The P’s have it

A pleasantly plump and plainly panicked pachyderm pressured into packing packs of pumpkins, pickled peppers, and peas, says please when presented with polite persuasion. Profoundly pondering, postulating possibilities, picking perfect prizes, and progressing. Please pronounce your proclamations promptly as poor possibilities for prolonged pronouncements produce pain. Plainly pissy poor players present passions proximate to pigs. Please pull out proxies and play presently. Presuppose that provoking a pachyderm produces a plague of problems. Plagiarizing the profound passages of the past and presenting paltry pulp as a personal product is puke and prostitution. Purloin preciously petite parts and perform popular primary programs people prefer. Place pompous and pretentious pricks in a proper place, placating present paradigms. Presently people prefer popular passages pitting people on pedestals of primly presiding prerogatives plushly punking poor pachyderms. Plural pachyderms pleasurably picking and plucking pumpkins from plowed patches, presently pleases people. Procure powerful police protection from pitiless plagiarizing predators.
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