Madonna Should Be Arrested

[pullquote]Former Secret Service Officer: Madonna’s Bomb the White House Speech Could Motivate Others to Act[/pullquote]”I have thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House” is a confession that Madonna has indeed entertained the notion of mass murder and terrorism, the killing of innocent state officials, simply because they do not share her political affiliation.

It doesn’t matter if she added that it doesn’t solve anything. The fact that she thinks an awful lot about it is the problem. It is a clear warning that we are dealing with someone dangerously unstable. This kind of comment (homicidal ideations) would be a red flag for any mental health professional if the same words were uttered by a patient that wasn’t famous. Such a comment, in fact, would often necessitate contacting authorities, and it is right and proper that Madonna is being investigated by the Secret Service. The fact that she tweeted “fuck the Secret Service” right after her speech (but then deleted it) probably had something to do with that, but then we get to the issue of mental instability again. But it is the fact that Madonna is famous, and influential when it comes to her cult legion, which is most worrisome of all.

Manson had his followers go on a killing spree, and he tried to blame it on black people to start a race war.

Charles Manson was convicted of several killings, but he took no part in any of them. What he did do was motivate his cult followers to commit them for him. And much like Madonna’s simple self, he wanted to start a “revolution.” Manson wanted to start a race war, and George Soros, the man behind the “Purple Revolution” fueling Madonna’s “revolution of love,” made sure that a key element of such a revolution includes race riots to unseat President Trump. You may have heard of one of his groups, Black Lives Matter, which through usurpation or design, has sadly devolved to this below. Listen to Madonna’s language, and watch the video of the agitator to see her remarkable influence at work:

[SS Agent] Byrne’s larger point was that the issue has more to do with Madonna’s influence and the potential for her remarks to motivate others, as opposed to her taking any action herself. The Secret Service knows, added Byrne, “from years and years of experience that people with issues can be motivated by hate and anger speech.” Read More

Mentally stable people simply don’t obsess about blowing up the White House and mass murder, let alone killing the President of the United States with something other than unprotected sex. Madonna “Senior Discount” Ciccione, however, already proved her influence when the crowd cheered her on, and when, to show solidarity with the ancient, perverted sick fuck, MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow (actually Richard Maddow but the Rachel misspelling on the set design stuck for keeps) tweeted that President Trump “needs to be taken out.” This means assassination. It is not a political term, it is a threat, and frankly very unusual even for this emotional, troubled young man that is prone to histrionics and cock-eyed political predictions.

“How We Got Madonna to Put her Clothes Back On; Dealing with an aging diva” was an award-winning essay on syphilitic dementia by Impious Digest features editor Haywood Jablowme.

AARP cover-girl Madonna made this notion acceptable. When a public figure admits to fantasies about the assassination of state officials and terrorism, without consequence, others follow her lead. Mr. Maddow is a case in point, and even in Europe we see it. A major German newspaper editor has openly stated that assassination is the easiest way to end the “Trump Catastrophe.”

It must be rough being Madonna knowing that once, in the century past, men fell over themselves to be with her, but now men fall over themselves to flee from her and now rudely dismiss her flirtations. Now, her most fervent supporters are gay men relieved by having at least that excuse to escape the discordant hag’s grotesque advances, and her other fans are mostly middle-aged grandmothers with navel piercings and nose rings, acting like that’s going to help distract from the age spots and wrinkles.

It must be hard to bear, now, as you look on and see your sex appeal, your main selling point, is now long gone. It must make her bitter, it must make her angry. It must make her hate men. She often complains older men can attract younger women, but it doesn’t work the other way around. Regardless, that’s her problem, as she clearly falls under the heading of “people with issues” described by SS Agent Gary Byrnes.

Senility: They say that one of the first symptoms is an inability to dress yourself properly.

“It’s embarrassing, that Madonna still feels the need to show her flesh, her aging flesh…”

And as for young women that even bother to listen to this decrepit centurion, it may be useful to know that men hate her as a rule, and emulating her is a sure way to make yourself unlikable as well. Study the women men do like, and you’ll be much better off.

Richard Maddow

A typically hysterical reaction to informed political dissent. Maddow is an annoying babbler to stand next to at the restrooms, prone to fantasy, and that is painfully obvious when you notice that is a dildo that’s dangling in the urinal, and Maddow has been standing there for two hours waiting for something to come out.


And as a special treat, here’s another Madonna dropping that hasn’t handled aging well:

German Newspaper Editor: Assassination Easiest Way To End “Trump Catastrophe”

Josef Joffe, the editor-publisher of German weekly Die Zeit, suggests the easiest way to endread more
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