Message From the Pleiades


9n. Even one time I said about you, being extremely ingenious and own extreme remarkable logical combination-talents, yet again you generate movements of astonishment in me.

91. Even creatures of our race would have had troubles, to find the truth from out the scarce explanations of Semjase. + It uasn’t so difficult at all.



(From anywhere an android appears and brings the phatograp

gear- He builds it very skilful into a rack and directs it

Suddenly the thing adresses me, and again I am confused, t

I don’t understand one word. Semjase yet explains it fast for me.) Semjase

192. He wishes you good success.

+ Such does not exist* – That thing will not be able to thin and treat selfsupporting. Such were even crazy.


95. It but behaves this ways.

+ That can yet not be true, it ………..


193. It really behaves so.

19**. Uhale his body construction is halfarganic and its brains chemical.

+ I get crazy – am I placed here in a mad-house or set down a utopic story?


96. Neither the one nor the other.

97. All is reality, and very far developed.

98. Already within short time you will understand it and estee for normal and given.

Time Travels – Duration in Normal Time & TimeLess:




119. Hello – yau are very Far away within your thoughts and aga recognized something new.

120. It keeps its Tightness with the time, yet this can be chan

121. if it lays in your interest. While the great leap to the barrier of universe we can retard the rematerialisation-effect and shift the time for some minits.

122. In this purpose we have to travel into the-future, and the here lost time can’t we rescind.

123. In a common time-travel into the future the time and space just uould became paralysed, yet for getting this ways int the timeless, other premises are necessary.

12**. In this form the time can’t become paralysed; ue have tQ live her and by that, also to submit to her and to let her pass over.

125. For this yet are given limits, that from your time-countin in the normal space pass each five seconds, uhen from our values we go one second long into the timeless.

– 36B –

126- This yet can only because that be reckonned, because ue regulate the time between dematerialization and remater satian by the speed-effect, far in the timeless Itself fron our designations rules really timelessness.

127. This of course is also relatively seen, for this to bre timeless keeps as everything also its time, but she is into such huge intervals, that ueselves can’n requisiti

12B. A single second in the timeless amounts many million ye in the normal space.

129. If ue uould then penetrate by stopping or uith not-suff and lowered speed into the timeless, we would never eg see our homeworlds.

13o> If ue only would remain for few seconds and with lowere speed in the timeless, would while this many million ye paS3 on earth and she self disintegrate into dust, uhil youself in return into the normal space only uere few s older, and in truth but were million years old.

131. That all may seem unintelligible for you and phantastic it out behaves so.

132. Even oy your strongest spiritual endeavourings you uill be able to understand the essential connections, as evE us in our development’s position are these still not fi of riddles and detained conceivable.

133. Even we know in this respect only feu solvings of these secrets, and in this purpose trouble continuous for fui recognitions.

134. Thojgh we own the necessary technic for passing through universe with help of the hyperspace and also can do th timeless our assistant, we at the concerning deveiopmer first at the beginnings, same in our exploring.

135. Uie yet can answer for allowing you a step int3 the time by our greatspacer, wn%h at you you call eternity.

136. For to enable for you the wanted cognitions, ue need a of 3even mlnlts for leap, which in the normal space inc to the fivefold.


137- This means for you and For all of us, ue need from demateri lization until rematerialization a time of seven minits of the valid time of velocity of the spaceship, uhile in the timeless only runs a partpiece of a millionst second’s part uhen In the normal space allthing grous for 35 minits olcer

133. In thia special case For all oF us the Form oF time changes For in place oF graying older come a rejuvenescense, and th aF exact 28 minits.

139. The according mathmatical reckoning is very easy: Uhile sev minits are ue in the timeless. These seven minits are our common time in speed-factor, uhich also transscripts itselF on our age as seven minits.

1**o. Because yet ue spend this time in the timeless and by very high measure can protect us against its influence af timef and this uays can retard the time-effect doun to one to fiv betueen the normal space, the difference of 29 minits appea

IM. For us so only pass 7 minits, uhile in the normal space the time proceeds for 35 minits.

1**2. When then from and by this run an yaur homeuorld 35 minits, everything af course gets there elder for that time. From these 35 minits yet in truth you only live 7 minits youself because the alternation of the time-effect.

1**3. You nou have to subtract these 7 minits from the gone on ea 35 minits and reach the result of 28 minits you have not became older.

T^. So uhile these seven minits you become also just 7 minits

older, uhile on earth everything grous older for 35 minits.

1*t5. Said by other uords, this means: While 35 minits you onlv

become older far 7 minits and sametimes for 28 minits young

+ I – – – neu I slouly really become mad. I conceived only pa these explanations, yet in it all is a riddle uithout end t me- The matter uith the time-shift is evident For me, yet I get not clear uith the hou and uhy oF this appearance and i possibilities.


About this have I first to deliberate in calmth, where yet I am not convinced, that I only will understand the half of your explanations. Yet I stay with, and want to witness this experiment.

HyperLeap s:

1st- Pleiades -500 ly:


186. Ue have done the first hyper-leap.

+ Thai)— ah man, oh little man, because that! Ulhereever ai

ue but now?


187. Now you are about fivehundred lightyears away from your homi world.

168. There – look there above, that star-cloud, there i3 homework these are the Plejades.

189. uie are only 211 million kilometres distanced from the next star.

190. ey regret we are not allowed to go nearer, because we need a security distance of 153 million kilometers to transmiss once more.

2nd – Orion Nebulae -1800 ly:




1o3. hie have reached our next aim.

1o*i. The fog-kinded Formation, you see Far ahead in the cosmos, do you cal the Orion-Fog.

105. From your measurements From here to the earth are aDout logo lightyears.

■+■ Am I allowed to take pictures From here too? Semjasg

195. Sure, when they succeed For you.

(Again I endeavour to make photos. IF they just become good zq a certain extent, I will be already content.)

3rd – Crab Nebulae – 3150 ly;


106. Aa the next goal we jump to a destroied sun.

107. Her destruction took place about loop years ago, when she changed into a supernova.

1o6. Today she is only to recognize as a great Fog-Formation,

as you call such. 1o9. The distance from the earth to this Fog amounts From your

measures 315o lightyears, and yau designate the still

existing picture as the Crab-fog.

4th – Horse-Head Nebulae -1810 ly:


5th HyperLeap – Trifid Nebulae

6th HyperLeap – God’s Eye – 5600 ly:


117. Uie are at the next aim, 1B1o iightyears in distance from t earth.

118. You call this strange appearing for you picture there far the horsehead-fog.


197. Because the distances are no more a difficulty for us, uie unuiorried leap through and over through the space and need not to obtain a certain course.

198. Surely is known to you, the already visited star constella are situated far from another and need a manouvring fro an


7th Hyperleap – Rosette Nebulae(M57) 8th HyperLeap – Omega Nebulae(M17)


1**6. It shall then behave so, yet before it ue uant to navigate

to some special aims. 1«*7. When then you have taken your pictures here, ue jump to the

IHUIHHATA, uhich is in your counting about 5Soo lightyears

auay •

(My uork needs no long my attention, then ue start for a nei hyperleap, and all proceeds, as I already am accomodated in This time I again look at the star heaven, and nou I sudden realize a gigantic image: Monsterous gapes through the black of the cosmos and surrounded by innumerbus stars of each size an eye at me. All right it is far auay, but it is very good visible: A monstrous eye, uhich gapes through the cosmos – this can only be the IHWHMATA, the eye of God.)


200. It is unmistakable, isn’t it? + Yes, and it is huge.


201. I already explained to you the origin and the cause of this Image.

+ I knou so, all is uritten doun. Pthaa

1^8. For us it is a symbol of uicked thurst for pouer and ambiti a symbol for hate, destruction and human delusion.

+ I knou, Semjase had ail explained for me. Here uas the orig home of the human race.


1^9- Yes – that uas long time ago.

15o. For the earthly human being it only offers an image in the universe, for us but it is of large importance.

9th HyperLeap -M16

10th HyperLeap – Dumb-bell Nebulae(M27)

11th HyperLeap – NGC67B1

12th HyperLeap – NGC 7293

13th HyperLeap – NGC 7089 – 47,000 ly

14th HyperLeap – Andromeda System – 2.2 million ly

15th HyperLeap – Universal Barrier

153. Sut notice for you the succession of the aims, when later perhaps you want to label your pictures.

154. In this purpose I call you the succession from earthly astn nomlcal designations.

155. Uhat you see from here there above, do you call the rosette-fog or H57.

156. The next aims noui are M17/Dmegasgog, M16, M27/D,umb-bell-fog NGC 6781, NGC 7293 and NGC 7ofl9.

157. These both last ones are seen from the earth in the star-sli of waterman, and the last is rounded lightyears away from the earth.

158. As last jump for today is valid the travel to the Andromeda-System, which lays, seen from earth, within rounded 2.2 million lightyears distance.

159. From there we start for the large leap to the universal barrier, where we want to give you the seven-minit-chance for t‘-.a ~i~:zl = 33.

Plejaren ALphabets;


nou you already talk of your scrloture. how does she look like, uill you shou it for me once a time?


Sure – look here,in these labels do you realize the letters of our alphabet.

Can I urite them out and you explain me the pronunciation?

Semjase Surely.

I take the memo-book out of my folder and paint the plain strange for me letters on the paoer, aluays together uith the pronunciation-designation, as Semjase explains them to me. This lasts only feu minits.)

That have I gotten, yet still miss the vauel-mutations etc. Hou do these compose themselves?


In our language do these things not exist.

Well, uell, I myself do also not knou very much about vouel-mutations, consonants and uhat else too. So let us finish that and look for, uhat you uant to urite. #J»Mb^bHbT»V .

Billys remarks on Semjase- ‘Typically Woman’:

I have procured and taken uith me paper and a felt-crayon. I thought, this thing for uriting uill be the best, if you can do uith it?


Sure, alone it is unclear for me, uhat I should urite. Oh, simply anything.



216. That’s a very extensive designation.

+ Naturally, yet surely uill something come on you. – – – -How would de, yau just write a little letter to out group?


This sounds well, but what should I write to them?

Girl, don’t be so complicated. Just write some kind words, which are From you and not From me, as I had to dictate tr to you.


I will try it, yet how I may begin, is still not evident f me.

+ Typically woman.


219. Haw do you mean that?

+ Simply this ways: You women sometimes are very helpless creatures,, when you shall do certain things, which are someways strange For you. And in that seem to be no diffei rences between you and the womanly creatures on the earth. Until now I only saw and recognized at you being in all things very otherwise than the women on the earth, that is exactly like I imagine For meself a real woman within all her ways of thoughts, movements and behavements etc., that means, exact right and not just simply womanly. Now yet I suddenly realize this line at you and recognize, even at you certain things to be deeply woman. That does not trout me anyways, but it shows for me, you being also just a hur a woman, who has to keep, too, some pure-womanly charactei When I see this, will this behave so in whole the universt the womanly will not be to deny at any creature in the universe, or?


220. I ……..

Pthaa (Cuts Semjase short, before she can really speak) 16a. You are very pensive and empathful. 161. It behaves, how you say.


221. I don’t want to contradict.

(I do the interesting statement, Semjase gets caught in f« suooenly by an easy red, very evident the reaction to the” just said words. Secretly I am delighted by this, for now truely know, even she ffggfi Influenced py feelings, thougf she could hide them until now very able. One evidently jus had to touch the right point, to let her loose the control over her feelings.)

217. +


Origin of Plejaren & Earth Written Languages :


9 9 ljQLJ ~L stili have a question because the letter:

Houo^disshe actually, and where from does the scripture come?


230. That can be explained very easily: The letters ue use today are First nearly years old, and ue have received thei from these our ancestors, uha lived at your earth.

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