Message From the Pleiades

86. They because that get already in high measure influence their actual locations of growth, before they get founc human beings.

87. This because the very strong power coat, which covers i

88. When the human being now but wants to have cristals ant stones in his possession, own them for worthes, use as or as offerrers of health, then first he has to free tr the dangerous radiation, which appears by oscillative I

– 257 –

89. Besides this, it is absolutely demanded, that these cris and precious stones etc. undergo a new neutralization at each five years, for by the huge negative energies of th of the earthly mankind they charge themselves again whil time.

90. The neutralization can be exercised by an undifficult ac which past my explanations I will describe.

91. If the human does not submit his possessions of called f to the demanded neutralization, uhile this is in fact kr him, then he should not wonder, if strong he gets persec by sicknesses, disluck, by misery and need, by languish: and even death and famage.

92. Human being inclines to carry many socalled talismans e* his protection etc., but is not conscious himself, that practise nearly all these talismans and lockets are pla less and only according to their belief pretentively ef any things.

93. Dn the other side the carriers of7 such things do not kn that they give themselves into great dangers by such lo etc. and even often put their life into game, for also things are very often very strong receivers of negative powers and throw the collected powers back again to the and carrier.

94. Because this, such things have to submit an neutralizot time to time, which but lies far below Five years. Acco to mineral or material counts this time six months unti two years.

95. Very recommendable are cristals and precious stones anc etc. from extraterrestral origin, if they come From woi which are either unhabvtated or possess very balanced f of life.

96. Objects of such kind From such worlds got not influence many milieniums by degenerated human negative thought c as it behaves on the earth.


– 258 –

9S. OF course can this process get reduced to feu minits, 3 appropriated apparatuses are used for.

99. Basical yet cristals, minerals and precious stones of t etc. are receivers and radiators of well positive enert if they find their growth at poised worlds.

100. This in embodying of the allvalid nature-law.

101. If but they get carried by thought-able living forms jt oneself, then they adapt themselves very fast to this form and receive and send out the for this form of lif characteristic energies.

102. As yet a thousands years old negative form of energy si in them, like it is the case on the earth, then they d into the negative.

103. Same ways yet is possible the reciprocal form, which y strange on your earth, which is the positive degenerat

104. Cristals, minerals and precious stones etc. from poise have also on earth not to undergo a neutralization, in of negative thought energies.

105. Such would First became necessary, if before their occ by the human being according to their sort and charact they were exposed 2-‘»thausand years untouched to the i» negative forces.

100. If they become taken in possession before these times beings and carried on them, then they need only all sc a puryfying of simple kind, yet never a neutralization

+ How is the matter with pearls?


1o7. They keep the same characters like precious stones, mi

and cristals etc.

+ I see, and haw does 123 behave with the called by you r zation, can there get used simply water, or can this t zation get achieved eventually by conjurations and sec Formulas etc.?

– 259 –


108. I to this explained already one time, that this is all

+ I do know. I put this question just because your expla is important For my Fellow-creatures and as they shoul the truth.


109. DF course, you have already explained this- – A neutra or even only a simple puriFication of the told objects not become perFormed by occult Formulas, conjurations, water or else doings in this compass.

110- For the neutralization or For the simple puriFication apparatus is necessary, which adsorbs the mentioned er and neutralizes them.

111- This means, that they become “withdrawn” out From the or jewels etc. and alternated into neutral powers.

112. These neutral powers get “adsorbed” then by the crist. precious stones etc. and Form the balanced power whili time.

113. Such at a neutralization.

11*». In the case oF a puriFying From time to time the pene degenerated powers oF negative or positive Form becomi and neutralized, where these yet get just set Free th

115. A recharge oF the cristals and precious stones etc. i necessary in this case, because in their natural lauF they may generate their balancing Forces by themselve

116. Uhen here then I have mentioned, that such cristals a precious stones etc. have to undergo only all seven y a puriFying, this then is only necessary, if the carr person is very strong negative degenerated, like For bailiFFs, uho Feel delight in the torture oF other hu

117. Cristals and precious stones etc., uhich are in posse normal-negative human beings, have never to undergo e cation, always postulated of course, that the stones are oF poiaed and extraterrestra1 origin, because on

+ This surely will De clear enough. There is no need of £ explanation. You but said to give a description of the apparature.


118. Surely, but for the first only you should know the detj perhaps you can earn a financial advantage, which help* overcome your financial problems.

119. f.’ecessary now is following: (It follows a detailed con: plan.) ………………………

+ Thank you, Semjase; this is in itself rather easy to ci and at time and chance I will construct this apparatus

CR 023, Tuesday, June 3,1975

Creational Laws & Recommendations in ‘Elimination/Banishment’ of Guilty LifeForms:


1**. Certainly, because these lauis are valid in whole the un:

15- Loads a folm oF liFe against better knowing quite consc! any guilt upon herselF, then she has to give atonement i too, For so docs the lau of justice desire.

1G. IF the conscious loaded guilt oF a form oF liFe is yet * large to expiate her in adequate compass, so accords to a guilt only the equivalence oF elimination, by what thi concerning Form oF liFe is unworthy oF this liFe and lot the justiFication For existence.

17. For expiation is valid then the at later point of time Following reborth, whichs liFe is then limited on the rest oF time oF the Formerly eliminated liFe.

16. Sut this is only valid for living forms of barbarous na because only this law and its use may they conceive.

19. If not alone the time changes, but with it also the far life herself and 3he reached the level of higher spirit development by that, so also the exercise of the laws b changed.

2o- Instead of elimination, taking from man and woman etc use of the law becomes unitary changed into the form an exile the life long, and that in separated circles

21. This means by other words, that culprits sex-uniform banished to far worlds or isle3 lifelong, where in mi the other sex they can not multiply any more-

22. Ulell the human being of the present time were able tc these adapted to the new time laws, if he were not cc disunited.

+ I understand, Semjase, as yet these laws and bids ari able, they can not be of creational origin, because ‘, bids of the Creation remain unchangeable, as I consii until all eternity.


Matrimony & Intercourse Laws of Talmud Jmmanuel:

I met with that actually by flrahat AthprsBta, uiha spoke the last days extremely much about the brazen order of C and her laws and bids. What interests nou me here, are o laws and bids respectively the matrimony between man and

– The last laws and bids in this respect got diffused, as I know, by Jmmanuel, and this in a time, which was st rather barbarous and bestial. Since then but the time ha although yet the human has not become mora humane, yet o became subtilized within hi3 barbarous bestiality. At le I esteem so from my sight.


12. For you have clearly enough expressed, it indeed behaves and only the time, but not the human being had changed, then should the laws get alternated?

13. So should first then be the case, when the earthhuman bE

has really become human and lives under spiritual laws.

+ So you advocate for, the laws of Jmmanuel having still 1 validity in respect of the matrimony and the intercourse like at his time?


14. Certainly, because these laws are valid in whole the unf

24. These laws for matrimony ard intercourse etc., like 1 preserved in the Talmud Omnia nuel, are of human origii settled in the purpose to give a regulation for the i forms of life and to obtain these too.

25. Settled were these laws by the highest leader of the races, by the leader of the heavenly sons, by god.

26. His prophets and messengers and chosen earthly human announced these laus among the races, tdha unfix observed these only short time and coursed them then a further step to the abyss of the later mankind bee


Plejarens too have Laws & Rules:

ft. -*ou does it

yet behave at yau selves, have you a human lawgiving too? Semjase

27. Where thinking Forms of liFe live, are given such laws and bids everywhere.

28. Each aFter the level of spirit oF the yet art these laws taken From the natural laws and set by responsib Form into human natural laws.


– 2S<* –

29- From that, it are laws and bids Df natural logic and by i

means oF unlogic and even stupid-pri-itive, like they ari

settled on your earth and Find use.

+ This is long time known to me, our laws oFten are very p and even stupid, yet so Fast can these not get changed -not so long, as long as human beings are in government, i exercise pure worldly-material power. In Fact you have a with your reply respectively the existence oF your laws next question, which aims there, whether as well you kno oF criminality and else degenerations, against which you to exercise laws and bids. Laws and cid3 etc. are but on necessary, where by them a regulation has to be kept up. yet an order has become to selF-evidsnce and no degenera occur, there are also laws 3nd bids unnecessary. -From th to draw the logical conclusion, that even you as well ar over the level oF deoenerations and in this consequence order has not become to a matter of course- I can yet ex such to me this ways, this depending in the eternal risi and developing from the creations! rising- and developrt In consequence of the continuing creating of new spirit now different age- and development-positions of the dif spiritual levels. From this logically has to oecome a nz process, that even in your race farms of life get born, even under your spiritual development level and in consc first have to develop themselves further. As the evoluti each riirectipn needs mistakes, these lower living creal and spirit forms must go the natural evolution way and As faults now are disturbing the orders and even are dez times, laws and bids have to be exercised, just to obtai order. So I imagine it For me, as this appears to be lac


30. You are sagacious, and once more you nave called the Fac name.

31. It is untrue, as unFortunately deceiving gets pretended charlatans always, we were super-humans and would not m laws and bids.

32. Alone there, where the creational order has became to a oF course, laws and bids Fall away-

33. This is but the case F^gst in very hign spiritual spheri This means then, in pure spiritual spheres, where all mi belongs to the past-

– 265 –

34. Material Forms of life but, uhat are material-body-condit forms oF all kind, are aFFlicted with still too many faul than they could omit a law- and order-giving adapted to level-

+ This is evident, but yet, hau do you exercise at you this and bid-giving? If I have understood right, you have set* for certain crimes etc. a uniform penalty, which is sent; to lifelong exile.


35. Surely, you have conceived this right: While at you pena. finds everywhere rather primitive its exercise, so yt us not more the case.

36. Dur lawgiving corresponds to our spiritual level and in consequence it is really humane, what not can be said ab your lawgiving.

37. Big crimes get no mare punished at us by eliminations an hurting of the material body etc., as it is at you still barbarous use and behaviour.

3B. Our uniform penalty finds its exercise in a banishment f the life long.

39. The fallible forms of life get banished in this respect other worlds, which exclusive serve for this purpose.

40. To such a world get besides this only same-sexed forms o exiled, so only male or only female.

41. By this, multiplication becomes prevented and descendant not get created.

42- The banished are put on their own in these worlds and he care for themselves by ownmanufactured working.

43. Any machinal or mechanical means etc. are not handed to too, the admission is withdrawn, to produce such means.

44. To lay weight an this destination, periodical controls t exercised on these worlds and eventually secretly manuF; products of this kind get eliminated.

34. Moreover each contact to any other creatures gets Fully

35. At some of our worlds Fallible forms of life get banishe great isles in large oceans. If the instalment uT or line a comcerning worlds is only very low.

36. The whole exercise and performance is yet the same like specially in this purpose chosen worlds.

37. This mode of punishment guarantees the largest possible for the to obeye order, and on the other side the fallit not burden the peoples’ mass.

33. Besides this, this mode of punishment is very humane am

ring the purpose, because during the lifelong exile the

are not remoted from their evolution.

+ This is phantastic, but our mankind is still too much d: than she could use such a form of law.

Ancient Earth – Prison for ETs:

your explanations I have quite a phantastic thought: Is possible, that in very early times even our earth has s to be such an banishment place?

40. Indeed, your assumption is right.

41. Since ancient times repeatedly failing forms of life fr dlfferentest worlds in the universe got banished to you so from our race, too.

42. These early times are but even for us no more registera we have no detailed dates about.

Marriage & Procreation in the Universe:

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