Message From the Pleiades

Meier- New you ere saying about than, that unusually sharpr straight and long noses belong to tliis?

Senrjase- 55/Yes surely, like tliat are the noses of those stcne figures.

Meier- ch clear, then we didn11 miss, anything. I know this type of hunvir; nelng very well* X regret that thpsp fr»tlows wre giants, as thia way the horror stories of the wicked giants will nntain new rxjurish-rrent, though surely not all of tlie giant races are

like them.

Semjase- 56/in which you also byp right..

Meier- Okay, but these giants, have they only lived at those places you mentioned, or were they or other-ones at other places of tr» Earth?

Semjase- 57/This race lived without exception at the said countries- SB/But further, other races of the q*iant-ones colonized all continents. 59/As well cyclops and titans, and Aimrr-like grown people have settled in all parts of the Sarth. 60/They settled and left again, or yot they perished, maybe by causes never known.

Andromeda-Constellation ET Race:


^^^■■^■■^^■■B- 42/Frcm our calculations of probability, Uitse hats must have been reproductions of the h p 1 wt-1 ike f ornaLlons of the giants, which evidence is still unavailable to us. 43/ln any case, many matters about, these giants and their activity on Earth are mysterious to us, and we can not find a solving therefore- 4A/There is only known to usr that the giants left their last sign of living sccnewnere in a far-away solar system of the constellation known bo you as Andromeda, but where, we don’t exactly knew, because from somewhere cane news of the exist-eince of a colonized world, tlic existance of the Earth, while from there mllleniunts later, started a great expedition that came to Earth. 45/These were martens of a human race, which in average wis 180 centimeters in body height, who brought a message of the giants to Tiahuonaco and lived there tor soctm 20 y^ars and 7 months* 46/This happened, calculated back from today, quite exactly 256B years agof as we could see.

■37”During the nearly 21 year stay of the gqknewn to 05 Andrcatnsdans, they built up a quite hich culture, c-::i:-;tirjtEd electrical energy c 5 whose cables tliey laid below tiie ground, clcl^JteJ by_:ialfr-tube channels put up by them, about Which sflli today yem scientists rack their brains, because tliey can not reason their precise production and don’t know their purpose. 48/Llke the giants, the Ar*lrai*»dans as well, Wi”> rnu Id rint accomodate riiejriHelVHH feu rJie p^r~niy conditions of climate arc] annrephere, were befall en After sere ?n years by rre sarin mysterious euicrLTilc, which mused thejEi to escape hi pdJilc, 49/ They as well are presiirne:3 si: i*z thai!, due

have dll uei is‘^■^■■■^^■^■■^HB

Lyrian-Giant’s ET Race :

Meier- ^^■i^^B- Ah, T promised already snre time ago, for my friend Herald, ro as* you one© about the connections about Easter Tsland, which surely is known to you. In cause of the script here, he wants to know if you can decipher it for us?

Sonjase- I am not allowed to do sor because

hereby oonnections would be revealed, which the eaxth-hnman brings arc? still not admitted to knew- 5/1 myself could not ovon decipher these marks, fibr tloey are unknown to mor which is why I would have to hand them further on. 6/1 would readily do this for you, but then you would have to keep silent about the result.

Meier- Mot demanded, as well I do not want to know it, but in itself, I am all right interested in that, but on the other hand, I likely would be burdened aa well by this ‘knowledge – To be consign try in care to not betray some matters is some times quite displeasing! too. Perhaps you can disclose for me the secret of Easter Island? Especially here it concerns

the giant heads, which still today ore a riddle for tne parthhoraji beings. Sbbody knows Itow they got there or who produced thefru Are you allowed to tell me anything about this?

Spmjase- 7/Yes, bat I have to keep silence about the messages left these, if you yourself do not want to kriSB anything obuul them, fts ycu -just said. 8/Listen yet: 9/The earthhuran being is wrong when he assumes the matters around Easter Island would be on autonomous thing- 10/Ndmely, the occurences of post times on this island is in direct connection to Uie continent and the country which still today is called Tia-huanaco, as rt was already named in earlier times-11/Despite several iiilherto alternations. 12/Easter island and Tianuanacu are more than 000 kilometers away fran each othei, and nevertheless tiiey have a direct connection to one another. 13/1he hist Dry of this connection traces back to very early times and first eggs m the year 2548 f counted item today backward^ 14/As J expiaTnwT to you cnoe already, the l^Ht decisive colonization r:f the liirtji by e>.U’=itei–restrial intelligences happened about 12,000 years ago. L5/RS ycu know, different of the imigratetf hoard “^eRerr.ed, cite, like this as well a man in position of a sHitl-lslwlsh, by tlie name of vTRaQDQ01I?\/ who was already very old ckk; greedy for government. 16/His n=*me 1s delivered still today to the Qirth, but with a little change, as he has been called for some time as nnly \QTt£CCQifi, and moreover as an ishwiah CII3WR1 , though he was ccily half Uiis position- 17/By his patronage aii. liis cruel leadership ha conquered the high land at around 4,000 meters altitude of Tlahuanaco and the delta-island which you call Easter Island. 16/After this victory* Viracocoha settled together with a snen body guard of cherubim on the small isle of MOT, situated before Eas-er Island, which today you Gall, as far as I know, HDttOTgl or similar. 19/It was named Not then, because the cherubim were animal-fttmn-be i ng-c re aturea, in this case all bird I ike. 20/Mot means “bird” in our ancient language, thus the island was called Mot-Isle, or the island of Bird-humans, as It is still celled today. 2i/5o here resided Viracocoha ur just VLracocha. 22/iie and his

followers, fled Lyraniang, like rrany others who come to the Earth, had a gigantic body structure? by Enrth measure nearly eleven rrefcers tall. 23/These were the ones who educated the seemingly dwarf like proceeding them nonrEil-grown inhabitants of Tiahuanaco and of Easter Island, who were procreations of imigratcd intelligences of earlier epochs from the widths of the universe, with much kr.evledqe, who also handed over to thor; their own techno logics, which were highly developed! and taught than how to operate the appliancee and machines. 24/Bo aa well they instructed the ancient inhabitants of Tiahuanaco and of Boater Island about the labor of stone-masoning, within which theyallowod themselves to be celebrated as gods- 25/ Kith the help of these giants and their machines and other gearj the ancient inhabitants worked out the head formations from the lava-stones, and erected these, likewise with machine help, Lndiscrim-inately ail over the island. 26/Similar events happened in these regions you call Pisco, Masca, and Sacsayhuaran, because here as wellr the giants had

Mfefclffd. 21/Thie. vr&n hh<* oricjin or many Gt&taaoe anci other formations, wh©ro also tho forms af spaooshipc-woro reprocluoGd on Easter Island in tho stones of the lava walls, which still arc visible at present, namely in tho form of the egg-shaped cut atones, for the spaceships of that time had thie form. 29/Aft or several mil Ioniums (thd exact date is obscured from us), tho giants wore suddenly bofalien by an opfdegrig, then unknown to them, which took tho life of many of them. 29/Finding no moans; against thu epLoomicv they escaped from Earth in their headships, and vanishes iriE© the free cbstroE, and are since then presumes dead.30/TSa most thorough reeasrch of our scientists found no trace cfc them until today. 31/In result does also exist E?io possibilityr that they were bof alien by the mysterious epidemic in spite of their flight from Earth in their spaceships, and havti died, while their ships shot aimlessly through the cosmos, tc be attraceei by some star and becccre wrecked. 32/Our calculations of probability speak much for this- 33/ Especially at Easter Island, the escaping giants left a desperate nation, suddonly deprived of technology, because their giant-gods had taken all with thesr..

34/So as well remained lert ecnw hundreds of lr\rrn~ pletc hcad-3tatuee in tho Lava vails of the volcano cratera, never to be finished. 35/In complete despair the islanders tried to get back the fled gods by trying to conplete the unfinished atone heads with prim-itive stage fist vusauira, which of course failed misera ly .=nd was given up in a few years- 36/Despite many explorations, we could nnr. find ouL fran what reason the is lancers cone to believe that they would be able to bring back their giant gods by improvement of the stone heads – 37/This is an unresolved riddle for us. 38/Jte the improvement or the stone heads failed miserably, after some years came the call, that tlie putting-up of shining redhats would calm the fled giants, and hring there back. 39/!low and why there rose this call yet, is mysterious tu us as well. 40/In any case, with sons remaining crane-like machines and some primitive other leans scaffolds and platforms at the already numerous existing giant heads, they erected great hats moulded frcm a mixture of red earth, sand and small stones, onto the heads. 11/Several dozen such hats, whose original form ls obscured to us, were produced in a small volcano crater, which were then rolled after being tinisbed towards the heads, and were lifted by the crane-1 ike machines into place. 42/Frora our calculations of probability, these hats must have been reproductions nf rip he 1 ret-1 ike fornaLlons of the giants, which evidence is still unavailable to us. 43/ln any case, many matters about these giants and their activity on Earth are mysterious to us, and we can not find r solving therefore. 4 A /There is only known to usr that

in a far-away solar system of the constellation known to you as Andromeda, but where, we don11 exactly Know, because from sonwhcie came news of the exist-anrx Off a colonized world, tlie existancc of the Ehrth, while from there mllleniurus later, started a great expedition that car-::- tj b^iU . WL^LWWWWWW^L^L^LWlWWWW

the giants left their last

Giant ET Races that visited Earth:

^^^^^^^ Lyrian Guuits f^-icr- ^m^BM rhp»= giants, have they only lived

at those places you mentioned, or were they or ofeher-

ones at other places of the BSrth?

Semjase- 57/This race lived without exception at the said countries- SB/But further, other races of the giant-ones colonized all continents. 59/As well cyplops and titans, and d^mrt—like~grovn pecple have settled in all parte of the Earth. 60/lhey settled and loft again, or yot they perished, maybe by causes never known.


Now yot I have once rrcro a quest lot referring to the giants of early tiroes. In different placss of the Earth are found petrified footprints of h’jman be-inge, of legendary 9-3 centimeters length– How tall have been these human beings?

Semjaae- 131/In the average r around 6 meters to 6,50 meters.

Meier- I see, and like that I have about figured out by myself. I sincdy mil tip lied the foot-length by the average size of the present huraan being and have found

in thia way 5.95 meters. Here T have not missed by a lot, I see. Can I use this principal nomtelly tor such comparisons? Is it roughly correct?

Semjase- 132/Surely, this ie even rather exact. 133/ That namely you found the lower result, is only in consequence of, tliat the petrified footprints of those giants originated with human beings who were still not grown up* 134/ln confluence they are a hit smaller. 135/1 know so, for T kn™ of what. tftOtigfeta it deals of with you.

Meier- Okay, then the matter is cleared. 1 don’t want to know more.

Greek Mythology Gods/Semi-Gods were Descendents of Hyperboreans :

^^^^^^^^ Lyrian Giants Meier- 0M^^m^B these giants, have they only lived

at those places you jnentionec, or were they or otner-

oncs at other places of the warth?

Semjase- 57/Thls race lived without exception at the said countries. SB/But fcurther, other races of the giant-ones colonized, all continents, 59/As well cyclops and titans, and chart-like grown people have settled in all parts of the Earth. 60/Ihey settled and loft again, or yot they perished, maybe by causes never known.

Meier- I see, then also the coos or semi-gods of tha Greek mythology haw been such colonizers from tha universe?

Saajosc- 61/Surely/ Ucsc declt of a splinter-group of descendants of tiie Hyjjcibutecaia.

Mcicrjr- Oh yecs. How I lander/stand the relations to a

certain extent, did tell the old ferae lea some very marvelous connections, which refer to that. But now I dsk myself, how tall rrust these hyperboreans have grown, as ence with Aaket I got the chance to see a thingf which likely will remain eternally closed away flcST the e^rthhtawi beings. And exactly frcn that I saw these tireek mythological gods cr sei’iii-goda must “have been severs! rioters in si>:t-t, jusL as Heracles must have heen nf a siztf c:f cinund Uiree jftoLers, was he not?

Semjase- 62/Surely-

Meier- well, is It correct then, too, Nnah having been around 3,10 meters in gi»r while Atfam was up to 5 meters?

Searjase- 6 3/Surely, but Mm, was less than 5 meters in size; as this measure irissed a little mor^ than one meter.

Meier- You ar& pedantic, hut this really is of no importance any more- But r wonder now, what indeed was the size of the king and semi-ccc Gilgamesh? Frcn

Surrenan tradition* he would haw measured more than 7 meters, when I take for help the great ancient p)l-measure. But raeasured frero the small ell, this would have been only a bit more than 3 meters. Which nensure is correct: now, can you rel * ma?

a^njase- 64/sureiy, it’s Che great ell by which you have to measure.

Hefep- fell then, Gilgarresh was around 7.5Q meters in size, is that right?

Semjase- That is. right, up to soma few centimeters.

Hpter- Vols still neve me to craziness, just why are you so pedant ir today?

Semjase- 66/Bct you do want exact data.

M^ier- Kfcafc so much exact, not bo.

Seurjase- 67/lhen I have mis unflfcrs toed you.

Earth Human Beings Ancestors were Giant ET’s :

Pteier- OH^^H) Now r only wonder wr$y It is said, ana that hy ^nii rviw, thut rnrr cjrwat— /ind uhat dfs T

kncwr how often nregt-cxeat-qTanflfatherq should Have been quite rmznal human beings? Can giants aiK3 titans and “tdiatevex else l knew, at least n our iUiayTi Lotions, be terror rorrm) ?

semjase- m/surely, but I as wen had at first to accotradate myself into this. 69/All races of human beings are norma 1-grown, according to cur terms, but not in your tern®. 70/Fran this may often rise mis-understanrlinQB, hut which I correct, hereby. 7i/£ach race of human beings is norma i-grown according to its kind of race, and only then abnormal grown vihen there appear in that race degenerations.

Meier- R’t why haven’t you told me this sooner?

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