Message From the Pleiades

231. Our old letters are very diFFicult, uhile this nou is very easy.

232. They got elaborated by several oF our scientists on earth then, uha used For pattern starsigns, visible from earth.

233. They connected certain starsigns by lines, and got this uay certain Farms.

23*i. While then our scripture consists in small circles and line so the circles represent stars and the lines simple connexii uays.

+ That’s interesting, and your explanation contents me. I onl uonder, this letters being not more knoun on earth.


235. They simply fell to Forgottenness, uhen they had got taken over by script-knowing carthhumon beings oF Dur ancestors and uere in use for feu hundred years, uhile these they got changed yet manyfold.

236. Only still some feu scripts on earth today oun alternated

and done disguised letters, uhich trace back on our script.

+ That’s marvellous, then the script got not elaborated__py earthhuman beings and taken in use?


237. When you talk af the earthly ancestors of the human races saying earthly humans, and not mean the heavenly sons, then you are right.

Helmet-Like Apparatus that stores Thoughts/Feelings on Great-Spacer:


Uithin some minits ue leap for 7 minits into the zero-time, into the timeless, or into the eternity, as you speak it. 245- The sentiments are quite other kinded there than in the norn being of the material life.

246. Go it also la not possible, ue Peel your thoughts and emotions centrated or can receive, because ue, too, are sti3 on the uay of evolution towards the spiritual.

247. By my regret, neither I nor my father nor anybody else fran us is able, to retransmit to you later your feelings and thoughts, that you could write them doun.

248. If yet although you want this, then the chance exists by technical base.

+ Naturally am I interested in that, to seize all my feelings, yet can’t I Belf rememcer of these?


249. But, sure.

250. You knou but, your ability of reminiscense is not so far dot. loped, to repeat wordly reminiscenses.

251. This does even at us not behave, why ue need technic means f wordly repeats.


4- I understand; which possibilities can you offer me? Naturall I am interested in this, to be able to urite doun all uard

253. Ths cabins, which yau see beside the screens, are equipped

uith all necessary instruments to record feelings and thouor

25**. The received impulses get automaticly stored in a special

computer, and can get reported by him later whenever desirec

255. The adjustable and and adaptable to the form helmet you see over there, is equipped by very sensitive sounds and also comprised by a special fine-meshed probe-net, that receives each kind of energy and changes her to Impulses, uhich get led to the computer and there registered.

25S. The to receive energy of thoughts and emotions etc. is estat lished in very high values and can only get received by these instruments.

257. Energies of feelings and thoughts namely lay in region of hyper-frequencies.

258. For registrating of your thoughts and feelings it is only necessary, you sit into the chair and lay the head under the helmetf uhich adapts himself automaticly.

Mare is not ta da, really?


259. Wo, that is all.

26q. Set youself into the cabin now.

261. The great journey starts uithin 23 seconds.

+ Ay, ay, Miss general*

(Like Semjase had-explained to me, 1 fastly set in one of the three cabins into the very comfortable chair. As soon as I sit, the peculiar helmet above my head moves and sinks itself loudless down- He is so large, that he includes my uhole head and alone leaves free the face, by uhat I can see and realize all. The helmet yet sits not close on the head, but only circumcloses him, keeps about 1,5 cm distancE to the skull, as I soon can state, when 1 put the forefinqei between helmet and head. Now I seem alone to exist out of tension, for I wonder, what’s comming nou. Pthaa and Semjase uork with the apparacures. and now I realize again the

by word. Semjase


This isn’t very difficult.

Meier’s Ego dissolved in Eternity:

* 9 9′ yet tell me please, uhy I had so many thoughts in

the grestunit of the zero-time? They were just only seven mjLiXitJB, From your words, yet I have thought mors, than is able uithin seven minits.


272. You have no more thought, but alone Felt.

273. In the zerotime, the timeless, alone still a sentiment in tt great-unit exists.

274. You have been no more you self, but a tiny part of the uholi qreat-unit.

275. And in this great-unit the sensations have penetrated into 1

+■ I uias able to analysate this, that’s right. Only in the beg: ning I noticed still a certain me-power , yet then thesa dissolved in the mass of the eternity.


276. Is that real?

+ Of course, otherwise I would not say so. Pthaa

1SS. It is the truth, I recognize it from his thoughts.

167. You will have tu be very Uet=u thinking. For else you would

not have recognized this. 163. Even many from our race need several stays in the timeless,

to be able to recognize this truth. 169. You evoke emotions in me by my astonishment.

+ Thanks for the flowers, yet so strong will it now not be, ti

Last Great Stars near the Universal Barrier:


+ Well – as I see, ue hurry by enormous speed through the spa and so to speak, are there no stars etc. on the uay- Only t in front I realize a star becomming allmost greater, and fa behind him, I can realize five small blue points. Uhat a st is this, and uhat are the blue points?


178. That is Galtos, the last great star in this part of the universe.

179. Two times as great as your home uorld, he uons a very inten and great oun lightforce. greater luminosity

18a. The far behind recognizable blue points are sameuays stars, they belong to the self-shining blue-stars, uhich generate very intensive light, self-radiant


181. You may not realize by naked eye, yet there are not only fi but 11 stars.

182. IF you want, you may take pictures oF them, of course.

+ Yes, I uouldl – I take up the pictures directly through the dome. I alternate a bit, one time I use the by you construe near, then I just photograph through the dome. 5o later I c see, uhere photographing runs better. I wander, uhat ways t

better ohotoes succeed. Pthaa

183. That lies quite in your esteem; do, like yau want.

+ Thank you. – Uhat yet now about the blue stars there over: How great are they, and is live at all possible on then?


184. They are not greater than your homeworld, though this kind □f stars normally is up to five- until six-times greater than the earth.

165. They are as indDmesticable and life-hostile as the great planets in solar-system, as Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus.

186. The gravitation itself already enables only very seldom lif on these stars, and not even any spiritual living forms are domiciled on them.

156. In 97% of all cases, they are fully without life like the plane~s Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus.

187. In the feu cases, life exists on such stars, the existing farms of life are extraordinary small, uhile normally then they don’t exceed a whole size of 7o cm.

188. The gravitation of the stars would damage them, if their sizes were greater.

189. Of course it is differrent from star to star or planet, whe the atmosphere does not play a roll, Tur difrerreut Forms of life have differrent atmospheres, too.

190. 5o not all forms of life are oxygen-breather like we and

the races of the earthly humans.

+ Yet almost is said at us, very great planets or stars accor dingly were enlivened by much greater creatures, if at all life exists on them?


191. So only behaves under certain and distinct circumstances

Life on GIANT Planets:


18**. They are not greater than yc-ur homeuarld, though this kind of stars normally is up to five- until six-times greater than the earth.

165. They are as indomesticable and life-hostile as the great planets in solar-system, as Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus.

186. The gravitation itself already enables only very seldom lift on these stars, and not even any spiritual living forms are domiciled on them.

186. In 97% of all cases, they are fully uithout life like the planets Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus.

187. In the feu cases, life exists on such stars, the existing farms of life are extraordinary small, uhile normally then they don’t exceed a uhole size of 7o cm.

1QB. The gravitation of the star3 uould damage them, if their

sizes uere greater.

189. Df course it is differrent from star to star or planet, uhei the atmosphere dees not play a roll, for differrent forms of life have differrent atmospheres, too.

190. So not all forms of life are oxygen-breather like ue and

the races of the earthly humans.

* Yet almost is said at us, very great planets or stars accordingly uere enlivened by much greater creatures, if at all life exists on them?


191. So only behaves under certain and distinct circumstances.


192. In this, the science on earth suffers a great error.

193. Would then, for example, on your planets Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus exist life, then the forms of life would have to be on the one side half-material and extremely small.

194. It absolutely does not behave, by greatness would greatness get conquered,

195. In this special case the greatness only by smallness can get overcome, yet by very stabile forms.

196. On your planets Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus great creatures never were able to live; the ones of the greatest planet should in maximum be 53 cm tall.

197. As yet you know, on these planets of your system none living

at home. ., . , . , _

forms are domestic, neither material nor spiritual forms.

PLeajren Designation of PLanet & Stars:

I may appear to you a bit iilly, when l ask you something respectively tc st3rs and planets. I myself am oriented about the differrence between stars and planets, yet surely this will also be interesting tor otner human beings. Could you once explain the differrenc between stars and planets?


19fl. That is not difficult, and also explained fast: Planets are

world-bodies, which in practise own no own force for radiatio and receive their light by a transformation of the faliing-in sunbeams.

199. Stars yet are world-bodies, who possess an own radiation-fDrc and generate the light from own, rising from the own body, radiations.

200. Habitable are both for forms of life, planets as well as star when atmospheric and other conditions admit thi3.

Literature about ‘Planets Inside Stars’ :


+ I see, and hou is the situation uith suns? Are these also habiatble? Are they perhaps only in the outside cover sun-formations, uhiis in the inner exist real habitable planets?


2o1. Uhy do yoj think such?

+ Dh, I read in any literature about these things. A man uith name Jacoj Lorber has uritten such things decades or even a hundred years ago.

Besides this, he also has uritten many things about the Saturn and many other planets etc. Yet I meantimes have fix by Semjase, that all keeps no uater and the man alone has let giver his borderless phantasy. At some otherones, uho similar books have uritten, could I state in run of the yea uhen Semjase had brought me tD these planets, the same, uhe I had explored them by her help.


202. I understand.

203. Unfortunately live many human beings on the earth, uno urit such books and else literature.

2o*4. And like you have recognized, they are not more than produc of overboarding human phantasy, mostly connected uiti delus nary imaginations of any religious influences.


205. This unfortunately is a very far diffused evil at the earth human beings.

206. This uays also the phantasyful exposure in respect to the habitabieness of the sun is alone a delusion of religious fanatics and phantasts, for not a single sun of the univers equals to such phantastic allegations.

Messages from Angels or Gods:


BSBertiQn^^an^iuniaribf^nQs mould haup got messages From angels or From god etc. by Inspiration?


2o7. At feu cases such inspirations correspond to the truth, but they never stay in connection to angels or gods in the Form showing religious dates.

2oB. Religions do alone exist on the earth, nowhere else do they exist in the universe.

ET’s Studying Earth-Religions:

2oB. Religions do alone exist on the earth, nowhere else do they exist in the universe.

209. At all other known to us universes, too, exist no religions.

210. This really is limited on your earth,alone.

211. Well, by space-travellers the earthly religions got brought For studies towards other planet3, but really only For stud\ purpose.

212. On the other side on many worlds of the universe gets teachE how dead-oFFering religions can be For a creature, while the earth uith her existing or gone religions serves For wicked example.

+ You mean, not a single world in the universe uould be goverei by one or several religions besides the earth?


213. I Ju3t explained that, – besides on your earth no religion does exist, neither in this, nor in another universe.

Jesus – as Master of World & Universe :


* W n e3rtn gets told, exspe-

cially at tie ChristsTimmanuel^whom they call Jesus Chrisl being seen in practise the real master oF the worlds and ths universe; so to speak. He would be human-become god, while god embodies the Creation. Pretentively should even from tht earth the christly religion get brought into the universe. Uhat da you say to that?


214. Ue know these human delusion ideas on your world.

215. Alone even the idea with the Christ-being and Christ-consclt equals to a very wicked degenerated earthhuman delusion and to a very uicked assumption, because, iF already such thing’ would have happened”or still will happen, what yet is absolt impossible, because it concerns truely alone a chimera oF mad earthhuman beings, then by absolute probability not the human being From earth were the race, to which would be awarded the mission oF spreading a religion.

224. Quite exspecially there these religions are the strongest enemies of the real truth, which name in their heresy-books the prophet Jmmanuel for Jesus Christ.

225. This are the religions callec Christianity and Islame.

+ This effects an uproar, Pthaa, when later on you transmit to me your words and I write them down, for many will then read your exposures.

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