Trump Offers Photographic Proof of Election Meddling, Putin Silent

“It was Podesta. Podesta the Molesta’s idea.”

A stern President Trump met with President Vladimir Putin at the G20 with irrefutable proof of Russian election meddling.

“You put that human Jar Jar Binks Debbie Wasserman-Schultz up to rigging the primary. Can you deny this is you celebrating with Debbie, Podesta, and Mook after you heard Seth Rich died for leaking the Podesta emails?”


“Didn’t you rig the primaries against Bernie so you could continue with more uranium deals after you managed to get 20% of ours with Hillary?”

“Nyet! Nyet!” cried Putin, shaking his head. “You had a patriot. She killed him. Her and Podesta the Molesta, Mook the Puke, Scary Jen Palmieri.”

“President Putin, you secretly wanted her to win. It was the perfect set up. You continued to pay her through the Clinton Foundation and more deals would be made to undermine our nuclear deterrent. We know that, believe me, believe me.”


[pullquote]‘Putin wanted Hillary Clinton to win the election’ – Trump US President Donald Trump said that Russian President Vladimir Putin would prefer Hillary Clinton … read more Source: RT
[/pullquote]”Podesta would be Secretary of State once Crooked Hillary was President and he already had business worth 35 million in Russia.”

President Putin was speechless, and hung down his head in shame. “It was Podesta. Podesta the Molesta’s idea.”

“Not cool. Not cool, President Putin.”


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