Sanders Backs HRC Election Fraud Win, Claims Moral High Ground

Shawn Lucas, mysteriously died after serving the DNC in a class action lawsuit for fraud.

[pullquote]Not all of us have PTSD, but we have all had traumatic experiences where we felt helpless and frozen in fear, and needed someone else to make our decisions for us. As a nation, after 9/11, Bush/Cheney calculated we would let them make decisions for us, and that is exactly what we did. We are still paying dearly for that.[/pullquote]30 pieces of silver in hand is better than the mere promise of them, but we all know the dubious reward that it brought one certain individual. It’s as if Bernie Sanders, like Judas, gave Seth Rich and Shawn Lucas their last kiss before betraying them to the George Soros “Caiaphas,” and surrendered their souls to Hillary’s doomed campaign for the presidency.

Five DNC heads were fired over the rigging of the primary. There is an ongoing class action lawsuit against the DNC for fraud. Now, Trump didn’t steal my vote. Hillary did, so Bernie is a wicked fool if he doesn’t see who the real problem is.

There is only a 1 in 77 billion chance he is being honest about Hillary, and this claim can withstand any serious academic scrutiny. This scrutiny is welcome, from Bernie, from anyone. Light has nothing to fear from darkness. We know a lot of awful things about Trump, but we do know he doesn’t have a “Clinton mafia,” to use Colin Powell’s own words. Sanders is spitting on Shawn Lucas and Seth Rich’s grave.

Seth Rich, worked in the IT department at the DNC and was a possible source of the DNC leak.

Bernie, you are going to lose so badly now. I don’t want my grandchildren to grow up in a world where the president is scared of his own shadow, who survives by peddling fear instead of ideas, as if fear were better than hate. Fear, after all, is often the father of hate. This is not merely a philosophical proposition, it is psychology.

Fear and hate both increase harmful levels of the “fight or flight” stress hormone cortisol. The brain is not designed to handle prolonged periods of sustained stress and cortisol production, which is exactly what media and PSYOPS campaigns appeal to that they may control populations. This is what chronic stress does to brain cells:

Our weakness, as humans, is that too often our decisions are made as parts of groups and are based on emotions rather than reason, so we are now seeing Americans manipulated by the two deadliest emotions we’re vulnerable to, hate and fear. This is basic psychology. Hate and fear are very destructive forces when it comes to rational thinking and social consciousness in general. Fear, in fact, is more crippling than hate. This is how it is used in psychological warfare:

Fear is Tried and True: Ask the PSYOPS Specialists

Secret PSYOP guidebook, “Art of Deception,” a leaked NSA Snowden document detailing how fear and stress are used to exploit the masses.

The most insidious part of a fear-based campaign is that it appeals to common traumas we all share. 9/11, having been televised live and replayed over and over again in a false narrative to target a scapegoat nation, Iraq, was an example of a fear-based campaign that relies on a common trauma. Not all of us have PTSD, but we have all had traumatic experiences where we felt helpless and frozen in fear, and needed someone else to make our decisions for us. As a nation, after 9/11, Bush/Cheney calculated we would let them make decisions for us, and that is exactly what we did. The Patriot Act, and 15 years of war followed.

We are in the midst of great change, exposed to a constant barrage of fear from Hillary, hate from Trump. Many of us feel overwhelmed and feel as though someone else should take the wheel, and decide the future for us in 2016. Who should decide?

That person is not Donald Trump. It is not Bernie Sanders. It is not Hillary Clinton, and it is not yours truly. We are all grown up now, we have to think for ourselves, no matter how scary that may be in a world where the media mocks your capacity, or right, to exercise critical thinking. You have to decide.

If your heart tells you that you’re being lied to by a candidate, this to the point of psychological abuse that is gas-lighting, you should probably trust that. The vote for the lesser evil paradigm is a “vote for me else” gambit, it is extortion by definition. It is not an appeal to personal merits. Whether Obama, Sanders, Trump appeals to it, it is extortion delivered openly or “gently” by removing your choices, leaving only bad and worse.

When fearful we subconsciously think like children, because that is when we first experience this sort of helplessness. So be wary.

Losing the Moral High Ground

Shawn Lucas, dead of undetermined cause soon after serving papers to DNC. His “You are hereby served” video went viral after he subpoenaed the DNC.

Jason Chaffetz to FBI: “You are hereby served” House Oversight subpoenas FBI for Clinton investigation on the spot.

As Sanders creates a new “Trump terror” campaign to conceal Hillary’s corruption scandals he is willfully creating a fear-based narrative to prevent voters from making an informed decision. This is dangerous, it is unethical, and a mockery of what his movement stood for. The Sanders movement, once a movement of ideals and revolution, has become a bowel movement.

This not an endorsement for Trump, either. Trump is also playing with fire but this tactic was not expected from Sanders.

The problem for Sanders and Jeff Weaver is that the younger generation is on to this bullshit and it is why they fled from both parties in the first place.

According to a Stanford study of primary rigging in 2016, and a peer review study in Harvard with similar results, Bernie Sanders has a 1 in 77 billion chance of telling the truth when he says, or implies, that Hillary won the primary fairly, and that no one rigged the election.

Click to access Democracy_Lost_Update1_EJUSA.pdf



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