Message From the Pleiades

Ptaah- 38/These aren’t the religions.

Meier- I know, in truth these are the faithful people and their crazy belief.

Ptaah- 39/Certainly, and unfortunately in all truth they can not be changed, even though it is explained to them, that by their belief and their fluidum of belief they are generating these forces by themselves, which then they term the powers of darkness or the might of the darkness.

Violet-Color Aura Represents Low level of Development:

HM^HHHB 60/From my daughter I am informed, that while you approach Mr. G. you have seen a violet color in his aura, which actually should have warned you. 61/You really should pay more attention to these things.

Meier- I know, you surely will say, for re being known indeed, the violet color corresponding, so to speak, to a low level of development, and I should have cared for this because (of it).

Ptaah- 62/So it is- 63/But you do know, tlie violet color indeed corresponds to a very low level of development, and that only faith in samething wrong can call up this color in the aura- 64/Likewise is known to you, the different heresies affirming, that this color would protect from negative forcefields, radiations and other influencies of negative form. 65/ You know quite well, how wrong this is, and already several times having to suffer bad experiences in respect to different kinds of violet radiations, as for example as well within the ultraviolet reach, etc.

Meier- I know, but in spite of that, I had to try

this, but not because of me suddenly having become a fool in regarding the violet radiation for a positive factor. My suffered harms are well known to me, for which reason I trust in no affirmations which represent this violet radiation as being positive. Here I neither trust in the “Great White Brotherhood” and its followers, like the “Bridge to Freedom” and the “X am“, nor in any other wrong doctrines, as you should but know.

Great White Brotherhood, Bridge to Freedom & ‘I am’ – Wrong Doctrines :

WLmKLW. My suffered harms are well known to me, for which reason I trust in no affirmations which represent this violet radiation as being positive*Here I neither trust in the Great White Brotherhood” and its followers,- like the Bridge to Freedcm” and the “I am”, nor in any other wrong doctrines, as you sTiould but know.

CR 86, Wednesday, September 21,1977 Plejaren on ‘Being Naked’ :

Semjase= 21/Surely, by help of the analyzers, I meanwhile have become conscious about irony things in this respect. 22/For tlie first reason, the matter


30/It is very much grieving for all of us, seeing not only the earthhuman beings in the whole, but as well within your group still being very much inclined to a cult about the body, who sanctify their body by re-ligious meaning, thus it is regarded as taboo fran being seen, and in consequence is not allowed to be seen, besides oneself or the direct partner in mtri-mony. 31/This is a very much inunderstandable cult about the body, based on mere emotional wrcnc^_gffitch-ing and behavior.

Meier- I know, girl, but what shall anyone do against this? Vfe keep here on this world ”Free-Body-Institu-tions”, where all the members runalong completely naked, without having one single stupid and primitive thought in matters of sex and so on. These free-body-culturists or nudists yet become despised and laughed at by the so-called” normal ones and are marked out for being unchaste ones. How should anybody still demand then a normal viewpoint?

Ptaah- 16/These matters are known to us. 17/But the members of your group should strive for seeing these matters realisticly and purely in every respect, but

before all they should trouble themselves to control their erections, and to become master of the unnecessary and destructive jealousy.

Billy’s Absolute Blockade of Thoughts – A Complete Thought-Stop :

I^HB^pl they should trouble themselves to control their errotions, and to become master of the unnecessary and destructive jealousy.

Meier- That’s easier said than done, Ptaah. But maybe one is able to dam up the whole matter by some and to diminish it, …………

Ptaah- 18/How do you think to perform that? 19/This is likely unperformable, because…….- – – –

Meier- I thought that…………….

Ptaalr- 27/You know very well, nobody at the present point in time keeps the position of taking over this task. 28/There is very well known to you, that from the side of the surveying one has to prevail an absolute blockade of thoughts, a complete thoughts’

stop inside of the actual ___…., as otherwise the

fluidal forces unite with the aura radiations, which then by this Combined form get stored inside of the ……., which matter is dangerous for the new incarnation, because the mingled forms of fluidem would have an effect on both formations of spirit, whereafter these both would then, at the process of revival try to penetrate into the one and same body. 29/ In consequence this task of surveying can be exercised during the primary period only by a person who is able to neutralize himself in every respect — thus you.

CR 87, Wednesday, October 5,1977

Semjase’s New Construction of Propulsion Drive – Free from Animal-Frightning Radiations:

– Semjase unknowingly killed a Doe & felt very painful

Semjase- flHPBH^HBIBI I should have been more attentive, because I did know, that because of the new construction of the drives of our ships, those radiations do no more appear, by which animals of ail kinds are frightened away.

Meier- Uhat about, if you would build some apparatus or instrument which generates these radiations?

Semjase- 11/Such similar gear respectively does already exist, but this has not yet been built into my ship. 12/Here it does not deal with an instrument for frightening away the animals, but it warns at once, if there is a menaced by the prefect ion screen form of life in danger, which then at once impulses automatically switch on a fuse and lead the ship from the zone of danger for the living creature.

Meier- That is well. When will this gear be built into your ship?

Semjase- 13/Still today I will order it. 14/1 do regret so much for the animal. 15/1 simply was too careless.

Meier- Corns now, girl, be brave and no more think about that. At all you can not change it- 9m\\WLWm\\WmW^

Foehn Wind Effects :

^■HH.l.^.^HiHlMitaiP- ¥^t

now, what do you estimate of our weather? There prevails a real southerly wind, and I can delight myself very much frcm such storms.

Semjase- 38/Yes so, but this weather is bringing very great afflictions to many earthhuman beings, as welj. as to you, though you do not show anything about this. 39/But I know your arm is afflicting you very much.

Meier- Oh, thatTs not half as bad, because for a long time already I have accustomed myself to this matter.

Semjase- 40/You know, this being not only the acccm-odation, but a controlling of the evil pain. 41/In

your place I really would not know what i w^ould do-Meier- Tliat is no marvel, too, because you have overcome such evils in your race for a long time already. But here on Earth, with tlie earthmen, it is another thing. Very many ones will in cause of the southerly wind go crazy, play mad, kill themselves and provoke numerous accidents- Evil aggressions, fears and depressions become everyday events at such tines, which matter is sinply not understandable for me, for I can not explain what reason causes all these matters inside of the human being. These can’t be the thoughts alone, namely, any less than bodily troubles like pain, and so on- Often already I have reflected upon this, and have reached the conclusion, that these effects must be released inside the body itself, or by some organs, where, as I assume, by some event one or more levels of acid come into disarrangement, weakening by that the force of resistance of the human being, which matter then is experienced as feelings of depression or agression. I could imagine here by myself, for example, the adrenaline level representing one of these factors, if it sinks down by any unknown to me processes in the body or by outer influences, which as far as I know depresses the force of resistance and releases the sound structure of the body etc. An agression is effected when the adrenalin level rises enormously, and can not he reabsorbed scon enough by the milky acid’s production towards a normal standard. So this would mean, the adrenaline level at sub-level position, as well (produces) a certain effect, like the supra-level position, too. But surely in southern-wind weather still other factors are decisive, which you are perhaps able to explain to me?

Semjase- 42/About these concerns, I do not have enough cognitions, than to give you a sufficient answer. 43/Yet in respect to your interest I will look for a suited answer, and tell it during our next meeting. 44/Frcm that yet, what I know of these re-

which fact you can see for yourself and exercise as well.

CR 88, Monday, October 17,1977

– A. wanted Billy to influence lottery which would have gained a property of 2.5 million Swiss Franks but Billy refused

– Neither Herbert & GUido existed any relations or connections in reach of the mission, but otherwise connections have existed and from these resulted the connections to the present time.

Effects of Foehn Wind: Meier-__

fli Yet now a question: A short time Derore,

yuutsve prorised ma, to give me soma explanation about, why the southerly wind attacks us human beings so hard.

Semjase- 42/Surely. I have asked therefore, arid the following was explained to me; 43/Warmed by rubbing

on plants and earthly surface airy especially in the mountains, nails up a sudden increase in temperature, which climbs above the common standard, 44/This does meanr that within a short time the climactic pressure suffers a rapid change, which announces Itself especially very strong at the human being, because at the inside of him In result of these changes of pressure are evoked as well changes in him, and this within the householding of the production of acids, bases and mineral salts, and hormone production. 45/Eapid alternation of pressures retards the secretion or the hormones and electrolytes, because these become th©JR-selvs retarded in their production. 4fi/ln this way the same effect cones to appear, like an overproduction of short time- 47/When then for example £op KTozh adrenaline is secreted, then the human being inds excitement end even rage, restlessness, irritability, etc., etc., but which events the sane way when the production of adrenaline decreases. 48/ln the saire way, adrenaline and nuradrenaline work for nervous stimulation means”; if they are produced and secreted in proper measure. 49/The exercised nervous stimulation by these chemicals vouches for, while maintained (in balance), a normal ability of efficiency, which means, that in this way the human being just keeps a normal ability for efficiency. 50/Bjt now if the standard household of the hormones and electrolites gets disturbed, as at the, or because of the form-wind, and here just because of its rapid climactic change and pressure, the human body and its Drear.s are intl be :-.v;mk: LJiuy cannot aUOUWCXfafce

themselves as rapidly to the new pressures, thus many miseries arise, which express themselves as well in bodily as well as by physical forms of appearance, too- as for example by sudden pains of different kinds, by irritability, apathy, depressions, fears. Indisposition, slackness and tiredness, sleeplessness and several other troubles. 51/Each according to, how then the human being stands spiritually against these miseries and is able to neutralise them/ he is more or less sensitive to them! 52/labile7~ weak in will human beings fail very often while in such states, or they deprive themselves of their life. 54/ ‘Ihe more evolved the human being Is by spiritual

sight, all the more is he able to control then these things and to master them, by which way he even then fashions his life for the best, when n&gative influences from the outside affect him. 55/This is the explanation that was given to me. 56/More I do not know about this.

Meier- That’s already quite much, and I an content with it.

Disintegrator of Fluidal FOrces:

Semjase- 57/lh«n I still have to give you a further explanation, yet which is not in connection with these matters. 58/lt deals with the concerns about Mr. G. 55/Father was worried about it and turned for that sake to Asket for advice > 60/As you do knew, Asket and her race are still far in advance of our evolution in many respects. 61/in care for you and all our’s mission then, father asked Asket, whether perhaps can get conceded by her or her race a mechanical or electronic protection for you, it against expectation the subconscious of Mr. G. would find out your position. 62/Asket could not hand over tlie entire neons, but she gave to father formulas and plans for the construction of a disintegrator in aim of elimination of fluidal forces. 63/Quetzal built the apparatus within less than two days, wnich now is already built-in and in function inside of the small telemeter disc floating above your center. 54/If then, against all expectation, something should be undertaken against you in this direction, then you can remain uriworried, because the force would be eliminated before the come near you-

Meier- I don’t know yet, what is a desintegrator? I’m not interested to know, too, but I regard it for fantastic, that Ptaah could initiate this. This takes away seme fear from rne^. Please tell hir. my heartv thanking. ^0

agreed to some lectures – at Zurich -K lot en – in a school.

German ‘Lufthansa’ Airplane Hijacking Incident:


And as I am now just speaking of evils: You certainly knew of the terrible theater that presently is occurring for a German “Lufthansa” airplane once more. Cne again has hijacked such a vehicle and also murdered nne man inside already. Do you have any presentiment, what way these matters will develop?

Semjase- 86/Sorely, because we survey very carefully these horrible concerns, but I am not allowed to give you information about it, neither about this matter, nor about future ones. 87/So, as well the finish of the events could be menaced by such.

Meier That’s a pity, but now I already know enough, at leastr that this hijacking of the airplane ends well. Yet can you tell me perhaps, at what time this present airplane’s theater will find its end. If I keep silence so long about it and still keep back the reports during this time?

Sanjae©- 88/About the end of the present event, I all right can give you details, if you just keep silence until the early hours of the morning, as until then, the occurences have turned to be well again.

Meier- Of course, I will keep my mouth shut that long- – And apart from this, I likely will sleep during the norning hours.

Semjase- 89/Surely; then listen new: 90/The government of Germany has not remained inactive during all the last time, as was assured generally throughout the world. 91/Secretly cciTprizing plans were elaborated, but which only then can be realized, if silence of the strongest mode is keot about them, for which reason a strict stop of information got settled, which will be maintained until the early hours of the morning of the following night. 92/Matter of fact is, the government of Germany having elaborated plans for freeing tlie kidnapped Uifthansa-alrplane and will realize these during the following night and mid-night. 93/The German government has namely educated for some time a special unit, soldiers of the so-called border

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