Message From the Pleiades


diations* which cause ^ipr-tr-irai EDflBglflB In groat rnagnitjd 905/This happens in very high fregency ranges, which sti: are unknown to Earth sciences. 90S/These energies do m deal with the known to you usual electrical energy, but c an electrical radiation energy which is near the ultra-viol’ spectrum. 907/This radiation energy mingles itselr with tl oxygen m the air and generates huge quantities of ozon* 908/Tnis ozone value increases 34 fold a short time aft< the explosion • 909/lriese dangerais concentrations destn in wide wirtxjundings, all micro-organisma of wide variety which ane of critical importance for the preservation t £arth life. 910/Then a abort time after the explosion tl ozone values decrease drastically to very low lewis. 91J Certain elementary effects penetrate all matter and endu. for hundreds of years, during which time they always ar continually kill all micro-organisms which come near then 912/fne factor in relation to tho ozone is this lethal de st met ion.

913/A further important factor is tie effect on the o2or. belt which surrounds the Earth and protects it from ultra

violet radiatirmc frr*n hhr- mm T^vs-a* ^ueac ,-iro inju_n_J i

several ways, and can no mr>ro absorb the ultra-violet raya

Meier- Semjase has already spoken of that in relation t industrial gasaes. But one thing 1s not clear to me yet Statural flashes of the atmospheric lightning also produce ozone, why does this not destroy the micro-organisms?

Ptaah- 914/Nature works exactly according to its law. 915 The iril rvrre :s generated from diirrcrent factor than lightning. 916/The lightning cleans, while the othe pollutes^ 917/The healthy ozone belt provides a natura protection for Earth creatures from the strong ultra-violo radiations of the sun. 918/Direct irradiation of livir. creatures by this radiation, and further similar radiation from other parts of the Universe, would inevitably evok death for all focus… 921/Nature herself always generate jiist as much ozone as necessary to guarantee life…

Maicr- What about the atomic radiations, which from m reckonings must surround the Earth to very great heights?

Ptaah- 925/Your reckonings are nearly right, bat it doei not deal with the actual atomic radiation. 926/As I said, quite special elemeir .-tl radiations are also generated by ths


explosion. 927/The3e read’ qreat height and spread themselves around tho globe, influencing the different stratum. 928/In your denominations these striatums are very differently naned, as for example the menaced stratum which you call the “Van-Allen Belt”, 929/This belt consists especially of caught by the EartFi magnetic field, electrons and protons, which have a life-ni^xjrtajit function for Earth Existence, 930/Abciit this I am nor yet allowed to give you more information, because from the explanations your scientists could gather much knowledge for their researches. -.

*fcier- So nothing can be done about this.. With the Van-Allen Belt I can iiragins nothing, as little also can I ^lob-orate of the iratter with the electmns and prntrms, but all the sams, I am in tore g tod in how this bolt is structured and built. I mean what movement does it have?

Ptaah- 931/lhe aalt exists at a height of 1,000 Kilometers

average. 932/The charged particles are in constant movement and that on spiral courses from pole to pole. ~

Meier- So far 1 understand, but everything else is to ire i so-called “Bohemian Village”. This unfortunately is physics and of that I understand just ahcut as much as our “technicians and scientists do about your technologies, imhich is: nothtng.

Ptaah- 933/That is not of great lnportance to you, for the insides of that existing spiral values are decisively greater and of more important meaning.

Real Contactees on Earth(1975):


Meier- fliH^HHi rf you allow, I want to ask y< still again about wtttp matters respecting the (UFO) contact ©es. First: now many ccntacteea are there in the world t< day; Second; Are you really infonred about them enough 1 knew acme details aim it- them?

Ptaah- 934/The number of real contactees crs £arth is pre5 cntly at about 17,422 individuals. 93S/Tliese are scatters all over your lands or nations as yen call them- 936/C that nmrber. rrlv a few pcrnanN; nwr+r p-jblio 1 ty wit

their knowledge. 3^0/Of that great number (tho number ir creases constantly) are only a few hundred caaea known out side their local circles…16)

Gizeh-lntelligences & Other Negative ET’s Contactees:

Hciex OTH^^liB 3 if row what about the Gi^eli-knaves as well, heing able to take human facings wiUj them on their flights?

Ptaah- 95 &/They have nothing in cormnn vith us, with respect to our mission. 960/When I said before, that in this century, only three human beings were taken for flights to the cosmos, human beings Iran Earth, then I spoke of us, hut not these other forms of life. 961/To fulfill their aim, they baeffie contacted different Earth humor beings and also taken them with them on flights into the cosmos, and they do such things much more than we. %4/Bpsides these creatures are still other ones, who here and there kidng^ Earth human beingsf about which fact ScmjasG has already informed you. 965>/9jt these eases arc relatively rare, and those kidnapped ones are not normally returned to Earth. 968/But a* well here there are also exceptions, though rare. 968/But there also exist inhuman races for which the Earth is a welcome expedition (hunting) planet, frrm where they rob Earth human beings. ~ -.__ 389

Plejaren Position on Negative ET Races Visiting Earth :


^^^B^Hi^HBi^lHHI^H^^ ^/Resides these creatures are still other ones, vAto here and there kidnap Earth human beings, about which fact tonjase haa already inforted you. 96&/ajt these eases are relatively rare, and tlxse kidnapped an^& not normally returned to Earth. 963/But aft well here there are also exceptions, though rare. 968/But there also exist inhuman races for which the Earth is a welcome addition (hunting) planet, frrm where they rob Earth human

beings. —–

—_ 389

Meier- And what do you do about this?

Ptaah- 969/ThGGO are not matters into which we are allowed to interfere. 971/Wte are not allowed to interfere by force, 972/As far as is possible, ue try in such cases, to get Lntc contact with those intelligences to prevent these acU_or». 973/We often pur5^_^x ir. dais respect until tar out ir the cosEriosT wiwn Uiey do not accept advice cai or near the itself. 974/Regrocabiy, we nave Deen only partly successful, thus Earth humans have been kidnapped. 97S/As ] said, we are not allowed, in such eventsj bo interfere tn forcer though we have the capability in this respect. 976,’ We have to “keep ourselves according to order f because cacl creature has to walk its own path in its own way tc develop, and we are not allowed to interfere in this respect, unless those kifoapped are our own– (7) 977/On the othsr hand th,-exercise power would invite the use of power which csul* lead to undggired conflict and possibly war. 978/TMs w* are not allowed to provoke, because our weapons in euerj case are Intended for defense alone, but never designed fo] attack.

Weapons – Self-Defense – Peace :


Meier- MMMHBj. I have already Been oifferent •.•■>>•!.> •- i.-.r,ii:Icr r.i J^;;. j^-j’ >‘t., Bfl well BE in the ship oz Asket when she was here. Also sfath had weaixaia in hla ship, and your spaeo-giant here is equipped with different weapons. How does this agree with your af tarnations that extraterrestrial intelligences have no weapons, or at the least would not use them? From different reports about tjEOa I feel that peace generates peace.

Ptaah- 9G0/Neith5r we, nor any other farm of life can do with having no, or unsuited weapons. 981/’Every single race of a form of life in the universe disposes of weapons of sore kind, like you on Earth also have such, 982/Aiso, beyond Earth is not only peace* because the most different and inrwierablG worlds in the Universe are inhabited by most different creatures of hunan and non-human character. 9B3/ Many of then have not yet reached a level of balance/ and use their weapons for attacks agn i r * t r it J r m e= t ores. 984/ These cari not be, and are not allowed, ta simply eradicate and slaughter, but will tave to defend themselves. 985/That Is =i law cf creation, whir‘r is expressed in the lavs of nature wry adequately. 984/If one looks with only a bit


of interest at nature, he sees that each form of life strive! for its own seif-preservatton, exactly according to law. 987/This struggle tor survival is not achieved by canceled killing, but by defense against attack. 968/The first thin< each £:)iu\ 1<-u.ehb la to defend itself against eventual attac) in one form or another. 989/The firct line of defense i£ il lexical flight, and the second is to fight when escape ii irobssible. “TSQArith h.rranfl, the first step in defense . –net flight, hut reasonabillty. 991/m this the human bein< finds by his thinking processes, other ways to accanplisJ the first step. 992/Rea^nahly this first stH:> ennsists if spearing, in dialogue, by which the opponents are taughl reasonability- 99a/Failing in that, a defense is needed, and this may consist of a vsapan. 995/ln the case of animals they provide sdiarp teethr hoorog, horns, poisons, etc., all being natural weapons for them, but the human beinc develops his weapons through his reascning ability, which he can use according to his deliberatlrm and nhoice when this becomes necessary for him.

Meier- By this you tell me nothing new, because 1 have al-

tHridy H S I I WSttXWB EE a little f..:v\

Planet Akart ET Race :


_ ___. But now I an

interested. rfew far outside cur solar systero is the next inhabited system, and does that world’s inhabitants know of our Earth?

Ptaah- The next inhabited system is around five lightyaare away from Earth. 998/Dxfferent worlds in that system are inhabited by human forms of life, who differ little from your races. 999/In their development they are scene years in advance of that of the Earth human beings, spiritually as well as tfichnoloaica11v. 1 DO 1/They have already achieved apace-flight in primitive fonnr and also cte visit Earth. 1002/Because their cosmic flight capabilities are very limited, they depend on assistance stations, 10D3/Mid-way between their world and B^rth, they nave con^r dieted a space station, which you can see far outside in space there… (pointing to screen). 1004/They need such stations because they are still unable to launch their ships over large distances. 100b/Also, connected to their space-flight now, is severe body pa±n, from which they narcotise themselves for longer journeys in the cosmos* lOOt/s^sicies the otner races of these worlds, this one race ccraes often to Earth. 1007/15115 is because their homeworld, which in no grantor


than Earth herselfr suffers from overcrowding, and needs hugs quantities of food. lOOB/Pbr this reason, beings from that planet, called “A^art”r come to Earth often to collect there plants, vegetables, fruits and grains, to nourish their 23 billion population, (8} 1010/lhey are mostly satisfied with taking seeds of fruits, grains and vegetables, and also plant stocks, to set out on Akiart to grow there. 1011/lhey collect time useable nourishments on other {less populated) worlds which tlsey also visit often and periodically. 1012/ In themselves, these forms are of rather peaceful character, and have had to suffer much in the last centuries. 1013/ Today they live under a dictatorship, as you would call it, by which they have relatively bettor living conditions. 1D14/Irteir great problem is their severe overcrowding^ which they could relieve by emigration, but their technologies have not solved space transportation on sufficient scale to be of any help.

Meier- That is a lot. but. do other creatures in thati system also come to Earth, and why don’t they assist that over-populated planet?

rUialr- lOlti/Kie hUlhih (.tiw there and also to Earth, but this occurs rather seldom, 1017/Th© reason they co not assist the orarrxowded race, is that these creatures have not proceeded far enough in their development or their improvement to offer then-T greater technical and spiritual help. 10LS/ir*se humans are still too much caught up in the material and worldly things, and are not allowed access to greater power.

He Lex— I see. Again the law of evoluth . . d^^fli^HHP

Official Public Landing of Unknown ET Race & Departure of Plejaren :


Meier- ^^■■■■■■■■^■m^^HHIB- • * Oh yes, I have still one more question; How do you see. the matter or your (public) appearance* on Earth; when will you land officially and present yourselves to the people of Earth?

Ptaah- 1066/This is not provided for still a very long tin^. as well as with others too. 1067/On. the contrary, nearly all our extraterrestrials will retire from your planet, if certain circumstances ccrue up. ‘. IGfi/ltiis will be, when an until now unknown to us hunan race from the cosmos will start to visit the TinrtnT 1069/Qur reckonings in probability indicate this occurring before the year 2Q0O, or a short time before, if unanticipated factors before then do not put this enterprise in question. 1070/1f these negative


factors do not develop, then T^rthman will, in this condnc time, around 2000, first ofieially meet with human beings from other worlds. 1071/Kisled by their own unreasonahility, and the false information being spread conceminq such extraterrestrials, the first Cpi)lie] appearance of these strange visitors will at first spread horror and panic on Earth. (9) – ..1072/But no danger frcm these human-like forms will menace you, because they will be peaceful and harmless. 1073/iheir culture and spiritual estate will be very rrucfr superior to your cwn, and so they will not just land on Earth unexpected. 1074/They will announce rJ-jemselves to you first by radio and television, and prepare Earth men for their arrival , and will then land with one of their eggshaped ships, which will be used by & to 12 other forms oi life... —

Meier- This is very interesting; but where will they land?

Ptaah- 1075/11 will assuredly be in America.

Meier- Always this Jrerica, why so?

Ptaah- 1076/That is the way it isr because they have the best CCTBitunicatiojis means, lU/Z/’lhe no:Julat ion of that country is irore resilient in with the clearing up of informtion about extraterrestrial forms of life and their existence, and may be rcore prepared to overcome toe large a panic at the first official meetings.

Meier- Dut surely there are other possibilities besidtes America, are there not?(lC)

Ptaah- Iu78/Surelyr there arc, but I only explain to you what our probability calculations have shown. 1079/It will be of revolutionary uiwrzance, if this landing can be successfully performed, which is still really dependent on the negative factors which could develop* 1080/In any case a plan is not fixedj whether ths occurrences will happen thifl wayr her.ause 1 do nrrt take this information from a view intc the fubure, but f rem probability calculations.

Meier- So this is not clearly fixed? Can you tell me frcn where the hunan beings will come?

Ptaah- lOBi/l am not a 1 lowed to give information officially. 1083/lt Is uoineeted to tlie development of the Foots of life there on Earth.


Official Public Landing of Plejaren:

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