Message From the Pleiades


25. Certainly, if you want to call it- so.

G^eh-lntelligences & their Agenda on Earth:


+ Well, it concerns then: I assume already since long time, tm besides yau still other extraterrestrais haunt in our world, yet with very different desires and hopes– These creatures ma be plain strange to your race, at least parts of them, while others but will haue to rise from your race itself.


32. Surely, yet go on speaking.

+ Yes, I could imagine, that so not all extraterrestrais, who interfere uith our matters, have and grow the finest intentii where only is not evident for me, why you let them do this. Gut an might be ……….


33. Because each living form is justified in her existence anc c treat from her own judgement in own mode, and think so.

3t*. ‘uie are not allowed to exercise powerful influences, if such is not life-important, and so we can only exercise in the uay of advises.

35. But go on speaking.

+ well, this explains to me your behavement and I find is lagi – I start so from the assumption, that certain strange to yc forms of life from the wideths of universe haunt on our eart and in the cosmos and try to influence other creatures, and so within the most different doings. On the other hand I als assume, that still one or several groups of your descendants has not returned to you, and that these even too live in foi of the deity. For they then will have to live in the old foi in practise it can anjy be, that they influence many creatui and also the earthhuman being from that and came to appearar as messengers of a god. Here is only not clear for me, that have not tald me the truth in this respect, as we some times already hove talked about theae things.




36. I have never explained you something else than she truth.

+ Then I Explain it otherwise to you: About all the this cone ning things have you only told the half of the truth. This means, that all right you have told me the trutn in all thi yet only told the half of the story and expiained-


37. Surely, your explanation is right.

+ Very kind of you- – But- why have you not told all?


36. The time was not mature for this, – not for you, but for th

others, because their knowledge was still not sufficient. 39. By all our contact reports they yet now got enough preparet

for that, to know also these things. 4a. You lay quite right with your assumptions, as there are sti

other forms of life in the earthly space, than just only oi


41. Moreover stay here still some splinter groups of our own a? race, same ways but too on other worlds, uhich still live : the old forms.

42- Continuous they try to influence the creatures according tt forms, exspecially the earthhuman being.

43- tven the ancestors have appeared as deities, and so they ci this uays, too.

44. They are endeavoured about, exspecially not to release the earthhumen being from this shape and to make hin dependent by stoic directing him to religious heresies etc. further and to beat him into their ban.

45. Long time already they try, to force into your world, to m subject the earthly mankind.

46. The more religious the earthhuman being is or gets, all th rises the chance for this delusion’s performance-

47. This uould mean, that the earthmankind could once more fal evil religious confusions and newly bloody religious delus

uould start the government in your world.

4B. In this purpose gets tried from their side, to push auay the truth by religious delusion.

Contactees of Gizeh-lntelligences:

V V H0U iZ thc c35ejllh y0ur uqrcls u1cnr

earTnTyTnjmanoeinrjsujauld not come into contact with these Form3 or life7


49. Also about this have I given only partly explanations: I tolt of certain charlatans and deceivers etc., to uho is nothing add, for these declarations are complete.

5a. Further yet gets added, that mentioned creatures here and thi but not often, really take up contacts uith earthhuman being and deceive them by their religious influences.

51. Otheruise but suffer many earthhuman beings deceptions, evok by halluzinations or by certain and uanted illuaionary praj tions fram the extraterrestral creatures, in purpose of establishing of their heresies.

52. To this belong large suggestive influences in deceiving purp too, like also appearances of many kind*

+ This explains a many for me.


53. Ue uill have to talk about this once a time very thoroughly. 5*4. In the moment this does not go, by my regret, for the time

pushes and I have to leave.

CR 027, Wednesday, June 25,1975

Billy’s trip to Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn & Asteroid Belt:


you can dc a flight ui

us, if you uant, as ue are nou ready for such. + Phantastic – at any time. – Uhen uill it start then?


6. You are not surprised? + Uhy should I ?


7. You aluays again urestle from me astonishing movements.

8. If it is all right for ynu but, ue can start at once. + So let’s go on, girl – uhere to shall the journey ga7


9. You are once more a riddle for me, because I can not recogni the smallest feeling’s movement insides you, neither pleasur nor fear.

+ I am too much realist, Semjase.


10. This uili be the C3use, besides this, you are a uaterman-bDr who are able to control very precise their feelings.

11. Lie thought ta start a flight with you to the planet Suturn.

12. For thi3 ue need a time of about 2.1/2 hours, if you have so time spared?


+ Will this be a question? Semjase

13. (Mot, of course.

+ All right – what about to do some photographs? Am I allowed ‘ shoot some pictures?


1**. kJe haue decided positive in this point. + You always talk of “ue” ?


15. Uie are here with three bepmships and will also fly as three.

16. You will see the both otherones, as soon as we have started. 17- At the moment they float only few meters above us and have

screened themselves. + Okay, for what do we still wait?


18. Ynu are much in hurry, but at first I have to explain some things for you: You may shoot some pictures from out my ship

19. Some pictures are allowed for you of the both other beamship while start and landing.

20. Then you are allowed to make one or two pictures from our sight-control-instrument.

21. You also may ban the earth on your film, as well the Mars, tl Jupiter and the 5aturn.

22. Ue also admit some pictures of the moon for you.

23. But you have to obeye this by certainity and not to make oth pictures, than I was allowed to admit for you.

+ Surely.

Semjase 23. Okay, then we may start. 2^. Have you well hidden your vehicle? + As usual.


25. Then come on, – and don’t uiojry for your camera, as the harming factors are demoted.

25. (Walk together to the beamship, where simply by elevatoric f and unvisible power we get heaved up like with a lift into tl ship and at once stand in the cockpit, while behind us the h,

(The flight lasts 2 hours and 34 minits, leads along the plar Mars, Jupiter and Saturn at considerable distance, surrounds last one and returns earthwards again, uhile ue pass also thE ruins, or a part of these of the asteroid girdle.) Past the touch-doun still the following talk got done:


44. Hau do you feel youself?

.+ Phantastic – the impression uas great.


45. Have you nothing more to say?

+ Should I ? First I uill have to labDrate through all the phs tastic impressions. Uhat I am yet still interested, is the pz distance. How many kilometres have ue travelled?


46. In your kind of counting it were about million kilometi

+ Oh dear, and this uhile only 2.1/2 hours. Uhen I consider hav travelled twelve years on the dear mother earth and here uho] 2.7 million kilometres passed, I could become envious an you.

This tDday space journey is mora than 1.1oo times longer, tha . my grovelling on the earth. Dear, is this a thing, if I consi this distance.

» •

47. Certainly, in this sight this number is very great, but you u have to accomodate youself for such, for ue have decided to t you with us past some time for a much greater journey – to th Plejades.

+ 7?????? Plejades?—This are nearly 5oo lie



48. Surely.

49. Yet now unfortunately I have to leave, because my missions ce for me.

CR 029


Photographs of ‘Saturn trip1 failed:

(■■IVHWH^ By my regret Uie former pictures have nearly ail failed, from the travel to the Saturn. Either they uer uiiriEj-exoosed or overexsosed or then the film uas just black.


Thi3 unfortunately was to exspect, because for such purpose you should have special equipments in use.

Though I uiill try it again while the next journey. If just some few pictures will succeed far me, I am already content.

Description of Semjase’s Beamship:


26. Insides the cockpit prevails a green-yellow light, which qui evidently gets generated by the board-wondows, which are orai coloured from outsides, insides yet green-yellow.

27. This statement causes me also for the First question:

+ How behaves, Semjase, the are orange-coloured outsides and here insides yellow-green?


28. The outside is special coated and colours itself each from tl kind of atmosphere by different colours.

29. In a for us wholesome atmosphere the material colors itself orange and throws this yellow-green light insides.

30. If the outside colors itself otherwise, green for example, yellow, red or blue etc., then sudden also the inner light changes.

31. Ulithout special analysises we this ways get orientated about whether we need in the concerning atmosphere a protective cl or not.

32. A failing of this mode of atmospherical analysation is plain impossible and besides this, the automatic of the sluice ope only then the escape hatch, if the pilots wear the concernin protective clothes.

33. This gets enabled by sensitive eyes, which find contacts at certain places of the clothes accordingly.

3**. If one wants to leave the ship in a not wholesome atmosph for us, then this is only possible in the protective clothes else the securing automatic does not open.

35. When we reach over the layers of a world, where the atmosphe vanishes, then the outside of the board windows becomes tran parent and clear and nearly not differs from your glass.

36. The windows protect by their special coating the penetrating □f_G3ch radiation; by this, no cnncsr Bxl&tfi.

37. They admit alone neutralized light.

38. For the observations we have our control instruments, which

a much more scrutinized observation for us than the view out

the board-windows, which also will not be well suited for ph

78 ~-—■

graph pictures, because the pictures assumptive will be not

at least so long, as the outsides are coloured.

39. In higher layers this yet will remote, and you will be able take clear pictures.

40. How far they will succeed for you, may I not decide, for we have troubled ourselves with photo apparatures of your kind so don’t know their abilities, too.

+ This will ue state now.


41. Surely, yet now I must advise you to put no further question which hpcamp urittpn down in rpparts, fnr thp uhnlf pvents e Df this flight are you first then alloued to call, uhen I ac this for you.

42. This concerns also the look and the equipment of the beamshi + fla you uant.


43. It has to be, in quite certain causes. + It’s okay, I hold my mouth silent.

CR028, Friday, June 27,1975

– Quetzal on Issuing orders to group members

Introduction of Quetzal:


Twentyelghtth content Friday, 27.June 75; 1q

Thought transmission contact


1. There have resulted some important matters, which uie must transmit to you.

2. It concerns facts of some events from out your group, which I must become discussed.

3. In this purpose our station leader wants to come in though 1.1< contact with you and announce the necessary facts to you.

<*. His name is Quetzal, and he is the highest leader of all our

stations in this aystem. Are you ready tD listen to him?

+ Of course, why not? Out what hove I done, that the great chit himself wants to come in contacts with me?


5. It concerns an event in your group, as I already told.

6. So no guilt meets you.

7. But listen now for the voice of Quetzal. Quetzal

1. My honoring greeting, dear friend. ——

Gloria Lee – Effects in the Meier’s Group:


1. My honoring greeting, dear friend. ——

2. die while the lost time received different uncontrolled thougr of members of your group, at which we became attentive for si


facts, uhich by my regret I have to discuss nam objecting: Because the extraordinary strong though impulses of some pers ue have looked for these Facts and stated at these, though 01 destinations, uhich uere transmitted by Semjase, having proct not in our desires.

3. In first line it concerns about the factor of the book respec vely the scripture GLORIA LEE.

4. Semjase explained very clear in respect to this boolket, at r diffusing a relevant and appropriated introduction had to bee elaborated and added to the literature, because this is uncor tional demanded for clearing up.

5. As ue but stated at our analysises, already got started uith spreading of this script uithout addition of the mentionned introduction.

6. This nou throws a bad aspect onto the truth and wakes at mam people wrong impressions and new heresies.

7. Semjase explained by well understandable words, this book emt the pure product of the originating person and obtaining no connection to any extraterrestral forms of life.

B. The writing person, well phantasy-talented and influenced by different factors, suffered a self-deception, which unconscic she self has conjured in result of overboarding phantasy.

9. The writing is worthful so for, she can transmit a certain ir sion and possibilities in several connexions for human being; of average level in your world, where but for already clearei up and knouing earthhuman beings she only appears intersetinc but disappears into fully unimportance.

10. Gloria Lee, hou the originator of this literature calls hersi was never in contact with any living forms, who reached over own level.

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