On C’s

download_anonymous_2_by_paullus23-d6sq1x5Collin consorted with a castrating cunt called Carrie. Carrie couldn’t conceal her contempt concerning Collin, her constant conniving, complaining, and calumny clearly cut Collin’s confidence. Clandestinely Carrie carried on a cabal with a creepy cat called Connor. Clearly coming from a corn-fed clan, Connor commonly clobbered Carrie with a crooked colossus of a contagious cock. Catching clap yet concentrating on climax, Carrie got careless. Connor convicted of criminal conspiracy, carefully covered up his career as a con. Coping cash from Carries clothes, he coldly crowned Carrie with a cudgel, causing concussion, closing Carrie’s consciousness till Connor cleared the country. Collin catching Carrie cavorting considered consequences. Considering her callousness, he conspired with her caregivers to call her crazy and commit her to captive care. Coincidentally Collin consulted one curious caregiver called Cassandra. Cassandra cuddled and cared for Collin creating contentment causing a cheerful crescendo. Concurrently Collin cajoled Cassandra to continuously confine Carrie to a constrictive coat. Carrie cried at Collins cruelty, contemplated consuming copious containers of Concerta. Confused and clouded by contradiction Carrie, contracted complications and collapsed into a coma, convulsed and coded. Conner caught by Costa Rican constables was convicted in court for a collection of crimes. Conner collected care for clap he caught and is currently cool and continues to contemplate coming criminal calamities.