Gratuitous Impiety

Fuck Yoo Very Much

Fuck Yoo very much indeed. John Yoo, that is. He was a chief architect of Bush’s torture policy. In the video above he is teaching a class of Berkeley law students, apparently, the fine points of detainee torture. […]


Norm McDonald’s Fatal Attraction

Resigned, Norm sighed and wrote another poem to be stacked among the undelivered, tacit sentiments that weighed so heavily upon his heart. But glancing curiously over his shoulder, I saw the poem titles alone discouraged further inquiry: “Killing Me Softly with his Dong”, “I’m Your Crack, Baby” and “Cum into My End Zone. […]

Gratuitous Impiety

Rush Limbaugh’s Erectile Dysfunction

With his ejaculate dripping from a bedroom ceiling lined with posters of Karl Rove, discerning minds soon realize that Rush is faking erectile dysfunction for effect, much like the orgasms he fakes by spitting on Sean Hannity’s back… […]

Gratuitous Impiety

How to Make DaVinci Cry

"All descriptions of artwork, architecture, documents, and secret rituals of this novel are accurate"…one of the most questionable "facts" Dan Brown lists in the opening page of The DaVinci Code. […]


In Defense of Apocalypto

If our hands are bloody through needless wars and dehumanization, despite all our advances in science and human understanding, if our own sense of right and wrong is ambiguous as it was since man began, why expect the Maya to be any different? Regardless of the controversy surrounding the alleged historical inaccuracies, I liked the film. It had me on the edge of my seat, I liked the characters I was supposed to like, hated those I was supposed to hate, and I would certainly recommend the film to anyone, particularly the squeamish and anyone prone to faint at the sight of blood. Muahahaha. […]


Flight 800: You Don’t Deserve to Know

Judge Grants Immortality to Presidential PrivilegeMissile Shrapnel in the Victims (PDF) What they found they will contest in court before telling you… because apparently, unproven theoretical “accident findings” are a threat to national security. There was a history of undue, criminal secrecy and obstruction of justice that preceded the present administration. […]

2017 JFK Files

The JFK Assassination: It Was Johnson

In 1967, Jim Garrison’s case against Clay Shaw wasn’t just about Shaw. Shaw was a way to get to a much larger fish: Johnson. And Johnson knew this. The Garrison case implied Johnson was to blame for Kennedy’s assassination, and the findings in that trial actually helped lead to Johnson’s refusal to run in 1968…despite Shaw’s acquittal. At the time of the assassination and until his death, Johnson was represented by a law firm partnered by Barr McClellan, the author of “Blood, Money & Power: How L.B.J. Killed J.F.K.”. So in terms of credibility, you can’t get a better source: the very lawyers who defended Johnson against accusations of complicity. An interesting quote by the author, Barr McClellan: “When asked if he was concerned for the safety of his twin sons, he said: ‘The Democrats are pretty much out of power, really, in the state of Texas. So…they’re in good shape.'” (Barr McClellan is father of the present White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan) […]


Jury Finds Conspiracy in MLK Assassination

Even though the slug that killed King was broken into three pieces, there were enough marks on it to allow a comparison, and that comparison showed the 12 of 18 bullets did not match. Even after a Tennessee jury found the King assassination was the result of a conspiracy and not the act of a lone killer, the Clinton Administration refused to allow James Earl Ray his first trial, a Constitutional right Ray was denied since 1968. When questioning Ray, Dexter King made it clear that he and the King family itself believed James Earl Ray was innocent, and they wanted a trial as he had only a few months to live. […]