Bernie Lost His Street Cred

Shut the fuck up, Bernie. In terms of threats, look for what you might have in common with Trump and make yourself useful. The Scary Trump meme is tired and you’re not the revolutionary, after all. BTW, I voted for your pussy ass before you turned around and legitimized the DNC corruption that made the primaries completely invalid. You hurt every American by pretending the DNC wasn’t fatally corrupted.

Bernie’s attacks on Trump ring hollow. He endorsed, and therefore enabled a cackling study in corruption. Worst of all, by silence he discredits efforts of whistle blowers, both alive and dead, who tried to expose the DNC “hacking,” which was actually an insider leak, and rigged primaries, which we know was done by the DNC. Even the DNC admits it in court documents it had done everything in its power to enthrone Hillary. This is the heart of the class-action lawsuit against the DNC itself.

John Podesta hints at what happened to murdered whistle-blower, and Sanders supporter, Seth Rich.
[pullquote]If you’re over 10 and cannot see the pattern of unending falsehood consistent with a pathological liar who not only insults your intelligence but flings it down and stomps upon it, you have no business opining at the grown up table.[/pullquote]As a result, because this creates the false narrative that Hillary was the rightful winner of the primaries, he therefore supports the new allegations against Russia being the actual hackers. Hitch your wagon to Hillary and the train of lies will always turn you into a crooked laughing stock by association and osmosis. Look at Obama’s legacy, or what’s left of it. It’s painful to watch his fall from grace as he attempts to legitimize the string of lies and childish absurdity pouring out of the embittered Clinton camp.

Bernie is justifying the return of the Cold War over a clear-cut, absolute falsehood a child, and not even a particularly bright one, can see through given the string of lies and discredited claims preceding it.

There are few things as despicable as bearing false witness, and few things as sobering as the karma that will follow, as these things are never unrewarded.

The only people that actually believe the Russians hacked our election are the same geniuses that spray their laptops with Lysol so they won’t get a virus (that means you, Rep. Adam Schiff and Sen. John McCain). You wouldn’t want them anywhere near an unsupervised computer, for even the most heartless soul would worry they might hurt themselves somehow. And here they are, in high office, in “I’m With Her” footie pajamas and breathlessly taking the word of a butt hurt pathological liar ; this after she unleashed a string of lies blaming her election loss on the Bernie Bros, racists, xenophobes, Alex Jones, James Comey, Obama, a biased pro-Trump media, Facebook, fake news, and now Putin when this all started with an idiot named Hillary who transferred classified  emails to her private server and spurred an FBI criminal investigation. If you’re over 10 and cannot see the pattern of unending falsehood consistent with a pathological liar who not only insults your intelligence but flings it down and stomps upon it, please limit your grandiloquent opining to the kiddie table, this is grown-up talk.

For example, James Comey’s FBI criminal investigation into her private server with top secret data had nothing to do with hacking, and that hurt her the most.

Think about  it. She ran while under a criminal FBI investigation and expected Americans to trust her because Katy Perry and Lady Gaga do. She rigged the primary and sabotaged Bernie Sanders’ campaign and lost his supporters. She called half of Americans racist, deplorables, irredeemables, xenophobes, and sexists. She ignored the swing states and blue firewall until it was too late. Putin had nothing to do with that.

None of these critical mistakes can be blamed on anyone but Hillary, but there you have it. Somehow Putin is responsible for Trump winning, when the greatest enemy Hillary ever faced was herself, her hubris and incompetence.

This is just sad. Pathetic. It’s so beneath adult behavior and even children would deem it immature. And she wonders why she lost more than double the electors she called for in her last ditch effort to have Trump electors defect.


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