Message From the Pleiades

21/4) The huge snowfalls all over the world will drag along very bad summertimes for many, many countries, as there will rise heavy dryness which spoil tho coed and harvest.

22/5) By the coming times of drought, unusually great regions of land and forest will get damaged by conflagrations all ever tho world.

23/6) Many countries of tho Earth will be flooded by great amounts of water, whil© oicowhere rules drought and misery, demanding victim3 of hunsn beings and animals, and damaging very rruch countryland and objects constructed by human beings. 21/Thon also will stomflpcda rage over the eeeans, crash into islands and continent regions and demand doadly contribution.

25/7) Shipping of the world will be cruelly beaten, and very many victims will be demanded. 26/A whole series of ship catastrophies will come to appear, and the cost will amount to billions in money for the

hujrvm beings. 27/Especially the oi 1- transportation shipping ia threatened by the enormous oitfifljnt of natural power, which opposes the robbery cKsrciEod by the human being and exploitation of Earth petrol, but which connections the aarthhiiTiari being is not able to understand and to boliovo, and oven docs not know about at all, cr accept. 2B/Rjfc tho Earth rages in wrath and defends itself, while she tears away from the human being the materials robbed from her, and infects thereby those regions, and danemges them, which ore roost important to the eeurthhunen being for hie further existence, which are the oceans. 29/The self defending forces of nature have announced the fight against the hunan being, and hit him hardest- there where the pulse of life is heating. 30/If this is damaged, then no living creature is any more safe to exist in this world. 31/By the catastrophies in shipping, great quantities of oil will be released which swim as huge and~ “cfestrucrLJye carpets en the water, killing creatures ar*2 linalLy siiakirtg *&wn as deaLhbrJJigirig long rttfnairiiiig nud into Uie iconic bed, and cover as a touqh isadly Hess the HMres below then, destroying them. 32/In this way the forces of nat‘jrc defend themselves against the delusion cf the caxthhunum, with the aim of destroying him, because r when tlie hunan being disaoococo from the Earth surface, then is the Earth first able feo bfcglfl regeneration, which activity could last for e5dllieng~of Years, and return her to a priiaary status* 33/£ut for “Ehis not to happen, the human being has little chance even if he steps all earthly exploitation as «eon as possible, and no further exploits her. 34/lhlt thJLo means that all exploitation is suddenly stopped and becomes valid, and at the some tine world-wide birth con-rol is strictly exercised, and births are stopped for at least seven years. 35/Xii^ still exists for the earthhuman being to save himself, but the tiine has become very sliort for him, as there 6b not rem-in more than four or five years for him to rescue himself and to arrange himself into or iter with trie laws of nature.

36/6) The year 1977 will bring much misery by war acttvltlea for the eorttihLfnsin being. 37/The mischief of the terror is La will grew and change towards new, while ti^ny human beluga will die o n;

erable death. la/Thts guilt, therefore la in the main the natlcn of Israel and the- states supporting it* J9/ln this respect, the guilt for the coming senseless bloodshed is carried by all those who cooperate with her- 40/Tnere is already menacing in tire northeast and east, the idea of a worldwide war, stirred up by the machinatiens of TsraeK 41/Hie day is no longer far off, that the loea will find its break-through and a world-wide, destructive war bursts out, which already glooms in beginning thoughts. 42/This wicked and menacing event can only be averted If tnn n.^itims of the world come to an agreement to dissolve together the state of Israel, whereafter then all borders of all states are dissolved and a world government formed which should coene into tunct ton. ^J/tnis alone vouciies for reaching the long time hoped tor peace, and to preserve it as well, while basically it must be explained that there has to be formed a world’s government of non-political manner, but a spiritually guided, one, which must be exercised.

44/9) The year of 1977 will be basically a year of murder of great and small character. Ab/fXy land 01 the Earth will be spared from this, as even wicked massacres will break cut in many places searching out innumerable victims of human beings. 46/Swltzerland also will not remain spared from this, but of other shapes and less quantity- 47/Murders and other killings from hate, despair and revenge will rise rapidly in amount, as well as murders for purely criminal roasone. 48/Whole families will fall victim to the imirdarous passions of very different elements, especially in the first half of the year. 49/Kullltios will come to appear as the reason for the bloody deeds, and the murdering elements will even feel themselves in the right. 50/1he judging court’s bail-iffs will be ovciizurcbned by these coming events, and in~their unreasonable simplicity will even confess several mitigating causes for the murderous elements, one in this way still sponsor the irrirdaringc.

51/10} The year 1977 will bring many new discoveries for the scientists of all branches, which, well used could briny much progress for the earthhoran beings, nf positive character; but which according to trod-

itional pattern will be elaborated for negative value bringing death and destruction upon the nuran being, h2/In medical science, unaeeuned discoveries will be rudej and register great success, as well as in the tie Ids of astronexny, chemistry, physics and technology.

S3/11) Tho scientists of one state will develop in 197/ an eattredely dangerous and deadly weapon, by which the ccncernec state gains great power!

i>4/12J Prom cosmic space care menacing danger?, but ot which crieser description is not conceerSpd to me.

SS/13) Different new, and hitherto nnknnwn to the human being, sicknesses will appear.

bfc/1’1) Airilight will suffer from unusually much damage ans will have lots of victims.

57/These _re the rroet iinportant predictions for the year 1977, consisting partly of probability calculations, and in a small part on prophetic annamne-Mints. 58/It is net conceeded to me, to tell you more

ab-aut this in an ^rrioiol r«r»r>r»>-r :anH e.n T himr* fn

let it be with that- 59/Eva luate these in format ims in good manner and announce them, too, if necessary, to the world’s govprnmentfi.

Unknown ET Races to get in Contact with Earth Human Beings :

Meier- Yez, and what about a deronstration, etc. 1

Sengase- 210/This is still missing tor you and promised. 211/One time might be spring or surmear, yet perhaps just the autumn. 212/But from the other side, not frcm ours, will arise some surprises for the earthhiraan being, when certain things will come to appear by strange to Earth races, as T alroady ox-plained to you in confidence and only for yourself.

213/1 an not a) lowed to explain more about this, here.

Meier- That’s well till now. I don’t want tourgeyou. Just one thing is net evident tu me. You previously told n£> once, that for months an extraterrestrial spaceship would fly in Earth space and search for contact with Bartft hunans, buL not dare to do so. Frcm where Is this ship coming, arid why don’t you start contact with it/

Semjase- 214/It is very strange with that, because until new, we have tried a lot of ways to cet into contact with it, but in vain, and when we appear, then those ships disappear,

Meier- Why suddenly they?

Gemjase- 215/For they arc several ones, as we have noticed. 216/They are all of whitc-chininc or green-ahining color, which often draws behind them a strange orar>gg~colored tail, which contains unknown and strange to us stuffs, which is being analyzed by our scientists. 217/lr. leswcl l.j these objects, OUST recKonninQa of probability result in some still un-defliiaUle tsux^xiit^.

CR 72, Thursday, Febraury 3,1977

– Semjase points out the Earthquake zones on a map of Switzerland Plejaren send only Reason-Carrying Impulses in Financial Matters:

First is the problem of the object, which fir at we have to fird, and second then sSSC a problem of tlie finances- Such a suited object might cost up to 500,000 5fr., and whereiron should ws take this stock is a riddle tu rre.

Sffnjafie- 1 “J/The reasonability will ease the way for ym, and besides, we will send reason-carry in g jjipulees towards all these who conic decisively share in regulating the financial matters. 14 Ate will =e:ui cut impulses of truth. frrtt ur.tch trey will recognize the truth and the necessity of the undertaking..

Meier- Only this will move well.

Semjase- 3 S/No coercion wi 11 be done, because they all have to ClQGiCte from their own reason and their own will. 16/Moroowr every single one is working here in all for his own evolution, not only in this lite, but already for the next rebirths as well 17/

Re-Incarnations for the Billy & Members of the Group :

Wriy<r«-> f:3 yfuir giT:V:p Will find OKiT EleXt UlCaM-

natlon Iji the center as built by you, which jnatters win be guided by our arg your ow:i helL’, as -veil as £y a to rise from you ….. wherefore we tjive you the instructions. 18/we will watch as *eil for the outbuilding in a suited iranner of the center, giving detailed instructions to you and will assist by good service *

Meier- You talk of great things, girl* Pm I at least allowed to hear, who win have his next incarnation in z’r.e center, and within what years?

Senijase- 19/Surely, T can r-i i yr:: ^ of them* 20/ScnJecnes of the hlt-herbo grmp will spend an extremely short time in the Other Vtorld region, before they vill moot again with the group in the centerr in a r^al life of physical form- 21/Trie first of them will incarnate again for the group between try? years 2012 and 2Q25, others between 2033 and Z036 and the remaining ones between the years of ZD45 and 2222- 22/Thi5 rapid sequence is because th* labor must not lie fallow and has to be led further on, so that in spite cf all the canning cenfusions and wick-

edne?*??, it itself slowly spreads ths kit wl edge in your world, for only hy this, tre iimensely dwimN mg himself marking- of the Earth will cone to knowledge and be led in this way towards the true evolution. 23/lhe miss ions of the different ones are very different there, and are often hardly recognizable by thpjTs»lves, 24/But they are of importance and far-reanhing, in the future as well as today, even if the single person still does not recognize this as I already said.

Msisr- But you don’t mention the names of those ones who incarnate again so ©oon. You have said you will be allowed to tell ma some names?

Senrjaoc— 25/Yee? the first cries will be ………

who will incarnate again in forde form- 26/Thelr names will no more be the same, but ones of special valcier which still today sound strance in the world, and which I m not allowed tc toll officially. 27/Out like this it will behave with all the otherones, with

……r vno again will cone to appear in male form

between 2033 and 2036j whan sorce&ijTC also …… will

incarnate in male form of life, like as well…….

28/P%?twsen the years of 2045 and 2072 again vill appear …… besides several further persons whose

names are still unknown to you, cut who in the run of the next time, and in the next years, will still meet with you.

Meier- Shis is quite interesting, but you do not toll anything of my littleness, but which ia aurely of intorost to oil.

Semjase- 29/But you do know it-Meier- ttiturally, but it would be more interesting if you explained it.

Semjase- 30/You know that in this reapecfc I an not allowed to explain all of it officially.

Meier- I know that, but can you tell at least just what is allowed tc be explained?

Semjase- 31/Surely, ycu know how and at which time you will leave unexpectedly and □nassurned hy all the others from this field of life, and you knew this can not be spoken of. 32/Huis as uell is not allowed to

be explained, at which time you came up again to appear. 33/lhis caution means consists of the knowledge, that, an idol would be made of ^uu, if the dates were known. i4/Alone Is Slower! to be known, that after flQO years you will again be tlie cenlerpoint of your inrerrnost group, as it exists today and will also exist then. 35/As you declared yourself for being with the intent, you want to perform your mission until its end, in consequence of which you can not stay during the next few millenitm for rote that 2,000 years, or 300 years in th© opposite field (by “opposite field” is not meant the “Other world”, but the opposite field of tho mission and the spreading of knowledge? thus reariing? rorrsinirg outside of the rrission – opposed to it), but that you incarnate in rapid sequence several times at different places of the Earth, to fjlfill ycur mission with other nations and races of this world, while nevertheless you will meet with contacts again in your pre sent group r which will get enlarged, you know- 36/The dates of these contacts and oT your incarnations, I am r.ot allowed tQ tell/ as you know. 37/The members c£ your group will you at each oppegrance., like they will

themselves arrcng one another- 38/In the aim of this, special activities should as well be prepared, which 2 will explain to you later, hot which are not allowed bo be told in public- 39/>tore tc explain in official fom, I am not allowed tc do, and you as well are not, except within your closest group.

Meier- I -en. of this. Thank you for the information. mow yet still a further question in tills connection: ‘lhere already are quite many who belcng loosely to our group, as well as our descendants. Vfliat about then? –

Semjase- 40/A11 your own desceTtdents come again into the group, part of them already by the year 2017, because some of them will leave soon from this world, for undertaking after rather short absence rebirth in special missions. 41/lhe looser group members, as you call themr will differently incarnate again al-ready from the year 1995, partly m your centerr but the greater part outside of it, by which consequence-they will first reach your group again in later years, which will then be, when they have bscare self-sap-

port in q-

Mcicx- ihis inforroatiori will be sufficient. Well, now I am ready, too, with the painting–in- is this well, as it is?

Semjase- 42/Ccrtsrnly, but still ycu later should draw in all these zones, each according to their values, separately cn suited maps.

Msier- Okay, so I will- l^ow yet a question: Herald is with Jacobus, as I already U>ld you before ycu landed* May you let him hear once while departinq perhaps tlie sound of the ship?

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