Message From the Pleiades


cjrcuas*] a unxirt (ivccmlm that, ajflffre^ is tne mgr QMffiCU, tfilch was considered qooa and *os offered to ths narbers of my raca, thus all try to profit fro* this lnfcr-ktioafl

held- ‘Hiia delimits no.

CR 37, Honday, November 3, 1975

~ Billy asked Semjase for a list of different crystals from venus £ Pleiades

ET’s Physical-‘Chemical Analysis on Examination Contaetees: k‘ln in v . ir-. I am a null, r ■ you mil raf what ocod is such a phyaical*cniemical aitalyaia?

Sunjane- 12/rt cononrra not only cne xwthed, but dlffarnnt once, by uhicJ* nuttor tmixtutwa otm.1 nwi»Mt1cns can be sep-aratad as dealred, qunnt ttat iveiy a-ni qualitatively, Craa vtvit then are defiitabl? tha chnmlcal crarjoeitiona in their structure and ccriblnation according to than character latica, both cjuantltativgly *nd qualitatively. 13/very finely etu-dled rethosto connected to finely studied tcctrUquOG, admit those analyses of living croaturcc without any injury tn then. far –. v» cnoK thta Is still unknown on Garth,

bit very auch used by certain apace-trawling r«re^. Ib/TVy use U*ae nethcoa only in connection with leiepamic hvpno~ in*, from which fact tho tact or axaadnatlcn subjects have no conscicu* cognition of such teats nr cx-mmationa* 16/ This veana that for then this tin** wtsamn, frcm their maory, by which 1 nean tha exmnlrmtion or test. 17/That mrory j* only established very daap In Uj= sutex^^iflua, and so it can only be recovered rrai marc” IB/Thiz lc not ntn roaalhle by the weuUucn^, but only ly srr.-^g hyp-.10tic counwsrbiock, atich also call block breaking.

beta-reticuli et’s 1961 incident – abduction o£ betty £ barney kill


heier- You have torrrentnd no quite nuch since the last usss, anrl covered yourself in silence* Bseidne thi*, you had told no that pnrhape In the night from 25 to 26 October you would dmrntrate arntathing tor iny group,

Soarjaso- l/”rcs so, I Qxpzeceed myself 11X0 Lnat und&r four eyes. 2/1 also troubled very Bud to descasLrate & a&Udi <; *-0 the grorp rrcrtcn;, but ■ ycu intend* I slipped ajasj frai your control- J/Lriforturiatciy 1 v»r uncxpnetrdly cal-led away on a special tasfc, which 1 had to nertuo urgently. ■I/Uter the pertornanco of ny tnrJc i noticrxi that the grrap ■■■ – –i- had all left your house already. j/Tnun I tiad Lu iaiva ryrf/^ *n aartieaaa tvi aaae** *a*t^A i

lud Informed you dtxut in the last oontoct under cover of silence. 6/ln this task t was so occupied that T had to blorit i t against your intense searching impulse*.

fceier- I see. it is oridont, bocauco i could once roro net reach you. *nd with your task do you perhaps mean the Batter with Zeta Ratekaili, or…?*

Senjaae- //Yea so, if you seen th£ turn ot your wnrd zeta fteticuli?

heier- Of course, 1 do nean that hy this. – I simply could not reasrber that strance rare, hrw I will fciKo notloeof it. Wiat has resulted In this matter? ftivu you found out soro-thing?

jase and I can also qlve you sol– Inlbnratlcm

which yrxi ar« rot nllnwed to spread: 9/Pora len^r t1m* hitherto unknown into 11 id?^c*?g have boon vi i lttro__thg Earth. lO/Tltey first caw to our attention in your year vfvo

ttey t«A pervasion of an Earth hunon fceings for the of study, toeh these into their spacecraft and subjected Mvei to a phyalcai-chcsaical analysis, ll/Her* they esn,*«a

_ijaae- 19/Of thia I can say; 20/It happened oa th* Ijjth Of Scptrnber, in the noun tains of new fasscflhirc in the *JSo-t!uring the nl^ht, vivn be Earth hrts&n bein^B, by *ho nawi oT Betty Uill and Barney Hill, a sarrled couple, »et with a ttpaccEJup of ■xtralerrreetrial origin. 21/Sy osc-iIlation-narBlyrers used by tho intxlli<jenc*e, their vehicle, nnauto, w pl»=d :xl of function anrl forced to stop- 22,’At th* aesei tine both nf tl*=n wm put into a tfCX hYTflreiP teusnotical forces. 23/eV tliat their consciousrvss wm par-aTviaii by nhicrt their csnacloofi rnco^ lectin vt,^ hi^ni. 24/*mi* i haw explained Uj you before. 2Vrhc purpose of that piouueuUng by the irrtellionnces was no Hi behavior, because their data gathering was only In exploring the ftirth h’sasn form of life. 26/&> they took poaesslrn of roth LarUi tanson beinqs for a tW of 127 rung LOG, brought tl*w into their nracechip, aid aub^ctod tl*m very t**arouuhlY to their examinations and analyses, while thfty also tec* different fipreinrns f rufi both, such as soto drct^ of blo>:^, »Me spena/1

hairs, fiallvu, finarr amis vtA *iVin– 27/kthey took as wall, Speclmns trrm tne cire*: ani ol»t;Un:?. and frm other things too* ^hich ware of inr«rt-^/>*o Fo*” Lhe analysis of CtaNt Intelligence. ^/Everythijv^ was v^ry carefully exarunad by than and was m^nrrsv: _rerli(>>rhot^rjy.^u<:allv.


haligj _call*a» finy vtH __rri v*in« 27/Th*v toot a* well, apactiaant frog tha efcooc and clxfrliw. and frm other thing* too. VMoh were of iaprvtaara for tha analyai-t of t^oae InteltaWmfe J8/Everythinc w*.s wiry carefully exnntaad by the* and was wnr^ re^’v^k’*^;iar^aljy,

letter- That tern la not Known to ft*. What 1* radlo-nhsto-uraurty; i nave never hmrd nf thia.

awjawo- 39/lhis la an apparntve ilMler to your pocket, by whirr, tha remit* of .vr/y^l-clvgracu anslyw am rwwdaO Ui It* radio radiat itti. and can ba rfr^ograpbai} thia way. In which tho radiation* are converted by apparatue pmnhwm In the phorrrn*-^ niter directly Into symbol

P”**r“»- – –

heicr lhat ifl like a “Stoaniah Village” to ma, but lid* la auraly art of to much isportano* to nyacif • a technician or nryoician mould knew acre abort thai, frm this Infeiroat: _r ,

»*i*w-_r jo/Sorely, tut oca- llstm further oni 11/Arter u« umiysatlrri of bott! tauTtA nuaan being*, they war* tnen ueuajht again Into their vehicle, wh:oh vat rviauatart frrai trm paralytic radiation and act free. UfJkA dwe> Lyi_n»U «■ di«*iiw in been paaeu*. ana ***a/ ^7

aary of the tnaa of tho oxaaiAalioia.. ) jittery had not the i near recollection af this, >i_/OMr in 1*1 t«i vaarfc ware thay ahia to solve the ri<aie of this event, whon by hypgp-si* they could reveal their unoonacluua Vjmwlvd<ff.

hWar- I mv, but why haw vou caxad (ox bfafJ antror In rheaa (toys?

SV* now avam, about uhich 1 unrortunataly as not allowed to apeak, has demanded this now. 3a/fras our axai-

: ■ * ‘ or ttlic ;::’>r;r. v.*.- l . \ g r■ in i9bl,

It anpaara you liave notliinn to fear. l?/lh*y eiu nf (MaW& -! fbm, ard realty _» ■i-‘iv ■ fajj naj ■■ bbi SS/xhelj

rorr* «?• h_j**nf whilu lhair tcdv flaw iu fllffaiar.t frcn nura. rt/rheir r.zc variea between 1H and 16J eanttabtara.

aabar- That is Interacting, Fron whore do they cow? now, mzeed S What kind of aoacrAMna do thry kv.r_ and how ace thvy enduring tho Atrctphere, etc*?

a**jw***~ aonhey originate in tha planet and star tyitei HTA REnaOJ, a* * *lre*ry evplm-**. it/Hi-a ayw-en is *


Mdi«A distant* nf 371Wrc_years owjy Inn the ButtO *V Their apaoeeJtlpa are cifttiar to our i»»i>^hipa, and catrcnely wl \ equftjnaAV and arc very ablf tor apaon-traveling. 13/ The -tn^^f r.* of their hoaavorld la Vary Kieular to the loath it*nhg<« thee they ran breathe here without urnat difficulty. 44/1koy wear cloc^-fitt*rt Ult^r-ur—which protection Cor then in none weye.

. Gxild you print re oc take lor sr a picture of the Aeticulian Intel llaeneea, if rhat con bo arrannod?

WI could proouce a drawing for you If you want*

tfeler- Thia would be nice. Could ygu produou et least one picture frus ths brasst up of one of these intelligence** and fertiene too, s drawing, of thoir eaesssjh^*Jil

GeaOauo- ‘i4/T could so, but t doVt haw paper ami writing equiprent.

teslar* Of that T i_an give you Boaethlng, Hire, a pencil, end here, that is> a £uej colors ballpoint 1-*-. urn here la an eraser, and – a awt, yes hare, – ia this fiapex moufpv?

iS/aureiyt I will bring theae dYawinop to you at taw n*er* esaeaW*

Well, but now it would still

tioned intallifsjrre* then LI efffthirs) » lew:

M ihev are peaceful huaenuiiaip Itaicr- la that all?

57/Thore la nothing core In *e1L about thoa.

(tiler- An ynu like. Then froe the aide of the linrth there 1* nolMon nf tirpnrtjrcir in their miealottl IhLc 1e what T <jot (“nft* )^nr vords/

&anaao SS/6uroly, so it ia.

*”= ^tfesasit only In ilicir siK and coliiT or the cam. –

Radio~Photography :

»/r\ervtMng HH enry carefully enmra by wis rerorr*^ r«i->-r*v* ^ ^ .Wily,

sfrW- That toon la not *nown to ae. that it nvjlo-nr^to-wr.a*iy; f her? never beard of thia-

29/Thle la an apparnt\a *UUlsr yrr;r prcy^t ^elU^i, iv whirti tne results af rir/sical-caanical an^yr^ *ra reouiued In It* racllo radiaticn/ ana can te nt^oVafhcri In which tho radiations are converted by asparatu



mis we

ai!HHsasj m the prCTograrh niter directly into syrtol picturaa. –

Plajaren Xfladf Real TJEO Contact*** through Impulses to Billy’s Group:


Halrr- ie»Il zfcen 3£ia»Thir«j alee? w> are r^* itxkjerned w1t> * start with rwgtxjot to tha leeYvrea.

3o*ta*w- ai/Ihat i* known to ua, and wa an* alar* w*y such i -.1-. tJiat “*w y<» ■!! cere ao- aucn inx that* Mna- will t*> helpful to yon In these natter* a* for ah pncclhie, while we ylve iaxailnps m r*»rt^n jacrannfi ro q&L in mntnr-t with you- that will further grni** announce tt*Wna*tvr* to

yuu and Join you, aa/tiomc very JUStiMA niltasit* should find their beginning* thl* way wall.

holer- Krat you riAtf. fciy that?

flrttiace- 67Atat r Juet «nulai™d. Win the course or tine, wportant cental ta for you will crawi to pa***

Ifcle_r- *at kind of contact*?

*”}a*?- hope that we can load F*n ccrt*~+m to your


nVlrx- aat’r.i^lm1 tail


Pfehnr- Fui ant 1 an curious, u: – ■ arc they In contact?

»Jl -1th what kind of ^r*s»«

few )■**>- 71/Ktth four* fig*j your piano of tUvi that In fma your dlrrnfrinn nf nraisnee, becou** they am still nut «Me to ct-ange dlxjanalcnn*

Iteicr– 1 – ao Miry do not nelnng to your lwwl■

nnsjaae 72/fcb – but you atuuld Xnep silence atoit that, aa yon lava*. 73/lhc tunc la attl 1 not suture enouoh for explorations.

CR 36\ Thursday, “oveatbar 15, 1975

– Quetsal have carried out tha work of clearing out matters regarding Ashtar Sheran

Why Information revealed to Billy by ET’s appeared only a few days?/weeks/month* later in Hewspapers/Kagasinee:

i ■* m w* * In ■ ■ ■ i ** UW liwwr tmrtmt* «f feint WM.

^ . L**n i .1.—-‘ tawA w* n « ‘ •** Mu j- SS***W In * i ■■ Wr the

Hi aaanaia cUp ■ r«* 4oru «r Upf tn ti* aja**a*aj w

weprifn of furor*. S-rw*» ^wll ^ ■ *>irr Hf *p – ” * ‘

aetjoji *4/ffech n*f*nwana on such qi/ei to yu anawar* la g^wioped by ouxaelVDu £ioa ^ir^i lamut-flun^ jtc. W Of beat the** do also agf— »H?- »t^t**MPtj> aaue uy t>rth r*r snn hatnaja at about »hr nawr + w, or ar« ^BTB Iff Plf1“-

Sl/Tluls 1* tha. eondttlnnod ny tine, &=lf-<fcveirpeant of a world. S2/Ch tha other hand, difrextatt Birth ™r being* are oonnr^ntly dixoctcd m their rcecaicft to reoo»7i*t\ona, which t:^y Uief! tfcjw to ajLoratically* ^l^Thoae

fluenoea coae fran outaioV and fulfill their drelined al*a.


I1 i’ ~ oanonetraticn, Itfoto hli roligiouq CKprceolons, bo-

nmia* thma *r*> free* 1* .-1* :

‘O/Pmf. ^cwo rrritac rie uimi* / ttaeU. Ptc£. Oulwiv* wit rlao tafcrn on 9 flight.

7 j/Victor Schauoeccer / Austria- kt ioheiavrger’i oti oKtrrcerTBstxiai intelligences wet l lei ted to telepathic rorseu1

72AXst3v ntynch / Austria. He teal i ayptlc end wrote dtf-fcrnrt tcJcpethicaliy received worXe.

n/fey Slskf ord / OSPu

*4/>biiO Bertosai / Ocrrsmy. Ilia contacts with extratarree-triale are telepathic m nature.

7$/eJbart Eiaatain / Gereeny j *Mtf*riand / U£A. Famtcln won in direct contact: with rwtratntreetrial Intel IWences. and beeldae this, ho was one or thev incarnated as an Parr ft rinnn roirg.

JC/AJbert Sdeatixsx / trance / Africa, ft*** as with Albert miietein. both were? of the sum* level nf orsaiclousnes& aiU ■uirlt, thus the striking slsdlanty.

///thanea men eon / uaa. thin %wxwm ww* iuvuiuuujl*!} *>u-□ucted aomrrl the ST ship,

16/oiivtn Parker / 05*. Ulwanao contacted ..u. Tlly.

79/feUy fUU / vi.\. Abowrt-d Involuntarily

W/mrney mil / USA Llaeviwe alaasAed involuntarily

ll/ft&ldx Earth husasi latinos onntactcd laveluntarlly,

then are stall at least 1110 others la ealstance, bat who ate of no *j«*Trt ispartamce. 62/Tha four ones, nasrd hem, are of rnaajter acaning. Il/And an feaesactuvgly are their rtary cutsets.

M/Josefine Burleasfi / Smut Mfxieau tfcw taXen on a flight. (Maintains silence.)

«VJurl Gacorin / U33L *

•eVUr. Jams C >t£tnald / UQA. A phyaics prufreeer who was la telepathic contact with extraterrestrial Intellioenoae, *hcut which he Kept strict silence.

■ 7/eudolf Sunner / *wil**rla*wL Thlepathla contact wi-Ji IT,


*8/JUOi8 WXontOCh / artt2*rlano% itereonal contact with ox-1r*t*TT‘*tr1*’lft. K*»p» ;11ent about thia.

39/Hnrct Kapa / Gaxauuiy. Aeel-visicn contact wLlh «ttHtU-restriala. (Tbr \ n fc Ii *je about UUfl contact benare extinguished in him again, slncv ha off ana huasaif docnptivuiy a* an ongoing crntaete*,)

90/<3ferlcs A- Hmcy / usft. Had direct contact uith cxtra-tcrrcatriala, tut krep* strict silence about that.

91/Wilbert 0. Saith / Canada. HaU direct contact with axtra-rerrestnals, but according to an orr!*r kept strict silence. Vcasr* leader or the Canadian froject fagnat.

92/Hua is the list which I aa allowed to tell at fire*. 93/ Abuut tiirot fmUm worl6Vruco’3ni?yj_L‘jbUely known contactces, 1^

Malar- That lc sufficient for re today with titese nainaa. You surely will bell m at a Ttven tinrj also the Three other nanec, will you not?

ttwjase- *jfl/Hrrriy.

Rc al – Vi sx on : hcler- wen, there you have caned a word two tinea which is fully unXnown to re. t rrr?an The word “rna1*vinU:fi”. Wliat uOes it moan?

Seisjaae- Wr uno>rsrand, of enurse: you can not Know it, for It \n one of our coapoaitu word* for a certain kind of guided vision.

helox- Than 1 will suruly be abl« to find it in aw diet ion-ary,

Seavjoae- 9fi/Thl* will nnt be, because? the word’a expression riaaa from our sdnd.

hcloi- Ham plearc explain to ra what It moan*.

Senjose- am tndrfofctg-. F but £ want to grant your

wish. 3B/A real-vlaicn la a certain kind o£ controlled vis* Ion. 99/Tt emceroe a kind of vision which la watered iff FZny intelligences, like as wall the Ciach-^Intelliysioea. lOO/By thos* dnstrad avoked and controllable visions « influence imny fonas of life, to offor then In this way oprt-v-n inprecsloox uhich ou?ht to bu instructive tor them, and uhich thay should nake access ibU» to ornrr peopln by


steading, too* to Lnfluen tteir environment in suited nanner. 101/The^r controlTWIe vislms nm fw rrrnpl otejy rgailgtiCj that tho Influenced penwi hnornt* crmincntjthat H S oxporiuncvd tt*> vision in roality. l02/.**t because of this, we call It ‘real-vision*, taWMN it scons no ruch realistic. 103/Luch real-vision occurrence lasts as long a tise) as It woulrl tajtfj in reality. I OS/Sum rMl-rlsicn cb not last only eeconote or minutes- long, but they last as long *s tho real e*jwriunea would wood in tlrc.

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