Hillary: “Putin put unsecured private server in my basement.”

Russian leader Vladimir Putin about to leave Hillary’s basement after installing unsecured private server. What followed was a bloody shootout with Hillary which she claims left 59 Secret Service agents dead.
How Putin managed to escape: Note his wily ex-KGB disguise.
How Putin managed to escape: Note his wily ex-KGB disguise.

Vladimir Putin is a very naughty man, according to DNC expert, ex-NSA spook and “Dick Pic Guy” John Schindler. “Yep, it was Putin. He stole her email and the DNC’s. We can’t prove it, per se, but you know Hillary doesn’t lie. Careful analysis of stock footage has also confirmed he is a reptilian shape-shifter.” He added “There. I said it. Now please tell Hillary to give me back or delete my dick pic.”

As a result of this insidious deed, Hillary received and shared top secret emails with staff, endangered American lives, and became the subject of a criminal FBI investigation wherein she barely escaped indictment.


According to Hillary, “I attempted to prevent Putin from installing this nefarious contraption and a gun battle ensued, killing several Secret Service agents. I shot some of his men, was decapitated by a henchman. Somehow,  I bravely managed to sew my head back on with yarn. As I did that, Putin escaped. He then forced me to engage in treason and also to sell state secrets to Clinton Foundation donors via mind control.”

Hillary unleashed a long, staccato shart and added “I am a victim here, you sexist bastards, and you are the monsters because you don’t believe me. If you loved me you would believe me. Bill does.”

“But we don’t love you, you gas-lighting fraud. In fact, most men fucking hate you and you are now more unpopular than Trump, which nullifies the fake polls of an even race that your Soros state media is using for perception management. Elections are popularity contests, and unless you rig this one too, you’re doomed.”

“You are a sexist.”

Bogus CNN poll putting Clinton ahead by 9 points, by excluding the millennials.

“One CNN poll that had you 9 points ahead didn’t even include millennials, or the 18-35 demo. You think that makes a difference at the polls? You’re pathetic.”

The Terrible Things Russian Naughty Man Putin Forced Hillary to Do…

IRS Investigates Clinton Foundation

IRS Response Clinton Foundation July 2016 by Daily Caller News Foundation on Scribd

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