The “59 Grassy Knoll Witnesses Conspired to Lie” Conspiracy Theory

In contrast to Mrs. Kennedy, Johnson, Ladybird Johnson and Rep. Albert Thomas (D) unusually cheerful after witnessing a brutal murder. Aboard Air Force One and sworn in, Johnson winks at his good friend and fellow Texan.

Robert F. Kennedy was the United States Attorney General at the time, and he wanted an independent committee to investigate the killing of his brother. Johnson did everything he could to prevent RFK from getting that independent committee and succeeded in his battle with the Justice Department, giving us the Warren Commission whose members he hand picked.

Pretty odd, no? What was Johnson afraid of? Maybe it was the fact President Kennedy had already decided Johnson would not be on the ticket in 1964 (see above Nixon inset), effectively ending his career in politics, so it was clear that with JFK gone Johnson would have much to gain: namely, the Presidency. As such, because Johnson did have a motive, it made sense to have an independent committee RFK asked for.

Johnson’s Gambit: Kennedy Planned to Assassinate Castro, it Backfired. We Lie to Protect Kennedy’s Legacy from Being Tarnished

This has to be mentioned because there still are people that believe the assassination of President Kennedy was a necessary evil orchestrated by honorable and patriotic men for the greater good of Americans. In this fraternity of self-styled nobles are those immersed in a “deep secret” most Americans can’t know, and more commonly, they are told of Operation Mongoose. The plan was drawn up by the prior Eisenhower administration, and those “elite” in on the “deep secret” are informed that he approved of an assassination plot to kill Cuban dictator Fidel Castro and that Castro simply got to him first. This was Johnson’s gambit and has proven most effective in dealing with people who loved President Kennedy. The latter is what is fed to them, and they are encouraged to hide or ignore the obvious conspiracy so the Kennedy legacy wouldn’t be tarnished.


John Connally and Johnson

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March 2, 1967: The voice speaking is Johnson’s, the caller was Conally, who phoned regarding the Jim Garrison investigation into the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Johnson notes one of Jimmy Hoffa’s lawyers went to one of their “mutual friends” to discuss the Garrison case; warning that Hoffa “would tell all the story” after November of ’67.

What story? Hoffa’s confirmation of fellow mobster Jack Ruby’s assertion that Johnson set-up JFK in Dallas. Johnson and Connally’s cozy relations with Hoffa’s lawyers should give anyone pause for thought:

At the time, Hoffa had a Mafia contract on Robert Kennedy. His animosity towards the Kennedy brothers became legendary after Robert F. Kennedy targeted Hoffa hoping to break the Teamster Union’s ties to organized crime.

In 1967, before he could break his silence; Hoffa was sentenced to 13 years in the federal prison at Lewisburg, Pennsylvania, for jury tampering, pension fund fraud, and conspiracy. President Richard M. Nixon commuted Hoffa’s sentence, and Hoffa left prison on December 24, 1971.

Hoffa’s curious interest in James Earl Ray

Interestingly, Hoffa took a keen interest in the investigation of a possible link between the JFK, RFK and King assassinations, as noted in this CBS transcript of Dan Rather interviewing James Earl Ray.

This is why people who did and do love the president fight tooth and nail to defend the Lone Gunman Theory despite their own doubts or even disbelief. They’ve been cruelly misled and were tricked into spreading the lie that protected the very men who killed Kennedy. The truth is Kennedy’s legacy was never in peril. The information has long been declassified and it is no longer in the hands of some benign cabal of pseudo-intellectuals and media elites “watching out for us.” (That means you, Chris Mathews, you smegma -sucking tool.)

The moment this picture was taken, RFK had just been handed a slip of paper by an aide, hit the post, and asked LBJ directly “Why did you have my brother killed?”” Note the expression on Johnson’s face.

Who wants to believe Kennedy may have been responsible for his own death? No one, but that was never even the case. Although Kennedy did approve of Operation Mongoose, it was never carried out or attempted. In fact, the operation was cancelled after the Cuban Missile Crisis. RFK also signed off on Operation Mongoose but he knew it had nothing to do with the murder, because there was never an attempt to execute the plan.

The point is, Robert F. Kennedy didn’t just suspect Johnson he confronted him and asked “Why did you have my brother killed?”

In addition, Jackie Kennedy made no secret of her suspicion that Johnson was responsible. She noted he was in a heated argument with Kennedy over the seating arrangement in Dallas the night before the assassination, because suddenly his friend Gov. John Connolly would be seated in front of Kennedy and in harm’s way. Johnson must have known his good friend was in danger; just like he knew Kennedy planned to drop him from the ticket and end his political career.1 His argument with Kennedy on the night of November 21 was so heated the First Lady could hear it from outside the presidential suite, room 850 of the Hotel Texas in Fort Worth. Johnson finally stormed out of the suite when he didn’t get his way. 2 Sure enough, Connolly was shot as well. Kennedy already knew there was a plot in Dallas thanks to intelligence gathered in Florida on November 9th, 1963, when Joseph Milteer, a rabid segregationist and Klansman, boasted of a right-wing plot to kill Kennedy in Dallas.

Johnson ordered Mrs. Kennedy to vacate the White House on the day of the funeral.

RFK confronts Johnson: “Why did you have my brother killed?”

FBI telex warning of right-wing militant plot to kill Kennedy in Dallas on November 22, 1963.

AUDIO: November 9th, 1963, Joseph Milteer boasts of a right-wing plot to kill Kennedy in Dallas in a clip recorded by the Miami police department. By November 17, 1963, the FBI had began dispatching telexes to field offices to warn of a right-wing militant plot to kill Kennedy in Dallas on November 22, 1963.


Miami, Florida Nov. 9, 1963

INFORMANT: I think Kennedy is coming here on the 18th, or something like that to make some kind of speech. . . .

MILTEER: You can bet your bottom dollar he is going to have a lot to say about the Cubans. There are so many of them here.


INFORMANT: Yeah. Well, he will have a thousand bodyguards, don’t worry about that.

MILTEER: The more bodyguards he has the easier it is to get him.

INFORMANT: Well, how in the hell do you figure would be the best way to get him?”

MILTEER: From an office building with a high-powered rifle… He knows he’s a marked man…

INFORMANT: They are really going to try to kill him?

MILTEER: Oh yeah, it is in the working. . . .

INFORMANT: Boy, if that Kennedy gets shot, we have got to know where we are at. Because you know that will be a real shake if they do that.

MILTEER: They wouldn’t leave any stone unturned there, no way. They will pick somebody up within hours afterwards, if anything, like that would happen. Just to throw the public off.

OSWSTPEarlier, in April 1963, Milteer had attended a Congress of Freedom convention in New Orleans. An informant there reported that Milteer was a director of the Dixie Clan of Georgia, a radical offshoot of the KKK. Political assassinations were discussed at the convention.

“It is his [the informant’s] considered opinion that for assassination through rifles, dynamite, and other types of devices, this is the worst outfit he has ever come across.” The Third Decade, Jan. 1986; see Russell, “The Man Who Knew Too Much”

Somersett continued to supply reports on Milteer following the assassination:


MILTEER advised that they did not have to worry about LEE HARVEY OSWALD getting caught because ‘he doesn’t know anything’ and that the ‘right milteer1-milteer_in_dallaswing’ is in the clear. MILTEER further related that,

‘The patriots have outsmarted the communists and infiltrated the communist group in order that they (communists) could carry out the plan without the right-wingers becoming involved’…”

As you can hear in the audio clip, Miami police recorded an FBI informant who discussed the assassination with Milteer. Milteer stated that President Kennedy would be assassinated in a few days, shot from an office building with a high powered rifle. He noted that a patsy would be arrested within the hour. When told there would be plenty of bodyguards, he said it would make it easier, and that was indeed the case. On November 24, 1963, two days after the assassination, Milteer related that they would not have to worry about Lee Harvey Oswald getting caught because he “doesn’t know anything” and that the “right wing” is in the clear. He also stated that “The patriots have outsmarted the communists and had infiltrated the communist group in order that they (communists) could carry out the plan without the right wingers becoming involved.

LBJ retires
LBJ announces he will not run in 1968.

On March 31, 1968 Johnson announced he will not run for re-election. Five days later, the thorn in his side who had publicly and vehemently opposed the Vietnam War, Martin Luther King, Jr., would be assassinated in Memphis, Tennessee. It was an act of state. So what happens in 1968 is that Johnson refuses to run for re-election, his career in politics is over as it would have been in 1964, and Robert F. Kennedy runs for president on the Democratic ticket. Because RFK knew about Johnson, Hoover, and Nixon, compromised members of both political parties went after him. He’s assassinated soon after Martin Luther King, Jr. while Johnson is still in office and in full control of the agencies and parties implicated. In terms of assassinating his most powerful political opponents, he was 3 for 3.
Scumbags: Swilluminati Penn & Teller actually find the assassination of President Kennedy funny. The pillbox hat on the melon representing Jackie Kennedy’s skull is a case in point.

Sadly, included among these self-styled nobles that have taken it upon themselves to protect you from the truth are Penn & Teller, and they are so willing to impress this totalitarian ideal upon you they invented evidence to fit an impossible theory, hoping to mislead you about the facts regarding the evidence in the Kennedy assassination, and the witnesses.

According to Penn & Teller, a melon wrapped in Saran Wrap can be compared to a human skull. Seriously. A melon, which is 92% water, as opposed to a skull composed of human bone, which is made up of calcium and phosphorous (materials found in seashells and teeth). Bone, which has a strength to weight ratio found in no other material on earth. Human bone is 40-65 times stronger than concrete. If you truly believe bone is also 92% water and thus comparable to a melon, you really shouldn’t be on this page because we’re going to be using a lot of big words, like cat, apple, wrong and right. You should instead visit here, where good always conquers evil. Have fun!

Okay. Back to the world of grown-ups.


Basic physics: frontal force impact coup contrecoup.

Jackie Kennedy recovers piece of President Kennedy’s skull (Video 1) as it slides down trunk after fatal front entry wound.  When compared to another home movie by Orville Nix, it becomes clear that the original film by Abraham Zapruder has been edited to conceal the blowback from the Grassy Knoll shot.

Witnesses describe exit wound.

“Secret Service Agent Clint Hill, who rushed forward to protect Jackie during the shooting, has consistently maintained the same story, which he reiterated during a book signing. He rushed forward, climbed on the back of the limo, pushed Jackie (who had gone onto the trunk to retrieve a chunk of Jack’s skull and brains) back into the seat, lay across their bodies, peered into a fist-sized hole at the back of his head and gave a “thumb’s down” to other agents.” More on this finding can be found here.


FBI memo noting Supreme Court Chief Justice Earl Warren’s earlier history as a Klan leader in Bakersfield, California.

When the FBI or other law enforcement agencies test the effects of a bullet on a skull, they don’t use melons, they use cadavers, and if that’s not available they will use animal skulls, such as pig or calf skulls. These have actual bone and brain tissue and when a slug does hit bone it is either shattered or deformed. Why didn’t Penn & Teller use an animal skull, or cadaver?

Well, for one thing, shooting it from the front will present a backward momentum consistent with reality (see the “back and to the left” Zapruder video above). This is an effect known as impact “coup contrecoup” every doctor is familiar with.

As for this this little melon experiment, it proves how their best debunkers are so full of shit they made the fatal error of appealing to an experiment so ridiculous and unscientific the only conclusion that could be drawn was that this was an agency propaganda episode, and that by using the melons…

It was the only way to fire the shot and somehow have a pristine, undamaged bullet. In this way, they got themselves a Magic Bullet. Which makes sense, being that these two goat felchers are magicians and illusionists. They make a living from deceiving people.

Several Dallas police officers, particularly this one leading three suspected shooters from the crime scene, were Klansmen. Look at the patch on the officer's uniform and the flag behind Klan leader David Duke. This is the symbol of the KKK.
Several Dallas police officers, particularly this one leading three suspected shooters, “hobos” later freed from the crime scene, were Klansmen. Look at the patch on the officer’s uniform and the flag behind Klan leader David Duke. This is the “Left Hand Path” symbol of the KKK.  Immediately behind the officer in the first frame of this animated gif is the man believed to be he Grassy Knoll shooter, rogue CIA operative Frank Sturgis.

Anyway, let’s not focus on that. It’s what they want. They want everyone to focus on a detail they think they can debunk and then use it as a straw man argument that this was the entire body of evidence against them. Don’t ever let them lure you into this logical fallacy. Let’s focus, instead, on just a few of the facts so undeniable and obvious they dare not approach them:

  • Scores of witnesses to multiple shooters and foreknowledge of the assassination.
  • Johnson’s phone calls to Alsop, J. Edgar Hoover, Ramsey Clark, etc., his blocking an independent committee to investigate the assassination of JFK when he was a prime suspect from day one. (His motive was far from specious: it included political survival as he was not going to be on the ticket in 1964 thanks to Mafia ties, the Billy Sol Estes Affair and the murder of Henry Marshall, a Texas federal agricultural agent implicating Johnson, that were uncovered at the same time Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy was cracking down on organized crime.)
  • The medical evidence.
  • The wholesale destruction of physical evidence entrusted to agents of the key suspect.
  • Klan meeting in- you guessed it- a southern Masonic lodge, circa 1964. This is one reason secrecy and deception are the hallmark of the lodge then and today
    Klan meeting in- you guessed it- a southern Masonic lodge, circa 1964. This is one reason secrecy and deception are the hallmark of the lodge then and today

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