Message From the Pleiades

153. Deep in the interior of the earth and deep below the pyramids, they established themselves securely, whereby they converted the rooms and constructions deep below the present pyramids of Giza, as a center for their wicked purposes, from where they and their descendants since then tried to realize their tyrannical plans, but as of now without noteworthy success, although their way of obtaining

the goal of deceit, lying and intrigues was by wrong teachings and the leading astray of the uncorrupted Earth humans through religious teachings of madness and cults, and many kinds of other evil machinations.

154. Due to their expulsion they, however, forfeited very much, because all possibilities for technical and otherwise scientific further development was prevented for them, as also however was all their research, and so forth, which thereby led to the quite rapid reduction in their life expectancy, and today still only amounts to an average of 94 years, which in relation to today’s people converts to practically only about 20 years higher than the average in European regions.

155. This means for the renegades, called the “Giza Intelligences” by us, that they are slowly dieing out, and today are still only fewer than 2,100 in number.

156. Due to complete isolation from free space, these remaining ones will also be no more, in fewer than three decades, because they are all already old and no longer capable of procreation.

157. But in spite of that they still maliciously hold firm to their tyrannical plans, and they don’t see themselves as beaten.

158. Arussem ruled until about 3,010 years before your time reckoning began (3,010 B.C.E.) until a powerful forced departure was secured for him by a mutineer by the name of Henn, who was called Jehovah in the tongue of the Hebraons, and likewise also gradually within his own ranks, whereas the appellation “The Cruel One” was added.

159. In the year 2,080, B.C. already old and weak, he was displaced, and his nephew Kamagol the First, took over the evil command of the Giza Intelligences, in order to expand the headquarters below the surface of the pyramid of Giza to a murderous center of power, which allowed no possibility at all of being destroyed anymore.

160. Like no ruler before, Kamagol the First forced all earthly religions into his control and created terrible cults which demanded human blood, which were able to be partially maintained until the present.

161. All efforts from outside were in vain, as his position of power could not be broken.

162. But also Kamagol the First was only a human, so one day he met his own fate from out of his own ranks, in the form of his own son, Kamagol the Second, who overthrew him and deprived him of power, and let him die miserably in a deep dungeon.

163. Kamagol the Second was in many things even more malicious than his father, which he soon revealed, after taking over power, through the introduction of monstrous mass murdering of earth-born terrestrial human beings, who he slapped under his religious power through many kinds of means.

164. As one of the last really extremely long-lived, Kamagol the Second attained a great age and died a natural death just a few days ago, which we were able to ascertain just 2 days ago.

165. He departed this world on the 27th of December 1976, therefore around 10 days ago.

166. The still remaining Giza Intelligences, already old and weak in many ways, but still filled with hate and tyrannical plans, don’t give up.

167. But indeed their days are numbered, so, in three decades, at the latest, they will be no more.

[gaiaguys note: according to the Plejaren, these remaining people, also called the Bafath, were deported by the Plejaren in May, 1978.]

168. With the heaven’s sons, the Hyperboreans and the emigrants from the Plejaren system, Ptaah and Salam, the sons of the murdered Jehav, led the further rule by common agreement.

169. They governed well and created peace, and only occasionally mixed in the affairs of the Earth-born Earth humans.

170. After his 93rd year of government Ptaah was stricken by malicious and unknown disease, from which he succumbed a few days later, consequently his brother Salam continued to lead the government alone, until, weak from his great age, he handed over command to his son Plejos, 2,040 Earth years ago, after he had taken up connections to the home worlds already centuries before and had placed himself and his people under the home form of government, namely, that of the spiritual teachers.

171. His son Plejos was, like his father, very wise and a kind governor, and, as 1,999 years ago of earthly chronology, the home worlds, after an interruption of around 240 years, newly positioned themselves under the guidance of the “High Council”, he also arranged himself and his people under it.

172. Respecting and following the advice of the “High Council”, he prepared for the long-yearned-for return to the home worlds, which resulted 1,994 years ago, by your chronology, after Jmmanuel, at Plejos’s direction, was begat by the spiritual leader Gabriel, was educated as a prophet and had become right for his mission.

173. Still to mention is that among the very distant descendents of Arus, who had subjugated the lands in the north, there existed elements in great number, who, until into the time of Jehav, preserved themselves as the Arusists.

174. These, a group of 160,000 humans, were named the Great Aryans, because they still advocated the ideas of Arus the First.

175. They even released themselves from the powerful control of Jehav and wandered, plundering, through the land, from northwest to the east, where they penetrated into that land where in earlier times Arus the Second had settled with his people and expelled the Sumerians, where, in the meantime, however, the then Aryans mixed themselves with the low native population and forgot their actual origin.

176. Also, in the meantime, the descendents of the Sumerians returned to their old homeland, so also they settled there again.

177. But then came the Great Aryans, who moved between the Caspian Sea and Ararat, and took possession of the clay-brick towns of the mixed people, which had reached a good level of prosperity as a result of the earlier invading Aryans and the returning descendants of the Sumerians.

178. Their work consisted mainly of trade and agriculture, which was well mastered by the Sumerians’ descendents.

179. So, the appearance of the humans and all their buildings was very orderly, and a strict discipline ruled, indeed even a certain submissiveness towards the highly developed Sumerian descendents, who were superior to the native people in consciousness development and worldliness.

180. And exactly this world was attacked and forced into bondage and transformed and pressed into a new state structure by the Aryans, who, deprived of all technology, had been wandering for long years, coming from the far north.

181. Deprived of all technology by Jehav’s myrmidons, the Aryans settled down in the distant lands, but in time became stunted and mixed with the natives, so, soon all knowledge and ability of a higher level and of their origin disappeared into the darkness of forgetfulness.

Meier- Fantastic, there I arc. flat lUce a flounder. But what now is the name of the new upmost knave of the

Semjase- 180/According to our information, no new ccrnnander will rone to appear» 181/In the future, all decisions should he settled by ccmron conclusion.

M&ier- Ps well, okay, then tits knaves will scon tall into diBsention among themselves and eradicate one another.

Senrjase- 182/Surely, this may partly happen.

History of Name ‘Pleiades’ :

Maler- ^■^■^^^ Now yet still two questions, or three, concerning the Pleiades; So this name traces back to an DM1* And the name was simply maintained later on Earth, or were these stars -otherwise named


Somjann- 183/Thie name was preserved, but went lost in tho confusion of languages appearing on Earth, to other form, but then to find its way back in the run of time tc its true original value, which fact traces back in the nsin to your mythologies.

Meier- This will be then as well mainly the ancient Qreeft once, isn’t it?

Senrjase- 184/Surely

Plejaren Chronology:

ology you use, at

as well by years, as wo do?

Semjase- 185/But certainly, because originally they are our forefathers who invented this chronology, and liXe it ia nr. forth, tco,

Meier- I see, anfl since wnat tun& fio you county i mean, since what tune or wnen did your chronology start?

SaiRjase- 186/Sinee the beginning sf the peace in qui

hrro? systems, thus around 50,000 years Meier- Yes, and can yon r.ei i tlie exact date? 9snjase~ lBB/We count today the year of 49,711,

Semjase- ^^^■■^^^■^■■^^^^^^ 193/ want to explain therefore, as w»U Iwving established a new chronology since then- that in consequence we use two of them. 194/lte year 49,711, which leiiiinds us ot tite rinai tune tor yujui, «uki uie yuui i,?3ij which reveals the spiritual synchronization and har-rami’zatioft,

filler- J do understfiia tills, but if it sound* a bit tolly, 1 really do uiii3erstancl It. I regard the reasoning of your chrnuuluyy better and besides that more worthy than the eaithly, where one gets confronted hy si I ly pretentiue creators and. other knave»-

Origin of Name ‘ERRA’

Meier- wen, and now tie question of, hew Err© haa received her name, and when?

Sarrjasf*- IfiS/Thfit’s very easy. 190/The system of Pleiades’ planers, whirrh axe much younger than the Earth, and their stars, too, than rJie Earth, were named only hy numbers until tlie time vAitsi the “Kiqh Council” took over the guidance. 191/BlL since then, z-y pea i. re at the “High councilone Times tux liane worlds by well-ss’-indiric names, and like this as well trrn.

Fteier- if 1 think Eight, this must have happened 1,951 years ago?

i^fujase- lS2/Sureiy, you think corieuL. ^^^■■B

Coming Events for Year 1977:

Still now yet .something else: CcJi yuu uell me some matter? fnr The yeru 1977r about the cgntinc events and about other plans vtiii aim for? Different things yon already told nncng; four eyes* but there will surely Btlst scsne matters wtildi the other ones ore allowed to knew as w»llr aren‘t there?

Serrjase- 19 S/Surely, I am aliened to tell 5Ct*e; what do you wanr to Know?

Meiers What is going on with tlie earthquakes and other nature_ ratastrcphies, aitd so on, whether you wii l sti 11 give seme QBicnstratlons – in spite of all, and whether there are ongoing any things in respect to tinJcnovn flying objects?

Semjase- 196/Sone things I am allowed to tell you officially.

Meler- Gfcay, here I am interested to Know, hov many dead ones, and wounded people, there have been in the earrj-xnnice In China? officially only quite unclear anil deceptive information was given. But trie prophesies given to ire by petaig speak on the contrary t:-f about one minion dene! bodies.

Semjase- 197/’mis is correct. 198/Oiir explorations fond that 893,000 people wgrg killed in the earthquakes in CMra. 199/2l)Kr000 people will hear heavy injuries for the rest of their lives, while a further 811, QUO persons have been more or less injured. 200/’ine amount of missing people not: found until today, who for the greatest part are deeply covered down he .low the ruined fields, is around VP, uOO persons. 201 /But now I want to answer to you tho other” questions. 202/The Earth will not find her tranquility, because still much worse earthquakes Will sh^ke her, than happened during the last year. 203/Hut all those quakes mny not be expected in this* year. ^U4/But they will be of such horrible power that countneg and isles will sink,, 205/An extraordinary heavy dryness will attack the world, soon to be followed by floods of great measure. 206/ The airspace-drive wi 11 suffer heavy, uery heavy loss by many events, like this the sea-drivo, too. jvuaziq violence and criminality wi 11 everywhere climb to giddy heights, =\nr. forceful causes of death will prevail among the human beings or all races, 2GS/1his all will he much worse than ever b»fore».

Meier- 0′<ay, ttls airendy suffices, but on ^hat do you base your information?

semjase- ^.u^/inese are calculations of probability.


71st Contact Mondayr 10 January 1377

02;14 h

ll>:xk4i\ -TroiiSiiLLssllB GODfcaCfc

Qecnjose- 1/During our conversation in 6 January, Iti our last contact, you asked re for different future concerns, but which I only answered you insufficiently- 2/So because I wasn’t or still wasn’t instructed about which of and how much abuut the ccniiiiy events for the ciiUilLUitui beings in Lhe year of 1977 T would be alluded tu ajrr.juiice officially (L Meld back). 3/ Therefore I discussed tills wlrJi Quetzal, wro told me Uie details of the matters, m crxiseqrenre of wnirh i am now alleged Lo tell yuu closer ClerMls. 4/Within here it must be understand that nr/ lrifornv=Hnn ~s partly based am prophetic sight, and in thp program of our pn.ubabl11ty caini1artons. VSo listen new for the announutLitdiits, which are of regrettable hardness, worse than all the yeara he fore, and which ycu should reveal by iiLUbeis:

6/1) The heaviest eartliquakes, worse in effect than all of them 9 Of) years aqo, will shake the Earth and dwiqe the suiiace or the planet. 7/The aroumtjuf

dead bodies will be much higher than in 1§76. 8/By uncferBea volcanoes new islands will be generated, where our analysis shows that the first island of this kind will rise near Japan. 9/Existing islands and smaller continental ports will siols^ within the floods of the sea, while on the continents snwllex and greater shifts of ground will be felt. 10/Espec-ially ore insnaced by earthquakes in 1977 all those countries which were shaken by quakes already in 1976. 11/Djt there also fLnnounces itself in this year the great trench of San Francisco La Alaska, and legions 5 Austria, ^itzerland and Gerrkuiy which are afflicted by different earthquakes. 12/Then in this year also the continent of Africa and the island regions of Oceania will be shaken It/ quakes, as well as Russia, too, end other regions.

13/2) Several volcanos all around the giube will tlien throw out g lowing around in sudden and unexpected eruptions # and damage irany thousands of huTtm lives. 14/The beginning of these caning events will be seen already during Uiu next days, when several tlifajM-anc:

human beings get killed by a heavy volcano .:?raption in the country of Zaire in Africa.

15/3} The snow-falls in tho. boginning of the year of 1977 wiLl increase, unusually, and demand many victims . 16/Even groat regions which have no snow-fall at all in other times, will got covered by great masses of anew and suffer need, while iirmense downfalls of the temperature will cause a very many dead bodies by freezing in rrany countries, and not only in countries that are accustomed tc snow-falls, but as well in such where cold and snow axe unknown. 17/Starting already totorrcw, unusually large snowfalls will hit many countries all over the globe, and demand many victims. 19/Smaller and greater villages will get cut off from their environs, and even airflight lines of whole nations will hove to be grounded for some tine. 19/The end of the sncwfalls will bring greater and smaller catastrcphies, because avalanche crashes will follow in all the world, which will causa much misery and need for the earthhuran beings. 20/Dasidea many animal and huntan victims, great areas of land also will be afflicted while streets, railway linos, and buildings of human beings will bo damaged by the crashing down avalanches.

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