John Lewis a Hero? He Fought Voting Rights of Poor in 2016

8 men control half the world’s wealth. At least 6 of these 8 men were strong Hillary supporters. Zuckerberg is still actively going to bat for her and using Facebook to censor bad press regarding Hillary. Bloomberg owns a major media asset that did PR for Hillary. Slim owns the NYT which was vehemently pro-Hillary. Bezos owns the Washington Post that was essentially a fan page and newsletter for Hillary.  Bill Gates exercised his influence at MSNBC. Zuckerberg used Facebook to censor pro-Trump pages. In other words, the power of almost half of all the world’s accumulated wealth, directly and indirectly, went to get Hillary elected, and she still lost.
[pullquote]Was Hillary Clinton’s Nomination Legitimate? Six Reasons to Say No
[/pullquote]MLK fought for voting rights.

John Lewis, in 2016, fought to deny them. Lewis wasn’t an omnipresent surrogate like that wet-behind-the-ears bubble head Robbie Mook, but if he is going to bring an illegitimate candidate to the forefront, he just did, and it sure isn’t Donald Trump. So now that he has your attention on this topic, let us reflect a little on the events leading up to July, 2016, in the Democratic primaries.

John Lewis was complicit in a DNC conspiracy, led by the disgraced and fired Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, to deny our vote so Hillary could be elected. The only thing he can be thanked for is opening the door to discussion about the class-action lawsuit against the DNC for rigging the primaries, a major assault on the voting rights of Democrats and independents. People died with Martin Luther King, Jr. in his battle for voting rights. They made the ultimate sacrifice for rights which Lewis later attacked by siding with Hillary in the DNC primary rigging scandal. In 2016, in Puerto Rico and elsewhere, he supported a candidate that shut down polling stations to make it harder for people sympathetic to Bernie to vote. In NYC over 100,000 voters leaning towards Bernie were purged from the rolls and it is now being handled by the DoJ. In this battle for voting rights, at least two also died in July of 2016 alone. He is the Giles de Rais to King’s Joan of Arc, another man that has done unspeakable things but was once allied with nobility and greatness, and riding on the coat-tails of a true martyr. The greatest joke the press has played on the right is convincing them he is some sort of hero, like MLK had rubbed off on him somehow.

Goodman, Cheney, and Schwerner died to bring in black voting rights. Lewis is honored for denying them in the primaries, in 2016.

Above we see what Netanyahu did in Gaza, something which Hillary backed. King hated war, especially the Vietnam War, with every fiber of his being and many in the intel community believe it cost him his life. Hillary is a war hawk, more hawkish than Trump especially in regards to waging war in the middle east, and Lewis backs her with sycophantic predictability. Ever the lap dog for Clinton’s agenda he is pushing for war with Russia, a nuclear power, over unsubstantiated assertions that they rigged the general election, after he remained silent on proven assertions of a rigged primary.

So what part of that makes this piece of shit a sterling, exemplary model of a civil rights leader? He supported a candidate that demonstrably, with supporting video evidence, physical evidence and witnesses, corrupted the DNC so even they had to admit the primaries were rigged to favor Hillary.

Seth Rich murder scene.

Their argument, in legal documents, is that the voters should have known they would not have been impartial, even though Hillary surrogates went on air time and time again to assure voters that the primaries would be impartial and that anyone suggesting DNC favoritism towards Hillary was a conspiracy theorist. According to LawNewz on 9/22/2016, in DNC Files Scathing Rebuttal, Wants Fraud Lawsuit Filed by Bernie Backers Thrown Out we read:

“The DNC attorneys also get a bit creative in their effort to get this lawsuit thrown out. They claim that all of the named plaintiffs already knew that the DNC was biased  when they donated — so therefore how could they have been duped if they knew? We are not joking, that was one of their actual claims in the motion to dismiss.”

Lewis went against the voting rights of blacks and whites alike, for personal ambition. It doesn’t matter what he was, or what Bernie once was, it is what happened in 2016, and it won’t be forgotten. In doing what he did, he took a shit on King’s legacy of voting rights for all.

Shawn Lucas, discovered dead before he could testify in DNC class-action lawsuit.

So bring it, John Lewis. The knives are sharpening and it’s time to call you into account for that, and much more. This guy a hero? seriously? Newsflash: he’s still alive. King is not, neither are Andrew Goodman, James Cheney, and Michael Schwerner. Neither is Seth Rich and Shawn Lucas, the latter who under not-so-mysterious circumstances, died as they fought for the voting rights of all Americans in a hotly contested primary.

Lewis was never called a hero before, not until now because Democrats think they can latch on to his anti-Trump tantrums and theatrics, and that’s because he never was a hero.

Of all the hypocrites to disgrace the national stage, this one deserves special mention. From a philosophical perspective, and from the lens of an avid student of American history,  it may objectively be said that John Lewis is one ugly ass motherfucker. He looks like the ugliest baby in the maternity ward that never outgrew his face. He can protest all he wants like a little bitch in his footie pajamas with the rest of his sore loser contingent, their juice box is not going to come, they’re just going to be sent to bed a lot earlier than they think.

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