Ryan Coup Fail in RNC Setup; Why He Wanted Clinton Win


Night of Long Knives looming. Clinton campaign circulated Paul Ryan relative as possible Supreme Court pick. In face of concurrent Wikileaks damning Hillary, when their candidate is headed for a win and leading, implicated Clinton Foundation  GOP officials target Trump instead of focusing outrage on Clinton leaks. Correlation between Republicans implicated in Clinton Foundation charity fraud/money laundering scandal and Trump opposition examined. ISIS backers exposed. Scandal helps identify weak flank. The GOP expect fallout from Wikileaks, know Ryan or replacement won’t prosecute. GOP agree to circle wagons around un-electable Hillary to avoid “elder” prosecution. Coup plotters panic as leaders ratted out. Expect massive revolt.

Ryan knew for months that the Washington Post had the tapes, so did Priebus.

At present, House Republicans can impeach Hillary Clinton for perjury, but are stalling. What we are seeing, perhaps, is a show trial by Rep. Jason Chaffitz, who just withdrew his support from Trump. Knowing the Clinton Foundation involves high level Republican members, the plan is to replace, or attempt to replace Donald Trump so Hillary can face no charges. Keep an eye on GOP members who made a bolt to the door too early.


FBI Insider Leaks All: Clinton Foundation Exposed, Involves Entire US Government

Clinton support actually drops, main impact from Wikileaks.

Explains the set up. More soon.

Clinton loses support from women.

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