Message From the Pleiades


100. I have drawn the reason from out of your thoughts; ycu ha a bit too intensively.

101. These places are net known to meself, but it is absolutel that centers of this sort exist.

+ But you might once a time analysate these locations.


102. This would be an effort of time and labour far nothing. Echo of a Thought:


one explained to me, that good ones, directed tc thoughts uould push at once on an echo, hou is this explar


1a3. Very simply:

104. Jhen many humans concentrate the streams of their thoughts point, then these meet together at the point of aim, farrr.

and this uays give to each, as well adressing this point f a noticeable echo. 1o5. Thus is behind this only a fraud and self-illusion by fane

But 5fath had told me once, that there uould exist quitE r centers?


1oS. Surely, and that everywhere there, where certain minerals selves by greater quantities and influence concentratively

+ Ckay, you have over-poled me. for exactly the same thing I-Sfath and Asket, too.

Heirarchies – Spiritual & Material:

You knou yet, that our earthly reli: are always alone speaking of hirarchies. The human beings on such, and can not understand, that you do not acknawle hierarchy. What have you to tell to that?

1o7. Hierarchy is everywhere prevailing there, where.a form of

choked Dy authorities, and so on. 1oE. Such creatures are not able, to bow themselves under the

she, the creature herself, creates each kind of power ins

and stands in this consequence above everything, too 1o5. Because that, constantly the human beings search for a poi

them, by which, and alone by uhich, firstly everything cai


110. Exspecially Far the earthhuman aeing it is still impossibl the old-traditional heresies and suppressions of all kinc to be autonomous and to develop himself this way.

111. In this relation, he is not evan half the way reasonable.

112. In spite of, that the earthhuman being gets always anew ts responsible by each respect quite very himself for all eve concern his spiritual regions of life, he but will live fL in his old forms of heresies, and make higher forms of ghc sible for all, and put above him, where he still exercises sacrilege, thus it is already degenerating until unreality does dare, to heaven up earthhuman beings to the position to who he addicts nearly improvement and who he puts with himself, but irreal and obstructing the evolution, if not destructive.

113. Themselves having further developed believing mislead peaf mental and semimental directions live under the mad illusi found the solving of the riddle, when they talk of spiriti and mean energies by it.

114. Sut these ones are not further up, than the Dtherones, as truly the forces beyond the hierarchical forces, which ail embody universal energies, which but in truth are died eaz beings, and also remain those, who as well are never able, up to these hierarchical mights, as the earthhuman being 7 to himself.

+ Dc you mean by this for example Hgry, Maha Chahan, 5aint C otherones, as they are told here on this scheme?


115. Surely.

115. All of these are died human creatures, who kept at their t average level of consciousness, like the average earthhum< today, besides deceitors and charlatans, like the told by Germain, who lives while his present rebirth as simple mar though he keeps the nsme Prince Roger de Polazki, which gc for him by his birth in Sg^cr:13

117. Seceitful he but is like before .

+ Girl, this fellow I would like to see. Semiass

Asket and Sfath, this ail being nonsense? Semjase

119. Df course, naturally. For these things have gat created b unreasanability and Further connected Factors towards the affirmations.

120. Alone, the earthhuman aeing does not want, to get taught as he Hues under the assumption within his unlogic, that considered and assumed by him would be logic, in what con Fancies himselF For being mare knowing, than the truth it telisues, ta be knowing in hi3 ignorance.

Mary, Maha Chohan & Saint Germain:

+ 3c yau mean by this Far example Mary, Maha Chohan, 5aint G otherones, as they are told here on thi3 scheme?


115. Surely.

115. All aF these are died human creatures, who kept at their t average level oF consciousness, like the average earthhuma today, besides deceitors and charlatans, like the tald by Germain, who lives while his present reoirth as simple man though he keeps the nsme Prince Roger de Polazki, which go for him by his birth in Sohemia.

117. deceitful he but is like beFore .

& Girl, this fellow I would like to see. Semjase

116. Don’t wish too much for you.

666 – Christ Consciousness, Christ Principle, God’s Principle, Consciousness


fn God

an expres

into r?.y mind, which I have aluays again heard lately, name Consciousness” and similar. ^Ihat V3lue shall one give to tl

121. Alone an expressively ne-ative one, as oy the calling of tl “Christ” gets released the value of the evil, hy this that negative degeneration.

122. Same as much, this is valid for the term of “Consciousnes as just your thoughts offerred this.

123. You knou these names keeping the value of degeneration, jjSj the natation of “Christ Principle” and “Sod’s Principle”.

+ So one should not at all express and speak these terms?

124. Jery right, because they aluays release forces of negative



liout yet once more e question respec scnene here: Can you tell ne the exact values for the col


125* This is no secret, alone, you should expose them afterwar schematically. + Of course. Semjase

12S. The written here series of the values of colours i3 wrong

127. The first field belongs to there, where now is the seven,

celongs to the one.

1?fi. As wpII la at …..

+ You make it too much complicated. Just tell me the single series, like I then have to write them.


129. As you want it.


“B:;lgau cF jalues Colours 55th Contact, sentences


1. P I o

2. U I 0 L E T

























Peace LDue

Compensation Grace
















Judgement ‘J is dam Ability











Jill of Creation ^reating

135. These are the values of the colours! arranged from the le sclousness.

137. The values are also valid Far the radiation of colour of

what way she can get positionned very exactly in her valu

oF consciousness.

+ 5o this is in practise a Further mode for definition oF t! consciousness, like you have taught it For me today?


138. Yes, dy certain meaning, yet as uell the values of the c to not calculable forms of life.

+ Oh yes, then this means an enlargement of the recognitio

139. So it is.

Plejaren Beamship Sizes & Propulsion Systems :


+ Nou a further question: You told me in the oeginning of i tency, that your beamships uere equipped by a liaht-emis; and further by a tachyon-propuislon, Do you keep these si name them from that reason as beamships?


1i*o. fii0» as the called by you drives do not correspond to air propulsions.

141. The beam propulsions uere of other kind, and ue do no mo since about too years, though us kept continued tns ten for us.

142. My ship, uhich ssill I owned at our first meeting, still radiative, frcm uhat reason you also could realize the r

143. It dealt but there alone of high-concentrated light bund

144. My last ship already used an anticravitation-drlve, uhic; on the principle of dischargement.

145- This propulsion yet uas only suited for the planetary fl for the empty space got used further on the t3Chyon-driv

145. The present ship is equipped by an anti-mattsr-drive for space.

+ You talk of anti-matter, does such really exist? iemjase

147. It does exist, but our scientists have found this out at lass year, and explored.

146. Until then, it uas uell knoun to them, that there had to anti-powers, Cut at first in the last year, they could s existence.

+ Then they have but worked very fast, when they can built propulsions with such.

149. It is cnly a little step from knowledge towards utilizat

+ This you can say very easily. How heavy is yet your ship the assembly?


150. It is rounded 7oo kilogrammes heavier, than the one befo; * Then there are 1.5 tons?

151. Yes.

Gueh-lntelligences Secret Code – ‘SIGMA ROMA’:


+ But now something very special: Have you already heard Semjase

152. ——– Jhat does this auastion mean?

153. From where do you have this knowledge, and what is your + You seem to be terrified?

_ – -■ ~ –

154. Do you wonder about?

155. Jhat is uith this question, and from where are you havi about this code, and uhat is your aim with all?

+ tiOhi shorten it yet. -ihy are you so much excited?


155. Co you want to lead me astray?

+ That is not my purpose, and you really have no need far


157. nave I ?

153. Should I really have not, uhile I see, that quite evide towards dangerous and misleading fields? + I don’t knou, why?


159. You don’t?

1£a. Yau dan’t knou this, as well?

151. Jhy then do you mutilate the code and pronounce it retr + I don’t, girl.


152. You 3houId not tell me the untruth, it is really too mu

+ Nou stop it yet, to thrash empty straw. Are you really fear about me?



153. More than only that, my friend, for I know too good the i

of Gizeh, than I mould not have to worry aOaut you, when

me with their cade.

+ You don’t but want to say, that these both words are a cc these Gizeh-fellaws?


15««, Jhat do you assume, why 1 fear so much about you?

+ On my dearest, I did but not know this. I have but got tl* Roma1 from Hr. Rel2. He explained ta me, to have got this a telepathic contact from anywhere and ought to tell it 1

155. Does so really behave? + ! don’t but lie at you.


155. I don’t assume that and as well can not notice anything } but the intelligences from Gizeh keep manyfold possicilil

157. jell, tne wards of the cade are disarranged, and I do nol

them by their correct combination, because they con…..

+ …..tain a certain misleading value. I h3ve found this c already. Is that right?


153. You think very quickly, but yet I have to suggest you, ti about it. + Df course.


1=9. I- deals cf the code af the intelligences of Gizeh, by wf another recognizable.

170. This is of importance for them, because their different c themselves injustfully ahead earthhuman beings as descenc different races and stars.

171. So they announce themselves as well far creatures from tf from the Venus, but as well they use our homeworlds for t

172. Thus it will be sure, that ‘-‘r. Reiz was in communication


these groups and so has got the cade by them, because she assumption, we would embody one Df their troups.

+ Fabulous, these foals do but keep their nose into everythi ue stop with that, my Interest respectively that has cane-have yet some other Questions.

Quetzalcoatl & Hultzilopochtli :

+ There are no more nanyones. There was put the question, uh Quetzalcoatl? Ana is Quetzal identical to him?


17<*. I can answer the second question oy ‘no’, as well do not a

of Quetzal belong to quetzalcoatl. 175- Quetzalcoatl had been, by earthly terms, a very high offic

supervisor of an extraterrestral croup, which was active i

the today Egypt.

176. He but was very knowing and wise, and thus got often order missions, of which one brought him to South America, where rated like a god by the Aztecans.

177. For he owned a small spaceship, he still could strengthen at the then Aztecan people, being Put not his intention.

17S. First when he met together with snatner commissioner, a ce

Hultzilopochtli, he changed his conduct. 179- Hultzilopochtli namely was one of the leading inteliigencs

and he exercised a bloody sacrification-qovernment at tne 13o- He was insatisfyaDle In this respect, ana demanded human t

sacrifice, while Quetzalcoatl was against such. 161. This way rase an evil enemy between them, and eacn of then

gather the government above the nations. 182. By wicked deceit and deceiving machinations Huitzilopochtl

succeeded to expel J,uetzalccatl, in what consequence this

and returned to Egypt.

Atlantis & Mu – War, ‘Destroyer’ & Santorinf Volcanic Eruption:



Can you telj

*here has actually lain Atlantis?

1£3. Already since long time, I

E wanted to report aoout that.

154. Atlantis was divided to two governments.

155. Great-Atlantis was situated between the splitted continer Southamerica ana Europe/Africa, while the Small-Atlantis Santorinian region.

13S. Great-Atlantis got damaged by war activities with the inr Mu, which was placed in the Chinese desert of Gobi, and i



167- cut as well Mu got destroyed, and ended to exist, in uhat still only the suoterrestral toun of Agharta remained aliv

16B. Small-Atlantis got destroyed rounded years later, tr by the giant Destroyer, the huge comet, uhich 3.5oo years ‘Jenus into the SQL-System.

189. By the vast destructions of the hurrying along Destroyer t follouing after him l/enus got done immensely mucn damage t

190. She snook, broke at many places, and great valcanos erupt!

191. Dne of these uas the existing Santorin.

192- He exploded, and tore from far environment different isle: the ocean, uhile the sea began tD boil, and generated a rc high flood-uave. unich rolled over the today Creta until :

193. Creta ua3 then still named as Hinoa, and her inhabitants i dants of the Atlantians.

194. Many of them could escape to the Hellenian continent and I rescue themselves.

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