Spy Agencies Reveal State Entity Who Most Influenced Trump’s Win

Payback was very, very sweet.
[pullquote]Michael Moore is pushing a fear-based narrative that dehumanizes Americans as stupid and dangerous, in need of a nanny state, a narrative that humiliates rather than persuades, that incites violence rather than prevents it.[/pullquote]It was “this moron,” said Director of National Intelligence Haywood Jablowme as he pointed to a slide of Hillary Clinton at a press conference earlier today, answering the query as to who lost her the election. “Stop asking stupid fucking questions. She was so dumb she lost a rigged election. That is the key state entity most responsible for influencing the election to favor President Trump. Putin didn’t tell her to run while under an FBI criminal investigation, or to call half of America irredeemable, deplorables, racists, and sexists. It was the FBI criminal investigation, instigated by her own actions and not by a hack, that hurt her more than anything else.

“Putin didn’t tell her to collapse at the 9/11 memorial and make America question her health and viability. He didn’t tell her to alienate Bernie supporters by calling them basement-dwellers, or to rig the primaries through Debbie Wasserman-Schultz.  He didn’t tell her to ignore the ‘Blue Firewall’ of states that Trump went after. The media narrative is that if only people didn’t know she was so corrupt and inept, she would have won.  It’s as asinine as saying that if only people didn’t know the water was poisoned, we would have taken a drink and died, acting as if this was the logical desired outcome rather than the slack-jawed babbling of a  Jonestown cultist.

“So the impartial watchdogs who warned us of a clear and present danger are to be condemned? Fuck you. This is the narrative peddled by fanatics. If you don’t want people to know you are a crooked piece of shit, it might help to stop being a crooked piece of shit and providing eternal ammunition to foes. Besides, it would be much easier than fighting the light exposing you, now that it has a target.

Prematurely removing his Secret Service detail was not an accident.

“Own up to it, DNC, you crooked, malignant simpletons could have won, maybe, but you screwed Bernie Sanders. I know it, you know it, everyone knows it. Even your momma knows it. Bernie knows it and is afraid to talk about it but we double dare him to try and discount this charge, and welcome that opportunity.

“What kind of a fuck wit would run while under an FBI criminal investigation? What were you thinking? If the people learn the truth about your corruption, it doesn’t matter how the information was relayed. The problem isn’t the risk of being exposed as a dirty liar, a charity fraud, as someone completely unworthy of office; the problem is you think nothing is wrong with seeing those horrid flaws as actual qualifications.

“All right, Mr. DeMille, I’m ready for my close-up.”  Good thing we have Hillary surrogate and intellectual powerhouse Madonna, a now 59 year old Norma Desmond with a knack for threatening to release her nudies with  her dyed gray pubes, there to school us on morality and dignity.
Ewww. Like, seriously. Ewwwww. Your team, Hillary. Thank God. Offered to give any man who voted for Hillary a blow job.

Hillary Zealots View Her as the State, Like North Koreans View Kim Jong-Un

Pro-Hillary cult conditioning is no accident. Hollywood creates idols, it creates false gods, so of course they love cults: Scientology, Kabbalism, mystic and even Satanic cults thrive there, and L. Ron Hubbard could learn a thing or two from Hillary.

“Bernie, or Trump would never face the light of day if any of these disgraces pertained to them, but it’s ok if it is Hillary, because she is a woman or a Clinton or whatever nonsense they’ve thrown at you. But if you believe these disgraces don’t disqualify her where they would disqualify any other man or woman, then you perceive this woman as a god, as an idol not to be questioned, and it is a serious case of cognitive dissonance that ignores some sobering evidence of  a political cult.
“This is a product of over 30 years of calculated PR and media conditioning involving Hollywood and the news industry, the educational and military-industrial complex, particularly the banking system (Goldman Sachs) and Silicon Valley (Eric Schmidt’s Google), which were tacitly pushing her not as a candidate but as the state.

You cannot question the state, that  is unpatriotic in the communist system. Look at the way the establishment treats her to this day. These poor misguided talking heads with their self-important “expert” panels, unduly infatuated with their own intellect because they can recycle a political barb or two, or memorize a paragraph from the morning paper and repeat it in conversation as evidence  proving them worthy of handling the wild reins of statecraft; they are like children handing you Play-Doh currency to help pay for their unicorn. In the real world, if I want Bill Maher’s opinion, that can be arranged, and it will be given to him without his knowledge. And that is one of the brighter ones, but he’s still malleable  like Hillary, on a leash of ego and hubris.

The Mob is the Mother of Tyrants, and Hillary

Five DNC leaders were forced to resign after Wikileaks proved the primaries were rigged to favor Hillary.

“They, especially the Hollywood pedo-class and punditry, remain even more smug in failure, and still treat Hillary like she was America personified, like she was Lady Liberty or Columbia herself.

“When people become somewhat aware of the fact there is cognitive dissonance, when uncomfortable, irrefutable facts shatter their world view, they slip into denial, then get angry and confused, and that’s why the left is so angry right now, and why demagogues like Michael Moore, a globalist on George Soros’ team, and the Clinton camp can have a field day because they know their followers are incapable of hearing anyone out right now, like half of American voters who didn’t vote for her but voted Trump. Moore is pushing a fear-based narrative that dehumanizes Americans as stupid and dangerous, in need of a nanny state, a narrative that humiliates rather than persuades, that incites violence rather than prevents it. He, too, shall have his reward.

“PEOTUS Donald Trump hasn’t even been sworn in and this unkempt gluttonous sow Michael Moore has been key in dividing Americans, pitting brother against brother to the point of violence to prevent the peaceful transition of power, marching around like a biped pig in Animal Farm that’s more equal than you, smug in knowing he hoodwinked his followers into believing that it is wise to judge a man by things he has never done, never planned to do, and over threats that come straight from Hillary’s lying mouth to his ear, though she is by his own admission a known pathological liar. More often orders come from the desk of George Soros and other globalists.

8 men control half the world’s wealth. At least 6 of these 8 men were strong Hillary supporters. Zuckerberg is still actively going to bat for her and using Facebook to censor bad press regarding Hillary. Bloomberg owns a major media asset that did PR for Hillary. Slim owns the NYT which was vehemently pro-Hillary. Bezos owns the Washington Post that was essentially a fan page and newsletter for Hillary. Bill Gates exercised his influence at MSNBC. Zuckerberg used Facebook to censor pro-Trump pages. In other words, the power of almost half of all the world’s accumulated wealth, directly and indirectly, went to get Hillary elected, and she still lost.

“They are bent not on improving wages, but actually driving them down by removing the labor protections and privileges of American citizenship. They know they have the power to destroy the 15 dollar an hour minimum wage simply by manipulating the fed and interest rates to create inflation so everything else remains just as hard to purchase, and the worker remains just as screwed as ever. The wary may recognize the following from one of those forbidden, dangerous books only the ‘foolish’ read…

“We shall raise the rate of wages which, however, will not bring any advantage to the workers, for at the same time, we shall produce a rise in prices of the first necessaries of life, alleging that it arises from the decline of agriculture and cattle breeding…”

“This is what Moore is fighting for. The bait is the rise in wages, the switch is the rise in prices enacted soon afterwards by globalist economic interests he is working for that control both parties. So those voters were simply led to more of the same, to the same wolves they had been fighting all along. Do you really think she stood for anything else? Her, or the Republican and Democratic establishment that fought Bernie and Trump?

Why do globalists like Soros encourage this?
The same people that burn the US flag carry this one to demand inclusion. See the problem?

“These Soros factions celebrate the burning of the flag that represents us all and frame it as a symbol of hateful nationalism, and ‘The Star Spangled Banner’ itself is attacked because it celebrates the flag our proud nation planted on the moon. But they know a nation that cannot rally around a flag, the symbolic focus of our national identity; they know such a country is more easily divided by hostile foreign parties.

Michael Moore’s “Festival of Resistance”: #DisruptJ20

[pullquote]You will notice they do not condemn violent protest, but tacitly encourage it.[/pullquote]”They use Hollywood to sell their Davos agenda as an embrace of multiculturalism and inclusion, but even that is a lie and it is not that at all, for if they embraced inclusion they would never marginalize the economic concerns of 62 million voters. They would not marginalize the valid concerns of poor whites any more than they would marginalize those of poor blacks, Latinos or Asians. Their gambit is to call anyone who disagrees with their world order a racist, or ignorant, or hateful to the point their free speech needs to be removed from all of their emasculated campuses because truth is dangerous to them.

Maidan, Ukraine

“All of which is to say that enough Americans woke up in 2016 to stop this. These were Americans of every color, religion and creed that realized eight years of stagnant wages and the greatest income inequality America has faced since the 1920s came at the hands of Wall Street globalists, from both parties, who got insanely wealthy from that same inequality. It is this status quo that Michael Moore is defending by trying to overturn an election through violent protest. It is violent already because you cannot unite against hate by using hate as your weapon; you cannot drive out darkness with darkness.

Police say an anti-Trump demonstration in Portland, Oregon turned into a riot after violent clashes between protesters and officers led to dozens of arrests. Linda So reports

“This is not what Martin Luther King, Jr. would do. He did the opposite of what Moore has done. Moore has incited, tacitly and openly, violent protests and riots across the nation as an opening salvo of a ‘Purple Revolution’ to get Hillary installed by any means necessary. It is a color revolution, make no mistake, not too different from what we saw in Maidan, in the Ukraine and other countries where civil war quickly erupted, by design, for regime change. He even wants 100 days of protests after the inauguration based on predictions of what Trump will do, predictions made by political enemies with agendas, rather than give the guy a chance to run the nation and heal the divide people like himself and Rosie O’Donnell feed upon.

“100 days of protest? How about a 100 days of fasting?

If Moore Had a Problem with the Electoral College, He Should Have Spoken Before the Election. He’s a Butt Hurt Sore Loser.

Too obese for the Azov Battalion and ISIS, so we’re stuck with this Soros-loving, hot dog and cheese pizza gobbling fork-tongued globalist. Moreover, dressing like a fucking slob doesn’t make you one of us in the 99 percent, it just makes you a filthy rich fucking slob.
Spirit Cooking with Hillary  surrogate and Satanist Lady Gaga who is, apparently, the intellectual spearhead of the progressive left.

Notice how this industry really, really hates Trump? Same with film.

“Hollywood elites or their ilk in the music industry and media don’t give a flying fuck about their countrymen, or appreciate the fact the nation dodged a bullet. To them, Hillary is the state and they’re fine with that, and they are deluded in the sense they believe they are being patriotic by making a mockery of our republic.

“This cult conditioning is no accident. Hollywood creates idols, it creates false gods, so of course they love cults: Scientology, Kabbalism, mystic and even Satanic cults thrive there, and L. Ron Hubbard could learn a thing or two from Hillary. She will teach him personally, no doubt, when this decrepit Jezebel finally returns to hell.

“Besides, it is no secret that many in the intelligence community raise a compelling argument that it was a leak, not a hack. It is compelling because it is true. That is why the DNC refused to let us examine their computers after alleging a Russian hack.

Hillary’s campaign chair John “Pizzagate” Podesta admits they had a leak all along.

Rigs Primaries to Prevent Biden, Bernie Run; Blames Putin for “Rigging” Election to Favor Trump

The DNC has admitted, in court papers, that they rigged the primaries to enthrone Hillary but that voters should have known. Those who gave to Bernie ended up giving to Hillary in this bait and switch, but Bernie supporters, whom she called “basement dwellers,” were condemned for not liking her.

Proof of Hillary’s Disqualifying Fraud at the Primaries

“Enough people just didn’t like or trust Hillary in both parties, and the Democrats didn’t come out to vote like in 2012. If your argument is hers, that she was the perfect candidate, our collective assessment is that you’re being played. Remember she was the first to run while under an FBI criminal investigation for espionage and bribery, or influence peddling, as is the common euphemism. She might live out the rest of her life unable to accept responsibility for her mistakes, thus preventing a means of self-correction and growth, but we as a nation, don’t have to. Let the blind follow the blind, and leave them to celebrate their political Darwin Award, for whatever that is worth.

“It’s time to walk away from this train wreck and stop pretending the voice of half of American voters doesn’t matter. If you look down on Trump voters you honestly have to take a step back and remember that this is not only an unflattering display of group think and intolerance on your part, you are also incorrect to assume their motives were sinister or ignorant since so many are Dems who voted for Obama twice.  It is then you are, ironically, the face of intolerance and prejudice you decry in his voters, so stop it. The old adage that what we hate most in others is what we hate most in ourselves becomes painfully clear. Civilized company disowns this nonsense.

Odds Hillary Won Without Widespread Fraud: 1 in 77 Billion Says Berkeley, Stanford Studies:  Study this graph, Do you see the vote flipping so palpable the shapes are exactly the same if you folded it from the middle and superimposed them ?

“That’s how Hillary and her butt hurt minion operatives think, and we see where that got them. I never use this word I am about to say, because it seldom applies to anyone but the malicious and it is so harsh, but they’re losers. They’re losers because they blame everyone around them and lash out at friends and foes alike rather than accept responsibility for their mistakes. That makes them malicious. They’re losers because they can have a rigged game and be so odious, arrogant and corrupt they still cannot win. They’re losers because they really and truly think they’re better than you, simply because honor still means something to you, and you weren’t willing to attack your friends and family because they didn’t like Hillary or blindly harbor hate for Trump. That’s not a joke, either. They actually wanted you to stage an ‘intervention’ with friends and loved ones if they didn’t vote for this miscreant, the implication being you are mentally ill if you can see through this fraud.

Google changed their algorithm to keep it from showing negative Hillary results. The New York Times and Washington Post dedicated themselves to exclusively negative treatment of Trump, with the NYT going as far as saying that Trump is so dangerous they would avoid their usual journalistic model of impartiality and focus everything they had on defeating him. Networks that waged an unrelenting war on Hillary’s foes included CBS, MSNBC, ABC, even FOX News early on. At Arianus Huffington’s behest The Huffington Post became a  pro-Hillary PR behemoth, and they even added a disclaimer after every Trump article claiming he was a dangerous and unhinged bigot and pretty much a threat to national security. Over 70 so-called journalists secretly worked directly with the Clinton campaign to sell her message and undermine Trump and Sanders. Only one paper is said to have endorsed Trump, from every major city in America. She had 1.2 billion dollars in her war chest. And she still lost! That is the one miracle, however dubious, that she did pull off!

“If she could lose with all that, that alone proves she would have ruined every opportunity we had as a nation, as this betrays a fatal inability to exploit an incredible and inexhaustible advantage because of a incredibly crippling psychological weaknesses.

[pullquote]If you don’t want people to know you are a crooked piece of shit, it might help to stop being a crooked piece of shit and providing eternal ammunition to foes.[/pullquote]”The only person who could have lost, given Clinton’s insurmountable advantages, was someone so incompetent insanity or dementia must be seriously entertained, for we have someone who could not accept responsibility for mistakes every campaign is bound to make, and learn from them like normal people do, growing stronger from the experience and not weaker. But that is what we had in Hillary, a once in a lifetime fuck up that will keep sticking her hand in a fire and blame everyone else for the self-inflicted wound.

“She pushed the Obama administration into creating an Orwellian system of double speak where anything that is damaging to her, especially if true, could be labeled by the state as ‘fake news’; as if that concealment, if possible, meant she would ever be amenable to self-correction. She’s a real class act, this one, and she is about to be humbled there, too, for that arrogance and stupidity.

Remember That Time Hillary Heroically Condemned This Anti-Trump Hate Crime Against a Mentally Disabled Teen? Me Neither.

“Look what Michael Moore engenders: race riots, hate crimes, breeding hate while pretending to protest it. Here, a mentally disabled teen is abducted for two days and tortured on a FB Live Stream. He is forced to cry out ‘fuck Trump!’ He is beaten, kicked, taunted, his hair cut with a knife until his scalp bleeds. He’s forced to drink from a toilet. But isn’t ‘fuck Trump’ what the media and Hollywood have been trying to get America to say for the last year with their pitiful PSAs calling for voters to come out for Hillary, for electoral college voters to defect from Trump, for celebrities to protest at the inauguration? Wasn’t that the whole point of Meryl Streep’s idiotic hymn to Soros globalism and her anti-Trump rant at the Golden Globes? Her misleading, melodramatic account of Trump mocking a reporter with a crippled hand was a false equivalence narrative designed to distract people from this very real hate crime against a mentally disabled person that made international news.

“The timing and high-profile venue suggests Streep, a Hillary surrogate and donor, hoped to turn the focus on Trump as an instigator of hate crimes again now that it had been shattered, as it was with the Project Veritas videos where DNC operative Bob Creamer paid the mentally ill $1,500 to foment violence at Trump rallies. As she made sure to mourn the loss of multiculturalism as if it was under any danger of being reversed in an inherently multicultural nation in the same speech, we know it was designed primarily to provide political cover to Hillary. More proof that the ceremony was used to reboot Hillary’s viability as a candidate came when host Jimmy Fallon, a clinical study in mediocrity, began knocking the electoral college system, the ridiculous implication being that the system was rigged against Hillary and that she had a mandate to rule America.

The truth is Hollywood has no moral standards to speak of. Pedophelia is the norm there, and this being exposed is the number one reason they hate Trump.

“What do we know about her that makes us so sure she can only fail? She surrounds herself with yes men to the extent her trusted counsel is small and is nothing but an echo chamber, it is limited to Huma Abadeen and a couple of others that are friends but not statesmen. We know she gets infuriated and literally has tantrums when anyone points out her mistakes, so no one close to her does, and that’s fatal. This not only ensures the mistakes will continue, but it also makes her predictable. That’s why her surrogates are constantly changing their stories and embarrassing their brand in the media, and why they are woefully inconsistent as they reflect management that cannot abide by accountability. These are very, very serious weaknesses and many of the clever and ambitious in Washington, and hostile foreign agents, will take advantage of her and have already.

“That’s our assessment, frank and devoid of insincerity. I guess maybe Putin wanted a Trump win so badly he had the primaries rigged so Hillary would win, and then run against Trump, who would destroy her because he knew everything we just outlined about Hillary, and then some. By the way, Putin also has an animatronic Obama he had made at Disney that punches babies and sings terrible impromptu and inappropriate death metal karaoke at state funerals in lieu of eulogies, which he uses to play jokes on the President. We had to throw that in there, since it was so stupid a talking point, but if we didn’t CNN would have nothing to air. We always end our meetings looking for the dumbest things we can say, we call them our ‘Wolf Blitzer intelligence scraps,’ and we provide them generously as a media courtesy. Trust me, we try to be honest, but they just don’t want to hear their emperor has no clothes.”