The One Country It’s Illegal to Boycott

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You can boycott any American company, or foreign company except one. You can protest any government’s foreign policy, except one. As a student, or professor, you can actually get kicked out of a university. Guess which government that is, and who exactly back policies that put this country’s interests before America’s?

Either way, you can always boycott movies made by pro-Netanyahu film producers. You can avoid their casinos. You can boycott their television shows. What are they going to do about that?

Rothschild, Sheldon Adelson, Haim Saban, Netanyahu backed neocon, fiercely opposes the boycott. 

They give to AIPAC and help the Israeli war machine, which in turn becomes ours.

They help sell the apartheid regime in Israel, they are instrumental to promulgating anti-Arab propaganda to pit Christians against Islam, they shut down film projects critical of Israel, and one film company that’s blacklisting celebrity peace protesters, Relativity Media, is alone worth 14 billion.

No BDS movement can hope to make a dent in Israeli politics without the Hollywood money and propaganda that’s been portraying Arabs as subhumans for decades. You want to hit Israel’s cash cow? Start here.





The UN Identifies Netanyahu as a War Criminal

Click to access 270495208-Human-Rights-Situation-in-Palestine-and-Other-Occupied-Countries.pdf


[pullquote]Hillary Clinton Promotes Jewish Religious Violence Veterans Today, Nov. 5 2015[/pullquote]Now, for daring to voice an opinion on Gaza several Hollywood execs have promised to blacklist Hollywood actors like Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem.

According to Ryan Kavanaugh, CEO of Relativity Media, agreeing with peaceful Israeli rabbis and Holocaust survivors makes you all anti-Semitic, as many believe what is happening in Gaza is genocide. His blood boils to hear that Israel is acting in anything less than an honorable manner, and says that as the grandson of Holocaust survivors he takes particular umbrage.

Platitudes and reality.

To disagree with Israeli policies, and to agree with the global consensus that perhaps an Israeli sniper blowing a child’s head off has nothing to do with Israel protecting itself, that is anti-Semitic?

Is it any wonder the term anti-Semite is meaningless now, because all of us will be called one if we simply disagree with Israeli policies? Indeed, even the ADL released a study saying that 1 in 4 adults is anti-Semitic. So what does that mean?

Seriously. Look around you. You really believe these hysterical claims that 1 in 4 of the adults around you hates Jews?

The ADL sent spies into the American anti-apartheid movement, as well as other movements critical of right-wing American foreign policy. Eventually, the organization was surveilling much of the American left. In 1993, a California police raid on the offices of the ADL and one of its investigators yielded files on Greenpeace, the NAACP, Act Up, New Jewish Agenda, the Center for Investigative Reporting, and several Democratic politicians, among hundreds of others. The ADL eventually settled a class-action lawsuit brought by several of its targets.

Michelle Goldberg, A Jewish Group’s Shameful Smear

Does that mean 1 in 4 people you know are closet Nazis and Holocaust deniers? If you want to talk about racism, though, the ADL is the pot calling the kettle black. They actually spied on anti-apartheid protesters and human rights activists, were sued and lost. The fact is, the ADL supported apartheid in South Africa then and supports it in Palestine now.

Kavanaugh’s logic that the mere questioning of Israel’s claim to self-defense is anti-Semitic implies the following are anti-Semitic as well:


So if you want to blacklist movies made by this executive, you can start here:

Listed are some movies for countries and/or audiences to start boycotting immediately.  The list of Hollywood execs warning actors that they will be blacklisted for criticizing Netanyahu will be updated regularly. Many of the movies they are financing have yet to come out, so now is a good time to take note of them and ensure no money will be made from Kavanaugh’s movies.

Boycott AIPAC financiers.
It’s one thing to side with the Israeli government right or wrong, but quite another to threaten the careers of artists who disagree with you. Boycott AIPAC financiers such as Relativity Media until Kavanaugh steps down as CEO. Click image for Buycott app. Here is an update on Ryan Kavenaugh since this was first posted.

Exile to Babylon (executive producer) (announced)
The Crow (producer) (announced)
2015 Fear Followers (producer) (pre-production)
2015 Loomis Fargo (executive producer) (pre-production)
2015 Tipping Point (producer) (pre-production)
2014 The Best of Me (producer) (filming)
2014 Beyond the Lights (producer) (completed)
2014 Desert Dancer (executive producer)
2014 Earth to Echo (producer)
2014 Brick Mansions (executive producer)
2014 3 Days to Kill (producer)
2013 Out of the Furnace (producer)
2013 The Family (producer)
2013 Paranoia (executive producer)
2013 Oblivion (co-producer – uncredited)
2013 21 & Over (producer)
2013 Safe Haven (producer)
2013 Don Jon (executive producer)
2013 Movie 43 (producer)
2012 House at the End of the Street (executive producer)
2012 Mirror Mirror (producer)
2011 The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (executive producer)
2011 Immortals (producer)
2011 Haywire (executive producer)
2011 The Change-Up (executive producer – uncredited)
2011 Cowboys & Aliens (executive producer)
2011 Judy Moody and the Not Bummer Summer (executive producer)
2011 Limitless (producer)
2011 Take Me Home Tonight (producer)
2011 Sanctum (executive producer)
2011 Season of the Witch (executive producer)
2010 Little Fockers (executive producer)
2010 The Fighter (producer)
2010 Skyline (executive producer)
2010 My Soul to Take (executive producer)
2010 Charlie St. Cloud (executive producer)
2010 Salt (executive producer)
2010 Robin Hood (executive producer)
2010 The Bounty Hunter (executive producer)
2010 MacGruber (executive producer)
2010 The Wolfman (executive producer)
2010 Dear John (producer)
2010 Catfish (Documentary) (executive producer)
2010 The Spy Next Door (executive producer)
2009 Did You Hear About the Morgans? (executive producer)
2009 Brothers (producer)
2009 Nine (executive producer)
2009 Zombieland (executive producer)
2009 Love Happens (executive producer)
2009 A Perfect Getaway (producer)
2009 The Ugly Truth (executive producer)
2009 Land of the Lost (executive producer)
2009 The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3 (executive producer)
2009 Duplicity (executive producer)
2009 The International (executive producer)
2008 The Tale of Despereaux (executive producer)
2008 Death Race (executive producer)
2008 Made of Honor (executive producer)
2008 Baby Mama (executive producer)
2008 The Forbidden Kingdom (executive producer)
2008 21 (executive producer)
2008 The Bank Job (executive producer)
2007 Charlie Wilson’s War (executive producer)
2007 The Kingdom (executive producer)
2007 3:10 to Yuma (executive producer)
2007 I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry (executive producer)
2007 Full of It (executive producer)
2006 Catch and Release (executive producer)
2006 All the King’s Men (executive producer)
2006 Gridiron Gang (executive producer)
2006 Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby (executive producer)
2006 The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift (executive producer)
2006 RV (executive producer)
2005 Land of the Dead (executive producer)
2005 Jerry V. Death (Short) (executive producer)
Pink Panther Mafia (producer)

Of course, it takes many producers to make every movie out there, so boycotting any film Kavanaugh works in will have the added effect of keeping producers from working with him. Win-win, no? Maybe that will teach this transparent Jewish supremacist what it’s like to stifle the conscientious objections of artists in the Hollywood community.

And hey, Kavanaugh, guess who else watches watched your movies? Get the picture? This is lost money. This makes you a liability. This is not 1950s Hollywood. It is a very simple thing to add producers to the Buycott or similar apps which will immediately list not just Israeli products, but blacklisted Hollywood execs and their projects. (Thanks for the inspiration, shit head!)


Need one remind Hollywood that the people below also watch movies? Need one remind Hollywood that movies are non-essential goods and are the most vulnerable to viral boycott efforts and awareness campaigns? After all, movies are most successfully recommended by word of mouth, not critics. And from experience and observation, I have yet to meet one person, even among the most conservative around me, that buys into the Israeli victimization gambit. The target demo happens to be acquainted with social media, and the ones most likely to hold that view are in nursing homes watching FOX News and consequently, spending the last years of their lives living in hate and fear. The average age in that demo is 68, and never goes to the movies except by accident. But below, you can see everyone is in the coveted target demo (particularly for blockbusters).

Kavanaugh has been diddling himself lately to 500 emails of support for his attacks on Gaza celebrity peace protesters, but compared to this international support of our views below, who gives a fuck about some emails?



Let’s see a show of hands: how many people saw any of the movies listed above because  Ryan Kavanaugh produced them? Yeah, I thought so. In the big picture, that kind of makes you expendable, doesn’t it, Ryan?

I got your 500 emails of support hanging right here, you supremacist, biped sow.

Howard Schultz
With Starbucks facing boycotts over Howard Shultz’s links to Netanyahu, and Starbucks’ recent statement that it does not provide support for Israel, it’s naive to think Kavanaugh will emerge unscathed. Shultz didn’t threaten anyone.

Kavanaugh has also been making rounds excusing Israeli atrocities because Palestinians are threatening “another holocaust” and some nonsense about his grandmother saying “never again” and “never forget” blah blah blah. Well, here’s some Jewish survivors and descendants that also think he’s full of shit:

USA: Activists block Israeli ship from docking in Oakland for third day in a row

Get involved…

Get involved today and help to build the international BDS movement against Israel’s regime of occupation, colonialism and apartheid.

1. Boycott goods of Israeli companies as well as international companies involved in Israel’s human rights violations

The most basic step is to stop buying products and services of Israeli companies and, whenever feasible, of international companies involved in Israel’s human rights violations. Try to encourage your friends, family and community to join you in doing so.

It differs from country to country, but the most common Israeli exports include:

– fresh fruit and vegetables such as Jaffa citrus fruits and Israeli Medjoul Dates
– Ahava cosmetics
– SodaStream drinks machines
– Eden Springs bottled water

– Golan Heights Wineries and other Israeli wines

There are many international companies that are complicit in Israeli violations of international law. Examples include HP, Caterpillar, Volvo, Hyundai, among many others.

Trying to boycott the products of every single company that participates in Israeli apartheid is a daunting task that has a slim change of having a concrete impact.

It makes more sense to focus on optimal targets that are being targeted as part of national or international campaigns. Consumer boycotts are most effective when part of a broader campaign against a particular product or aiming to pressure a retailer to stop selling a particular Israeli product.

Get in contact with a BDS organisation in your area to find out what companies and products are being targeted and how to support local campaigns. If no such organization exists, start your own campaign, in coordination with well-recognized BDS organizations.

  1. Follow us on social media and help spread the word

There are new BDS successes and developments nearly every day. Help to magnify the impact of the BDS movement by following us on Twitter and Facebook and sharing news of BDS successes on social media.

You can also sign up for our regular newsletter and email updates.

  1. Learn more and share information about the BDS movement

Check out and consider sharing the pages in the Learn section of this website, including theIntroduction to BDS, and the list of successes and timeline of the BDS movement since 2005.

You can Tweet about the BDS movement and follow developments using the hashtag #BDS.

  1. Get involved in your area

There are vibrant organisations and campaigns in towns and cities all over the world that make an enormous contribution to boycott campaigns and the BDS movement as a whole.

Enter your details into our Get involved with a local BDS campaign form to be put in touch with a nearby group and start getting involved in local campaigning today.

  1. Take action online

Online petitions and letter writing actions can be an important part of building pressure, especially when they are part of vibrant local campaigning too.

Check out to find out about on-going online actions. If you have your own suggestions for BDS campaigns, please share them with us through email.

  1. Campaign against your own community’s complicity in Israel’s violations of international law

Israel is only able to maintain its occupation and apartheid system because of the massive, unconditional support it receives from international governments, companies and institutions, such as universities.

Get in touch for ideas on how to research and campaign against links between your local community and the companies and institutions that enable Israel’s occupation and apartheid policies. Divesting pension or investment funds from companies involved in Israel’s human rights violations is a major component in many such campaigns.

  1. Encourage an organisation you are a member of to endorse BDS

All across the world, trade unions, student unions, NGOs, faith groups and other organisations are getting behind the BDS movement, launching their own BDS campaigns and divesting any shares they hold in Israeli companies or international companies such as Veolia, G4S and HP that are implicated in Israeli occupation and apartheid.

Persuading a union or association that you are a member of to endorse the Palestinian civil society’s BDS call can be a long-term project but is a particularly effective way to reach large numbers of people and build mainstream support for the boycott movement.

  1. Organise a boycott action at a retailer that sells Israeli goods

Boycott actions such as a protest or creative flashmob can be a great way to build awareness and support for the boycott of Israel and to pressure a retailer to stop stocking a particular product or Israeli goods in general.

Check out CODEPINK’s guide to organising a creative boycott action targeting Israeli cosmetics company Ahava. The guide works well for actions targeting other complicit products and companies too.

  1. Share this list

Help to inspire others to take action by sharing this list via social media.

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