Message From the Pleiades

105. Like two wild monsters the both planets raged towards another; a giant and a dwarf.

Yet before the oath could crash together, huge explosions distorted the lifeless ae3d d&iarf-planet.

106. His broken pieces became flinged out into the endless widths of the universe, where as falling stars or as meteor caught by the forces of other stars and glowing away in their atmospheres they found their finitial end.

1o9. Further parts of the dwarf gat torn into the sun and atmoizec.

11a. Further parts got torn into the destroyer and became a piece of himself there.

111. Flinged like from a ginat’s fist, one half of the dwarf planet shot away through the infinited widths of space, towards a very far away aim.

112. Some times he came while his course into the reach of suns anc stars, got shook, hit by meteors and falling stars and chanqed from this his form.

113. Already past few centuries he had reachea an angular, roundly form.

114. He but was dead and wasted, covered by huge deep craters and unbearable for life.

– 55 –

115- By the forces of different systems he slowly got lowered in his speed and same times he changed his course, until he once a day got attracted by the sun of a system and broke into ner can-circle.

11S. As dark, dead star he draw through all planet’s courses of the outer circles without to cause any damages.

117. First in the inner circles he hit some broken pieces of a

destroyed planet, which yet only tore deep craters into him.

11S. By this yet his course became another time a little changed, what resulted him becoming forced parallel on the course of the second planet, which already created first primitive life.

119. A ster, which was covered aver by large oceans and dense

primeval woods, primeval, deadly and but gruelful phantastic.

12a. From this paint of time only still 34 days passed, until the duarf had caught up with the star and beaten got into his ban.

121. The forces of the planet sufficed, to tie the dwarf on him and to effect him circling as new satellite around him, in a steady changing itself elliptic course.

122. Since then he circles as Moon around the earth; 4.5 million years older, than his motherly star.

Destroyer • Fall & Rise of Lyra-Vega ET Race:

123. In the: Tar aular syaLsin the destroyer yet raged Further on.

124. Destroying everything on his course, he throw by unimaginaole power the next to the sun planet in direction to the sun, before which in miliionfold distance he destroyed himself

by huge explosions and fell as smallest partpieces into the sun and atomized.

125. The de-.i.royer himself deviated by few units from out his old course and shot in dangerous near along the sun, back into the widths of space.

126. 5y the unimaginaole heat of the blazing sun yet the surface of the dangerous wanderer liquified herself, and the by his 1—ense speed thrown away glowing suostances and particles

– 57 –

generated denind him a hundradthousand units long lighting tail, light beaming, like the destroyer-planet himself, which now had become to a deadly comet.

127. By the 2ero-cald of cosmic space the surface of the wanderer soon solidified again.

123. His lighting force but remained with him, as well as the lighting tail. Myriads and myriads of smallest particles and substances do cover him since then, overflow him and draw as long tail behind him, lighting and showing to the beings of the universe the course of the comet.

129. 9y continuous series of meteoric dust, particles, substances and the corpuscular raoiation of tne suns he will never loose any more his lighting force, until once a day he falls to his destruction.

130. Still milieniums or further millions of years he will wander through the universe, until by the pulverizing particles he himself will have become into dust, or gets caught by a sun and destroyed.

131. Perhaps but one day human beings uill destry him, like heself had destroyed already miliiardfoid life.

132. Since his rise already millions of years nave passed, and still ever his course is incalculabe.

133. Sy manyfold cosmic forces he often very unexspscted changes his course and menaces whole sun-systems.

134. In the whole his dangerous course but is so stabile, that in run of 575 1/2 years he always repeated runs through the same sun-systems, but with alternations in the distance of up to one million kilometers.

135. The then for two third aamacea reanklno of the far solar system found a neu begin.

135. It was hard and rich of privations, but while less than nine centuries they built up a now civilization and culture; created and forced by the from cosmic powers risen need*

137. They succsedea in preventing further ccsmic catastrophies and.destructions.

– 53 –

133, 3y troublesome researches, labour and voluntary assignment

up to the last, they created plans for their new culture

and For a f3r-raaching technical science. 139. Protecting against natural powers habitations got built, and

generation For generation collected their knowledge and


14q. Their spirit and their knowings improved rapidly, 3nd they soon had achieved a technics, which bare of each phantasy oegg3red each description and possibilities.

141. And the time approached, where they flew by round, disclike

flightmacnines with beam drive out into the infinited wideths of the cosmos.

142. Other sunsystems and planets got flown to and expeditloned.

143. New worlds and possibilities disclosed themselves, to dis-plant the peoples of the meanwhile having become too small home planet for the new mankind.

144. The scientists with their spaceships and sufficient equipped means of all kind and phantastic possibilities for use explored the space for always newer things.

145. They found many habitable uorlds and solar systems, which they often subjected by their radiation weapons after short, one-sided battle, to conquer them for settlement of their race.

145. Besides their monstrous technics they yet also improved their spirit, thus nothing remained strange for them the longer, what they wanted to explore.

147. The utilization of their spirit’s farces became to self-evidence for them, and thus step by step they heaved themselves up ahead other races for governors.

143. They called themselves kings of wisdom, by the word IHUH, which on the earth gets translated by GOO.

1**9. F3r spiritually superior to the common people, they soon covered it in evil, dictatorial form.

15o, But, past centuries having become tired of the godlike scientists^ the people rose against these, for the first by silent revolution.

152- But their uill far freedom let them secretly prepare ror fighting.

153. Like a smouldering fire it glowed during Five hundred of years, to flame up in the given moment as untamable wild fire torch.

154. From earthly chronology it was about 23o.oao years ago, when the fights for freedom began.

155- Evil wars invaded many planets, and much became destroyed.

155. A scientist by name Asael used the chance to make himself independent and to flee.

157. Secretly he succeeded to take in possession a large fleet of spaceships, to man them and to flee under heavy war actions.

153. With 1S3 greatspacers and about 25o explorerships with total 360.000 human beings on board he Fled from his home system.

159. Restless they draw for years through the wideths of space, until once a day they found a sunsystem, which offered life possibilities for them, far away from their home system.

160. Past the taking in possession of the planet passed three hundred years, while they created a new mankind.

161. Then they settled two further planets of their new home system, to travel then exploring again through the universe.

162- There they invented the system of the earthly sun.

163. Here they sat down at three different planets and started

the building up of a new culture. 164- Yet the planets were still rather inhospitable and often


155. 5o they left again the planets and only here and there they made a visit at them.

156. When then on the second planet of the earth first intelligent life started to move, they came again and lived there.

167. As it is in the character of the human being, again fights far the government started, and they left earth.

153. From out the new home planet but the development of the earth got continuously controlled and year for ye3r expeditioned.

139. From time to time always again got tried to settle the planet.

170. Also creatures became just deported to the earth and they simply left there without any technics and help to their fate.

171. They degenerated, got wild and bestialic.

17Z. Then at last the time came, where the great step finally could be dared.

173. A certain culture got built up, which some thousand years existed.

174. But once more thurst for might broke an, and all became destructed.

175. So the earth fell again to her old character.

175. Then it again needed some milleniums, until a new try gat done now but no mare in sense of an actual expedition: On tie home planet once again rose dissension in opinions, because the scientists once mare lifted themselves up ta gods and bate the nations into bondage.

177. Thus resulted, that a group of otherwise thinking scientists and else human beings allied together and took possession of different spaceships.

17a. About human beings fled and settled on the earth.

1?S. Their upmost leader Pelegon got by all voluntarily acknowledged for an IHUH (god), and kept a tight command.

1Qo. He had nearly twohundred sub-leaders, who each were responsible for one special field of science.

131. They were so to say sub-gods, or also called guardians.

1S2. On the home planets yet war invaded, and much got damaged.

133. But the human beings Finally gathered the freedom and the peace.

134. This has remained so until now and also will never a time Change.

135. From earthly chronology this happened rounded 5o.qoq years ago

136. Cnly on earth herself it was nDt always so peaceful, and many faults wera done.

– 61 –

167. And by one oF these mistakes the origin race of the earth

became created, whose descendants live today and stay in

the intention to commit the same Faults, like our forefathers

already have done.

+ This is really phantastic, Semjase. Yet how did all run further? I am really anxious for it.


1SS. This do I believe you, yet for today I can not tell you

more, as my time is over. 139. The next time you shall learn more.

CR 08,18.3.75, Tuesday: Matter & Origin of Matter:

– 91 –

Eiqhtth Contact Tuesday, 1B.3.1975, 15.o4 h

This contact happened two days earlier, than originally uas provided, because Semjase returned two nays earlier From her mission.

+ Today I have each lot of questions, when you allou. Samjqsg

1. If there are not too much.

+ I don’t know; my first concerns the matter. What is it? Semjase

2. Matter is a seizabla idea.

3. She is a salid form of energy, being seizable. + That is evident, but now originates matter?


4. The principle is very easy, but I am not allowed to tell it.

5. It is but so, that each energy can be changed into solid matter. S. It is only necessary, to boundle the concerning energy strong

and to concentrate her high, thus she can become alternated into solid matter.

7. 3y this the elementary bricks of the solid components of matter get generated: neutron, proton and electron.

8. From these then themselves form the atomes and the variety of chemical compounds, which then in their 3 different aggregation states farm the solid outer wrap, what yet is known for your scientists.

9. Solid energy as well as origin energy are of equal value in each direction.

10. This means, origin energy is aosolute matter, as originate matter is absolute energy also.

11. This means, that without except everything in universe consists from matter or from energy.

12. The both terms energy and matter represent basical one and the same, but precise their both different forms: The fine-material and the coarse-material.

– 92 –

+ Well, all right, yet this doesn’t explain my question. Namely I want to know, hou matter rises originally?


14. From out the basic energy, of course.

+■ You fender too less precise. I think, that before the basic

energy still mas anything else decisive, because from my knowing always two, each forming in itself a unit, factors belong together, to result a unit again.


15. You are untired and give me a predicament. + 1 don’t want so.


15. Okay now, I explain all for you, as far as I am allowed, though you seem to know in this respect more, than we know about you: Matter is the embodying of an idea.

15. As energy the matter is finematerial and as matter just high concentrated and condensed.

17. One can generate both kinds by apparatures, what also you do already exercise in different forms.

16. Normally they yet get generated quite natural, that is by spiritual force, which preceded is by the idea.

19. Basical for this is authorized the Creation, a huge spiritual kind, a factor, which again embodies origin energy.

20. From her rises the idea.

21. The force of the spirit then (which and who again embodies

energy) condenses and concentrates the idea to the finematerial

energy, which then by still higher concentration becomes

concentrated for the coarse-material, the matter.

+ Then in fact whole the universe with all insides and outsides is alone a for finematerial and coerse-natsrial energy compressed and concentrated idea?


22. Certainly.


+ LJhat but is then this vast spiritual form, the factor Creation? Sam jase

23. She consists in an idea, in herself condensed in herself to

□ricinate spiritual energy.

Z4u f-‘ars da also ye not know about her.

+ About so have I iraaginated this for me. Yet 1 have still further questions.

What kind of Questions gets Answered by Semjase:

+ About so have I imaginated this for me. Yet I have still further questions.

– 93 –


25. Da ask, but be conscious of, that I am not allowed to solve secrets for you, which were still inadvantagaous for the spiritual development of the earthhuman being.

25- 5a please save questions from me of scientific character,

as futurally I had to leave them not answered.

+ Eut I have just such questions still prepared, as tney have been given to me.


27. When this question fall into my authorization to answer them, then I will of_course answer them to you,, yet only for your reputation, as the answers far the questions get still exspected.

23. But don’t offer futurally such questions any more, because I had to withhold the answers fron you.

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