Message From the Pleiades

nn nf rrtt rttllinrd ywrs, nil In the oneunt of about me milliard to™, 109/3o whnnt the planet la nil Hard years old, it haa prcdioad at ila innar &46 mill – tool of oil. no/Fran this quantity, the torth liunan had, within leas than one oaniury, exploited1 one tenth, a quantity for pr&lKt!”on or irnr lh» fiarth naadad 63 milliard yanra-Ill/Khan tha planet nValrea to regenerate after the hitherto mbbary of oil, *tir., quantity than nav ‘■. after the present loan, t!8 million Erurth yft*r?, which i» nearly tvica tno norrai ttc» for production- H2/Becauae of

1 [ ** uJUw&c*iflbi lity of her irliabitanta slu: la miaaUFj aaajf eleaenta which she needs for production, because the J imur.

being haa robbed rh*« Iran, her. Lost Fertile London Earth:

^laVeaaaaaaaaalea^^HI^^^B Ill/Alone, the auTface of tho Earth tvuz lect wirhin one century so nuch fertile grourd that nAtore would rawd rviny millions of years for it to Lh*~ ecra fertile 09aIn- 114/&iring only 25 yrars, the ferth hmn has owtreywl eu?h fertile or c^oii-fcrtilo lard, that the standard of nature is surrasaed by l*a,n. 115/ Thic mane tho Earth hunan being has vr.-T.–t-.;, In addition to the natural trust* rrgimft, during miy >** yaare, 144.2t of nev unfertile wasteland where he destroyed wncdo and fertile Tmund. 116/Srill 15 y^sr* ago the Qirth eurfare vie coverrd B6^i> btf fgmir- qroond: trtiay rJw?sr« percents arotint to only 3*.

5 Points from Rejsren on ‘Regeneration of Earth1


Malar- Bat vfeat mfiuiuxiui can r*xt ta3ui aq.imat tiua? 11 to responsible pjnt i^lans arl^nUsts rare l«iL kntteed only a wt wM iincair/tnia. Tfv-y r.MnK and spaa!* oily to livr

wall i :rs-l : , |n L .. : *lt-, n, .im] tlut thfly M^tlld RC*.

Dmvlra aapaaJcwaai the aad f?nd.

Senla&e- 117/Regrettably, ycu are ccnpletely correct. 118/ Ycur politicians and ecientiau erv nneolutoly liraatpnnaible cnfdturee, frrjt tfua In any case the rowgr ojzht tu V wtu?-dCWTj Co be replaced by reascmble and responsible form*.

1 to/itut VHia La. ruorattataly. only a^iliavad fay p<w*r. wtilcfi

-> – Id haw to beccma ox^rciwd by th* propl* ^htaiwlwa.

120/£ku~th nftFi;i;ji would hove to agree here tc different natters:i can be ccuntec in fxye_yaiifcg: 121/At

first; for ws%*ecal vrai», an absolute atco in births

have to be per fontcd? to reduce the quantity 6f nunan bciflijs

to below a liaUt of una adiU*«l. iAn Urcwiiat*

w**s*tion of avary exploitation of tha Earth ia of iife-dec-

latvo iTT^ortanco, for which rcanon ovory expipitaticn xjat bo atopnod. 123/Th\rdr Ibm ar«ic taste, ja*S trw~aitTii big^ rjer deltwtrn vith the chain— rrarttrn “Eocb mat r*? iOTr?diflte-

iy stepped. i2i/fouxth; Construe***** nuat tv deeutpyed.

125/Flfth: JVecy nuclear rower *tailcn built rm*t bo destroyed, and new coos rest not be started:*

Naler~ i th*ac are tmttcra which noiy hnan brings haw

aUWtfy rhnught for 0aVll)Wi rmt the djnen* in the uffcr and upperm ranks care a dirt for that.

&atiaac- 126/ttua ia oil veil Xncwn to me* 127/7here re-nains lor the Earth hu?un being*: the fore* of pwr altaw-

1297rbr far too long a tiraa, h» allowed ■- l to be fooled b>- thoae rea; ana U lop ao he can new achieve ncthinq roru fcy

peaenful aaajnc* 12VThe force on Earth ia anfcodiod in poll-tic*, (..■■!, h.i the ecdentieta. lJG/And it ia exactly this pewer that ban to bo broken, othorwlm thr 2*xth tvaun :vim fores a very wiefceu1 end, not only by wnr an<l eradication, but as well by the ottauxatlcn of the planned 131/ Ttie new benb delusion hoe ^rooi coanuc txra*xjuonros, and other a tar syaicaia «xjld be affected- 132/ftit the Earth would ba dfljitroyoc by a fircotom. 133/flut tho Earth hHM belnq still tvm scno tiac for can»idetdU.yn, «id-to taX^ frxr* trie qreAt peraonalltlea, as you call it, “Lhn nontrol of nc**»r”, mi tn J \ve according to the natural low* 134/ Out he will not be able to avoid auffcrinq the ncqunneea of hia dalualofi, btcauae the mrth iz already hart bo nxh inci* and rut, that she roar* up inside. 133/Hl^c– TOrr>* <Tug>»5t rolcanic grjpt^jnoat ciijnactic alteratlTte# k^tug, *rryir* and occidental events will nvikn tlwir v a : ap-pearancn in the future. J36/frhol9 wirjoc fi4y_ inlo tha aaa, anrl mrereua hsxm bejraj^wni flnll Afl GVll end.

rfcicr- I . I Iwvp «cyt rtatns 1^ the prc^^x^cU^

frac the Vctale bt^ere- J dlso krxw that a helliai> -c*r *ui roar ow*r * ft*rth.

:rm;rft<^ l37/&:ra)yr – -ir corcir^ events are alraidy lr-revccahltt.

heier- 1 knew – unfortunatoly-


Origins & Meaning of 666

Itocuntly aoro occupied myself with tha ctvcl*

eticn of John, and haw recJconned t-.–7-.-t-r: ones re re sotu data, which j had __: . uly o^no in 1966 with Arkot. 1 niway* ‘ up with the – ifv^Ium* T reckon the masher 666*

It ia aaid that the number bbfi would be the one or a EaaaV bains. What do you think hero?

frrrjnaa- 138/You know the conditions very well, nrs why do ynu ask?

(tier- i quite simply want to know your opinion.

Semjaae- 139/Sjreiy, this r can qive to you. know-

ledz* In thia raapact la *till not stinc, because it lfl ours

rest in other paper

Meier” Hell, than the anlnal with tha nuvtanr 66a still haurtn aimc. Din you interpret thia in wire detail for bjc?

Senjase- 153/Surely, but only for you alone, because tha Earth triimin being is not yet allowl to know the interpret-stion* lSJ/W-‘1 is already ccnaronly known to you is that the of the aniral wos found. 154/lhis none, W U V, Is only tha abbreviation of a catrtaun valtfa. 155/^he aTuiiel ia only to be seen as a synfcol, because in truth it cartcems d wjrloViuu ox=i*iH^»tixn with * thrws-part nam. IS6/ThiB uxgaruza’. i;xi ii wrtxaiad by tits church aid its suhatants.

iri.’.rr yo.i only, that uord W 11 v www …… hi.t which

nit ciruswt^ra* are yru allcwed to reveal.

f* ::r – Y<aj are SBkiny re cr,v/y, nut this 19 already exist-


ing, only the nave in not like that.

Sea:j*e*<- IWteiily, thia oroaniration haa alr«>y toom effective. Itf/vct ita uw artll atlll rtawaje f row which tha word* IOV will rla*.

act ox- .’ – acarthinn – ml ly. aefcet had qlvpn ma Uw right tAnimtm llrwitiy in j+V, f rna whicfc 1 could reckon all with 1%* Ahnut ivp or thxw y*er» ago. I found than, aaton-lehiraj, *■ mill a book by a certain Chclro. In which tha sane nuatv-r* wnrn called.

!ai)<«e- Hl/Ov-lro? tU/a\rt he lived rora than 1.000 y*ara aao in frrfpt.

hfcicc- v ivu iircodj vjia ™~

fkaa)j*er If)/Navn you one a book by him? 161/Ab tor aa 1 low, ita exlfltenoa haa not bean txanaaurtrd up to the pre-aefkt una.

Helaar It is, but not tha book by thia Oaitn, tut by a count, or aonothinc aaailar. wan all erf hunavlf Catiro, Loo, fat lived so** IOC cj 2- HQ yivir* aop.

ScB>aac- 145/Hmt la very Intr-re^tlnof than I think that thia san will tumt ut 1*1*09- about U*« t***! Cbelre, «l &• celled hlnaelf the nana?

stolnx- That la possible all right, but It la not ao Isfort-ant. Of leantne aione, la that he ?u found the rirjht n nrar values, or ojoftrn, and transmitted then to postarity. fjfM

Cheiro a 666:

right nuatetra aireniy ii ivy , * rrt wMcfa l could reckon all with It, about UUO oc t-^ry* y^:fc ^go, l found tear* as ton-aching, aa wall a book by e ^*»rtain Oclro. in which the sane- ruaahara were called.

Afi>ea- lfpl/Cheiro? 162/eUt he lived ror*i than 1,000 y»«*r* aoo In aevpt.

Ifcicr- Aakat haa a 1 ready tuid ma-

1%3/naw • a book by hiaa 161/aa tax aa I

anew, ita existence haa not basa txaaaautted ep to tha present, tuts,

*v .. i It ia, but noc tha book by thia Ownro, but by 4 count, oi ugnothlne siaular, who called hlpaatl f Cenv. too. He lived Rtw IOC or j-JPU yiMn; jsao*

facn>e*o- laS/Uist i» wry intr-reatlngi than I think that thia lean will new uaviaoap about ip– . .t r-.r- ( ml called himrit the? aaaail

Jtelnr- That la poaaible all right, but it la re* eo iepjrt* ant. n meaning alone, la thut he has found the right rrarar vnlues, or qot.Un, and transmitted them to poaUrity. f^M

CR d6. Thursday. Febraury 26. 1976

Semajsebnngs Crystals, Mnerals 4 Beamship Metal Samplesto Billy

■ and this floor!teVj/Them* viyelala ere foe ycu«

Han I also m hreueprt you near srtol, vt tlnce diffctvi»: worfcinc stsstt. 20/lhls on© nor© lc the |Uudu/t of tlsr tjtf* oswstrn praress, arid this hare It th* pxudurt of thn

l^^rtii process, and this la the product M tvj rirt^ *rr.-

CR 47, Sunday, February 29, 1976

■ Svmjase’s girl friend, USAMINE, a specialist in language phenomena Dick Mller – ‘Hdon ET voice on Tcpesent to Sempse : %e i ‘ • – *aBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBSBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBS>

rvrtatA Pttlll*r frrrr i^rh a * ||ik«ai1 naasa^r ^v***n

fc* ej^aterrcstriais in iswrltinrl Fonfu) ycu nay

tave it bar*- IC/Qtd to– intarsi to play a Kfc* on s» vith

Briar- T? l*y? – Hbv t have eotten it free a nan fron Gar* £ms> . t^ rfctain ycr;r Wwwt cf it, snat do tot *esn by

mqw- 11/11 it is as ycu say, thpri it deals with ojoite a bad -. ii‘ition for tna wroneublng of ths Earth hunans.

■ – i.^j.. xc trm results of our secants* and Imtruarnfca for audi snttcn, it :s surety Ilxed tJait ths spoafccx, kl : m^atively calls hlneolf Baton, is without dnubt an Ruth irjsjn NMrwj- U/Tw *]w>*i lu. distortad Ms \nim hy an-



sisUw irwanc and hy sir** «rw>akina,. l*/hy girlfriend iXwJfft a specialist In lauixmf* jfr**nue*tvi# ha* nmlyrpd tht voU* arirf i^tjTxnsforswi it with rhc help of apuarstw into the i -rarvhrc fane. lS/?he result ahowod guttural tnnss whtrh an* ONLY rtWflCtOriS^lC of rffr»h *>JTan bfllnqs. and winch axe not tdken iip Is/ r*h*r wmwm of Uf«, or repeated. 16/Also the vibrational thn purl \ lataona, and tho Wtfw—analyMf and acasuxinq iritnseanta dmsiatrated ClMT wiirr/* LB Ue snoakar is an Dsrtn ssssal baing. 17/By the halp of uuscsal, wd could wm find out ths undulation of this parson * in tarrtca.* IB/TIjb contents of the spoken thl»* contain n-nNrs«J which is able tj ir.f:>jf*ifv* the Urtrv r.M^i-‘^eiiiSjy” UrTseai *nc pretuntIon of tho qaa«t •^r^l flili Lj;.^h is. tJ‘ji W an! Ma tsoginaxy planet would

bsLong to a redraft en cf J^MO uiaiu-ts, aside fro* o*har ^vuuviBSr and there Is an;I sure no*w**nsoj. 2C/tfjt let js atop with tassM rotters, because it bears no fruits If ws alsMld still continue with thia foolishness. 21/In ths future please drn’t bring an aiiv audi ciaiy and llloqical natters any vre, beueusr wf can rwt be ocouplsd with such “onsnnse for any sure tine. 22/Tho tin is far Uu valuahtr tn trouble ourselves with tnr atupiriity ot any ;us* Jtnod far iK^jtc and deceitful elewnta* 21/Am wall, your tier nhrnle not bo sacrificed for thaav irwely prlaritlve setters. ?I/Tt would L*> better for you to use that tire for rest and re-cooperation.*

Mewtr- set T only wantrt to grant a reguast froe Uua sen irm Otmany,

c-« _


while i tried to find nut nf whin It deals, \*ivj has spoken ■ t the tape which ycu gave ma fur analysis. S/Kere It JWilfl with a certain IJick ftlier. t/lhu man vas unViioMn tn nv> lsiUJ a thoxt tie* bsfofeT this, vrt ia wnJ by you or yriui friends in one of (he Mats. 7/By sqxeaesa we can say now, that he is to be inserted aeong the ssssstesW -preeently oceupiee hlse+lf with the tfaouAfc. tohldft hiayalf, as you say that, t-vauoe of tear that the deceit <^onmltec hy hi* feeconee ooe. e/¥a* has nr ej^aeae will for this, as for exaaple with ntnoer, who already 10* suoe turns is se m piece wIjwiy he assuse* huaarlf *aEr m^inat permit, fnz which he still dlffusoa the fatsctca*. 5 r.iw Wt tho Lsxth with ax:rat v rttfcT rtais. as eany other riprelvera atill *r* eVMwj. lO/itiui ia a k«lowed ploy by tne» tn «vkuml fiui. thrir reeecnaihUlty,

nVler* That is lrttnxeatb^i. f*an v» parhapct know where ho Krnpn hiaeelf hio3ert?

Ouslaal- 13.^sb have ^ iristMiU’ t-o tell his hiding place, aa such concerns are ricl in uui cMS^Tmce^ H/”a have tn :v*ird tlir .ndlvlAail will oi ovA. rrw^rr, evnn It it lives fe^lwly’ “~”

w*iar- I usYJeiBUol, and 1 oV net want to t» oupreMiwr. CR 48, Sunday, M^ch 14,1976

– Meivr asks semjase to record her voice on a tape recorder Howard htenger- Hid HimseJf A Lied that he wastaken by ET’« :


11 c


MUM l tried to find on the tape vliicti ycu with 4 certain nirfc uiiUJ a short turn ytruM it lends in or* now, that he is to peasant ly occupie* os you My that,

his Ut mm t

aa Cor exaapie with ttQ£r‘ a 11 v i.-i- he

wHich Larth with *n* riniruj* their rwpcnaihi

ww ho tr* other ratten */r*<rti*-of it deal*, whv ho* apAen gam ttn l*jr analysis. 5/hcre It n>niit NlUer. tAhu tain wa& uiiVnuan to m» tj*rora thU, y*t he ia by you or

> if h- 1 M i, 7/By 3urcnc9ci i aay

be lneertad aeon? the flsOateagl – R/H» hlnw+lf with the Hi in fil I i Tt| y nagylf that the ttoovit eonaurert hy will for rftla, tuw tlJaj la a* supara hvawif aaiimt p»jrsmt„ fer

he still dlfruane the falacrrai, to have K*ft Oa trials, aa amy other riantvwra ntill a roiorod ploy by rle» tn nxtoapl ttut

ia ij


Hilar* That Ls inter est b>u. On va parhcpi know where he hrr-pn hinelf hiojcn?

Ouetui- UAte hava rwj lrisuaami to tell hia hiding place, aa such crriceni atb nul a* uui wu^eEEnce* H/ist hava to rajard the indlrfdjal will ot each gxeefare, even It it livra acveptiwely.

W*ar- 1 uttXiiit*jJ. JEO 1 du njt

to * ocuntMiwr.

Should a Human try to Contact with “Other Spheres”

59 now X tuvd j t^issticn regarding oxi— tart wIth cmnti;raoi fran the Othar [hrM. rn.iii n hirmn being ocmpy hlmwulf vith ajch things?

.>n;a:>.- _■(■”_.: rjjcaLxQD ia very illogical, i3 you uu knew

-i-i Eirth li—^ainqs ohould ee cccupy thar^vivos only

mJcr a>itc certain ^K-jatjrtcro. end so a- well only then vtirr cuitc certain prcaiaca ocnand such coirte>

Heicr- This is krtxrt tc r. ■, hut 1 wont once to get a buio :ejtciJjvi uixxjt this. Can you give oc ouch?

fonjaco* 35/ftiroly, but on toy part I do not want to cb this wfiicn in vrtr/ T wt 11 try in tfiia respect, to aaft the High council for an expiarattnn fren higher cphoroc to ruacli you.

Meier- Are you trunkuw frcoi itetaie?

.^<n 36/lto, for thaee wtter* gymd nit rvemrurar*

wirh thr- ft>t-ile *efa»re- thin* this is for the yafrnt

Athersarnj frcn thnt sphere it is possihle to get ~:t soncr1 am flisjMV anrrer.

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