Message From the Pleiades

tMij sag 31/obur caseation is just rosaiwhy Illogical. 32/ fasaps you have tht ttoj*t that i could loavo a piece of the hroaohlp to you?

e>i*e* Hot s bed idna, <jir i. !«r us at once sahre a piece down froffi it* do you have a suited sew, or else a suited imtrusofit?

Unwjnaa- T)/7 ? ? T ■ – – – Ybu aro ……

heier- vt«st is thn nurter?

unmjaee- 34/r AVi aur|tiy speechless, have you really ts*ftpti asroc&My?

meier vhat do you think? My crv>ekirras sasetiscs just dues nut kjk-w m the other hand/ t hold the opinion, one

only has to talk with the people, then one also can cuts* u? an unoerutanilng with them.


rewjaee- 3b/\tur word* arc very wise, but T do not know whnt ymr purpose with thm is. W/Pih voj I me said hrfore om not many be your earnest * –i -i

nvier- fUt nrvrrthr-j*w. 1 really neant it in _-.: ■ ee1 ■ – ■ Wire can I ocrew something off fruai ycui a)up?

mMErymtm- \;r?.** ia gjuite a bed )okr. » -Vr, cb yea sc

*.^Wly wnt a uLm of Jiis semi?

Ittler- Oil to Simply, we vould like to ovw what acrt Of metal you sac for your boinaffUPs.

r- nr]aoo- 39/lhia T can explain for yon: 40 V gain it from a prrwwi of nmveraum ‘nr Icai. 11/W» extract thia aoft metal from many lM»Nm* aa lor example from laa5~etmtalnu*j jOTigfXerea or wtarw, frm water &. ftvm different plants, COT. i ac wel1! a* In* decay of different one-at/was of Stan in dratrxx-l inn* idfBf an, according te Parth undar-iWicuvj ver> difficult ixdoes*, vc convert the lead substances we ai*4i‘led into the aoft acta! lead, which we than cheawje by furrhnr |aaa%aaamma^emmmwm1 ptornaa«a> Into a K;t*J-nrtai foiF, wtrrfi la much harJct than your metal which you

CCli Steel.1 11/T> * f ■ 11 1= Jt:.-VK^ie ir rn!s fem fot

hsmmsnmpE mmnmnns i> mmt bp* rrMi tur+tmr peccerac

of conversion Into a tmemshlrj-suitcd a lice; of a epnctal sort and i-inurr, about which I am tot allowed to give detail*. 44/*Ihc final product, which tu*t have quite rrrtaio cherac* terietlcs. conalsta of 4Wi alloy.

JTinr- This I have ujvm-rstood, but trcm wnien nctais then does this alloy consist* on we have similar motels on £siUr

Loniase- 4iAmrta>niy, you have cjjlto tic aane metals, am they are as well existing everywhere on ths stars. 44/sut this ones net moan that all the kkia! tuws can found en Kirth, lSiii-h ewlat in lh» nm^rjeT1

Meter- That m*y he assimed, tut you hart not conpietety anaweied my question this way. 1 warned to knew of *4iicti setala tho Alloy oonelats.

Bonrjane- 47/ihia 1 am allowed to explain to you, 48/It cecal sts of a cower nlcket-aiIvor-alloy, which for certain of thn beasshlpe aiao contain* ^k.

Meier- Oh yea, thus an alley •.filch ocuid be traduced on Earth-


^t>w- *V»ireiy# It would alan bv fcntaei La you en fcaitJi.

fc>l»r- That’s pnuibl*, but t doa’t toY exactly, becmewi I s* nr* wrwd In nd< auUuii. sut what now, could cm um this alloy as vail tor our spaceships;

aoanaeo- 50/a«iy.

pajlar* And you auy Uua uu waallyr CO you not thin* that .‘it rpwfti^i* And Wf U«iti»la could evaluate tMa7

• a .u.- V -v.. I. still draw not exist, because for this. Lhwy would first h»w lo I* ^ary^hK -f..wTJlf*?‘ f;i*M. blAhsy con not build tla*ir still wery primitive rudurt vap-auTi4v nf this alloy, and until tha far-away future they will npt be able to use it for npynfliaht’ «/Uut »> Uiiuim^-tux =an * auTreem* &n*> ari«c*iate fca the etill distant future*

llaiajr- ftis oc T find fseous, that you an allowed to say that. And according to this, you as wall will not be prohibited tUm providing so a pi» of sue* s*4al or vrtal alloy. Is that not so?

arerlano- 54/9ireiy. X could grant your wish- M/I will sen If I can brwag such a piece far



bare i also nave brought you ran* metal, ^f three different working ctcccono her© ifi tho pxctiuct uf the tri^rj

fwi*rsif« prorrss^ and this hare is th? pxxduct of Uar fourth process, and this is the product rtt the fifth ccr.-vgrslcrt process.

ftotcr- >tmy thanks, Senrjaae* in thia you delight ire very wuctk. fkM y**t I do not cosptotely understand tlw ratter. I h i – j i ■ > that – u . par form ths conversion or laad utto th* dtloy at once and directly, but now ycu say that seven pro-CM4M arc ww*ary?

OnnjdK^ ?1/£urely, I nwy have oxprc^sod my explanation too little 1-m ■ ” ■. 22fftv* first mrfeing xze+p absorbs rne lead BuXetances Xron the atirosphere and condenses ther- into pure ImJ. ?3/The second process distracts frcn the resultant

ratal all rlangerimB ratflatlaa. 24/Tnen Utf lead li fM

into f<jat-c*rTivurt^rfi/ ^>tfhj without tho addition O* SfY/ other raetals, oanverts rhi? Iftv! by several prrwwy»<; into the alloy.

in tlUs .’-r- :i it •[■::: tJw rrjnwrwion?

Sanjaco- 2;>/SiirGly. 26/1hart? do all richt oxlgt dJrgtrt posaibi 11tics for the al^«aticr) of aluff, IxtL thnx craSiT* bililict “ato not qlvon lox iu». 27/Bat oat scientists have already achieved successes in ftxpprim*nt. 2ft/For tft§

present» however,” “to still ocnvrirt the .rotala the flid-fash-iai^kny in ha a t«K3oriVPTtn.r£, ard as ‘iiflfj rTue; n4pjx*u:in sewn different, nins^ ✓ rental bpww* liquified, 11 lea

with ycu, lr. furnaces, tc suffer then hy distinct oscilla-tlontr an alteration, but Just to a certain value, because of the different steps In working; that are necessary, 30/ E*c*i final product then 1g pushed by pressure through a cooling spiral, where tr»n arc cwratod the sroii figures, as yw neve Ssfl hcto Ire fore vctj. j: -“.in p recess la re* psaUai mwc times, while with oach now prrx33& Lhu value p£ the different metals increases and fcoones the targnted alloy* si*th working pxooess then eilecta Lhe corplete alloy.

Malar- Your e*planat io-s are imdnr star dab le, tut how Is U»


iimsw cut re*a\ ox>\M in t*r»

Srarjaco- IJ/lho cooiioq crural osuim ^ul tarter* tntrfl <m en* ty far thie proceae in a ttr^rwitimit


a-trr- Hot u^r cfam “ttrtwatifiat1 scon/ 1 tot tow

“j :■_ ■:■

Uf2 rtrdiir^ rhln ^rtl frtiu Vnmlpftsaip**.

ttilnr*- i wo, bait ntm Ita* (jonpllcn: Can’t jrju IMII ptra/inV ar n pirrt? of thr frmv rpmai?

taaa )*■«?- r win try.**

nplrr- Than* mi. -ill it la not ovidacit to aa no* yew then will ttw a***!, «• r*-ltfa>r at your tomhlp, rw

ftmh‘s hoop tac, could I r«w»i» joims or mbk. etc. wfjjw 1* rl*-vt+6 a* %*li.

Jo/P*ar tmi MBOM us* an ins?rut*n* wtilrti mid oil I a wfidw at-.*iaUa.37/3ut it is baaed cm MaUf li’Kf1 “”^m^”- **xien tlayfgies tng rerai f a rotd atata and l«ca it :irw together, w *ic*i it la roaplrtnl) «TUuiX mam art! toam ocm suvjlc piece-? 3o/5o w * too (to mr krvw

uork, and thii !i.-.u u. gci/fcl «w» to aaaooth It

all. 39/Tn UUa rei+*ctf you cn Girth uac a very tlnngi»raii* operation. 3

aWxar- *fa acv no* ill a Ml j rltt*tiv*# *o na*e nartancr, pMHi

Dangers of Or&Mriing, Oil, Gat, Dams, Atomic Bomb Tests

rationed* :v, 10 «ys m iruch y» cpm

the aaad. Hon it Hat amrt a that >cu tot rcrtticvwd m tord or an ^mumnj rf fhrrh slrd. I* IM* acct or cfet*i«~ La? <arv* not u*uar with you?

?*^la?ip- 56/Ore-mfninuj or oujui auroral aunina on n planet or another afcar It tVr#> hy is only in ext. iwr i-irr rqan^y > rarftuu* this pruc^rtb t » upial to 0* dfcftWflPtAt^ ^ tWa-ta^r. 57/A, planet or onothrr »l*u: m i*wr ^cpToltad in a foci .41 u to on forth, M/Wwt Uw aauth hunan bnlnq tan i*y that iM pmih1 to 1 – daatxwtion of th* j»i Wltte

first evil “; J1 – of thia doatru=-tion cam x& on tho t&u^h already aona ^t-a^j «rx2 at Uw prMarrt tiao it ia

<UHy »t7»nrfv-ifxj the u&ino of the rtobtr^fftioii iuwlf. W/lhja 1* to okderfltand dw way that tfca Barth naa>an hmlnq wxptQlta all planat* and rofaa fro it ita frmlaaaaiial Ilia lora i*V* he drpni«i it a£ ita oil, pa and tfra different urea. 61/lbe e£fact of mis 1- that the Bartrt matt+r* ahirfca lnaide, ItMttaj tr> relcanu: eti^’ticcis and om^uakea, fiar-

the Earth la aiovly hraalilnaj tar* into itsolf- 62/Tna ia gcroratnd alao by the ctrtatnarticn of o^yi m^l cutllax formatlona* whtrh twf tiy thn ^rTOicd nacrea of water, wry Aingororjfl ohlrta, ^arct delualon tha

La* “j 1 kut->- bolng la iwrrformln-g ia Kia yebt cr rane or id fl-.j>w-mtirfft^ ranyriatffita with **_Ufllc boated aa *a»Vi tnoaa cruel oQcp <™tt^raraaap_aK&lqplcrt tests* %«r»icn ho da* afaoal ar* AtrtJc nnab Nata, but a-Mch ia truth ar

Cher-Kill Bomb Tests

u>l *f » it ‘v-^ ggp»rirm»* witfr ^TfilUf &ntff~ S mil thoje crvyl oocr* cuhrWrfitwf fBMoS tmts. tNch he do--Urn «r» atroir fr**t*f buf:i*nch in truth am «uch

ftivr- ‘Hwco an conc*>rntt which 1 know, IjuI v . all politician* iwi aziantiato do Amy. But* htiat , j run wltft. that; those nid wild tMt still iwi dingviu-s thing**

Ovlf* thay dfeClar* an- i r –

***frajB>- MVXiia !Mtf ^ithr.t bono, which is fffjAud by natuial oci^in proai“*s or mod, *hc*a af fart At cvploaiun

it «*ny tu-tfarj tiara r;i^ts« p^mm jqr

Mb* IVBrcu^it to *<i>in*irri Li t?ie suit*! il r«-

rtjL-ua an itmitr riwu) mmttion, bv tfiich »r &irth fell* vltruji tnly scveji to »miit minutes tt* a t/)t**l Uwctom and it at cajjapd. ~ 66/Any «t mit^L atrescw nuuld Lv useless, r«r If cha <«4iln reactloa Is started it r<n be st^^i-

tf?/awv w»r* * *hi* Ai w*t!ii7** ***irp»t ‘f .

MtWr- to tKj3 waild ba tfat absolute and . : tft* birch, the imiddcn, ae Pl-jft explained? ITat Mulled mtlll, oa

n»Wr- Vhi mke quire a pTOMlc .i–wiit. Kir tall »e, of . . ■ dVluaion i*j*> <x> deal with hero, and Owt peMhilL-U»l *> I nay twt undffff Oner of Jitmlc Uib teat*?

Srrrjaear- 69/ofcrjut thU I an not allowed to toil, rwgtw-tj*>lv* m official ftn.*

Jtei^r- Ofcoy, I cm (upper, salt *rd spue ih* rrvut*e*it Uy – i Hjt it would really bw r-. . .■ ._.juIw ir Wm ^rth •ajrr l*> hr blew up jo toon. Sh* j>l**sa:i in- quit* Will, *a) aojisjw, 1 hava at a i tad to like her.

»fi)aaa *QAoi sp^^ W faullAo^, 11/Ybcr nrvrwrid la rbblly varv beautirui- *7fait ate viil nut fc« Llfee Ukat for if tha Fkrth raaawi fa^lnQ doas not agon ehanoe hift ^>*«, anA ao 91v* up his cfelualv* tcKaricr- Quth is ct-Ul

vile to raoanaratv Itaatf If the exploltettma arc coapM’*

ly »t<W*l within a rfxwt tine. 7|/for the wicMiaUw, tha planet needs a very greet erotm of tiao, vhich is to to

icier- 1Mb I can vivldty uiKim for »rn#ir. mm I cov sum how old the Itarth la, than T can nadvii ebcut thf tla» of iwcnorraLtt ao veil.

Ago & Formation Of Life on Eaith:

Ssmjase- vrl how old do you estinute t}*? ^ed

the Earth to be? 76/shis would interest me.

Mrior- £ro ynu lewllng nr* onto slippery lee?

Sesijasc- “7/1 am really interested In your est irate.

H-ier- Ft*, then 1 will risk it,—But flow do net

Inueh If T fall too far wide, will you?

ucn>asc~ 7S/rcu have ny promise.

teles*- hell theni cur scientist-fools are the rost intelligent cm*G, who spread thalr wisdom over the T^rth. Thcxw toll the jyj- of thrv Rarth nt aroind r*00 ndllirn years, [one D was dropped In the copyino nf these figures. What vras meant waft 5000 million or S bll Hon years J Since ny great trip with you and ptMh, I haw reached some other opinicn, vcu haw jet nr see the most different stars* which oeicngM

to sect different levels of ccvcLoprrcnt. Kben new 1 evwblnc these all in view ana corpare than with Larth, then l surpass our scientists in their assumption of tire by sore. Just a short time ago, I have ixraldoxed thia aod ivcXonned over all this, where l then ret with the arrant of v40. So ;he my rockomiiKp*, the Kirth would have to be 640 vxi I lion (ojujther mistake in . i. , the ward is mi I Hard ~ hi il icna| ol years old.

exact ralculeticHs to^e resulted rrc ^–it:- Mvmg *yi ngc of



The exact eqe of existence of the Earth orcunts to 646 mil-lieirds of years, count iJig fran that point In time where the first fomations of gas assembled and cane together anc into one another. 74/lhc process o£ evolution up to the planetfs &olitl body lasted then around 600 milliard years, frcm then the first basic fbons of lite cSovelcped themselves, frtxa which the first faunic forma oro3cf frcrn which, step after step, in t:ie run of further milliards of years, higher forms forms of plants, and later animal forms as well rose. 75/ Bicn, after a further tourty mi 11 iards of years they pro-


created trwieelvee as autxrenioufl tons cf life, thA himn beings, xho already after their procreation occn becama Ln-Iluerc«l hy srrang** «|wivi -rrivt-i liny htraui racea* 75/ TMn happened afcout 6 milliard years ago- 77/tTiIr 1b the time Lhe Earth existed as a anl I’d body, a period of 46 milliard years. 78/Bun hnr whirls iltr/uiutaciit lasted MO milliard years. 79/in igryorance of the reel events arrejntrig the foiroticfi cf planets, the Earth scientists reckcred all cororns in this natter hy wrenq values, in corwvsjuenec s£ wtiich thoy have to achiev* vrong rpsuirs; and they do rot want to bcccxDc educated. 80/For hundreds ot year 6 alrpa^y they try to occuunt for all concerns frcxi their very tflllUj nvatJienwitlcc. by which th#y rural y reach true wulUi 81/Hi spite of this, they raaintain that their account© aeeorfl to the truth, even if they have Lo correct these years later, which ia quite troublescinp fnr thm, bacHDM tl**y do not wit to ocnfeaa their faultc to the bread pjbliC-are and rrnaui simply unijnprovable pricfTs.

Oil-Generation a Oil Reserves on Earth ;


tell to? whether yuu hjvw reckonniiiqa alxut hw lucw atiti cui oil rceorvca con be exploited*

Senjooe- 101/Thia i* quite different, bat nn average, the valued of tlw oartli will becorc ou\auttnd writhing %ctw* 71\ )B0£1» 102/Thia concerns the re to Is *tc. 103/7ne Oil will be enough for around 20 ycaro, if tho Earth dovolCfrvnt or— luxion is continued*

Meier- is oil a forci of Ufa lite tho orra, or? if l am informed right it deals with c^nns-

&e(Mr 104/3ure]Y. 10S/TV* Qirtli diopooeo of on oil quantity of U6 w llinro tara, fra which through the oiliy-ncfio o£ tho E^rth being 6S null jard tciis Jwv* dhr- :,

heen exploited or destroyed. 106/Hie destruction oen-

crated by oubtorrjneujL uxpiouiorm of atonic boata* 107/Tne uuantltY of the destroyed oil onaints to oxcund 20 mlluu;i ffflgf thua nearly -i r of that, vhot the hunan being has refined firm the Birth, can bo evaluated by quantity of around rx^ \ Ilpr<i tprji. tOb/A planet like the Birth produces, in

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