Message From the Pleiades

iwor- vou haw said tnis wcnderrul ly- It is trueiy the test explanation T hay* *v*r tvwd- Bit 1» it ch*»ky of ran if T aak you where you qet thia wisdom? IT* whole tniiva

ecunde to ]ust iiIcp ynu apeak ixcn ytxu <wi cxrerienca.

Scvgnde- 59/Surelyj you thlnV arul hoar wie*1y» 60/You *W all”‘ to ask this all rinhtl I can’t want to onte a wcrrt of it, 61/1 hm» oallactotl «y a«peri«y»», and Iqr thru hsve r — nocwsMry r^crgriitions. Qtm yau l>«ive qoossed the troth,

Semjase’s Marriage Psrtnef :


■ I- d> yen want

to dive irc clo about that, I mean, how have

vow opt to know tr# iwi and – why am you still not named?

bran) sec 63/1bat ia v-cry treaty tP ewplauis 64/lt his been a bit rove than ?O0 hnars ay when I una named- C5/1hs ent-rwny with *y man waa uithcut ehild, nervosa t first, we wanted to procreate n^arenoanta after he would iuva rcturnrd from a some yearr. tart us? expedition to a nrwly discovered galaxy. 66/3o ho went on the nypnditlon, with aovon crew-rrnfiers, in two aanll specoohlff*. 67/Bat only one t*t these returned altwr plover, years, ta/ancl the ship with sv hup-haart suffered ctwjqi laUur* irsl lull lnu> ■as. 69/9d 1 soar sv tsaaband, wiui when t m max tied o»ly seven afcoat

seuar- fou nave nevei said anvthinvj atcut this boforu. So r ilvnys bcllovwd that you had juot rraviinad unsarrlod- or sMal unpreflsion you hnve variously ot«ria^±aned sat, too-

unajaao 70/t did not dMst it baportent to talK about U**t-Tl/Cn the other hand, it is with ue, that a nan or a woaan is ejreiaered rrtirrled, aa you say this* if the awriagc partiw-c c*partr J5TT*» and still cfalld baa been pro-cieeted-

hwlur- Ch, 1 see, than from your earlier information, T haw uottcr. scan wrong lnpcoaokm- flsvavavaeavananTMsaeave^

Ptejaren on ‘Gi-ving-eirth’toa Baby

t^^^^^^B^^^^^^^^^^b ~vitl. sann

inudy on this *mtr*rt i wculd he very inter ue tod in hew 4

birth in your raw actually taken place?

uen^ann- – \.* U*o nrcereatven, the child has to develop lueir cairlnq nine rtrL^i in the wojysVl tfltfy- 71/Then the birth t afcea place in B saraa asnar aa :« rrrsri |0 SSrth huaun beings.

hrtar- Jhia aeons tmt there am no dif ferenrns. Gees tr* wnrw suffer usijai, lite the ones ours have?

Dnmjnae- 74/Cbrtninly, there aro no difference* l«ro, at


Iaaet won on© alwtracts from the fart that tho Berth h^n ■ – – -l – -i- j – enm up r-^eir pains at birth, bvcuuuc they ere al-:eail/ very cfformr,ireJ tain relief).

frier- Then your woaon orrpletvly talents the pains of birth} –

Saajasc TSVSuxcly, this is the natural birth, **hicfci as vail influences tha rother who bringa forth, and thr aes-canoaota acoorcj-ncly, srmsoring welt tha iocs of thlaXlnn.

leaVar- Dnaa thia noon that a wonan strould give fnrth without peia-etlll lag Beans?

Aaajaae hW&rcly, bvnj%i only thus form is mt ml, and vtinK-i* m^t we;lsrr fcr v*–^ <mC ch-Jd. it uould

load tm far il” 1 strait! nam all the benefit*.1

laruxr- 1 altuady understand, amvs>\ that these are npirit-lui and hnriily ndvmrage-s. If i an thinking right?

….. 75/You aro vary sensible, and so you underSVtfvl

rotor Mont ly.


411 to a«rer ****** «*> *>i*r tast D* u*> of p«ir uill^

lwt *™t>*™ serin? sMIgg ™ w w mU*

TjT; *Uo p«roeti» ua an nVili U-‘*r ■ tm -lw they an. r*°*H At* nil Its tn»—Ir- catrsCT inia a rev BeJssaaBSj

Body A Spiritual Maturity of Plejaren :

t-.-r ssbsbsbsbsbsbsbsbsb^ m

ruuis are you races bodily ard spiritually nature?

-se^ase- i*/it you aro minting of the ability for cro-rmition, thee tra- answer la: tw:^ – «« af thia aoa,

aach fore of life with as is able tr\ prormite deareroarrta. St/tut until an age of 70 wart ^^uTffflf* ngmslly «*-to trouble oTweir very nrh about spiritual trn-anO to be able to echx-ste oneself. Ql/Ihit, too, ia tha minimi aue where ratrirrcrv is r^anslflered. 62/1he iwre Eody intiirity is pa?sec If Zt>\ yeais>

Hsler- T*iis Tcans then, that body growth is rnannad hy then?

L4n>eaa- uVSurely. 1fnpu i – i – * urity la identical to tha 70th year of life aoa, but that dove not rrpan that the spiritual evolution is Rtnpp&d- RWWfth ue, it is nut the im as en Earth. where, re^rntnhly, the human being- after his regular eehool tm has paccod, <n*rovi ijiu* llttla sore uv^lcoVe. baca-joa vith «, furrher duration laata thcyt?_>ir

Love among Men & Women :

Meier- fXaaatv but new Ait ^hcut love with yon? I cully *%>*j —-.i iCTan?

%n|sse- aa/IrrVD is a ri ansae ion of failings. aH/lut san-

■ n of fncliifja uxUl in tv^y JP^p« W/Hc^wrr lrw am-ns n»i And wtjtsn IS quit* An espnCiaY WieatiCfl of m-i-inns, wtilrti san rxl wuwui at first find together. ^/Contrary to ths low? of l> hunan ret-nj, oar love Is v*rv *-\-7 ^–p-ft-ll, a;*! p^t-regsly strung and rara*lfl.

Jtoiar* Does love wist em*? nan and wrsun when they gwt

married? Tou ^ere- rtiflftrontlY talked ihntit ths feelings, as it uuiy would not hs qcod.

ujijasa 90/1tou Iwivo tuwunfarstood as, for T sfrfce of other feel IncA which each creature should keep under gtrirro*r Mttrta 9l/KevortlKlvuii you have shown a* that this rw! Bl Aiw«ys be the iwvws asaa Llally so u»vwn there are juQy ■ft rrrcrrncdV etc. 92/\ct saonq s»o end wrnen of sTTTTr •nrw baieos of our rao* Is post, and ainr»r» irwr, whlcfi only In csjetain cmcs li^i wb rcntrcU lapy/ imur^lo*-* tl*-aituatli-n dor-xvb this.

ill I or T cee. That is very ovi^mt . rv? y^* ara rial ikj^j* nclnijo »^ no~ robots. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^H^^^^^p

Education of Pfeajren :

Ans]w*- *J/Vue t» Art i ■ -r-tt.-r. ot Us? parents, ywt ffi the orhnr nand cxlsio horo s control Ijy the High Ouncil. irem ‘r ssttlsd r«giilntlnnsi teacMnei, order, efcc, find

‘i ■ ■ t i : – * . *m/lTl tills tDtil u*» «wil

corWrsr-ted, which is why we do not know di^atxm, as unfar-t;natciv ia so otW* the esse with yen m Uuth.

‘DIfferances/Olsptitstionsof Opinions’in Minmony :

hticr- nut don’t you have dissnntiaris In n»truir*iy? i mean dicfvtrtUcra and dlff^jytwog nf cputimi?

rsnyww 9S/Co you crmudor us ■\4ercreariin-e?

Itoiur- Qsrtalnly not. I only ask PersMSS this voul£ bs nf intrreat for us Earth wom of ww kind to know, and for OMU croc »c vol i*

rmwjjww* ‘k/snwn twrj cmtami llwe tvsrtSrr as a unxt, Uvn rt if f> renews oi Qpifiacna neraaaariiy arise- 97/Dui LhelC ntrd net onqnncratc_ini.o .fights, as eu> often ha^pena with the Ffcrth ES5S EsVsJsV WMsl vnll happens witxi ue, wiUtrut exception, UsH axe d?ft<mincoc in ojiinionc in the nAtiiscrLtAs. 99/And it would be wry myitis! if thia werw sot so* 1007A wxmq nyaulatipn wmm eviat in aox factor* 101/Vlth oat lite tvirywlww* else, ail crnatmt^» ^r^ u*ffer-if> their mpi-^tign. ths* at do tins er> tso ot » Set tonstAsr, two UVo-d!rnctad uulea, which would snsn a rts-

crease and a ahirUrwj-ofl of the evolution. l02/&> Always two ■■..i’-i.\t*.r:’.tr:- poles have to ccftc together If an evolution is to prcerrss. 101/lhie ireans that these bio iciee constantly rub each other, by which fro different cp-yUpBB pj*h Tcrj*tfY*rj in cmBnqu«nos ot which, tor Durpceea of evolution, difforoncoc in opinions have to npn»r. 104/ ” ia on irrevocable law of evolution, to which we as /- 1 as all other creatures in all universes ere aub>=ctcd.

CR 42, Wednesday, J^iuary?, 1976

* Bitty s its 16 hours continues ly before typewriter writing Ore atonal Genesis from PE TALE – First Ass as ination attempt on Billy( warned before by an intuitive form of a dream) by a small calibre pistol & the assasin oould not be pointed out by Quetzal because he&hewas protected by religious forces

Why did fle^ren not hterv^ne in” Assignation Attempts” on Billy :

Itwas the first of an eventual 7 assasination attempt by gun-lire on the life of Billy Meier. Each time he was miraculously saved at the last moment by some fortuitous act. When it became apparent that the Pleiadians might be implicated in some of these escapes, he asked them, if they knew of these things in advance, why did they wart so long to intervene. The answer was that had they intervened sooner, the Assasin would not have felt sufficient guilt & remorse over his deed, and would simply have replanned it better the next lime.

“In the future, be very careful, because we cannot keep you and your meeting with the coming events in continuous series atoays under control. We still have to perform many other labors.”

Plejaren on ‘Burial of the Dead’:

tfrier- ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ (Ativ fWi hare 1 haw >l*r.Uil >:i**sU*:n, Icilcw: Khst ii^cp^rw in your race Wth rh* d*nd orra, that r-.—-. w th the lifeless bodice? Do you aenr^cv thnn Into cot tins and send Um towurue

tbr next gun, gr do you bury t>w, like we do, where one nov lost buries that l.flfl ireuva dan dorp in Uar ground.


thftr \a, in cejrtftArieo, or do you burn than uarwhrroj or sinply vl.^l’vlc that?

Srerjeso- 46/Ttiifl in aonm a very imumiM qimatlcrtr t*it 1 can ancwor it for you: 47/ifith uc, tho oaiUi lauying ia the* scire, and nwfl, as en your world. 43/Pqt Hiis we have special Lnfltitot-lons for reposal, apart from the inhabited regions, -is/ircc old tiaga, we atill have, too, the crm-aticn rulntdincd fox very, very rsro__casgcf whan such a a«wt1ori Is wanted. 50/Bjt besides cremation, the c liming-tion of the lifeless bodies is cusaoci. 5i/&it theee arc matters of in&ivijual wishes, whether one or another frwn of burial ia used.

Hfier- T this is n:\ well tha case with us, only that

we still don’t know tho ollndnatlcn here, unless we abstract fronv the change-over to ashes < And Just that weald not be tiy line, bacausQ I do not ncocasarliy want to bo aril led and roasted in a stovw, ones “I bl^ss the tgirtvtral rhincs*. yy <fc»in* la to be eoantlmft burled bo low a thick carpet cf flowrs sorw4wru *t a forest edge basixs? a whispering riv-lft in a wrm land. I crrTt like u. Oct cold feet.

Amjasc- 52/The ideas you do taW*

feier- Th*ae, doee one need to havn, otherwise life often is rather tro nor© hard-

IVmi&ce- 53/£urciy, truth may be found in thia-

Jtoior*- Bomuco of this, 1 havp ideas. But what now: should cm let himself tetter to roasted, tetter prefer the earth burial, or just an elimination?

JVtnw S*/Tttc last nraiticrusl still can not take piaro in your world.

HQiexr That U typical of “having thought”, as, if necessary, vc can perform on elimination all right- He just coc* the deed body into a ureat Lx:’ and fill It with dyrmsibt, than wo hide the stole under crash and veto* into the air, and in tliia way oenorete for rhn traveler an attaizcd drive into hoavuru

frvrjams- fK/You like to jrtXe.

KjMcx— Of is , but tills is a possibility o* a 1 list nation. Scnjasc- 5e/tour joke offers thic possibility, but this


Hit hn» f rr! nv. :4/Bui lo yow <?J«tix» 7 ‘wy ay trat tha eamh-hurtal Is m> natural fonm, for so it U -tirr* FHft te^ ^i%35, 57/let there ll an eliairaticn, when the load of earrair, Mill resumes; r-r «rme twm n the dttad ro4y, fluid rm-ro. dLl-, j*a u •WvtM, whit* t_i luu^ vaiuafaws m a crsanatloB or an el urina’ im.

it lex- how icne; do thaw* foztM still taaain in the dead

nraa^aat*- SBrtiey can ttsmiJi for rwndrrOw of years, but at leas* rcr an long until the sscicton

miax- /fii axo thww rorrasi of Ins^atvwcv?

!aai)s*a *9/lt*ru am tie foe Um posterity, the persous retaining aliw or dh»rwsawits>

sfcu-r- But the* a burial in aartt should be pcefaarr«n

taVaar- W/aWly, Una X have alr»watty aaplalnad, thai this at a lal la Ua) sttravU Letatvict.

isaiaur- then I hal « lot of luck, thai I araVt wort tn let ay* – If get tusatcd.

joa>aaup- 4l/TJw> Tterrh huaaa bainjos are nre^rirwjly nc* canoe kna of the facta raaptrf inq that nwan> rrsaafaiQ] farcsw:. €2/ uti tha wlhjsa; toid, the sarar of burial afraid really be

kes* avrotfrilrsi tn the> wish of each single ana, for cacti lom if life Ahoiiid bo able to decide tula for itaeif.

Transplantation & Regeneration of Body Parts : wnmr- ^sVsTssfsVsVaVsVsVaVsVsVsVsW

tad err™nrt. My next g>*ot:ai conoarxa the Uananlant^tian of paxta ot the body- with u*f for many yearn irrjy uuu riuc ooari ones new bean trnriap lanital into living bodies, that IS, Into living nxsiso beings, so fe* gaaapla hsarta, Sidneys and eyce, ctr* what * your opinion abuu* lhati aaouid one do so or not?

asa>saa>> 43/tl la this sled of development of tha Still prLSUtlva science, which behavior, with few et<-*orime. raeatita in only Basil suooasvtfw, always. ft?/lne rnotation of ffyreSi fos easnple, which froa llvlis? erv-J^uroC are •rwplanGf inw other onw&, is also wrwvart nv rair aelcm» 41/rn this we haue roiy>l»t» jmtraa, MAsjt only ayes JXu Uanaplantrd by out viontistx, buciuso the natural eye ran n>t be substituted by twrurilngy. ftVOther organs of the

body, and liatyj, are neither rearr/rd frm living nwe, nor frtai doad onea, to bo transplanted into living onoe. a*7 &KTt tranaplantaho^ft rnrvr^i vory grmr. rtangors In them, of different character, of which I enly want to tol 1 you baO important cnesi 61/The one factor of onrvj-r «flata in the ennplute duiUacum of iramni^tLiCD of UK) body* into utuch a lisb or on organ of a slranon liciy Is transplants,3 60/ This arans that the body into which the transplantation is i i#-1*111., tn tx: cwic ardplutcly onssnoalsjSa by nsraofcstJ

ni poiMiwxio ncans, etc., that thus ltu Caroc* fox ._

have to be wholly octroyed, ao that it does not refuse the ^ranaplanted organ or body part. 69/Uy this* the body bo-doses vary rianqcrcus ly cu&coptibl* to ewy outer .:;t”;;.».,:i ■ -. by uhich even a very 1 ittle picce__g£_j*jat cculti be enuurfhi to deprive the body ot ll£c7~tnua the creature dies. Tfl/The second factor to section lit that one nf rh*? arrange fiwctrr, which 0DQ5 exist in tho iran^piantod part from th» strancs* tcdy* 71/”his traraaitted fluinUn or forces 18 working in absolute certainty a* Mil as t Use Inowelling; forces of the body into which the transplantation Is forced- this generates wny dano£rBp and bodr-anfl-&p 1 r 1 WleoaneraLing factors.

hftlcr- are you doing then, if anybody of yours needs a

iw« \ tnh at a noj argaii?

Smjastr- tav* Uw* canablllly of n ronp1*tc rcgrncr-

arion, 74/fcjt where those possibilities sre no mre able, fTwrTwo £utstituba the organs by artificial oneSj which by nartain probability survive the tire of life of the tody. 75/ttiia pmaihility is also exercised severed iutos, etc.

he lex* So does ttiat mean no ^ransplanrat.lona?

Sen las*- 76/OsrtsAnIy, tor this should the Birth science of redlclna and surgery strlvq* 77/jla) 9Xd form is the production of suitablw artificial organs for ■ ■ 1 n j .

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