Anyone But Clinton, Vote Against Dems Down the Line for Rigging Primary, TPP Backing

Sad, but understandable.


[pullquote]If you believe the primaries were rigged in favor of Hillary by the DNC, making the primaries a grand farce, vote the down the ticket against any Democrat on the ticket at every level, from state to federal.[/pullquote]There are deep blue states where it can be safely assumed it will go Democrat. In those cases, if you want reform, you may want to vote third party, not as a protest vote, but to enlarge the third party system and help dismantle the duopoly.

If you are in a swing state, you have the choice between a recognized threat to national security and someone else. She is truly above the law, meaning any crime she commits against the American people will be impossible to prosecute. It would be worse than the situation now, where investigations can still take place to shed light on the extent of the corruption.

If you have done your homework and understand how the primaries were irrefutably rigged in favor of Hillary by the DNC, making them a grand farce, vote the down the ticket against any Democrat on the ticket at every level, from state to federal. Vote independent. This is the only, and the most effective way, to stop the key enablers. The Democrats aren’t a party anymore, they’re a criminal syndicate more than happy to defraud and abuse their supporters.

The absolute control of the media is bad enough, but we have a propaganda tsunami that is allied completely with Clinton and excoriates Jill Stein, that destroyed Bernie Sanders, that is now hell bent on tearing down Trump. This means that that the last thing they want is any sort of balanced coverage, but specifically, this all boils down to Hillary’s support of the TPP and that all of the corporate media lobbied fiercely for the secret pact that would censor the internet and bring our constitution under corporate control.

Why else would they remain silent as the Democrats nominated a candidate still under a criminal FBI investigation?

Why else would they remain silent on a rigged primary as proven by Wikileaks, this to the extent that four top DNC officials were forced to resign?

Why else would they tolerate a candidate that has not given one press conference in all of 2016?

Why else would they conceal legitimate health concerns about a candidate that has demonstrated clear signs of brain damage, with a known and well-publicized history of a life-threatening brain injury in 2012?

This is classic manufactured consent. It is not a sign of great minds uniting together to fight a common threat. It is the absolute contrary, it is a sign of a state media engaged in social engineering and deception. It doesn’t work anymore, as evidenced by the fact no one attends Clinton rallies so they have all been cancelled and internal polls (based on social media and rally attendance) have reduced the Democrats to panic, we are seeing poll buying to condition voters for fraudulent election results in November.

The Clintons are not fighting Americans with a standing army but rather an army of corporate media propagandists and social engineers. They are just about as effective as one one another and have consistently toppled other governments with color revolutions, and they can topple this one unless we call them out. The main thrust of their assault on American psychology is coming from the New York Times, CNN, and MSNBC.

America is facing a danger greater than it has ever faced before. Back the candidate that you believe truly loves this country and has not jeopardized its security, or betrayed its interests, or is planning to surrender our constitution, or national sovereignty, to international bankers at the behest of George Soros. You can guess who that candidate might be, but can bet your life that is not Hillary Clinton.

There s only one monster in this race, and believe it or not, it isn’t Donald Trump. You can expect the media to the say the opposite, but that’s why 94% of Americans, according to AP itself, have lost their faith in them. So fuck the NYT, MSNBC, CNN and the rest of #HillarysStools floating around that septic tank we call the mainstream media. Don’t let them them win on this and pass the TPP through Hillary.

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