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Most Secret Grand Jury In American History Paralyzes Washington With Fear

As to the incredible secrecy and speed in which Anthony Weiner was processed by President Trump’s Department of Justice (DoJ), this report explains, is believed to be due to his becoming a witness to Hillary Clinton crimes and before he could be suicided or killed, and as evidenced by US Attorney Joon Kim only asking for a 21-27 prison sentenced, as opposed to the 10-year sentence Weiner was facing. […]


The Secret of Kings: A Monograph

“He looked about fifty, is neither stout nor thin, has a fine intellectual countenance, dresses very simply, but with taste; he wears the finest diamonds on snuff-box, watch and buckles. Much of the mystery with which he is surrounded is owing to his princely .” Another writer, who knew him when at Anspach, says: “He always dined alone and very simply; his wants were extremely few; it was impossible while at Anspach to persuade him to dine at the Prince’s table.” […]

Independent Press

Please Don’t View Donnie Hoyle’s Secret Thu–

Why doesn’t anybody listen? The last time he told people not to download his pants pal Ronnie they did, and cruelly defaced him by placing him in disgusting and compromising positions. Seriously. Please don’t look at his secret thumb drive. Dot com. Don’t be an asshole and look at it, ok? […]