Why Voting Against Hillary is a Moral Imperative for Berniecrats

screen-shot-2016-09-18-at-9-48-40-am-1-1024x741You can never vote Democrat again, in any race, any primary, without the assurance that your vote will actually be counted. The DNC has admitted, in a legal reply to the DNC class-action lawsuit against it (48-ps-response-in-opposition-to-ds-2d-mtd), that the primaries were rigged. Their argument is that Sanders supporters should have known the DNC would favor Hillary, even after declaring complete impartiality and the fact it is demanded in their charter.

It doesn’t matter how much Bernie Sanders grovels for Hillary now. It seems the deaths of Seth Rich, and Sean Lucas, who served the subpoena to the DNC, meant nothing to him.

You don’t reward this by voting for the person responsible.

The admitted DNC primary rigging was an assault and denial of the voting rights of ALL Americans, not just African-Americans.

The only way to ensure your vote matters is to vote against the Democrat, all down the ticket. Personally, that means I vote for Trump, a potential but unlikely disaster versus a known one. Aside from all the petty and meaningless things the media says about him, his opposition to the TPP is reason number one and reason enough. The latest Clinton Foundation leaks regarding pay to play with banks, and much more, aren’t going to help her. Sanders was my choice because he fought so hard against the TPP. Nothing is more critical in this election than defeating the TPP. If it passes, we lose all national sovereignty to multinational corporations. If we passed a Constitutional amendment that banned GMOs, American citizens could be sued to pay for the lost profits, which is why it was negotiated with such secrecy.

But to his credit, Trump doesn’t insult my intelligence, what little there is of it. Hillary dances a jig on it, stomps on it, hocks a huge noogie on it every time she speaks.

But here’s what you need to know about the TPP:

Confirmation Bias Used Against Corporate Media Propaganda, Brilliantly

When Sanders and Trump started, they knew they would face a monolithic, concerted attack from the mainstream media, left and right. Since so few Americans trust the media, both could use that confirmation bias to their advantage. They knew that the more lopsided the pro-Hillary coverage, the more people would look for, and find, signs pointing to media bias: to planted stories, rigged polls, false equivalence narratives (like saying legal tax returns are just as bad as admitted election fraud and obstruction of justice). This helped Trump win the primaries, but it is not helping Hillary. There is virtually no turnout in her rallies to the point many are simply cancelled, and when contrasted with Trump’s massive rallies (bigger than Bernie’s, surprisingly), they are forced to say they’re fine with that, because they know “voter intent.”

Sure they do.

“According to Bloomberg’s Consumer Comfort Index, Democrats are the least confident in 3 months (trending lower) and Republicans are the most confident in 4 months. So, dear mainstream media pollsters, explain this..”
Sad, but understandable.
Is this really a surprise?

In other words, the media can’t wag the dog anymore. People hate them now. CNN is vilified at both BLM rallies and Trump rallies for their bias. NBC news vans have been attacked, windows shattered at another BLM protest.

Americans are like anyone else: they like a fair fight, and don’t root for anyone given an unfair advantage. There is not even the appearance of fairness when every channel you turn to is attacking Trump and ignoring Hillary, which ironically works in Trump’s favor in an era when anywhere from two thirds to 94% of Americans, according to the AP itself, don’t trust the press. This translates to rally turnout and voter enthusiasm when it becomes clear that the media discounts or censors crowd sizes but Trump supporters, like Sanders supporters, see a completely different story on the ground and can share the images on cell phones and online. When this happens, the media is distrusted, and loathed even more.

So think about that. 94% of the public, or at the very least two thirds, are more than open to harbor a reasonable doubt when it comes to questioning the collective media, which is often fatal in election years.

Because Trump supporters are energized, and Hillary’s are not, poll buying for perception management won’t work. If the race appears even, a big turn out for Trump is expected. If she suddenly has a ten point lead through poll buying and the media tries to sell it, an even bigger turn out for Trump  can be expected if his supporters sense danger. This is why it is critical to have voter enthusiasm and momentum.

At best, the rigged polls which are used to keep the illusion of close elections can’t conceal fraud but are now are only keeping the base from full panic and demoralization. Too many Bernie voters are long gone already, even before Hillary’s dismissal of this critical demo as “basement dwellers.” Hillary calling her fellow Americans basement dwellers, deplorables, and irredeemables was more than anything, a glimpse into an angry and unstable mind that cannot be elected, only installed. This is what should give any mental health professional a pause for thought, and seriously wonder if her grasp of reality is slipping.

Kill Julian!!!

From Killery, with love.
Hillary considered drone attack on London embassy.

She has called for the drone strike assassination of the leading and perhaps best journalist in the world, the only one with 100% accuracy, Julian Assange. No journalist has ever been able to say that. Anyway, this would mean a Predator strike at the Ecuadoran embassy in London, England. She was fully assessed of his immobility there, so why would she say it? And if it was a joke, it is a staggering indictment against any argument she has the temperament for office. She did, after all, think her assassination of Qaddafi was funny when she cackled “we came, we saw, he died.” The man was sodomized with a bayonet, castrated after he surrendered. As for the leaders of London, you have a national treasure, the best writer in the world. Don’t pull a Blair and fuck that up too.

download (25)
Hillary’s idea of funny.

Kill Pepe!!!

She has openly called a cartoon meme that existed long before 2016, Pepe the Frog, a symbol of white supremacy (not green supremacy) because some bigot moron used it in a meme, the way some Aryan gangster’s tattoo might put Mickey Mouse in an SS uniform. She even has it on her website. She believes her subjective reality, her sense of threats real and imagined, can and should be controlling the acceptable content on the internet. Yet this is a woman with known brain damage from a severe concussion and blot clot from 2012. She is prone to passing out. Every time you pass out that causes neurons to die from lack of oxygen, if not from hitting your head. We, the people of this world, are not supposed to live in her brain and therefore be subject to conscious or subconscious thought suppression.

Honestly, Hillary, don’t talk shit about Pepe. That’s messed up. He’s a nice guy.

Kill Russians! Kill Putin!!!


She is not even near the White House and we are already facing nuclear war with Russia, which she blames for an email leak that she, and the rest of the world, know she is responsible for because she took classified information from a secure setting to her basement server!!!! Nor has it ever been confirmed publicly, by any NSA or major intelligence chief, that the Russians did it. In fact, the likeliest culprit was an insider, according to the NSA’s own architect, William Binney. The rationale is simple and compelling: she can’t be trusted with state secrets, period. The Russians are actually drilling, with 40 million people, for a nuclear attack, which means we will most assuredly get one in return.

“Why aren’t I 50 points ahead?!”

She is surprised, and angry, because she is not 50 points ahead of Donald Trump in face of countless scandals and Berniecrat voter alienation.

DNC Burning: In 2016, we have Seth Rich and Sean Lucas dead for the same thing: protecting the right to vote, but not just for blacks, for everyone.

The DNC has, through blatant and unabashed fraud, made any vote for them wasted and they are taking you for idiots. That means Bernie Sanders, as well. Sanders has no respect for his followers and as you can see by the drop in his rally attendance, it has become abundantly clear. He has made a mockery of his movement and his early history in the Civil Rights movement, when he fought for the right of African-Americans to vote. Same thing with the black Democrats in office now who pride themselves in taking part in that movement.

The DNC primary rigging was an assault and denial of the voting rights of ALL Americans, not just African-Americans. Don’t fall into the social engineering of the mainstream media, this is NOT acceptable and the only recourse you have now is to vote against it. The lesser evil, in the face of an ADMITTED election fraud perpetrated by the DNC and Hillary Clinton, is clearly Donald Trump. The DNC wanted to force our vote, they have succeeded, it is forced against our wishes as former Democrats, for Trump now.

If the message of Sanders is to vote for Hillary for fear of Trump, Sanders is a fear monger, and he deserves Clinton’s fate.

Take a close look at James Comey, the FBI director. There was an honorable man, a man of integrity who stared down George W. Bush. And look at what the Clintons have reduced him to; a man stumbling over his own words trying to prove to the world that intent is a concept impossible to prove. Rep. Trey Gowdy, a former federal prosecutor, reminds him how intent is proven in a court of law in the video slideshow below.

That was Comey. So will it be you now? Will you, the American citizen, be the next to cower and fold in the face of the Clinton dynasty and crime syndicate?

As it is already, even before the FBI findings, polls show the most flattering numbers are that about half of Sanders supporters would never vote for Hillary even with an endorsement. That alone, if true, means Hillary cannot win, especially now with two more key investigations launched: one for perjury, which is impossible to contest in the public eye as it was televised and now on record with the email investigation, and a renewal of the State Department’s investigation.

Bill and Hillary take turns? Perjury charges are serious.

We have Rep. Darrel Issa calling for a government shutdown if Hillary is not called into account or doesn’t lose her security clearance.

Comey says the FBI found no basis to support the allegation that Hillary lied about the emails. Let that sink in. After the State Department report of June 24, 2016, everyone; from The New York Times, to The Washington Post, to all the pro-Hillary assets in the media, no one believed for one second that Hillary was honest. Everyone now knew she lied about the emails.

Comey’s ridiculous answer where he claims he doesn’t know if Hillary lied or not because he can’t read her mind, essentially, created this exchange below with Rep. Jason Chaffetz, who finds a clear opening for an FBI perjury investigation which is now ongoing. It is a perjury charge now impossible for Hillary to defend against without an obvious, and ill-advised, move by Attorney General Loretta Lynch or Obama to obstruct justice. President Bill Clinton was impeached over a perjury charge.

Super Classified Materials on the Clinton Email Server, Gross Negligence, and Now Perjury

NOTE:  A Special Access Program (SAP) is an intelligence program classified above top-secret. They are held on closed servers at secret locations. The only way to get one is if you are specifically read on to a program, have a need to know, then you must physically go to a location and pass through several layers of security to even look at the program. A good example in non-classified terms would be the locations and operations of our intelligence operatives around the globe, or our missile silo locations.

By endorsing Hillary, who supports the TPP and fracking, Sanders could also destroy his movement, and if he does not believe this is so, there are plenty of people that helped create his movement that can demonstrate this in time to tank any chance of Hillary getting elected.

Anyone who knows anything about group psychology knows what can happen when a leader endorses what has been the focus of supporter outrage.

It doesn’t matter how popular that leader is, the anger doesn’t just dissipate because, the outrage boils over to that leader and the endorsement backfires. That anger is based on election fraud, a deeply personal attack on every voter felt at the marrow and the most emotionally tangible level, and it is akin to hearing someone you once respected saying the person who violated your most basic civil right is actually honorable, and doing you a favor because she is the only thing to protect us from that scary, big bad naughty man Trump who like Sanders, opposes the TPP, the most significant issue in this election as it allows for corporations to have sovereignty over governments affecting everything from laws curtailing global warming to GMOs to internet censorship to health care and drug prices.

In such an event, the inevitable outcome is a splintering of the movement or at least major division. By endorsing Hillary, who supports the TPP and fracking, Sanders could also destroy his movement, and if he does not believe this is so, there are plenty of people that helped create his movement that can demonstrate this in time to tank any chance of Hillary getting elected. Sanders saying Clinton, a pathological liar, would not back the TPP after publicly endorsing it 45 times, is essentially Sanders saying “I am a shameless liar” or “I am too stupid to breathe.”

DNC Election Fraud 2016

MSNBC poll showing 84% of Bernie voters would not endorse Hillary, even if he asked. The DNC proved our votes can be invalidated, by our own party, without recourse. For example many Democrats now fear that simply being on the DNC voting list means their vote could be electronically cast for Hillary against their will, even if they do not vote in November, much like hundreds of dead voters cast a ballot in Los Angeles in the 2016 CA primaries.

Right now, Trump and Clinton are about tied at best, if we humor the media polls, which means Trump still wins in November. And if Trump wins, so fucking what?

The DNC proved our votes can be invalidated, by our own party, without recourse. For example many Democrats now fear that simply being on the DNC voting list means their vote could be electronically cast for Hillary against their will, even if they do not vote in November, much like hundreds of dead voters cast a ballot in Los Angeles in the 2016 CA primaries. That means the only remedy to prevent this fraud is leaving the party, making the #demexit not just symbolic but necessary.

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