Hillary Clinton

The Question of Presidential Authority in Executive Decisions, and Who Actually Had It: Hillary or Obama?

This is not so much about the private emails as much as what was in them, on who's authority major state decisions were made, and the fact the servers were hacked and compromised national security. The illicit emails, and the way the establishment is handling it, suggest Obama was or is subordinate to Clinton, and is protecting her for that very reason.  If this is true, the office of the President of the United States is a sham. Why? It means a wealthy private citizen, be it herself or George Soros, can make decisions regarding state matters without oversight or consequence, decisions only the President of the United States can make, particularly arms sales and in her case, coup plotting in the Ukraine. […]


JFK, RFK and King Assassinations Must be Declassified

It’s the lone nuts that really should give one pause for thought as they are actually the most plausible examples of extremist political conspiracies. Sane people have enough trouble approaching the president without an insider. Someone that hears voices, hallucinates, and is completely detached from reality could never get close to the president unless someone on the inside put him there. You can see these people a mile away. […]


Rahm Emmanuel’s Angelic Voice

I knew about the guy who had Obama’s ear that cursed almost as much as me, although I’d never seen my rival in person. During a White House tour, as I ran into the men’s room and sat down in the stall to pinch a steaming Limbaugh, I heard something haunting, very odd, yet beautiful. His voice was vaguely familiar. After cursing up a storm in the stall beside me I made out something along the lines of:

“Gibbs, you motherfucker! You inconsiderate cocksucker! I can’t believe you left a floater in my favorite stall! Fuck you! Fuck you, you bubble eyed sack of dog shit. Fuck! Fuck ! Fuck! I will kill you, you motherfucker, learn how to flush and put that breaking news in your press release!” I heard him light a match and could soon smell its smoke; the hopeless attempt to mask Gibbs’ unflushed offering. […]