Sister Ciara

The Epistle of Saint Helena: The Most Feared Book Of The Bible That Ignited World War II

As I had previously written to you about Novice Kathleen Helen, she left our order and lived out the rest of her life under her married name Kay Summersby—but who returned in June-1942 to retrieve her 1923 research into Saint Helena she then shared with General Eisenhower—whom she had become the driver for without knowing why—until, that is, in February-1943 when Eisenhower needed this Irish lass to accompany him to her homeland—both of whom, in Feburary-1943, traveled to Dublin—and immediately afterward, saw Eisenhower gaining his fourth star and command over all British forces—and, by December-1943, further saw him becoming the Supreme Commander of all Allied Forces fighting Nazi Germany.    […]

Sorcha Faal

Space Rock Ignited Fears Of World War III

With our planet’s best space object detection systems being only able to give barely 8-hours of warning time between the discovery of space rocks hurtling towards us and their nuclear weapon-like detonation in our atmosphere, this report continues, most critical to note is that this only applies to space rocks detected during the night—but does not protect us from space rocks approaching from the “day side” of Earth, as they would be invisible because the Sun’s light would stop us from seeing them in time to give warning. […]