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Trump Election Delay Question Warned Soon To Meet American Invasion Of Communist China

A grimly foreboding new Ministry of Defense (MoD) report circulating in the Kremlin today says the rage and furor caused by President Donald Trump asking yesterday “Delay the Election until people can properly, securely and safely vote???” is entirely unjustified because this question isn’t being viewed in its proper context—a context that can only been seen when noticing that immediately following President Trump asking this question, Communist China ordered Hong Kong to cancel its fall election using the coronavirus as the excuse—both occurring at the same time India received its first French-built Rafale fighter aircraft as it prepares to join the war against Communist China—that Communist China responded to by announcing that its long-range bombers have now joined war drills in the South China Sea—that the United States responded to by quickly signing a joint air defense military cooperation agreement with Israel—all of which caused Communist Chinese military experts to publish their warning letter titled “US Could Attack China, Seize Disputed Islands In South China Sea Before 2020 US Elections”—wherein they stated the obvious reality that: “The signs are clear that the US may, to everyone’s surprise, attack Nansha (Spratly) islands and reefs…It is vital for the Chinese side to make military plans as early as possible to respond to the possible attacks from the US side”.  […]

Sorcha Faal

Africa Begins Paying Reparations To Whites While Thought Police Begin Disarming Americans

An astonishing new Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) report circulating in the Kremlin today noting that the de-dollarization process between Russia and Communist China has speeded up and most trades are no longer conducted in US Dollars, says this development follows the warning issued this past January by Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov that the rejection of the US Dollar “is an objective response to the unpredictability of US economic policy and the outright abuse by Washington of the dollar’s status as a world reserve currency”—an objective response predicated upon socialist-globalist forces enacting their “Big Lies that The EU is Fixed, The Dollar Is Dying and COVID Will Kill You” as they try to bring down President Donald Trump—though in doing so they’ve abandoned all of their once most dearly held moral principals—best exampled by what’s occurring now as a massive over 260-strong Communist Chinese fishing fleet approached the protected Galapagos Island chain to plunder from it our world’s most revered fish species, that sees President Trump ordering the US Navy to send out warnings about this looming environmental catastrophe—and while ignoring, also sees these socialist-globalist forces turning their blind eyes away from one the most astounding acts of true social racial justice ever to be witnessed in modern times—which occurred yesterday in the African nation of Zimbabwe, where its black leaders signed a billion-dollar deal to pay reparations to 4,000 white farmers whose land was illegally seized under the despotic rule of the late socialist tyrant Robert Mugabe—the American counterpart of which would be if black leaders in the socialist Democrat Party paid reparations to the ancestors of the hundreds-of-thousands of white Republican Party Union soldiers who gave their lives to free their nation’s slaves—but instead of even coming anywhere close to exhibiting true social racial justice, these demonic socialist Democrats are now instituting a frightening regime of thought crime offences to disarm the American people with—that this week was put on full and horrible display in the socialist Democrat Party stronghold State of California, who’ve begun disarming its citizens for nothing they’ve done, but solely based on anonymous tips from ANTIFA terrorists claiming that these legal gun owners are racist.   […]

Sorcha Faal

Republican COVID-19 Bill Becomes War Document As Democrats Prepare To Murder School Children

An intriguing new Security Council (SC) report circulating in the Kremlin today sees this transcript showing its Members trying to understand what exactly is happening in the United States, and why—an undertaking not easily accomplished because of the many perplexing absurdities abounding in America—the latest occurring yesterday when United States Attorney General William Barr testified at a hearing in the US House of Representatives that’s in control of the socialist Democrat Party—a hearing that brutally opened with Republican Party leader US Congressman Jim Jordon playing a video showing the socialist mob violence decimating America that the socialist Democrats and their leftist mainstream media lapdogs denied was occurring, and Fox News most accurately described the substance of with the words: “He came, he saw, he ate their lunch. Bill Barr, denied a meal break, feasted instead on a gaggle of Democratic amateurs”—and while occurring, saw the Republican Party leaders in the US Senate pushing forward their COVID-19 bill to send a second wave of stimulus checks of up to $1,200 to Americans, plus an additional $500 for dependents—though in reality, this COVID-19 bill is an actual war document providing the US military with tens-of-billions of dollars in additional funding on top of the already astronomical $705-billion they’ve already received this year—a perplexity matched by the socialist Democrat Party school teachers in Washington D.C. that lined up body bags they say they’ll need for themselves if they’re made to start teaching children again—but factually would be body bags needed for the school children these socialist Democrat Party school teachers seem intent on murdering—a grim fact explained by both the United Nations and World Health Organization, both of whom are now warning that school closures and lockdowns are killing more children than the COVID-19 virus.   […]


BREAKING: Proof the Democrats Planned to Employ Black Lives Matter Riots and a Virus to Ward Off In-Person Voting

It is a leaked DNC document from 2016 that proves BLM riots are staged events. It is a document that details plans for a virus scare that would dissuade people from voting in person. It was a document detailing internal polling suggesting Clinton’s campaign had “metastasized” beyond repair and that extreme measures would be required to salvage it. The suggested option was to stage a UFO invasion using military holograms and psyops to cancel the election and install Hillary Clinton into power. Into this end, both Hillary and John Podesta made public claims about announcing the existence of UFOs. […]

Sorcha Faal

“Spider Web Of Fear” Suffocates America As Biden Terrorists Prepare To Unleash Wave Of Bombings

A thought-provoking new Security Council (SC) report circulating in the Kremlin today discussing in shocking disbelief why American leftist tech giants Google, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube suddenly censored and blacklisted without warning a viral video sweeping the world yesterday after it accumulated over 20-million views, and suspended the Twitter account of Donald Trump Jr. when he shared it, notes the only offense found in this viral video incurring such vengeful socialist wrath was its showing a press conference given by nearly 30 expert medical professionals belonging to the America’s Frontline Doctors organization—a press conference held on the steps of the United States Supreme Court where these front line doctors treating the COVID-19 virus exposed what they called the “spider web of fear” being generated about this disease they say is near instantly curable with treatments [Watch censored video HERE]—that matches the fear being generated in America as its peoples watch violent socialist mobs destroy their cities—terrorist mobs controlled by the socialist Democrat Party through their paramilitary arm called ANTIFA that are being led by ANTIFA General Joe Biden—whom the Federal Security Service (FSB) is now warning may be preparing to unleash a wave of bombings across the United States—an FSB warning based on the investigation conducted after a terrorist was neutralized in Moscow two days ago after he traveled to a garage where weapons were stored—an investigation showing this terrorist was linked to the Anarchist Black Cross Moscow organization—and after this terrorist was neutralized, then saw Moscow being targeted with threats that 20 buildings and hospitals were rigged with explosives—threats the FSB traced back to a Facebook page in France that posted “Russian Antifa and anarchist need help and solidarity”—with the FSB further discovering that this French site had also been communicating with a Seattle-Washington based Google engineer named Zachary Ames Trudo—information the FSB quickly relayed to FBI Office Moscow—that was followed by American news reports that the US federal courthouse in Portland-Oregon had been attacked with a bomb, ammunition and Molotov cocktails bombs were captured by US police forces in Portland-Oregon, and most importantly, Google engineer Zachary Ames Trudo had been captured and charged with assault, attempting escape and resisting arrest before he could fulfill his socialist vow against America to “Burn it to the Ground!”.  […]

Sorcha Faal

CIA Hangs “Non-Survivable” Target On Back Of Democrat Party Leader Joe Biden

An at first merely fascinating new Security Council (SC) report circulating in the Kremlin today becomes gobsmacking after this transcript shows President Putin stating his belief that the American presidential candidacy of socialist Democrat Party leader Joe Biden has now become “non-survivable”—a stunning statement made after President Putin was briefed on a highly classified “Of Special Importance” document prepared by the Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) detailing recent operations being conducted by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)—two of whose most notable attachments are a 26 July press release titled “Former CIA Director Releases Bombshell, Tell All Book” and a 17 July press release titled “President and Attorney General Reach Out to Book Author”—the latter of which says “President Trump reached out to the Author to confirm that he knows about this and that everyone is involved” and further states “This is what William Barr had to say about the book: By hard work and sheer determination the Author was able to show how our most senior Elected Officials misused their influence with the DOJ to raise campaign contributions by selling justice to the highest bidders”—both of which were released by a former CIA operative named Richard Lawless—whom the SVR says “may or may not even exist”.  […]

Sorcha Faal

Executions Of Black Trump Supporters Meets “All Under Heaven” Communist Chinese Approval

A very disturbing new Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) report circulating in the Kremlin today says that after the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) revealed this past week that it is hunting for Communist Chinese military spies all across America, it was no surprise that President Donald Trump followed this revelation by ordering Communist China to immediately close its major spy center in the US known as the Chinese Consulate in Houston-Texas, and then ordered the FBI to raid it—though most alarming about after President Trump issued this order, was his being viciously attacked by the socialist Democrat Party and its leaders, who quickly jumped to the defense of Communist China—alarming because Communist Chinese President Xi Jinping has claimed the “All Under Heaven” right to rule over the entire world—that is the “All Under Heaven” ancient Chinese belief that they are the center of the world—and in this “All Under Heaven” world, sees the Communist Chinese fearing and despising black people more than any other race—a hatred of black people put on full display yesterday in Communist China when crowds gathered to watch American diplomats evacuate their consulate in Chengdu ordered closed in retaliation against President Trump—crowds that jeered the young black woman American diplomat who had worked at The Agricultural Trade Office of the U.S. Consulate General in Chengdu—and explains why the socialist Democrat Party is supporting Communist China, because they too fear and despise black people—a fear that rose to horror levels this past week for these socialist Democrats after they discovered that black support for President Trump has now reached historic levels—and makes it no wonder why black supporters of President Trump are now being targeted for socialist execution—the latest one being black Trump supporter Bernell Trammell, who was executed with a bullet to the head this past Thursday while standing outside in broad daylight in front of his store in the socialist Democrat Party stronghold City of Milwaukee—while narrowly escaping execution was black Trump supporter Drew Duncomb, who was violently stabbed by a socialist terrorist while walking in the downtown area of the socialist Democrat Party stronghold City of Portland yesterday.  […]

Sorcha Faal

China Prepares 500,000 Strong American Invasion Force In Preparation For Biden Election Win

A mind-blowing new Security Council (SC) report circulating in the Kremlin today discussing a Ministry of Defense (MoD) war warning based on the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists having recently assessed that India may have put the Communist Chinese capitol city of Beijing within the range of its nuclear weapons, says equally worrisome to note is the United States having just made this past week a strategic shift to the critical Pacific Ocean region by deploying its nuclear weapon capable F-35 fighter aircraft to a new air base facility hidden deep in the interior of Alaska—a war move made notable because the F-35 is feared to be the biggest electronic collection system ever devised—and are F-35 fighter-surveillance aircraft now positioned to defend the huge Pacific Exercise centered on Guam being conducted by naval forces of the United States, Japan and Australia—a massive naval force quickly assembled within hours of Australia joining the United States to declare that Communist China’s claim on the South China Sea does not comply with international law—that was immediately followed by Indonesia rushing 24 of its warships to fight back against Communist China’s claims on the South China Sea, too.  […]

Sister Ciara

“Eyes Wide Shut” Transformation Of America Being Led By “Rulers Of The Darkness Of This Age”

In three days time, our world will mark the 26 July birth anniversary of two of the most influential people in modern history—Carl Jung (born 26 July 1875-died 6 June 1961) and Stanley Kubrick (born 26 July 1928-died 7 March 1999)—and about whom this quote will prove instructive as we progress: “If you were to mix brilliance and creative in what one might call a modern day alchemist – among the most noted in the 20th Century would be Carl Jung and Stanley Kubrick, who happen to share the same birthday, July 26.  These are not the alchemists of old who wanted to turn metal into gold, but men who moved the alchemy of consciousness in time up another notch as we awaken”. […]

Sorcha Faal

Trump Throws China Out Of America After Beijing Practices Airstrikes On US Warships

An informative new Ministry of Defense (MoD) report circulating in the Kremlin today discussing the just completed “Show of Strength” snap combat readiness drill involving 150,000 troops, 400 aircraft and 100 ships, notes that even though “this surprise combat readiness check is a training measure and is not aimed against other countries”, it would be naïve not to understand it when placed into the greater context of the United States and Communist China moving closer to war by the hour—a conflict greatly escalated over the past few hours when two US Navy nuclear armed aircraft carrier battle groups operating in the South China Sea “were forced to take countermeasures”  after Communist Chinese warplanes began practicing airstrikes on these US warships—that caused President Donald Trump to retaliate and order Communist China to close its consulate in Houston-Texas within 72-hours and threw its diplomats out of America—that caused Communist China to “vow retaliation” and officially state: “China urges the US to immediately revoke this wrong decision…Otherwise, China will make proper and necessary response”—a countermeasure response that now sees Communist China preparing to order the Americans to leave their US consulate in Wuhan-China, while at the same time, the Communist China consulate in Houston-Texas has begun burning all of their secret documents as they prepare to flee—all of which is occurring at the same time the radical socialist Black Lives Matter in America has joined with Communist China in destroying statues and images of Jesus—who’ve now been joined by leftist tech giant Twitter banning the Jewish Star of David because they’ve deemed it “hateful imagery”—thus proving that at its very core, this looming conflict is, in fact and reality, a war against God. […]

Sorcha Faal

NATO Death Nears After Egypt Joins March To World War III And China Crucifies Jesus Again

An alarming new Security Council (SC) report circulating in the Kremlin today one can’t be blamed for assuming is based on the chapters written by Australian historian Christopher Clark in his seminal work “The Sleepwalkers: How Europe Went to War in 1914”—that traces the paths to World War I based on the key decisions made  in Vienna, Berlin, St. Petersburg, Paris, London, and Belgrade, while examining the decades of history that informed the events of 1914 and details the mutual misunderstandings and unintended signals that drove the crisis forward in a few short weeks—shows that our world is, once again, sleepwalking towards a global conflagration most people don’t even know is fast looming on the horizon—a global conflict that’s now been joined by Egypt, whose parliament just approved a troop deployment to Libya a few hours ago—Egyptian military forces who are supporting General Khalifa Haftar and his Libyan National Army (LNA), that’s also being supported by Russia and NATO member France—are fighting against the Tripoli-Libya-based Government of National Accord (GNA), that’s being supported by NATO members Turkey and Italy—and now sees it being warned that “Turkey will be the death of NATO” after it clashed with fellow member France off the coast of Libya—all occurring at the same time war tensions between Armenia and Azerbaijan continue to build—conflict that would draw in Russian and United States military forces to protect Armenia, while Turkish and Communist Chinese military forces would be defending their ally Azerbaijan—while at the same time, the United States and Communist China are rapidly escalating their war moves against each other in the South China Sea—an escalation that’s now passed the point of no return after Communist China shocked the world yesterday by ordering its Christians to remove from their homes all images of Jesus—thus meaning that if any of the socialist-globalist elites in America even dare to voice their support for Communist China, they will incur the full wrath of their nation’s Christians.   […]

Sorcha Faal

Mafia Hitman Strikes Family Of US Federal Judge Due To Testify Before Ghislaine Maxwell Grand Jury

A heavily-redacted and highly-classified “Of Special Importance” new Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) report circulating in the Kremlin today reveals that just hours before United States District Judge Esther Salas was scheduled to testify before a grand jury overseen by the United States Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York (SDNY), an assassin dressed as a delivery driver went to her North Brunswick Township-New Jersey home where he shot and killed her 20-year-old son and critically wounded her husband—an assassination important to note as US District Judge Salas is in charge of the case against Deutsche Bank in regards to murdered child sex slaver Jeffrey Epstein known as Karimi v. Deutsche Bank Aktiengesellschaft et al.—and further important to note was US District Judge Salas being responsible for the case of Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice and her husband Giuseppe “Joe” Giudice—the latter case appearing to be the most notable, because the FBI Office Moscow requested SVR investigative assistance in a matter relating to it on 1 July—a request made by the FBI the day after they captured and arrested a Lucchese Crime Family mobster named John Perna for beating the husband of The Real Housewives of New Jersey star Dina Manzo—and specifically saw the FBI requesting SVR information about the leader of The Mulner Organization named Amir Mulner, who is considered one of the most ruthless and sophisticated criminals in Israel—that same Amir Mulner who’s linked to the Lucchese Crime Family and Gambino Crime Family, as well as his having ties to both the Genovese Crime Family and the Pittsburgh Crime Family—the latter two being known as the Genovese-LaRocca Crime Family that’s linked to Les Wexner, the Russian-Jewish billionaire that funded both Jeffery Epstein and his child sex slaver partner Ghislaine Maxwell, and whom the SVR asserts is the main grand jury target of SDNY prosecutors—and is the same Les Wexner the SVR says was responsible for the Gambino Crime Family “ninja assassin” sent to assassinate Jeffrey Epstein—a linking of US and Israeli international mobsters to the Epstein-Maxwell child sex slave operation not widely known to the American people—but within these secretive crime families is well known—which is why mobster-turned-informant Salvatore “Sammy the Bull” Gravano said about former President Bill Clinton “We know he’s a fucking degenerate”, and added for good measure “Don’t take that personal, Clinton, wherever you are, that I’m calling you a degenerate”.  […]

Sorcha Faal

“Weather War” Plot To Destroy Wuhan Virus Causes Red Alert And China To Warn “Worst Is Yet To Come”

An at first seemingly ordinary new Security Council (SC) report circulating in the Kremlin today discussing the gravity of Taiwan aiming its US missiles at Beijing after a a strong ally of Communist Chinese leader President Xi warned that he would invade US-backed Taiwan “early next year”, becomes mind-bendingly surreal after this transcript uses the phrase “вызывает недоумение тот факт” to describe a highly-classified “Of Special Importance” document prepared by the Federal Security Service (FSB)—a Russian phrase whose very rough English translation is “perplexing fact”, but most critical to note about is a unique Russian phrase using the verb “perplex” as it only pertains to “humanitarian emergencies related to natural disasters”—in this FSB document sees its context usage pertaining to the “Red Alert” issued by Communist China as it frantically attempts to deal with “the highest floodwaters in their recorded history” so catastrophic they now threaten to destroy the city of Wuhan where the COVID-19 virus originated from, with it now being warned “the worst is yet come”—and then sees this FSB document linking these catastrophic floods with the American military arrest of US Navy Chief Petty Officer Charles T. Briggs for sending top-secret information to a Russian national—the FSB arrest of Russian space official Ivan Safronov for treason because he communicated with an unnamed NATO country—and the FSB arrest of Khabarovsk region provincial governor Sergei Furgal for murder—all of whom this FSB document points to them being key participants in a “weather war” plot against Communist China to obliterate its coronavirus epicenter city of Wuhan. […]

Sorcha Faal

Putin Orders Snap Alert Of 150,000 Russian Troops As “Night Of Broken Glass” Fears Explode

A fearful new Security Council (SC) report circulating in the Kremlin today explaining why President Putin ordered a surprise snap combat alert of over 150,000  troops of the Southern and Western Military Districts, Marine Infantry of the Northern and Pacific Fleets, some units of the Central Command and also for the Airborne Force, says this needed war action was in direct response to socialist arsonists attacking and causing a major fire in the historic 15th Century gothic cathedral Saint-Pierre-et-Saint-Paul in Nantes-France—that when added to the beheading of a Jesus statue and other socialist attacks against Christian churches in America, unmistakably shows that the Western world is rapidly building towards another Kristallnacht (Night of Broken Glass) event its leaders know is soon coming, but are deliberately ignoring and doing nothing to prevent—with the lone exception being the United States, where during the past fortnight Secretary of State Mike Pompeo delivered a major speech defending Christianity, along with religious rights and freedoms—though after doing so, then saw the leftist New York Times leading a fierce socialist attack against Secretary Pompeo and religious freedom—a fierce attack quickly joined by the radical leftist US Federal Judge that said the socialist Democrat Party stronghold State of California could establish its own international treaties with provinces in the socialist nation of Canada, with his astoundingly ruling that “California is making a deal with another province, not the entire nation of Canada”—an absurd distinction having no basis in international law, as parts of nation are the nation—but most grimly to be noted about, is the same socialist nation of Canada that’s now prosecuting as a hate crime the defacing of memorials honoring Nazis—and with socialist Democrat Party leader Joe Biden now being called a “Vehicle For The Revolution”, along with Vice President Mike Pence having just warned the American people that Biden is “A Trojan Horse For A Radical Agenda”, shows how close the United States is to extinguishing Christianity out of existence—an extinguishing of Christianity that now sees the historic churches and cathedrals in the socialist Democrat Party stronghold New York City now coming under dire threat after New York State Police forces demanded they be immediately removed from there because they say: “We Now Cannot Safely Arrest A Violent Person”.   […]

Sorcha Faal

United States Issues “Dire Warning” As Fierce America Eagle Sails Into Chinese Dragon Lair

A grimly worded new Security Council (SC) report circulating in the Kremlin today discussing the assessment just made by former United Kingdom National Security Adviser Lord Peter Ricketts that “the danger of a catastrophic conflict being triggered by a misunderstanding between the United States and Communist Chinese forces is all too real”, says this fear has now been heightened after the Azerbaijani Ministry of Defense warned that its forces could carry out a precision strike on the Metzamur nuclear power station in western Armenia—an Azerbaijan that’s an economic puppet state of Communist China, as opposed to an Armenia whose military forces are trained by the US—both of whom now stand on the precipice of war—is a great state proxy war conflict coming just days after the United States officially rejected Communist China’s territorial claims in the South China Sea—and just hours after United States Attorney General William Barr issued a “dire warning” about Communist China saying that the “ultimate ambition of China’s rulers isn’t to trade with the United States…It is to raid the United States”—his further warning that Communist China is “engaged in an economic blitzkrieg” against America—and his stating that this conflict “is the most important issue for our nation and the world in the 21st Century”—is a dire warning being backed up by military force, as over the past few hours, and for the second time this month, America is now sailing its massive battle fleet of two nuclear armed aircraft carriers into the very heart of the South China Sea contested waters—which prompted an enraged Communist China to declare that the: “South China Sea is fully within the grasp of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army, and any US aircraft carrier movement in the region is solely at the pleasure of the PLA”—a threat the US Navy responded to by saying it was “not intimidated” and that the carriers were there “at our discretion”—then most provocatively, saw the US Navy firing back at Communist China with a series of picture memes—the one most sure to enrage the Communist Chinese being the one “showing a black US Navy sailor playing his China cards”—because unlike any other nation in the world, Communist China has an irrational fear of a “black invasion” bringing drugs, crime, and interracial marriage into their country.  […]