World Matrix, Human Perception Based on Economic Psychology


There are lesser gods, like George Soros or the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Clintons and Bushes see themselves, but they are mortal, will perish soon. We all do.

Then there is the real God.

Then there is the order in the universe suggesting we are in a video game or simulation, if we agree with Elton Musk and others, which means a creator.

Because our understanding of the universe relies on our teachers, what we teach ourselves and are taught, much if not all the simulation is a collective human construct.

So who determines what we are taught? Who sets arbitrary limits on human potential? Who controls the media we misperceive as reality?

Money does, and behind that money a few key families that create paper money from nothing, fiat currency. It is now a digital fiat system, which is the same, but it buys everything. These families buy and control universities and schools. They tell you what math and science “really” is, what is acceptable thinking and what is not. It’s not that they are lying about science, you’re simply not seeing all of it.

“Magic is simply wisdom unknown.”

You’re not seeing a lot of it, because it would empower you, and you wouldn’t be slaves anymore.

If you want to break free of the matrix, you don’t need to do much but read. Listen. Stop watching television and avoid the radio, see the “news” for what it is and avoid it. It is not a medium designed to educate. You cannot cross-reference in real time, not like on the net, and they rely on that.

Trust yourself a little.

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Methinks I am a conspiracy theorist. Art thou? Thou block, thou stone, thou worse than senseless thing, for whilst thou slept didst this become a badge of honor. Informed dissent shall always prevail, wherefore art thou worthy, or art thou this unwholesome fool in the group conformity experiment herein?

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