Fake Polls Meant to Hide Hillary’s Vote Rigging in California Primary: Operation Pliers in Plain View

Lee Camp, and Even GOP Strategist Mary Matlin, Know the Two-Party System is Dead: Here’s Why

The Corporate Media Wants You to Believe That in California, Hillary is Within the Margin of Victory

Operations Pliers Revisited:

If this notorious CIA voter suppression PSYOP (psychological operation) didn’t exist then, it exists now, and admitted by media figures like Chris Matthews themselves. This time, it is waged against Americans, not Venezuelans. Here’s the proof the corporate media sees Americans as an enemy to be subjected to black op level psychological warfare.

Here’s Chris Matthews Calling California as a Done Deal Before Getting Schooled on Civics, Where This is Happening, and Where Hillary Refused to Debate

"The bigger the lie, the easier it is to swallow." Adolf Hitler. The media is, indeed, selling a very big lie about Hillary Clinton.


“The bigger the lie, the easier it is to swallow.” Adolf Hitler. The media is, indeed, selling a very big lie about Hillary Clinton.


Massive Hillary crowd.

13240107_555826111266390_1428764823522692428_nFirst the fake polls. You will see psychological operations (PSYOPS), “that include contracting polling companies to create fraudulent polls” that show Hillary has already won. This is to create an acceptance of the fraudulent results. They will plant them  in news sources everywhere, and then news assets will begin to cite these news agencies (assets) where the polls where published.

Chris Matthews actually boasts of network plans to engage in a PSYOPS used in Venezuela, but this time to suppress voter turn-out in California. The 2007 Operation Pliers Memo read: “Start to release data during the early hours of the afternoon [declaring a false win]… (in clear violation of election regulations) (the networks are already doing this by saying Hillary Clinton already won!)

As Chris Matthews proudly admits, they will call the election for Hillary before all the votes are in by several hours; this to suppress turnout. Voters will miss the last hours left to vote because they will believe, falsely, that the election was won. This tactic, as you can see, was exactly the same as Operation Pliers outlined below, which the CIA was alleged to have used against Hugo Chavez in a bid for regime change. Now, it doesn’t matter if the CIA used it or not. They said they didn’t do it, and for the sake of argument let’s say they didn’t. That makes it worse for Matthews and the networks, because Chris proudly owns up to doing it before, and admits other networks plan to do it too. He is confessing to a distasteful tactic even the CIA would publicly distance itself from. Matthews is gloating about a PSYOPS used against the American people, not hapless Venezuelans, which supports a point made in earlier writings: they literally see the American people as an enemy to be misled, corralled, and controlled lest they find out what has been done to them as publishers and broadcasters became the elites.  The networks are also predicting violence, which is actually a key component of Operation Pliers, to plant the suggestion and then have fake supporters instigate chaos. They already did this in Nevada using anonymous death threats and fabricated “chair throwing”  incidents. (See below.)

This is why Sanders knows things may get messy, he like many, are expecting plants meant to discredit supporters. J. Edgar Hoover used the same tactics with the COINTELPRO programs to undermine the civil rights movement.

Pro-Hillary neocon assets like the New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC, NPR et al will cite these planted stories and polls (citing each other religiously) to buttress their own push polls. By the time anyone can prove the polls false, it will be too late, they will spread.

But for every weapon there is a counter-weapon and a fatal flaw. On the flip side of this black op, such polls work both ways and it will be devastating against an unpopular candidate. The whole point is to make the coming results of the rigged California primary seem legitimate. This is why, for good reason, so many lawsuits have been filed in California to prevent such an event. No one explains how this fake poll seeding is done better than Lee Camp, so let’s start there…

In Venezuela, to undermine Hugo Chavez, that is exactly what they did: fake the polls. The CIA used fake polls to discourage voters by making it look like Chavez was a lost cause. The CIA called it “Operation Pliers.” (Correction: This lat point was revised. The referendum lost, so the PSYOP actually worked.) Let’s revisit:

The CIA memo specifically refers to these propaganda initiatives as “psychological operations” (PSYOPS), that include contracting polling companies to create fraudulent polls that show the NO vote with an advantage over the SI vote, which is false. The CIA also confirms in the memo that it is working with international press agencies to distort the data and information about the referendum

CIA Operation “Pliers” Uncovered in Venezuela

29 November 2007

by Eva Golinger

An internal CIA memorandum has been obtained by Venezuelan counterintelligence from the US Embassy in Caracas that reveals a very sinister – almost fantastical, were it not true – plan to destabilize Venezuela during the coming days. The plan, titled “OPERATION PLIERS” was authored by CIA Officer Michael Middleton Steere and was addressed to CIA Director General Michael Hayden in Washington. Steere is stationed at the US Embassy in Caracas under the guise of a Regional Affairs Officer. The internal memorandum, dated November 20, 2007, references the “Advances of the Final Stage of Operation Pliers”, and confirms that the operation is coordinated by the team of Human Intelligence (HUMINT) in Venezuela. The memo summarizes the different scenarios that the CIA has been working on in Venezuela for the upcoming referendum vote on December 2nd. The Electoral Scenario, as it’s phrased, confirms that the voting tendencies will not change substantially before Sunday, December 2nd, and that the SI (YES) vote in favor of the constitutional reform has an advantage of about 10-13 points over the NO vote. The CIA estimates abstention around 60% and states in the memo that this voting tendency is irreversible before the elections.

Operation Tenaza has the objective of encouraging an armed insurrection in Venezuela against the government of President Chavez that will justify an intervention of US forces, stationed on the military bases nearby in Curacao and Colombia.
Do you really think Hillary and Bernie are tied in California? The fake polls are still trying to create the illusion of a close race, to facilitate vote rigging. and a “close” Hillary win.

Officer Steere emphasizes the importance and success of the public relations and propaganda campaign that the CIA has been funding with more than $8 million during the past month – funds that the CIA confirms are transfered through the USAID contracted company, Development Alternatives, Inc., which set up operations in June 2002 to run the USAID Office for Transition Initiatives that funds and advises opposition NGOs and political parties in Venezuela. The CIA memo specifically refers to these propaganda initiatives as “psychological operations” (PSYOPS), that include contracting polling companies to create fraudulent polls that show the NO vote with an advantage over the SI vote, which is false. The CIA also confirms in the memo that it is working with international press agencies to distort the data and information about the referendum, and that it coordinates in Venezuela with a team of journalists and media organized and directed by the President of Globovision, Alberto Federico Ravell.

CIA Officer Michael Steere recommends to General Michael Hayden two different strategies to work simultaneously: Impede the referendum and refuse to recognize the results once the SI vote wins. Though these strategies appear contradictory, Steere claims that they must be implemented together precisely to encourage activities that aim toward impeding the referendum and at the same time prepare the conditions for a rejection of the results.

How is this to be done?

In the memo, the CIA proposes the following tactics and actions:


  1. Take the streets and protest with violent, disruptive actions across the nation
  2. Generate a climate of ungovernability
  3. Provoke a general uprising in a substantial part of the population
  4. Engage in a “plan to implode” the voting centers on election day by encouraging opposition voters to “VOTE and REMAIN” in their centers to agitate others
  5. Start to release data during the early hours of the afternoon on Sunday that favor the NO vote (in clear violation of election regulations) [the networks are already doing this by saying Hillary Clinton already won!]
  6. Coordinate these activities with Ravell & Globovision and international press agencies [Hillary has already coordinated with every major news broadcaster and publication]
  7. Coordinate with ex-military officers and coupsters Pena Esclusa and Guyon Cellis – this will be done by the Military Attache for Defense and Army at the US Embassy in Caracas, Office of Defense, Attack and Operations (DAO)

To encourage rejection of the results, the CIA proposes:

Creating an acceptance in the public opinion that the NO vote will win for sure

  1. Using polling companies contracted by the CIA
  2. Criticize and discredit the National Elections Council
  3. Generate a sensation of fraud

Use a team of experts from the universities that will talk about how the data from the Electoral Registry has been manipulated and will build distrust in the voting system

For the full text in Spanish, see: Operación Tenaza: Informe confidencial de la CIA devela plan de saboteo al referéndum del 2 de diciembre

Source URL:

Source URL:

Printed: November 29th 2007

License: Published under a Creative Commons license. See creative commons.org for more information.

Reporters, anchors, media figures, were all on the take; utilized to work for Clinton, and not report the news. The leaked DNC playbook to attack Trump proved it. Also leaked were lists of the mega donors which included the Waltons, Haim Saban, Steven Speilberg, Morgan Freeman, Oprah Winfrey, Bill Maher, etc. The reporters most notorious for collusion worked for The Washington Post, AP (who called the election for Hillary the day before the California primary to suppress voting), and The New York Times. In cable news, they saturated CNN, MSNBC, and were especially connected to Chris Mathews and Rachel Maddow.


The Media Stockholm Syndrome is Over

Sen. Barbara Boxer “fearing for her life” at an alleged chair throwing incident in Nevada. That “fuck you” goes out to the largest voting group in America: 65% of Americans who refuse to vote for Trump or Hillary.

So what you are seeing now is Operation Pliers revisited. It is being waged against the American people, not an enemy state. Consider that, please, this is serious. The corporate media is at war with the American people in a very literal sense.

It is amazing and refreshing, now, the contempt the American people have for the mainstream media. For anyone that is running for office, it seems the surest way to become a folk hero is to become their target. This happened to Trump, and Sanders. It happened because the corporate media is so notorious for attacking whistle blowers, idealists, good people, and even heroes, that most thinking men and women immediately assume if the establishment is threatened, they must have done something right. That’s why miscreants like Trump got a pass. He is exposing the media, but also playing a dangerous game in terms of demagoguery and deliberately undermining already tenuous race relations in America.

That said, many have snapped out of this media Stockholm Syndrome where we have, through the trauma of 9/11, come to somehow love our psychological abusers. This falling out is why Hillary’s popularity has not only dropped lower than Trump’s, it will drop even more for her staggering loss (her default!) on the California debate, the most pivotal of all. That is why her loss in California, expected in her own internal polling, will not be hidden. Hillary didn’t come to California because she was expecting protests by Latino activists and others, not victory rallies, and it is a silly stretch to say in such a scenario she is popular here. MSNBC, of all sources, came out with an article recently about how 6 in 10 Americans “hate” Clinton and Trump.

Even the GOP did not dare insult Trump voters. They wanted them, badly. Hillary and the DNC slandered, mocked and attacked key voters, assuming they would forget the slight.

The way the DNC was tricked into attacking its own base by ridiculing Sanders supporters, the way it has circled their wagons around Hillary, the way pro-Hillary pundits destroyed the only voters who could save her campaign, alienating them to the point they will not vote at all, or even vote for Trump, that was actually the product of a brilliant chess move. You had a California senator, Barbara Boxer, a Clinton crony, sporting dark shades and dressed like a two-bit gangster from The Sopranos, mocking and arrogantly giving Sanders supporters the finger, and then go on national television saying she “feared for her life.” They’re supposed to forget that? Especially when there is no point in any of the videotaped footage that she is afraid, only celebrating? Even one of the super delegates there called her on that, and said it would be “incongruous” she was ever afraid, given her mood and the actual events that happened (someone lifted a chair and moved it).

Congress members were warned against voting for Sanders for fear of retaliation under a Clinton presidency. DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz denies pressuring anyone, but then again, she denies favoring Hillary.

It is said Howard Stern once entered a Howard Stern look-alike contest and came in second. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz came in first.

13256394_1807242332832931_5833585271764164266_nEven the GOP did not dare insult Trump voters. They wanted them, badly. Hillary and the DNC slandered, mocked and attacked key voters, assuming they would forget the slight. So here’s here’s the rub about Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, the DNC Chair: Democrats know she rigged the primaries, rigged the debates, debased Sanders supporters, warned Democrats against supporting Sanders, they know that through her incompetence and bias, she shattered the DNC. But she has a boss, and that is the woman who gave the orders to do the very things Wassmerman-Shultz is about to get canned for: that boss is Hillary.

Whomever orchestrated it, it was a beautiful controlled demolition. The whole Democratic party, like the GOP before them, has been forever exposed as rotten to the core, and with them, the corporate media that cannot sell her, cannot sell themselves, and soon, will find no audience to speak of. Rachel Maddows, Chris Matthews, this means you. You made Santa’s naughty list.

Just kidding about the chess move, though. No one orchestrated it. This was Hillary’s hand. Quite a stunning display of her leadership, no?




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