Message From the Pleiades

107. Tell your friends, that they have to satisfy with this, that now jus you have get elected from very certain causes, to obtain contact uith us.

1o3. I tell this to you finally this time, and I uill not agree to further discussions any more about it. + i didn’t uant to excite you.


1o9. You also have not done it, but it is unreasonable by your

friendsF they are not using their brains. 11a. Their unjustified distrust and their criticism is only

harmful for our mission.

111. Explain them, that, uhen they uant to serve for our matter, they then have to bring their confidence touards us and you and to learn to use their reason logically.

112. Uhen they yet are not uilling for that, then it is uithout uorth, to initiate them further on into the still coming things.

113. The uhole undertaking demands conditionless confidence in us ana you.

Semjase wants to help Billy Financially by bringing Crystals from Other Planets:

2<«o. I will yet be in carE, to assist you financial by myself, as

there is the possibility of ………..

+ Such things are unfortunately forbidden at us, Semjase. From our, for me yet not understandable laws, these things are not allowed. One abuses them for deceit, vertigo and quackery etc.


2**1. I have not known that and it is not understandable far me, that this shall be forbidcen.

Zk2m But if this does really behave so, then I have another possibility: It is known to me, earthhuman beings wearing trinkets with delight.

2U3. You could sell to your fellow-creatures such things.

2UU. I am ready for to procure you cristals etc. from otner planets,

which then by reasonable price you can sell to trinket-lovers,

to let them elaborate for trinket-pieces.

+ This will also not gc, for also by this I would run into the mills of law. Gne would accuse me of deceit, when I sell things to the people and tell, they would rise frGm other planets. I would have to evidence this, else I get strong punished. Cn the other hand, it yet were by sure, the authorities would confiscate such things, to analysate their structure and components etc. And surely I would never get them back. I do know too good the machinations of authorities, as well yet the often quite primitive laws.


2<*5. This can but really rat be like that? + But – by regret.


2USm I don’t understand this, for it is unioqical.

2**7. US have not occupied us with your laws until now; wnen it yet

Sshavas so really, as you say, then we can not but to do this

intensively in future. 2UB. Such law-settlings are but simply impossible and slaving the


+ So it behaves Out unfortunately, and I don’t know, now I could pass these laws.

– 129 –


2<«9. bis will all right salve yaur problem.

25a. IF you want, I yet uiill at any time bring you cristals and also other things, when you nevertheless will have sane.

251. And don’t Tear the authorities then, if they would confiscate same of it.

252. Because, if even they would analysate these while centuries, they would notice no other statements, than at the same oojects, you also have an earth.

253. The atomar composition, structures etc. etc. are of equal farm in the whole universe for each single object.

25**. Gold remains gold, and it owns the same characters in the whole universe-

255. whether it originates now from the Piejades or from the earth; there is no difference to notice.

256. 5o also cristals remain simply cristals, without analysaole differences – whether they come from earth now or from any other planet.

257. The nature works from a universally valid law, which guarantees a unitary creation of all things.

25B. This consists in the logic of the Creation, by what all development of matter gets guaranted.

+ This is calming, and I will deliberate an that. Perhaps I will find a awy by myself.


259. This do I absolutely credit on you, though I will also cars

for this matter. 25o. So we should let it be for today …….

CR 010, Wednesday, March 26,1975 Billy-The Prophet of New Age:

263. Then he can never be forceless.

+ That is wonderful, Semjase, and I feel really delighted from your explanations.


264. This results from having by it a proof For your oun mode of thinking and your spiritual knowings, because you already know since long time the lesson of truth – alone, that no one could corobberate this to you, as the truth has become very rare because the heresies of religions.

+ Unfortunately you are right, for truth is undesired.


265. Don’t be grlefed from it, as the spiritual evolution of the earthhuman being proceeCs unresistably.

266. You but should assist in that and spread the truth, because

you are the prophet of the neu time.

+ Hou could I, and how uould I come to such! That is but a bit too much of the good.


267. It is destinied so for you.

268. You can read it in the Talmud.

+ This snould be I ? That is but crazy.


269. Nothing is able to evade from its destination.

+ I have first to digest it, and I don’t know, uhether I can arrange me into this.


270. You will, as I already told this to be destinied so for you.

+ I uill deliberate on it. –

Billy’s Calculation of the Birth-Date of Jmmanuel:

+ It treats of my reckonnings, which I have done for the life’s-and birthdates of Jmmanuel. You once told me, having gone urang in my reckannings by only rounaea Zoo years– So far do I come clear- The problem but is in, me likely naving reckonned urang the Oirthdate of Jmmanuel.


272. Your 2oo years urang reckonnings concern only same matters of the history before the time of Jmmanuel himself, but not of the dates of Jmmanuel himself, uhich though some mistakes you have calculated right.

273. Quite intuitively you have connected the right dates, though you have neglected certain chronological facts, thus shifts have risen.

27**. By your extreme mode of thinking you but have invented matters, unich recognized the uhole picture of truth.

275. By this you have recognized intuitively, you simply could take the today known calendaric chronology and got able to fix the oirthdate of Jmmanuel exact on the day: the 3rd February, rek-konned from your Christian chronology.

276. An earthyear ouns aluays exact same a number of days, from uhat results, that no shifts come up.

277. Thus a certain date remains so long the same date, as long as the concerning division of time is valid.

Strange Phenomenon of Semjase’s Beam ship Observed in Photos/Films:

277. But now I have a question ta yau, too: The phato-negatiues

and the first film-recordlng, you have made from our beamships, were very much of importance for us.

273. They are all right your property, but uihen you could leave them for us, it will be very useful for us.

+ If you need them, then I leave them for you, because, if necessary, I can let make further copies from the photos. Yet will you explain me, why the negatives and the film are so important for you?


279. They are not only important for me, but far us, that means, for our scientists.

280. On the photos you have given to me, ue have stated some facts, that were unknown until now for us, which Out are visible on the pictures.

281. Exspecially it treats of the antenna guide beam, by which energies get attracted.

+ Please tall me more about that, for such things interest me.


282. I am only then alloued to do it, if it is dsstinied for you alone, for it treats of secrets, you are prohibited to tell.

283. I yet can explain, it treating of 2 completely new phenomena, in connexion to the alternation of the earthly atmosphere, which hitherto invisible energies suddenly lets become visible.

+ This explanation suffices for me, thank you Billy’s Egoism only a Play:

2<*B. You get always again aole to astonish me.

235. It always touches me very peculiar, when suddenly you release

youself from your interests, to push me not in predicament. 266. That is a completely strange phenomena for me, uhat I still could not notice at any creature. + Each life ouns Put certain peculiarities.


237. Surely, but this one is fully strange for roe, but I feel

this oeing connected uith a great unselfishness, uhich exiles all egoism.

+ Don’t make me for better, than I am, because I, too, am egoistic.


293. Don’t deny youself, for I know you very in detail in sucn matters.

289. I know your egoism only being a play, to deceive otherones, because else you would get exploited.

+ Please, Semjase, let us not talk always about me.


290. Df course, it is unpleasant for you, I know, out from time to time also such things should be discussed.

291. But keep ue off aoaut this for toaay, as it is time acain for me, to go.

292. In our next meeting I uill continue the lesson of the spiritual knowledge, for this is the most important main task of our contacts.

CR012, Sunday, April 20,1975

– Billy wants to Photograph his friends along with Beamships& Semjase Refuses

– Swiss-Army around Meier’s Contact Site Pictures/FHms of Beamships for Lecture:

Am I although allowed to shoot further pictures, in purpose to the provided lectures?

Sen i35B

21. Surely, yet remember of my words.

22. If you would not consider that, then I had to deliberate earnetly, whether I haa not to destroy the film.

+■ Semjase, please do leave time for consideration far me.


23. I give it to you all right, but I know, how fast you are able to think.

2U. I admit for you still further 13 to 1<« pictures, by which you assemble fifty ones.

25. Then they have yet to be enough.

26. I also want to allow you two or three films at chance.

27. I call you for the next pictures at lo.oc h tooay. +■ Dkay, Semjase, thank you.

Semjase brings Meier Crystals & Minerals from Tayget-system, Venus & Asteroid Belt:

5~m jasE

Number of Stars in Pleiades Star Cluster:

28. Have yau brought with you the packets or else boxes and soft material. For what I had asked yau oefars my leave?

+ Of course.


29. ‘Jell then, oecause I have brought for you different cristals and minerals.

3a. Label them with their places of finding and by nominations, which I will tell you.

31. Yau haven’t to worry anyways, for, if anyone uould analysate them, then one will not notice differences to the minerals and cristals of same sort and earthly origin.

32. 1 talc you already, the construction etc. being same in whole the universe, thus for sanekinced minerals are valid the sane laws everywhere.

33* For your very personal property I have brought with me a very

special preciousity, a small, but beautiful combination of

rock-crystals in different sizes, 3U. Hast of the things are originated in my home-system, but there

are also some from the Venus and the asteroid-girdle from your


35. I had no time yet, ta analysate them, by regret, thus you have to do it youself,. if you understand something of it. + I don’t understand such in detail, by regret.


35. Then 1st them analysate by an expert, but hide their origin.

+ So I will da.

(Then follous tns hand-out, packing and labelling of the” crystals and minerals.)

+ :dhat I still wanted to ask: I know, the Flejaaians being located in the zodiac of Taurus as a socalled open star-aggregation, yet how many stars and planets do essentially belong to this system?

Sen*33= 37. Of such: Z5h. + Rather a large number.


3Q. Surely, but there do exist still very more larger systems. 39. T’iou yet it is time again, that ue have to go from another. Lo. I can yet still walk a piece of way with you, for I have landed my beamship a bit aside from here.

Semjase’s Review of a Book lent by Billy:

1o9- Now I still want to give you a short opinion expressed to the 111 book, which you have lent for me yesterday morning.

112. I have troubled meseif already for a part of it.

113. In the whole, I estimate the work for partly very worthful, while other parts yet degenerate again in very negative sense.

11U. The writer of the book may in himself not realize clearly,

because he makes phantasy, heresies and reality for one single compound.

115. Very evident it treats here of a human being, who though some ooad caonitions of truth is but heavy caught religiously and who can’t differ the reality and the truth, because he does not know this truth.

116. For religiously influenced human beings may this work awake a worthful impression, yet also for truth-recognizing ones, if they evaluate the pure—spiritual aspects.

117. The religious-worthful impression means the usual heresy, uhil= the spiritual aspects are indeed worthful.

116. This spiritually worthful rises but inconsciausly from the

author and without he uncerstanded it or even only is able to assume it or to recognize it.

119. As the earthly mankind consists but now prevailing of religious-influenced human beings, so this book represents a further work of heresy, which will demand millionfold its tribute, exact like the religious hooks themselves.

120. More can I not tell For that in the moment, for I haven’t still worked through the uhole.

121. As it looks yat, it uill also in the further parts result no other aspect.

122. I uill bring it back to you uhile our next meeting, when, IF necessary, I uill give you still Further explanations.

Thirteenth Contact

Friday, 25. April 1975, 17.2oh


1. The time is today by regret very scarce, thus ue can only discuss

the most important. 2- For the first I bring back to you the lent book, about which

I need not to express meself mare. 3. I refer in it again on the last judgement, which I had given

yau at my last contac already. *i. New views have not come to it.

+ I will lead your answer further to my friend, and in his name I thank yau for your troubles.


5. That is not worth mentianning, and an the other hand I am

delighted for, that your friend wanted my judgement in respect to this book.

CR 013, Friday, April 25,1975

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