Message From the Pleiades

53. Easical his friends in that sake get used as uitnesseis, uho swore statements, to have seen and experienced different things with Adamski.

5*». These uitnessers but have unconsciously fallen to lie and pretend events, which do not correspond uith the truth.

55. George Adamski has influenced his friends and acquaintances so much suggestive, that they saw and experienced things, uhich not existed. It uas only knoun to very feu human beings, that Adamski ouned high suggestive forces, and uho feared him because that and kept silence about this fact.

56. That but he uas a phenomenal suppestor, that uas fully unknaun, and heself hid of course this secret in his favour.

57. By this extreme suggestive force he influenced his frieads and acquaintances and illuded to them the mast phantastic things, uhich they shoued proof as suorn statements for “truth”.

5B. You should diffuse these facts by your group, for it is of importance. 59. And because this fact is so important, I once more talked about

this special case. 6a. Your earth_inclines to the end of an era-period, and a new one is

In rise, uhat about I talked already.

61. Your earthly present race is uitness of this change, and many human beings try to use this religious and materialistic.

62. So beuare yourselves from deceivers and charlatans, like Adamski uas one.

63. There exist many like him, and they shrink from no means to make profits.

64. They heave us up to creatures of perfection, uhich but in truth ue are not, because ue are human creatures just like you too, and uie are as fallible like you earthhuman beings.

65. About this fact should you aluays be conscious.

Ways of Predicting/Prophecying Future:

6t*. Thsy heave us up to creatures of perfection, which but in truth we are not, because uie are human creatures Just like you too, and uie are as Fallible like you earthhuman beings,

65. About this fact should you always be conscious.

66- I explain this because I want to say now some things, for which you have asked me at earlier timesr You asked me for the future, which I should foresay.

67. I did not so, as I first wanted to talk about this matter with the others, because such future shows often contain dangers, as the human beings can not bear them.

68. LJe yet agreeded, that I should say common facts, which correspond with your native land.

69. As expressively you have asked for future-predictions, I want still

to give the following explication, for that no misunderstandings rise: We know tuig possibilities to see the future.

7a. The one is, that we travel material or spiritual into the future and experience the events of the concerning time at locations and places and register them, as for example I have done with Mr. J.

71. This way do ue call the direct future view.

72- The second possibility is the one of the calculating comblnatoric look, as partly gets used at youselves and which is known under the

designation or name KEENSEEIPJG. 73. This kind of future’s view is at us as well doubt- and mistakeful and does not disclude wrong viewing and wrong describing.

97. These are my predictions for your homeland and for the next years.

98. Are you content so far?

+ But of course, Semjase; it even is more, than I have exspected. Semjase

99- Se but conscious of, that these predictions may suffer some alternation or may contain faults.

1oa. They are not the result of a direct material or spiritual future view, but the result of calculating comblnatoric view, as it gets exercised by your clearvoyants as well.

1o1. The greatest mass of your mankind but is not able to get known with

or to bear a direct material or spiritual future view, and so I am

not allowed to give such.

+ I understand full/, and too I am content with this farm, like yau used. MH^^HB^HMB^^HlH^^^H^MHMHMMl^^HV

Semjase Likes to be Single, atleast for Now:

+ Oh, have you Fished For anyone? Semjase

1o5. This seems to he again your modern language?

+ So it is, and it means, whether you have laughed at a man and want to marry?

Semjase (laughing loudly) 1oS. Wo, I Feel myself better without a man, at least now. 1o7. First in later times I make plans For such.

1o8. Sut now go; you have yet said ……

+ You kill-joyer.


1a9. We may talk about such things in another time, if you want so so much.

+ Oh yes, because I have anytimes some questions. But how does it behave: Have you already something suited on the fishing-rod, with whom you ogle love – perhaps such a scale-grown thing with implan-ted antenna on the skull?


11q. I really don’t know, what you mean with that.

Semjase reads Earth’s Newspapers, Magazines & Comics:

109. Ue may talk about such things in another time, if you uant so so much.

+ Oh yes, because I have anytimes some questions. But hou does it behave: Have you already something suited on the fishing-rod, uith uhom you ogle love – perhaps such a scale-groun thing uith implan-ted antenna on the skull?


110. I really don’t knou, uhat you mean uith that.

+ The beloved earthhumans, the stupid, make their silly jokes about the moon- and Mars-humans and other space-humans. They drau them as scale-defensed monsters uith fastgroun skull-antennas, feelers, 5 breasts and many other craziness. These things dD they call for comicality.


111. Such is unknoun to me, but I find it quite primitive.

+ This uill be the right spell and displays also probably the reason of the concerning “humourist11. But it is 3trange to me, that you are not in knou about these things; don’t you read newspapers and magazines etc.?


112. Surely, for at some times I ualk among the earthhuman beings and

seize here and there something readable, yet but I never have found

such similar there.

+ QT course, if you only read Micky Mouse. Fix and Foxi and superman-numbers, then you uill be urong placed.

Semjase (laughing)

113. I knou these indeed and find them jokeful.

114. Else readable yet are most only newspapers and similar. + Allright, Semjase, I only made jokes*


115. 1 felt your words like such, too.

116. Mou yet really time is over ……….

CR 018, Thursday, May 15,1975

– Understanding of Term ‘CREATION’

– Semjase’s Unique beamship demonstration at night using burning of eletrical energies.(no member except Billy should come closer than 910 metres, as this harms ones body and spirit)

Interpretation of Prayer from ‘Talmud Jmmanuel1:

■■■^■^■^^^^^^^^^^■^^^^^^■^^^■^^■i^^B i:qu

I still have a question, directed onto me before. Semjase

102. There should no …….

+ Don’t be precipiate, as I find this question vary justified. I at all you want to offer the spirit lesson tD us, then you will have to explain certain things from it to us.


103. If it behaves so, it of course falls to my destination.

1o<+. With what should the question occupy itself?

+ The prayer in the Talmud Jmmanuel. if you can make thorough explanations about this.


105. Surely, but in that I have to go far, for my answer ought become intelleged right.

106. Prayers have to become conceived basically for that, what with the designation by your language they really bring in expression: Prayers.

107. This means: A prayer means In truth a wish in form of an according to the wish appellation of the spirit in the human being himself, in that meaning: Give me this ot that, what I need.

1oB. True spiritual humans, to which the force, the knowing and

the ability of their spirit is conscious, perform no more of such prayers, because they already live in the knowing, the force of the allmight of their spirit is talented for all-performances.

109. By this cause they destiny restless the utilization of the allmight of their spirit.

110. To _do^. this, the unspirited human being is not enabled, and

so he wants or has to activate his spirit by conscious prayers.

111. Further this means: The spiritual human being keeps to use always the farces and abilities of his spirit quite conscious, while ths unspirited human being offers with doubts and devotion in prayers just wishes.

– 223 –

which even he not directs towards his own spirit or towards the Creation, but depending in religion, touards any higher power or force, which in truth but does not exist or not is authorized, and so not even the Creation gets called, because prayer-depending human beings cling on any deities or gods etc.,

but never on the Creation. 112.. The wrong way of the prayer-depending human degenerates into

illusions while all his wishes and appellations, by what unlawful

he forces his desires to realization. 113- Certain things become otherwise named under spiritual mode of

thinking or elsehow or defined, than the conscious thinking

is able to intellect this. Tift* Because that, differrent marks get used for certain matters,

of whiches deeper meaning the normal-conscious human being has

no presentiment, uhat unfortunately is advantage again for the

religions, which change these marks in their favour and evaluate.

115. So the in your meant prayer appearing marks of different kind mean following:

Allmight: Allknowing, allenabled, all-wisdomed, all-logical, ell-loving.

Holy, sacrified:

To control, exercising control, etc

Heaven: Kingdom of the spirit, spiritual kingdom, spiritual life etc

Earth: Body, material life etc

Bread: Allmight.

Guilt: Mistakes, which must be done because

development and recognition and are necessary for that.

116. The spiritual subconscious is able to conceive the spiritual mode of thinking easily and to elaborate her, if in a prayer pure spiritual forms of thoughts get exercised, from what senseless prattling with many wards is shaky.

117. If even the conscious itself may not understand the offered in spiritual forms expressions, they but get conceived by the spiritual subconscious in cooperation with the spirit up to the smallest detail, and used.

– 224 –

118- As fran ths unspiritual human being these knowings were withhold, because he mostly is prisoned by religions, he is not able to interpret the meaning of a spiritual kind of thinking.

119. On the other hand, one can not explain her to him, because he will not conceive the meaning.

120. In cause of this, prattle-prayers get fixed up by the religions, which consciously can get explained and conceived by unspiritual human beings, from where the concerning human dedicates himself by this wicked wrongguiding to the religion.

121. Uhen he for him self understandable in word and meaning, prayers exercises to anything, then the belief of that grows insides him and this ways he becomes a slave of his, forced onto him, belief.

122. Uhile now Jmmanuel has settled a prayer, so in the meaning, that the using it human being does not understand the sense

of the words and so would not be able just to fall to the belief.

123. As yet the spiritual subconscience of the human being understands the meaning of the words, the consequence does not fail to appear, that when sufficient exercise, the forces of spirit in the human being direct themselves from these calls and develop themselves in the desired by the words way, without the conscious knouis, what essentially it demands and desires by the unintelligible prayer.

124. This ways slowly the knowledge of recognition and truth gets achieved, without being influenced by a belief.

125. For, if a human being performs things, of whiches meaning he has no presentiment, and1 originate from these things quite certain consequences and results, then these can only be the effect of those powers, which just have been called, if even this happened without the conscious knowing of the concerning human being.

125. This is, if a man unconsciously performs the right thing, so

lawful also ths right result must appear. 127. Uhen now a human being performs according to belief anything

in destiniRfl mnrip. as fnr Pitannl p in nrpuppq nnrl thl<; ftfrinkca

– 225 –

indeed results in the desired and hoped form, then these also only trace back to the belieF and its imaginations, generated in the belief-depending consciouness-126- Now yet to the interpretation of the by Jmmanuel settled prayer;

My spirit, uiho you are existing in allmioht.

My spirit, who you are knowing all, able for all, all-wisdomed, in all truth and all-loving in me.

Your name be sacrlfied.

Your name witnesses to me your controlling force of your ability about all things.

Your kinodom may incarnate itself insldes me.

Your allmight spread in me towards consciousness of thoughts, for that I take in use the given to me and collected knowings, forces, wisdoms and the love in the universal, the peace and the liberty by conscious ability and bring them into utilization and development.

Your force unfold herself insides me. on earth and in the heaven3.

May your allmight come to conscious destination insides me, in my body and at all spiritual regions.

Give m° my daily bread today.

Let daily effect your allmight insides me and unfold, and nourish my ignorance by knowledge and wisdom,

that I recognize my quilt, and for that I discern the truth. By what I get able to discern my done faults and remove them, which befall me in the way of my development.

And don’t lead me to temptations and into confusion, but redeem me from the errors.

Don’t let me go astray by material and worldly matters and wrong modes of thinking and fall by heresies to the dependency of belief.

Because yours is the kingdom insides me and the force and the knowledge in eternity.

For your allmight should be conscious in me; the power of your ability and the knowledge in the absolute for the run of all times.

13o.I can’t explain more in that for you, as in this form it must

be sufficient and get intelleged.

131.1 am not allowed to explain certain further things.

+ This should really be enough understandable to be clear for every human being. Further explanations in these matter might well be shaky.

Meier wants Semjase to analyse F.O.:

+ This is too not of importance, because ue always can clear up VB^^B^^. – From my side I still have a problem respectively a man, about whom I have talked to you last time. I want to know7,to which position of development he can be counted, in which main- and subposition he can get joined. Could you explain me some more about?


136. You give rather scanty information, but I like to give you particulars, if you give me more details.

137. But be clear for you, that I only explore hia mental position and his mode of thinking, but not more.

138. Besides this, you have to take bit patience, because I need

some time for that.

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