Flight 800: You Don’t Deserve to Know

Judge Grants Immortality to Presidential PrivilegeMissile Shrapnel in the Victims (PDF)

What they found they will contest in court before telling you… because apparently, unproven theoretical “accident findings” are a threat to national security. There was a history of undue, criminal secrecy and obstruction of justice that preceded the present administration.

Under another Clinton administration, you can rest assured it will continue in this and future miscarriages of justice, because there is a conflict of interest, and there is no way Hillary will open an investigation into the misdeeds of her husband. light 800 is not going to go away, the evidence, both missing and extant, reveals an incredible contempt for due process and human rights. There is never justification for calling a massacre an accident, and doing so in light of contradictory and irrefutable evidence inherently places then President Clinton on a level no more honorable than the killers themselves. The cover-up aids and abets the criminal action itself, and this is why it’s so important for Clinton’s media assets to convince people that this matter is not a mystery at all, that we know what caused the explosion and that it was an accident.

But again, for an accident, there is an appalling, unprecedented secrecy and arrogance when dealing with the public, witnesses, and airline professionals. How a spark in a 747 ‘s fuel tank relates to “national security” is a question that needs to be answered. How “national security” became the easiest way for presidents to stifle investigations and obstruct justice by virtue of the fact they need not disclose the specific threat leaves one to wonder if by allowing this to go unchallenged, we have essentially reduced to irrelevancy the Senate and Congress by giving the president virtual immunity from prosecution for executive misconduct; up to and including treason. If Clinton could appeal to the blanket immunity of “national security” in the impeachment, when he was nailed for having sex with Monica Lewinsky, don’t think for a second he wouldn’t have appealed to it. Actually, if I recall correctly, they tried. And failed, probably because there were no military or intelligence agents he could promote or fire when it came to following the official line or refusing to. Phone sex with the president, apparently, was not a national security matter.Even worse, the conduct of the Republican leadership at the time (Newt Gingrich and Trent Lott) made even Clinton look good in regards to the case, and they seemed even more eager to brush the whole matter under the rug.

How the TWA Flight 800 bipartisan cover-up opened the door to 9-11….


You Don’t Deserve to Know: Over 270 Eyewitness Reports

By 1996, Clinton’s Favorite Toilet Paper Was No Longer Charmin… but Flight 800 Eyewitness Reports

Here, Clinton tells friendly print and broadcast media assets that a plane flying from NYC to Paris could do so on empty fuel tanks.   In 1996, the internet was still in its infancy, and most people still got their news from network media assets supporting the administration’s effort to cover-up the facts surrounding Flight 800. Things have changed now.

Crashing Planes into NYC: the Columbine Killers’ Unnerving 9-11 “Premonition”

Eric Harris (left)- one of the two killers and teen white supremacists in the Columbine Massacre- noted in his diary of plans to hijack planes and crash them into New York City. This was long before 9-11. It was a dream of the Klan since it was perceived as the heart of Jewish economic tyranny, and it was a dream that evidently trickled down to Harris. The Harris video in question is here. (Real Player) Pictured is a drawing posted by Harris on his AOL web page. Note the Klan figure…

The TWA Flight 800 Disinformation Campaign

The FBI Stinger Missile Evidence: Why the Myth of Mechanical Failure is Still Alive

Lately, we’ve been hearing a lot about the abuse of the term “national security” and how under this pretense, just about any form of corruption could be concealed indefinitely. While the Bush Administration is often criticized- rightfully so- for appealing to it far too readily after 9-11, it is an odious practice that every president has appealed to since Johnson. (See Judge Grants Immortality to Presidential Privilege National Security Archives.) We are currently in a state of war. As such, it’s not surprising there will be more secrecy than we’re accustomed to. But in 1996, we were not at war. And in that year, no doubt out of respect for your intelligence, President Clinton decided that “accident findings” in the TWA Flight 800 explosion constituted a threat to national security. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that this is absurd. If it was an accident, then the findings of every commercial airline crash can and should be concealed under the pretense of national security, until somehow, some way- we find a cure or vaccine for accidents.

As we’ll see from the evidence at hand and eyewitness reports, it was a terrorist act. It was investigated as such from day one, but because prosecuting it as one made it impossible to treat as an “accident”, the suspects were free to try again. And this they did. You hear a lot about the 9-11 terrorists who went freely about the US before 9-11, tracked by the FBI but never arrested. They were known, but someone kept the FBI from doing its job. This too, shall be addressed. Was Flight 800 linked to 9-11? Were the terrorist helped by white supremacists (Klan militia fronts) whom the FBI had known formed long-established ties to middle eastern terrorists? Indeed, even Eric Harris- one of the two killers and white supremacists in the Columbine Massacre- noted in his diary of plans to hijack planes and crash them into New York City. This was long before 9-11. It was a dream of the Klan since it was perceived as the heart of Jewish economic tyranny, and it was a dream that evidently trickled down to Harris. The Harris video in question is here. While MSNBC and other network news assets offer a “tribute” to the victims of Flight 800 by promulgating the unproven hypothesis of mechanical failure in the TWA Flight 800 explosion, let’s take a look at what the FBI was looking for as soon as they arrived on the scene of the crime. (And it was a crime, because the FBI doesn’t frequent accidents, nor control their investigations from day one.) Some questions we’ll address:

  • Why would the Clinton Administration [Richard Clarke] lie and who was protected in the disinformation campaign?
  • Why were over 270 eyewitnesses to a missile or possible missile immediately dismissed by press assets in inexplicable reversals?
  • Why were the Air Traffic Control tapes confiscated and never returned?
  • Why are the last few moments of the black box recordings missing?
  • Why is the current theory of mechanical failure- a spark causing the tanks to explode- technically impossible to duplicate? (e.g. the supporting beams bowed inward at the point of the explosion, as opposed to outwards, as physics and common sense would suggest in a fuel tank explosion).
  • Since the theory has never been reproduced in a controlled environment- ever- why is it promulgated as fact by the media? (The best they could do was a CIA cartoon that also defied the laws of physics and deliberately contradicted over 270 eyewitness reports!)
  • If it was an accident, why are most of the key investigative findings and evidence still sealed almost 10 years later under the pretense of National Security? From autopsy reports denoting missile shrapnel in the victims to air traffic control tapes confiscated and never returned, isn’t secrecy the last thing you would apply to accident findings?

The networks and mainstream media, alongside discredited and corrupt partisan officials appointed to obstruct investigations, think you’re too stupid to see through this. Are you? Related