Sexist Argument, Shame Won’t Make Anyone Like Hillary

“You’re a deplorable, racist, sexist, xenophobic stupid ass basement-dwelling motherfucker if you don’t like me. So why don’t you like me?!”
Joan of Arc: “Wow Hillary! people hate you!”

If people don’t like you that means no vote, period.

It was pretty stupid to think men would get behind a woman in a gender war, which is what this campaign created. It was political suicide. When you consider great women leaders of the past, this was the last thing they would ever do. They had a capacity to make men feel empowered, not weak or threatened, to build bridges, and not burn them. Men have no problem getting behind a strong woman or even young girl, like say, Joan of Arc, but could you imagine Joan’s fate if her argument was “I deserve to lead you because I am a woman, and it’s my turn”?


Bill Maher

There are, however, notable examples of boys who would switch to the girl’s side during playground “battle of the sexes” games… these are the emasculated beta guys that as adults, you see in ball gags and leather masks, getting the shit whipped out of them and jerking off as they’re reamed in the ass with a strap-on, somehow turned on by the humiliation.

You know, pseudo-left guys like Bill “Anteater” Maher or this dapper, hypocritical Wall Street toe-sucker here…

False equivalence narratives won’t work, and they haven’t. For you in the media, if you want to equate espionage and corruption with legal tax returns you need to do some real soul searching. You know what most men, and most women will say when they hear about Trump’s locker-room banter?

So what? I’ve said the same or worse. Have you? How is that worse than selling state secrets, espionage, bribery? (All in Wikileaks, you illiterate media fucks.) This is like using the “I’ve never masturbated” argument. You really are not going to convince anyone, unless you were never born. Sad how of all people, we’re getting the “Holier than thou” nonsense from Team Hillary.

If these tactics worked Hillary would be 50 points ahead. The Google-Hillary-Pentagon triangle was broken when it began.

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