If there is a civil war in America, Israel will be the fall guy

The Festive Israelis “High Fiving” on 9/11, Arrested for Planting Bombs on George Washington Bridge

Some snippets from Able Danger documents…

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“The Bush family were crucial players in setting up the industrial power behind the Third Reich.” -Robert Lederman, Philadelphia City Paper.

5156This navy barracks is in the most liberal state in the union, in Coronado, California, and it was taken in 2008. Back when it was built in 1967, George H.W. Bush was a key part of creating the Nazi infrastructure in the GOP that soon came to pervade the military and intelligence agencies, the “Nazification.” There are no black senators or congressmen in the GOP, and that is not an accident. Jewish Republicans, those are plentiful, but the ones who aren’t have many that are siding with Bush and his Aryan NWO, resentful of the loyalty oath to Israel they’re forced to sign.

There are a lot of misguided people who want to blame the Jews for 9/11, and if you support Benjamin Netanyahu or anything he stands for, it can be promised Jews will be blamed for 9/11, because Netanyahu was indeed involved, just as the Saudis and Americans were involved. That is a fact, and the sociopathic miscreant savant went as far as saying 9/11 was “good for Israel.” Could you imagine the outrage if anyone said the Holocaust was “good for America”?


A nuclear blast's Torus Cloud compared to micronukes used on 9/11. When Dick Cheney warns about "another nuclear attack in America," which he inadvertently blurts out from time to time when scaremongering on television, he is referring to this one; the one he oversaw.
A nuclear blast’s Torus Cloud compared to micronukes used on 9/11. When Dick Cheney warns about “another nuclear attack in America,” which he inadvertently blurts out from time to time when scaremongering on television, he is referring to this one; the one he oversaw.
Mossad's 9/11 truck bombers, who planted thousands of pounds of explosives on the George Washington Bridge which had to be defused and removed. The Mossad plan was to frame the Palestinians.
Mossad’s 9/11 truck bombers, who planted thousands of pounds of explosives on the George Washington Bridge which had to be defused and removed. The Mossad plan was to frame the Palestinians.

If the Israelis were never meant to be the fall guys on 9/11 in case everything went to hell, Bush and Cheney would have done everything they could to conceal the Mossad role in the greatest terrorist attack in America. Instead we have the makings of a perfect patsy nation, a nation of perennial scapegoats. Reviewing what we know about Able Danger and the Mossad truck bombs at the George Washington Bridge on 9/11, we can discern that Bush and Cheney used Netanyahu’s involvement in 9/11 to make Israel the perfect fall guy if and when the truth came out, and it is about to is here now. It will fall drip by drip like a Chinese water torture, until the tsunami comes.

[pullquote]Emil Helfferich, the chairman of Bush company, Hamburg-Amerika, frequently wrote out checks to Heinrich Himmler (payable on a special Standard Oil account). [/pullquote]The Muslim-bashing you see presently is just a round-about means of getting back at Saudi Arabia in any way possible for its involvement, since there are not too many Saudis living here, and it is only a taste of what the Jewish people could face once the Bush cabal tries to pin it all on them. Since Prescott Bush was big Nazi supporter and the family made its fortune from Nazi ties, and because his son George H.W. Bush imported and worked with Nazis quietly as he became a national figure, this is not too implausible. Bush Sr. did a lot of work with neo-Nazis and Nazis in the Gladio anti-leftist terrorist attacks with NATO; false flags which he helped orchestrate.

They didn’t arrest any Saudis that day, did they? They financed the whole thing. But who did they arrest, and who had the bombs? Israeli agents.

Bush did play favorites.

Bush Family: The Best Predictor of Future Behavior is Past Behavior

The Mossad is highly encouraged to ponder the likelihood of this eventuality and wisdom of the fanatics in the Likud, and on a very serious level, Benjamin Netanyahu’s mental stability. So is the Shin Bet. Netanyahu ‘s grand plan  for a Pax Judaica has now put all Jews in the greatest danger they have ever faced: payback for his role in the 9/11 American holocaust. Now it is a given much of the public can be fooled by the propaganda machine, but military strategists and intelligence agencies know the data dumps are the real thing, and need to be addressed that way.

If they only knew what Benjamin Netanyahu had just done, they’d want his head on a platter, too. A lot of Jewish Americans died on 9/11.

Netanyahu had a lot of practice for his war crimes in Gaza, where he actually underachieved at 2,200 dead. On 9/11 over 3,000 died. He did that with Bush and Cheney’s help, of course.

We would have never heard about the “dancing Israelis” or the Mossad truck bombs, or Able Danger, or the names of each and every Israeli involved, where the money came from, or any of that if plans weren’t already in place to immediately pin the full blame on Israel in case everything fell apart.

The damning evidence against the Bush family and Cheney was concealed easily enough, for a time, but not so much evidence implicating Netanyahu and “the Jews.” Now, as full disclosure comes, it can be said “the Jews did 9/11” and it will be a painful half-truth to the extent some Jews were involved just as some Saudis were involved, and some Americans. Half-truths are incredibly deadly. We have the video and audio of the planning in Fort Lee, New Jersey, where agents were in place to prevent a planned bombing of the George Washington Bridge on 9/11.

3386World War III won’t serve as as a rallying cry. We’re there because of 9/11, and 9/11 came because of Bush, Blair, and Netanyahu. Again, the evidence very strongly suggests the fall back plan was to blame Israel for the whole obscenity if Americans ever caught on. We have caught on, we are displeased, and have reached criticality.

It must never be forgotten that the Bush family has always had intense sympathies with Nazi ideology. Prescott Bush funded the Nazis in WWII and George H.W. Bush imported their war criminals after WWII. This means Cheney too. Because the Jewish population in America is small, targeting them will be very likely. It is a genuine fear for these fellow Americans that will be wrongfully targeted, just as the Muslims are right now.

Prescott Bush and associates and Standard Oil, were in business with IG Farben, providing loans, executive expertise, and petroleum-related products. IG Farben, in association with Standard Oil, used that expertise to develop poison gas; gas like Zyklon B, which was used in the gas chambers.


The Bush family was in business with the Nazis prior to and after Hitler declared war on America. As detailed by John Loftus, former prosecutor in the U.S. Justice Department’s Nazi War Crimes Unit, “the Bush family fortune came from the Third Reich” (4).

“The Nazi-link to the Bush family, was first alleged in 1934 by the U.S. Congress which believed that Hamburg- America Line and Union bank, which were directed by Prescott Bush, were subsidizing the Nazi movement in Germany and the United States (3,4,26,27). Corporations associated or directed by Bush and his cronies, had been working with and financing the Nazis and their supporters, since 1924.

“The Bush family were crucial players in setting up the industrial power behind the Third Reich.” -Robert Lederman, Philadelphia City Paper (26).

In 1942, the Bush family was still in business with the Nazis, despite the declaration of war by Hitler against the United States (3,4,26,27). In consequence, three Bush companies were seized by the U.S. government, for being in violation of the Trading with the Enemies Act (27,28).

As we shall discover, doing business with those who kill Americans is a Bush business tradition. In October of 1942, however, the government of the United States tried to put the Bush family out of business.

US Government Vesting Order No. 248, issued in 1942, resulted in the seizure of Union Banking’s assets as they were being used to support the Nazi war effort and were serving as a Nazi front. Two other Vesting Orders were issued that year (nos. 259 and 261) and two more Nazi-front companies directed by the Bush bank and his associates were seized: Holland American Trading Corporation and Seamless Steel Equipment Corporation (21,28).

Prescot Bush was forced to divest himself, at least overtly, of his Nazi associations.

Following the end of the war, Bush negotiated with his friends in government, trading his Nazi assets and Nazi contacts in return for political favors, including support when he sought political office. With the helpful assistance of Bush and his cronies including in particular, Allen Dulles, Nazis were recruited and became high ranking members of an American Intelligence organization that would later be renamed the CIA (3,23,24)–an organization that George H.W. Bush would soon lead.

As detailed by Christopher Simpson, BBC News, UPI, and others (29,30,31) after WWII, Nazis were recruited, brought to the United States, and then subsidized by the CIA to build a power base for the Republican right wing. Several Nazi became top Bush campaign aids (31,33,33).


George H. W. Bush when he sought the Presidency in 1988, was forced, like his father, Senator Prescott Bush, to divest himself of Nazi associations. The Bush-Nazi connection was exposed by the Washington based weekly newspaper, Jewish Week (31), and George Bush was forced to fire a number of Nazi and neo-Nazi advisors (32,33).

Of course, after the election, four of these neo-Nazis were brought back into the fold and were offered high paying positions in the Republican Party (30).

Likewise, Prescott Bush and associates and Standard Oil, were in business with IG Farben, providing loans, executive expertise, and petroleum-related products (13). IG Farben in fact owned a huge stake in Standard Oil. IG Farben, in association with Standard Oil, used that expertise to develop poison gas and petroleum related products to drive the Nazi war machine. IG Farben—a consortium of companies that included Bayer— also ran the slave labor and death-camps, the most notorious of which was Auschwitz where 83,000 people worked as slaves. IG Farben/Bayer not only worked people to death, but provided funds, scientists, and medical personnel to conduct horrible experiments on inmates.

skull-and-bones-illuminatiThroughout the 1930s, and the early 1940s, the Bush family and other “Bonesmen” formed an unholy alliance with the SS and Hitler’s Nazi Germany. Indeed, the evidence indicates that Prescott Bush was not just doing business with the Nazis and profiting from the use of slave labor, but that his company became members of the “Friends of the Reichsfuhrer SS,” that is, friends of SS Gestapo chief, Heinrich Himmler.

“A clique of U.S. industrialists is hell-bent to bring a fascist state to supplant our democratic government and is working closely with the fascist regime in Germany and Italy. I have had plenty of opportunity in my post in Berlin to witness how close some of our American ruling families are to the Nazi regime.” —William Dodd, U.S. Ambassador to Germany in 1937.

Before his companies were seized, Prescott Bush freely admitted and described his own role in running the Hamburg-Amerika shipping company: “Three or four of us were really running the business, the day to day business all the administrative decisions and the executive decisions. We were the ones that did it. We were the managing partners, let’s say. What other proof do we have? Emil Helfferich, the chairman of Bush company, Hamburg-Amerika, frequently wrote out checks to Heinrich Himmler (payable on a special Standard Oil account). According to U.S. intelligence documents reviewed by author Anthony Sutton, Helfferich was still making these payments to the S.S. in 1944 —the same S.S. which was rounding up, enslaving, and supervising the mass murder of “subhumans” (Russians, Jews, Gypsies, Poles, etc.), at IG Farben’s death camps.

Thus as a director of the Hamburg-Amerika shipping company Prescott Bush, the father of George H.W. Bush, became “partners” with and “Friends of the Reichsfuhrer SS,” and thus provided financial support for a Nazi terrorist organization (the Gestapo) that spied on, terrorized, and murdered not just German citizens, but Jews, Americans, and the peoples of Europe.

“The Bush family were crucial players in setting up the industrial power behind the Third Reich.” -Robert Lederman, Philadelphia City Paper (1/18/01).

“Certain American industrialists had a great deal to do with bringing fascist regimes into being in both Germany and Italy. They extended aid to help Fascism occupy the seat of power, and they are helping to keep it there.”—William Dodd, US Ambassador to Germany in 1937.

“The Bush family fortune came from the Third Reich.” — John Loftus, former prosecutor in the U.S. Justice Department’s Nazi War Crimes Unit.

Denver International Airport’s NWO mural denotes a future of gas warfare.

Prescott Bush and his son, George H.W. Bush were enthusiastic supporters of “eugenics,” the weeding out of inferior humans. Before G.H.W. Bush became president, he frequently made remarks about the “down-breeding… of America” and sponsored hearings, such as one that took place in August 5, 1969, on the threat posed by black babies (16).

The principle behind eugenics, is that only those with “good genes” that is, those of “good birth” and who are “well born” (i.e. aristocrats) deserve to live and to breed. Prescott and George H.W. Bush, as blue-blooded members of America’s aristocracy, and thus of “good birth” and “well born” were thus ardent supporters of eugenics, with George Bush later pushing for the sterilization of inferior races (16).

Thus, being birds of a feather, Prescott Bush and his partner, Harriman, used the Hamburg-Amerika Line, to transport Nazi specialists in propaganda to the United States, including those advocating and practicing eugenics—and the Rockefellers did likewise (17).

America Betrayed: Bush, Bin Laden, & 9/11, Rhawn Joseph

There is an old Indian saying:

“An elephant is killed for his tusks.”

If history has taught us anything, it is that the Jewish people are extremely vulnerable to persecution and slaughter if they are perceived as having too much control of anything; be it money, or the things it can buy: the press, the media, the film and music industry, you name it. It doesn’t help to have major Jewish reporters bragging about that in major papers.

As Jonas E. Alexis at Veterans Today writes in Dr. Strangelove: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Alex Jones and Paul Joseph Watson, Dec. 19, 2015:

Joel Stein, who wrote in the LA Times back in 2008:

“How deeply Jewish is Hollywood? When the studio chiefs took out a full-page ad in the Los Angeles Times a few weeks ago to demand that the Screen Actors Guild settle its contract, the open letter was signed by: News Corp. President Peter Chernin (Jewish), Paramount Pictures Chairman Brad Grey (Jewish), Walt Disney Co. Chief Executive Robert Iger (Jewish), Sony Pictures Chairman Michael Lynton (surprise, Dutch Jew), Warner Bros. Chairman Barry Meyer (Jewish), CBS Corp. Chief Executive Leslie Moonves (so Jewish his great uncle was the first prime minister of Israel), MGM Chairman Harry Sloan (Jewish) and NBC Universal Chief Executive Jeff Zucker (mega-Jewish).

“If either of the Weinstein brothers had signed, this group would have not only the power to shut down all film production but to form a minyan with enough Fiji water on hand to fill a mikvah.

“The Jews are so dominant, I had to scour the trades to come up with six Gentiles in high positions at entertainment companies. When I called them to talk about their incredible advancement, five of them refused to talk to me, apparently out of fear of insulting Jews. The sixth, AMC President Charlie Collier, turned out to be Jewish.

“As a proud Jew, I want America to know about our accomplishment. Yes, we control Hollywood. Without us, you’d be flipping between ‘The 700 Club’ and ‘Davey and Goliath’ on TV all day.

“So I’ve taken it upon myself to re-convince America that Jews run Hollywood by launching a public relations campaign, because that’s what we do best.”

Hollywood control is more of a modest misnomer, as the influence encompasses all news media. Since many of those studies control film and television, it’s not just film we are talking about, but also cable news. Walt Disney, for instance, owns ABC.

Unfortunately, for the most part, we see a pattern where Israeli policy is mirrored and amplified in this sphere of influence, and through a great deal of papers and news outlets these companies control.


Documents from Able Danger an FBI investigation into a planned attack on 9/11 which was scuttled by President Bill Clinton, which may explain Hillary Clinton’s intense interest in all emails pertaining to 9/11 as she is now running for president. Urban Moving Systems, a MOSSAD front was tasked with blowing up the George Washington Bridge that day. Two Israelis were arrested that day, with a truckload of bombs, as seen in the initial reports and the story was covered by national news networks and news anchors, including Dan Rather.

“America won’t get in the way… America can be easily moved… 80% of Americans support us. It’s absurd.” Benjamin Netanyahu

If there is a civil war, God forbid, broadcasting stations and film studios will be destroyed or fought over by forces of the unheard and heard far too often. Same thing with the major papers. A new narrative will follow the one we have right now, and it will likely be very angry, very hateful, and focused on one particular party of dual-citizens with divided loyalties.

And of course, that means a pogram.

So for all you saber-rattling, neocon “Israel-first” warmongers hungry for world war 3, be careful what you wish for. Remember what civil war really means, because a civil war will precede world war or come in the midst of it for reasons to be discussed later. The Russians aren’t stupid, and neither are the Chinese. They know how to destabilize governments, that is is not rocket science, and both know how to arm rebels.

Why give them any reason to?

What can we do to avoid this scenario

Come clean. For the corporate media, let this be said: How about giving a voice to the unheard, to those who perished on 9/11, to the policemen and firefighters and rescue workers silenced by a press corp in denial?

For Jewish Americans to avoid being targeted, point out that many, many Jewish Americans died on 9/11 and after. The whole issue of dual citizenship should also be addressed. It’s a bad idea and that leaves you very vulnerable to suspicion. Choose your loyalty.

For the corporate media: How about acting like you had a fucking pair and told the truth to power for a change, your job be damned? It’s not like reporters or Huffington Post bloggers are paid a premium these days, if ever. And if you are on television just reading the teleprompter and looking pretty, what will it be, your “career” or your country? If there was ever a time to ask that question it s now.

If you spoke the truth, all of you at once, you would change the world overnight. Do that.


Urban Moving Systems was a Mossad Front Company caught on 9/11 recording/celebrating the plane impacts, trying to drive a truck bomb onto the GW Bridge, and caught exploding another truck on King St.

Official FBI documents on Urban Moving Systems and Israeli Mossad involvement in 911:


FBI documents broken down and analyzed in detail:


Actual Documents:

Part 1 – http://tinyurl.com/3eecuus

Part 2 – http://tinyurl.com/3bkc6lq

Part 3 – http://tinyurl.com/3zymk4v

Part 4 – http://tinyurl.com/3lpqm4u

Part 5 – http://tinyurl.com/3wu4cg2

Part 6 – http://tinyurl.com/3qrossr

*Urban Moving Systems, a front for the Israeli Mossad, received a one time payment of $498,750 from the Federal Govn’t Assistance Program on June 22, 2001.




2) Mossad driving around New York with explosives, highlighted maps, fake passports, boxcutters, and cash.


Police report from one of the vans that was pulled over:

http://www.scribd.com/doc/46173840/Po… Dominik Suter, was the Israeli agent who owned and operated Urban Moving Systems located at 3 18th Street, Weehawken, New Jersey.http://i1184.photobucket.com/albums/z… http://i1184.photobucket.com/albums/z… Dominik Suter is also associated with Gould Street Corporation, located at 73-75 Gould Street in Bayonne, NJ.http://i1184.photobucket.com/albums/z… http://i1184.photobucket.com/albums/z… Zoom Copter is a company which listed 73-75 Gould Street as their place of business.http://i1184.photobucket.com/albums/z… Zoom Copter is another Israeli operation, peddling merchandise in malls as a front for its activities on US soil. http://i1184.photobucket.com/albums/z…

Thanks to the blogger at http://mybigfatanti-zionistlife.blogs… for the Zoom Copter research.

*Israeli Mossad trying to frame Palestinians in NY with truck bomb.


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