Gratuitous Impiety

The P’s have it

A pleasantly plump and plainly panicked pachyderm pressured into packing packs of pumpkins, pickled peppers, and peas, says please when presented with polite persuasion. […]

Gratuitous Impiety

On C’s

Collin consorted with a castrating cunt called Carrie. Carrie couldn’t conceal her contempt concerning Collin, her constant conniving, complaining, and calumny clearly cut Collin’s confidence. Clandestinely Carrie carried on a cabal with a creepy cat called Connor. […]

Gratuitous Impiety

On B’s

Boys in blue are a brigade of brigands with burnished badges brandishing batons beating bums and bringing blacks bereavement. Blatantly breaking the boundaries of bad behavior, they block blossoming businesses, and burn bridges in the barrio. […]


The Prince

Although the light of almost four centuries has been focused on “The Prince,” its problems are still debatable and interesting, because they are the eternal problems between the ruled and their rulers. Such as they are, its ethics are those of Machiavelli’s contemporaries; yet they cannot be said to be out of date so long as the governments of Europe rely on material rather than on moral forces. Its historical incidents and personages become interesting by reason of the uses which Machiavelli makes of them to illustrate his theories of government and conduct. […]