Sorcha Faal

Russia Sails “Nation Killer” Warship To Doorstep Of America—Trump Then Throws US Navy From Power

A beyond sobering new Security Council (SC) report circulating in the Kremlin today states that within 24-hours of the Northern Fleet’s newest and most powerful warship the Admiral Gorshkov and its escort flotilla entering the Caribbean Sea from the Panama Canal at the very doorstep of the United States on 17 June after sailing halfway around the world, President Donald Trump, yesterday, on 18 June, ousted his acting Defense Secretary and sent his Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to the headquarters of the US Central Command (CENTCOM)—wherePompeo directly confronted its commander US Naval-Marine General Kenneth McKenzie [Note: US Marines are land force of the US Navy]—a confrontation that Pompeo emerged from and saw him declaring that “US forces in the Persian Gulf are just there as a deterrent” and his further stating that “Trump doesn’t want war with Iran”—after which Trump began a “major power shift” at the Pentagon putting the US Army in control. […]


Putin Warns Nation To Prepare After Trump Begins Formation Of Martial Law Military Government His Top Aide Hints Is Led By QAnon

President Putin’s just issued warning that the “very powerful and dynamically evolving transformation” of our world that is leading to “a very dramatic situation in the history of our country” is directly referencing President Trump soon establishing a military government to rule over the United States while it’s under a state of martial law—a process begun by a mysterious and secretive US military intelligence organization called “QAnon” –whose leader of top Trump advisor, and former White House communication director, Anthony Scaramucci alluded to this past week by his stunningly stating to loyal Trump supporters “when you find out who he is, you’re not going to believe it”—but whom Russian intelligence analysts have previously identified as being the head of the entire US Army, General Mark Milley—with his now being tapped by Trump to take over the entire US military, and whose orders given to all of his US Army forces this past summer states that “the duty of soldiers and officers is to the US Constitution, not any political party or figure.” […]