So Dems That Didn’t Vote are Racists, Sexists Too? Media Refuse to Concede They’re Stupid Bastards

FAIL. Your candidate sucked ass. Don't blame the Trump voters.
FAIL. Your candidate sucked ass and couldn’t match Obama’s 2012 numbers, or it would have been a landslide for her. Don’t blame the Trump voters.

So millions of white, black, Latino, Asian, male, and female Obama voters from 2012 simply didn’t vote this year. They are as much to “blame” for Hillary’s loss as the media generated stereotype of the racist, ignorant white mid-west male, but they can’t rightfully be blamed at all. The rednecks, as Bill Clinton would say. Those non-voters can’t be blamed for anything. The Dem candidate was corrupt, uninspiring, and for many simply not voting was an act of conscientious objection. You can’t shame people into liking a turd, and fuck you very much for trying, Jeff Zucker.

She helped kill hundreds of thousands as Secretary of State, and ran while under an FBI criminal investigation at the risk of destroying her entire party, but Cher and Katy Perry diddle their simple selves to her, so she is okay, if you believe CNN.

Poor turn-out killed Hillary. She was warned that about a third of Democratic voters wouldn’t support her on election day, and this was proven without a  doubt. Pollsters everywhere assumed she would match Obama’s 2012 numbers but something happened.

They didn’t fall in. Why should they? The best choice between an “evil and a lesser evil” is to choose neither. About millions did exactly that.

Had she gotten Obama’s numbers, it would have been a slaughter, indeed, but then again, it’s Hillary. So what is the point of demonizing people you don’t know? You can talk all kinds of shit about Trump voters, and butthurt media pundits are, but nothing was more instrumental to her defeat than the Democrats that didn’t vote. No one knows their color, their sex, their race, we just know they didn’t vote. These Democrats who didn’t vote are as much to blame as “racist, sexist, xenophobic” Republicans who voted for Trump because both ended Hillary’s run.

In the end, no one can be blamed as much as Hillary. Her job was to draw voters in equal numbers to Obama’s or more, and she did not. Her scandals and media bias backlash cost the Dems the Senate, House, and presidency.

This kind of behavior really gives credence to the belief that the media itself is frankly evil, malicious, stupid, or all of the above, because it seems intent on fomenting a race war, and a war of the sexes. They’re trying to sell a divisive narrative that blames Hillary’s loss not on her unpopularity or inability to keep the swing states, but on disgusted or apathetic voters that were expected to come out in 2012 numbers or better but didn’t.

This media circle jerk is getting dangerous and annoying, and these smegma-sucking sewer rats still think they can shame people into liking Hillary. Isn’t it obvious they’re just embarrassed frauds trying to keep their jobs?

Also, since we know for a fact CNN was colluding directly with the Clinton campaign, President-elect Trump should revoke their press privileges immediately, and if possible, hire a pimp to slap the shit out of that back-talking bitch Don Lemon. If CNN is not fake news, what is?

A non safe space meme making rounds.
Secret Service agent dances when Trump win announced.
Secret Service agent dances when Trump win announced.
Fake news scumbags.
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