctstr 1976. and that at exactly lttOl. Ta that riont?

fiuujuso- 12^/ (lauuninut Qartalnly, and what elan?

H»1ar» Nr- Jaccb »izes the t*lenhcr« and dials a nurter. Daar 39. ha la calllnq . ftn want* to cobb to (m In the

afternoon, at about 14.00, nut thia tin* ia varying 5 tot.

SunlZaVYcu twd tho facts cortvetly, buuuusu that iti just what the onalyrer la tranamltting* 127/Mr, Jacob still

tr,-^ r/^li; >S ^-j>„- mijr.ii . < viUSa EE ml) 1-r

not b^ocra* conscious of them. lifi/Hic euOgpnseloufl alnaa^y Kjicws the ocadng thing, and uor^a in that direstinn, 129/ and as you aee, w haw the capability to record these facts by cur analyzers and can read then. I Win is is ths nannsr in ‘*tiid; »w watdi cj*.wx and control, in this way obtain

iapattant itata nn ^11 Ihi^gs which are iaenrtant tor S* 131/In the eaire way 1 Iwve Iakxtk* certain that our lnlorra-tlon regarding ycur influencing, certain *vm\ – is doubted in your own grnup. 112/lhua I rwvp not n^rfonmd a futur* vi*w» but havtt only ucod our anaivaorc in these ratters, anc lccK»:<3 into the subconscious of different persons of your

sklur- S-m I ui;d&rauind, – LuL thia here, Uxts-r peculiar


Sanjaw- l…..plcoae – so, now what do yon in

ii js anlarqaawtit?

Mn1ea> Cirl, – – these axe picture– iifi wall, but they eftanqe eontinuttiaiy and an? in nrotant cflragv roregent, – – wilt -oh yro — — — yes, it will he soi Those pictures can curdy nto only fro* tha cryiaeKaBngsfl. This nas to be the cai-seinnnness of Han* Jarob, or di T wong?

r«-iw 134/Tou ar* right in that.

fcteier- Fantastic. – fty tJ*w thing* ixjtlilng at all renins ‘ iiH fran you.

6om>aao- 13VSo it wold bo if wq *_jU use Own without stopping. IJG/But *uch is not the rase, and 00 Mil we haw to loam voxy, very ouch, so we use t^iesy a^E’-^j »’&a^T^: –ally foi purcooeB, of control ami aopArvlxinn mlv. l37|Ate gather all other neoe&aitfoft fr* ‘*nor 1n tha rrtasndird way, it with ycu, by working thought, which it in acomvlwi» vlth the normal course or evolutioK7 n6/&]t because this wry iordrjln?, ciatakes are nude in coning to recognition*;, and so ve also suffer wrong decisions, wrong actions and wrong ■■-■iuu.fiM and p-i^T^l . eta*/ iuat like the forth h*.win being cfcea.

Why Plejaaren m^>;c mistakes despite Hi^h Technology;

Wicr- Va^p^il^^p- «v tir^ tMngi* mudi^ at all xeuiEis hid*n fron you. Area Analyzer

Suh^cjo– 135/So it would ■ wguli uto thw without

etching. U6/But such is not the cue, and as well we htm to loam very, very nuch, 50 we use fooee apparatus essentially for purposes -jf «:ont vol ami a»p*rvlJtion only.137/wte qaU^r all other necessities bv labor In tha frtandard way, ac with you, by working thought, v*vich La in accordance vlth the roTirol jyninv of cwlutlonT 13fl/oW hrcauBG thie way fai scpandingf mistakes arc amfc in coming to recognitlonc, and so ve also suffer wrorvj decisions, wrong actions wrong and, etc., Juot like the forth h>mw

being cte.

Plejatren Changed their Views about ‘Feelings1 from. Billy

heicr- Ifcw nleaao stop tha ccnsulees ■.. h — haw once

agreed, not having to n*<?iifi* ontmuttad mistakes^ because nd»toXes (to really aervft tor further MftMOfNOt- *nd *»■ necessarily occur*

&tir)Ao>- 162/Surely, that la ». lCVMyte Jn oartain affairs T rantktm l*t uiyseU lx> suddenly 9^verm»tl by own rewllnns. 1M/&3 it will havo to be, for I haw . -. . . intad nysclf of sere factors chatacwrUtxc in you, tftV*nyhrvr T foal go-d about It, and no* 1 know that feeling* nan noL – yrx auply svitrh?<l off, and wnrtliT^i for oextdln Qu^ittijnd. lQ6/l^ertiupc ny race h*f givnn tco ouch OJiifil<ior-nUtin to oyLrol and tragterinc or” “rfllno^, nnrt in this h^y hfia loat aometMng. ioSA-or that reason, I haw also


cjrcuas*] a unxirt (ivccmlm that, ajflffre^ is tne mgr QMffiCU, tfilch was considered qooa and *os offered to ths narbers of my raca, thus all try to profit fro* this lnfcr-ktioafl

held- ‘Hiia delimits no.

CR 37, Honday, November 3, 1975

~ Billy asked Semjase for a list of different crystals from venus £ Pleiades

ET’s Physical-‘Chemical Analysis on Examination Contaetees: k‘ln in v . ir-. I am a null, r ■ you mil raf what ocod is such a phyaical*cniemical aitalyaia?

Sunjane- 12/rt cononrra not only cne xwthed, but dlffarnnt once, by uhicJ* nuttor tmixtutwa otm.1 nwi»Mt1cns can be sep-aratad as dealred, qunnt ttat iveiy a-ni qualitatively, Craa vtvit then are defiitabl? tha chnmlcal crarjoeitiona in their structure and ccriblnation according to than character latica, both cjuantltativgly *nd qualitatively. 13/very finely etu-dled rethosto connected to finely studied tcctrUquOG, admit those analyses of living croaturcc without any injury tn then. far –. v» cnoK thta Is still unknown on Garth,

bit very auch used by certain apace-trawling r«re^. Ib/TVy use U*ae nethcoa only in connection with leiepamic hvpno~ in*, from which fact tho tact or axaadnatlcn subjects have no conscicu* cognition of such teats nr cx-mmationa* 16/ This veana that for then this tin** wtsamn, frcm their maory, by which 1 nean tha exmnlrmtion or test. 17/That mrory j* only established very daap In Uj= sutex^^iflua, and so it can only be recovered rrai marc” IB/Thiz lc not ntn roaalhle by the weuUucn^, but only ly srr.-^g hyp-.10tic counwsrbiock, atich also call block breaking.

beta-reticuli et’s 1961 incident – abduction o£ betty £ barney kill


heier- You have torrrentnd no quite nuch since the last usss, anrl covered yourself in silence* Bseidne thi*, you had told no that pnrhape In the night from 25 to 26 October you would dmrntrate arntathing tor iny group,

Soarjaso- l/”rcs so, I Qxpzeceed myself 11X0 Lnat und&r four eyes. 2/1 also troubled very Bud to descasLrate & a&Udi <; *-0 the grorp rrcrtcn;, but ■ ycu intend* I slipped ajasj frai your control- J/Lriforturiatciy 1 v»r uncxpnetrdly cal-led away on a special tasfc, which 1 had to nertuo urgently. ■I/Uter the pertornanco of ny tnrJc i noticrxi that the grrap ■■■ – –i- had all left your house already. j/Tnun I tiad Lu iaiva ryrf/^ *n aartieaaa tvi aaae** *a*t^A i

lud Informed you dtxut in the last oontoct under cover of silence. 6/ln this task t was so occupied that T had to blorit i t against your intense searching impulse*.

fceier- I see. it is oridont, bocauco i could once roro net reach you. *nd with your task do you perhaps mean the Batter with Zeta Ratekaili, or…?*

Senjaae- //Yea so, if you seen th£ turn ot your wnrd zeta fteticuli?

heier- Of course, 1 do nean that hy this. – I simply could not reasrber that strance rare, hrw I will fciKo notloeof it. Wiat has resulted In this matter? ftivu you found out soro-thing?

jase and I can also qlve you sol– Inlbnratlcm

which yrxi ar« rot nllnwed to spread: 9/Pora len^r t1m* hitherto unknown into 11 id?^c*?g have boon vi i lttro__thg Earth. lO/Tltey first caw to our attention in your year vfvo

ttey t«A pervasion of an Earth hunon fceings for the of study, toeh these into their spacecraft and subjected Mvei to a phyalcai-chcsaical analysis, ll/Her* they esn,*«a

_ijaae- 19/Of thia I can say; 20/It happened oa th* Ijjth Of Scptrnber, in the noun tains of new fasscflhirc in the *JSo-t!uring the nl^ht, vivn be Earth hrts&n bein^B, by *ho nawi oT Betty Uill and Barney Hill, a sarrled couple, »et with a ttpaccEJup of ■xtralerrreetrial origin. 21/Sy osc-iIlation-narBlyrers used by tho intxlli<jenc*e, their vehicle, nnauto, w pl»=d :xl of function anrl forced to stop- 22,’At th* aesei tine both nf tl*=n wm put into a tfCX hYTflreiP teusnotical forces. 23/eV tliat their consciousrvss wm par-aTviaii by nhicrt their csnacloofi rnco^ lectin vt,^ hi^ni. 24/*mi* i haw explained Uj you before. 2Vrhc purpose of that piouueuUng by the irrtellionnces was no Hi behavior, because their data gathering was only In exploring the ftirth h’sasn form of life. 26/&> they took poaesslrn of roth LarUi tanson beinqs for a tW of 127 rung LOG, brought tl*w into their nracechip, aid aub^ctod tl*m very t**arouuhlY to their examinations and analyses, while thfty also tec* different fipreinrns f rufi both, such as soto drct^ of blo>:^, »Me spena/1

hairs, fiallvu, finarr amis vtA *iVin– 27/kthey took as wall, Speclmns trrm tne cire*: ani ol»t;Un:?. and frm other things too* ^hich ware of inr«rt-^/>*o Fo*” Lhe analysis of CtaNt Intelligence. ^/Everythijv^ was v^ry carefully exarunad by than and was m^nrrsv: _rerli(>>rhot^rjy.^u<:allv.


haligj _call*a» finy vtH __rri v*in« 27/Th*v toot a* well, apactiaant frog tha efcooc and clxfrliw. and frm other thing* too. VMoh were of iaprvtaara for tha analyai-t of t^oae InteltaWmfe J8/Everythinc w*.s wiry carefully exnntaad by the* and was wnr^ re^’v^k’*^;iar^aljy,

letter- That tern la not Known to ft*. What 1* radlo-nhsto-uraurty; i nave never hmrd nf thia.

awjawo- 39/lhis la an apparntve ilMler to your pocket, by whirr, tha remit* of .vr/y^l-clvgracu anslyw am rwwdaO Ui It* radio radiat itti. and can ba rfr^ograpbai} thia way. In which tho radiation* are converted by apparatue pmnhwm In the phorrrn*-^ niter directly Into symbol

P”**r“»- – –

heicr lhat ifl like a “Stoaniah Village” to ma, but lid* la auraly art of to much isportano* to nyacif • a technician or nryoician mould knew acre abort thai, frm this Infeiroat: _r ,

»*i*w-_r jo/Sorely, tut oca- llstm further oni 11/Arter u« umiysatlrri of bott! tauTtA nuaan being*, they war* tnen ueuajht again Into their vehicle, wh:oh vat rviauatart frrai trm paralytic radiation and act free. UfJkA dwe> Lyi_n»U «■ di«*iiw in been paaeu*. ana ***a/ ^7

aary of the tnaa of tho oxaaiAalioia.. ) jittery had not the i near recollection af this, >i_/OMr in 1*1 t«i vaarfc ware thay ahia to solve the ri<aie of this event, whon by hypgp-si* they could reveal their unoonacluua Vjmwlvd<ff.

hWar- I mv, but why haw vou caxad (ox bfafJ antror In rheaa (toys?

SV* now avam, about uhich 1 unrortunataly as not allowed to apeak, has demanded this now. 3a/fras our axai-

: ■ * ‘ or ttlic ;::’>r;r. v.*.- l . \ g r■ in i9bl,

It anpaara you liave notliinn to fear. l?/lh*y eiu nf (MaW& -! fbm, ard realty _» ■i-‘iv ■ fajj naj ■■ bbi SS/xhelj

rorr* «?• h_j**nf whilu lhair tcdv flaw iu fllffaiar.t frcn nura. rt/rheir r.zc variea between 1H and 16J eanttabtara.

aabar- That is Interacting, Fron whore do they cow? now, mzeed S What kind of aoacrAMna do thry kv.r_ and how ace thvy enduring tho Atrctphere, etc*?

a**jw***~ aonhey originate in tha planet and star tyitei HTA REnaOJ, a* * *lre*ry evplm-**. it/Hi-a ayw-en is *


Mdi«A distant* nf 371Wrc_years owjy Inn the ButtO *V Their apaoeeJtlpa are cifttiar to our i»»i>^hipa, and catrcnely wl \ equftjnaAV and arc very ablf tor apaon-traveling. 13/ The -tn^^f r.* of their hoaavorld la Vary Kieular to the loath it*nhg<« thee they ran breathe here without urnat difficulty. 44/1koy wear cloc^-fitt*rt Ult^r-ur—which protection Cor then in none weye.

. Gxild you print re oc take lor sr a picture of the Aeticulian Intel llaeneea, if rhat con bo arrannod?

WI could proouce a drawing for you If you want*

tfeler- Thia would be nice. Could ygu produou et least one picture frus ths brasst up of one of these intelligence** and fertiene too, s drawing, of thoir eaesssjh^*Jil

GeaOauo- ‘i4/T could so, but t doVt haw paper ami writing equiprent.

teslar* Of that T i_an give you Boaethlng, Hire, a pencil, end here, that is> a £uej colors ballpoint 1-*-. urn here la an eraser, and – a awt, yes hare, – ia this fiapex moufpv?

iS/aureiyt I will bring theae dYawinop to you at taw n*er* esaeaW*

Well, but now it would still

tioned intallifsjrre* then LI efffthirs) » lew:

M ihev are peaceful huaenuiiaip Itaicr- la that all?

57/Thore la nothing core In *e1L about thoa.

(tiler- An ynu like. Then froe the aide of the linrth there 1* nolMon nf tirpnrtjrcir in their miealottl IhLc 1e what T <jot (“nft* )^nr vords/

&anaao SS/6uroly, so it ia.

*”= ^tfesasit only In ilicir siK and coliiT or the cam. –

Radio~Photography :

»/r\ervtMng HH enry carefully enmra by wis rerorr*^ r«i->-r*v* ^ ^ .Wily,

sfrW- That toon la not *nown to ae. that it nvjlo-nr^to-wr.a*iy; f her? never beard of thia-

29/Thle la an apparnt\a *UUlsr yrr;r prcy^t ^elU^i, iv whirti tne results af rir/sical-caanical an^yr^ *ra reouiued In It* racllo radiaticn/ ana can te nt^oVafhcri In which tho radiations are converted by asparatu



mis we

ai!HHsasj m the prCTograrh niter directly into syrtol picturaa. –

Plajaren Xfladf Real TJEO Contact*** through Impulses to Billy’s Group:


Halrr- ie»Il zfcen 3£ia»Thir«j alee? w> are r^* itxkjerned w1t> * start with rwgtxjot to tha leeYvrea.

3o*ta*w- ai/Ihat i* known to ua, and wa an* alar* w*y such i -.1-. tJiat “*w y<» ■!! cere ao- aucn inx that* Mna- will t*> helpful to yon In these natter* a* for ah pncclhie, while we ylve iaxailnps m r*»rt^n jacrannfi ro q&L in mntnr-t with you- that will further grni** announce tt*Wna*tvr* to

yuu and Join you, aa/tiomc very JUStiMA niltasit* should find their beginning* thl* way wall.

holer- Krat you riAtf. fciy that?

flrttiace- 67Atat r Juet «nulai™d. Win the course or tine, wportant cental ta for you will crawi to pa***

Ifcle_r- *at kind of contact*?

*”}a*?- hope that we can load F*n ccrt*~+m to your


nVlrx- aat’r.i^lm1 tail


Pfehnr- Fui ant 1 an curious, u: – ■ arc they In contact?

»Jl -1th what kind of ^r*s»«

few )■**>- 71/Ktth four* fig*j your piano of tUvi that In fma your dlrrnfrinn nf nraisnee, becou** they am still nut «Me to ct-ange dlxjanalcnn*

Iteicr– 1 – ao Miry do not nelnng to your lwwl■

nnsjaae 72/fcb – but you atuuld Xnep silence atoit that, aa yon lava*. 73/lhc tunc la attl 1 not suture enouoh for explorations.

CR 36\ Thursday, “oveatbar 15, 1975

– Quetsal have carried out tha work of clearing out matters regarding Ashtar Sheran

Why Information revealed to Billy by ET’s appeared only a few days?/weeks/month* later in Hewspapers/Kagasinee:

i ■* m w* * In ■ ■ ■ i ** UW liwwr tmrtmt* «f feint WM.

^ . L**n i .1.—-‘ tawA w* n « ‘ •** Mu j- SS***W In * i ■■ Wr the

Hi aaanaia cUp ■ r«* 4oru «r Upf tn ti* aja**a*aj w

weprifn of furor*. S-rw*» ^wll ^ ■ *>irr Hf *p – ” * ‘

aetjoji *4/ffech n*f*nwana on such qi/ei to yu anawar* la g^wioped by ouxaelVDu £ioa ^ir^i lamut-flun^ jtc. W Of beat the** do also agf— »H?- »t^t**MPtj> aaue uy t>rth r*r snn hatnaja at about »hr nawr + w, or ar« ^BTB Iff Plf1“-

Sl/Tluls 1* tha. eondttlnnod ny tine, &=lf-<fcveirpeant of a world. S2/Ch tha other hand, difrextatt Birth ™r being* are oonnr^ntly dixoctcd m their rcecaicft to reoo»7i*t\ona, which t:^y Uief! tfcjw to ajLoratically* ^l^Thoae

fluenoea coae fran outaioV and fulfill their drelined al*a.


I1 i’ ~ oanonetraticn, Itfoto hli roligiouq CKprceolons, bo-

nmia* thma *r*> free* 1* .-1* :

‘O/Pmf. ^cwo rrritac rie uimi* / ttaeU. Ptc£. Oulwiv* wit rlao tafcrn on 9 flight.

7 j/Victor Schauoeccer / Austria- kt ioheiavrger’i oti oKtrrcerTBstxiai intelligences wet l lei ted to telepathic rorseu1

72AXst3v ntynch / Austria. He teal i ayptlc end wrote dtf-fcrnrt tcJcpethicaliy received worXe.

n/fey Slskf ord / OSPu

*4/>biiO Bertosai / Ocrrsmy. Ilia contacts with extratarree-triale are telepathic m nature.

7$/eJbart Eiaatain / Gereeny j *Mtf*riand / U£A. Famtcln won in direct contact: with rwtratntreetrial Intel IWences. and beeldae this, ho was one or thev incarnated as an Parr ft rinnn roirg.

JC/AJbert Sdeatixsx / trance / Africa, ft*** as with Albert miietein. both were? of the sum* level nf orsaiclousnes& aiU ■uirlt, thus the striking slsdlanty.

///thanea men eon / uaa. thin %wxwm ww* iuvuiuuujl*!} *>u-□ucted aomrrl the ST ship,

16/oiivtn Parker / 05*. Ulwanao contacted ..u. Tlly.

79/feUy fUU / vi.\. Abowrt-d Involuntarily

W/mrney mil / USA Llaeviwe alaasAed involuntarily

ll/ft&ldx Earth husasi latinos onntactcd laveluntarlly,

then are stall at least 1110 others la ealstance, bat who ate of no *j«*Trt ispartamce. 62/Tha four ones, nasrd hem, are of rnaajter acaning. Il/And an feaesactuvgly are their rtary cutsets.

M/Josefine Burleasfi / Smut Mfxieau tfcw taXen on a flight. (Maintains silence.)

«VJurl Gacorin / U33L *

•eVUr. Jams C >t£tnald / UQA. A phyaics prufreeer who was la telepathic contact with extraterrestrial Intellioenoae, *hcut which he Kept strict silence.

■ 7/eudolf Sunner / *wil**rla*wL Thlepathla contact wi-Ji IT,


*8/JUOi8 WXontOCh / artt2*rlano% itereonal contact with ox-1r*t*TT‘*tr1*’lft. K*»p» ;11ent about thia.

39/Hnrct Kapa / Gaxauuiy. Aeel-visicn contact wLlh «ttHtU-restriala. (Tbr \ n fc Ii *je about UUfl contact benare extinguished in him again, slncv ha off ana huasaif docnptivuiy a* an ongoing crntaete*,)

90/<3ferlcs A- Hmcy / usft. Had direct contact uith cxtra-tcrrcatriala, tut krep* strict silence about that.

91/Wilbert 0. Saith / Canada. HaU direct contact with axtra-rerrestnals, but according to an orr!*r kept strict silence. Vcasr* leader or the Canadian froject fagnat.

92/Hua is the list which I aa allowed to tell at fire*. 93/ Abuut tiirot fmUm worl6Vruco’3ni?yj_L‘jbUely known contactces, 1^

Malar- That lc sufficient for re today with titese nainaa. You surely will bell m at a Ttven tinrj also the Three other nanec, will you not?

ttwjase- *jfl/Hrrriy.

Rc al – Vi sx on : hcler- wen, there you have caned a word two tinea which is fully unXnown to re. t rrr?an The word “rna1*vinU:fi”. Wliat uOes it moan?

Seisjaae- Wr uno>rsrand, of enurse: you can not Know it, for It \n one of our coapoaitu word* for a certain kind of guided vision.

helox- Than 1 will suruly be abl« to find it in aw diet ion-ary,

Seavjoae- 9fi/Thl* will nnt be, because? the word’a expression riaaa from our sdnd.

hcloi- Ham plearc explain to ra what It moan*.

Senjose- am tndrfofctg-. F but £ want to grant your

wish. 3B/A real-vlaicn la a certain kind o£ controlled vis* Ion. 99/Tt emceroe a kind of vision which la watered iff FZny intelligences, like as wall the Ciach-^Intelliysioea. lOO/By thos* dnstrad avoked and controllable visions « influence imny fonas of life, to offor then In this way oprt-v-n inprecsloox uhich ou?ht to bu instructive tor them, and uhich thay should nake access ibU» to ornrr peopln by


steading, too* to Lnfluen tteir environment in suited nanner. 101/The^r controlTWIe vislms nm fw rrrnpl otejy rgailgtiCj that tho Influenced penwi hnornt* crmincntjthat H S oxporiuncvd tt*> vision in roality. l02/.**t because of this, we call It ‘real-vision*, taWMN it scons no ruch realistic. 103/Luch real-vision occurrence lasts as long a tise) as It woulrl tajtfj in reality. I OS/Sum rMl-rlsicn cb not last only eeconote or minutes- long, but they last as long *s tho real e*jwriunea would wood in tlrc.

minr- This it fantastic. So thia xust to an that a tamm bnlng have an experience which in truth ia simply not what it seem, but only nana frost a pnvj acted vision, but ha ie nnt otjIo tn differentiate this from reality, arsl thu* ostoran the srfvunq experience to be o true experience-

Uantasc- lOVSurcly, exactly as you deecribo.

War- Out now, if a hunan being has an exrtarleitce, is re-

liwai firm it and Uviaj en as usual, to bw a^din ixstfrgnted with such a real-vision later, what happens than?

Sonjaso- io*/ttotrjng, because hie roal*vielons ana tho n=-silly rtl*^ ** form** ttf*1 rind rrntyriiiouJi garifta_n_f events, which can not he differentiated froo each other at all, rut bv LjHfi huton””neingje*

hnlax- Ihia ia aore than luntdstie. Cfo cry deux. So Cor tfc-exple, I coultl be United by yuu to a ieel*vl*luQ. and would believe in ray consciousness I had e*perirn. .-■ . thn vision in nsaiity. Then 1 would Just go on living and lead a nnunsl Hie, to be sow tmw later treated by you to a real-viaion, Wee experiences I would one* rsore efrteain for reality with* ait noticing that I had suffurod in roality only a visimrt

Seaijase- 10″./that ia it, only you have ehcoen a bafl example. Itolex- Vhy7

flBt^aser IvVfcCeSaSS ypu am able to differentiate the ruality frcm tho roal vision, too.

Jteler- ‘that la crazy, hhy should I be able to do that? Seuj«3Nr- -v-j^tf that……

»*ter- My daar girl, hew da 1 suddenly cat into your ship? …..-


*tnr * still do ik* understand how you ywt ftjne this nt all? Just ia till* rvire. T hove been in your t^annrilp. and at the? save tlse I alt here before the typewriter and write dr*4i Sly question, while- T wen In the ship. .1 7 u Joke. You haw* only ahuwn lomprhinfl. to i*>p hut i bin iacuawu to nnnune hi. j. ■ really been in your ahip. He persuasiOT to h»Li«e thia curaeniy strong, hit why?

taapasc- Ill/Do you now mm? 112/lhot was a rml-visian af * f^_gg^onrh tjueetior. uj/sut ycu hsve fcjgaatsM \-*\iY ci yna. which always affects ecus recoaelt^nc the ejseUaaV IWOlJser cieet rma ret <irw «*i j blnrk, and in a rractlro of a tocond they fall to usj inil-enc-, to ae-the ilf. j for a <jiven truth.

heier- This in crary, girl. Uut for all th* world. \hy tin you ck> this? This is deceit.

rm>sao- 115/atarclkud In this fona it ia not rtrreit. be-cause the event ttn^a for thn eniaruertanl of truth in the

creature. llt/uhm Earth iiw beings are in-tiunad in this way, it happers only Era a taassA because theae would not be able to emperienar the vleicrvtrv *-*enta in reality.–

p%fi«r- 1 accept tma. ecu tmy Uaaov i«m!*vU;^ l«*t u long a tine is the reel euunt wuki t*K». Thus rather rrcch tine could pass, and *van ittiny noun?

iiearjace*- llJ/SUre1yf irvmi days weeks*».

hr*ier- Dear so. saTal these poor crestuieo would starve fro* linger.

Ccss>asr- llB/rnu target, t/Ja dsion appear* ***ry artlvdly real.

**>l<-r- Ym ». 1 net the influenced persons feel then their r.itural reeds, llae hurccx and thirst an* titverttsa, and so on?-3

Snsrjasr- lll/4ir»lY.

h>lar* Bit Mul tb the** people cat and drink? 2nd *hen they h/reo long xeuJ’Vlalona out of Iksm, t/*r» dothey elr^p?

aalac- 170/thai la ouite simple. 131/ln the state of rr~j^Uyr1 trey am asest r* -icepiuw in their sttrcrew^DOS,


rrjnaciomiy in the «mr that by the feeling of hnar end thirst tfarr eraser*** are prw^ipit^t^ solidly exactiy

those Tt|#Jl|| I^o dtpofbic taiftas whirr, thrv g^ri^-»

Mssir rosl-vlsicrw. m/aw thorn then they tlsc nourish tv-*acjvcs. 124/Thls is lite the evert ee^arxavtrated rV VTM7itl arruv two Hu*sU yuacs 900 when he fed warn ^j*0^ EaiUi tftrn* K ir»£i by brrart ufiich he sultlplled in ^*fi l.VThr CltfeievM is txily that real-vtslnn in-

flusnonu persons exerrnw* their ^ulitlee utiarasclous;v, while ^syswjupj ways consciously ab.^ 10 ix> thia.

Hslnr- Dit thia aUll onnm not explain tha concerns of slwpU^,

**i}-a«- 125Ana influenced an™ arc wry QflPBl in thia respect. 126/They keep Thenrclves up lisa rney are used to in ell respects, but do sleep whan U«y sir away fron tore, ar.yw1«-ta b- thn* e^virrm^r. 12?Abuolly this la arraroed, the influenced i-angn Lolng gui<fed to trustworthy l3S/HsrMlly nlao these tmMwrthy ones are m-

fli.^ <*1 I.*., 1m‘ In /if ‘vol naiUM, Ul –iJEiiAJK^r VMCfc

they care fnr the vi * km-n

*Mer- That is interest Uw. but what 60 these people ssswJl

Wi ■ -r –

Snjano- !2*moy ire influenced, tnuo novo no recoUecttcn jI the visionary.

Real-Vision Contact*** :

sut l rocnaniae fna your irtforaation. that neiliwu Fata :At.3ct« t iv rhw ir spaceships,, sad jaws; Bel Sal cxrcricnoaa us tho font LHEaSaw W vcu.


tt, erv-ueh wit* ■■ But now «e»t about tixjec pal* wrxj have received nflssaooa rrusi fc^-y ancry,’ One of thussr pexarra I know of la assert 9g£* BaB one in not on tha list* On tJhe other band avjssj oBssa are known rrtft-*, wtn are asspecially mvS in the Ventia Arlae t*xmrani– – in hnrvs and v^moi.–

[Swf la It tfwr .. , j,.. * ^ il. *w*ex t* <sd fcst St St—ss#jsw

MUt |S—| WMns pvutU <ii*trtWJl** tUv 1^0 -1 um it* «1b, csiiMt we SW^silOirin. lac* *t*u (waili** ira wm m^iviiJ

rrferujae- l )2/Ao yuu were infurstxl by Quetzal, AiuaeaX be-

imo* to Usi Ui^h-Tntalligencoa. and gj* d^Mm-nt was expect^. 133/** are ^forand ot to « U ta£ ad MBlfto of Venn* VyW ^^^^,^1? as Skinv oUai «iv and aiauln persona. contvicteoc,

rrU’ »…….>t»V*W urix^aai \o us. while irany o*J»r we

^ ttu*» t«rt1y the Ci3<^Tntalli^svicaaf or SlAas the


atoior- That will an uproar, Saralase, because lunt

the wntia varlaq puMiemticna indicate very osny nanas…..

telair iW/.,.Of uradi only a f«w are contactefis. hticr- are sathor rsrU’-sil.


CR 40,Thursday, December 1$, 1975

~ Theze is no girl friend as ‘Theckla1 £oz Semjase/ as told by Hans J ac ob

~ Semjase only mat on Earth accidentally with a woman named Elsa Schzoedez in Z aha dan, Pezsia when searching £oz a cyl indez

Spiritual Lessons from PSTALE sphere are to be Re-Interpreted BY Billy a^p^paj^i^a^a^as^as^psa^ – f«;icr*£; this fr^tr out Lho PntalQ lyhcrp. I haw <?ot <w iransai salens-

sarrjasaB 37/9uroly. this Is known to im. lB/ht.w Uk s&l£r than was nrovitfad.

Meierv Tnoy are only hacir l**mxix. 1 should rsysejf write tlvr int^rpretationa-

fernjatat- 39/5uiely, that is llAc it always iB* 40/lhe tho-rouuh explarvtttone am thri lnor>r of each prophet has fce>-core; taiyjht in Knowledge. 41/it is his i ■ _ ■: as well/ to write the explarntions and caeojtitxo in urriergtandThle la^cijaoe* 42/BecatKU or *Jtla, the ;prophut£ are educated in ■jiaat. fcr^ledge and wiyln. 43/Mone for the contact with ue or with other torea or lire, it wild not have boon neo-tssary to teach you and to let you find arorsou* *nowle£*>, recoqnlticrw and wtsduo, and the truth. 4«/Thifl all no you

alone need tor the explanations and interpretations of tho spirit’s _ i – .: -. ii, a-<i ‘i ; should offer to the earth wnri [*■*”. – in an understandable <15/±hls alsslon Is

cnanjed to you, for which mnsm «tm are only transmitted to you tin basic leataon* of value for all ires, tfticft you should offer together with your int-n>ret aligns uxfrluj>a Lions to Ue Earth tixrxi beings-

rtoiar- SO that is tlrr wcy it is- This will uetxrna rathar a lot of labor.

CR 41, Wednesday, December 31, 1975

– Semajse draws Jmmanuel portrait in 11 minutes

*SE)C Taboo on Esrth:


Msler- The first concerns your desrendeni*. dft produce then t^hen you want to hurort

JWirjaae- .3/That in a very peculiar question.

fcfeicr- It is not fraJi lie.

anrJaBer 4/fiimlyr rtwuld have Mtnninr^j i _ i: bo-eawfle yen Know that fratflrifll crrmcurBs……

tt-icr- …..fiwitiply therwive-, in quite the same w.

SnnjaDc- a/Surely, cc why iMVWthfllMS afiX?

Mtiej– But I don’t want this Sjllfistian answered ny nc.

Sonjaw- i5/SUJn?ly* ycu already asnt-icnad this, but Lite qtjtpfttiftn is rwslly vc.ry csctritnniinary

xbies” ft? m-»l u? grew ioe4?

Malar- Perhaps you harbor «i “insanity” and moan en* Is roc sllcMBd to talk about iud> nwttar*, aa it crttai behaves with tho dur Earth wojihr, because they are araauftlly UuUMtfrfli

OmQmh B/YOUX talk il v*ry pgce^ling.

Mder- But, is that so difficult to understand. With ufc BurLH worms prevails respecting seorual roncprn-, *tc. awiy already sick lnhlhltlcnsf thus it is gocd behavior not to

tal>. about, social nuttexa. .Many bttHeve S€* ic crxrrtl‘i Lnq “Jft-


ethical, or e*=n a matter of the devil, Then TiNsm arn ntiii dieting; tl“K? apcrf?11 rr. ~rf moral n~*%. who ni In thnwcj tilings ^rm?; hnnorlcss,. r.r cvro nnr— th i r«{ a mpire and incral«

tj;, so to speak, often, a tl’teme vhlcti is simply taboo and atout which ofte dtoea not talk.. Tim that, ^ call thn hunvm beings sexually intiibited wnen they Liv* in thin fnxoi cl thinking. But wry ofton this bahavioc ia only c3K.-e.Lt and ofcmiinqj, because It is rinne thia wny only .in pub* iclty r -arid prof.nrvoo, while secretly real orgy-l-fXe piggeries a*v orlnhT?itcd^ which are ciTy-red Uv tills hit-1 bi ted beJiaviox.

[Jeurjane- !»/1 und-ratartci. 1Q/Inie Is «<ery rncjmttn n I o. 11/

– – Mo, 1 didn’t r»r»r tfts peculiarity of the question to thia uTund*r«t«ndAbl« ta m= farm of tnirftlngf, but that It

– vncs ooncerna wnici. in tj.ixiclvuu no explanation. 12^’aut evidaaitly tlieae r**r.«ective concerns ranttln inflvldnnt tan the Earth human beinga until now, thus t will n«vnrthn-leaa an ewer the guasticA, thoii^h thia sbouia not be nsow aary. 13/IL la ……

Mr.irx- ”W-m-nt, Bfetfljas^y you havo noticed those things, that tha Earth human beings art> vviry much lad astray. This, especially by acctariana, who work In UFO natters, and *dio mark tfra cKtraterrtjati irtl a as Goo-sost cnos are* ■angplc, and uioriTy tfcsn by that. In their limit Lege fantasy, *nnrf

to these then a spiritual near or total perfection, by which they then hypasfi tba nnrwrel rvot of procrcatlrn , and auppos-odly could proOToata dascCTidnntS ‘teantalTy”*. This. Idiocy oonaiata on the one hand in the pretention that Jtimanuel would have been procreated in aomn mental way Iby the dear Gudy ai’ul the uLiier handy tltat the normal and natural act of procreation would be. an unclnnn or «unn .-nvraL matter, for wrUeh the explanation is again to March In the pretense of tho ramtal pracraatioji of Jnmu».i*l.

Semjase- 14/’ajt that is; not the truth. Semjacc- 14/ajt that tfi tint this truth.

Meier Sow don’t you play ■araryj db ycu oosubc that 1 lie to you?

Snnj.w- l VT don’t dare to think that, because I know about ycttt <tnncrity. Wl wnnt ro by py wont. ~-“;t th.-r..-religious Inbarprebit torus ara conflotely not understandable in any wy, and have bo be untrue, for they i3o already reach the limit in stupidity. 17/But this has ali been un-

tawswi to ma In thia tc-nm until new. 18/J woa wily portly

orient*^ atctit this. lQ/TSkyv yotr I think your qusatlnn Is ji-.^t 1 firxi, and no Icngar ntranqri. 20/Jtiw 1 araderHtand ft lest imps, in coneaquana& of lAlcft 1 no/ want to anewai: this question In da-tall: 21/tfe procreate our deaoendentB by tha aam natural vny as ia riiaraetcristic for th* fiwrth batitt

fecinge, and all nthr-r ir>r~.r -■- iifa of tnaht-ritl f:n:^i .fi f.I I


SEX in the Universe

fl-ii^^M^M “‘ -roereaie our **cenu*nta by the am natural way as is characteristic for tho Earth hatan beings, ml all othar rorsc of Itfs of raster i*1 form in all universe*. smaai there orsiple iwi ant MM to-

gether, to undftrqo an act of procreation. 23/Thls torn oi proration lfi in “h ^ivcrflw 1 ™»*iwv n*»tral eancasa . ;■ h aiwr/fi and evary^horo is ncarauiy performed in this way. ran <?ohabltnt*b with a woman, . her and

gets her with cliildj thus a procraation takes place. 25/In : .. – I t<MP>, thia Is d ■ ne by tha quirting into one another of the bodies, wM-h means that man and wojran utasm© up to-<h?U»r, unite one another in love, ann the ann nuinv-i his prrcreational part into tho roonivlng npontrnj of the wuusi, who take* up Urn uiwiwatina, epenre Into herself, and la In-probated, and in this way onvMopn new life, ux-

lste no ether form of pcoervation, when we abstract trm exceptions, where by circiaaatanres a mental procreation is done, which is still a vory ooiccn evont! 27/»> as an

uvpraunatlcii by mulflvial fonn, whl–h snarly only in ea> rrtro f*wi is pwricjisahi tm injsj railing of the species, «/ But on the whole th- nrrrrreat inr ol nrjwOTdantfl Is directed toward the ncnrul act ot cohabitation, because this form alone accords to nature and to the cn-stlcml giving nf laws and -ulnars. 29/And enly the obwrvanna In this fl^nrcr in fixed detail voir hoc for tha eon*latency of the spiritual and hnrtlly nvnliitinn nf a fore of life, because rmtal and artificial inaenunations hold aanrjets in ttw» ^a in thia v*y |trncresrad 1 Vacant falls In ivitalnly tu i*n> ly unnrcou–imhlr mitatinn”, which In the muiss at Linn juuulu little by llttla mbim racea of -features and pruduces hcdlly and spiritual nenst raft ties.

hnler* 5o *V»a» this stain that casplctc races can become satantsF

aomjaoo- 10/auroly, and they also lose their ability for resistance m*) Ur- hurra 1 pvuvirr uT tKinMna;.

Helcr- So mmtal and artificial UtaeadnaUon should be owlttnd?

Snsjaae- H/Rirely, hpceuaa in list cujrua of tins* lh*y nec-easari ly lead to o>ynemt \m*niritucl ly as 1 as cocaly*

□escendentsfroman Impotent Marriage Partner


telex- …… I . ‘ will _r.”-, – ; j.-^uw aspects, vfcen

T . –uj – ride

vmr”- -17/9urcly, CO it Is. Hwiat Qn, ne*r 1 hdvw got you.

08/1 dr> tot unrierstAPd you?

ntlpr- Onra irons, you law aretered u-untenticmLly a <*jm-Saxrissc- ’19’tlavu you let sc aiicfc win?

frier- Or thinly, for you ju*t – -. l – ■ —< * to tse that yau fflfti rawial atrtlvlfcy pleasing,

tanjaoe* 50/Haw I really?

h>ier~ Are y™ fl^twiwl necAuse of it?

Sanidso- 51/1 did not vnr.t tx talk abrot It.

Hcl«r- toi novorthelees ftcw hove, tad GiAoc you have alrc&dy i-Mri ycu can alco explain th* rvet.

>>i-; ii>’ – i only did not want to talk ■ – t this, rrcrnwa

I how not considered it irepcxtAnt. an net ashaned to

tnlfc ftmrr l r-11

hfcier- ttit for tnc tsrtn raiw this IB uirtfrtanU amy of efton boncua that «tr»lerr«triale are of otter charterer Ia such respect. So it mild tm w*ii it yen rcrtod southing about that.

SbiJubo- m/Since it Is lite that …… well then: W

ttm factors **ichr dcscriVtf bv -tore ■:tf>tii. they nre singularly at oil bound to toiles. creatures. i£/ n*n men and wmii oohabltatc* their thoughts tvy.^e in fsr-cy, Mhk‘h tllsfrolves serrations of feellrna cf ncot different waye* ny v^irr bb^~ar^Bga*tai ecngs cf cham arc nc**d and fill the tody with ck^lrc. j7/flese dyiis ore very pleaa-irfli «*1 fill the £om u£ lilc with many wistt^ .^rid tnrtr-atrlctlons, which each creature needs, and hy «Mch it loc*-=ja itself Iji suUtantial nannoi- Sft/fiidi fcrre of lifo bn-hsves liXe tliLaj as 1 as we uursolvm.

iwor- vou haw said tnis wcnderrul ly- It is trueiy the test explanation T hay* *v*r tvwd- Bit 1» it ch*»ky of ran if T aak you where you qet thia wisdom? IT* whole tniiva

ecunde to ]ust iiIcp ynu apeak ixcn ytxu <wi cxrerienca.

Scvgnde- 59/Surelyj you thlnV arul hoar wie*1y» 60/You *W all”‘ to ask this all rinhtl I can’t want to onte a wcrrt of it, 61/1 hm» oallactotl «y a«peri«y»», and Iqr thru hsve r — nocwsMry r^crgriitions. Qtm yau l>«ive qoossed the troth,

Semjase’s Marriage Psrtnef :


■ I- d> yen want

to dive irc clo about that, I mean, how have

vow opt to know tr# iwi and – why am you still not named?

bran) sec 63/1bat ia v-cry treaty tP ewplauis 64/lt his been a bit rove than ?O0 hnars ay when I una named- C5/1hs ent-rwny with *y man waa uithcut ehild, nervosa t first, we wanted to procreate n^arenoanta after he would iuva rcturnrd from a some yearr. tart us? expedition to a nrwly discovered galaxy. 66/3o ho went on the nypnditlon, with aovon crew-rrnfiers, in two aanll specoohlff*. 67/Bat only one t*t these returned altwr plover, years, ta/ancl the ship with sv hup-haart suffered ctwjqi laUur* irsl lull lnu> ■as. 69/9d 1 soar sv tsaaband, wiui when t m max tied o»ly seven afcoat

seuar- fou nave nevei said anvthinvj atcut this boforu. So r ilvnys bcllovwd that you had juot rraviinad unsarrlod- or sMal unpreflsion you hnve variously ot«ria^±aned sat, too-

unajaao 70/t did not dMst it baportent to talK about U**t-Tl/Cn the other hand, it is with ue, that a nan or a woaan is ejreiaered rrtirrled, aa you say this* if the awriagc partiw-c c*partr J5TT*» and still cfalld baa been pro-cieeted-

hwlur- Ch, 1 see, than from your earlier information, T haw uottcr. scan wrong lnpcoaokm- flsvavavaeavananTMsaeave^

Ptejaren on ‘Gi-ving-eirth’toa Baby

t^^^^^^B^^^^^^^^^^b ~vitl. sann

inudy on this *mtr*rt i wculd he very inter ue tod in hew 4

birth in your raw actually taken place?

uen^ann- – \.* U*o nrcereatven, the child has to develop lueir cairlnq nine rtrL^i in the wojysVl tfltfy- 71/Then the birth t afcea place in B saraa asnar aa :« rrrsri |0 SSrth huaun beings.

hrtar- Jhia aeons tmt there am no dif ferenrns. Gees tr* wnrw suffer usijai, lite the ones ours have?

Dnmjnae- 74/Cbrtninly, there aro no difference* l«ro, at


Iaaet won on© alwtracts from the fart that tho Berth h^n ■ – – -l – -i- j – enm up r-^eir pains at birth, bvcuuuc they ere al-:eail/ very cfformr,ireJ tain relief).

frier- Then your woaon orrpletvly talents the pains of birth} –

Saajasc TSVSuxcly, this is the natural birth, **hicfci as vail influences tha rother who bringa forth, and thr aes-canoaota acoorcj-ncly, srmsoring welt tha iocs of thlaXlnn.

leaVar- Dnaa thia noon that a wonan strould give fnrth without peia-etlll lag Beans?

Aaajaae hW&rcly, bvnj%i only thus form is mt ml, and vtinK-i* m^t we;lsrr fcr v*–^ <mC ch-Jd. it uould

load tm far il” 1 strait! nam all the benefit*.1

laruxr- 1 altuady understand, amvs>\ that these are npirit-lui and hnriily ndvmrage-s. If i an thinking right?

….. 75/You aro vary sensible, and so you underSVtfvl

rotor Mont ly.


411 to a«rer ****** «*> *>i*r tast D* u*> of p«ir uill^

lwt *™t>*™ serin? sMIgg ™ w w mU*

TjT; *Uo p«roeti» ua an nVili U-‘*r ■ tm -lw they an. r*°*H At* nil Its tn»—Ir- catrsCT inia a rev BeJssaaBSj

Body A Spiritual Maturity of Plejaren :

t-.-r ssbsbsbsbsbsbsbsbsb^ m

ruuis are you races bodily ard spiritually nature?

-se^ase- i*/it you aro minting of the ability for cro-rmition, thee tra- answer la: tw:^ – «« af thia aoa,

aach fore of life with as is able tr\ prormite deareroarrta. St/tut until an age of 70 wart ^^uTffflf* ngmslly «*-to trouble oTweir very nrh about spiritual trn-anO to be able to echx-ste oneself. Ql/Ihit, too, ia tha minimi aue where ratrirrcrv is r^anslflered. 62/1he iwre Eody intiirity is pa?sec If Zt>\ yeais>

Hsler- T*iis Tcans then, that body growth is rnannad hy then?

L4n>eaa- uVSurely. 1fnpu i – i – * urity la identical to tha 70th year of life aoa, but that dove not rrpan that the spiritual evolution is Rtnpp&d- RWWfth ue, it is nut the im as en Earth. where, re^rntnhly, the human being- after his regular eehool tm has paccod, <n*rovi ijiu* llttla sore uv^lcoVe. baca-joa vith «, furrher duration laata thcyt?_>ir

Love among Men & Women :

Meier- fXaaatv but new Ait ^hcut love with yon? I cully *%>*j —-.i iCTan?

%n|sse- aa/IrrVD is a ri ansae ion of failings. aH/lut san-

■ n of fncliifja uxUl in tv^y JP^p« W/Hc^wrr lrw am-ns n»i And wtjtsn IS quit* An espnCiaY WieatiCfl of m-i-inns, wtilrti san rxl wuwui at first find together. ^/Contrary to ths low? of l> hunan ret-nj, oar love Is v*rv *-\-7 ^–p-ft-ll, a;*! p^t-regsly strung and rara*lfl.

Jtoiar* Does love wist em*? nan and wrsun when they gwt

married? Tou ^ere- rtiflftrontlY talked ihntit ths feelings, as it uuiy would not hs qcod.

ujijasa 90/1tou Iwivo tuwunfarstood as, for T sfrfce of other feel IncA which each creature should keep under gtrirro*r Mttrta 9l/KevortlKlvuii you have shown a* that this rw! Bl Aiw«ys be the iwvws asaa Llally so u»vwn there are juQy ■ft rrrcrrncdV etc. 92/\ct saonq s»o end wrnen of sTTTTr •nrw baieos of our rao* Is post, and ainr»r» irwr, whlcfi only In csjetain cmcs li^i wb rcntrcU lapy/ imur^lo*-* tl*-aituatli-n dor-xvb this.

ill I or T cee. That is very ovi^mt . rv? y^* ara rial ikj^j* nclnijo »^ no~ robots. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^H^^^^^p

Education of Pfeajren :

Ans]w*- *J/Vue t» Art i ■ -r-tt.-r. ot Us? parents, ywt ffi the orhnr nand cxlsio horo s control Ijy the High Ouncil. irem ‘r ssttlsd r«giilntlnnsi teacMnei, order, efcc, find

‘i ■ ■ t i : – * . *m/lTl tills tDtil u*» «wil

corWrsr-ted, which is why we do not know di^atxm, as unfar-t;natciv ia so otW* the esse with yen m Uuth.

‘DIfferances/Olsptitstionsof Opinions’in Minmony :

hticr- nut don’t you have dissnntiaris In n»truir*iy? i mean dicfvtrtUcra and dlff^jytwog nf cputimi?

rsnyww 9S/Co you crmudor us ■\4ercreariin-e?

Itoiur- Qsrtalnly not. I only ask PersMSS this voul£ bs nf intrreat for us Earth wom of ww kind to know, and for OMU croc »c vol i*

rmwjjww* ‘k/snwn twrj cmtami llwe tvsrtSrr as a unxt, Uvn rt if f> renews oi Qpifiacna neraaaariiy arise- 97/Dui LhelC ntrd net onqnncratc_ini.o .fights, as eu> often ha^pena with the Ffcrth ES5S EsVsJsV WMsl vnll happens witxi ue, wiUtrut exception, UsH axe d?ft<mincoc in ojiinionc in the nAtiiscrLtAs. 99/And it would be wry myitis! if thia werw sot so* 1007A wxmq nyaulatipn wmm eviat in aox factor* 101/Vlth oat lite tvirywlww* else, ail crnatmt^» ^r^ u*ffer-if> their mpi-^tign. ths* at do tins er> tso ot » Set tonstAsr, two UVo-d!rnctad uulea, which would snsn a rts-

crease and a ahirUrwj-ofl of the evolution. l02/&> Always two ■■..i’-i.\t*.r:’.tr:- poles have to ccftc together If an evolution is to prcerrss. 101/lhie ireans that these bio iciee constantly rub each other, by which fro different cp-yUpBB pj*h Tcrj*tfY*rj in cmBnqu«nos ot which, tor Durpceea of evolution, difforoncoc in opinions have to npn»r. 104/ ” ia on irrevocable law of evolution, to which we as /- 1 as all other creatures in all universes ere aub>=ctcd.

CR 42, Wednesday, J^iuary?, 1976

* Bitty s its 16 hours continues ly before typewriter writing Ore atonal Genesis from PE TALE – First Ass as ination attempt on Billy( warned before by an intuitive form of a dream) by a small calibre pistol & the assasin oould not be pointed out by Quetzal because he&hewas protected by religious forces

Why did fle^ren not hterv^ne in” Assignation Attempts” on Billy :

Itwas the first of an eventual 7 assasination attempt by gun-lire on the life of Billy Meier. Each time he was miraculously saved at the last moment by some fortuitous act. When it became apparent that the Pleiadians might be implicated in some of these escapes, he asked them, if they knew of these things in advance, why did they wart so long to intervene. The answer was that had they intervened sooner, the Assasin would not have felt sufficient guilt & remorse over his deed, and would simply have replanned it better the next lime.

“In the future, be very careful, because we cannot keep you and your meeting with the coming events in continuous series atoays under control. We still have to perform many other labors.”

Plejaren on ‘Burial of the Dead’:

tfrier- ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ (Ativ fWi hare 1 haw >l*r.Uil >:i**sU*:n, Icilcw: Khst ii^cp^rw in your race Wth rh* d*nd orra, that r-.—-. w th the lifeless bodice? Do you aenr^cv thnn Into cot tins and send Um towurue

tbr next gun, gr do you bury t>w, like we do, where one nov lost buries that l.flfl ireuva dan dorp in Uar ground.


thftr \a, in cejrtftArieo, or do you burn than uarwhrroj or sinply vl.^l’vlc that?

Srerjeso- 46/Ttiifl in aonm a very imumiM qimatlcrtr t*it 1 can ancwor it for you: 47/ifith uc, tho oaiUi lauying ia the* scire, and nwfl, as en your world. 43/Pqt Hiis we have special Lnfltitot-lons for reposal, apart from the inhabited regions, -is/ircc old tiaga, we atill have, too, the crm-aticn rulntdincd fox very, very rsro__casgcf whan such a a«wt1ori Is wanted. 50/Bjt besides cremation, the c liming-tion of the lifeless bodies is cusaoci. 5i/&it theee arc matters of in&ivijual wishes, whether one or another frwn of burial ia used.

Hfier- T this is n:\ well tha case with us, only that

we still don’t know tho ollndnatlcn here, unless we abstract fronv the change-over to ashes < And Just that weald not be tiy line, bacausQ I do not ncocasarliy want to bo aril led and roasted in a stovw, ones “I bl^ss the tgirtvtral rhincs*. yy <fc»in* la to be eoantlmft burled bo low a thick carpet cf flowrs sorw4wru *t a forest edge basixs? a whispering riv-lft in a wrm land. I crrTt like u. Oct cold feet.

Amjasc- 52/The ideas you do taW*

feier- Th*ae, doee one need to havn, otherwise life often is rather tro nor© hard-

IVmi&ce- 53/£urciy, truth may be found in thia-

Jtoior*- Bomuco of this, 1 havp ideas. But what now: should cm let himself tetter to roasted, tetter prefer the earth burial, or just an elimination?

JVtnw S*/Tttc last nraiticrusl still can not take piaro in your world.

HQiexr That U typical of “having thought”, as, if necessary, vc can perform on elimination all right- He just coc* the deed body into a ureat Lx:’ and fill It with dyrmsibt, than wo hide the stole under crash and veto* into the air, and in tliia way oenorete for rhn traveler an attaizcd drive into hoavuru

frvrjams- fK/You like to jrtXe.

KjMcx— Of is , but tills is a possibility o* a 1 list nation. Scnjasc- 5e/tour joke offers thic possibility, but this


Hit hn» f rr! nv. :4/Bui lo yow <?J«tix» 7 ‘wy ay trat tha eamh-hurtal Is m> natural fonm, for so it U -tirr* FHft te^ ^i%35, 57/let there ll an eliairaticn, when the load of earrair, Mill resumes; r-r «rme twm n the dttad ro4y, fluid rm-ro. dLl-, j*a u •WvtM, whit* t_i luu^ vaiuafaws m a crsanatloB or an el urina’ im.

it lex- how icne; do thaw* foztM still taaain in the dead

nraa^aat*- SBrtiey can ttsmiJi for rwndrrOw of years, but at leas* rcr an long until the sscicton

miax- /fii axo thww rorrasi of Ins^atvwcv?

!aai)s*a *9/lt*ru am tie foe Um posterity, the persous retaining aliw or dh»rwsawits>

sfcu-r- But the* a burial in aartt should be pcefaarr«n

taVaar- W/aWly, Una X have alr»watty aaplalnad, thai this at a lal la Ua) sttravU Letatvict.

isaiaur- then I hal « lot of luck, thai I araVt wort tn let ay* – If get tusatcd.

joa>aaup- 4l/TJw> Tterrh huaaa bainjos are nre^rirwjly nc* canoe kna of the facta raaptrf inq that nwan> rrsaafaiQ] farcsw:. €2/ uti tha wlhjsa; toid, the sarar of burial afraid really be

kes* avrotfrilrsi tn the> wish of each single ana, for cacti lom if life Ahoiiid bo able to decide tula for itaeif.

Transplantation & Regeneration of Body Parts : wnmr- ^sVsTssfsVsVaVsVsVaVsVsVsVsW

tad err™nrt. My next g>*ot:ai conoarxa the Uananlant^tian of paxta ot the body- with u*f for many yearn irrjy uuu riuc ooari ones new bean trnriap lanital into living bodies, that IS, Into living nxsiso beings, so fe* gaaapla hsarta, Sidneys and eyce, ctr* what * your opinion abuu* lhati aaouid one do so or not?

asa>saa>> 43/tl la this sled of development of tha Still prLSUtlva science, which behavior, with few et<-*orime. raeatita in only Basil suooasvtfw, always. ft?/lne rnotation of ffyreSi fos easnple, which froa llvlis? erv-J^uroC are •rwplanGf inw other onw&, is also wrwvart nv rair aelcm» 41/rn this we haue roiy>l»t» jmtraa, MAsjt only ayes JXu Uanaplantrd by out viontistx, buciuso the natural eye ran n>t be substituted by twrurilngy. ftVOther organs of the

body, and liatyj, are neither rearr/rd frm living nwe, nor frtai doad onea, to bo transplanted into living onoe. a*7 &KTt tranaplantaho^ft rnrvr^i vory grmr. rtangors In them, of different character, of which I enly want to tol 1 you baO important cnesi 61/The one factor of onrvj-r «flata in the ennplute duiUacum of iramni^tLiCD of UK) body* into utuch a lisb or on organ of a slranon liciy Is transplants,3 60/ This arans that the body into which the transplantation is i i#-1*111., tn tx: cwic ardplutcly onssnoalsjSa by nsraofcstJ

ni poiMiwxio ncans, etc., that thus ltu Caroc* fox ._

have to be wholly octroyed, ao that it does not refuse the ^ranaplanted organ or body part. 69/Uy this* the body bo-doses vary rianqcrcus ly cu&coptibl* to ewy outer .:;t”;;.».,:i ■ -. by uhich even a very 1 ittle picce__g£_j*jat cculti be enuurfhi to deprive the body ot ll£c7~tnua the creature dies. Tfl/The second factor to section lit that one nf rh*? arrange fiwctrr, which 0DQ5 exist in tho iran^piantod part from th» strancs* tcdy* 71/”his traraaitted fluinUn or forces 18 working in absolute certainty a* Mil as t Use Inowelling; forces of the body into which the transplantation Is forced- this generates wny dano£rBp and bodr-anfl-&p 1 r 1 WleoaneraLing factors.

hftlcr- are you doing then, if anybody of yours needs a

iw« \ tnh at a noj argaii?

Smjastr- tav* Uw* canablllly of n ronp1*tc rcgrncr-

arion, 74/fcjt where those possibilities sre no mre able, fTwrTwo £utstituba the organs by artificial oneSj which by nartain probability survive the tire of life of the tody. 75/ttiia pmaihility is also exercised severed iutos, etc.

he lex* So does ttiat mean no ^ransplanrat.lona?

Sen las*- 76/OsrtsAnIy, tor this should the Birth science of redlclna and surgery strlvq* 77/jla) 9Xd form is the production of suitablw artificial organs for ■ ■ 1 n j .

hVJer- cr7.ilon#t you give tr* sore suitable plana and details fur such? –

Soiusse- JeTlhla would conceal great o^xigers In it, beeauoe by such, the P*rrl human t*ing» would bacon* able to create a<ni-organic life* which thty would ndauaa for tho conotrje-tisci of jjidroid£( wtdch thoy uould form into cxtccsidly ‘^ut-acious fi»a? 1 iny-m ^< \ r**,

hsicr- Hut 13 possible, tha Earth hunan bvintj ifc \nfa*d so

Houses, Factories, Cultivated Lands £ Tasks of People on ERRA


Hell ttxn, slmJI we leave ‘tt tnia/ a> you 1 on thn TMciaocs ia houses, a* w» oo?

Sumjas*- 79/1ha q/iastion Is illogical, nurcLy, ag ho slso are living In ttfuocn, rtiiy we ub ;nt call Uiw r^nsatirm like ‘i.1..

IMer- Thr Question is not illogical- m>rharst 1 have only pot It a bit silly, by vM<n yru ivvn m*und>rstood mo. I vmnrad tn as*: do you live in the Pleiades as well In louti I tho the cries w* have?

oration la icqical. ai/no we <to not ran I tat* la^tte sow *r*r<wmrtr«. *nr nur rorra of building* sjo all tours)* of fl^t-mjt}^ fnrn with wuUj*ilii^iai an for example my becst-fhlp, or they are sphnm-llfcc round. tU/*a*a dWllirsi objects* as you Xiww me**,1 are ritrt rasa with ua because all people……

m>ler- Pardon, Uy mass dvellinq o*r)erta, you snan the c’mosi Pssmmi nad herd-all ex* ?

13/Ycu spsafc in riddles.

mi*r- 1 roan with lt»t Modes of fiats #wl etc, \n vmch thu husan rmmgc iiw r«iiy vn norm, limi in silos. If possible, still quits: eVrrelv =hu*-<***x\ together, by which fact they already while stalling rr^srple into ti* e*ra of another.

Ucsnjase- W/T mas. HV- htJf these fnnm of ImbltaUcm possibilities wo do not own, because all cmaturas with \m lisvo claims fer nv* frmyrw, which 21, wr) 1 rnfvrs w Us? hmbttaticm of rmmr placm. 8fr/Eacn family ham an own nrom-plaot at Its dtspnaal, which is municipally oorw>tructod and fas no casrswtsattorw am la CCSmcD witJ* run* Sifsbese ….

•%?lc*r^ toi trar hiiwi^ r.r rent?

Mnjci da/Surriy, such ™rr#is tattr*! u> the bygonr put, rriusc airvjJ. lor a very leng tlms, wr* no ror» iifr any payment anans. .- an well, the in. .1 . usiatxucted

hossl|mlscssl are not in need of ru*uit«r-i **.ti. W/*lr»e** rrnw-places axe not arranged In trm wish, *iu with you# built trvTHtvjr to other nramrs. fi/lhcy aiw all sue standsnf -\rrr in a great land fcoart of 100 m 100 smtors, which la farmed for a ^rnon or swsdo» or a park, **c., nb sau/


timers, bjs^^g on^ trees aid rony other plants, like VBqn-tables, etc. – –

HMtfir- ct» dear, this needs huce plots ot land.

Smjsnn- 92/£umly> but with w, all inhabited world* have bMi nr^ fertile to th* last possibility. 9V8very usablv area Is cultivated and rerti liygd. 94/Ctoly areas which could rot be pv*3e fertile be^cne occupied by greater oj>£ several form* of bulldlnqe or £irell_u»j* at the sema …™, by but idingt which you would call factor las, with installations for atjgeryiaion end bearish ip yorts, etc.

heleir- Ch ye*, and who ttai ctes th? wrH in the factories?

Seajaae ^^frfhThil fllri ‘T^^roicfa uneter the ^udr*/T and con-troJ of a few mm and woren, wtc yet only exercise technical chiigaticns of aupetvialcn and control.

Hoistr- I sou, and what ctae the renuininq part of the Ple-j-…:… nunXinJ i.n :Mtww then? Are th*y perhaps turning Uw thumb, and lie on thwlr wrx?

Semjase- 9G/wriat do you thinX? 97/All of then have their tasfa cn the planet itself, as well oa In the uuversa. 98/But to talX about~thio would op too far, at least if I fccxiid ikiw to tell you about it today.

tticr- rt«U, hew aany persrra cn tiim live m au3> a mpierw.

did i-, vhliii rstariy same like a paradiK*, as 1

i -I- – ii” it.

Sorbose- 9$/7here never live ncre than five rerfiona; two parents and a rax limn; of three cftilcren, because thro* 6W-cendenti is the limit, because of which we also do not suffer :i in an overpopulation pecelen, as the Bnrtfc beings .

Piejaren M3ther4r|-Lay/is cabled ‘Qeranisa1:

Saiiase- 99/3here never live nore than ilve parscrta; two parents And a maxlmon of chr« cm icren, because three des-centAmto is tho limit, because n£ which we also do not suffer £mn an overpopulation pcobltsi! aa the fiir^h beings Co.*

hei©r- Then you have also solved the problem with th* Tpr^ox— j>nw, fantastic This I would also flnjny. T thtT-Jc, T chnnge my Hvtnc plaro to thft PlfMade.***

iiecjaae*- 100/1 d^ not understand the problem with the mstFer-in-lav, when do you call this?

heicr- Thia ia the mother of the partner In satrwony* Kith uBj the irotlier&-in*law 0. not juBt haw an auroolo around their brad, because many times they interfere- in thfr matters of the natriffony, etc., of thoir cMidren, and in this way ‘jeywrate twllish treublo. Dut this is not tie* atandard CosWj rhiR has to he said for the good and lovable mothers-in-law.


and f Know amoral sucr. clvvuc woaeai. Unfortunately I eon only Kf«k n. ■ i ay jrrxher-in-low and not sing pralso hymns, as sis* la )i»t u truo hyong, and U>e neraoniflentton nf the devil’s tuanutoUitT, so to spuk.

semlaaer- lvl/1hcxc arc wry new things for at. lOVto, with ub the tfgi*nd»* prevent thasssilvcs from such iMerfnr-anoa ia the ciroenv of their sauried Children.

ftVirr- Tvj oall your aether a- w law Geranlsa?

^tasw- tOJ/ttireiy, have I said so?

ffelwx- wise I would not know it. 1 think this is neirvotnuw. Wvrt eta ycu thufc, how sony cwrtitly woiifft wonld lick their flngcts il !.»■!’ with us would rule the ordnr for thg roUjer-m-law that you have on the lluiudus*

Seajaoo– IOi/lt it is as you say, ttien I unoerstand. Mjstc, Literature 4 arts :


know mis lis, I; t ftroture and or km, and d”> you have schools accordingly?

Scss^aae- lUb/Surwiy, as thces anthers drp :Aar ui:tiit l^SJ-r* all husjan torsw of Ufo fn the ‘”‘tit– l»ffie do also ■w^*^^ n*uw -tf^oie *heae rrrvtems. hut these can

only he used la/ really talented intnrsatta, who lawr wyrt tor V* r^refit Tf all. lD7/*Theee Intareauad pait i^m are Judged for their existence of talent, for adauaaiuri to tho SChcciS, by union only roaliv taientod onra nr«i *<-rx*>*t 108/ilLjb those thinqs bon* i v><I»t, SS are cunra on faxth, that interprets for the public, who qanerate u-r-rwilnlng buncs. 109/1 often find it hurrlhl* when 1 liaten to forth


ssrter- it is now barbaric nusicj anne surdering, sufai blcoc, sutm oWth’s eryinrj, eroakuij, hysterical brawling, sad erne fooleries of ascuaeri Iowa and amkflry iiswwJcsji This the Earth aja finds beautiful, this you bavo to <.naa> ■wsaflw

Sosrjaart- 110/U is horriblei all the wore, T aniov real good ard hamsvlc earthly ifuatc, which has nothing in wuh these hits, whiuh are nonytold bad and iTmiaieau

■teier- Huwe you are right* k*Jt hnw ones your stale eound, sod what sort of uurtruaarita do you hew u «e?


Seniase- lll/I cann;* describe this aisic fox ycu, bcc^iav? it sound fully arrange to ycu. 112/JVvl the instru-

centa as well would be strange to you.

Ifclcr- Then you can step this. Wrruld it be possible tor you to brine; re . m. t .m-. h– sucie rates, a bonk or artythiriq c )*e, perhaps a picture?

3euiaae- ‘.’ –: ■. you to Lcuch ai>d see, yea, but T en net allowed to give it into ycur noeeeelcn, or to show it to c*hercnf»-

Wwlrr- Rut why rat?

3txija*je~ 114/Tl*»e axe secuiiLy uiucis *hi<Ji we have to observe in every case. 115/1 am not allowed to bring any things to th? Earth if thoy would not main in wy poces&icn. 126/Ecccptions ore only seen in the crystals and minerals, which should be a help fox you.

How Plejaren get ‘Esrth Money :

rVier- 4sbbbbbb) Can ycu answer still one almjie ojjcatlcr, for me?

5uuta&e~ ll7/5uxeiy.

n>inr- From v/toto do Km take the srmey when vou stroll aiuuuu uu uui COuUi miO Uu* wmmu^ aumbvnero/

fioniaac- u6Vror these puxtoceo, we inveatigate on tne Earth by our search-nearis, nreclouja r^t^lq JfVl precious stoics, which we cxnoee in very eron quantities, and 5*11 j: ill/j\ iv^v^ ‘.v ir.v*j-V.T** ****H T mutual VkUsI immmmVmnfl us with –nri 1 ‘” j ‘ which according to the denond, vr> the? rr.ircr intn the noadud currency.

ncicr- l*en you are actually earning the mjney isi-

ly* as the nwchlrvv* are iSnlna the work lor you. Indeed erect problem at all, afl aueh dinoHnq objects axe layui? axcurid in irony places on tho Earth. Vet it is all the bet lei when yvu care Cur the necessary peefcet ncney this way. Ecme already believe ttat you rrh it from ©caeploce, poEtiap* avon hixo thoro undertake a hank r»^hheryt

tarrjasA- llv/Rut this is r*nt &lltv**d, to be true.

msiMT- It is nr7t so at all, – ycu always hovr to ot cm* swp into the mill.

Saniaso- 120/So it was a ]oko again?


ffciox- Of cow*«, *£mi\ iuw you . • .

^>a*e- III/I &n*t kron it ia anothmr form thar the •ot-1 hitherto known to an.

anlex i am rich in tocaa – haha. – Kat not counted by mmrjaan- .77. i <fcn*t oncatrstand you.

Jotlatr- So it la better, but new 1 an really tired, Semiase. I go tor sleeping now.

hroriaon* i/l/wy; T wish you a mna^orativo ainnp* hVirr- In thia rrrarn with ycu?

au*0*sv- 124/1 have leaned UU* fiun you, but go alcepinn now. 12VvVttd-byc, dear friend.

CR 43, Tuesday, January 27, 1976

– Lost Reports from Asketwill no more be transmitted became they will be overshadowed by Spirtual less ons torn PETALE-sphere verb GENESIS book

Prof ou/vj truth: Each form of Me has a dehnte place in desfny. by which it gains as existence for al and wefh ai things, without estimating ibeH of peater value became of that

List of ETAJ fo Contactees :

rnMer- Of course, and sc X have e*r*ln prepared ay taction* in wrttine. And 1 have rra*g« the Hat a* wen. i wot* ui* nanva* I let of tne coatactem- – Hora……

Cwoffiiaav looks Umruuohly mr acme dm mt the two typewrit-■ t ildes of text.)

ttaijaae- MV*m lists are not very wtm*., and Leatdea 11 li , the – Ti- ia not from you.

Tnat’s tight, one nf riwsm ia trow anmthodv else- Bat why are thev nut oorroctj

!Vnrwkse- Jftm thlc carat hero arv rvaw»* ml title* of boo*»* wall* — iiji nrifj correspond only in tnone v* uoca’c suthot.»« who tssansi Im~st *wve never been – ■ i *

nslar- This nay be, but one you av«nrtl»le«a> tall oe when wn can trust?

IT i j i i 4/^smly, but after this it should be enooon wUa that natter, a* wa cared already srnons sec* about those1 rs_m-osmi. Von your List i also find names wrurh are enfrncwa to m. but on the* other hand 1 suae cr\ then teen rmp

Meier- We could rut find out the rw»-n of all contact***, ot of all prnrrnded onntanteos.

ihoijnsn- airely, Uii* would not ha pnaolblo for you. 7/1 U iv* not yet tJvjrunht of that in my ^pr***!*™, Imt tjwrc arc ruft* (ks^ h, wrx«e carriers arc ^ vli in juin ir, whn

1- i i’ -rar^ of the dacoivars, 5*1 wtw iiw; arc the aans a* those of well known emtacteee.

HuiuT* T*v*n tiy lists use 1 we.


^»jnao- 8/NDt Ctnpietely. *J/You h*we already cot a list nf the imst important orntactees, – except for three n sines, which I still have to conceal from publicity, 10/Kith Uie help of the Ilsts, yen enri rnrt; nnr all rtoe* who are of lwrtr i^i^r lance, while I have ta explain that of dose ere still many fasidreds more then your notifications contain.

r- T**t uc do it thiv way, that 1 road you the narua MsteyJ here, or that you reed them to nc and tellne positive or nogativo, or iuvr-y .

* *bcd *r utian.i i* in order far V? **v*”. -■ – aliead) *cl 1

Wwrf iFO whutcthm. suit* irpmn^ly mnotiaated b* * ■: *no

found &jt4t*nti*l cmtiiUuraLim nlr-r *iiwpn. f^,> ; – e*Mne«h

ha, e* mil tfltabinrwd at . u umt *#ls« ..j-., and caila I m h* .■,

■ ‘ • l> ■ a*** Its* ( » h» rtfvtf j nogftar-lla) ri**ot of o*^or ciyit*rlu«

thai *r* : II r rt< that nrwtf haohfl of fce‘or*. mis *ug-

9»tc itvil nor lowla of irifot«it na Oi f far*#t fro* our* ana mo- alwo tr tu IL *s **- leM SOnl mr. r«rtt it&t drrid? o» tf«tr (utmtK? Tur

•tf«WJf boo*d o« Ml o»*i toi<-aeaQ* of M mists.

larjsec- ll/ihat 15 a gcod idcar but please den’t interrupt ire then in sry explanations * 12/s2 1 will begin* and leave here all those vho are only knowr. aa authors of books or

13/M Itumifi ftrthruVuSft.

ItfM enrclsxo Ocnovw/>fexioo. After ttichaick and

ivi-.-” -.if he is the next-tollournq and greatest deceiver.

It/Dr. n ; ■,■ a lor him are valid certain

reservations in the Adamski matter, becauaa he was badly deceived by this deceiver. (Basel £ lw* not to imrk contacts.) Author.

Thj, j* r> tMrpla of tot cl»s drilerttfaly cultivate* t» •luwa UN tT flitter*, nr fk> n>i*r hiaitMf v*mi 1‘ tM ■ ni – . too rum ^ei> la laid on ue ■■ inj ■ roiftancw (- – ■- or : tti coat* u wiich Btnsrs

find lo be i .1.’ Ij .. ‘ .% WtcTiet thia la oup to »an|l> or Jr*tc<*m

or : j- on tnc pare ©* 5er»jaw oc e*i*r a* a> rot ratal

cocn jucgr tor Maselt, 03 ‘ :■ j u\m all t*it f*em *a« told la re* Me

trt^Jlr*!ly twet *”* **** Plr^Mtann atftn tn\d Si* arly *r*al U*r»

#antaa hin ta i * ParKipa ■an»#ii r» diaeAura^a hn rvuaairMfi^

uthh IFO cialrlit raaaa. Va round tfl)lUWon*a eantattl aulta talld»

WCUiknown; Elans Klctzbach/SBD. 17/ W Brtorri rtacjer/U?A.


19/Salvador wasrien nr rWasil.

20/l-J KTaviw Castillo/ a g – .-

£1 f {ijr\W*m) fernaroo SewWSfcai/*-

22/(lruax*m) inn\ KeeveAGA.

23/(-f CDOXlc Mlinuh^ra/ttwlcuil.

21/<+f D. >&r#Khi/USA.

25/(+1 vlnt*>*r/U5A.

26/M !toitaUl/U».

uwrarga Oor»ar./lSfc. ?&7 rujwurwril atirfdn l*w-n>Vhrll^nd. 29/OJsuiacil Jsff UTOTtwwAEA.

30/<rrWovwtO .V:tOUo vj:^V«,Sf4:i

M/t-l ftmlu Siracuea/Italy, lath innervations abcwt

rcliqloue -^cpreaaiona, which ‘-vrrocnorvl to hxa own ■ !■ ■ * >«.

32/f*) Orfco Arw^iueci/UiJA. <*eul-vlslcn contact without

SMXinino.) With £«eivat rr*»prrting rellClCUS

rxi’n-nftir.n-., whxch roan frm hla own tlr-ightly world, for hw la a vary religion* and irystical cturartaavjd nan, a- well aa hln wife, too. 3V (-) Orfeo vrMucci/USA. This ll an < tware

of a oaenlwar, who of far* limwlf to different ClXClca. and wno*w ratt la pronuaiund vtu^ul lllu* lhat of the real Angaiuccl. WH haaaoAl Ohlar/Jaartrla

:: ” Vr–^’ Dick 1 i –

nrk aVlui/lltt

37/f»» Mburto SuMrtia/^Min. seal-vis ion contact gf 111 Ma wanning J with aoaa reservation* respecting religious exureuatons of his own trvssjhts,

M/Cl)WQiown* Henriquo Castilio/Braei l –

WCUriknawn) Herbert «ielscn/BRD.

40/(+>) Car\ K. AfKfeiBonAl&\. With certain nervation*

respecting reucirua exprocalu*ui Tiun bla own thcriioh-ts.

«1/H Gii! A- Andexscci/USA- As wall I call this luana.

Ilka that of Orfco Angsiunci, sasar synptona. 4Z/H-> I go ELrlch, log. /Austria.

4V(U*JKs«i> ?. Uop^loVAoatrla **/f-> frank E. strangrjs/ u».

«/<-» Jtalnhoid o. SdhMt/in. sVH itenihlro T&Jktm*a/J*ion

47/ttrsuiown) irvKa IWri


<aV(unknown) JoachUi rehl.

W&f this 1 Ik-va russnd all written run*™, ajuJ not ncntionoc pare ajUuis nf rnoes. SO/Hona up should Beep with this row, because tJarse natters arc not of la^wtance.

Plea/en on Contacted ‘Unknovn’ to them


teicr- Jhat do you say, hut with in, th* pw-pi* w*nt \0 know wluit ia. ttjv mn there be to itany nartas that ynu now saw *rv urfrjfuw to you?

51/teur option is ratified ,n UuM. *2/It 1m thnee parsons uitrn have no orraaffla with extra-terrewtrioi inbrllluencve. or that t>- r*rm+ wrttten here *™ nance. SJ/ra« it ia also possible that

Th*y r*»! yj.tact forewiiy. about whir* wa ctUI ajn not

Wlsit these <xnL*rt* can not far ol inport.wvy, because we would have soon been inioaaad u: aucli. SVaivjthar possibility sun, m that their omtaers roc* p\**+ itb lnt»l? ruwww unsjtsai lu ua, who sorwrtxw could have sore in urrcorpnjaod tyrrogn our err* rota, whirh vet is very

rfKue dais supinations we e*n not always <vr*r*i exactly.

W>l*r- tl*rt 1* fun, timt probably frcat this side yog

M a lot.

:*wij*ae- v*/»imiy( jiii nght in cortain concerns 4aseaal> CR44

heinr- Cfcay, but now in spits ot your last wian od *m «v-tfung srrv, still a gusmiloa about what you called negative paracraii CtM tlattc not exist xacng t*ws». at taswt one or ATisXax of Iheis, trx chance then? *»a* been any contact, nut knesrt to you or yours, and that thosa ountacta have, so to -ipraX, ‘rushed through your fiiwsjrc*?

aniline- iO/9Us la by absolute aurwns* inwibic, 71/ ‘ihe |wmi« uealgnoted tv no arw out OOBBEBBu 71/M leaat they never had contact with a*trater rne trial urial-il^enrvw, vCsj case* i*ra fnaty.J aw**. — *»aviua*

free space nor thrrixjh era? rf * HeaT””liT ft~*r*T* bur/awse *he*e noaaipiii.»;,i*= gjir rrM”*>1**1 *rw so Unfitly controlled that it Ls cjujlataly werweeihie for evao o tiny unit to slip through without hmng nuUcad by ue, or by tna controlling: tha Earth intr*l I ignnccs. n.Winrver a peoctru-tion wcur*v than all Is very Uiuroughly contmlled and aonitorad. 74/nnd chase ixaitroLs and registrations show no posltlvo Indications of the so-called negative pernona*

SMer- Bit isn’t It uuutble the*, that they could have penetrated by distorted or urriaible m*ww*7

75/That as wall is completely unpuesitic.

nuiui- Tkit why then Nrvo you said about different ri-iaca, that a iwitact could all right ne i* but you would

not ivw this?

i;^ vr “Thar ls wry aasy bo explain* t7/to* abltsore •ran ^faj rWrour <*—>rymona wbd peiyiy interr-j*^dt to* cjalte cjati’« reaeunw, wliich T as» not at lowed to *ci:Tfi/ Dmwj ihia tlsar It wee then possible for anrecognli*d oh-

jg<*fcE to penetrate, and tiiuy did.

faSBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBsV rli nr.-^x Can yOU tell fUi

stalls about the wrr Sv^tv.’ ‘ rt*™, nhi-sit thalr puffiowe and their rise? –

Jtarjott©- ai/For ra* also are <nn«n only the necessary facts, no anru. 82/Rit these facta 1 as \ol 1 only Know fro* fart:-. topQ. 8J/0nly a few things are known about their rise frora the ccnnacUori are! nger>tc>»taow of our workyoi

should icox for such book*, and toll Lhia to those who Ivwe put this Question to you.

K*lwx> Yon immn, tho question ls not from nyseif 1

aaarjaae- 85/Surely*

miu– rhtm you have hit the point.

#ter Meier’s Death :

fflliBBBBBBBBBBBBBV jL t%7* i still Want tO ut^a SOWt^ng

HitH on you: 94/Truubie yourself that the inheritance of ^irwd la secured, because the value of tfir tra-v-flUted lessons should not be forgotten, but go the way ur the von-cranio, and gat- to their objective. try because oi

than to find suited Vrowludqeable tn to n yon cvsi

entrust I he spreading and preservation u£ all thn lessons end or.hcr values, so that they contlMJV when it is your tiso to finish tha earthly lift*. «/lt ought m he so, because after your u^ath we haw fujf iiit?d_ cyi auwiiui Itarw, and will r&tum into <**r dianosirji” u7/Al*o Aratet__AtJ^rfW«i and tlv> Pptaia-gphare will discontinue their WJ^J> frm that point In tine, and will no lenger maintain contact.

Nruer- You art? wishful thinking again, bit it is evident to ne, i uill look around to find the suited persons. Only this will not be exactly easy.

r*v..-*** Se/Suroly. so it unfortunately is, as ycu say.


Jfciiir- this eourtoa T^sonflble to aat, but do you now Interrupt fi’Jttf* ixjtiI inuEuc rontrols txxsn to .■

Saiw 79/>U, mj raised the” to full scale after the expected tis*?. BO/T uVii’t yet went to disclose to you, frm the chance of an anjilanatlon, that the parsons T designated as nenaUve may havo been in contact perhaps, vlth the Uituilcwjes, or still stand in that connection, because we uq net exercise control over that^*

hater- Then this dance exists?

lesrjaac- Hl/Airely, but than tlai porcona uould

haw ben very badly led astray- 82/Aa well those, too, who ur*rr foccivfd ry £iruuy i ntn 11 «grrny; of tT£weP tills neanc, who own tho stolon ruga tflc Guinea* rwvTjhips^ and who an™ nounre thcnsolvg* as ^xtrntwrivftti i«is to the Earth huran beircas*

ftairr Oh man, there the cucoo nuy ujet wise rruu Utot_»ajg% Thule-Society:

Semjase treats Meier of Evil Cold & Overt! red nessv^ith an apparatus :

Snmjaso- m. v N clt down hero, I wnnt you to. hcier- If ycu think so……

Sem)***- 13VSo, now <iut your Itead lt*re t-j?i>w*l, y»-s» so It u ell right- )3$/»x do close your eyes for a r -.-r. this ia omd? now how do you feel?

htier- You make ae crazy- “feat is this? Th* stratiqe swarm of Hay-buTS has di*srry*arM froa my stall, and the stupid btitchinq and tuaroring as well, l feel much better.

9te>afr i i.1. ■- it ia o^ey, ycu will *»ijih nuc -,

yonrsetf. iW/f>r twn yen wl M feel much better.

Iteier- / .i-,- . you, Semjose. I really feel much better- X” i sdroclc have you done there?

iVnrJasr^ 139/You not only have an evilcold, bet >eu are alno rrjch overtired. HQ/During the next Cvw cay a you raailv should gat mucti nrtre sleepf this Is urnjently necessary Tor ycu.

Haiex- by this, you ouoin escape my oueatinn. nhat hare ycu rime?

semjase- 1117The explanations would lead ton far; shortly saidi I have lsTjrovcd the household of your fnrtiw.

H*ler~ I tmm9 n kind of ■ -t ■ ■ Jrn nt of forces.

Snsjaac- 112/&uely, t have disaulved for you a very tiny unit of ctfininai cuftatic energy.

neinr- On yes, rhln 1 Co understai-d, even rhoxajh the 1*0-:tzr. is a 1 u Cur an.

:>ttj t, – 143/Por thia, you should as well not cmro, b*rau»e

thn process 16 of pure technical character connected to blt^-priysiral forms.

Mjicr- IQU baJfe beyond ny unucrsUsiiinu.

Scalane- 144/Vour value lies In other fwtlds thnn Just in these sciences. HVBut now the tome has slowly oemo for you to 00 home* 146/veu really have tu cset wn” sleep.

CR 44, Monday, Febrajry 16,1976

* Mrs, Use von Jacobi intends to write a manuscript of Billy’s Contact report

– Genesis. Prophecies, Decalogue – Hutter Publisher in Munioh(Mr. 6outsohek & Mr. H utter)

– Present Leaders hip(KarlVeite« Co.) & future leadership are & will be imprisoned in religious concerns

toiler’s Original 8 mm Movie films lost infesting in USA :


im ■** tm>*m*4 iw* all mi vm mmim fr-hup*** jj w« rt»i*ii««

mv. -* m» m mi. .a** u» sjmi

f; .1 him *»M ta ut % r^i nw». wa-.n* i*w t-.» »ry«i ■ —

^^ la m Uati m n IK: Uii™: 5c»t«a^ «w —a *r n*« ■rtV-a) «a~

BMltl^M it « hhu uiri B mm mm/ *WU*W fm fci* t* a*ppti

*m *•*•»■ am, wi *• f*m !*»■ it i** tirot am aaoptta *u «*•

*™» r» PW *wfjm* f ™ «. amf r» mr»fc**t. *l*r. tVln

«h matt* i* a» a* i* m^^-tr^a tn* ir«lM a*M. ■*

•ftajli #»a«d rm* Am\U+tm a*** ha .m akna*. tw—e it oMrf*. *o

MM *■ … i |a>a- tht* ia pm fj Hi* M »#^-» il* to

t*e*r *t *>. ]

St. German

Kalliope 4 Children watched Ghost fotovies on TV:

lAit ynui wUv < 5 *re flCAeMut turcened. For which

roaacn 1 could not mrhiewy una too deeply. B/W »■ has ronfuaHr! droarm.

letivr- rti yen, I Kid not lhu**T* of e*3t. S^e necessarily tented to lOOfc at a ojamrtrilr In the I.V., »d thoam gft-mtl will oow, of ccurma, haunt thmuofc her groame.

tanmjaoo- W*» it will m,«»hPhMffl expressed fam^ey.

Itoler- Tnu netd tMa already at an t>erlteT tiaf.

tieataee- ‘^Vturely, but ry tv* ick “fi™ r»*< r;>.ir.-r-jaaat. and lixe that, the cMltlrwi, *ho thr»ivna cre*n con-r^ed th^noa.

*nor- ny nWi -ue there ohcarta haunting tte younojeow. la

ttmiw ■ ii — T

5%/fhia mar he njiit* wall poaaLble, •van when thoy have not lontod at T.V. Vi/Yuu yourself have no reanect at au for ahr-Mtn?

H-ier- I? Aj» yuu czary?

•■tjaaal Wmuat i havo sruUlod yuu nnto the roll cne tine.

“tier- tou taep espreamone and proverfct ilt^dy tike a cartar’i ma. Tnu taim » >■ ■ foot.

smjann- W/hoL 1 have a onnfl tmr^r. Ivteier wantito hvite.Herr Rsps- ResJ Vision Contactee:


quaaucin aurami a centorr^?, n’j-oly Kvrr_ Kapg, ab^jr you have aalri hL* b^ina a regi c^ft1 a ? IWv rxv wane to invito Kin lo us, and den’t knew stot we shall 60. Is it worth while tor t», ana ia *u» really trusvwrthy’/

maijase- 62/hn is no lcne»r lite that stnrn scire time a«j», unfortunately, inr which reason ail his mrar*?rjncos of his l ^uuV^^eriigicca wore cilsUMted,1 61/Since then he rx-tupicft hln&elf In spxwadinn; untrue thinoa about tumnalf*

Hater* Ch dWr, that’i a pity. But why that?

&3d)oac- SX/Almviy, tefare he cane to gajblic attention, be did no jore fulfill Ma cfoiaed miaainna, in rrns-seYioe of which an rmini seance* vsrv LaXun away tr<xa Jiln- fi5/0nly veoue and uncertain thin/* rgnaired inside hinr, frm when* alnce then he pretenub, fiee frcoi cun juciaaa&nt, matters -*Mch «j* untrue.

Ami ‘ about his report?

an)***- C&/Y/*i moan Uut coo vrach wan written by his- and

H>l*r- Of rnursni c*j ctill other cnes exlat?

<%Tnia*e- 67/lhere am cor tain further mattero, yoe, but

they** am Uttlo auccad with U-% truth as tho xsmtioned


n>i«r- hut why then have you celled him a contavtee?

Sjalase^ he/ttceuae nt tlxsl he r**Hy had rea\^ujo^V ana so rw-Uy -as a mntactcc, wro r«.y ^

rr>ro rrwiory of that.

Ksu-r- 1 sue- rJatn in renult, vc can dispons* vlrh hist. flearjene>- B9/ycu would j. v*u In this.

‘young journalist1 – real vision contact ee of ashtar sheran


” ‘ * r faeaeeeeSaeeeaeeeeSe

Sernjase’s Parents


now what about thia toitar i^hcron, door* no atill renain in thia monnn?

£*e;}a*e- 83/S* ha coos, but n^fi jJVl>J*Y has finally .com ti> zip erre, but he ic not 00 noor by that onu could call hua “in thta region”->

heirr- Good as wall, but now what about tho yotnr j^ra^i-i£t_vhO naa written an the*** r-pirt^ frro t-onran. or has he slaply reputed chum? Meanwhile 1 ham mad tnosr rc-I’.lI. , -i they were given to

Seaiaae- 64/That omu i» nut ehqt hu has been described. 6V Ke has nevereye* jwjatj gjfarijg jjc liii-tii ifr-rad^rf. and

still less h*» vxp&UvrwGd thu evaitti reporter; by htn. fie.701 his information ia pure fantasy.

fttuur- I do not .r>Vn*tuv3, that Ashlar Ac run, in

spite of this, nevertheless exists, if this nan has inventud sit?

fierrjaae- b7/Thia as woll is very easy to explain. U/A*h-tar Shiran h#l JJiC.i^r^cc lu*. wrcn ho was arl 11 in doubt, by r^.il*v 1 ^ ‘nm€i**t rt/td unfcit’^iatoly aritt*- fron caro dltfi?rutit tr.1r.53, for exasrjlc as well tha i at*] ullsunstion when he il -‘H-iM; rvlmn>3 Jimnclf fnrn *he <^r^t-lr>tclligerjra.

Way thia, that man, if we say call bin that, car* r_o mx certain v**jc rpcplleoticoc of a certain kind with his 1 ledt-lc*5 /anajesy, anJ spread rher fta tnith– *C>I was intorrol or all these thinea less than nine “uays ago, b«^use the clearing up of thoso things has hntsne a snail part 01 ny which has already ecrupled m for so long. 91/lf CtclzaJ had not been very holpful in that, although he is released iron this suasion, then still today I wyuld how no eviOenoa. 92/But this now is really all i a* allowed to report to you officially.

leal ex- All rlefit already, l tlvtnk you for It- i see the

natter rorw clearly- Mien now 1 can bring tbu two rosstining explanations together with tha two f”” before, then the picture gots quite woll rtxstdad.

Si/Surely, but new you slraild go. M/lhe tune haa

Mar- I an airway -ftlng, auil aw single cjueMiai i navai la your anther still living?

Sbmjaae- fb/lut of rrnmc. 9*75*1 live* Wither with ay father in his sarce*1u.

lldftC- A pity tMt i 010 not guL VJ miu* iar. uhc otir-ij *– wonoerful wife,

s-^rvr 9?rtcu flatter no very mjch. WAV “J”

dr-r^ vary wericterrul “aan. W/fct psrnaoa you once will have tha~i3ppt*’tx\ity to get to know hex.

H-ler- ‘ihjs would delight wo very -uch- Anyhow^groat l«r by unaoguaintad ctete, and also ccngratulate rex tor nnr vary pretty a^tajhteT.

£caijaoo- 100/? ? 7 T eVn’t unCnrstand you-

WAiar- ia it go difficult to forward n pretty gnwting?

^- 101/So I would Hta to do, but you are wrong, be-mm she tawva_vj- already an-ch better than you s«ur». 102/aut” : AWt orate*Wv) your word* with her daugiirer, for T am not the only one-

Iteter- All the better, than thinX about that aare>tlnc?-by? dear clrl-rrrrjaae- lOJ/Cgcdbye.

CR 45, Wednesday, frebraury 25,1976

– D-Maik ourrency notes were given to semjase by money-collector. Quetzal to be later handed over to Meier to get items required for plejaren

– Semjase gives Meier, the names of Sfath, Asket, Ptaah, Quetzal & Semjase with spellings

– Meier gwes a voice recorded tape to Semjase in an envelope

– Semjases reveioes question from outeide through Meier that she would bring kitchen instruments or tools from ERRA which she rejected as normally

* Meier asks semjase lor a piece of Beamship metal

* Meier got a new electrical typewriter which he cannot type as fast So he asks Semjase to make it slow, butshesays that there are no retardation elements not built into the transmitter means as well as not into the trasmission emitters

Beamship Ivtetsi-AJloy :


about* .1 j « %fl^l<l briny to wm mmmtum a pte*-t> nf miTAlt not caiy a pioco of era, but a pu« which was ^invarod by

tMij sag 31/obur caseation is just rosaiwhy Illogical. 32/ fasaps you have tht ttoj*t that i could loavo a piece of the hroaohlp to you?

e>i*e* Hot s bed idna, <jir i. !«r us at once sahre a piece down froffi it* do you have a suited sew, or else a suited imtrusofit?

Unwjnaa- T)/7 ? ? T ■ – – – Ybu aro ……

heier- vt«st is thn nurter?

unmjaee- 34/r AVi aur|tiy speechless, have you really ts*ftpti asroc&My?

meier vhat do you think? My crv>ekirras sasetiscs just dues nut kjk-w m the other hand/ t hold the opinion, one

only has to talk with the people, then one also can cuts* u? an unoerutanilng with them.


rewjaee- 3b/\tur word* arc very wise, but T do not know whnt ymr purpose with thm is. W/Pih voj I me said hrfore om not many be your earnest * –i -i

nvier- fUt nrvrrthr-j*w. 1 really neant it in _-.: ■ ee1 ■ – ■ Wire can I ocrew something off fruai ycui a)up?

mMErymtm- \;r?.** ia gjuite a bed )okr. » -Vr, cb yea sc

*.^Wly wnt a uLm of Jiis semi?

Ittler- Oil to Simply, we vould like to ovw what acrt Of metal you sac for your boinaffUPs.

r- nr]aoo- 39/lhia T can explain for yon: 40 V gain it from a prrwwi of nmveraum ‘nr Icai. 11/W» extract thia aoft metal from many lM»Nm* aa lor example from laa5~etmtalnu*j jOTigfXerea or wtarw, frm water &. ftvm different plants, COT. i ac wel1! a* In* decay of different one-at/was of Stan in dratrxx-l inn* idfBf an, according te Parth undar-iWicuvj ver> difficult ixdoes*, vc convert the lead substances we ai*4i‘led into the aoft acta! lead, which we than cheawje by furrhnr |aaa%aaamma^emmmwm1 ptornaa«a> Into a K;t*J-nrtai foiF, wtrrfi la much harJct than your metal which you

CCli Steel.1 11/T> * f ■ 11 1= Jt:.-VK^ie ir rn!s fem fot

hsmmsnmpE mmnmnns i> mmt bp* rrMi tur+tmr peccerac

of conversion Into a tmemshlrj-suitcd a lice; of a epnctal sort and i-inurr, about which I am tot allowed to give detail*. 44/*Ihc final product, which tu*t have quite rrrtaio cherac* terietlcs. conalsta of 4Wi alloy.

JTinr- This I have ujvm-rstood, but trcm wnien nctais then does this alloy consist* on we have similar motels on £siUr

Loniase- 4iAmrta>niy, you have cjjlto tic aane metals, am they are as well existing everywhere on ths stars. 44/sut this ones net moan that all the kkia! tuws can found en Kirth, lSiii-h ewlat in lh» nm^rjeT1

Meter- That m*y he assimed, tut you hart not conpietety anaweied my question this way. 1 warned to knew of *4iicti setala tho Alloy oonelats.

Bonrjane- 47/ihia 1 am allowed to explain to you, 48/It cecal sts of a cower nlcket-aiIvor-alloy, which for certain of thn beasshlpe aiao contain* ^k.

Meier- Oh yea, thus an alley •.filch ocuid be traduced on Earth-


^t>w- *V»ireiy# It would alan bv fcntaei La you en fcaitJi.

fc>l»r- That’s pnuibl*, but t doa’t toY exactly, becmewi I s* nr* wrwd In nd< auUuii. sut what now, could cm um this alloy as vail tor our spaceships;

aoanaeo- 50/a«iy.

pajlar* And you auy Uua uu waallyr CO you not thin* that .‘it rpwfti^i* And Wf U«iti»la could evaluate tMa7

• a .u.- V -v.. I. still draw not exist, because for this. Lhwy would first h»w lo I* ^ary^hK -f..wTJlf*?‘ f;i*M. blAhsy con not build tla*ir still wery primitive rudurt vap-auTi4v nf this alloy, and until tha far-away future they will npt be able to use it for npynfliaht’ «/Uut »> Uiiuim^-tux =an * auTreem* &n*> ari«c*iate fca the etill distant future*

llaiajr- ftis oc T find fseous, that you an allowed to say that. And according to this, you as wall will not be prohibited tUm providing so a pi» of sue* s*4al or vrtal alloy. Is that not so?

arerlano- 54/9ireiy. X could grant your wish- M/I will sen If I can brwag such a piece far



bare i also nave brought you ran* metal, ^f three different working ctcccono her© ifi tho pxctiuct uf the tri^rj

fwi*rsif« prorrss^ and this hare is th? pxxduct of Uar fourth process, and this is the product rtt the fifth ccr.-vgrslcrt process.

ftotcr- >tmy thanks, Senrjaae* in thia you delight ire very wuctk. fkM y**t I do not cosptotely understand tlw ratter. I h i – j i ■ > that – u . par form ths conversion or laad utto th* dtloy at once and directly, but now ycu say that seven pro-CM4M arc ww*ary?

OnnjdK^ ?1/£urely, I nwy have oxprc^sod my explanation too little 1-m ■ ” ■. 22fftv* first mrfeing xze+p absorbs rne lead BuXetances Xron the atirosphere and condenses ther- into pure ImJ. ?3/The second process distracts frcn the resultant

ratal all rlangerimB ratflatlaa. 24/Tnen Utf lead li fM

into f<jat-c*rTivurt^rfi/ ^>tfhj without tho addition O* SfY/ other raetals, oanverts rhi? Iftv! by several prrwwy»<; into the alloy.

in tlUs .’-r- :i it •[■::: tJw rrjnwrwion?

Sanjaco- 2;>/SiirGly. 26/1hart? do all richt oxlgt dJrgtrt posaibi 11tics for the al^«aticr) of aluff, IxtL thnx craSiT* bililict “ato not qlvon lox iu». 27/Bat oat scientists have already achieved successes in ftxpprim*nt. 2ft/For tft§

present» however,” “to still ocnvrirt the .rotala the flid-fash-iai^kny in ha a t«K3oriVPTtn.r£, ard as ‘iiflfj rTue; n4pjx*u:in sewn different, nins^ ✓ rental bpww* liquified, 11 lea

with ycu, lr. furnaces, tc suffer then hy distinct oscilla-tlontr an alteration, but Just to a certain value, because of the different steps In working; that are necessary, 30/ E*c*i final product then 1g pushed by pressure through a cooling spiral, where tr»n arc cwratod the sroii figures, as yw neve Ssfl hcto Ire fore vctj. j: -“.in p recess la re* psaUai mwc times, while with oach now prrx33& Lhu value p£ the different metals increases and fcoones the targnted alloy* si*th working pxooess then eilecta Lhe corplete alloy.

Malar- Your e*planat io-s are imdnr star dab le, tut how Is U»


iimsw cut re*a\ ox>\M in t*r»

Srarjaco- IJ/lho cooiioq crural osuim ^ul tarter* tntrfl <m en* ty far thie proceae in a ttr^rwitimit


a-trr- Hot u^r cfam “ttrtwatifiat1 scon/ 1 tot tow

“j :■_ ■:■

Uf2 rtrdiir^ rhln ^rtl frtiu Vnmlpftsaip**.

ttilnr*- i wo, bait ntm Ita* (jonpllcn: Can’t jrju IMII ptra/inV ar n pirrt? of thr frmv rpmai?

taaa )*■«?- r win try.**

nplrr- Than* mi. -ill it la not ovidacit to aa no* yew then will ttw a***!, «• r*-ltfa>r at your tomhlp, rw

ftmh‘s hoop tac, could I r«w»i» joims or mbk. etc. wfjjw 1* rl*-vt+6 a* %*li.

Jo/P*ar tmi MBOM us* an ins?rut*n* wtilrti mid oil I a wfidw at-.*iaUa.37/3ut it is baaed cm MaUf li’Kf1 “”^m^”- **xien tlayfgies tng rerai f a rotd atata and l«ca it :irw together, w *ic*i it la roaplrtnl) «TUuiX mam art! toam ocm suvjlc piece-? 3o/5o w * too (to mr krvw

uork, and thii !i.-.u u. gci/fcl «w» to aaaooth It

all. 39/Tn UUa rei+*ctf you cn Girth uac a very tlnngi»raii* operation. 3

aWxar- *fa acv no* ill a Ml j rltt*tiv*# *o na*e nartancr, pMHi

Dangers of Or&Mriing, Oil, Gat, Dams, Atomic Bomb Tests

rationed* :v, 10 «ys m iruch y» cpm

the aaad. Hon it Hat amrt a that >cu tot rcrtticvwd m tord or an ^mumnj rf fhrrh slrd. I* IM* acct or cfet*i«~ La? <arv* not u*uar with you?

?*^la?ip- 56/Ore-mfninuj or oujui auroral aunina on n planet or another afcar It tVr#> hy is only in ext. iwr i-irr rqan^y > rarftuu* this pruc^rtb t » upial to 0* dfcftWflPtAt^ ^ tWa-ta^r. 57/A, planet or onothrr »l*u: m i*wr ^cpToltad in a foci .41 u to on forth, M/Wwt Uw aauth hunan bnlnq tan i*y that iM pmih1 to 1 – daatxwtion of th* j»i Wltte

first evil “; J1 – of thia doatru=-tion cam x& on tho t&u^h already aona ^t-a^j «rx2 at Uw prMarrt tiao it ia

<UHy »t7»nrfv-ifxj the u&ino of the rtobtr^fftioii iuwlf. W/lhja 1* to okderfltand dw way that tfca Barth naa>an hmlnq wxptQlta all planat* and rofaa fro it ita frmlaaaaiial Ilia lora i*V* he drpni«i it a£ ita oil, pa and tfra different urea. 61/lbe e£fact of mis 1- that the Bartrt matt+r* ahirfca lnaide, ItMttaj tr> relcanu: eti^’ticcis and om^uakea, fiar-

the Earth la aiovly hraalilnaj tar* into itsolf- 62/Tna ia gcroratnd alao by the ctrtatnarticn of o^yi m^l cutllax formatlona* whtrh twf tiy thn ^rTOicd nacrea of water, wry Aingororjfl ohlrta, ^arct delualon tha

La* “j 1 kut->- bolng la iwrrformln-g ia Kia yebt cr rane or id fl-.j>w-mtirfft^ ranyriatffita with **_Ufllc boated aa *a»Vi tnoaa cruel oQcp <™tt^raraaap_aK&lqplcrt tests* %«r»icn ho da* afaoal ar* AtrtJc nnab Nata, but a-Mch ia truth ar

Cher-Kill Bomb Tests

u>l *f » it ‘v-^ ggp»rirm»* witfr ^TfilUf &ntff~ S mil thoje crvyl oocr* cuhrWrfitwf fBMoS tmts. tNch he do--Urn «r» atroir fr**t*f buf:i*nch in truth am «uch

ftivr- ‘Hwco an conc*>rntt which 1 know, IjuI v . all politician* iwi aziantiato do Amy. But* htiat , j run wltft. that; those nid wild tMt still iwi dingviu-s thing**

Ovlf* thay dfeClar* an- i r –

***frajB>- MVXiia !Mtf ^ithr.t bono, which is fffjAud by natuial oci^in proai“*s or mod, *hc*a af fart At cvploaiun

it «*ny tu-tfarj tiara r;i^ts« p^mm jqr

Mb* IVBrcu^it to *<i>in*irri Li t?ie suit*! il r«-

rtjL-ua an itmitr riwu) mmttion, bv tfiich »r &irth fell* vltruji tnly scveji to »miit minutes tt* a t/)t**l Uwctom and it at cajjapd. ~ 66/Any «t mit^L atrescw nuuld Lv useless, r«r If cha <«4iln reactloa Is started it r<n be st^^i-

tf?/awv w»r* * *hi* Ai w*t!ii7** ***irp»t ‘f .

MtWr- to tKj3 waild ba tfat absolute and . : tft* birch, the imiddcn, ae Pl-jft explained? ITat Mulled mtlll, oa

n»Wr- Vhi mke quire a pTOMlc .i–wiit. Kir tall »e, of . . ■ dVluaion i*j*> <x> deal with hero, and Owt peMhilL-U»l *> I nay twt undffff Oner of Jitmlc Uib teat*?

Srrrjaear- 69/ofcrjut thU I an not allowed to toil, rwgtw-tj*>lv* m official ftn.*

Jtei^r- Ofcoy, I cm (upper, salt *rd spue ih* rrvut*e*it Uy – i Hjt it would really bw r-. . .■ ._.juIw ir Wm ^rth •ajrr l*> hr blew up jo toon. Sh* j>l**sa:i in- quit* Will, *a) aojisjw, 1 hava at a i tad to like her.

»fi)aaa *QAoi sp^^ W faullAo^, 11/Ybcr nrvrwrid la rbblly varv beautirui- *7fait ate viil nut fc« Llfee Ukat for if tha Fkrth raaawi fa^lnQ doas not agon ehanoe hift ^>*«, anA ao 91v* up his cfelualv* tcKaricr- Quth is ct-Ul

vile to raoanaratv Itaatf If the exploltettma arc coapM’*

ly »t<W*l within a rfxwt tine. 7|/for the wicMiaUw, tha planet needs a very greet erotm of tiao, vhich is to to

icier- 1Mb I can vivldty uiKim for »rn#ir. mm I cov sum how old the Itarth la, than T can nadvii ebcut thf tla» of iwcnorraLtt ao veil.

Ago & Formation Of Life on Eaith:

Ssmjase- vrl how old do you estinute t}*? ^ed

the Earth to be? 76/shis would interest me.

Mrior- £ro ynu lewllng nr* onto slippery lee?

Sesijasc- “7/1 am really interested In your est irate.

H-ier- Ft*, then 1 will risk it,—But flow do net

Inueh If T fall too far wide, will you?

ucn>asc~ 7S/rcu have ny promise.

teles*- hell theni cur scientist-fools are the rost intelligent cm*G, who spread thalr wisdom over the T^rth. Thcxw toll the jyj- of thrv Rarth nt aroind r*00 ndllirn years, [one D was dropped In the copyino nf these figures. What vras meant waft 5000 million or S bll Hon years J Since ny great trip with you and ptMh, I haw reached some other opinicn, vcu haw jet nr see the most different stars* which oeicngM

to sect different levels of ccvcLoprrcnt. Kben new 1 evwblnc these all in view ana corpare than with Larth, then l surpass our scientists in their assumption of tire by sore. Just a short time ago, I have ixraldoxed thia aod ivcXonned over all this, where l then ret with the arrant of v40. So ;he my rockomiiKp*, the Kirth would have to be 640 vxi I lion (ojujther mistake in . i. , the ward is mi I Hard ~ hi il icna| ol years old.

exact ralculeticHs to^e resulted rrc ^–it:- Mvmg *yi ngc of



The exact eqe of existence of the Earth orcunts to 646 mil-lieirds of years, count iJig fran that point In time where the first fomations of gas assembled and cane together anc into one another. 74/lhc process o£ evolution up to the planetfs &olitl body lasted then around 600 milliard years, frcm then the first basic fbons of lite cSovelcped themselves, frtxa which the first faunic forma oro3cf frcrn which, step after step, in t:ie run of further milliards of years, higher forms forms of plants, and later animal forms as well rose. 75/ Bicn, after a further tourty mi 11 iards of years they pro-


created trwieelvee as autxrenioufl tons cf life, thA himn beings, xho already after their procreation occn becama Ln-Iluerc«l hy srrang** «|wivi -rrivt-i liny htraui racea* 75/ TMn happened afcout 6 milliard years ago- 77/tTiIr 1b the time Lhe Earth existed as a anl I’d body, a period of 46 milliard years. 78/Bun hnr whirls iltr/uiutaciit lasted MO milliard years. 79/in igryorance of the reel events arrejntrig the foiroticfi cf planets, the Earth scientists reckcred all cororns in this natter hy wrenq values, in corwvsjuenec s£ wtiich thoy have to achiev* vrong rpsuirs; and they do rot want to bcccxDc educated. 80/For hundreds ot year 6 alrpa^y they try to occuunt for all concerns frcxi their very tflllUj nvatJienwitlcc. by which th#y rural y reach true wulUi 81/Hi spite of this, they raaintain that their account© aeeorfl to the truth, even if they have Lo correct these years later, which ia quite troublescinp fnr thm, bacHDM tl**y do not wit to ocnfeaa their faultc to the bread pjbliC-are and rrnaui simply unijnprovable pricfTs.

Oil-Generation a Oil Reserves on Earth ;


tell to? whether yuu hjvw reckonniiiqa alxut hw lucw atiti cui oil rceorvca con be exploited*

Senjooe- 101/Thia i* quite different, bat nn average, the valued of tlw oartli will becorc ou\auttnd writhing %ctw* 71\ )B0£1» 102/Thia concerns the re to Is *tc. 103/7ne Oil will be enough for around 20 ycaro, if tho Earth dovolCfrvnt or— luxion is continued*

Meier- is oil a forci of Ufa lite tho orra, or? if l am informed right it deals with c^nns-

&e(Mr 104/3ure]Y. 10S/TV* Qirtli diopooeo of on oil quantity of U6 w llinro tara, fra which through the oiliy-ncfio o£ tho E^rth being 6S null jard tciis Jwv* dhr- :,

heen exploited or destroyed. 106/Hie destruction oen-

crated by oubtorrjneujL uxpiouiorm of atonic boata* 107/Tne uuantltY of the destroyed oil onaints to oxcund 20 mlluu;i ffflgf thua nearly -i r of that, vhot the hunan being has refined firm the Birth, can bo evaluated by quantity of around rx^ \ Ilpr<i tprji. tOb/A planet like the Birth produces, in

nn nf rrtt rttllinrd ywrs, nil In the oneunt of about me milliard to™, 109/3o whnnt the planet la nil Hard years old, it haa prcdioad at ila innar &46 mill – tool of oil. no/Fran this quantity, the torth liunan had, within leas than one oaniury, exploited1 one tenth, a quantity for pr&lKt!”on or irnr lh» fiarth naadad 63 milliard yanra-Ill/Khan tha planet nValrea to regenerate after the hitherto mbbary of oil, *tir., quantity than nav ‘■. after the present loan, t!8 million Erurth yft*r?, which i» nearly tvica tno norrai ttc» for production- H2/Becauae of

1 [ ** uJUw&c*iflbi lity of her irliabitanta slu: la miaaUFj aaajf eleaenta which she needs for production, because the J imur.

being haa robbed rh*« Iran, her. Lost Fertile London Earth:

^laVeaaaaaaaaalea^^HI^^^B Ill/Alone, the auTface of tho Earth tvuz lect wirhin one century so nuch fertile grourd that nAtore would rawd rviny millions of years for it to Lh*~ ecra fertile 09aIn- 114/&iring only 25 yrars, the ferth hmn has owtreywl eu?h fertile or c^oii-fcrtilo lard, that the standard of nature is surrasaed by l*a,n. 115/ Thic mane tho Earth hunan being has vr.-T.–t-.;, In addition to the natural trust* rrgimft, during miy >** yaare, 144.2t of nev unfertile wasteland where he destroyed wncdo and fertile Tmund. 116/Srill 15 y^sr* ago the Qirth eurfare vie coverrd B6^i> btf fgmir- qroond: trtiay rJw?sr« percents arotint to only 3*.

5 Points from Rejsren on ‘Regeneration of Earth1


Malar- Bat vfeat mfiuiuxiui can r*xt ta3ui aq.imat tiua? 11 to responsible pjnt i^lans arl^nUsts rare l«iL kntteed only a wt wM iincair/tnia. Tfv-y r.MnK and spaa!* oily to livr

wall i :rs-l : , |n L .. : *lt-, n, .im] tlut thfly M^tlld RC*.

Dmvlra aapaaJcwaai the aad f?nd.

Senla&e- 117/Regrettably, ycu are ccnpletely correct. 118/ Ycur politicians and ecientiau erv nneolutoly liraatpnnaible cnfdturee, frrjt tfua In any case the rowgr ojzht tu V wtu?-dCWTj Co be replaced by reascmble and responsible form*.

1 to/itut VHia La. ruorattataly. only a^iliavad fay p<w*r. wtilcfi

-> – Id haw to beccma ox^rciwd by th* propl* ^htaiwlwa.

120/£ku~th nftFi;i;ji would hove to agree here tc different natters:i can be ccuntec in fxye_yaiifcg: 121/At

first; for ws%*ecal vrai», an absolute atco in births

have to be per fontcd? to reduce the quantity 6f nunan bciflijs

to below a liaUt of una adiU*«l. iAn Urcwiiat*

w**s*tion of avary exploitation of tha Earth ia of iife-dec-

latvo iTT^ortanco, for which rcanon ovory expipitaticn xjat bo atopnod. 123/Th\rdr Ibm ar«ic taste, ja*S trw~aitTii big^ rjer deltwtrn vith the chain— rrarttrn “Eocb mat r*? iOTr?diflte-

iy stepped. i2i/fouxth; Construe***** nuat tv deeutpyed.

125/Flfth: JVecy nuclear rower *tailcn built rm*t bo destroyed, and new coos rest not be started:*

Naler~ i th*ac are tmttcra which noiy hnan brings haw

aUWtfy rhnught for 0aVll)Wi rmt the djnen* in the uffcr and upperm ranks care a dirt for that.

&atiaac- 126/ttua ia oil veil Xncwn to me* 127/7here re-nains lor the Earth hu?un being*: the fore* of pwr altaw-

1297rbr far too long a tiraa, h» allowed ■- l to be fooled b>- thoae rea; ana U lop ao he can new achieve ncthinq roru fcy

peaenful aaajnc* 12VThe force on Earth ia anfcodiod in poll-tic*, (..■■!, h.i the ecdentieta. lJG/And it ia exactly this pewer that ban to bo broken, othorwlm thr 2*xth tvaun :vim fores a very wiefceu1 end, not only by wnr an<l eradication, but as well by the ottauxatlcn of the planned 131/ Ttie new benb delusion hoe ^rooi coanuc txra*xjuonros, and other a tar syaicaia «xjld be affected- 132/ftit the Earth would ba dfljitroyoc by a fircotom. 133/flut tho Earth hHM belnq still tvm scno tiac for can»idetdU.yn, «id-to taX^ frxr* trie qreAt peraonalltlea, as you call it, “Lhn nontrol of nc**»r”, mi tn J \ve according to the natural low* 134/ Out he will not be able to avoid auffcrinq the ncqunneea of hia dalualofi, btcauae the mrth iz already hart bo nxh inci* and rut, that she roar* up inside. 133/Hl^c– TOrr>* <Tug>»5t rolcanic grjpt^jnoat ciijnactic alteratlTte# k^tug, *rryir* and occidental events will nvikn tlwir v a : ap-pearancn in the future. J36/frhol9 wirjoc fi4y_ inlo tha aaa, anrl mrereua hsxm bejraj^wni flnll Afl GVll end.

rfcicr- I . I Iwvp «cyt rtatns 1^ the prc^^x^cU^

frac the Vctale bt^ere- J dlso krxw that a helliai> -c*r *ui roar ow*r * ft*rth.

:rm;rft<^ l37/&:ra)yr – -ir corcir^ events are alraidy lr-revccahltt.

heier- 1 knew – unfortunatoly-


Origins & Meaning of 666

Itocuntly aoro occupied myself with tha ctvcl*

eticn of John, and haw recJconned t-.–7-.-t-r: ones re re sotu data, which j had __: . uly o^no in 1966 with Arkot. 1 niway* ‘ up with the – ifv^Ium* T reckon the masher 666*

It ia aaid that the number bbfi would be the one or a EaaaV bains. What do you think hero?

frrrjnaa- 138/You know the conditions very well, nrs why do ynu ask?

(tier- i quite simply want to know your opinion.

Semjaae- 139/Sjreiy, this r can qive to you. know-

ledz* In thia raapact la *till not stinc, because it lfl ours

rest in other paper

Meier” Hell, than the anlnal with tha nuvtanr 66a still haurtn aimc. Din you interpret thia in wire detail for bjc?

Senjase- 153/Surely, but only for you alone, because tha Earth triimin being is not yet allowl to know the interpret-stion* lSJ/W-‘1 is already ccnaronly known to you is that the of the aniral wos found. 154/lhis none, W U V, Is only tha abbreviation of a catrtaun valtfa. 155/^he aTuiiel ia only to be seen as a synfcol, because in truth it cartcems d wjrloViuu ox=i*iH^»tixn with * thrws-part nam. IS6/ThiB uxgaruza’. i;xi ii wrtxaiad by tits church aid its suhatants.

iri.’.rr yo.i only, that uord W 11 v www …… hi.t which

nit ciruswt^ra* are yru allcwed to reveal.

f* ::r – Y<aj are SBkiny re cr,v/y, nut this 19 already exist-


ing, only the nave in not like that.

Sea:j*e*<- IWteiily, thia oroaniration haa alr«>y toom effective. Itf/vct ita uw artll atlll rtawaje f row which tha word* IOV will rla*.

act ox- .’ – acarthinn – ml ly. aefcet had qlvpn ma Uw right tAnimtm llrwitiy in j+V, f rna whicfc 1 could reckon all with 1%* Ahnut ivp or thxw y*er» ago. I found than, aaton-lehiraj, *■ mill a book by a certain Chclro. In which tha sane nuatv-r* wnrn called.

!ai)<«e- Hl/Ov-lro? tU/a\rt he lived rora than 1.000 y*ara aao in frrfpt.

hfcicc- v ivu iircodj vjia ™~

fkaa)j*er If)/Navn you one a book by him? 161/Ab tor aa 1 low, ita exlfltenoa haa not bean txanaaurtrd up to the pre-aefkt una.

Helaar It is, but not tha book by thia Oaitn, tut by a count, or aonothinc aaailar. wan all erf hunavlf Catiro, Loo, fat lived so** IOC cj 2- HQ yivir* aop.

ScB>aac- 145/Hmt la very Intr-re^tlnof than I think that thia san will tumt ut 1*1*09- about U*« t***! Cbelre, «l &• celled hlnaelf the nana?

stolnx- That la possible all right, but It la not ao Isfort-ant. Of leantne aione, la that he ?u found the rirjht n nrar values, or ojoftrn, and transmitted then to postarity. fjfM

Cheiro a 666:

right nuatetra aireniy ii ivy , * rrt wMcfa l could reckon all with It, about UUO oc t-^ry* y^:fc ^go, l found tear* as ton-aching, aa wall a book by e ^*»rtain Oclro. in which the sane- ruaahara were called.

Afi>ea- lfpl/Cheiro? 162/eUt he lived ror*i than 1,000 y»«*r* aoo In aevpt.

Ifcicr- Aakat haa a 1 ready tuid ma-

1%3/naw • a book by hiaa 161/aa tax aa I

anew, ita existence haa not basa txaaaautted ep to tha present, tuts,

*v .. i It ia, but noc tha book by thia Ownro, but by 4 count, oi ugnothlne siaular, who called hlpaatl f Cenv. too. He lived Rtw IOC or j-JPU yiMn; jsao*

facn>e*o- laS/Uist i» wry intr-reatlngi than I think that thia lean will new uaviaoap about ip– . .t r-.r- ( ml called himrit the? aaaail

Jtelnr- That la poaaible all right, but it la re* eo iepjrt* ant. n meaning alone, la thut he has found the right rrarar vnlues, or qot.Un, and transmitted them to poaUrity. f^M

CR d6. Thursday. Febraury 26. 1976

Semajsebnngs Crystals, Mnerals 4 Beamship Metal Samplesto Billy

■ and this floor!teVj/Them* viyelala ere foe ycu«

Han I also m hreueprt you near srtol, vt tlnce diffctvi»: worfcinc stsstt. 20/lhls on© nor© lc the |Uudu/t of tlsr tjtf* oswstrn praress, arid this hare It th* pxudurt of thn

l^^rtii process, and this la the product M tvj rirt^ *rr.-

CR 47, Sunday, February 29, 1976

■ Svmjase’s girl friend, USAMINE, a specialist in language phenomena Dick Mller – ‘Hdon ET voice on Tcpesent to Sempse : %e i ‘ • – *aBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBSBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBS>

rvrtatA Pttlll*r frrrr i^rh a * ||ik«ai1 naasa^r ^v***n

fc* ej^aterrcstriais in iswrltinrl Fonfu) ycu nay

tave it bar*- IC/Qtd to– intarsi to play a Kfc* on s» vith

Briar- T? l*y? – Hbv t have eotten it free a nan fron Gar* £ms> . t^ rfctain ycr;r Wwwt cf it, snat do tot *esn by

mqw- 11/11 it is as ycu say, thpri it deals with ojoite a bad -. ii‘ition for tna wroneublng of ths Earth hunans.

■ – i.^j.. xc trm results of our secants* and Imtruarnfca for audi snttcn, it :s surety Ilxed tJait ths spoafccx, kl : m^atively calls hlneolf Baton, is without dnubt an Ruth irjsjn NMrwj- U/Tw *]w>*i lu. distortad Ms \nim hy an-



sisUw irwanc and hy sir** «rw>akina,. l*/hy girlfriend iXwJfft a specialist In lauixmf* jfr**nue*tvi# ha* nmlyrpd tht voU* arirf i^tjTxnsforswi it with rhc help of apuarstw into the i -rarvhrc fane. lS/?he result ahowod guttural tnnss whtrh an* ONLY rtWflCtOriS^lC of rffr»h *>JTan bfllnqs. and winch axe not tdken iip Is/ r*h*r wmwm of Uf«, or repeated. 16/Also the vibrational thn purl \ lataona, and tho Wtfw—analyMf and acasuxinq iritnseanta dmsiatrated ClMT wiirr/* LB Ue snoakar is an Dsrtn ssssal baing. 17/By the halp of uuscsal, wd could wm find out ths undulation of this parson * in tarrtca.* IB/TIjb contents of the spoken thl»* contain n-nNrs«J which is able tj ir.f:>jf*ifv* the Urtrv r.M^i-‘^eiiiSjy” UrTseai *nc pretuntIon of tho qaa«t •^r^l flili Lj;.^h is. tJ‘ji W an! Ma tsoginaxy planet would

bsLong to a redraft en cf J^MO uiaiu-ts, aside fro* o*har ^vuuviBSr and there Is an;I sure no*w**nsoj. 2C/tfjt let js atop with tassM rotters, because it bears no fruits If ws alsMld still continue with thia foolishness. 21/In ths future please drn’t bring an aiiv audi ciaiy and llloqical natters any vre, beueusr wf can rwt be ocouplsd with such “onsnnse for any sure tine. 22/Tho tin is far Uu valuahtr tn trouble ourselves with tnr atupiriity ot any ;us* Jtnod far iK^jtc and deceitful elewnta* 21/Am wall, your tier nhrnle not bo sacrificed for thaav irwely prlaritlve setters. ?I/Tt would L*> better for you to use that tire for rest and re-cooperation.*

Mewtr- set T only wantrt to grant a reguast froe Uua sen irm Otmany,

c-« _


while i tried to find nut nf whin It deals, \*ivj has spoken ■ t the tape which ycu gave ma fur analysis. S/Kere It JWilfl with a certain IJick ftlier. t/lhu man vas unViioMn tn nv> lsiUJ a thoxt tie* bsfofeT this, vrt ia wnJ by you or yriui friends in one of (he Mats. 7/By sqxeaesa we can say now, that he is to be inserted aeong the ssssstesW -preeently oceupiee hlse+lf with the tfaouAfc. tohldft hiayalf, as you say that, t-vauoe of tear that the deceit <^onmltec hy hi* feeconee ooe. e/¥a* has nr ej^aeae will for this, as for exaaple with ntnoer, who already 10* suoe turns is se m piece wIjwiy he assuse* huaarlf *aEr m^inat permit, fnz which he still dlffusoa the fatsctca*. 5 r.iw Wt tho Lsxth with ax:rat v rttfcT rtais. as eany other riprelvera atill *r* eVMwj. lO/itiui ia a k«lowed ploy by tne» tn «vkuml fiui. thrir reeecnaihUlty,

nVler* That is lrttnxeatb^i. f*an v» parhapct know where ho Krnpn hiaeelf hio3ert?

Ouslaal- 13.^sb have ^ iristMiU’ t-o tell his hiding place, aa such concerns are ricl in uui cMS^Tmce^ H/”a have tn :v*ird tlir .ndlvlAail will oi ovA. rrw^rr, evnn It it lives fe^lwly’ “~”

w*iar- I usYJeiBUol, and 1 oV net want to t» oupreMiwr. CR 48, Sunday, M^ch 14,1976

– Meivr asks semjase to record her voice on a tape recorder Howard htenger- Hid HimseJf A Lied that he wastaken by ET’« :


11 c


MUM l tried to find on the tape vliicti ycu with 4 certain nirfc uiiUJ a short turn ytruM it lends in or* now, that he is to peasant ly occupie* os you My that,

his Ut mm t

aa Cor exaapie with ttQ£r‘ a 11 v i.-i- he

wHich Larth with *n* riniruj* their rwpcnaihi

ww ho tr* other ratten */r*<rti*-of it deal*, whv ho* apAen gam ttn l*jr analysis. 5/hcre It n>niit NlUer. tAhu tain wa& uiiVnuan to m» tj*rora thU, y*t he ia by you or

> if h- 1 M i, 7/By 3urcnc9ci i aay

be lneertad aeon? the flsOateagl – R/H» hlnw+lf with the Hi in fil I i Tt