Where’s Hillary? In Rio. Mystery Solved!


Haters gonna hate! Hillary is just too damned healthy and busy preparing for the Olympics, thus accounting for over 8 months of no press conferences and the cancellation of the rest of her poorly attended rallies. You know this is true because Snopes verified the picture above as genuine.



To prepare for the Olympics, Hillary spent years in training by opening pickle jars. Here she is demonstrating her remarkable talent before an impressed Jimmy Kimmel, an illiterate fuck whom it is rumored can also open a pickle jar.


Poor attendance leads to rally cancellations. Or health concerns, as it is believed she is too healthy to campaign and may wear out Donald Trump, who is not an Olympic gymnast.


Here’s a recent Trump rally in Indiana…


Let’s face it. You can buy all the polls you want to prepare voters to accept a rigged election, but if people hate you, they hate you. This is not what you see when the masses have a profoundly negative perception of you, with all manner of negative energy focused on you. No, you see the sad sight below, because her “popularity” only exists in rigged polls and Hollywood studios.


As a wise man once said, ” The facts don’t give a fuck about your opinion.”

Yeah, we know.
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