Message From the Pleiades

Billy Learns the ‘Process of Evaluation of the Consiousness/Spiritual Level of a Person’ :

rIflyflfth Contact Monday, Idtr

10.37 h



f« I want to use the chance, uhen you have slept last nlc

so I nave called you already today. + That ia fine, now I really have slept my fills.


2. So does not completely aehave, out you have quite well durin- the last hours, which happens rarely enough.

3. Vou should but consider for the present flay, to have to unc difficult work, and thus ought to be reposed.

t*» The labour laying before us, is very troublesome and normal 3 to weeks.

5. As we out have not this time in disposal, so uie have to tea only 7 hours.

7. Unfortunately I can link you only for few factors to our a; uh3t canseouence you havE to overcame the greatest part of matters by your own force.

+ It will all right fail.


+ :-‘y head is smoking, girl. Semjase

15. You have yet performed very much work within less than sev 1£. This is a non-conceivaole laoour for an earthhuman aeing.

Semjase’s Family:


t ^ ■ first question relates on you, and she rises n\ tsn-ysars-old child: Are you still owning brothers and sis: so, how many?


16. A child asks for me? *• Naturally! is such so strange? Semjase

19. Ma, but I am delightfully touched, I like childrens uery mi. + Then you would also giue an autogramme for it?


20. Do you think of a written greeting here? + Exactly.


21. Surely, it uill be a delight for me.

-r Xany thanks, this namely has also been a question by a Chi.* age. Jhat yet can you tell me respectively brothers and sis


22. There are still one brother and one sister.

+ Aha, and will you tell me, how they are named?

23. Surely, my brother keeps the name of YUKATA, and my sister of PLEJA.

+ This is interesting, is even your sister black-haired7




24* uihy is that known to you?

+ Does really behave I told? Semjaae

25. Surely yet, but why do you know that?

+ You will uunder: My wife previously had a dream. She exple to have seen whilst it a vary pretty, dark-haired clrl. wj would have talked. My wife would have heard then, that I T girl as PLEJA. She should have been of my size about.

+ Okay, then another thing, it is also a question by a child your father?


36. Aged 759 years.

+ This by our time or by your? Jptnjase

37. It is counted by your chronology. ICE-AGES – Evolution of Earth & Life-Forms :

+ Well, then I have a question here in concern to cur earth, concerning the glacial periods: ,Haw many ice-ages has nithe the earth, and uhat is it actually in meaning?


3a. About this, you should know already.

+ Unfortunately I really am not detailled informed about thes I still only know, uhat one had t3ught us in school. 3ut tr then all renewed again, end one has wen new cognitions- 5es the question is not from me.

Serr jase

39. Then I like to answer her, at least by that measure, as I c from my knowings:

40. The ice-age, as you name that, gets normally termed in youi use as the glacial period.

41. This is a name and sametime a process and st3te of a planei is then, when by climatic changes a uorld falls completely to a freeze, what yet very undetailled you name simply as 1 glaciar-ice.

42. At this natural process, whole worlds, or like at the eartr regions get covered by temperature falls and at-ospheric sr by masses of inland ice, which normally form themselves to glaciers.

43. These events are, as told, fully natural, and moreover of i the development of the planet.

44. This occurence of ice-formation is also Subjected to a cerl which each from the size and sort of a planet can get defir simple mathmatical calculation, which results from the seve


f*5. ror example at the earth, and exspecially there, because yc refers on the earth, this cycle lasts rounded year; that after all years comes to appear an alternatiat which basically gets introduced by a glacial period, perfo’ and finished.

<*S. Between the cycles of glacial epochs are but continuously 3 interglacial periods, uhich you call so as well.

Ulm And as tne earth is already a uery far-evaluted planet, he fall to a complete glacial epoch, but alone uery large rec: covered by icemasses, while the remaining regions stay frei

i*B. Jhen then the ice-masses disappear at one region, then aln ring itself another region Par the glacial period.

+ That is very interesting. From your explanation, ue uill h; walk towards another glacial period.


U9m Surely, and the earth is preparing herself for that since

* I see, yau now said, this process repeating each rounded 7i from that ue must have had glacial epochs during the goa



50. Surely, but between are still laying several interglacial 1 + Interglacial ages?


51. Surely, so I explained.

+ Jell, yet you told, that these glacial epochs would be eve-ay what relation are they?


52. As you know, is oblieing or subjected each creature to a s a change of evolutive view,

53. Secause the earth does embody now a creature as ueil, so si into the same law of evolution, besides to ail the enliven of life. 22

54. The natural way of evolution of all forms of life is all-u. unitary, like this each evolution on the earth or with the which is as well arranged into a period of uakeness or slui each other creature.


55. Because that, she laid down only partly For slumber, that 57. This happenes in the way, that she, the earth, evokes chan

rature and climatic at great regions, which then get cover

masses oF ice.

53. These then dissolve the actual alternation, as by such a F great regions, all creatures have to adapt themselves to t conditions, in what result they slowly change to other out

59. So animal, plant and human being run through a process of which evolutes them higher up, because never an evolution change to retrograde Forms, but alone always Forwards, whi that an alternation can just always take place towards som

50. Uhen then the earth evolutes, then alone Forwards and high in accompany also the Forms of life develop higher by all rentest characters.

51. By such a global evolution thus change the plants, animals beings towards new and higher forms.

52. This means, for example, that a beautiful flower chances t more beautiful one, and gets cultivated, caused by the evo influences of the earth herself, whose evolution itself ju by the glacial epoch.

63- For another example may serve to you an earthly animal, wh to you by Finds oF remainders etc. as mammoth:

Si*. As well this animal, like all the otherones, has slowly ch evolution, by the glacial period, to a higher form, as wel outlook as within its animal form of spirit, like as well to all other animalic farms of life, sa for example as wei saurians.

65- The mammoth lived in very early times mostly in colder re^ what reason it was very shaggy haired, too, and also kept pasitionned great teeth, where the one was bowed upwards a downwards, being very suited for the defence and the getti

SS. 3y the evolution of the earth, so by the glacial epoch, th changed to a higher form, got another outer and correspond animal spirit outlook and intelligence ability.

S7. Sy these new evolutive circumstances, it wandered away to to evolute there further on, in which result it still toda on the earth, but by changed, higher form.

-j- You mean the elephant?

+ 3igantlcal, so change .by the evolution of the earth plants towards ncu, otheruise looking creatures. This urns actually me by its basic connexion. Jhat do you think, hou much the and zoologists will ruffle against that, uhen one uould tel them. These uould let us shoot for insane people.


69. They are still very strange to the truth.

+ Okay, by this you are unfortunately very in right, they sim knou all thing better and not let themselves get advised.m


61. SB 3 global evolution thus change the plants, animals beings tGuards neu and higher forms.


53. For another example may serve to ycu an earthly animal, uhi( to ycu by finds of remainders etc. as mammoth:

54. As uell this animal, like all the otherones, has slouly char evolution, by the glacial period, to a higher form, as uell outlook as uithin its animal form of spirit, like as uell hi to all other animalic forms of life, so for example as uell saupisns.

□5. The mammoth lived in very early times mostly in colder razit uhat reason it uas very shaggy haired, too, and also kept ti pasitianned great teeth, uhere the one uas boued upuards an; dounuards, being very suited for the defence and the gettint

55. 3y the evolution of the earth, so by the glacial epoch, the changed to a higher form, got another outer and correspondlr animal spirit outlook and intelligence ability.

67. By these neu evolutive circumstances, it wandered auay to u« to evolute there further on, in uhich result it still today on the earth, but oy chanced, higher form.

+ You mean the elephant?


58. Surely, he is the faraway, changed descendant of the mammotl” Pope Paul VI – Death by Poisoning Incident(Predictfon):


another question; Asket had once spoken about, that Pope Fa uould have got poiaonneO short already after taking his off In contrary to other prprfictinns, uhich aluays snoued thems true, this uord of her has not come true. Can you tell me,

70. It had come true, and so tuo years past his nomination for

-r Y0u talk Oy riddles, uhat uay shall I understand that nou? . £• does still live, and nevertheless he should have gat pa and by that dead as uell? This does really surpass my menta

71. I uant to explain it to yau, but you are not allowed, to ma puolic.

+■ This can I promise to you, but what about the group members tell It to tnem likely?


72- Surely, but under strict order for keeping silent. + So should be.

= ” _” ~: –:. ~

73. Then yau are not allowed, to mention it in the report. + I will simply extinguish it.


74. Jell; —–


+ On, I see. Then this is the riddle’s solving.


76. There must qot kept silence about it.


ET’s at Private Airport of Fehraltorf:


+ * w- listen again: In the night of !dhit-3unday to L

we have seen in region of Robenhausen and at the private \ Fehraltorf different sightings of light. die have been ther know, at the Bachtelberg, and then you told us, that we si patience in concern to observations. The light appearings Open any beamships. Have it been you, or perhaps otherone;


77. Do you know by sure, that this happened, where you told ji

+ Certainly. In the night, we assumed, this would have been airport of Oubendorf, but meanwhile I stated exactly, tha-behind to Robenhausen towards Fehraltorf.

75. You have already explained that yesterday, and thus I tun for exploration, who had analysated everything in that re: yesterday night.

79. i-io one of us has been there, but there resulted, in this : indeed been a ship, but of unknown origin,

50. Quetzal could find out, it having dealt of a ship with a < propulsion of electrical energy, which evidently had met i culties and kept a fault, which yet could get repaired ag;

51. Doubtless traces of radiations showed for such, besides aj aurnings at the floral world, that there gat performed fci tries far starting, that but the fifth try succeeded.

52. This is also explaining the intensively radiating appearai which you have seen.

£3. At the yellow light appearances, we stated in the grass o that four further ships of same type must have stood ther:

aUm fto combustions could be found, but remainders of electric; energies.

35. From the calculations results, that they will have been si smaller size, with a diameter of less than four meters.

36. These gears must have slipped out of our control, as by oi had nothing gat registered.

67. 3y sureness they were surrounded ay protective screens. 66. As well are these apparai|gno more in the earthly 3rea, s: analysats, what yet does not mean, that they will not reti

Billy asks Semjase about a Strange Alloy:

* ^ v law a furth

Have you ever heard of an alloy, which contains 92% of call

of paladium? From where does she rise, and for what purpose serve?

Sen jasg

89. There is nothing known to me about such an alloy.

90. Are you having more informations, then I could ask for it?

Gizeh-lntelligences Station on Ganymede, Jupiter’s Moon:

^^mW^mW. much more interest will yet be the answer of whether there is inhabltated at the jupiter the moon Sanlmt whether it deals thera of a spaceship possibly?


91. Ganimad is a very similar to metal most little planet, and table.

92. As well does not live a mankind there, but all right some ‘ uhich are stationned there.

93. It does but not deal of a spaceship.

+ The creatures but, who are stationned there, are they keep: to the eartnhumans? 7

94. Surely, because they belong to the Gizeh-lntelligences.

+ Oh so behaves. So the Ganimed serves for station for them. Semjase

95. Yes, but otherwise he is not habitated, and as well inhabi

‘Great White Brotherhood’:


+ Jell, here I hsve some names for you as: Lord Mem/Her i-iei Andes in Peru, then Lord Kenich-Ahan/Uxmal, mountain at He Yukatan, then Royal Teton in Jyoming and Sauff in Canada, names telling you something?


96. Sut certainly, there are meant names of locations of the C Srathership, which deceitfully terms these places as spiri while it should deal of physical centers at the three fir: at the last one of an etherical center.

97. These yet are not the single ones, for there are still sev

+ Jell, Out what is to these? You said, these places would c get called for centers?


93. Such centers are nowhere existing, neither by physical noi shape.

99. These are only deceiting assertions of mightthirsty secta

+ Dkay, wherefrom do you know this respectively the called Said clearer, from where are they known to you?

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